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Any one have any comments about Spence Diamonds?

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  • Mar 6th, 2014 12:46 am
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Oct 1, 2003
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Any one have any comments about Spence Diamonds?

I'm going to be looking for an engagement ring soon and was considering going to Spence but would just like any feedback from people who may have purchased from them in the past? I'd be dealing with the Mississauga location to be specific.

Also, if anyone has suggestions for other places too look at for rings I'd appreciate it? I'm looking for best value product for the money - basically I don't want to spend cash on crap. That being said I'm not rich so I can't spend $10 000, and my girlfirend isn't the type of girl who'd be dissapointed if I only spent $2000 or something - I think she'd rather have me put money towards a home then a ring any way.

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Nov 9, 2003
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The nice thing about Spence is you can have the ring custom made (you pick the design, what kind of metal, the diamond, etc). They don't have any premade stuff though, so if you need it in a hurry or aren't into customizing, it's probably not for you.
All in all, I give them about 9/10. (salesman was a little too salesmany)
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Nov 16, 2003
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Spence is a little overpriced, but i guess u pay for the customizability of the ring.
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Dec 24, 2002
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We had a great experience from TriGem and a guy called Howard , My brother also used him and was very happy , I can PM you his number if you want

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Dec 3, 2003
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Burnaby, B.C.
I've had positive experiences with Spence. Although you do pay a premium, they are definitely knowledgeable and have a great selection. Customization is the key here, you can choose so many different styles to match with the diamond that you choose.
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Feb 2, 2005
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Excellent service. When you walk in a saleman will usually jump on you but they will just tell you what Spence is all about and then offer you a drink and let you browse around at your pace. You can reach into the display cases and look at all the designs for as long as you want. Most rings have prices on them to give you an idea of what it costs. If you don't have a clue where to start, they will help guide you in the right direction by asking you questions and suggesting possible designs.

After you pick the ring design that you want then you can customize it:

The Ring - Yellow gold, white gold or platnium

The Diamond - Size (0.33 to 2.5 carat), Colour (clear to yellow), Cut (most are perfect), and quality/clarity (flawless to eye-visable natural imperfections)

They will show you each option and prove to you using a microscope and other diamond grading tools that you are getting what they say you are (no misrepresentations here!). They will then give you the prices and you decide what you will go with. If you have a price in mind they will help you stay within you means. There was no push for going over your budget. They will treat you the same if you were buying a $50,000 or a $500 ring.

They have the best guarantee in the business:
Read up...

I was very happy with them and I don't mind paying a little bit more for getting what I wanted.

Try that at any other diamond jeweler.
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Feb 14, 2002
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Any jeweller will let you go custom if you ask - even Birk's. Personally I go to the small wholesalers rather than the big names. The pre-assembled sterling silver rings with the SI diamonds are just for show. They keep the good stuff in the vault.

P.S. I'm addicted to custom work. There is something cool about having a bag of gemstones and a loupe in front of you, and you get to pick each one.
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Jul 30, 2003
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I don't know much about diamonds or rings (Ya, I am single :lol :)
When I went there with a friend, they has tons and tons of sample rings in showcase, not behind glass. You can pick them up and inspect them. I at first thought real diamonds ... no glass? then salesperson says this is just glass stones replicas. :)

Atmosphere was v.nice and friendly though.
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Nov 10, 2003
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It was almost 5 years ago I went to the Mississauga store. After talking to the sales lady we got down to pricing. When I told her my max was 2000 she immediately got very rude with me. Saying things like "the rings she'll really appreciate start at over 5000, for your budget I don't think you'll find anything nice at all"

Ok maybe the sales lady was having a bad day but to talk like that?? I walked out after voicing my opinion quite loudly. Since then I have talked all my friends out of going there. I'd never go there again. Sure it's been a long time and she probably doesn't work there anymore but I do hold a grudge on stores that get me angry like that.
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Oct 1, 2003
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I might check them out after work tomorrow. I have to say I don't want to sound cheap but I think i'll have to set my budget at $2000 or so. We're actually planning on moving to Australia in 2007 so we're bought saving up for that, and to be honest bought of useagree it be wiser to out money towards that then a ring. I mean if in a few years I'm doing better with the cash then I can always get her a nicer ring if she wants, but for now I have to stick within my means.
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Oct 1, 2003
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Iactually already bought my girlfiredn a promise ring. It's a 3 diamond gold ring (which turns out was actually an engagement ring, just not a very expensive one). I boughti t at Mappings (SP?) and it cost me around $800 or so. Now, this was purchase were I let emotions go a head of logic - not that I regret it or anything. She was really happy with that rings, i nfact one of her friends who got engaged (And is now married) told her that her "promise" ring was nicer then her engagement ring.

I think I'm going to go for a single diamong, with a some what simple band. When I was looking at Spence's site, I actually didn't like them roe expensive rings - they seemed a but "much" and I don't think my girlfriend would really like them.

Anotehr thing I've been thinking about is that the engagement rings help determine what your wedding bands willl look like right? Well I don't really like gold, atleast yellow gold that much (I actually don't wear any jewellery) so I was thinking of maybe getting a platninum band - not sure how much this would add to price (I think it's suppose to be better then gold right?) but I might prefer a platinum wedding band over gold, but then again gold is more traditional.

I guess I've also got otfigure out how to ask her, which at the moment I'm not to worried about, I mean I know she'll say yes, I'm just trying ot figure out how - think I'll keep it simple and try to make it unexpected (although I know shes expecting it).

I'm more worried about telling my mom then asking my girlfriend - I'm a single child raised by a single parent so I don't want my mom to feel like I'm ditching her. Ahh, now I'm just getting too off topic here, these are issues for another thread.
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May 26, 2003
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I like spence diamonds. When it comes to buying my jewellery, I don't mind spending a bit more for quality.
Feb 11, 2006
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Loved it for the relaxed browsing - I bought a trainer ring there so I could propose by surprise, then let my fiancee have a custom ring made elsewhere to her own taste and design.

Women are freakin' picky about those things - beware spending a lot on an unapproved ring.
Oct 3, 2004
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I just got engaged over the weekend.
My finace said that he found Spence to be a bit of a rip off, Birks is worse.
Yes, Spence includes a great shopping experience, but in the end, they overcharge.
One of your best bets right now is Belgium Diamonds in Cloverdale Mall, Etobicoke. I know 2 people now who did really well there including my fiance. They are wholesalers more than they are retailers. That's why they can keep their prices low. They also allow for customizations.
I love my ring!

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Nov 21, 2004
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I just know that I change the station on the radio EVERY time one of their commercials come on. They are so very annoying...and the most recent commercial is quite crass...hard sell on paying big bucks...