Age 20...No work exp, have social anxiety...would like a resume critique

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May 11, 2008
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Age 20...No work exp, have social anxiety...would like a resume critique

(Just reposting this from a different forum)

Hey everyone! I'm 20 and I'm finally going to apply for jobs. Mostly due to financial troubles and I really don't want to ask my dad or my sister for money. I've been seeing a psychiatrist due to my social anxiety and he thinks I might be able to start job hunting, so I'm gonna try it out and hopefully everything turns out well. I've never had a job before, so brainstorming up relevant experience is kinda hard for me. I'm targeting mostly big name fast food restaurants/chains and department stores.

Here's the link:

What I wasn't sure about putting on my resume was my past couple of years of Biochemistry at Waterloo. It'd probably suggest how old I might be to the employer, but there are some experiences I gained from those years and I thought it might be worthwhile to add them in.

Any suggestions or ideas? Help is always appreciated!

Edit: Here's the new one. It surpasses my one page limit though. Would that be alright?

There's something I've been thinking about that someone did mention:
Zeeshan wrote:since you just started university and i think are looking for a job in retail, i can tell you that making a resume is useless.

I am in Toronto too, there are ridicolous amount of retail jobs, especially in sauga so i you wont have much problem. Just go to the stores and ask for the manager.

The mistake people make is that they show up in stores and drop a resume off usually to another employee who subsequently trashes it (Think about it why would they help you)

most places here are looking to hire, so just ask for the manager. Let them know that you are looking for a job, and let them see you dressed well! shake their hands firmly, and ask if they are looking. Chances are at this point they will give you an application. fill it out, return it directly to them! Ask for the manager again, give it to other employees and in the trash it goes

and leave

Watch how fast you get a job. Since your a computer science major, i bet you probably want to start at future shop best buy ect.
I was kind of surprised by that statement. I thought the resume was a staple thing. I guess if he's right at least I can still have a few copies in case I do ever need it. The big thing would be my image since first impressions are pretty important. I'm kind of getting nervous just thinking about talking to the manager. What if the manager isn't around? Should I ask when he would be around or would I hand in my resume/application anyway?

My sense of fashion is pretty have no sense I guess :confused: . Dunno if this is the right thread to ask ppl in, but Ill do it anyway.

I only have like a dress shirt and dress pants to wear T_T. Not sure if I should wear my dress shoes since they are damn too big. I don't have a nice jacket either which is really sad. Got like a really fob jacket -sigh-.

What do you guys think?
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Apr 15, 2011
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On your resume...
1. You passed the 1 page limit, one thing you can try to do is format it differently to save room (Make the headings one line, and then use the room under the headings)
2. Activities and Interests not necessary
3. You should have "References Available Upon Request" somewhere
Other than that, your resume is great.

On your clothes...
They are atrocious. Literally get rid of them. They are way too big for you, the wrist area covers your hands, the collar doesn't fit snug around your neck, the shoulder seam doesn't match with your shoulder, I can go on forever. And the color scheme, it's for partying, not job interviewing. Go and buy a solid color shirt, light blue is usually a good start. If your build is too small, then buy slim fit shirts. And you should always wear a dress shirt, black khaki, dress shoe combo for a retail interview. Tie optional. If you can afford school, I doubt dropping $200-$300 for a good outfit will be a problem.

On your social anxiety...
Just go out and meet people. Social anxiety is such a bullsh*t childish fear, like ghosts. The more you become accustomed to talking with people, the easier it is for you to be social. You don't need a psychiatrist for social anxiety, stare it in the face and beat it down until it becomes afraid of you.

On your job hunt and education...
You're applying for retail jobs, just list your high school or else they'll say you're (rightfully) overqualified.
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Jul 29, 2002
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What's your availability? Are you available during X'mas holidays? boxing day? It's a big plus if you can work on those days and have flexible availability (Friday night, weekends).

IMHO, for minimum wage work, it's probably one of the most important factor.

Objective statement is weak, drop it or rewrite.

