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Anyone had any experience with Nutrafarms?

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  • Jul 18th, 2017 1:35 pm
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Nov 17, 2007
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Just an FYI, they came to my door today. I didn't know about them. Told the guy that I already get my meet from an organic farmer, but thanks and give my "free steaks" to someone else. He tried for my email to send me information on their humane killing process and other facts. I took a pamphlet and googled. LOL, led me here.
Anyways they may be good for some, but not for me.
Feb 26, 2015
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Here is my experience with nutrafarms, they came to my door, young kid, gave the information about the company offered free sample, then the next day they send out the older car salesman type of dude, totally tried to push a sale and when I said i,d like to sample the food first then make a decision , he said well you don't sample the meat at the grocery store! Wdf? He had this contract all written up in front of me and when I started reading I asked about a particular fee and he said"oh that's the chest freezer you'l need to house all of the meat and poultry, I said " I don't even eat chicken, and I already have a freezer. He then insisted that I finance a freezer from them . Unbelievable. . I said , sir with all do respect I really do not feel comfortable entering a contract at this time until I've tried the product. He then asked well what does your wife think? I said my wife isn't home sir. He then got angry with me and said, well I have to go now. I felt bad and said well how about you leave me your card, he pointed to the budget paper and said" that is my card.... the paper didn't have his name on it.. wdf? then before he left he put down a .20 kilo pack of frozen ground beef and said OK bye
Apr 18, 2015
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Ve been a client for two orders now, the meat and fish are delicious, the vegetables are fresh tasting, and crisp
I had an amazing woman work out the right order for us, it lasted about 11 months, she put us on the smallest order on trial basis,
The cost is 65/ week, half what i used to spend on meat buying at fortinos, tastes great, very lean, very clean without hormones or antibiotics, i like the savings, and highly recommend their products....just make sure your representative works out a package that suits you!
Jan 21, 2015
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Aurora, ON
Update on my order...

The majority of my food only lasted 6 months. Porc Chops, Chicken Breasts and Steaks all gone. However I still have a boat load of ground beef, bacon and some fish. I've got a handful of other items like beef ribs and chicken wings. But overall I would say 80% of the food is gone and I still got 4 months of payments left.

My household only has 2 people, and I went with the base order. Which would be the same as Leena. Although I am a meat lover, so I probably cook more than the average person.

I'm still likely to get it again though. My monthly payments will be lower with no freezer included in cost this time around. Or I could continue paying the same monthly fee and just go with a larger order. Haven't decided yet.

The quality difference is noticeable, more so now since I have had to go back to buying some items from grocery store until my next order. At the very least I won't be buying meat that comes from the USA.
Jan 21, 2015
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Aurora, ON
Just got my 2nd order from Nutra Farms. The first order was a size #1 and only lasted 6-7 months or so, which meant I was left paying for an additional 4 months with an empty freezer. It kind of sucked because I also had to go to store and purchase meat. Maybe I just eat more meat than the average person? Anyway I upgraded to a a larger order which is about 400$ a month instead of 250$. I expect this should last me my 12+ months. That's effectively 4000$ per year in meat.

For the last 4 months of my first order I got most of my meat from farmers markets or grocery store, and quality of meat was too noticeable in most cases. Store bought bacon/pork chops/chicken tasted like crap in comparison. Although store bought(corn fed) beef tastes so much better than grass fed beef. The higher fat content and marbling of corn fed beef can't be matched with grass fed cuts. This is most noticeable in steaks because they get cooked faster, in terms of tenderness its more like eating deer meat without the game taste. However if you cook grass fed beef roasts at a low enough temperature they can be on par with the corn fed roasts, they just require longer cooking time.
Nov 23, 2015
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I tried it and I love it. I got a giant freezer from them for 80% off. Say what you will. I don't want to go to the greocery store and find out all the meat had been taken off the shelves.
Apr 22, 2015
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Kanata, ON
I signed up yesterday but after reading this thread I send in the notice to cancel as it's within 10 days

I asked for a breakdown of the price per lb of each food item and they wouldn't give it to me, gave me some BS excuse like its not comparable to grocery store meat. Well tough ***** that's not their choice to make it's mine.
Apr 22, 2015
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Kanata, ON
death_hawk wrote:
Dec 4th, 2015 10:20 am
I can get "premium" meat from other sources than a grocery store and they charge me per pound.
If they're hiding the true cost then they're hiding it for a reason (ie it's stupidly expensive).
You know it's a scam going in when they give you a final bill without itemizing it.

Yes, should be illegal
Dec 29, 2015
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Ottawa, ON
Always a good thing to do background research, especially after one of their people showed up at my door yesterday

Pro-tip, if a company has to push how progressive they are as a guilt trip, they're overcompensating for something else

This person comes up to me while shovelling, demanding to set up a time to drop off free meat samples, pushing their no preservative garbage, guy plays guilt card on my four year old daughter asking if she likes cows to be treated better and stuff.

I still figured whatever, I'll go into this with an open mind. Give him my number and set up a time for 4 today. He calls me five hours later while I'm putting the little one to sleep. Probably trying to get me at a time when I didn't have her running around, no possible distractions from the glossy pictures of animals everyone seems to be speaking of

I guess I'm just another new-sign up poster and as such I should be taken with a grain of salt, but after what I witness and now what I've read, I'm not so open minded to this anymore

It's pretty ironic that a longtime poster here posts that she informed a sales rep of the negative reviews on this website, the sales rep tells her "it's probably just our competition" (what competition?!), and then days later new posters come in slamming said competition with edgy buzzwords and eerily similar vitriol towards these so-called competitors, who are so illegitimate they don't need to get people at their most vulnerable states to sell them food

But alas, I'm just a new poster too, I guess I can't judge. I'm sure the meat tastes great but my food budget isn't one I like to take such big risks with.
Oct 13, 2005
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Pickering, ON
When will I ever learn... I just agreed to make an appointment to receive my free sample of non-"bad-stuff" ground beef. I guess I will cancel when the rep calls. Between this and all the Hot water tank inspectors, furnace & A/C inspectors coming around, I should've known better. I shouldn't have even bothered to answer the door.

This thread reeks of shills... I guess I could be one of the so-called "competitors" who are trying discredit them too, except I signed up for my account over 10 years ago, LOL
Mar 1, 2009
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@Rasscal - It appears they are now soliciting in the Pickering area, as my spouse got the knock on the door last night and she was pressured into setting up an "appointment" for this evening. Thanks to this thread I know what I'm getting myself into. Not sure why she even agreed to an appointment, we get our organic / Antibiotic & hormone free meats from Beretta farms. They deliver for free any order over $200 and orders under can be picked up in Etobicoke and our orders of around $200 lasts us more than a month so it appears comparing to Nutrafarms that we appear to be coming out ahead and getting a much better guarantee of the products we are purchasing. Beretta Farm's not only posts prices but allows for online orders. This reads like a promo for an alternative but it wasn't the intent when I started my reply, honest! ;)
Apr 2, 2016
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I have a family of four, the two kids being 8 and 10 at the time. We bought a $4000 package last February, it wasn't paid off until January of this year, and by the middle of June our freezer was completely empty… It was the biggest waste of money that I've ever come across in my adult life… Never again
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Aug 22, 2006
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Just bought my own 17.4cuft freezer for $700+tax.
For $3300 more I could stuff A LOT of meat in there.
Probably enough to last til next year.


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