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  1. Telus Actiontec router - anyone know pass for firmware 31.121L.12 or 31.121L.13 ???
  2. Windows 8.1 re Classic Shell or Start8
  3. [SOLVED] Best OTA Antenna Under $50 For Pickup In Toronto?
  4. WAN monitoring software
  5. Please help me choose a monitor
  6. Lowest priced way to get an iMac?
  7. Setting up VPN on Asus AC68u Router - Server Logs + Restrictions
  8. Windows 8.1 and internet connection problems
  9. Harmony remote replacement
  10. Cloud Storage... What do you use these services for?
  11. What is it like to use a 2560x1440 or 2560x1600 LCD monitor?
  12. Xbox Live Gold membership no longer required for Optik TV?
  13. Looking for a home theatre package
  14. NZXT Kraken G10?
  15. Looking for best non-3D 55"/60" TV (Max budget of $1500)
  16. Media Streamers in 2014 - Time to upgrade my WDTV units?
  17. Apple - Mail app query
  18. Sapphire R9 290 Possibly Dead? Anyone Have Skills to Fix Before RMA?
  19. Best deal for a 1440p Ultrabook?
  20. iMac with replaced CPU?
  21. Data plan for iPad in Europe
  22. Canadian ISP law enforcement demands, by the numbers.
  23. Recommend me a point and shoot camera
  24. OTA HDTV in Ottawa need help getting the right antenna
  25. Primus internet service
  26. How much is a like new ipad 3 16gb wifi worth?
  27. Anyone with ACANAC is having "Server not found" loading error today?
  28. GTA (Markham) Samtack Warehouse Sale
  29. First time TV Buyer Questions
  30. Wireless wifi adaptor for windows 8 desktop
  31. iPad Mini Retina or Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4???
  32. Best internet service in Scarborugh area.
  33. Computer for 3d Drafting
  34. Fastest way of deleting hard drive data
  35. Fair Child channel in Scarborough
  36. Is this a mSata in my laptop?
  37. Adapt NAS/server box for occaisional gaming/graphics editing?
  38. GPS app for iPad - Europe map
  39. Recommended Sub-$150 Video Card ?
  40. IPad Video Streaming App
  41. Acer Aspire Switch 10 Hybrid - mini review
  42. Where to find the best deal for a 60-70" LED TV?
  43. [solved] best emulator to run Android Apps on Windows 8 (digitizer)
  44. Can i use my Bell Sympatico B1 login details at another house?
  45. How do I get basic Rogers in HD without their terminal?
  46. Need Help With Purchasing an AV Receiver
  47. Who offers Landline Service for Bell Home Phone
  48. Replacement screen and possible upgrades on laptop?
  49. used speakers for outdoor party...what should i look for?
  50. Printer for the Average Person?
  51. Laptop Repair in downtown Toronto?
  52. Will Lenovo y40 go on sale anytime soon?
  53. Useless Warranty?
  54. zOMG!: ASUS's Zenbook NX500
  55. iPad 3 digitizer replacement in GTA
  56. Laptop or PC to connect to TV
  57. Wightman Telecom - anyone have any experience?
  58. Futureshop salesman insists on TV calibration
  59. If switching a HDD to SSD does it increase a Laptops/ Ultra Books battery life?
  60. Finding a real Xbox360 Receiver
  61. MS Surface Screen Repair
  62. Need advice on my build
  63. Repurposing bunch of old IDE/PATA drives
  64. pink pixels on white, Samsung plasma tv
  65. HELP re Google Voice
  66. Convert Youtube Channels into PodCast Feeds
  67. is apple ever coming out with a touch screen macbook?
  68. Disappointed with Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1
  69. Apple's internet browser, safari is missing a key function present in Internet Explor
  70. Help me pick a TV!
  71. El cheapo tablets (w Intel Atom <$299) are they just as bad as netbooks?
  72. Lenovo Z40 - $499 - Deal or No Deal?
  73. Recieving more Rogers Channels with HD BOX
  74. Which macbook? New or refurb?
  75. Bell Aliant FibreOp
  76. How do I turn my smart tv into a monitor?
  77. How much voltage could I reduce by cutting the LEDs on my fan?
  78. where to buy male to female USB extension cord in GTA?
  79. VPSN's, Proxies and your ISP Speeds?
  80. Toner particles
  81. Internet stops working after Malwarebytes scan?
  82. Onkyo HT-RC550 A/V Receiver - at NCIX Any Good?
  83. Port Bell to Voip.ms
  84. Budget video upgrade from 9800GT
  85. Buying Used PS4
  86. help on picking out an android tablet
  87. Kit Kat update for Note 8.0
  88. Best budget noise canceling headphones
  89. Need cheap P&S camera suggestion
  90. Mac Book Screen Help
  91. Class T Amps for 2 channel audiophile?
  92. Leverage VoIP ATA
  93. Asus 10" Tablets opinions and experiences - Android Variation
  94. (Fake) Apple charger was overheating, I opened it up and saw burn marks
  95. Teksavvy rate increase
  96. Looking for an i7 Ultrabook
  97. Help needed deciding if deal is good
  98. Beware - Comwave Telecommunication
  99. Hooking up Sub to Amp
  100. Best offline GPS for IPad?
  101. Teksavvy Overage Change
  102. [solved] bluetooth mouse to pair with Surface Pro (small to medium hands)
  103. Gmail issues.
  104. do you still use Truecrypt
  105. 15/1 FTTN: Electronic Box or Velcom?
