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  1. Opinion on this laptop deal from staples??
  2. electrohome plug and play karaoke review
  3. Earphone Recommendation for a Control Freak!
  4. Confused about KVM switches... what type do I need?
  5. Cheapest bluray player I can buy that plays 50HZ
  6. Is this laptop good?
  7. Looking for an 13.3" ultrabook under $700 before taxes
  8. Need help with connecting Lexmark printer to network
  9. Can't decide which Macbook Air I should get. Can you help me please?
  10. Has anyone had an Acer Aspire AS5552G and successfully removed the bottom cover?
  11. Coby Kyros 10.1 inch ICS tablet any good?
  12. Sony receiver: Is STR DH series or STR DN series better?
  13. video driver keeps crashing - need HELP will pay for fix
  14. acer aspire one d270, why did it price drop 3 times in a row?
  15. Which to laptop choose? Lenovo OR Dell
  16. Teksavvy 16mb with 2wire 2701 hg-g modem
  17. Find me a ISP!
  18. Aduro shell holster combo case for SIII - Where to buy?
  19. Is this a good deal? (Home theater)
  20. Best home phone plans in Ontario?
  21. Looking for Built In 3G 7" Android Tablet.
  22. Has anyone got Office 2010 Professional to work as a portable usb / folder install?
  23. Laptop Needed
  24. Rogers PVR system (Pros and Cons)
  25. New wireless network suggestions
  26. Question about a price here
  27. Room with no coaxial wall outlet
  28. all in one wireless printer?
  29. TekSavvy bandwidth rules
  30. Quick (and likely stupid question) on Synology DS212J
  31. Where to buy: Down angle mini usb male to female adapter
  32. avast virus protectin popped a security warning.
  33. SATA power splitter - where to buy in Toronto?
  34. DRAM contract prices drop due to overstocking
  35. To those who bought the Samsung NP355V4-S01CA from futureshop...
  36. Computer Problem (Computer doesn't detect monitor; GPU Issue?)
  37. Where can I get some Klipsch X10s in GTA?
  38. Alternative Internet service providers to Bell
  39. Looking for a good Desktop
  40. Is this build solid, or am I way off?
  41. ATi Rage Fury MAXX Worth anything?
  42. Large Format Scanning in the GTA
  43. Help with selecting parts for a budget build. Advice greatly appreciated!
  44. Tom's Hardware PC Builds for August 2012: $500, $1000 and $2000
  45. LCD tv repair in Montreal area
  46. Cheap Chinese media streamer from ebay?
  47. PHENOM II X6 1045T at Microcenter (USA) for $89.99
  48. Any experience with travel wireless router? LAN to wireless
  49. LF: company to install HD OTA antenna
  50. Help Add Second WiFi Router
  51. Cheap 3g internet for computers
  52. Help! Can a plasma tv be fixed or is it not worth the money?
  53. Troubleshooting Computer Problem! (NEW PROBLEM!)
  54. Best ISP in Halifax
  55. Dell coupon code
  56. Netflix not working - Silverlight issue
  57. Sony VGN NS 110 E/S laptop, what is it worth?
  58. Help with computer
  59. Wireless IP Cameras - night vision, remote controlled pan, tilt etc. Any thoughts?
  60. Which laptop has a nice screen?
  61. build suggestion for gaming computer
  62. HTC Panache 4G For $170?
  63. HELP with Wireless-N USB Adapter
  64. Extending licence for kaspersky?
  65. What does lenovo patch utility do?
  66. Using ESXi as a host for HTPCs
  67. Rogers Razor Cell Phone Repair
  68. Want to upgrade the video card with HDMI on an old PC, is it a bad item?
  69. HD TV Antenna suggestions?
  70. bell FTTH fibreOP coming to sudbury!! 99 dollars all in!
  71. Critique My Build
  72. where can I find a 1.0mm Flat screwdriver?
  73. rogers home internet overlimit (129GB of 95GB)
  74. ComWave
  75. how fast can netflix eat up your monthly data limit?
  76. Will Windows 7 PCs drop in price when they start shipping Windows 8 PCs ?
  77. New NCIX Rewards program
  78. apple vs samsung phone and tablet lawsuit
  79. Help with my Lenovo E430
  80. will i need to upgrade for this game? GW2
  81. How much is this Lenovo T510 worth?
  82. WTB: iPad 3 case (thin!)
  83. OS drive dying; back-up drive is dynamic; what do?
  84. Gaming Mousepads
  85. referb ps3 at factory direct is it worth it?
  86. Suggestions for Noise Cancelling Headphones
  87. Which laptop should I buy?
  88. Refurbished computer speakers -- worth the risk?
  89. TV Mounting – service recommendations?
  90. Rear speakers - I need wire tubing to hide cables
  91. whats a good wireless video camera for spying on my dog?
  92. ASUS PL-X32M Homeplug AV Powerline
  93. desktop build for university student
  94. ASUS 15.6" Laptop, 1.33GHz AMD C60, 4GB RAM, 320GB HDD for $319.99
  95. WD TV -> Asus O!Play -> Sony BDP-S185 -> ???
  96. Voip providers
  97. .
  98. close
  99. Asus desktop - buyers remorse?
  100. How to extend the range of my router?
  101. Cheap Camera (Under $200) with very close ups (texts)
  102. (2) 1GB PC5300 667Mhz Ram chips $20 OBO
  103. How to disable the handwriting google search in iPad after it is enabled?
  104. Which laptop is better?
  105. is there such thing as an ATX case with no optical drive bays?
  106. Random Ads/Music Playing In Background
  107. Staples - Seagate 1.5TB FreeAgent GoFlex USB 2.0 External Hard Drive $69.99
  108. HDMI regular or the new Redmere ?
  109. Small Businesses: Do you guys ever turn off your printer?
  110. Malwarebytes anti malware Pro
  111. Epson NX 320 a good printer?
  112. Where to buy TV extended warranty
  113. coax dc adapter
  114. Computer Gamepad/Controller?
  115. is Acer a good laptop brand?
  116. Anyone on Distributel and have NEWSGROUP?
  117. Internet and Phone Bundles in Toronto
  118. Apple TV vs. Google TV: Which one is better?
  119. Wireless N adapter
  120. Dropbox photo upload bonus space still valid?
  121. Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1
  122. Help with Laptop/Ultrabook
  123. looking for some 4:3 screen tablets help
  124. Questions about NAS/network/streaming
  125. Windows 7 and restore points
  126. Teksavvy Disconnection Issues
  127. Intel 520 ssd in GT70... are these speeds good?
  128. close
  129. Anyway to bypass SMS verification for certain Android VOIP apps on a tablet?
  130. Sc
  131. TV recommendations
  132. Suggestion for bluetooth speakers adapter
  133. recommend me a low price hdmi 21.5" lcd?
