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Anyone try CrossBorderPickup?

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  • Aug 12th, 2017 5:21 am
Jan 22, 2017
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gr8dlr wrote:
Aug 2nd, 2017 10:46 am
Financial reasons and just timing are likely reason for taking a week...if you missed the "transfer date" you have to wait for the next one. If they received your stuff just before transfer date, you get it quick. If the "run" the packages more frequently, they'd have to charge's their business practice.
And how do you explain the rudeness of the workers.
Is that also a part of their business practice?
Apr 28, 2010
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Pickering, Ontario
" I've gotten around 75 parcels delivered to NYAddress and in last two years and several hundred to CBI with no problems from anyone ( but no specific costco or bestbuy items - one from Frys ). I suspect it has to do with using anything perceived to be a P.O. Box number as lots of places won't touch those.

I will be trying out Cross Border Pickups for the first time next week with one parcel from Amazon and one from Ken's fish - I will report back how it stacks up cost wise ( bearing in mind it will be about 2 hours travel instead of 6 for me roundtrip. )"

Here was the results of my test shipments. Note that I live in South Pickering so I have to cross the city on the 401 to get to the airport or to drive to Niagara Falls - getting through the city itself is always the worse part of the trip in one direction or the other.

My first two shipments were consolidated - they were small parcels - part duty free - I paid about 9.00 for the package plus about $14 each in taxes - altogether just $35.60

The second set of shipments was from ebay and from gowise. They were not consolidated. Each parcel was worth $90.00 US - I paid $9.00 for one and $15.00 for the other as parcel fees and $15.00 + in taxes each - total $58.70. The gowise parcel weighed 14 lbs
and was 15 X 13 X 13 inches. I really considered that parcel to be an excessive charge for the size involved. The travel time was 2 1/2 hours as there was a traffic jam coming back. Figure the whole thing as $94.30 in charges I paid for 4 parcels. Shipping in the US on all 4 of them was included in the price.


Had I went to NYaddress for the 4 items they would have charged me $3 X 4 for the parcels ( about $15 Can ) and another $5 to cross the bridge - and figure 6 hours travel time and about $24 more for gas - partly offset by the gas I buy in NY cheaper and a few groceries not available in Canada I buy at walmart. So my cash costs would be $44.00. I always declare properly so if the border guy dinged me for HST it would be for around $36.00 CAN on a value of $278.00 US- so worse case scenario around $80 total. At that level you have about a 50 /50 chance of customs not bothering with you though.

1/ If you have small infrequent shipments of low cost goods cross border may be a better choice.
2/ However if your parcels are high value, heavy, bulky, or frequent you will pay high for the convenience of cross border.
3/ If you are picking up more than 2 parcels at a time you are probably better off with NY address. ( most of the time I pick up 6 to 10 parcels at once which is why customs usually dings me. )
4/ The worst part of the trip is always the 401 through the city whichever place you go.
5/ If you get a lot of parcels ( 60 per year or more ) also consider the CBI Option #2: Annual Membership plan – $108 USD with unlimited $1.80 per package for 12 months - 60 parcels is where CBI and NYA is the break even point. The year I had the CBI plan I got over
300 shipments altogether there.

Putting my money where my mouth is:
I picked up those last two parcels at cross border Friday afternoon. This morning I ordered two more parcels to be shipped to NYaddress - value - about $100 US each.
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Jun 21, 2003
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Burlington, ON
I sent 2 orders to CBP for the first time this week. One arrived Wednesday morning and the second on Thursday afternoon. The first package I received the email by early afternoon and responded with the information immediately. It still shows as "pending details" when I login to my account. Is it normal for that step to take so long? It seems odd to me that it is a manual process done via email as opposed to me doing it through my account. I'm hoping the status on these change soon as ideally I'd like to have them released to Mississauga for pickup in the coming week.
Apr 28, 2010
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Pickering, Ontario
Chicoquente and other interested parties

My experience on all 4 parcels was
1/ First email asks for value in US dollars and description and origin of goods.
2/ Second email - next business day is - approve taxes / duty amount - (usually 13% ) and do you want to consolidate or ship alone.
3/ Third email one or two business days later - your parcel is ready in Mississauga - owe taxes / duty amount plus package charge and HST on it.

I tried telling them in the first email answer that I approve whatever the tax / duty was and consolidate or not - but they ignored answer and sent second email anyway.