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anyone been to star walk buffet?

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  • Oct 18th, 2004 4:38 pm
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Sep 8, 2004
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I've never encountered any of what you said - doesnt mean it never happens.

Did you happen to go on a weekday, or at lunch hour? I usually go on weekends and service is good.
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Oct 4, 2001
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This place is OK for food but not great.

It is crowded, the bathroom is FILTHY! I think somebody barfed/diariaed when I was there and after 1 hour it was still there. YUK.

My girlfriend found an eye lash inside her sushi.

I liked the dim sum but the line was too long.

Overall, an OK buffet but the bathroom was just too much. :o

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Oct 15, 2002
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Last few experiences were good. Has real chinese food unlike Mandarin. You can tell by the number of chinese people vs. white people seated.
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Mar 17, 2004
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yeah I had an awful experience as well. There was a fly in the soup.. those tofu desert soups it was just swimming in there. Their food doesn't taste very good, not much selection (mandarin is better). All there expensive stuff they put out like once every half hour in the smallest quantities so you'll never get anything good. I think mandarin is worth the price, the fact that white people would go there means that its standards are up to par. And it took forever to get drink refills, the waiters weren't doing anything there was nobody doing anything, it was awful.
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Oct 26, 2003
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went there with gf was meh
not the best selection of food, ..dun really like it
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Nov 30, 2003
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Pretty bad; the food is really stale, and I felt sick on most trips there.

The meat especially is pretty rubbery...ugh.

Recommendation: I went to Tucker's Market for Thanksgiving, and it was really good. Quite pricey, but if 1+ of your party has a birthday, they eat for free and it works out quite well.
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Aug 26, 2002
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M-e-X-x wrote:went there once.. lunch was ass.. dim sum for buffet lunch? come on! dinner might be a different story but whatever, not going there again
Are you being sarcastic?

When else are you supposed to eat dim sum?
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Sep 8, 2004
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I've never seen hair in the food before, and yes the washroom is as crummy as other restaurants I've been to.

I find that mandarin has more variety but each of their dishes doesnt taste very good.

To each their own I suppose - starwalk is constantly full on weekends so if what these other ppl say is constantly happening then surely ppl would stop coming to that place.
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Aug 17, 2003
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actyper wrote:Are you being sarcastic?

When else are you supposed to eat dim sum?
true, but why have dim sum at a buffet? that's pretty much all that was there... if i wanted dim sum, i'd go to a restaurant that has in-house dim sum chefs instead of a place that probably gets their dim sum prepared somewhere else and then it's brought over for cooking
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Sep 20, 2004
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Speaking of buffets ...

Something similar that is out now are those Japanese All You Can Eats. There are several in the Richmondhill area. At first I didn't know what to expect, but it turned out to be alright. Obviously it's not the best quality since it's more about quantity. However, if you like sashimi and sushi you can't really go wrong with all you can eat I guess.

Also if you like Shabu Shabu, there's a great place just outside of Market Village (Markham) called "Rolling Pot". All you can eat hot pot and it's really good!
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Oct 1, 2004
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Starwalk is pretty average, however the real food there is a lot better than Mandarins, and I think it's a couple dollars cheaper, however I like Mandarin's desserts a lot more.
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