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Is anyone familiar with Wavefront Aberrometry based eye exams?

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  • Feb 11th, 2013 5:46 pm
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Sep 30, 2001
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Is anyone familiar with Wavefront Aberrometry based eye exams?

I'm looking for opinions on a new form of eye exam that dispenses with the typical 'do you see better with lens 1 or lens 2?'. Called Wavefront Aberrometry, it's a machine which can take precise measurements of your eye and all its irregularities. Some detailed info that I found: ... -analyzer/

In conjunction with this there are also a few lens manufacturers who make "hi def" lenses or what is called free-form lenses. They use the information from the above equipment to digitally surface the lens to provide minute adjustments in diopter. Has anyone had such a lens made and what was your experience? From a website I found the following lens brands:

Essilor 360 DS (Essilor of America)
Hoya NuLux EP (Hoya Vision Care)
Shamir Autograph II SV (Shamir Insight)
Clarlet Individual (Carl Zeiss Vision)
Seiko Super MV 1.67
Augen HD
VSP Reveal Freeform SVi

Anyone in Toronto who offers these lenses?
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May 24, 2008
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Does one need to use that machine to get a proper lens with the free form or can one still use the old way of getting an eye test?

I'm assuming this new technology is better than the old way. It's too bad I just got an eye exam. I would like to try it.

It might be hard to find a doctor that uses it.