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[Adobe.com] 1 Month Free Adobe CC Photography Plan (New + Existing)

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Mar 11, 2008
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[Adobe.com] 1 Month Free Adobe CC Photography Plan (New + Existing)

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Just in case you threw out your copy of Practical Photography magazine and forgot the URL to redeem the free month of Adobe Creative Cloud Photography plan ($10US/~15CDN), here it is:


I mean, you bought the magazine, right? Since there is no way to check I'll just have to trust you on this one. It's not like there's a unique URL or code to enter... so...

I already subscribe so Adobe CC Photography and can report that submitting the name and e-mail linked to my existing Adobe profile resulted in a one month credit being applied to my account. There's other ways of getting a free month. I previously had a free month from a Shaw Academy course (also free).

For those who are unaware, Adobe has moved to a subscription model for most of their relevant software. This plan includes Lightroom, Photoshop and a handful of related programs.