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Alternative heating solution for a small office

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Aug 22, 2012
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Mark Town

Alternative heating solution for a small office

I bought an office last year for my startup (currently only 2 people are working). The office has a electric/gas AC installed by the previous owner. It uses electricity for cooling and gas for heating. When I get Enbridge to hook up the gas, I am surprised to find that the gas charge is quite high. To begin with, I already paid $300 to paint the supply line, $70 for inspection. According to the Enbridge bill, I have to pay around $150/month in the winter and $100/month in the summer. I do not use any gas in summer yet I have to pay $70 account fee plus various charges. The overall charge is likely to be 10 times of the gas used.

I am very unhappy with the gas charge but I want the office to be warn in the winter. Is there alternative solution and how much does it cost?
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Apr 27, 2009
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You can get a heat pump installed. There are heat pumps for rooms and there are also whole-house heat pumps. You would probably want the kind that goes on the wall and heats one room, because they're a lot cheaper.
But unless you cancel your enbridge account, they're still going to charge you fees every month even if you turn the heat off completely.
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How big is the office? Baseboard or space heaters?
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