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Mar 21, 2003
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Here in Toronto
McJenny wrote:OSAP doesn't ask you what your expenses are either.
Well people could just make up expenses. Seems mostlikely since it's hard to prove your expenses, but easy to prove your income.. yet people still find ways to get around the income checks.

I knew one girl who was being supported by both her parents (very well off), but she was living with her mother.. so she only supplied her mothers income, which was considerably less than her fathers.. long story short, she got OSAP while not NEEDING a single dime of it.

ANWAY back to expenses, generally how much are people's expenses? Most often everyones expenses are about equal to their income.. give or take a percent or two.
Apr 12, 2005
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Brantford and Hamilt…
I disagree that people's expenses are equal to their income. It depends on what your wages are. I worked in a women's shelter, and I'd have to say that in many many cases, this is not the case. People have all different kinds of expenses. If you don't have benefits, if you don't have access to bus routes like other people do because you live in the country or something, it makes a big difference in your expenses.

I completely agree that sometimes expenses are hard to proove, but with a lot of work, it can usually be done.