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[Daily] 2018/01/08 *Update* Marilyn's Ten Days of Giveaways

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2018/01/08 *Update* Marilyn's Ten Days of Giveaways

*** Update*** "The Excitement doesn't end here, Tune into Marilyn from Dec 25 - Jan 5 and watch for Katreesta's (Tree Elf)
SECRET HOLIDAY Word of the day. Jot down the words because someone is going to get a call from Marilyn, they must provide THREE words to win ALL
the 10 days of Giveaways.

**Update ** Entry form
- https://www.marilyn.ca/Contests/Season8 ... rom-Marily

A big thank you to MommaMac for the information!

The information is at the end of the video clip: https://www.marilyn.ca/Full-Episodes/vi ... vid1256285

Looks like there will be 4 prizes a day given away each valued at appox $1700 each.

There will be a question each day from the show.

Prize - There are four (4) prize packages available to be won, each consisting of the following items:
Day 1
One (1) 14K gold dipped brass pendant and chain (approx.. retail value: $85);
One (1) vegan leather hobo handbag (approx. retail value: $130);
One (1) $100 unisex clothing store gift card (approx. retail value: $100).
One (1) Women’s wristwatch (approx. retail value: $229);
Two (2) lipsticks (approx. retail value: $56);
One (1) curling iron hair tool (approx. retail value: $150);
One (1) Anti-ageing cream (approx. retail value: $540);
One (1) power automatic sparkling water maker (approx. retail value: $120);
One (1) smartphone printer and photo paper (approx. retail value: $266);
One (1) $100 gas station gift card (approx. retail value: $100) :

Enter - https://www.marilyn.ca/Contests/Season8 ... auty-items

Rules - embedded

Who danced on stage to introduce the first day of Marilyn's 10 Days of Giveaways? 2 ballet dancers from the Toronto International Ballet Theatre
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Thanks. Assuming they are going to run this the same as in past years, they are going to release a new giveaway each weekday until Dec 14, and each will run for a period of 10 days, meaning the actual end date of this contest will be Dec 24.
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and can we do each day's entry once per day - for example on Day 3 I would enter Day 3's contest, and also do Day 2 again and Day 1 again, until the links die?
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