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Anyone had any experience with Nutrafarms?

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  • May 3rd, 2017 6:29 pm
Dec 11, 2016
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Hi all,

I don't post often but here I had to post about Nutrafarms. I found it to be a bad experience.

I would avoid this company unless you are perfectly aware of the fact that you will be paying an outrageous price simply for
the ability to be lazy in regards to your meats. I say laziness because you get a lot of meat delivered to your home, as well
as optional freezer. They will even move the freezer in for you, and unbox it. Now you won't need to run out to the grocer or
butcher often for meats.

I think it's not fair to call it a scam, because you are paying for products that you will receive and you will consume.

That said, you will pay a ridiculous price for what you get.

My family's order came to just shy of $3,800 CAD. We're in Ottawa.
They promised us 1/4 cow, 1/3 pig and 30 chickens. The sales tactics were aggressive and deceiving.
They did go through the product list with us like others mentioned here, but the sales guy didn't actually let us see it.
We were led to believe that removing certain things from the order, like kidneys, liver etc.. would increase the other portions, like ground beef for example.
This part seemed OK - but what they didn't tell us was how much meat we were really going to receive.

It's hard to compare our beef and pork to what the 1/4 cow and 1/3 pig would be, because we don't know the size/weight of said animals.

However, they also promised us 30 chickens. They didn't tell us that the legs, thighs, drumsticks, breasts that are included on the order reduce the number
of whole chickens that we will receive. The sketchiest part of this delivery was that they gave us only 5 whole chickens, and each were very small. Roughly the
same size as the small pre-cooked chickens that you can buy at Costco/Loblaws/Food Basics, etc.. The rest of the 30 chickens is "broken down" into
15 drumsticks, 14 thighs, 10 whole legs and 10 boneless skinless breasts.

So we're short 25 whole chickens. Let's do the math - if there are 25 chickens broken down into parts, there should be x2 of everything.
For example, 50 breasts, 50 whole legs, if you don't break down legs further into drumsticks and thighs to create the illusion of more selection.

They promised it would fill the new freezer that we were purchasing from them. It did - but that's only because every items comes in a box, and the mass
of boxes fill the freezer perfectly. If you take everything out of the boxes, you will see it's only about half of the freezer space.

So the sales tactics in our home were down-right a lie, at least regarding the chicken.

As mentioned previously, the order came to just shy of $3,800. For the sake of easy math, let's round it up to $3,800 even.
We received exactly 38 boxes of meat, if you include the two boxes of beef soup bones, to be generous.
That means each box came to almost $100 in price.

The boxes of meat vary between 5lbs and 10lbs, depending on the contents. Ground beef and ground pork are 10lb boxes,
while all the chicken products like legs, thighs, etc, are in 5lb boxes. Each box contains 1lb packages of legs, as one example.

That means we paid $100 for 5lbs of chicken legs. $100 for 5lbs of chicken thighs, $100 for 10lbs of ground beef.

Even if you look at the nicer cuts of beef and pork, it still seems like a rip off. For example, one blade roast is $100.
One half rack of side ribs is $100.
You get the idea.

The delivery was convenient, and packaging was very nice and the quality of meat is nice - I'm not pretending to be
a meat expert, but I definitely believe this meat tastes better and has better texture than grocery store meats.

However, I do not think these few pros make up for the ridiculous pricing, deceptive sales tactics and lack of transparency.

I will most definitely be opening a complaint with the BBB tomorrow (it's too late tonight, I have a newborn here) as well
as writing negative reviews on other sites like Google+, etc..

Hope this info helps other consumers make an educated decision on whether the laziness factor is worth the high price.
Dec 13, 2016
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I'm pretty sure this is a wolf in a sheep costume. Just sharing our experience.

They came to my house offering a "free, fresh meal". I was told this was there way of advertising and a way people could test the product before buying. To be honest, we rarely trust any "door to door' type sales pitch. However, they claim all the food is certified organic and are from local farms. We always try to support our local farmers, so figured it was a good opportunity. We were also told the prices are comparable/lower than such places as Costco as they cut out the middle man this way. All sound great, right?
It gets sketchy from here out. They took my phone number and would drop of the sample "MEAL" the next night, and the sales rep would provide the pricing, and answer any questions we had. The sales rep called and then came by the home as promised. However, it was NOT to give us a free meal. He said he would have to come in to our home for a meeting to discuss the various packages that they offer. I told the representative I would like to just have a price list, so I could then order what I wanted. The rep said "no, we don't do it that way", it has to be customized. He wouldn't even leave the sample, that i might add was just some ground up meet in a patty (that we later read online). He turned and walked away....So to be honest, we can't comment about the food or the quality of it. So far, other reviews have not been good about the quality and this is more like a M&M meat shop. Just in bulk and dropped at your door....If the sales portion of the transaction is this poor and misleading, I would be scared to really see what you very cautious, or better yet, don't answer your door and just go to the butcher shop for local "Fresh" meat.
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Sep 20, 2013
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They are around the Hamilton area just to be warned. They took my name for the free sample but I never answered because that's what I think of their marketing tactics. This is basically taking advantage of people using a salesman.

