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3Web/CIA - Internet and VOIP Phone Deal - $39.95CDN

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  • Apr 28th, 2011 12:13 pm
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Apr 5, 2007
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3Web/CIA - Internet and VOIP Phone Deal - $39.95CDN

Hmm, so i was browsing around the (Cybersurf Internet Access) website and stumbled upon this deal.

For the direct link: ... ff2_worker

Basically it is a VOIP phone line with like 10 plus features and high speed internet for 39.95 plus tax. When you sign up, you can decide wether you would like the High Speed service to come through CABLE or DSL. This choice also depends on the availability of the service in your area.

Seemed pretty good to me so i called the 1877 number on the top of the page.

The rep on the line gave me these info:
:arrow: It might say "Free High Speed Internet, up to 10 Mbps " after you have entered in your postal code but its only available to customers in Western Canada. Maximum for ontario residents is 7Mbps (Cable) or up to 5Mbps (DSL). And obviously dry loop is required if you are taking DSL (forgot to ask price).

:arrow: There is no contract for the package.

:arrow: THere is a 60GB cap on downloading if you choose the 7Mbps cable option but no cap for the DSL. But there is no overage charges if you go above 60GB. If the company seems to think that you are abusing it (e.g. prolly downloading more than 150GB per month I guess), they will warn you first before they ban your service.

:arrow: You can buy/use your own Modem and/or VOIP adaptor. If you want to rent from them, then the total cost permonth is 49.95CDN plus tax.

:arrow: Takes 7 business days to set up and then another couple of days to port over your old number. You do get a temporary number initially.

Comparing to the competitor i have:
Acanac High Speed: 18.95CDN DSL internet + 8$ dry loop = 26.95CDN
Comwave voip: 14.95 + tax = 16.89
Total: 43.84 CDN after tax

3Web: 39.95 + tax for Either 7Mbps Cable or Up to 5Mbps DSL and Voip Premium Phone service.

For 1.30$ extra, you have the option of not going on a contract, not paying for the full one year DSL up front (ACANAC).
There mite be a 60GB cap on downloads but with there being no overage charges, i guess it wont hurt to go up to 100GB.

SO, anyone here has tried this service before. Hows the company? Reliable?
Any opinions and experiences from RFDers appreciated.

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Apr 5, 2007
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ahaha, well it seems that is their major disadvantage. thinking abt it, why would a company do such a thing. in order to keep their client base strong, customer service is one of the most important.

besides, you never know, just like certain acanac customers who dont seem to have any problems, someone might just get lucky and have 99.9% uptime
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Oct 9, 2003
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we signed up with CIA and so far have not been impressed. it took a week for a technician to come by to hook us up which is fine. however our internet still doesn't work! it's been almost a week now and still no resolution. we've been calling them every day to find some sort of update but they keep telling us it's been turned over to rogers and that they're waiting to hear back. they keep saying someone will get in touch w/ us 'soon', but there's no word.

wonder when we'll finally be hooked up...
Nov 21, 2010
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Have been a CIA customer (internet, local and long distance phone) for over 5 years and have had VERY little trouble. Yes - at the start the delay was waiting for Shaw to connect the cable to my house, but after that - I was away! I rented (then later, purchased) the Modem and/or VOIP adapter and had to hook everything up myself, but it was easy if you follow the instructions!. It also took Telus about 3 months to port my number, but I just forwarded my number to the temporary number until it was all done, and no one ever knew that anything had changed. I only wasted my time on hold once, only to have the tech tell me to reboot the system. Well, duh, why hadn't I thought of that. And the few times that either the internet or phone hasn't been working, I just power-down both the modem and voice adapter, wait a minute or two, then plug the modem in first, wait for 4 solid green lights then plug in the voice adapter and I'm good to go! All for about 40 bucks a month and almost all the long distance calls I make are FREE. I call throughout AB, BC, SK, ON and they're all free! CIA has a thingy on their website that allows you to enter the numbers you call to see if they're within CIA's free long distance areas.
Even though CIA's parent company is 3web....THEY ARE NOTHING LIKE 3web and the service with CIA has been great! My brother tried 3web internet service back when it first hit the scene and it was horrific, so I was a bit leery when I decided to give them a try, but as I said, I've had few problems and excellent customer service. Definitely can NOT say the same for Telus and Shaw and that's why I decided to give CAI a try almost 6 years ago.
Aug 2, 2009
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niagara region
i have been with 3web since the 90s when they were free through canada post,have been down twice in 20 years for no longer than a few probs,hope you enjoy their service as i have.i have dsl get about 3.96 most of the time,never get 5.
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Mar 31, 2005
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Must be different in Western Canada. Mine's lightning fast, with a 125Gb limit (that the CSR told me wasn't actually being monitored). When I initially set up the account years ago it was a horrible phone experience, but since then they have really improved. In fact, Shaw (who's infrastructure and people they use) have caused me more problems than 3Web ever has (ex. twice cutting off my internet when I canceled/altered my cable package with them because they didn't bother to check that I had other services running through cable).

Mine's super fast and so far no one's even warning me about my current (and significant) data usage. Hard to complain.