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For anyone asking if their phone is compatible with a certain carrier or country

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Oct 30, 2016
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Thank you very much, the site easy to use, helpful.
Deal Addict
Nov 8, 2005
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Thanks for the thread! I created my own thread asking about this just now and then deleted it after I saw this sticky haha.
Mar 17, 2008
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For those just wanting to use their phone in another country (or even in Canada) on a different service, the KnowRoaming SIM or sticker is a great option. More info on their site knowroaming.com. One option is their Global SIM and the other is their global sticker that adds and ultra thin sim to your existing sim. Costs are $9.95 and $29.95 resp., but with promo offers widely available you can get 30% off. (If you can use my code (PM me) when purchasing we will both also get a $5.00 credit!) You then also get various other promotional credits. The sticker version comes with $10.00 credit voucher and with both, by the time you get all the promotional credits, the sim really costs nothing. Works in 200 countries. You do need an unlocked GSM smartphone. Basically becomes a prepaid phone with rates competitive with local rates offered by major carriers. In Canada, my K-R phone is on Rogers or Bell most of the time and in USA AT&T & T-Mobile, but depends just where you are.
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