2016 Kia Soul - Intermittant, possible safety issue, dealer can't find fault - Next steps?

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2016 Kia Soul - Intermittant, possible safety issue, dealer can't find fault - Next steps?

I have a 2016 Kia Soul with the 1.6L engine and 6-speed transmission. Bought new May 2016, currently at around 31000km.

Since mid January, I've been having an issue where the engine occasionally goes into limp mode restricting engine speed to 3000RPM. Each time this has happened it's been driving up hills on the highways. This kills speed and my car becomes a bit of a safety issue when speed drops from traffic flow speeds down to 60-70. When the car is completely turned off and key removed and re-inserted the issue goes away. It's happened 7 times so far - I've created a log of dates and approximate times of each event. I'm concerned it will happen and someone will hit me on the highway due to the slower speed.

I've taken the car into the dealership three times so far. The first time they just brushed it off as nothing. The second time I brought it in while the limp mode was still active and they tested it for a few hours and sent me home in a loaner. They updated the PCM software, and told me to pick it up. The next day I picked up the car, and the issue happened again on the way home from work, so I took it in again and they again told me nothing is wrong with it.

I can't keep taking the car into the dealer for them to tell me nothing is wrong with it. The issue has only happened seven times in 40ish days, so I don't know when it will happen again, and there's only a very slim chance of it happening on a dealer test drive. I've tried to trigger it myself a couple times by driving it up and down the hills with no effect.

Here's a dash cam video of one of the instances showing what happens. It's not great, but it does show the speed dropping significantly going uphill.

I was going to pull onto the shoulder, but the cars in the right lane moved over and I was able to stay in the right most lane.

Can anyone suggest next steps to take with this? I'm getting really frustrated with the issue and being told nothing is wrong. If I get into an accident because of this it's completely on me, and I don't like having my kids in the car now because of that.
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Report it to Transport Canada as this will probably affect more than just your vehicle.... ... icles.html

And go to another dealership next time it happens. Sounds like the dealer you’ve been using hasn’t been very thorough trying to diagnose and address the issue.

In the meantime, report it to Kia Canada too. Send them the dash am video too so they can see that it happens. Tell them next time it happens you’ll be having it towed to a dealership via Kia’s Roadside Assistance program and that you’ll be expecting to get a loaner vehicle until you’re satisfied that they issue is properly addressed!!!
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replace the throttle actuator and body. known issue for KIA