  106. Picking a soundbar
  107. Best password mgnt strategy
  108. Anyone Using Rogers 250 Mb/s Unlimited Hybrid Fibre Internet For $125/mth?
  109. App I can use to record phone calls?
  110. Asus RT-N65U ? Router Noob
  111. 2 versions of samsung galaxy s5?
  112. Old PC parts - What to do with them
  113. What do you think of the Qi-Infinity Powergrid 34000mAh External Battery Pack?
  114. Power adapter for Actiontec V1000H
  115. XBMC on BOXEE Box
  116. ASUS Transformer 10.1" 32GB Windows 8.1 Tablet/T100 - Your thoughts
  117. Internet Fragmentation On The Horizon
  118. random phone/voip questions
  119. On Board Graphics Vs. CPU Graphics
  120. Are cheap phone charging cords safe?
  121. Is this USB cable any good?
  122. Best Laptop for $1000 - $1500
  123. Please recommend Multi-Angle Portable Stand for Tablets (Surface Pro)
  124. Getting a desktop when laptops are uncomfortable to use?
  125. Can not log into Lenovo
  126. NCASE M1 round two preorder up :D 212 USD ship to canada
  127. Radeon 6870 1GB - Still good for a while?
  128. Any Electronic Box group buys going on?
  129. Cable modem for Teksavvy
  130. weird issue with pc..
  131. Must have features in a laptop or tablet?
  132. UPS batteries
  133. Missing key from Acer AS3830TG-6412
  134. Ouya help for a noob
  135. Anyone here using MagicJack Plus or Ooma ?
  136. Advice on internet service provider
  137. need some input on cpu choice.
  138. Why does my laptop heat up so much?
  139. LG Repair Deal $225+tx All Included
  140. Headphone wires crossed. Should I still use it?
  141. Is anyone overwhelmed when you buy too many electronics?
  142. VOIP Recommendations
  143. HP PAVILION 15-N213CA...good?
  144. Start.ca - New Rate Plans - More Money
  145. A brief overview of the Philips HMP2000/37 media player
  146. Powerline Kits Work With Each Other?
  147. Live TV Streaming Sites?
  148. help with xbmc please
  149. need help to price out a laptop
  150. advice on anonymous whistle blowing
  151. where to find web developers/consultation?
  152. need help - ATI Display Driver
  153. free online sms
  154. Android/XBMC options without the headaches?
  155. Audiophiles: CanadaComputers beginning to stock the FiiO X5 in-store for <U.S. price
  156. Plasma Shopping summer 2014
  157. Computer recommendations?
  158. Windows: Problem resuming from hibernation... due to antivirus software?
  159. Looking for some rack mount shelves - Any ideas where to find?
  160. Microsoft phone call?
  161. Where to buy a laptop?
  162. Need help diagnosing computer hardware problem
  163. The Apple WWDC Keynote Thread - June 2nd, 2014
  164. What are good ISPs in Burnaby?
  165. Troubleshooting used PC
  166. Noob question: How is IPTV?
  167. Teksavvy Tektalk - tell me about your experience
  168. Computer Chair
  169. Free Chromecast apps Plex and Avia
  170. which router to go for asus rt-n56u or the linksys EA4500
  171. Futureshop PeP and pixel damage
  172. Looking for 40"-46" LED TV for Bedroom
  173. Minimum CPU requirements for recording HDTV OTA
  174. where to find used power adapters locally.
  175. Android Blu-ray Box
  176. Looking for digital pens that work on any surface
  177. At wits end with Bell internet service 25/10 with Sagemcom 2864
  178. How do I figure out what's filling up my SSD?
  179. Decent NAS recomendations
  180. RMAing an asus motherboard a nightmare, any suggestions
  181. kijiji on Ubuntu, image uploader doesn't show JPG???
  182. Dell XPS bit the bullet need new laptop
  183. Chrome cant view TMZ vids???
  184. cheap auxillary cables
  185. Bell Fibe vs Teksavvy VDSL
  186. Teksavvy v. Electronic Box in Toronto
  187. [Lenovo] Y50 now available in Canada
  188. Looking To Upgrade Desktop
  189. Help! Cracked Lid Casing on Lenovo - How to fix/replace?
  190. Belkin N750 Wireless DB (with Padavan firmware)
  191. Extended desktop and Eyefinity with different sized monitors
  192. Help me choose a laptop
  193. is this a good deal?
  194. ShoppersDrugMart Clearance 20% below COST!! Electronics!!
  195. Where to purchase for cheap, Visual Studio Professional 2013 with MSDN?
  196. Default Am I crazy for paying this much?
  197. ebay hacked, change your password
  198. .
  199. Need help choosing new wireless router
  200. this a good deal for laptop for basic stuff
  201. Futureshop Gift Cards Used @ BestBuy?
  202. Can you give me some advice?
  203. 2 VOIP Adapters sharing 1 phone? Is that possible?
  204. Need advice for a comparable monitor to add to a duel monitor setup to go triple.
  205. NY TIMES: Discovering Two Screens Aren’t Better Than One
  206. vizio vsb200 just died, how can I troubleshoot issue?
