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Aug 13, 2009
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Acer TimelineX owners

How would you rate the Acer's TimelineX series? I'm thinking of getting the 3280TG but would like to know from those who have bought it if they are satisfied with the brand?

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Aug 27, 2007
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I've had the 3820tg for a few months now.

  • - Nicely designed aesthetics: Brushed stainless steel exterior (lid) and interior (hand rest area); very slim
  • - Very portable: < 4 lbs.
  • - Great battery life: Easily get 4 hours w/ normal use (i.e., WiFi, a bunch of windows open, word processing, web browsing, the occasional YouTube video); 6 hours class mode (i.e., WiFi off, word processing)... Note: I keep LCD brightness on the lowest setting to preserve the backlight life. Did this w/ my previous Acer and the backlight never failed even after 5+ years of rigorous daily use
  • - Switchable ATI Mobility Radeon graphics card
  • - L-shaped power cord
  • - No problems with freezing, etc. even w/ tons of windows open (literally have 40 tabs open in Google Chrome at once, plus a bunch of other programs)
  • - Features for the price!
  • - Acer: Not the best reputation
  • - No disc drive: Not an issue for me b/c I haven't had the need for it but with that being said, I have purchased a $50 external disc drive just in case
  • - No keyboard backlight: Not an issue for me b/c I don't look at the keyboard when I type but I know many people who like to have this feature
  • - Lower-end ATI Mobility Radeon graphics card in Staples i5 model (BUT the newer i3 models come with a mid-class GPU): Only really an issue if you're into gaming, in which case you'd want a 1600x900 display as well
  • - Matte finish/texture of keys has started showing wear: This happened w/ my previous laptop as well, probably my own fault. I've ordered "keyboard stickers" to protect the keys from further wear
  • - If you remove the battery, the screen is connected by two small hinges; looks fragile
  • - No exterior volume control (must press Fn+up or Fn+down)
  • - Webcam is my only real complaint
Any other questions, just ask!