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I didn't know there was a sticky thread. Ignore this.
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You see that thread at the very top that has been stickied???

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gushingtears wrote: I got a speeding ticket yesterday for driving 129km/h on highway 401 (100km/h).

It's 3 demerit points and the maximum fine is around $140.

I had a clean record before.

This is what I gathered from internet,

1. Your car insurance rates go up if you have conviction. It doesn't depend on how many demerit points you get.

2. Hiring a ticket fighter may reduce your demerit points and fine. But they won't be able to make you get away with conviction. So your insurance rates would go up even if your ticket fighter reduce your demerit points to zero. Also, in the end you pay more expense even with reduced fine, because you have to pay your ticket fighter, as well.

3. You can ask for a trial, which can take up to 1 year. But unlike US police, Canadian police most likely to show up on court with hard evidence.
So your chances of winning a trial is very unlikely

4. I'm with Statefarm. And it looks like they charge about $100 more for one speeding ticket a year???

5. Your speeding ticket record remains for 3 years. So after 3 years, you start with a clean record again, and your insurance company won't charge you more for a speeding ticket which happened 4 or more years ago????

So it looks like my best option would be to admit that I'm guilty and ask for less fine and demerit points. Am I right?

I mean.. hiring a ticket fighter won't help me with my insurance rates. And I'll only have to pay $300 more until my record comes clean again, right?

Or does my speeding ticket remain forever and my insurance company forever charge me a couple of hundreds bucks more?
Pay the fine and move on. You are guilty, you said so in your first sentence. I wouldn't borther wasting any time in court either as your only defense would be an attempt to smear the officer and paint him as some moron who doesn't know how to use his equipment that he uses multiple times daily (won't work). The only time those ticket fighting services are worth paying for is if you're bumping up against your demerit point limit or if one more conviction puts you over it.
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I'm curious where this took place. Doesn't sound like the GTA - people routinely are driving at those speeds.