Any nightshift workers?

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  • Apr 21st, 2017 9:36 pm
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Oct 6, 2007
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Straight nights is much better than swing shifts, days to afternoons to nights. That's the hardest.
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Jan 25, 2008
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I've been doing 11PM-7AM for the past 8 months or so. Most important thing is routine. I found that If I go to sleep right after a shift, I will only sleep for a 2-3 hours. However, If I do all my errands (gym, game, Netflix, internet browsing, groceries, relationship stuff, etc) first after coming home, it exhausts my body even more and am able to sleep roughly from 1PM-10PM.

- Dark room (eye mask if needed)
- Minimize noise
- Have white noise in background if needed
- Have melatonin handy for those times you can't sleep or coming off weekend
- Take vitamin D pills
- Stay hydrated
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Mar 8, 2007
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Did straight nights for almost 3 years as a Press Operator. Currently on straight days for the last 2 years.

Overall i think it was fine, i consider myself fairly nocturnal anyways and i was doing a lot of gaming into the wee hours prior to the job.

I'd sleep from 9-3 if i was really tired or 3-9 if i had errands to run or felt like staying up (i never sleep more then 6 hours unless its a weekend by choice).

I didn't experience any weight gain, mind you i had a job that kept me on my feet for 8 hours and somewhat physical activity. I still look far younger then my real age and haven't experienced any additional health issues (yet).
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Feb 23, 2015
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Brampton, ON
I work nights, usually 12 hr shifts.

Do I enjoy it? I would say it isn't too bad because of the downtime I have. It gives me a chance to catch up on my school stuff as well as chit chat via Skype lol.

Do I plan on doing nights forever? Helllll no.
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Oct 18, 2004
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rssdale wrote:
Apr 17th, 2017 1:41 pm
J I'll also try and keep that sleep schedule throughout days off as well so that I shift my circadian rhythm.
I don't see this as an issue at all, especially if you try to keep the same sleep schedule through the weekend, which isn't hard when you are young. I'm not sure about you but when I was your age, I'd be out till 3-4am on weekends anyway and sometimes till dawn, so this would work perfectly :)
May 5, 2012
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I've been doing Continental shifts (days-off-nights) for the past 3 years and actually like it. I've always been a night person and hate waking up early so I tend to feel better on nights than days.

Although my pattern is probably more harmful because of the constant switching, I can still have a semi-normal 'life' outside of work. Also you won't feel like you're part of the rat race.
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Dec 11, 2007
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I loved night shift.

No health issues.

Not having to deal with traffic on the way in, and maybe on the way out, is a huge stress reliever.

But I had an easy job.

5-15 mins of actual work every hour on most days.

I am a night person though.

I do afternoons now and I think I may prefer it just because on your days off it works out better if you want to go out.

With nights I usually woke up midnight-3am on my off days so everyone's finishing their night out at that time. If I wanted to hang out I would have to meet them literally right when I got up. Wake up > shower > go to the bar lol.
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Dec 27, 2007
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I do night shifts when available on shutdowns. More money, so more OT money.

We would have dinner for breakfast, lunch for lunch, and then breakfast food for dinner. I didnt mind having pancakes/eggs before going to sleep.

Prefer working days but nights is just fine aswell, quieter too.
Also you have a nice short shift, we used to work 5pm to 6:30am....
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Mar 17, 2016
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What is a great pay for this night shift position? Can you give us an approximate scale?

I've done night shift for 4 months. It was doable but I felt a little off at the end of the shift and before bed. Like a brain fog. It did feel like I had more off time though. Didn't want to do it for too long so I got off at the first opportunity.
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Apr 6, 2008
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I did afternoons/nights and in between (various shifts but I NEVER rotated) for our 10 years. Loved it. This is what I used to do...

Weekdays Go in 10pm, work til 6am. Go home, eat, see everyone, send kids and wife off to work/school, then sleep. Wake up early afternoon, have a few hrs to myself then pick kids up from school. Have a good evening with everyone, put everyone to sleep, head back to work.

Fri mornings I would usually stay up all day. Sometimes an afternoon quick nap. Keep busy doing my own stuff Friday daytime. Stay up til 10pm then go to sleep. Have a normal weekend. Stay up all of Sunday. Rinse and repeat.

I did this shift for years. I was almost never sick, had lots of energy, and felt good. I'm in my mid thirties and I still get carded often. Still in great health.

Two tips with nights: 1) don't rotate. EVER. Make a schedule and stick to it. Week in week out. 2) Make eating part of this schedule. Eat regardless if you want to or not. I'm not saying get yourself fat, but eating is hugely a routine thing and you only making it easier on your body if you eat the same time every day.

I wouldn't do nights for life (I now work straight days and like it) but when you're young and can work hard, do it!
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Nov 2, 2013
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It messes with your sleeping cycles if you switch back and forth between nights and days. Or, if you have days off and are trying to get back into the groove of a normal day schedule.

It's initially difficult to force your body to sleep during the day also.

I couldn't imagine doing a night shift job long term.
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Feb 8, 2006
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I do occasional nights. My best tip is to go to Ikea or any other store with a bright flashlight, and shine it through each of their curtains. The curtain that blocks out the most, buy it, and hang it as close to the ceiling as possible, that way almost no light gets through. My room during the day feels literally like night. Just a bit of light seeping through the bottom of my door. Not gonna lie, love it when I'm put on nights. The work shift is chill, and when you are off you can schedule appointments at working hours or run errands that you wouldn't usually be able to do.
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Apr 6th, 2007 5:44 pm
im pretty sure thincrust hates you
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Apr 5, 2016
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Did it for a short while I was younger. It isn't so bad if you're not lax about your sleep and nutrition.
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Nov 10, 2011
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Used to do 12:30 am to about 8:00 am. Usually ate something before I went home. Went for a walk, showered and in bed around 11:00 am. Woke up around 7:00 pm, ate, relaxed till I left for work. Snuck in a stretch session around 11:30 pm.

When I got home on Friday, would go to sleep right away wake up around 2:00 pm and started my weekend. Got up really early on Sunday morning, then took a nap around 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm started the regular work week.