  134. New internet, stream problem
  135. Wii U - Will you buy one at launch?
  136. Apple is Expensive, My Car is Not!
  137. Home Theatre: Can anyone recommend a good amplifier?
  138. Apple is growing even more *AhhhH*
  139. Most reliable portable USB HDD?
  140. Buying a new gaming desktop
  141. Quick Question: How much is the reasonalble price for 16GB iPhone 4Gs.
  142. basic SSD related questions
  143. Original Apple iPad
  144. Microsoft Windows 8 Upgrade Rejected?
  145. Quick Home Theater Receiver question
  146. Hipstreet 9" Tablet
  147. tablet data only plan on regular cell phone
  148. Playbook Price Dropped to $149.00 (16gb) Whats next? HP TOUCHPAD Fate????
  149. Duty dispute with warranty replacement??
  150. What do you think of my budget build?
  151. Which laptop to get?
  152. Dropping prices on video cards
  153. what to do to make pc virus free so i can do stuff like online banking , paypal etc
  154. HP Posts $8.9 Billion Loss, Trims Outlook
  155. 100 actiivation fee, scam or not?
  156. How do I extend WIFI range with no access to the router?
  157. Looking for a reliable all in one laser/led printer
  158. Best computer case to buy?
  159. Is this Possible - RE: Web Filter
  160. how to buy laptop in the US
  161. New computer setup help and advise needed
  162. 2.5" IDE HDD to Desktop PC SATA?
  163. Home Theatre Receiver
  164. ATA setup
  165. Are these temps ok?
  166. Thinking about selling my Mac and going back to PC
  167. Do all printers shake and rattle like crazy?
  168. Cheapest way to get USB 3.0 on an older computer?
  169. New phone service in Canada ** **
  170. Teksavvy Cable Modem
  171. Looking to translate a recorded voice message to english
  172. Need a new remote control -Suggestions? use iRule?
  173. Bell vs. Rogers Internet Services
  174. Does new laptops come ?
  175. Wall mount on dry wall, DIY or not
  176. What are some great headphones/earphones under $100?
  177. Need help for the best 120GB/256GB SSD
  178. Mozilla Firefox - FREAKEN UNSTABLE!!!!
  179. Recommended Dell multifunctional printer for SOHO
  180. Best & Worst Laptop Brands 2012 - by
  181. Cheapest/best place for printer ink?
  182. Looking to run Rogers and Distrubtel simultaneously
  183. Best Earphones For Under $100 @Futureshop
  184. Intel SSD Question
  185. Problem with custom built pc...
  186. Dell "copies" HP's design from 2004-2006
  187. Laptop cooling pad
  188. Opera
  189. Ssd hd?
  190. Need some advice to choose a 17" notebook under $1000 (after tax)
  191. any cloud storage that doesn't look into your stuff
  192. Would you help me choose an SSD drive, please :)
  193. Looking for a new 24" monitor....suggestions?
  194. Cloud storage for Pictures and video to share which to use?
  195. PSP repairs
  196. Amazon Glacier: Archive data for 1 cent per GB per month
  197. Build Advice
  198. New shaw HD bow with PVR expander but NO SOUND!!!!
  199. is Windows 8 Pro live on MSDNAA?
  200. Monitor Help
  201. Finishing touch: Speaker & Wifi adapter
  202. Saving my hard drive?
  203. Memory Express and Price Match
  204. ONLIVE, anyone?
  205. Looking for Gaming Keyboard/Mouse, Wirless vs Wired?
  206. Stupid guy kills his AR Drone
  207. Lenovo ThinkPad E430 or Samsung 14" AMD A10-4600M Laptop?
  208. RFD - Thinkpad Vs Truck
  209. Could anyone give me some opinions/experiences on Dell Latitude E5530 laptop ?
  210. Apple iPhoto uploading help?
  211. Upgrade Path: First Step (PII 955 BE/890mobo/460OC gpu)
  212. PS3 Media server and cisco dpc3825
  213. Camcorder Inquiry
  214. Cheapest/Best Internet Service/Television/Phone Service provider in Hamilton area?
  215. Where can i buy ISO 7816 3.68MHZ Reader Writer Programmer?
  216. recycle is empty -but the icon on the desktop show otherwise
  217. Foxconn "Bookcase" PC
  218. Transfer Win7 cd-key to a new computer
  219. What to use when disinfecting electonics
  220. Looking for a new computer
  221. Need help! Playbook affecting internet speeds..
  222. Are there cordless phones that run on batteries?
  223. Which HD 7850 OC is good? "MSI" vs "Gigabytes"
  224. What is the best wireless router right now for the price?
  225. Is my laptop still safe to use?
  226. Hasee 14.0" Laptop Intel Atom Dual Core D525 - 100$ on aug 21th Worth it ?
  227. 9K resolution on rMBP?!?
  228. How bad is radiation from LCDS?
  229. Please rate and help me build a custom gaming PC on a budget
  230. Can Router & Modem Explode if...
  231. Hi Apple Users, do anyone know how to remove the autofill in the email app for ipad?
  232. Best Laptop for under $700 right now?
  233. Top printer needed.. !
  234. Low Cost Tracking Device?
  235. Affordable HTPC Build Help
  236. Im surprised how many laptop users dont connect to an ext LCD for at home
  237. Please recommend a Wireless Laser MFP (fully Mac compatible)
  238. Computer will not start
  239. Laptop Comparison Help
  240. Acer am3970-eb12p i7-2600 desktop pc $599.99 + free shipping
  241. GPS - need updated map
  242. is this Ram any good?
  243. Anyone else excited for the Asus Transformer Book?
  244. Problem with booting Win7 x64 machine
  245. After years of using 2.1 PC speakers, Ive now gone Bluetooth
  246. Alternatives of Mobile Internet Stick
  247. New Laptop needed?
  248. Shaw or Telus?
  249. Missing major national channels from USB ATSC tuner
  250. How much can I sell these fors?
  251. i7 2600k fan defect?
