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Accepting Payments....Online & Offline

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Jul 15, 2009
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Accepting Payments....Online & Offline

I'm racking my brain with all the options available - i'm hoping someone can provide some advice. I'm kind of a newb, starting up my business this year, and going through everything for the first time.... Any help/guidance would be awesome.

I currently have four use cases for accepting payment;
- in-person [purchase of items in-stock] (full payment)
- in-person for a pre-order (accept a partial deposit - e.g. Custom Order)
- online [purchase of items in-stock] (full payment)
- online online pre-order (accept a partial deposit - e.g. Custom Order)

I'm looking for a(n)
- invoicing / receipt solution including POS,
- accounting solution, and
- payment taking solution (online & offline).

My website is basic, but is powered by Wordpress with the WooCommerce plugin.

Elavon (Costco package) seems to be reasonable - I can use them for taking payments in-store (using the swiper) and online, but i'm not sure if their payment system has a built in invoicing / receipt system? I'm thinking I might need to supplement with another piece of (POS) software. I would use the WooCommerce plugin for Elavon ($79/year) & PCI subscription for SSL.

Quickbooks Online, Invoicing / receipt software is decent. Seems that it would work for invoicing, POS receipts (needs access to software/printer). Pairing it up with Dream Payment seems like a good idea, but that seems to only accomplish the in-person sales. I'm not seeing anything that will allow it to work automatically with my wordpress site. I think I would need something else to pair with this?

Freshbooks seems to be similar to Quickbooks.

I started with Square initially, which ties into Quickbooks, but it's pretty pricey on the fee side of things, and also poor on the functionality side (doesn't allow taking of deposits, etc.). It also doesn't work as an online payment processor.

Open to any suggestions or advice. I'm kind of all over the map - so even if you have a recommended video to go and watch i'd be happy to do that.

Edit: Another question... I'm not quite sure in the scenario where I am taking a deposit on a custom order. Do I create a receipt for the full amount, and note that a partial deposit has been paid. Or do I create an invoice, noting that a deposit has been paid.... or something completely different?