2015 University Grads! How does the future look?

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Dec 25, 2010
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Eragon wrote:
Apr 17th, 2015 1:40 pm
Exactly this. Decided to do my BA at York for the more lax marking standards, with a clear plan of going to law school afterward and that is where I am now. However, many others I know who are equally as intelligent, but without a clear path in mind, went into competitive programs at schools that butchered their GPA. High schoolers need to be more informed of what they are getting into by pursuing an arts or science degree in university.
I originally wanted to go to law school and thought about doing exactly what you did. But after first year of uni I automatically knew I'm not ready to commit to law school. In my final year now I still feel the same. I might go to law school in a few years after I get into the work force.

Btw, Congrats on your journey into law!
Apr 18, 2015
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Toronto, ON
Do you have a job? Yes
What is your job? Government job
What is your degree? Biochemistry
From which school? McGill University (B Sc), University of Montreal (MSc)
Would you recommend it? Yes, totally worth it.....nah I am kidding. I don't recommend it. If I had to do it over, I would have chosen computer sciences or maybe engineering. B Sc are only good for professional health care school (dentistry, pharmacy, medicine). However, I would like to point out that I had a great time during my M Sc and traveled quite a bit. However, not worth the pain.
Mar 19, 2010
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ReaperEXE wrote:
Apr 11th, 2015 12:20 am
You bring up a good point. I am wrong in saying that you should not pursue an accounting degree. Though, you must consider: The market is great for designated individuals, but terrible for students coming out of University. There are simply not enough Jr. positions to go around. I'll give Manitoba as an example (you can base the scale for larger cities/provinces off this, the situation is the same or worse, yet on a grander scale).

The recruiting period is in Fall, and typically it's for 2-4 year students. Years 2-3 will apply for summer and coop positions, and year 4 students will apply for full-time positions. There are 18 approved training paths in Manitoba that recruit actively, 5 of them large, 1 medium, and the rest are small. Any of the Big 4 firms, and MNP because their HUB is in Winnipeg, will be looking for about 5-10 summer/coop students, and 5-10 (usually 5) full time students. A medium firm, Grant Thornton may look for 1 FT, and 2 summer/coop. Each small firm would hire 1 of either category, should they so choose (they do not have to hire FT). Generally speaking, if you get a summer/coop term with a firm, you are pretty much guaranteed a FT position after, however from what I hear from friends in Toronto and Vancouver, this is often not the case (If someone could verify/disregard this, please do). It is also important to note that getting into a coop program does not guarantee you employment, in fact this segment is the most competitive. Also note that coop is not the only way to get experience, and perhaps is the most difficult. There were over 300 eligible students applying for these positions (just from Manitoba!), with approximately 150 of that 300 applying for ~30-40 FT positions (less if small firms decide not to hire). A reasonable portion of the positions go to students who are out-of-province, at least in regards to large firms. With CPA now allowing students who don't have accounting degrees to enter the program, competition just got a little more stiff.

My point is that it's very competitive. All of these students have similar GPA's, work experience, and at this stage in their life, similar life experience. Firms are looking for candidates who not only excel in all of these aspects, but are willing to jump through the hoops of recruiting, have a high capacity to network effectively, and above all, fit with the culture of the firm. Don't take this the wrong way, but a lot of people who enter university for accounting are terribly dull (See: lion tamer sketch). It is not merely the work experience, as that aspect is but a small part of overall fit. In an accounting firm's eyes, they can train you from the ground up anyways, regardless of your work experience, or lack thereof. Manitoba is a small segment, imagine that same race for a job from the thousands of accounting/business majors in Ontario. Sure, there are more accounting firms with multiple offices in larger provinces, but the ratio of students to jobs is worse there than where I am.

While I did not go to a top school, I am at, or really damn close to the top of the class (there are over 300 registered/active accounting students at the U of W). Oddly enough, I have NEVER done a coop position, I'm not even in the program. My work experience is in sales and accounting, with hands-on accounting/auditing experience in countries like Trinidad & Tobago, Japan, and New Zealand (unique opportunities that arose from my travels and meeting the right people). My capacity to balance life while achieving academic, professional, and extracurricular objectives is high. I have enough (I really shouldn't say that, you can never have enough) life experience that it's easy to connect with others, and networking/dealing with clients comes easy to me. Most importantly, my attitude, personality, and composure is that of individuals who are typically hired into Big 4 firms or medium/large firms, and it especially clicked with the firm I chose. I'm not afraid to admit that I got completely and utterly rejected from every single small firm due to fit.