  252. 1080p Video freeze
  253. Old comp parts - CD ROM Drives, dead HDD's, what to do with them?
  254. Windows XP account password
  255. brosers keep crashing
  256. Is it back to school sale season yet?
  257. hot deal ncix?
  258. LG goofs their advertising
  259. Lenovo Z580 vs P580
  260. Opinions welcomed - basic usage Laptop Asus K53E-DB51
  261. Motherboard compatibility with Ivy Bridge processor
  262. This a good deal? (TV)
  263. Virtual Screen Display Glasses
  264. Geforce GTX 660 Ti {Discussion}
  265. Deleting a file help needed
  266. Opinions on this monitor?
  267. which laptop between the 2?
  268. ROGERS Home Phone: NUMBER LOCK DOWN?!?!?!
  269. 802.11ac or decent router
  270. Inline pop-up ads
  271. Ardrone2.0
  272. Looking for a speaker that mounts onto LCD monitors?
  273. Should I buy this sound bar, or not? Samsung HW-D450
  274. Dell inspiron systems vs NCIX build
  275. Laptop Messenger Bag recommendations
  276. Gaming pc options for ~900
  277. Staples and "in store set up" computers
  278. SAMSUNG LNA650 (purchased 2008) -- weird visual glitches.
  279. Best Paperless System
  280. Best Brand Latop
  281. Windows will not detect hard drive
  282. Looking for 2x120mm fans?
  283. uSATA to SATA Adapter? Help?
  284. Looking for a laptop
  285. Help, I need a new laptop!
  286. Dell xps m1210
  287. Not getting full speed on Rogers Ultimate - help
  288. Rogers quietly upping caps (but not the good ones)
  289. Do the Crown Royal-like bags for Power Supplies seem unnecessary?
  290. Apple Store opening in Halifax Saturday August 18
  291. Help building Budget Gaming Desktop
  292. 50 or 55" TV Suggestions (Samsung 7100 or Sony HX850?)
  293. Surround Sound Speaker Problem!
  294. New Custom PC - When/where to buy?
  295. Samsung U.S.A. settles class action lawsuit re faulty capacitors in certain HDTVs
  296. What's the going price for a USED Apple TV2?
  297. Better to order computer parts to Canada or to USA?
  298. WD External HD problem
  299. Memory Express Price Beat Diablo III HTPC
  300. delete thread
  301. Have you seen any good AV Receiver deals lately from the US ??
  302. ICS rolling out for the Galaxy Tab 10.1 wi-fi
  303. duplicate pls delete
  304. Weird Issue with my laptop
  305. Looking for 46/55 Sony HX/NX series TV Deal
  306. If this headphone worth $3xx or not?
  307. UI Refresh
  308. BR Player and External HD
  309. Shaw signal switched to 480i suddenly
  310. SSD buying advice Crucial M4, Vertex 4, Intel 330, or Seagate Hybrid Drive
  311. So I just got a Nextbox from Rogers...
  312. which one? nexus 7 vs touchpad vs galaxy tab 10.1 vs xoom vs ipad 2 vs tf101
  313. Are these all compatible? (GTX 460...)
  314. Cheap 1080p or 900p ivy bridge laptop with HD4000?
  315. Acer aspire all in one pc disassembly
  316. Demo Unit Apple TV2, Good Buy?
  317. Problem with Antec VP-450 Power Supply: Possible dead on arrival
  318. jellybean for galaxy nexus
  319. Good Mobo/CPU deals?
  320. in need of a video recording security camera
  321. Need help deciding on an external hard drive
  322. Htpc? Xmbc?
  323. Brother MFC J425W
  324. Which router to bridge ethernet laser printer?
  325. Why "business" laptops have Displayport instead of HDMI ?
  326. Nexus 7 on display anywhere?
  327. Rogers Cable. Why am i getting free channels?
  328. How much do you use your network AV receiver?
  329. Help me choose between these three laptops
  330. Laptop Options With Backlit Keyboard? <$1000
  331. Where can I get a great wireless keyboard and mouse for cheap?
  332. New LG IPS7 AH-IPS Monitors
  333. Nexus 7 pdf reading experience
  334. MBP: 2 Finger LeftClick stopped working, 3&4 actions still work?
  335. Good Featured GPS Brand and Perhaps Model, As Well?
  336. Buying a Mac Advice
  337. Experience with PowerColor Warranty
  338. Apple TV Gen III
  339. Custom built computer desk / table ?
  340. Samsung Thin 256GB uSATA MLC SSD - Price Check
  341. Is my laptop dying?
  342. A question for Rogers modem purchase
  343. Want To Track My Bandwith
  344. Does anyone have knowledge about setting up IP webcams?
  345. What can I get as a gift for an electronic hobbyist?
  346. Adapter for USB 3 to Motherboard?
  347. What will be the next graphics card to get...?
  348. The $25 computer
  349. Intel laptop CPUs - 4 cores vs. 2 cores ?
  350. Which of the following laptops should I buy?
  351. Buying Advice: Television Larger than 42"
  352. What happens if you don't send the old hard drive to Seagate?
  353. External monitor for laptop recommendations
  354. About to give up on Lenovo Tablet
  355. Can anyone recommend a router?
  356. Use USB3.0 as a USB2.0?
  357. Want to try out OSX - options?
  358. Rogers hosted IP Business phone
  359. Samsung Series 9
  360. Help choosing a laptop
  361. iPad 2 and Google Nexus 7
  362. Is this laptop worth it?
  363. Speakerphone
  364. price matching at ncix
  365. HDTV Wall Mount Question - Weight Limits
  366. Want to buy USB 3.0 Flash Drive, but I don't have any USB 3.0 ports on my motherboard
  367. EKEN A13 C70 - 7 inch Tablet - <$60?
  368. How to remove Q&A from ebay listing?
  369. How good is enough for computer program uses?
  370. HDMI Cable for desktop
  371. tablets - buying older models not smart ?