So many single posters in this thread up talking the meat and service shows how shady their tactics are. I get my meat at Walmart. Deal with it.
Feb 20, 2010
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We bought the small order recently. Like other reviews said, the sales rep misled us by comparable price to Costco/Superstore and other local stores. And she did not take out the free sample until the last minute, after we signed the contract. All of these were not the problems considering the bad food quality we experienced. The delivery came a few days.

The bad experience. We tried the sausage and chicken. The chicken smell spoiled when the package was open. Then I cooked it to taste to verify, as I couldn't believe it would happen. It was rotted before we received. Really disappointed. Big gap between the facts and our expectation! The sales rep claimed the high quality of the food and we prepaid almost $4000 in advance. We couldn't taste all the remaining meats and didn't want to take the risk again. That happened in the last 2nd day of 10 day cooling off period. So we left a message right away.

The next day morning didn't receive response, called again and been transferred to manager's voice mail and left message again. No response till noon, called again finally got the manager. They would like to replace the chicken. But we lost the trust to their food quality, so asked to cancel the order. Was told to wait the call back as the regional manager would take care of the cancellation. Finally the regional manager called and advised to offer the replacement and a box of complimentary meat. I wanted to cancel the order. He insisted there was no possibilities to take the order back even we agreed to pay 15% restocking fee. And he said the consumer protection act and 10 days cooling off period did NOT apply to this food order as the food order was delivered. Is that correct?

Anyway, we are stuck in the middle way now. So be cautious before you sign the contract with Nutrafarms. Once you sign it, you need to pay 15% restocking fee when cancel it before delivery. After the delivery, it seems impossible to cancel the order. Don't know if others had experience the quality issue with them. Are we the only one?

We will try to report to the food health and safety department. Anywhere else to report to?

Hope the above is helpful.
Jan 23, 2012
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Ordered $5000 deal. After reaching to this topic, cancellation email was sent to both the farm and the credit company they work with.
Thank you RFD!
Jan 23, 2012
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Just to update, so you guys will understand the ethics of this business:
1. Sent email yesterday
2. Called and left VM yesterday that I am willing to cancel
3. Waited up until 11 am today and called again. Asked to cancel. Was told that manager is on the mmeeting and she will call me back.
4. Finally getting call back, and guess what?
Confirmation call that tomorrow is my delivery at 2 pm, even though when I ordered I said no earlier than 6 pm!


5. I said her that I have actually cancelled the order and listed all my 3 steps.
No apologies , nothing.
She started to convince me even though I have 10 days to cancel without charge and without reason.
Felt very inconvenient to talk to her and my anger level started to increase.
Finally she said order is cancelled, and no money will be withdrawn.

Asked to confirm in writing, by sending another email because the first email wasn't answered.2 hours passed, still no response.
Sent another email.

Very very poor customer service and low ethics.
I will continue to report back. Will contact BBB if needed.

P.S: Finally after 3 rd email, got cancellation confirmation
May 2, 2017
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You can still cancel your order within the 10 day cooling off period even if the order has been delivered. That is the Consumer Protection Act itself and if you visit Consumer Complaints Ontario, you can file a complaint with them outlining the issue. If you have anything in writing indicating you tried to cancel within your 10 day cooling off period, include that with your complaint. If it was a financed order through their lending company, you can write the lending company directly and notify them within the 10 days if Nutrafarms does not respond to your request. That information is or should be on the back of your copy of the Retail Credit Agreement. Personally, I would fight the 15% restocking fee as well on and "unfair business practice" basis. If I can be of any further assistance to anyone, please let me know.
Jun 21, 2017
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I had some come to my house. I was told only 3 farms are doing this. Because it is hard to find farmers not using antibiotics etc. I was told the farm is in Stayner. Alot if people eating from only 3 farms.