AMC 'Better Call Saul' (Breaking Bad prequel spin off)

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May 22, 2016
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The money for the library came from the phones and his savings for his law office. He was selling those phones for almost a year most likely at a good markup.
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Sep 21, 2010
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Hindenburg1 wrote:
Oct 12th, 2018 12:51 pm
Was reading on Reddit that the girl Jimmy talked to (the shoplifter that got denied scholarship) reminded Jimmy of himself and his struggles. This could be why Jimmy had that breakdown in his car. Everyone labelled him as a crook/crappy lawyer and no matter how hard he tries, that label follows him (just like the shoplifting charge follows that girl).

I hope this show goes to 8-10 seasons. There is so much they can cover. Even through we're done season 4, it feels like show barely started.
Dude, I thought that was pretty obvious, even to me who sometimes doesn't pay full attn (see below). :D

ShoNuff2 wrote:
Oct 12th, 2018 2:53 pm

they were definitely the store's phones he was selling. he put his own money in the cash register before taking them out of the store to sell. during his initial re-instatement hearing they even mentioned he got some kind of award as one of the top sales guys for the company. he was only there for a few months though so i don't see him making the kind of coin required to pay for that library/ party. i'm guessing it must have come from Kim...especially with Jimmy driving around that beat up car for so long.

i'm leaning towards HHM or Chuck as well, but not sure why they would even bother to give him a seat at the table for the scholarship vote.

for sure. the girl not being considered for the scholarship because of her mistake made Jimmy sympathetic to her plight because he felt like he would never be taken seriously as a legit lawyer because of what he had done. it was as if Jimmy was talking to himself that entire scene...play by your own rules, cut corners, do whatever it takes to win, etc.

it reminded me of his fight with Kim on the rooftop. in that scene it was like he was talking to Chuck saying all you see is Slippin' Jimmy.

one of the reasons he broke down in the car was he realized all the effort he put in to convince the review board on what a "good guy" he was still wasn't going to be enough to get him his license back. that was the impetus for the idea to use Chuck's letter in front of the review board. he changed his strategy again when he saw the lady shuffling around papers while he was reading the note. his fake emotions about his brother not only conned the review board but also Kim who wiped away a tear thinking he was being genuine.

looking forward to seeing how this plays out next season. hope they can stretch it at least 2 more.
Tx for clearing up re phones.

I thought the same re Jimmy, one of the last breaking pts to make him turn 'bad'.

Yup, definitely so much material for many seasons.

webshark wrote:
Oct 12th, 2018 4:35 pm
The money for the library came from the phones and his savings for his law office. He was selling those phones for almost a year most likely at a good markup.
Yup, that was my guess he was making a killing *shrug*
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