  372. Best value 2.1 Speakers, need help!
  373. Is this a good deal on this Plasma TV?
  374. Recommendations for a $500-$600 laptop
  375. Comparing 4 Laptops - Which One?
  376. How much Data do you use Streaming (Apple TV, etc.)
  377. Any Audioengine A2 owners here?
  378. Help with finding a new laptop for university!
  379. Firefox 14 freeze
  380. SSD Hard Drive + ___ 1TB Hard Drive, help!
  381. External hard drive
  382. how to know when my contract with rogers expire
  383. Teksavvy Payment
  384. New and older build
  385. update dcm425 firmware
  386. Netbook to upgrade with SSD
  387. Static IP Address??
  388. Palm creak in Thinkpad Edge e530, what to do?
  389. Internet in Waterloo - Teksavvy Cable or DSL
  390. GIF files looking horrible on the iPad. What should I convert my animated gif into?
  391. Bell Sympatico changing sent email address - major problem for me!
  392. Huawei to launch its quad-core MediaPad
  393. Fta dishnet
  394. comparing 2 laptops
  395. 16 gb kingston micro SD card class 4 from BESTBUY for $5.99
  396. WHere to buy TV parts in the GTA
  397. How to redirect my domain
  398. Hot? Acer 15.6" Laptop, 2.5GHz Intel Core i5-2450M, 6GB RAM, 500GB HDD $499
  399. For $60 am I going to find something better? Logitech Z323 2.1 Speaker System
  400. Build for Friend
  401. Stores with Nexus 7 Tablets in Stock.
  402. problem loading flyers in firefox
  403. T3I deals
  404. Recommend a good gaming headset?
  405. Nexus vs Galaxy 2
  406. Anyone recommend a good reliable and affordable laser printer?
  407. 4G LTE BlackBerry PlayBook now available in Canada!
  408. SSD in MacBook Pro Early 2011
  409. Hot or Not? Asus Laptop
  410. Buzzer not working
  411. Hot Air Rework station - where to buy?
  412. Looking for Screen or Desktop share app for Android tablet
  413. Please help: Would like to unlock my iPhone 3G with iOs 4.x
  414. Pls. suggest what to do re. cell phone when traveling to Europe (Greece) ?
  415. Backup Software for Windows
  416. Does PC Remote Control via Ethernet work well?
  417. Will Solo unlock phone after hardware upgrade
  418. How do I know I've reached the limit of my overclock?
  419. Send instant message between android and iPad
  420. Post your back to school deal on laptop/ultrabook here (discussion)
  421. Internet Provider Recommendations
  422. Rogers Internet Overage Fee Increasing from $50 to $100
  423. Soundblaster Tactic360 Headset..... PC question
  424. hows the music quality on the Nexus Galaxy vs the iPhone?
  425. SSD Buying Advice - Samsung 830 256GB vs Crucial M4 256Gb
  426. Hard drive clicking
  427. The best way to convert Prezi into video?
  428. How to prohibit other people to copy an image url to their blog?
  429. poll: RIM is fineshed or RIM will recover ?
  430. Linksys PAP2T and 3102 Does not work with voice menu
  431. Rogers to eff customers even more in August
  432. Inexpensive wireless printer recommendations please
  433. PC recommendations: Looking to build a sub <$1000 gaming/media rig
  434. Prices at Versus different?
  435. Cheapest upgrade?
  436. If I was to buy a I5-3570K what mobo/ram would recomend for oc?
  437. Silent/fanless GPU
  438. I need a pan/tilt internet camera. Looking for recommendations
  439. Paper stuck in optical drive. Help?
  440. Help with Intec Wii dual charging station - what kind of battery is it?
  441. Computer for Jukebox
  442. how to get ATSC tuner stand-alone in Canada
  443. ASUS Motherboard *SEE PICTURES*
  444. Recommendation for decent desktop PC
  445. Recomendations for external mutliple device backup battery
  446. Are these features worth $400? (panasonic plasma)
  447. Panasonic Vierra ST50 - Thoughts ?
  448. Overclocking i5
  449. Do I need a HDMI for Touchscreen Monitor?
  450. PAP2t unable to get IP address from modem
  451. Sorround sound setup help!
  452. Looking to buy an Apple product? Think again!
  453. Android Tablet recommedation please
  454. Looking for a unique PC case (full tower)
  455. Recommendation for Internet in Guelph?
  456. About to order this (sony vaio). What you think ?
  457. Recover partially formatted harddrive
  458. Is this computer worth it?
  459. is Craigslist down?
  460. How to remove encryption software from portable drive?
  461. Access to Word & Excel files from different locations
  462. Best Quality Unlimited VOIP Service
  463. "Smart" (Energy Saving) Hard Drive Enclosure
  464. panasonic Viera TC-P46G10 warranty claim
  465. Cable capture cards?
  466. google switching to french
  467. plz recommend a nas
  468. Recommend me a laptop for Adobe CS use
  469. Better Laptop Deal?
  470. What was your first PC?
  471. Switching between 2.5 and 5ghz on wi-fi
  472. VoIP setup - 2 DIDs with OBi100 and
  473. where to buy 3 cell batteries for thinkpad x120e?
  474. I'm getting more channels without digital box with Rogers??
  475. Rogers HDPVR Explorer 8300 question
  476. I am in a pinch, need to find bundle under $300 ASAP
  477. LG P925G screen replacement
  478. Co op toronto?
  479. Opinions wanted on this HP Costco Laptop
  480. "New" AMD Build
  481. External Hard Drive
  482. Where to get free drivers for the workstation?
  483. Help me find a gopro skeleton housing
  484. Best Laptop AC Adapter/Battery Replacements? (Dell)
  485. CTV Olympic live stream - "Video Error"
  486. Best wifi router under $50?
  487. RIM coming out with 4G PlayBook on August 9th
  488. Tether or teksavvy
  489. does DCM476 DOCSIS work with Acanac?
  490. DDWRT Wireless Client Bridge
  491. DD-WRT's QoS simply does not work.... what do i do now?
  492. Any programs to remap the French keys on new keyboards/laptops?
  493. Re-uploading to Youtube...
  494. Best android tablet? Bang for buck?
  495. Mechanical keyboard with Cherry MX Brown
  496. How is this entry-level home theater set up??
  497. Streaming internet loading problem
  498. I need a Dish Installation Guy (Toronto)
  499. Please help me compare these two laptops: A6-3420M(1.5GHz) vs. B960(2.2GHz)
  500. asus vg278h gradient banding problem
  501. IE tab for google chrome
  502. is there a difference installing win7 on laptop and desktop???