  207. Cloning / Backing Up Hard Drives?
  208. Keeping dust out of the case
  209. [MS Store Canada] Pre-Order Surface Pro 3 - Starting @ $849.99 CAD
  210. is there a thread on surface pro 3? thanks
  211. Looking for POS System
  212. Bell Fibe TV - Is there a CCTS equivalent for TV services?
  213. Cloud Backup/Storage Options - Dropbox, Google Drive, etc...
  214. Need help building a PC
  215. Simple Amp for outdoor speakers w input/output/volume control
  216. Canada joins global crackdown on malware as arrests made worldwide
  217. Home Theater Setup Up Suggestion Run HDMI 50ft?
  218. Monitor/TV Advice Needed
  219. Techie question regarding mouse.
  220. Wireless Router Recommendation for small space
  221. Good to buy used CPU? If so, any tests to do?
  222. Watch ae.com videos in canada?
  223. New Computer lagging and CPU use jumping up?
  224. Slow to boot into XBMC?
  225. How to add ABC, CBS, other network plugins into Windows 7 Media Center?
  226. How to remove write protection from transcend pendirve
  227. what is the best hard disk for laptop?
  228. Not Enough Sata Power Cables/PSU
  229. Domain Whois Information
  230. HP Pavilion x2 tablet with Windows 8.1 system restore
  231. Best RAID for write/read?
  232. Western Digital Cloud Drive
  233. Cable internet providers
  234. Malwarebytes Premium - Free! (ymmv)
  235. What Happens If My Back-Up External Harddrive Dies??
  236. Mainframe --> PC --> Cloud
  237. 4 month old PC won't turn on anymore. Please help
  238. Advice on upgrading from LGA1155 to LGA2011
  239. Need some advice RE: exchange laptop maybe?
  240. Converting laptop ram into desktop ram?
  241. New to Macs, need some help
  242. Chrome cookies erased after computer restarts
  243. Is XBMC worth it without vpn/dns for US?
  244. corsair 1000W modular PSU lost extra cables....
  245. easiest way to get Google music to run through surround
  246. Looking to upgrade my desktop speakers - suggestions?
  247. What is the best Text-to-Speech engine for Kindle on a DROID?
  248. Where do you place your portable drive during file transfer?
  249. Cooler Master Storm QuickFire TK or Pro?
  250. PIVOS special ON SALE!
  251. Media Player recommendation
  252. teksavvy dsl or cable
  253. Modem / Router / Teksavvy
  254. Question: Rogers Internet Packages - 150mbps and Up
  255. The best smallest notebook
  256. FS Nokia wireless charge plate
  257. Planning on upgrading from existing desktop, feedback please.
  258. Power Supply for Computer
  259. Considering 29" (21:9) monitor - advice? LG 29UM65-P ($369.99 CC)
  260. internet access: hardwired+wifi
  261. FTTN 25/10 in Woodbridge
  262. Need help with setting up DSL and VOIP
  263. Hp desktop wont start
  264. McAfee Anti Virus Subscription (should I renew it?)
  265. overheating laptop: solutions?
  266. iPad Air vs. iPad Mini for reading magazines, watch movies...
  267. What is the best way to activate/setup Google Chromecast?
  268. Netflix or not... full library export?
  269. Syncing LG TV remote with PS3?
  270. Need help easy fix, wont detect hard drive
  271. Looxcie Wearable Camera (London Drugs $100)
  272. Forgot Username and Administrative Password
  273. How to transfer apps from iTunes to iPad?
  274. Which router should I get.
  275. Sell Apple TV 2 for Amazon Fire TV?
  276. Need help building gaming desktop
  277. WD TV Live - How do I Access Pandora and Improving Performance? Is Roku 3 Better?
  278. My Mac hard drive constantly running in background
  279. Street view with apple maps app?
  280. 13 inch + android tablet?
  281. Looking to purchase a Tablet help!!
  282. Proper Gaming Rig
  283. Obi100 with Freephoneline connect to outlets?
  284. Windows 7 Password Reset
  285. kijijii drives
  286. Cheap and cheerful internet radio? Raspberry Pi?
  287. are win8 and win 8.1 seperate entities or just an update?
  288. USB Mouse keeps freezing in Ubuntu
  289. need a home phone unit for use with vonage
  290. Battery for Samsung Galaxy Camera
  291. microsoft codekwondo mva points (and how to get them)
  292. How do you share files between a Windows 7 pc and a mac, direct over local wireless?
  293. Truecrypt users: Can you make a copy of a truecrypt folder?
  294. Sources say Xbox to drop Gold requirement for Netflix, yay
  295. Satellite TV Installation problem......
  296. Any way to make Youtube smoother?
  297. Need Chromebook suggestion
  298. iPad Air 16GB WiFi - going price on the private/classifieds market?
  299. Remote recommendations for Android mini pc stick
  300. A Nest Thermostat alternative for a "dumb" AC?
  301. Netflix ranks Canadian ISP's
  302. Help on Media Player for TV
  303. What free program to play Blu-ray Discs on my computer? VLC no longer works. :(
  304. Looking for a TV (50-60 inch)
  305. 2 weeks and no response from acanac about cancellation, what to do?
