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Anyone have experience with

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  • May 2nd, 2008 2:16 pm
May 8, 2005
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Anyone have experience with

I ordered some items March 15. Was later told that the order had been forwarded to the manufacturer on Apr. 2. After several emails, I was finally told on Apr 25 that the order had been lost and was re-sent and that they would expedite and follow-up.

Another week has gone, and nothing.

Has anyone had experience with Are they legit and this might just be an honest mistake? They seem to be middlemen.

Thanks for any feedback.
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Feb 25, 2004
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I've used them 3 times and have read on other car forums of lots of people using them. Never heard any complaints about legit, however, some about shipping.

Background: I've ordered from them 3 times.
  • Once about 3 years ago; no issues
  • Once about 6 weeks ago: took over two weeks to ship and over two weeks to get to my US drop box.
  • Once about 3 weeks ago (paid for 4 day express so I only had to make 1 trip to my US drop box): shipped the next day and arrived 3 days later
Apparently they have a CDN warehouse and some products may ship from their. They don't manufacture their own hitches (drawtite, hidden, etc) they are a dealer and my boxes have their shipping info on them so it does NOT appear my stuff was drop shipped ... but I guess any distributor/retailer is really just a middleman.

I am pretty confident they are legit but, for you, sounds like they really schmucked up the order/ship side. Stay on them