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2018 Fall Tire Rebates

Dec 26, 2015
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Ottawa, ON
Just bought a single.michelin x ice 2 for Canadian tire. Got the discount applied online. It is giving out instant discount for Michelin tires
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Jun 10, 2008
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dieslow wrote: Hey guys if you are looking to buy a set of tires take a look at a GM dealer near your place. If you suscribe to their VISA GM you get a 150$ rebate instantly + 90 days without interest + mail-in rebate. If you buy a set of Bridgestone/Firestone you get 200$ off instantly but no mail-in rebate. Also GM do a price match so no other ways to get a better deal ! I am located in Quebec but I am pretty sure the deal applies to all provinces.
Yup - certified-service-extended-instant-150- ... d-2220369/

Deal is available till Dec 31. Should be in the OP of this thread as well IMO - I think I saw a deal for a local Winnipeg Ford dealer in OP for this thread - this one is National
Nov 16, 2005
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Got a deal from Premirewheelsdirct on RT43 but not sure is it a General dealer or not for $40 rebate. Concern rebate may be rejected if they are not. Never has experience with tire rebate and needs some advise please...
Feb 19, 2019
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Has anyone actually received the rebate after filling out a claim? Or is this the usual BS where you never actually get the cheque and then when you contact them they say something went wrong and it will take another 3-4 weeks?
Mar 7, 2019
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This was a total RIPOFF!

I bought 8 tires and they only gave me a rebate for 4 tires and saying that they don't know what happened. WTF?