  306. TV Tuner Card not Picking up and Channel, Why?
  307. Building your own Synology NAS
  308. Issues with The TV Card or What?
  309. Do PCIe risers hurt gaming performance?
  310. What you guys think of the virtual host system for home
  311. Target: Router Clearance (50% off) YMMV
  312. CHKDSK Marks 2TB of Bad Sectors
  313. How to pay for Spotify Premium?
  314. Wanted: Windows Vista DVD for 64 Bit System
  315. Laptop Recommendations 17"
  316. Need more RAM?
  317. Is file transfer a CPU intensive activity? E430 problems.
  318. DVR to Display: 'Out of Range' or 'Mode Not Supported' Issue
  319. DDWRT - Virtual Access Points and VLANs and VPN
  320. How to load photo from camera to ipad directly?
  321. Laptop or NAS or UNRAID for Media Usenet Server
  322. Linkys EA2700 router set up problem
  323. Need laptop suggestions below or around 700$ please
  324. ssd for desktop
  325. Best set-top box for my situation?
  326. Securing hotel internet (through ethernet+router)?
  327. More GPU questions
  328. Any colour ereader or tablet 9-10'' under $100ish?
  329. Finding a Cheap case that will fit a Dell Power Supply
  330. Where's the best place to grab a 64GB microSD?
  331. can anyone sort out the ipad models for me?
  332. Disappointed with FS and BB pricing policy
  333. Using unblock us, but netflix switched back to CAN, how to go back to US?
  334. feedback on Dell desktop - XPS8700SE
  335. Installing XBMC on Samsung SmartHub?
  336. PSA Western Digital Mynet n750 router now has open wrt firmware
  337. Laptops with US English Keyboard
  338. Formatting External HDD (ExFat, MS-DOS or MAC OS Extended)
  339. Need help with modem/router setup
  340. Media server advice
  341. BAHAHHA! A host decided to rate limit the FCC to 28.8kbps
  342. Small, inexpensive Windows computer
  343. Copywrite warning from Shaw?
  344. Questions for people that know GPU's
  345. Sony TV sound stuck
  346. laptop recommendation - budget 1500 (taxes in ideally)...no macs
  347. The Amazon fire TV owners thread
  348. tablettable laptop
  349. converting pdf files to Word
  350. Recommendations for laptop less than $800
  351. Any suggestions for upgrading performance?
  352. Telehop VOIP ATA?
  353. Freephoneline with Obi100 How to Config?
  354. Lenovo rant
  355. Laptop with 1TB SSD
  356. Aftermarket notebook battery
  357. Web + Domain Host?
  358. What to do with spare 40gb ssd
  359. Rogers Anyplace TV
  360. Warranty return by FedEd?
  361. Q for Mac SSD laptop users w/large libraries
  362. Best out of the box router <200$ (wifi setup)
  363. Facetime
  364. TV's with an HDMI + Stereo input? 2 inputs, 1 source?
  365. Asus RT-N66U and Futureshop/Bestbuy
  366. Just bought a used PC, and I can't install Windows on it....
  367. Software that will tell me hardware info on a PC
  368. Headphone Recommendation please.
  369. cheapest laptop with 1080p
  370. Where to get iMac upgraded?
  371. How to setup a home network for a 3000 Sq Ft house and back yard?
  372. Would you buy AMD processors? Or is it better to stick with intel?
  373. Help. What to replace my old desktop with?
  374. converting GPT to MBR volume
  375. Looking for a radio for my office
  376. Looking for a new PC, any deals coming up?
  377. Can someone help me out with Private Internet Access - VPN
  378. Some questions about voip.ms and freephoneline
  379. Windows Doesn't Detect Audio Device
  380. Where to get Macbook repaired?
  381. Fundraiser re:foobar2000 - onto mobile phones & tablets
  382. Looking for simple (and free) video editing software
  383. Voice Network POTS Home Phone Service?
  384. Bell Tv + AR ARRX18G (Universal Remote)
  385. Cheapest ram price right now?
  386. Help with new TV purchase
  387. will kobo arc 7 "HD" case fit Kobo Arc 7 "non-HD"?
  388. Considering A Samsung LED 32". Your Thoughts are Welcome
  389. need information about sony vegas
  390. Comparing 2 LG Plasma's
  391. Home Streaming Question
  392. Small form factor itx case
  393. Mechanical keyboards under 80$
  394. Symantec calls antivirus 'doomed' as security giants fight for survival
  395. GTX 770... Is there a point to using SLI right now?
  396. Help with possible HTPC build/purchase decision
  397. question about virus/trojan
  398. Anybody is using Bell Internet 5 Plus plan?
  399. Warm/Hot: MS Dell XPS 15 (9530) Reg $2299 Now $1969(edu)/$2199 Comparable to rMBP
  400. Audio-Video Receiver: Blinking Red Light
  401. rogers internet, buy or rent modem
  402. Google+ Hangouts
  403. Please help with my Home network.
  404. Anyone use TOR browsing? What do you think??
  405. Puchased the BEST router, why only 65.0 mbps?
  406. What is the best media player besides the Western Digital hub?
  407. Basic Laptop Recommendation Needed
  408. What is a good virus/malware removal program?
  409. USB drive cloning
  410. how to handle old tablet?