  503. I'm trying to find a new (not refurbished) Sony Vaio VPC-Z116GXS to purchase. Ideas?
  504. HELP VHS stuck in VCR
  505. Everything else equal, does windows on macbook air run worse than windows on laptop?
  506. Need an Intel motherboard that supports two PCIe Video card to run 3 monitors
  507. Video Converters (iPod)
  508. Help Compare 3 InWall Speakers
  509. Temperature monitor
  510. Alternatives to a macbook?
  511. Quiet GPU cooler suggestions
  512. Starting a networking Company~ What would be a good name?
  513. Replacing WiFi Antennas on multi-antenna card.
  514. Is this PSU compatible?
  515. Need an internet radio streaming device...
  516. Hard Drive Experiences Please
  517. trying to access google and rogers redirecting me to rogers website?
  518. Asus Transformer Infinity TF700T VS Google Nexus 7
  519. Macbook Air owners, protection?
  520. Which is better? Mybook or Goflex
  521., a source for cheap Energy speakers in the U.S.A, will file for bankruptcy
  522. Is it bad to copy large files to and from the same hard drive?
  523. FS: EVGA GTX460 Superclocked 1GB - $110obo
  524. Suggestions for media player to run XBMC
  525. Eyefinity with 27inch?
  526. Blackberry PlayBook - how do I upload & read e-books
  527. Recommend me a gaming computer build
  528. All DD/B&D hand held vacuums die out - plugged in hand vacs?
  529. $300 for a Gaming MOBO, GPU, and CPU!
  530. Which Motherboard would you get?
  531. looking for Onkyo 7.1
  532. Cheapest Tegra 3 Tablet so far?
  533. question on iCloud data sharing
  534. Recommendations for LCD Monitor (No Tuner) used as TV Set-Up
  535. iPhone issues with Asus RT-N10+ router
  536. wind mobile $40 promo plan tether
  537. Telus Harmony Remote Software
  538. Looking for a New Laptop
  539. NE: Intel 520 Series Cherryville SSDSC2CW180A310 2.5" 180GB SATA III MLC Internal SS
  540. Acer Aspire One Netbook. Is this worth it?
  541. Rogers Vacation Hold?
  542. Need recommendation on good mSATA SSD
  543. Looking for new ISP + Phone service.
  544. Mirror iOS device to TV
  545. Replacing M18X
  546. HD Video Camera
  547. Google's Nexus tablet & Nexus Q Media streamer leaked: [updated Jun 27 12:10]
  548. Sli
  549. Will this work for USB OTG?
  550. Friend's Experience with Apple MacBook Pro Warranty
  551. Trigger price for you to buy a 480+ GB SSD?
  552. Corsair Vengeance C70 Gaming Case Review
  553. Need a new Laptop
  554. how to share printer between multiple computers and different os
  555. Recommend bundle tv/Internet/Home phone
  556. ASUS motherboard sucks
  557. Internet: Rogers vs. Bell
  558. Saty Away fron - Scam Phone Service
  559. Masking IP address
  560. What are the drawbacks of dual booting a Macbook Air with Mac OS and Windows 7/8?
  561. $25 credit with Nexus 7
  562. is this a good monitor for the price?
  563. Computer Repair shop in Mississauga...Can install linux on Acer H340 headless server?
  564. Please advise me on which computer I should buy (in terms of game-play).
  565. How do I "split" my wired internet ( dumb question I know.....)
  566. Recommend good 17 inch notebook
  567. Primus as an ISP for Toronto?
  568. Best place to get OEM laptop charger?
  569. Is this a decent deal for a gtx 670 card?
  570. Hotmail is getting better ???
  571. porting an important number to
  572. Suggestion on Portable Sound System - Limited Budget
  573. What is the best free web-based solution for my needs?
  574. Where to buy PS3 Skins / Laptop Skins
  575. New Asus Infinity Transformer TF700 now available on
  576. 23 inch monitor see more than 24 inch monitor?
  577. Does anybody know a cheap device that plays DIVX?
  578. Warning: Ubisoft DRM rootkits your computer
  579. Samsung 7 Series: TV Sets
  580. What do you guys think of this tablet?
  581. Does the Galaxy Nexus at the Google I/O come with a 1-year internatonal warranty?
  582. Gaming PC HOT or NOT
  583. Two internet providers under one house?
  584. I found a brand new DFI Pentium 3 Board :|
  585. google search tips
  586. Value of 2 year old monitor?
  587. Change to Teksavy from rogers.
  588. Need HDD recovery company in GTA or Ottawa
  589. Lenovo IdeaPad U410/U310
  590. Are there free faxes services available?(faxes received via email)
  591. Do SSDs go slow as they age?
  592. Mac Users - Recommend me some programs/apps
  593. Will Win7 "complain/work" if I clone first and then replace a hard drive
  594. Dead cooling fan Panasonic Plasma
  595. Help - Long Range Wireless Router
  596. Bell Fibe TV is it good?
  597. Rocket/Turbo pre-purchase signal strength testing
  598. Is Toshiba external drive any good?
  599. GT240 card and 3 monitors?
  600. Pls. suggest best way to buy/install *LEGIT* Windows on home built basic PC
  601. Using LCD as my monitor?
  602. Virtual Box Questions!
  603. Apple OS X mountain lion 19.99
  604. Does any ISP still sell shell / login accounts?
  605. Graphic Question
  606. Buying a new Macbook
  607. Please Help! Upgrading advise needed
  608. HP OfficeJet all in one printer - won't recognize new black ink cartridge
  609. Gaming Lag, Computer should be able to support it
  610. Facebook - Going Public a Good Idea?
  611. PC or Mac? Which one is better to buy
  612. Your Rogers/Bell Free entertainment setup
  613. Well, I USED to recommend TekSavvy...
  614. is my graphic card good enough for casual gaming (HD 5570)
  615. Help in putting together a home theatre setup
  616. Cutting the cord.
  617. Nexus 7 without a Google account
  618. Shaw says I went over my bandwidth by 500GB...
  619. VOIP.MS and reaching emergency numbers - Avoid US Servers!
  620. Cannot turn on the Windows security center buttons like windows update & antivirus?
  621. A Return To Humour In New Apple Commercials!
  622. Where's a good place to donate old digital cameras and computer parts? (Vancouver)
  623. Sneak Peak at New Technology and Apps
  624. Where to trade-in USED toner cartridges for CASH or STORE CREDIT.
  625. Recommend me a set of Desktop speakers (2.0)
  626. Would it be recommended to buy SquareTrade warranty for electronic purchases on ebay?
  627. Price error?? on GARMIN NUVI 255 GPS NAVIGATOR-Source
  628. Is this a good laptop?
  629. PC assembly
  630. Alienware X51 - good deal?
  631. Cheapest sms
  632. Where should I buy Kingdom Hearts 3D?
  633. AMD or Intel in new CPU build?
  634. Best way to move OSX install from HDD to SSD
  635. Looking For A New Telephone Provider
  636. Android/Apple app for video intercom
  637. Wireless touchpad mouse
  638. PC not starting up right away
  639. CRTC ruling suggests more choice in TV bundles , get ready for the screw.
  640. Computer to HDTV
  641. What's the difference between PAS and NAS versions of the Netgear WNDR4500 router?
  642. Asus dual-band routers
  643. Is this Cable Modem Teksavvy-friendly?
  644. Asus RT-N56U Router: USB port not being found
  645. 4870 x2 Aftermarket Cooler? Accelero Plus II VGA Cooling?
