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[Daily] 2014/04/30 High liner "a Family Adventure contest"

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  • Apr 29th, 2014 3:54 pm
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Jun 27, 2008
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2014/04/30 High liner "a Family Adventure contest"

bonus entries for upc and sharing

Enter: http://winwithhighliner.com/

Rules: http://winwithhighliner.com/rulesandregulation.php

Prize: There is one (1) Prize available to be won, consisting of a trip for up to four (4) people (winner and up to three (3) travel guest(s)) to any one (1) destination in North America as selected by the winner (see rule 9 for list of destinations from which the winner must choose) including round trip economy airfare for the winner and his/her travel guest(s) departing from the Canadian international airport nearest the winner’s residence to the winner’s chosen destination in North America and hotel accommodation (including all-inclusive resorts if available), subject to availability, based on double occupancy as selected by the winner. The approximate retail value (“ARV”) of the Prize may vary depending on departure point, the location chosen, length of trip and is up to a maximum of $15,000.00 (CDN). ARV may vary based on chosen destination in North America, accommodation, length of trip and distance between departure and destination. Any difference between such approximate retail value and the actual value of the Prize as taken will not be awarded. In the event that the winner selects a trip to a location that has a value that exceeds the maximum Prize value of $15,000.00 (CDN), the difference will be the sole responsibility of the winner. If desired, the winner will have the option of taking $10,000.00 (CDN) cash in lieu of the Prize described above, which will be issued in the form of a cheque made payable to the confirmed winner as his/her name appears on the Registration Form.

good luck rfd
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Jul 13, 2008
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UPC's from previous contest. It looks like we need to enter a new one every day

6176304138 captains catch beer battered 500g (confirmed)
6176306790 Signature Haddock Breaded Fillets, 680 g (confirmed)
6176306848 Flame Savours Citrus Peppercorn Haddock (confirmed)
6176306935 Signature Multigrain Breaded Fillets Tilapia (confirmed)
6176305958 Healthy Bake Multigrain Pollock Fillets (confirmed)
6176304140 Lemon Peppercorn Sole Fillets (confirmed)
6176306852 Flame Savours Tilapia Tuscan Herb (confirmed)
6176304127 Fish fries in tempura (confirmed)
6176303959 Wild Pacific Salmon skewers with bell peppers (confirmed)
6176302316 Family Pack Crunchy Breading Fish Sticks (confirmed)
6176302309 HIGHLINER FISH STICKS HADDOCK 12/350 G (confirmed)
6176302308 HIGHLINER FISH STICKS COD 12/350 G (confirmed)
6176302311 HIGHLINER FISH STICKS SOLE TEMPURA 12/350 G (confirmed)
6176306017 HIGHLINER HADDOCK ENGLISH BATTERED 6/680 G (confirmed)
6176305885 HIGHLINER MUSSELS 12/454 G (confirmed)
6176303949 HIGHLINER POLLOCK IQF ALASKAN 12/400 G (confirmed)
6176304137 HIGHLINER FISH FILLET CAP CATCH BRD 12/500 G (confirmed)
6176306015 HIGHLINER FISH ENG. STYLE BATTERED 12/500 G (confirmed)
6176301369 HIGHLINER FISH CAKES 12/700 G (confirmed)
6176306016 HIGHLINER FISH & CHIPS ENG. STYLE 12/550 G (confirmed)
6176304131 HIGHLINER FISH SOLE BATTER TEMPURA 12/350 G (confirmed)
6176307005 HIGHLINER FISH & CHIPS 12/600 G (confirmed)
6176303953 HIGHLINER FISH FILLET SOLE BONED 12/400 G (confirmed)
6176306789 HIGHLINER FISH FILLET SOLE BREADED 6/680 G (confirmed)
6176304128 HIGHLINER FISH HADDOCK BATTERED 12/350 G (confirmed)
6176306945 540 g pan-sear selects haddock (confirmed)
6176306042 No product info (confirmed)
6176304139 Roasted Garlic & Herb Sole (500g) (confirmed)
6176306947 540g pan-sear selects wild salmon (confirmed)
6176306946 540g pan-sear selects sole (confirmed)
6176306957 540g pan-sear selects cod (confirmed)
6176306976 Signature Southern style Cod 680g (confirmed)
6176301138 HIGHLINER FISH FIL SALMN LMN/PEP BR 12/225 G (confirmed)
6176304134 HIGHLINER FISH IN TEMPURA BATTER 18/700 G (confirmed)
6176306939 - tilapia with lemon herb crust (confirmed)
6176306900 Signature Breaded Fillets (confirmed)
6176306871 Captain's Crew Fish Strips 750 g (confirmed)
6176306875 (confirmed)
6176306851 (confirmed)
6176303948 HIGHLINER SOLE IQF FILLETS 12/400 G (confirmed)
6176306962 Pan Seared Tilipia Lime Chili (medium) 540 g (confirmed)
6176306963 (confirmed)
6176306967 (confirmed)
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Jun 11, 2007
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Entered. Thank you.
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thank you and good luck!
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Mar 4, 2011
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Thank you!
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Jan 11, 2013
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Thanks kindly. Entered. Odd that you can get the Fan Page entry once per day. Unlike/Like every day?
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Nov 13, 2003
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yep, they want a new upc every day, THANKS for the list
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