  411. How do I start a website?
  412. Should I get the Airport Extreme or R7000 or AC68U?
  413. LED TVs thicker than before !?
  414. CONTACT.net customers thread...experiences, configuration and setup talk
  415. Upgrading from a 15 inch MacBook Pro to a 15 inch Retina MacBook Pro worth it?
  416. Wow Windows 8 Doesn't Recognize My 5-in-1 Card Reader?
  417. Networking Help - Router on Router...
  418. Go to OTA channel that wasn't "found"?
  419. iPod 4th Generation Dock
  420. iPod Battery Question
  421. Exporting Bookmarks on iPad
  422. help with HTPC set up - pc input has no sound
  423. Buying an iMac - 3.2Ghz w/ GT 755M vs 3.4Ghz w/ GTX 775M?
  424. Any Macbook Deals?
  425. Montreal, ElectronicBox or TekSavvy
  426. Free MP3 burning software???
  427. 50" TV recommendations
  428. Which video card - $400-$520 budget
  429. (?) My Rogers Triple Package "deal" (TV,Internet,Home Phone)
  430. gaming: 2 options...
  431. Need advice: Video editing software?
  432. I owned a new laptop for 2 weeks!
  433. Beware: Geckflow.com is a Fraud company (Reseller of Internet)
  434. I need streaming box/stick with FREE livestreaming channels.
  435. Can anybody access Google, Yahoo or Youtube?
  436. Recommendation on a router?
  437. 15" laptops with 1080p res etc
  438. where can i get a nexus 7 (2013) volume & power ribbon cable.?
  439. any deals on a 128gb SSD?
  440. NCIX - Jacked price up for a promo?
  441. Bent pins on a CPU
  442. Laptop Died Options
  443. TextPlus app. Can u make a FREE long distance call from Europe to Canada?
  444. bell fibe tv installation setup
  445. Problem with Freephoneline VOIP device
  446. S1G2 upgrade path..
  447. Going from MacBook to PC, export iPhoto pics correctly
  448. Remote troubleshooting - TeamViewer etc
  449. Internet Usage Tools
  450. Magicjack, Ooma, Teksavvy for phone?
  451. Educational Pricing still around for Apple products?
  452. so many good internet deals now.
  453. Recommendations for Wifi/Bluetooth Headphones?
  454. Recent experiences with Velcom.ca ISP?
  455. Weird... laptop has slower boot time than later on
  456. Laptop adapter cable
  457. Need help rooting the Dell Venue 7 with these instructions
  458. Older dell desktop - replace or upgrade?
  459. Over the air channels without an indoor/outdoor antenna
  460. Replacement UPS batteries
  461. Web host down for a week!
  462. case mod question: dremel tool and which accessories?
  463. Did I get a good deal?
  464. Bad DIMM slot?
  465. how much room does Plex and XBMC take up?
  466. Laptop for playing casual games.
  467. Media Devices - Netflix and Xbmc same device ?
  468. FTA setups?
  469. ISP in Cochrane
  470. Benq W1100 1080p projector $489 free shipping
  471. Best E-Reader For PDF's
  472. 2014 Macbook Air
  473. Educate me on computer monitor technology nowadays?
  474. Cutting the Cord - Best cable-free setups?
  475. Help needed to solve two issues with desktop
  476. 1.65v ram safe? (usually it's 1.5v)
  477. Old Laptops/Netbooks: What to do?
  478. Recently inherited LCD monitor...
  479. Affordable quality router
  480. Deactivating Bell satellite hardware
  481. Need help making final decision on laptop choice
  482. Help setting up file sharing network
  483. Acer Iconia B1-720
  484. Faulty desk-mount LCD stand?
  485. Can you recommend the best ultrabook at memex for me?
  486. HP Envy 17 or Lenovo Z710
  487. Internet: Mac books can connect, whereas all windows computers can't. WHY?
  488. All of these "critique my build" threads, why all ATX?
  489. Unblock-us
  490. Which 106" 16:9 projector screen?
  491. How much can I sell this macbook for?
  492. Cheapest Internet Service Provider (GTA : Markham)
  493. *Delete*
  494. Best economical SSD and RAM
  495. Suggestions for a 30 pin to Lightning port/adapter
  496. Smart Tv audio issues.
  497. Building a PC
  498. getting frustrated - Lf cable internet that isnt telus/shaw
  499. Scraping deals & Automation
  500. What's The Best Program To Remove Hideous, Intrusive Ads On My PC
  501. Portable CD player with AUX and USB input
  502. Help me decide on new ultra book
  503. Computer shops in buffalo / rochester
  504. Want to get a laptop for gaming, is now a good time?
  505. Memory capability?
  506. Amazon FireTV Issues
  507. 2x 4GB ddr3 memory for $51+tax (free shipping) ???
  508. MS Word 2003, 2007
  509. western digital book
  510. Is Rogers getting better than TPIA vendor?
  511. Recommend a Media Computer
  512. Rogers Net Pricing Levels...not too shabby!
  513. Building a computer on $1300 budget?
  514. Hulu Blocks VPN Users
  515. What's a cheaper alternative to WDTV live media player?
  516. Anyone have any experience with Voipo?
  517. Recommend a good mouse/keyboard for Mac
  518. Windows gets stuck at cursor/black screen
  519. 24" 4K Computer Monitors?
