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Advise on Number swapping and Transferring Contract

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Mar 10, 2011
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Advise on Number swapping and Transferring Contract

I am currently on a retention plan with Bell. Currently pay $60/month for 300 day time min, 100 LD Minutes, caller ID/VM, unlimited texting and early evenings at 6Pm and weekends free with 6GB data.

I am eligible for a hardware upgrade which I plan to utilize and get an iPhone 5. My contract will be renewed for 3 years at this point.

While my current rate plan is ok, it is not that great for me current needs, I barely go over 1GB of data a month with quite heavy usage. More importantly, I don't want to be locked down for another 3 years with Bell.

I am thinking to sign up for a bell prepaid account, get a new # with bell, then do a number swap between the two accounts. Once this is successful I will get offer my plan up for takeover by enticing someone with Cash ($100). My retention plan will be associated with the new number, and my current number which I want to keep will be on the prepaid account. I will then sign up with Virgin and port my number and use the new Bell iPhone 5 on the $56 plan on a month to month basis. I will then sell my current iPhone 4 and recoup most of the cost of the iPhone 5 plus the $ I am offering for the take over.

While the cost savings between these two plans is minimal, doing this will allow me to be contract free plus upgrade to a new iPhone 5.

I am not super familiar on how the transfer of responsibility will work. Once the other party does a credit check and assume responsibility for the contract will I be Scott free? What, if any paper work is involved? Has anyone ever transferred their contract to someone else, any advise would be appreciated.