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Amazon - How to Avoid UPS and ALWAYS Auto-Pick Canada Post

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  • Jul 20th, 2015 10:42 am
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Aug 3, 2014
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Exocet77 wrote: Ups makes 1 delivery attempt, then it goes to my local ups store for me to pick up.
I like it, my stores only a min away.
NG wrote: Thanks and thanks clicked! But wow...only 1 attempt? It was 3 before...but at least the UPS Store works.
Our UPS driver used to wait for someone to open the door to give the package. Then, she started leaving them at the door and running. One day, she didn't leave the package, left a delivery notice telling me to pick it up from a UPS Store. I wasn't going to do that, so I requested it to be returned to the sender through Two weeks later, the package was still sitting at the UPS Store. I contacted UPS customer service and asked them to either bring that package back or return it to the sender. The package was sitting at my door one day later, and now they always leave them at my door and run. I'm happy with that.
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Feb 23, 2004
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Is this for or
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Dec 11, 2003
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MontrealBonjour wrote: .....

Here's how:

John Smith
123 Main Street (po box 0)
Suite 123 / P.O. BOX 0
Ottawa, ON

If you place "po box 0" where I placed it in the example, Canada Post will always be selected as delivery method since UPS cannot deliver to po boxes. It tricks Amazon's automated system to use Canada Post.

For the last month I have used this method for large, heavy items and never once was UPS selected.

Hope it helps since I've seen people complain about UPS via Amazon.
Thanked. The last four times I ordered from Amazon it got delivered to the wrong house. I then have to phone Amazon to tell them I never got it, and that I'm not trying to scam them. I then phone UPS because their driver can't read. I'll try this the next time.
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Apr 17, 2014
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Since Amazon has recently changed it's delivery date from "guaranteed on X date" to "estimated X date to Y date", it has been causing delays, particularly with UPS.

Canada Post is still on time 100% of the time - here in Ottawa for example, prime takes 24-48 hours to get to me whilst UPS takes 72 hours+.

I thought I would bump this so more people are aware that they do have the option in terms of delivery carriers if UPS is causing you grief/delays.

I use Amazon a couple times per week and since doing the switch to CP, my items have always arrived on time with absolutely zero problems of any kinds - I am very satisfied. If UPS was still an option, I would of significantly reduced my shopping at Amazon because of the hell UPS puts me through.
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Mar 12, 2010
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Btw. According to this

You just need the word 'box' in the first address line (on Amazon when you edit the address it says the first line is where Po box goes.

Their software recognizes the word 'box'. So that is the key.
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Aug 14, 2007
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MontrealBonjour wrote: I have been putting it twice as indicated in the example because the Amazon agent did not clarify if it was address field 1 or 2, so I place it in both fields to be safe. I am also not sure if the periods make a difference after the p and the o so I have one field with and the other without.

It's a nice change being able to receive my packages every single time with no issues because we get buzzed to come down and meet Canada Post. Even the Canada Post outlets are just minutes away such as shoppers drug mart.

Shipping seems slightly faster as well. I ordered a humidifier Tuesday at 130am and it's being delivered today via prime. If it was UPS the item would of been delivered tomorrow.
At least they buzz you.

For me whoever does the deliveries they don't even knock on the door. One day I opened my garage to go outside for something and the driver was walking up with only a pre written notice, said id like the package and he gave it to me... Ridiculous system

FedEx on the other hand once went into my backyard and left the package at the back door. Didn't even notice until I went to turn the bbq on