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5-year Old Kicked in Face during Preschool Employee Brawl

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  • Jun 14th, 2018 11:51 am
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5-year Old Kicked in Face during Preschool Employee Brawl ... 1237704414

"CLOVIS, N.M. (KRQE) - A New Mexico preschool is now speaking out after two employees got into a fight in front of a room full of kids.

The brawl was caught on tape and has already led to a lawsuit.

Surveillance video from inside Future Generations preschool in Clovis last month shows employee Elizabeth Parrez throwing punches at a co-worker, before pulling her to the ground.

During the takedown, a 5-year-old girl is accidentally kicked in the head.

“I was really shocked at the aggressiveness of the employee that attacked the other one,” said Julee Nielsen a Clovis mom. “I wish I knew what their conversation was, but I think that's pretty shocking, especially when you're at work and you're around little kids."

"To know that someone who hasn't learned to contain their emotions and hasn't learned to take something somewhere else if they're that passionate about, that they're working there - it's unfortunate,” said Minta Keller, another Clovis mom.

Now the girl's parents are suing the preschool for negligence for how it hires, trains and supervise employees.

This isn't the first time the school has come under fire. Back in 2015, a child went missing and was found outside alone.

The preschool says it has owned up to that incident and has since put more security measures in place, but says they don't think they could've prevented this one.

The preschools says they conduct background checks on all employees and called CYFD and law enforcement immediately after it happened.

"If there is service of a lawsuit, then we will timely and aggressively respond and defend against the lawsuit,” said Hal Greig, lawyer for Future Generations.

They also say the girl who was kicked in the head kept attending the school for three weeks after the fight.

"This was a spontaneous, unanticipated occurrence,” said Greig. “I'm not aware of any substantial injuries that have taken place."

"I don't know if they should be sued,” said Keller. "I wouldn't say it's their fault, but there's some responsibility that they'll need to take because they employed them."