  520. Dell Inspiron 15 7000
  521. Lenovo Yoga
  522. Klipsch 2.1 speakers - no sound from left channel
  523. Modem- Thomson TNDCM476 vs. Motorola SB6121
  524. Looking for new budget laptop
  525. Cogeco actually impressed me!
  526. ASUS CUBE @google play
  527. Software to switch b/w Duplicate and Extend Displays using keyboard shortcut?
  528. mATX = micro ATX?
  529. iPad Mini with 3G/4G - Why?
  530. Will a QHD Monitor Stress Intel HD4000??
  531. htpc advice
  532. Laser vs Inkjet
  533. Light linux ??
  534. Price check: Evga 448 560 ti
  535. Looking for devices that record phone conversations
  536. just looking for opinion on this laptop
  537. Resale value of my computer
  538. do you still use CDs?
  539. Lenovo U530 Touch
  540. considering a mesh network.. which to deploy?
  541. LG G Pad 8.3 Google Play edition
  542. Korean monitors with HDMI ports price/spec discussion
  543. Antenna Suggestions Needed
  544. Anyone interested in the OnePlus One?
  545. New Dell Laptop, What is bloatware?
  546. Gingadaddy - Anybody know what happened? Back up Now.
  547. Suggestion for multimedia laptop for 3D design
  548. Bestbuy Windows XP recycle event
  549. NOT Satoshi Nakamoto NOT creator of Bitcoin - Newsweek WRONG!!!
  550. Vmedia Vbox - My review
  551. GTX 660 Worth it?
  552. Roku adds YouTube to more players
  553. Decent wireless router?
  554. Need help getting a Windows 8 USB repair key or fixing this error !
  555. Free VPN
  556. Recommend a hidden camera.
  557. 100MB High speed internet: is it worth the money?
  558. Advanced format HDDs
  559. Linksys e4200 router v1 firmware question
  560. SmartRG SR505N 802.11n Wireless VDSL2 Modem Info Thread
  561. Dual/Triple monitor mount?
  562. Samsung 840 SSD differences?
  563. looking for a smart device for dumb TV
  564. Ultrabook or MacBook Air/pro?
  565. Laptop Recommendation
  566. Apple Now Recycles Any Product (and gives you store credit)
  567. Computers without disk drives?
  568. All region DVD player with USB
  569. Opinion or Recommendation Please: Dell or HP Laptop
  570. Netflix plans to raise the price for new subscribers
  571. Worth the upgrade to a MacBook Pro? (Components)
  572. Costco.ca - Infinity Primus P253BK $113.74 + tax
  573. wiring speakers in parallel or series
  574. Anybody using Bell Fibe25 in Richmond Hill L4S area?
  575. iPad data plan
  576. Problem with PNY PowerPack 7800 mAh Portable Charger?
  577. Is this PC any good price/performance wise?
  578. system restore on windows 7
  579. Home phone connection with Bell fibe
  580. Windows Update Super Slow
  581. AC or USB 3.0 external HD?
  582. Bell 175mpbs... 50mbps max over wifi
  583. Does the new i3 or i5 supports hyper-threading?
  584. Video Card worthwhile for non-gaming?
  585. Don't shop at ATIC Computers, Vancouver
  586. ??? Windows shows quick black screen for like a 10th of a second...
  587. Someone can give me a advise about MAC AIR 13''
  588. 512GB Flash Drive for $13
  589. HP 9996 error
  590. Help me build a gaming rig!
  591. VoIP (FPL) + VPN (PIA) = Calls Not Working?!
  592. need help deciding between these to laptops Toshiba AMD a4 vs Lenova I5 refurb
  593. Are Rogers cable internet modems/routers affected by heartbleed?
  594. Ipad Air 2: New integrated retina screen, A8 CPU, and possibly 2GB ram
  595. Galaxy tab 2 or kobo arc?
  596. Anyone have an extra CS:GO steam key they don't want?
  597. Bell FIBE Bandwidth Increased 25GB
  598. How to get US Netflix on PS3
  599. aluminum heatsync fell on GPU :cry:
  600. a missing addon in firefox
  601. A colleague of mine is offering $320 for his iPad 3
  602. Does anyone here has Aereo setup via AppleTV2 or Roku?
  603. Alternatives to installing AMD drivers
  604. Weird drive detection in windows 8.1.
  605. This is an unreal and very expensive computer setup
  606. 4.1 GB RAM Hardware Reserved
  607. Router + Portable HD = HTPC? What can it do?
  608. TV Wall mount, how to check if there are wires behind wall?
  609. How to buy my own PVR and use with cable?
  610. How can I tell if "dl.mycodecs.net is safe to download
  611. How many monitors do you have in your HOME computer setup?
  612. Is Soundblaster Live card better than built-ins?
  613. can WD Red WD20EFRX Hard drive (2 TB) be used for normal every day in a desk top PC?
