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$30 USD for kids to record voices from home

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  • Nov 2nd, 2017 12:27 pm
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$30 USD for kids to record voices from home

my boy and I did the Toronto in-studio session last week for $50CDN each. we read simple phrases that appeared on-screen.

Dear Parents,

Thanks for your time!

During the last project, you expressed interest in taking part in more of our projects. We are happy to announce that we have another project. It is very similar to what you have done with us in the past.

Task: Record 50 short lines (2-3 words each) for the development of a new speech recognition product. Recordings will be done online from home (or Anywhere quiet with stable internet connection).

We are looking for 80 North American English speaking children ages 7 - 12 to help on a voice command system and make it more responsive to children.

How easy is this?
- You will receive an email with a unique link and instructions.
- Your child helps by recording 50 short simple lines, 2-3 words each line.
- The recording can be done anytime in within 72 hours from the time email is sent.
- Recordings should be done online from home in a quiet environment.
- The whole process ONLY takes approx. 15 to 30 mins!

Our Gift:
$30.00 USD!
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