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Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects Issue

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  • Jan 20th, 2019 11:15 pm
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Dec 3, 2004
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Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects Issue

For those video editors out there

I just started using Premiere Pro 2018 and After Effects 2018, I've edited a few videos mainly softball games. I ran into a little issue recently with dynamic link.

Lets say I'm using Premiere Pro and I want to add effects in After Effects, I would go to the clip, right click and select "replace with After Effects composition". Then After Effects would load and the clip I've selected is in the timeline. This is where my issue is If i change anything on Premiere side like colour grading, the changes wouldn't translate over to After Effects but if I change something in After Effects it would translate over to Premiere. This only happened recently and I'm stumped on what happened or what I pressed by accident.

I've tried reinstalling After Effects but the issue still remains.

If any of the expert Premiere and After Effects guru's can help I'm greatly appreciated.