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Mar 16, 2010
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Am I just unlucky?

Either I've had some serious bad luck or the QA for Xbox controllers is absolute garbage.

Controller 1) I got this one from the original purchase and eventually (maybe 1 year in) the left analog stick would drift forward and be far less responsive. A quick google search indicated that this was a pretty common issue.
Controller 2) Bit the bullet and decided to buy a new one to replace the first one. The Y button stuck pretty consistently and the right trigger button didn't depress properly so I returned it for a new one.
Controller 3) Works fine, 33% success rate so far.
Controller 4) Wanted to buy the updated controller so I could use it with PC on Bluetooth and I liked the extra grip on the side. The A button sticks on this one! Just like stays depressed! Started the return process with Amazon.

Out of 4 controllers only 1 has actually worked as its supposed to. I cant remember ever having problems like this on the original Xbox or the Xbox 360. Almost feels like they were made to be disposable.

Anyone else had problems like these or is it just me?
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Jul 5, 2001
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You are just unlucky - I don't think there's a wide spread issue, but I could be wrong. Did you have to pay for each of the new controllers? Maybe you should invest in an extended warranty.
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Jun 7, 2009
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Feel like you're either not taking very good care of the controllers, or you put A LOT of force into gameplay.

Don't think it's a matter of being unlucky, or faulty hardware (especially if it's been 4).