  646. What are some other good Canadian BST forums for computer parts?
  647. 30 pin BT Receiver question
  648. Best wireless router with 2-4 direct connection slot?
  649. Apple Air Port Extreme
  650. Great Laptop for Under $500?
  651. Laptop 15.6'' Intel core i3: Samsung Series 3 (NP300E5A-A07CA) vs Toshiba (C850-08P)
  652. Best Buy Toshiba Satellite 15.6" Laptop featuring AMD A8-4500M Processor $499.99
  653. Costco Concierge Warranty?
  654. Yahoo's current situation, any ideas for their next strategy?
  655. Pretty sure my HD is dying - Time for SSD?
  656. Any disavantage to jailbreaking iOS devices?
  657. Who got their Mac updated to OS X Mountain Lion? Plus discussions [Official Thread]
  658. who can peg the value of this iMac?
  659. Good deal? Samsung UN55ES6100 $1499.99
  660. Anyone using Spotflux?
  661. edit pdf files?
  662. How to get rid of grids and reverse-'P' in MS Word 2002
  663. Voicemail/answering machine
  664. [DELETE] Google Fiber - Changing the Telecoms Industry
  665. RCA RLED4664A -- can't seem to find any info on this tv...
  666. Where To Get SD Card For Digital Camera?
  667. FS: LG blu-ray ends December 31, 9999
  668. anyone knows any good cheap internet provider in markham??
  669. Need a voltage converter to use my Canadian electronics in Europe -- where to get?
  670. VHS to DVD software?
  671. Laptop Hard Drive Failing, Need to Install a New One
  672. Extend wifi. How?
  673. EVGA SC GTX 680 or GIGABYTE GTX 670
  674. Deleted Pictures from iTouch
  675. Is it a good idea to switch from Bell to Vonage?
  676. Intel 320 Series 160GB - $ 159.88 - GOOD DEAL???
  677. Point & Shoot Camera Recommendations
  678. Should I buy my parents a Rogers 4G Rocketstick?
  679. New system randomly locks up, mostly while gaming (load)
  680. Expectations Too High For Technology?
  681. Browsers
  682. Where can I buy an HP replacement laptop battery in/near Mississauga?
  683. Fix Nexus 7 screen separation issue *without* removing back cover!
  684. Kindle 2, Kindle DX, Kindle 3 3G - 50mb limit popup/email?
  685. Building a basic server
  686. Considering switching to GNU/Linux over many questions...
  687. How to get new computer build to Canada?
  688. Power XT Alkaline Batteries from XS Cargo
  689. Moving from Rogers cable TV to Bell TV. Some questions
  690. Laptop for University
  691. What external hard drive to get? Some data recovery help needed as well
  692. Help me configure my Linksys router
  693. Y U Do Dis 2 Me, Monitor?
  694. How to hook up a third monitor into my GPU?
  695. USunblock VPN US IP Service but for free?
  696. Fake? Xporter Pulse USB Flash Drive by Patriot Memory
  697. New headphones
  698. Computer keep on restarting itself
  699. What is the best Ultrabook out at the moment?
  700. USB data recovery?
  701. Help me write a script in windows to rename files...
  702. Moving old HDD into new PC - problems?
  703. Dell T1600 Mobo In HAF 932 Case - Front Panel Problem
  704. Laptop recommendations
  705. Setup a VPN through my Rogers Smcd3gn Modem/Router
  706. How do I delete a gmail account from Asus Transformer with Android ICS?
  707. Nexus Quality control problems
  708. AMD A8-4500M Equivalent Intel Processor?
  709. windows 7 student discount? better?
  710. Please help me decide on a media streamer
  711. (Limited time deal) "Future Shop" We pay the tax on 46"+ ENERGY STAR® 5.3 TVs.*
  712. Looking for help configuring unlocked VTA-CV for TekSavvy
  713. Cancelling Cable and Streaming Devices
  714. Best high end HDTV?
  715. Looking for good computer build
  716. Nexus S (i9020) works for Wind/Mobilicity, should it also work for Bell/Virgin ?
  717. Monitor arm mount?
  718. Lightweight media player
  719. Which type of backup medium and what kind of wireless mouse?
  720. 4G LTE Blackberry Playbook, 32 GB, $550 From July 31
  721. Internet Vancouver Suggestions
  722. Workplace web censorware bypassing
  723. HDDs: USB 3.0 5400 RPM vs. USB 2.0 7400 RPM
  724. monitor recommendations
  725. $500-$550 Budget 40" Television
  726. Facetime alternative on Android ?
  727. Guidance on buying a new desktop PC
  728. x230t Has anyone seen one in the Toronto/Mississauga/Hamilton area?
  729. Cable/Satellite companies: The biggest scammers around from the past 30 years
  730. Equiso Smart TV - Make your dumb tv... smart.
  731. The Dolphin tells it like it is....
  732. Problem with my 3+ year old Sharp Aquos LC-46E77U TV
  733. Shopping for ISP
  734. Dual Mod ps3 Madcatz Fightstick
  735. Microsoft's Downfall via "Stack Ranking"
  736. YouTube/Video query
  737. Laptop for Guild Wars 2
  738. Looking for a rural ISP
  739. My vintage Pioneer system (pics)
  740. RCA 42" 1080p TV. Decent tv?
  741. Having Network Issues re: Belkin Powerlink
  742. Blackberry Playbook 4G LTE - July 31st for $550
  743. Media Centre P.C Build
  744. Lenovo T430s and 32GB SSD Cache drive?
  745. LF advice on hdtv antenna setup in Edmonton
  746. MacMini HTPC with OTA setup
  747. Recommendations for new build
  748. Looking to move some storage space from one HDD partition to another.
  749. Anyone uses K-9 Web Protection?
  750. Price check on an ASUS g53sx
  751. Portable power recommendations (laptop, cell phone, etc?)
  752. HELP: need a build for HTPC
  753. powerline works without a router or not?