"Allow me to develop communication skill": employer has nothing to gain from this.
"perform the task at hand to the best of my abilities.": well you better ;)

[QUOTE]You should have "References Available Upon Request" somewhere [/QUOTE]
Not necessary.

fyi, I did some hiring for a restaurant before. My 0.02.
Dec 4, 2006
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At 1st glance, your resume looks dull.

Also you need to have details. One line says you prepared food and sold food to costumers... You should say the # of customers you prepared food 4..... just an example.

+There is a lot more to do!

Send me a PM if you still need help. I can go over it with you later.
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May 4, 2010
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[quote="Swswswish" post_id="13756946" time="1321384070" user_id="416760"]
3. You should have "References Available Upon Request" somewhere[/Quote]

You absolutely do NOT need this sentence. Its a waste of space and INCREDIBLY obvious, if you read about current resume trends you'll see just how irrelevant it has become along with an objective.
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Mar 28, 2010
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your too skinny bro. hit the gym and become badarse. no1 wants to hire skinny person
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Apr 15, 2010
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shinghan wrote:
Nov 15th, 2011 11:45 am
I'm targeting mostly big name fast food restaurants/chains and department stores.

your university has a student employment center


go to Canada employment center ... 8&oe=utf-8

plus check out temp agency ... 8&oe=utf-8

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Jan 31, 2007
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mtmp5k wrote:
Nov 15th, 2011 7:44 pm
your too skinny bro. hit the gym and become badarse. no1 wants to hire skinny person

not sure if your serious....

my advice is spam your resume.

Its a numbers game and your bound to get at least a interview. If you can't be confident in your interview, project it. (lol got this from a show)

I didn't check out your resume so can't help you there.

For the clothing advice, if your applying for retail. Dress fashionably, a slim fit dress shirt and straight leg/slim fit jeans would do.

You can get it at h&m or some place similar. You don't need to spend 200$...

Also its hiring season for christmas holiday, so you have a higher chances.

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May 23, 2004
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Great advice from Aznkid2000--you're focusing too much on your resume when you should be out there handing it out.

Almost all retailers are looking for seasonal workers right now so it's really the best time to look for your first job. Many won't even care if you don't have relevant experience; they're just looking for extra bodies with good attitudes to help out with the extra traffic over the next month or so.

Might just be a short-term gig, but you'll get some real experience and maybe even a leg-up on any future openings at the same store. Most importantly, it'll get you interacting face-to-face with customers which will go a long way towards easing your anxiety.
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Mar 28, 2010
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good luck bro first step is getting yourself out there
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Aug 30, 2008
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The changes I'd make are...
- regarding "developing communication skills", perhaps I'd replace that with direct communication with customers or guests...something that doesn't suggest you're just working on your communication skills in general. You don't want to seem like you have weak communication skills, but you do want to sound like you're just eager to have direct exposure to customers and deal with them one-on-one... (likewise, I'm not sure I'd have an objective like that but perhaps this is a useful point to remember for the interview!)

- "Volunteer Kitchen Assistant" - is this your family or relative's business?! Regardless, unless it's like a soup kitchen, no one in their right minds will "volunteer" in the kitchen of a family restaurant lol. What you had was a job. Regardless of whether you got paid or whether you're helping out family, I would just list it as a kitchen staff or something, not "volunteer".

- for the resume in general you should focus more on the "highlights" of the job, not so much the mundane details. For example,

• Assisted in the preparation of food every day, selling them to customers.
• Responsible for answering incoming phone calls, keeping detailed and
organized orders, making sure there are no time constraints of food
• Committed to high level of cleanliness and sanitation.

can be rephrased to

- Prepared food for a busy family restaurant, serving XX customers per day (this shows you can work under pressure, in a busy environment)
- Answered take-out and delivery orders on the telephone in a pleasant manner (this point is important since it shows you've had experience dealing w/ customers before)
- Ensured food safety standards were met through maintaining a clean kitchen environment... (well, this might not be that useful depending on where you're working, but it's not terrible either...)