  614. Best Start Modem
  615. Problem with KMPlayer video, assistance needed please.
  616. Where Can You Boy Printer Ink Cartridges
  617. iPod Touch Help - Need to Buy This weekend
  618. Upgraded my teksavvy Bell came into the house - what happened?
  619. Replace HDD?
  620. Pokki and Lenovo
  621. Contact ISP: Anyone switch from the 15/1 promotion to the 25/10 promotion?
  622. How many computers/laptops do you own?
  623. vertex 450 or Seagate 600 to use for OS?
  624. 3d ready projector. which glasses?
  625. MAC: how to print emailed Paypal receipts?
  626. LF 27" IPS Monitor
  627. Desktop PC physical security
  628. Thoughts on this Kijiji Build?
  629. Linksys WRT1900AC Smart WiFi Wireless AC Router AC1900 Dual Band
  630. Need Adivce Purchasing a Video Card
  631. Stereo T-amps: anyone have these/recommend something else?
  632. What is the best video format for camcorder to DVD?
  633. Coding Wordpress themes
  634. excel help
  635. Windows Product Key Question
  636. Need a laptop. $1100 to spend.
  637. highest quality for VHS and camcorder tape conversion?
  638. Please help me decide whether to buy this refurb Lenovo laptop
  639. Linksys WRT-54G w/ Rogers Enhanced modem
  640. Making SSD primary and installing Windows 8
  641. Public computers and networks
  642. Good Deal - Wireless AC WZR-1750DHP NEW $127.98 FS/BB
  643. drive test failed western digital
  644. Want to buy PS3 for my kid, need help to understand differences between models
  645. Buzzing noise in headphones from front jack when scrolling mouse
  646. What is the Best NAS Device Currently Available?
  647. ObiHai 200 + Voip.ms
  648. Router is dying.. Any recommendations?
  649. Chromebook
  650. Comparison of current Internet Costs
  651. Samsung in-line mic for Windows
  652. DVI to VGA Adapter
  653. multipass zero fill
  654. Most reliable laptop (mechanical) hard disk brand
  655. Moved to a new area in Brampton temporarily, looking for a good ISP
  656. Recommend me a Computer Please ($600-$700). Updated!
  657. Is VIZIO - 5.1-Channel Soundbar System with 6" Wireless Subwoofer Good?
  658. Need a repair done - Surface mount solder...
  659. I need help! Streaming on my HTPC
  660. java updates SCAM?
  661. Friend offered a deal on 400 BB Playbook.
  662. Are there any stores that sell netbooks aroudn $200?
  663. WD Red external overkill?
  664. Chromebook personal review, anyone?
  665. Voip service can't use e911 with my number, should I switch?
  666. Home Networking Suggestions - Need Advice!
  667. Recomendations For Android Boxes?
  668. Here comes again: Bell increases internet price by $5 from June 1, 2014
  669. Ryushare file sharing service shut down
  670. Buying an expensive refurbished router - good idea?
  671. [Internet] Bell Fibe vs Rogers Fibre?
  672. 4K plunge
  673. Is 64GB SSD enough for window 8.1?
  674. Recommend an affordable (approx $500) laptop for internet and media streaming use
  675. Toshiba laptop keeps freezing shortly after startup
  676. Stores in the US to buy a laptop/ultrabook + Current deals
  677. Please suggest a decent earphones with mic for my Galaxy Tab 3 8.0
  678. Kobo Touch
  679. New Dell laptop, swap out HDD, how to restore to new?
  680. It's weird going back to a TV after having a projector
  681. TV Antenna recommendations
  682. VOIP service to port a number?
  683. Playstation 4 Regrets?
  684. Network switch question
  685. Intermittent rogers internet help
  686. How to get Bell bill lower?
  687. Bluetooth Mouse Drops Connection
  688. what to do with an old (2005) HTPC style PC?
  689. 23-24" IPS monitor with USB ports
  690. Laptop HardDrive Data Transfer/Extraction
  691. Slow web page loading
  692. How should I dispose of my old computers? (GTA)
  693. Need New Noise-Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones!
  694. How to dispose of hard drives?
  695. good bluetooth headphones/earbuds under $20-$25
  696. Need a shop to fix laptop cooling in GTA
  697. So this is what an audiophiles computer setup looks like
  698. Buying OS in US (Windows Server 2012 R2)
  699. Vision - Hisense 58" 4K TV, $1998
  700. Open Source SUPER Router
  701. DIY drive cage/rack? (lol)
  702. Best antivirus for Small Business (~10 PCs), also best way to license Win7 upgrades?
  703. Teksavvy vs Primus
  704. Ncix.com
  705. Google's New Nexus 7 and Chromecast Streaming Dongle
  706. Is this PC good for gaming ?
  707. VPN Recommendations
  708. All Sony Blu-ray players go through Sony Servers?
  709. Increasing range of wifi so it will reach the wireless bridge
  710. Windows XP support has ended, does it mean it will be free in future??????
  711. DynDNS alternatives, how to use with my router?
  712. 10" Samsung galaxy or iPad for kid..suggestions
  713. Lenovo Flex 15.6 i5-4200U Touchscreen 8gb ram 8ssd 500hdd $699 worth it?
  714. Looking to buy a new desktop, help please?
  715. LOL Goodbye "Hotmail" You Were Good Until Microsoft Took You
  716. Both PCI-E slots don't recognize motherboard but fan runs onboard video works
  717. Recommend a good quality Air Mouse
  718. How to enhance XBMC?
  719. eSATA flash drives not popular -- why?