  754. system build memory problem
  755. Any good high speed Internet promos with Rogers?
  756. SPA3102 gateway account cannot get SIP registration
  757. New everyday use laptop reccomendations
  758. apple tv 2
  759. How to avoid ISP traffic limit?
  760. Google Argues Apple's Inventions Are So Commercially Essential They Should Be Shared
  761. Tablet for school (need ideas)
  762. turn laptop into desktop
  763. Cheap alternative to Home Phone services?
  764. Is there a problem with Samsung galaxy 10.1?
  765. $15 off $50+ purchase Coupon Code for Dell ufg
  766. Need help, please - voip or phone line setup
  767. Just some pc building questions
  768. Looking for a new Xbox 360 headset with chat/game audio....recommendations?
  769. voip provider for local number in Halifax
  770. Wireless router
  771. Nexus 7 Screen Separation
  772. Microsoft post first ever quarterly loss since 1986
  773. Need an incoming fax service
  774. Refunding/Exchanging my Nexus 7
  775. Reading comics on the Nexus 7?
  776. so... what can I do to get those amazing Apple experience everyone was raving about??
  777. Sli Computer Runs Amazing
  778. The V Motion Project - Kinect awesometivity
  779. HELP! Lenovo T430s
  780. Help - Buying mid-size TV
  781. Recovery software needed !! Please help
  782. Staples: Nexus 7 16GB, $259 (Pre-Order)
  783. Dell UltraSharp 3008WFP 30" vs DELL UltraSharp U3011 30"
  784. Is this is a good deal for PSU?
  785. Building a Computer <$300 and Need Opinions
  786. NEWEGG G.SKILL Ares Series 8GB a good deal
  787. Samsung HD204UI/VP4 Worth keeping?
  788. Boxee Alternative (available on Apple TV)?
  789. Does your youtube (Flash) keep crashing?
  790. How do I fix my computer clock and calendar?
  791. Recommendation: Good quality in-ear bud headphones?
  792. TABLETS -- any recommendations under $100
  793. What is the most stable way to view flash webpages on an iPad2?
  794. Blog's images load at random instead from the top :(
  795. Help - Buying in-ceiling home theatre speakers
  796. What do you think of these youtube videos: Android vs iOS?
  797. Possible Computer Virus or Asus Laptop is toast - Help Needed!
  798. VirusBarrier iOS: first Malware Scanner for the iOS? Any free ones you know of?
  799. Is there even a point in buying external HDs
  800. Teksavvy question?
  801. Video game trade in?
  802. Help: Motherboard not working?
  803. Which laptop model/brand can hold 2 SSD drives?
  804. Help Configuring My Wireless Network
  805. Recommend me a Laptop that streams 5.1 Audio
  806. UPS For small server and maybe desktop
  807. Does a par2 repository site exist ?
  808. computer build advice
  809. His & hers iphones & to work together?
  810. Merge two partitions in Windows 7
  811. Need Advice With Bestbuy Exchange!
  812. Eneloop battery and charger questions
  813. Your Nexus 7 Cases - Choices
  814. network configuration question.
  815. USB flash speed site
  816. Home network transfer speed between computers?
  817. Nexus 7 Build Quality Issue
  818. Lenovo G770 for university?
  819. Screen Problem
  820. Best High Speed Internet Service Provide
  821. Where to find a white/silver bezel monitor?
  822. Problem with Older HP Laptop
  823. Computer Suggestion for a friend
  824. Reduced Xbox 360 Price at Sears (Eaton Centre), $140, $240 & $290
  825. Buying From MonoPrice-Shipping Canada
  826. Changing motherboard
  827. connecting 5.1 surround sound to tv
  828. Audio question regarding bookshelf speaker setup
  829. Should I sell or give for free - old laptop?
  830. Laptop Screen Replacement question.
  831. KDL46EX521 warranty replacement equivalent?
  832. Hard Drive Prices
  833. video card PCI-E x1 (or PCI) in Calgary
  834. LF advice on a new laptop computer
  835. Experience with Foscam Cameras?
  836. BB - pre-order - Sony Google Media Box (NSZGS7) - $199.99
  837. TP-Link WR841N or D-Link DIR-615?
  838. Need Help Buying A New Big Screen TV
  839. number porting
  840. networking thro quad
  841. Any 13" Macbook Air owners here?
  842. Thoughts on No Name HDTV's....
  843. LF : Decent 2.1 home theatre in a box
  844. Monoprice 4x1 HDMI switch and no surround sound (5.1) for PS3
  845. Dual Booting on PC with SSD (Win7 & Mountain Lion)
  846. WD Live owners - Does it support Netflix in Canada now?
  847. Motherboard firmware update help!
  848. Decent LED Monitor?
  849. XBMC for Android annouced!
  850. pc for photo editing
  851. decent laptop deal?
  852. Macbook Pro Failed
  853. Help needed - optimizing Windows 7 Home Edition
  854. facebook + close friends notifications?
  855. Windows 7 and a) re-formatting b) swapping license on 2 computers
  856. Best computer shop for virus removal?
  857. Best voip option for slow speeds
  858. internet+router upgrade
  859. iPad, ipad2, new iPad vs. Nexus7?
  860. Why is iMac switching on itself?
  861. HP Touchpad VS Nexus 7
  862. Recommendations for a good wireless router?
  863. Toshiba A10-4600M Laptop on sale for $580 at BB
  864. LF: scissor-switch keyboard recommendations
  865. Need advice on a good pci-express or pci wireless card
  866. Good Keyboard for Living room PC Gaming?
  867. Lenovo to overtake HP as the world no.1 PC maker
  868. Android Wifi Media Player?
  869. Weird smell from Dell monitor
  870. Recommendations on a tablet?
  871. recommend me a good laptop stand
  872. Lenovo Y580
  873. cheapest cat 5 cables
  874. google nexus 7 16gb tablet in GTA?
  875. good mp3 ripper?
  876. Best price for 1TB external HDD?
  877. how can i get a basic computer mouse for free?
  878. Building custom gaming PC through NCIX, CC or ME?
  879. Bell decreasing bundle discount since Jun 2012?
  880. Nexus 7 Google Play $25 Credit. What is worth Buying?
  881. Your experiences with Distributel
  882. Ivy Bridge ultrabooks
  883. i5-2500k won't OC? Did I get a dud?
