12 months co-op Estimate Tax Refund

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Sep 3, 2018
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12 months co-op Estimate Tax Refund

I'm a student in BC and doing co-op 12 months Jan-Dec
My total Gross income would be about $34000
I would have paid 6000 in taxes by December

Online calculator tells me I will only get about $2000 tax refund :(
Is that true? How do I maximize it?
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May 19, 2015
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I believe you can use tuition credits to get more but yes you're basically making minimum wage full time so you will get taxed. Being a coop or a student doesn't excuse your income level and the tax that comes with it.

Also might be better to post in personal finance where more tax knowledgable people can comment. I don't know the full details about applying tuition credits just that its doable to get a bigger refund
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Jun 23, 2012
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What does the online calculator ask you? The max refund you are able to get is the entirety of the income taxes which were withheld from your paycheck. So if you have an idea of what that is, that is the max. But your ability to make this happen depends on what credits you are able to apply. If this is your first co-op and you have not used your tuition credits in the past, I imagine you will be able to get close to or all of the $6000 back. This is also assuming you have carryforwards from when tuition credits were in legislation. If you don't have much tuition carry-forwards, unfortunately you have received your first taste of our tax system.

Just make sure to claim all credits you are able to:
- Moving expenses (moving to/from university counts)
- Donations
- Medical
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Dec 27, 2007
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In the real world, you don't get tuition credits (you can only use the credits for so long)

So the only way to get more tax refund at income tax time is to pay more income tax during the year.
Every 10,000 I make, I pay roughly 4000 or a bit more in tax. So I should be getting a hefty sum back:)
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