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[Amazon] Garmin Premium Heart Rate Monitor (Soft Strap) - $48.99

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  • Nov 8th, 2017 9:04 am
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Dec 26, 2010
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[Amazon] Garmin Premium Heart Rate Monitor (Soft Strap) - $48.99

Just got an alert in my email. Cycling season is almost over, at least here in Toronto. Good for anyone who's into training
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Aug 4, 2004
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Great price for any serious athlete. I have one and it doesn't chafe compared to the other HR monitors out there.
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Feb 5, 2012
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I had nothing but problems with these straps (running). They would work for a while and then mid-run start giving flaky results and cutting out for periods of time.

I followed the washing instructions on them. I replaced batteries. I used electrode gel. I spent a lot of time with Garmin Support and even more time on various boards reading about all the problems.

I replaced my first one under warranty (and to their credit, Garmin made this very easy) and the replacement was no better. There must be a design flaw.

The best luck I had was to cut the soft strap between the two 'buttons' (found this on one of the forums). For what ever reason, the results were much better after that.

I ended up moving to a Garmin Forerunner 235 which has a built in HRM and have been extremely happy with that.

I really like having my heart rate details available, but I would look to other straps or options before dropping $50 on this one. YMMV, but at least do a few searches to see the problems others have had with this model.