  884. Logitech Harmony 1100 vs. One
  885. Key
  886. TVpad anybody?
  887. VMWare:Mac OS X Mountain Lion
  888. Summer Tablets Discussion :D
  889. Need advice on video cards for work
  890. Do I need Apple TV when I have a HTPC (Atom base)??
  891. New build, any advice appreciated
  892. on my way to Niagara NY and want some advice
  893. why do so many led lcd monitor don't have vesa holes
  894. Issue with Rogers Cable Model SA2100
  895. Cannot decide between 2011 LG 55lw5600 (3D) and 2012 LG 55ls5600 (non 3d)
  896. need advice buying a laptop - keyboard and RAM is important
  897. Acer Icona A100 $199, worth it?
  898. Which namebrand desktops come with Windows 7 OEM DVD?
  899. Is $30 discount worth it for an open box Macbook Pro (current model)?
  900. Can anyone recommend automatic fan controller?
  901. Is the Asus RT N66U Dual Band Router worth it for my Computer and Devices?
  902. OCZ Rebate - Not arrived?
  903. TP-Link WR841N or D-Link DIR-615?
  904. Help, looking for a cheap low/mid end video card under $80...
  905. Great Nexus 7 Unboxing....
  906. Google Nexus 7 available at Staples!
  907. Minimum and/or Recommended Game Requirements for various CPU and Graphics Cards
  908. How to record "what you hear" win 7?
  909. Head-Fi Summer Buying Guide
  910. HP DV6 15.6" Laptop featuring AMD A6-3420M Processor (DV6-6C10US) - Refurbished. $399
  911. apple thunderbolt display on a pc?
  912. Challenging HDMI issue
  913. What's a good laptop to get. Spending ~1K
  914. Android Tablet, NAS, and iTunes
  915. Samsung ES6820?
  916. Nortel Networks T7316E - programming extension number into phone
  917. hackintosh build - anyone recommend cheap small motherboard/case build?
  918. how to download multiple .jpg files from a website directory?
  919. Using North American Home Theatre in Europe?
  920. Need Advice - Best way to Automatically Back Up Computers?
  921. Macbook Pro Retina stock levels
  922. Rogers Retail Employee Discounts??
  923. How to download movies onto Samsung Galaxy tablet?
  924. Canadian Cloud Backup
  925. Are there hard drive limits for motherboards?
  926. Computer problem (video and audio) after sleep? Help please
  927. TV Wall Mount
  928. Edifi tablet for the pious
  929. OneZone - Downtown Toronto Thoughts?
  930. LF some advice on Intel cpus, long time AMD user switching
  931. [GTA] Epsiton Unlimited DSL for $29.95
  932. Network Cables.
  933. Kickstarter: Nifty MiniDrive fot Macbook Air/Pro
  934. Asus U56E-RBL7 laptop - wireless adapter does not appear in Device manager
  935. Suggestion -Best Options for Network Media Player for all media formats(video/audio)?
  936. Now I need help with my wifi signal strength on my new PC
  937. Higher end laptops - most consistent brand/specs to choose?
  938. lowest price for a desktop?
  939. Advice on an internal 3TB drive
  940. online ads tracking - it is freaking me out a bit.
  941. T61 Fan Error
  942. OS X Mountain Lion upgrade $19.99 coming this month
  943. only getting 66% of speed from acanac, help
  944. HDMI Question
  945. Help me choose a new PC tower (now some help troubleshooting too)
  946. Where is Nexus 7 8GB preorder?
  947. Building A Computer Rig
  948. I am being told not to buy a new computer and just upgrade what I have
  949. need advice: cpu/mobo upgrade for video/photo editing.
  950. I need a good and considerable economical domain registration, which to go?
  951. Looking for a netbook that can fold 180 degrees
  952. Where to buy quality Headphone Carrying Cases?
  953. Finding a deal on a descent i3 laptop.
  954. iPod Touch 4G Crashes Router
  955. Best place to purchase a MacBook Pro?
  956. Malware ??? UNITEDINSIGHT.COM
  957. Wireless N network adapter - USB PCI or PCIe and why?
  958. Overheated laptop AC adapter (random shutdowns)
  959. HELP - Let's build a 2012 HTPC! - RFD Style!
  960. Godaddy and Canadian domains anyone use them
  961. Looking for a Dell Studio 1558 replacement
  962. Toshiba z930 and r930 Portege notebooks
  963. laptop hard drive?
  964. Imovie 11 Green Screen question
  965. Help me to buy Logitech Webcam C270
  966. Bang for the buck home surveillance Internet Camera ?
  967. Computer Desk Workstation
  968. please delete
  969. Buying a 370$ staples computer (Any better deals?)
  970. Blackberry Playbook vs. Samsung Tablet
  971. Bell or Rogers?
  972. - Post telemarketer numbers here. CallerID Filter
  973. Levy/Inflation on Memory Cards in Canada (Discussion)
  974. Need recommendation for least expensive 300GB SSD?
  975. Need a mechanical keyboard with trackpoint, does it exist?
  976. Help upgrading my laptop ram!
  977. A fun, free workshop where kids become filmmakers
  978. Has anyone heard of this DNS virus?
  979. Universal Remote Control
  980. Recommend Me Domain Hosting with Free or Cheap E-mail Forwarding
  981. sata 2 to sata 3 worth it?
  982. Chinese Bluetooth Dongle Discussion
  983. Streaming from PC to TV or connecting TV to internet without PC?
  984. Can Anyone Recommend Some Computer Speakers for Me?
  985. ***Bilingual Keyboard Fix and Solution***
  986. new computer build how does it look?
  987. new computer build how does it look?
  988. Samsung SCX-4623F MFC laser keeps powering off
  989. Besides PPS & Funshion, any other decent Mandarin streaming or p2p applications?
  990. Good PSU deal?
  991. What is the best/most secure wireless router?
  992. What is a really good keyboard/mouse combo?
  993. Best, most reliable router?
  994. Nokia 900 Experiences ?
  995. Is this a good projector?
  996. What should I look for in a $500 non-gaming pre-built PC?
  997. Windows 7 PC cannot load web pages, but Windows XP + OSX machines can?
  998. High speed internet in the "sticks"
  999. Macbook Pro Retina Deliveries
  1000. Best wireless adapter? !