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  • Nov 30th, 2012 1:34 pm
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Dec 26, 2010
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How long do the 5000k(factory white) bulbs last? More than a couple years or are these a year at most?
Dec 17, 2010
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gmark2000 wrote:
Nov 25th, 2012 12:40 am
The kit does indicate it comes with all the related wiring specific to one's vehicle but I too am wondering if one needs the relay harness or capacitor set that comes up as an add-on when you add the item to your cart.
From what I read it entirely depends on your car's wiring that goes to the headlights. If getting a 55w HIDs (apparently overkill for most applications) then it's more likely you'll need it since there's a higher chance of overloading/overheating the wiring that powers your headlights. I'd look up a forum for the model of car your thinking of putting them in and see if there are any threads on HID's. It would probably answer your question more specifically.
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May 14, 2007
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Tempted to put a set in my fog lights... 3000k
Dec 21, 2009
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I did not use a relay harness but I got ddm hid kits while I was down in Cali.
Switched them out and no flickering.
Also I still have a set of tspny kit on my car for years and also my friends. None have burnt out yet and good price too.
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Oct 20, 2004
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hearnoevil wrote:
Nov 27th, 2012 6:47 am
crap they shipped ups :(
Despite having said USPS for shipping :mad:
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Oct 22, 2009
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hmm...I have an email asking to call since I'm having it drop shipped to avoid the nasty duties. It says they tried to call, but I have nothing in my call log...wierd.

Anyone else in the same boat? Stuck waiting until they open at 10 PST.
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Nov 10, 2008
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DiamondsWithaZ wrote:
Nov 24th, 2012 3:59 pm
You need a projector headlight assembly. It's not illegal because cars are being manufactured with them as stock.
It's just these dumb kids who put them in their old civics with no projectors and the light just gets scattered.

Anyway, thanks for the deal. I'm going to order me a set!
It's illegal unless that particular vehicle was originally equipped from the factory with HID lighting. Even if properly retrofit. Don't believe me, look it up in the motor vehicle act.

I don't necessarily agree with the law. I think if done properly it should be legal, however, currently, it is not.
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Oct 22, 2009
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Update to my above post – Turns out they just wanted to verify to make sure everything was legit with the 2 different addresses/drop ship. Just asked for my name & CC 1-800 number so they could call to confirm, nothing else. Was a bit worried since there the email didn’t exactly look legit & no one picked up the first time I called the number in it, lol.

Kind of a PITA, but I’d rather them double check that just blindly push orders through.

Here’s hoping these are as good as some of the other brands my buds are running.