What I would recommend however, is students who do accounting in larger provinces, apply to other provinces as well. Do what you can to increase your odds. While fit is the most important thing, sometimes it boils down to a numbers game! You can also get in through the backdoor by knowing the right people. Of course, I've only scratched the surface of this problem, it runs far deeper than what I have mentioned!
Don't you still need a very high GPA to get into CPA? I was under the impression that it's highly competitive to get in regardless of # of new applicants.
Feb 20, 2011
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blueshirtss wrote:
May 5th, 2015 2:53 am
Don't you still need a very high GPA to get into CPA? I was under the impression that it's highly competitive to get in regardless of # of new applicants.
You can start the CPA process once you have a degree but you need experience to complete the program. You can have a low gpa as long as you pass the modules and get the experience.
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Jul 7, 2013
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North York
Do you have a job? - Yes.

What is the job? - Engineer design and consulting firm.

What is your degree? - Civil Engineering

What school did you attend? - UofT

Would you recommend your major? - Sure. I feel that UofT has its strengths and they are a well rounded university. They offer many tools to allow students to gain experience through coop and extended work terms. Although pretty much every field is oversaturated with students, I still believe that civil engineering has a bit of extra room for employment. There are tons of areas within civil engieering you could choose to specialize in.
May 17, 2015
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Woodbridge, ON
I'm laughing at all of the Art majors who don't recommend their degrees. :lol:

Don't get me wrong, I'm sinking on the same boat. But this is pretty funny in a sad, grim way. Keep your chins up, fellow BAs.
Sep 2, 2016
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I graduated in 2015 from Université du Québec à Montréal. I got a Bachelor of Earth and Atmospheric Science (meteorology). Now, I am submitting my thesis for the Master of Atmospheric science and starting a PhD in Civil Engineering in winter 2018 at McGill University.
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Mar 17, 2015
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North York, ON
ReaperEXE wrote:
Apr 9th, 2015 7:28 pm
Do you have a job? Yes. Starts May 11, and I'm very excited!
What is the job? Accountant/CPA Articling Student. I won't mention the name of the firm, but it is well established across Canada.
What is your degree? 4-year BBA with a concentration in Accounting. Basically it's an accounting degree.
What school you from? University of Winnipeg. It is literally the bottom of the bottom tier for business schools. Typically accounting students are usually the best students in the faculty of business, but not at this school. The problem however is the quality of the students, not the faculty. One thing that I found interesting however, is that the prestige behind your alma mater has little to no weight, as I got offers from several firms (mostly Big 4) in Toronto and Vancouver at the end of the recruiting period (I was willing to move for work).
Would you recommend your major? Absolutely not. University was a worthwhile experience for me personally, both from an academic and employment standpoint. It opened up a lot of opportunities because I put in the time and effort. The market for entry level accounting positions is oversaturated. Only go into accounting if you're a dedicated student, have the aptitude, and actually like accounting. Unless you're at or near the top of your class at any school, involved in community and school, AND have relevant work experience, your chances of getting a Jr. position are zero unless you know someone. Unfortunately, when it came time for recruitment, I didn't know anyone at any firm, so I fell in the former category.
Dude you think University of Winnipeg has the lowest business program try Algoma (in Ontario) a university NO ONE has heard of and haven't even updated their business program
Sep 2, 2016
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. I could work as a weather forecaster right now if I want.
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Apr 7, 2012
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frank2243 wrote:
Sep 9th, 2017 1:12 pm

[..]. I could work as a weather forecaster right now if I want.
What's the employment availability like for a weather forecaster? I guess they're called meteorologists?
I can find any decent or legitimate jobs (just did a quick google search ....)
In genuinely curious what a job with your long exodemic history would equate in the real world.
Sep 2, 2016
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MrsPotato wrote:
Sep 9th, 2017 1:59 pm
What's the employment availability like for a weather forecaster? I guess they're called meteorologists?
I can find any decent or legitimate jobs (just did a quick google search ....)
In genuinely curious what a job with your long exodemic history would equate in the real world.
I won't discuss anymore my situation and my future with you. I will let you do your google search and come out with any conclusion you want to come out with.