Archery Club Volunteer - perhaps you can come up with a more creative title than just volunteer since from reading that, and the description it just seems like you do random tasks for the Archery Club... :S Event Organizer even sounds more appropriate since that seems to be what you're helping out with (ensuring events run smoothly for all the club members)

The skills or highlights are typically at the top of your resume, highlighting your qualifications and where you got the skills from (customer service skills developed through working at The Gap or whatever...)

Don't bother w/ the activities/interests bullets lol.


For interview clothes, just look at what people wear at the place you want to work. i.e. I'd dress very nice if I wanted to work at Club Monaco, since the people there dress pretty similar to the clothes they sell. Simple, clean out and well-groomed. If it's a seasonal position at Old Navy then I'd just put on a dress shirt and nice pants (business casual level). You don't need expensive clothes either way. People suggested H&M and places like The Bay have good basics if you want to be on the safe side.
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Jan 31, 2010
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mtmp5k wrote:
Nov 15th, 2011 7:44 pm
your too skinny bro. hit the gym and become badarse. no1 wants to hire skinny person
+1 Skinny and shorter than 5' 9", good luck.
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Sep 2, 2008
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in Canada, having a 2 page resume is totally fine; however, it shouldn't exceed 2 pages. In US, 1 page is a must, but not in Canada.
Dec 20, 2007
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mtmp5k wrote:
Nov 15th, 2011 7:44 pm
your too skinny bro. hit the gym and become badarse. no1 wants to hire skinny person
Dude hes applying for a position in the fast food industry. Hes not planning to become a model or a wrestler. who cares
Sep 13, 2011
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I'm a HR manager and see hundreds of resumes. Here's my quick advice. "References upon request" is frusterating. As an HR guy, why do I want to contact you again, just for references? When you are looking for work, tell your references to be prepared for a call. I'm not sure who started the "upon request", but it needs to stop. Makes you look like your hiding something. And (I know this is tough in your example), don't bother with friends and family, after all what will they say negative about you? Work related is all I care about. Even then, in todays world of PIPEDA, no one hardly tells the truth, or anything worthwhile. If the guy is a bad worker, then they would give a glowing reference to get rid of him. If he's a good worker, they will downplay it in order to keep him. Vendictive references are the craziest, when they go to great lengths to shoot down a former employer. Truthfully, I pay very little attention to references these days (versus 20 years ago), and hire on instinct and presentation/attitude.

Keep the resume simple, 1 page. if I have to read war and peace, the message is lost. Be honest, I hate seeing "dependable, trustworthy, team-player, ect". I'm sure in your heart this is all true, but the words I hire everytime are 'I am looking for an chance to show you who I am, you won't make a mistake hiring me". This type of wording is from the heart, not from the "ABC's of a good resume" book. Write YOUR OWN resume. Because if you follow what everone else is doing and cut and paste their resume into yours, you're just going to look like everyone else.

HAND DELIVER your resume. Shows you mean business. Anyone can email from their couch. I can hit delete really fast, especially since your resume is #42 of the 50 I got this morning. Plus you risk your resume winding up in a junk filter, never to be seen, especially if it has attachments. AND how do you know if the guy even got it for sure? Hand delivering shows that you are ambitious.

Put your resume in a nice folder. Spend a buck or two on each one you hand out. Because you will be the only one that did, and will stand out on the top of the stack.

When you get the call, SELL YOURSELF. SHOW that guy you want the job. DO NOT ask questions like "what are you going to pay me" in the first interview. You already have an idea, and you are saying "this is ALL about me", not, "here's what I can do for you". The topic WILL come up, don't initiate it.

Dress apporpriate. Dirty clothes, a tee-shirt that says "I love drugs", or that tiny skirt with low cut shirt with massive cleavage all just screams, this WILL be a problem for the HR guy at some point. Don't over dress...that says fake. Spiffy/casual always wins.

And lastly. Be yourself. Your desire and ambition will show. And you WILL get hired.

Good luck!