anyone have leads on cheap airfare to Japan?

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  • Feb 24th, 2005 8:57 pm
Jan 12, 2004
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found it:
Thanks for all of the responses. Travel cuts actually did have a better price then Flight Centre.. I know Flight Centre says they will beat the competition, but it is kind of a pain to get a written quote just to have them beat it!! Anyway, the best deal of the bunch was from JBT (Japanese Board of Trade) which worked out to $865.. The good thing about them was they put a hold on the ticket until the end of the promotion period (I had to cancel the 1 week hold I had with flight centre which was the $970 price).. I am glad that i don't have to go through the US (I probably could have saved another $30-$40 but it isn't worth the hassle for me)...

Also, I found out on Air Canada's website they have a promo going on for bonus points.. I should get 5,000 bonus air miles for flying in that period of time..

Now I am looking at whether it is worth it to get the rail passes advertised at JBT...
bionicbadger comes thru even 1 yr later!!!
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Jan 18, 2005
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trueno92 wrote:heh, thanks for the heads up.. actually my gf has returned to japan ~december, so i'll have a place to crash at her pad.

i'll look into some hostels and other "alternative" lodging.. i want to try one of those gaming-cafe places that allow you to stay overnight in a room with a bed and gaming stuff for $10usd..alternatively, i'll be abusing the 'love-hotel' hourly rates as well.

I actually did that :)

On a late night (around 2 AM), stumbling back decidedly non-drunk (I don't drink), I found myself in Shinjuku and too tired to reach the Hostel which was in Sangubashi. (About a 20 minute walk)

I stopped at the local internet cafe, which lets you stay the night for 15 bucks or so. But it was a stupid mistake.

First, the booth you have is tiny (albiet comfortable!). Then, you are surrounded by Anime Otaku - and a lot of them are playing internet RPGs. Then you have the fat Otaku who is farting and snoring in the cubicles next to you. (Or next to me anyways)

Some hostels are great. Others are terrible. ... m=&ucat=3&

That's one of the crappy Hostels. What is good about Hostels is that you meet a lot of nice people. It is the same here too. (I was at the Canadiana Backpacker's Inn in Toronto, a very fun experience.) The Hostels in Japan are the same int erms of meeting people, but they have curfews and all sorts of other nonsense which can ruin one's stay. At the same time, what can you do? It is very difficult to reserve rooms in Japan if you don't speak Japanese. If you can speak Japanese, try this site, or ask your Girlfriend for help with it:

This is VERY helpful. I got a hotel near Shin Osaka for less than 30 dollars, and it was the second best hotel I was in during my trip! (The best cost me about 105 and that was only after a very special situation. If you fish around my blog you'll find it but I'm a bit embarassed to direct link to it)

As for the Love Hotels - after midnight, they can become very cheap. Just remember, once you enter a love hotel, you cannot leave until you are done with it. Sadly I didn't get a chance to use one but hey - that's life. :twisted:
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May 1, 2003
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trueno92 wrote:thanks, please update when u get home.. the hirigana/kanji script is not a problem ;)
Forgot about this yesterday....

Here is HIS vancouver:
They don't have the summer stuff listed yet, only flights leaving soon. Make sure to check the seat sale links.
Jan 12, 2004
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Lonely Soldier Boy wrote:I actually did that :)

As for the Love Hotels - after midnight, they can become very cheap.

extremely helpful & entertaining..
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Jun 28, 2003
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Don't know about Japan but i went to Korea (in the 'hood) last X-mas and i paid $1500 for everything flying out of Ottawa, and I believe X-mas is high-season

Northwest Airlines sucked though, don't go with that one if you could