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[Elect] 2012 Boxing Day TV Deals Thread!!

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Oct 23, 2007
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2012 Boxing Day TV Deals Thread!!

2012 Boxing Day Deals Thread!!!!


Toshiba 32C120 LCD $198
Hitachi LE55T516 LED $778
Samsung PN51E450 Plasma $468
Samsung PN60E530 Plasma $898
Haier LE24B13800 LED $168
Samsung UN32EH4003 LED $298
LG 50LS4000 LED $698
Sharp LC70LE640U LED $2288
Samsung UN55EH6000 LED $898
Westinghouse UW40TCIW LED $388
Samsung UN60ES6500 LED $1788
Toshiba 55L6200U $988
Samsung UN40EH5000 LED $498
Sharp LC80LE632U LED $3988
Hitachi LE46T516 LED $548
Samsung PN64E550 Plasma $1588
Toshiba 50L2200 LED $588
Panasonic TCP50U50 Plasma $688
Sharp LC60LE640 LED $1288
Samsung UN55ES6500 LED $1388


Haier LE22C2380 LED $88
Haier L32B1120 LCD $178
Toshiba 24L4200U LED $178
Samsung UN32EH403 LED $298
LG 32LS3450 LED $298
Haier L39B2180 LCD $288
Haier LE42F2280 LED $348
Haier LE46F2280 LED $398
Haier LE50F2280 LED $498
Samsung LN46E550 LCD $448
LG 50PA4500 Plasma $468
LG 50LS4000 LED $648
Samsung PN60E530 Plasma $868
Samsung UN55EH600 LED $878
Sharp LC60LE640 LED $1198
LG 55LM6400 LED + 6 glasses/magic remote $1298
Samsung UN55EH600 LED $878
LG 60PA6500 Plasma $898
Toshiba 55L6200 LED $978
Sony KDL55EX65 LED $1098
Panasonic TCP50X5 Plasma $578
LG 47CM565 LCD $598
LG 50LS4000 LED $648
Panasonic TCP50UT50 Plasma $778
Panasonic TCP60UT50 Plasma $1198
Panasonic TCP60U50 Plasma $978
Samsung PN60E550 Plasma $1098
Samsung UN55ES710 LED $1448
Samsung UN60 ES750 LED $1998
Sharp LC70LE640 LED $2298
Sharp LC80LE632 LED $3998

Canada Computers

Samsung 55" 120hz LED $899
LG 60" Plasma $899
Samsung 46" 60hz LED $799
Irico 39" 1080P 60hz LCD $289
LG 42" 60hz LED 3D w/4 glasses $499

The Source

Samsung UN32EH4003 LED $297.99
Samsung 55EH6000 LED $897.99
Samsung UN40EH5000 LED $497.99
Samsung 32EH5300 LED $397.99
Sony KDL50EX645 LED $898.88
Sony KDL 42EX440 LED $528.88
Sony KDL 32EX340 LED $328.88
Toshiba 32C120U LCD $248.48
Toshiba 55L6200 LED $997.99
Fluid FLDC2200 LED $178.88
Fluid FLD2400 LED $188.88
Fluid FLD2600 LED $238.88


Samsung UN32EH4003 LED $298
Sharp LS600LE6400 LED $1248
LG 50LS4000 LED $698
LG 42LS3450 LED $448
LG 42LM3400 LED $498
RCA RLDED32584 LED $198


Samsung UN32EH4000 LED $299.99
Sharp LC39LE440 LED $394.99
Samsung UN40EH5000 LED $499.99
Sony KDL42EX440 LED $529.99
Samsung PN51E530 Plasma $599.99
Panasonic TCP50U50 Plasma $699.99
Panasonic TCP50UT50 Plasma $799.99
Samsung UN46EH6000 LED $699.99
Sony KDL50EX645 LED $899.99
Sharp LC52LE640 LED $999.99
Samsung UN55ES7100 LED $1499.99
LG 32LS3450 LED $299.99

Best Buy Online Only

Sharp LC52LE640U LED $979.99
LG 42PA4500 Plasma $379.99
Toshiba 46L5200 LED $599.99
Insignia NS32D120A13 LED $199.99
LG 42LS3450 LED $449.99
Panasonic TCP50U50 Plasma $679.99
Toshiba 47L6200 LED $779.99
Panasonic TCP55UT50 Plasma $999.99
Sony KDL55HX750 LED $1499.99
Sharp LC60LE640 LED $1199.99
Sony KDL46HX750 LED $1099.99


Toshiba 55L6200 LED $999.99
Samsung UN46ES6003 LED $699.99
Toshiba 40L2200 LED $399.99
Dynex DX32L100A13 LCD $179.99
Toshiba 32L2200 LED $269.99
Sony KDL50EX645 LED $899.99
Insignia NS50L260A13 LED $499.99
Samsung PN51E530 Plasma $599.99
LG 55LS4500 LED $899.99
Samsung UN55ES7100 LED $1499.99
Samsung UN60ES7100 LED $1999.99
Sharp LC80LE632 Led $3999.99
Sony KDL60EX645 LED $1399.99
LG 60PA6500 Plasma $899.99
Sony KDL32EX340 LED $329.99
Insignia NS39D240A13 LED $299.99
Sharp LC40LE433 LED $549.99

