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$40.50 1GB LTE 500 Daytime Canada Wide Promo, Unlimited Incoming Calls, Referral Credits, Loyalty Plans

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  • Aug 17th, 2017 12:53 pm
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$40.50 1GB LTE 500 Daytime Canada Wide Promo, Unlimited Incoming Calls, Referral Credits, Loyalty Plans

Deal Link: http://www.zoomerwireless.ca/
Retailer: Zoomer Wireless

Zoomer runs on the Rogers Network and is a subsidiary of Cityfone which is owned by Rogers. All companies have Rogers network and coverage area. These plans are available for any new customer or existing customers. $50 referral credit also available on new accounts for both the person referring and getting referred.

$40.50 Current Promo Plan Details:
500 Canada-Wide Minutes
1GB of LTE Data
UNLIMITED Text, Picture and Video Messages (Canada & International)
Unlimited Evenings and Weekends 6PM-7AM
UNLIMITED Canada-Wide Incoming Calls
UNLIMITED Zoomer-to-Zoomer calling Canada-Wide
Voicemail, Call Display, Name Display, Call Waiting & Conference Calling
Free LG F4NR, LG K4, LG G3 (?), Samsung Galaxy J1, Samsung Galaxy J3 with 2 year term

PLUS: Earn a $50 Referral Credit by getting a referral from a current Zoomer Customer
*Referral credits for new accounts only and must stay with Zoomer for 30 days or credit gets clawed back from both accounts

There are other plans available also.
Note: Changes between promos must happen before the first 30 days of service or you risk losing double everything + 1gb bonuses. Any changes afterward would be after 6 months of service when upgrading to one of their Loyalty Plans (Currently with 24/7 unlimited Canada Wide Talk on them) . But as with anything, YMMV.


1. How do I sign up for this plan?

By activating a chat session with a Zoomer rep or calling in. They will perform a credit check when signing you up. If you have poor credit, you can put in $$$ deposit and still get this plan! Zoomer will then ship you phone and SIM card. Delivery usually takes 2-3 days but YMMV. Don't forget to get a referral from a current Zoomer customer as you will each get a $50 bill credit.

2. Is this plan available on BYOD?

No. Plans listed above are only available on 2 year contract. Double Your Talk, Text, Data + EXTRA 1GB promo is not available on BYOD. BYOD plans are as listed on Zoomer website. If you want the cheapest buyout option get the lowest value phone ($100) as an emergency back up phone to sell/donate/trade in. Your buyout cost would then be $100÷24xmonths left on your contract. Or alternatively you can get the GR5 or J3 (highest resale value and sell for $100-150 (YMMV) and reduce your overall costs.

3. Can I use my own phone with Zoomer?

Yes. Zoomer sends you a 3 in 1 SIM that will fit into full sized, micro, or nano SIM card slots. Rogers locked devices and unlocked devices will all work under the Zoomer network of you have a phone already you would prefer to use. Fido locked Android phones also work, but YMMV depending on model. If you have an unlocked Android you must enter in the Rogers LTE APN listed below. If you have an unlocked LG device (G3/G4/G5), you may need to factory reset your phone after updating your APN. YMMV
APN Settings
Name: Zoomer LTE
APN: ltemobile.apn
Proxy: Not set
Port: Not set
Username: Not set
Password: Not set
Server: Not set
MMSC: http://mms.gprs.rogers.com
MMS Proxy:
MMS Port: 80
MCC: 302
MNC: 720
Authentication Type: None
APN Type: Not set
APN Protocol: IPv4
APN roaming protocol: APv4
Bearer: Unspecified
Mobile virtual network operator type: GID
Mobile virtual network operator value: CC

4. What are these Loyalty Plans I keep hearing about?

Loyalty Plans are plans available to customers that have been with Zoomer for at least 6 months of service but YMMV if these will continue to be offered in the future. To date: $36, $45, $54 and $72 Family Plans all seem to still be available.
*Loyalty Plan thread is listed as Expired Deal, but is still available to date. But YMMV

5. What type of SIM does Zoomer send out to new customers?

3 in 1 SIM which can be punched into full, micro or nano.

6. How long is this plan/bonus referral available until?

Some have said end of June, some have said end of September, but no matter what YMMV. Speak to a Zoomer rep to find out most up to date info, this plan has been extended multiple times since early January 2017. The $50 bonus referral credit however is listed on invoices as expiring end of September. After that referral credits drop back to $25.

7. Does Zoomer have any retail locations?

No. But they have the best customer service of any company I personally have been with and I've been with quite a few. Activate a chat session to chat online or give them a call to sign up/ask any questions. Reps are quick, super friendly and knowledgible.

8. What happens after my 2 year contract is over?

You can either sign another 2 year commitment and get another subsidized device or just continue on with the plan you have (including, of course, the bonus data) at the same price - bonus minutes / data does not go away and the price does not go up at all.

Requested by Mods: Do not ask for a referral or state that you have one to give. Comments like "PM me for details” or “You’ve got a PM" are also not allowed.


Information in this OP was taken from $36 Zoomer thread by rolomonster HERE: zoomer-wireless-hot-36-2gb-lte-400-dayt ... t-2074500/ ... Thanks.

.... and from $40.50 / 2 GB Zoomer thread (by me) HERE: zoomer-wireless-40-50-2gb-lte-500-dayti ... s-2112968/ ( 2GB promo is no longer available, even though rumored to be available soon again).

Those threads went to Expired Hot Deals forum section now ... and contain hundreds of pages of discussion, info and details.
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Thank you for sharing! I've sold a couple Galaxy J3's and safe to say that they'd go fast for $100-150. The phone's been out since 2016 but the next gen isn't out yet.

Still though, sell the J3, then put that money towards a Leeco Maxx 2, an Asus Zenfone or whatever you like and the difference won't be too bad.

Does Zoomer bump up the promo's during back to school? Do they offer prepaid as well?
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Wireless 1 line w/ Virgin on QC plan, few lines w/ Koodo to get phones, couple FreedomPop SIM's for roaming
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One of my referees just signed up today, and got the $50 account credit.

They confirmed that the $50 referral promotion runs until Sept 30.
My Zoomer Wireless cell phone plan:
$36, 2GB Rogers LTE data, 400 Canada-wide min, Unlimited text
$50 referral bonus, and free Samsung J3 cell phone
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dee88 wrote:
Aug 12th, 2017 8:51 pm
One of my referees just signed up today, and got the $50 account credit.

They confirmed that the $50 referral promotion runs until Sept 30.
That's good to know. I signed up with Zoomer at the very end of the last promo, but did manage to get one referral credit. It was nice not to pay for a month!
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I think the extra bonus 1GB data will be back soon as PM promo to get FM subscribers is back on again. This PM promo is $42/m 4GB data. This means that the $36 plan will remain with 1GB data - $40.50 plan will have 2GB data.
YMMV this is just my guess. To be confirmed YMMV.
Have too many phones... This is how I limit my monthly payment.
1x Chatr(Mobilicity) $30 plan, 1x 7-11 Speakout, 2x Koodo $28 plan, $0 FPL home phone
2x Zoomer $36 plan, 1x Zoomer $72 family plan for 2 numbers