Future Shop Online Only

LG 60LM7200 LED $1599.99
Sharp LC52C6400 LED $979.99
Sharp LC60C6400 LED $1199.99
Sharp LC60LE847 LED $2099.99
Sharp LC70C6400 LED $2299.99
Sharp LC70LE847 LED $3199.99
Sony KDL55EX645 LEd $1129.99
Sony KDL60EX645 LED $1379.99
Insignia NS29L120A13 LCD $169.99
Samsung LN46E550 LCD $449.99
Toshiba 32L4200U LED $299.99

Future Shop In Store

Samsung UN55ES6003 LED $899.99
LG 47LS4500 LED $599.99
Insignia NS32E321A13 LED $199.9
Insignia NS39D240A13 LED $299.99
Panasonic TCP55UT50 Plasma $999.99
Samsung N32EH4003 LED $299.99
Samsung PN51E530 Plasma $599.99
Sharp LC60LE600 LED $1199.99
Samsung UN55ES7050 LED $1499.99
Samsung UN60ES7050 LED $1999.99
Toshiba 40L2200 LED $399.99
Samsung UN40EH5000 LED $499.99
Sony KDL32EX340 LED $329.99
Sony KDL40EX645 LED $699.99
Sony KDL50EX645 LED $899.99
Sharp LC80LE632 LED $3999.99
Samsung PN60E550 Plasma $999.99

London Drugs

Samsung UN32EH4003 LCD $298.77
Panasonic TCP50ST50 Plasma $996.42
Panasonic TCP55ST50 Plasma $1296.42
Panasonic TCP60ST50 Plasma $1994.81
Panasonic TCP65ST50 Plasma $2496.80
Samsung UN32EH5300 LED $398.70
Panasonic TCL32X5 LCD $346.70
Samsung UN40EH5000 LED $498.914
Panasonic TCL42E50 LED $697.16
Panasonic TCL47E50 LED $797.15
Panasonic TCL50E50 LED $1196.41
Samsung UN46EH6000 LED $698.87
Samsung UN55EH6000 LED $898.86
Sony KDL40EX645 LED $685.49
Sony KDL50EX645 LED $881.02
Sony KDL55EX645 LED $1124.44
Panasonic TCP42UT50 Plasma $697.42
Panasonic TCP50UT50 Plasma $797.97
Panasonic TCP55UT50 Plasma $1096.11
Panasonic TCP60UT50 Plasma $1294.86
Panasonic TCP50X5 Plasma $593.60
Samsung PN51E530 Plasma $597.99
Samsung PN60E530 Plasma $898.05
Sony KDL55HX750 LED $1564.99
Sony KDL46HX750 LED $1075.45
Panasonic TCL55ET5 LED $1495.30
Samsung UN60ES7100 LED $1998.85
Samsung UN55ES7100 LED $1498.66
Panasonic TCP65GT50 Plasma $2990.07
Panasonic TCP50GT50 Plasma $1497.23
matt_b_19 wrote:
Dec 21st, 2012 2:05 pm
With the massive help of Tickyboy's list, I've compiled an excel spreadsheet with all the deals (what Tickyboy had but a couple others I found) on TV's out there right now. The purpose of this is so you can see everything a lot more clear and moreso, you can sort it (so if you know you want for example a 32", you can view all the 32" TV's on sale). I did this quite quickly so please, if there are any errors, send me a message and I'll fix it as soon as I can (I also apologize if there are).

Also I've never actually linked a document on mine online like this so for all I know by clicking my link, you could see all my documents :P. Again, if that's the case, please message me and scold me for my error, haha.

I'll update it as we get more information from places like BB and FS. If anyone has any better sharing sites that can be used, by all means tell me, this was just the quickest thing I could think of.

I hope it helps... ... 3llSlN6ekU

TV Buyers Guide:

Plasma VS LED VS LCD:,2817,2387377,00.asp
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Aug 20, 2009
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I'm looking for a tv for my stag doe, hopefully there is a 40" led for $200 somewhere
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Nov 3, 2009
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Mark. I'm looking for a real great TV this Christmas. Hope it won't be a Boxing TV clearance day.
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Sep 19, 2012
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I want to find a deal on a Samsung UN46ES6100 LED this Boxing Day... Fingers crossed!
Dec 5, 2009
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I'm looking for a deal on a Samsung 60 inch 8000 or 7500 series LED in Vacouver BC. So far got a price on a 65 in. 8000 model for 3000.00 at Visons
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Aug 2, 2006
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North Bay Ontario
my 22 inch HDTV just lost the red , hope i can find a good size for about 200
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Nov 9, 2005
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Vulcan, AB
A medium-sized smart TV would be nice. Something I can pull shows off the NAS I also want to acquire.
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Aug 26, 2008
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wilsonlam97 wrote:
Dec 14th, 2012 12:30 am
IPS LED all the way. No questions asked.
that's great for you. I'll stick with judging a TV by it's picture instead of it's tech
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Aug 26, 2008
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Typhoon1 wrote:
Dec 15th, 2012 8:44 pm
I'm looking for a deal on a Samsung 60 inch 8000 or 7500 series LED in Vacouver BC. So far got a price on a 65 in. 8000 model for 3000.00 at Visons
make sure you demo this unit in real world viewing conditions. if you do a lot of night time viewing with the lights off, the 8series has some particularly poor backlight uniformity.
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Nov 24, 2012
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Looking for a Panasonic tcp55st50 or tcp60st50
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May 20, 2004
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If there is a good enough sale I might get a Sharp 80"
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Sep 23, 2006
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lewdvig wrote:
Dec 16th, 2012 7:12 pm
If there is a good enough sale I might get a Sharp 80"
I can see the 632 going on sale but doubt the 844 one will :(
At most it will go down to US prices.