  720. 3 yr old HP laptop getting hot after 30 minutes
  721. Help With This Tablet
  722. NAS RAID setup advise
  723. Decided on this PSU and SSD, thoughts?
  724. ** Kobo Arc 64GB warning (Heartbleed) **
  725. Heartbleed
  726. Dell E5440 - is this a good deal?
  727. What should streaming video from computer to TV look like?
  728. Wireless headset
  729. nexus 10 purchase in-person versus online
  730. eCigs/Vapes and RFD Deal Possible?
  731. AMD Athlon/Sempron AM1 platform
  732. USB Thumb drive recovery
  733. Small Laptop recommendation ?
  734. NCIX coupon code
  735. Moving a POTS splitter wiring question (for DSL line)
  736. [help] data recovery (for my HD)... my kid life.....
  737. Kingsoft Office Pro FREE Until 3am EST, Apr 9
  738. Cameras under 100.
  739. Cannot update drivers, what now?
  740. VGA to HDMI Solution
  741. please delete
  742. Problem with hotmail
  743. Samsung UN40F6300AFXZC
  744. End of Windows XP support
  745. Use a webhosting service as a DNS to connect to a remote desktop?
  746. Gaming/ HTPC config -
  747. PC setup
  748. This is going to sound stupid, but why is my laptop lagging?
  749. how to unclog printhead?
  750. Media Hint Alternatives
  751. Pivos AIOS HD?
  752. Different Picture Quality on Sony TV (Apps vs Streaming vs Network)?
  753. Chromecast and bandwidth
  754. Where to buy xperia z2 32gb tablet?
  755. Computer repair Kanata/Ottawa?
  756. Repair combo/membership?
  757. 3rd party laptop chargers at canada computers (ican brand)
  758. Acanac in Mississauga
  759. Opinion on Lenovo Y410P?
  760. satellite s50d booting issues.
  761. Building a computer, need some good video card ideas
  762. Voip and taxes/fees?
  763. Way to get past admin password on xp machine?
  764. Smartwatchs
  765. Netbook RAM Upgrade from 1GB to 2GB
  766. 6 TB drives arriving.
  767. Pros, Cons, and Considerations of HDMI PC to TV
  768. Need Any Help I Can get building a gaming PC!
  769. Recommendations for bluetooth mouse
  770. DIY home security
  771. DynDNS ending their free service
  772. Wireless range extender?
  773. Usenet and Rogers
  774. Cheapest VoIP Canada
  775. LG MP4 Audio issue during playback
  776. Do people still use Ventrilo or is it all Skype now?
  777. Question about hardware for Netflix.
  778. windows wont boot, cant re-install/repair
  779. WTF Bell
  780. "fix" my broken ethernet cables?
  781. Strange issue with my internet
  782. Laptop Buying Guide Anyone?
  783. Building Gaming Computer
  784. Take a look at my first gaming PC build? 550$ budget
  785. Which cordless phone uses lithium ion battery? Thanks
  786. Help with buying laptop and also a camera.
  787. Moto-G as Wi-Fi Hotspot
  788. DVD player compatibility
  789. Stupid Question
  790. Anyone hosting website on personal server
  791. Media storage: 24 disc cd/dvd poly cases in Canada?
  792. Newegg.ca's Int Shipping have custom fees?
  793. Hard Drive Data Recovery
  794. Canadian Senate Hearing on Bitcoin
  795. Anyone use Peer Block program.. Is it any good??
  796. 16:9 vs 16:10?
  797. Can I get US Netflix through a VPS?
  798. does the better brand AAA/aa/nich/nimh tester test high drain vs low drain battery di
  799. New laptop recommendations
  800. MLPPP modem (Teksavvy) recommendation?
  801. Portable scanner SKYPIX TSN410 900 Dpi Handheld Scanner
  802. Portable USB Battery
  803. please recommend best valued full featured 4-5 automatic switching HDMI hub
  804. does wifi POTS telephone extender (not relate to voip/sip) exist?
  805. Jabra Rox Wireless - Anyone tried these?
  806. Need help!!! Gaming laptop MSI GS70 Stealth vs GS60 Ghost
  807. How to design simple online page with links?
  808. Switched CPU and now only the fans are running
  809. How would I play music from my phone/tablet in my car? No Bluetooth or aux input, FM?
  810. Do I really need a DOCSIS 3.0 Cable Modem?
  811. My experience with G-Box
  812. Cheap desktops&Tablets?
  813. Lenovo Yoga 8?
  814. Ottawa ISP Providers
  815. Has anybody seen the Google Chromecast in stores yet?
  816. Can you install OS on a harddrive and put it onto another computer?
  817. The IP address reported below has been identified as an open NTP reflector.
  818. website build/design
  819. java drive-by
  820. Any deal of laptop with i7-4700mq processor
  821. bell line down in North york?
  822. This Access point any good?
  823. Windows 7 Download $59US Time to replace XP!
  824. Local networking problem with Nighthawk router
  825. Factors for DSL vs Cable arguement
  826. Macbook Air HELP!
  827. Anveo VOIP Outage
  828. Windows 8.1 update 1 available for MSDN subscribers
  829. Android TV sticks - Anything new coming down the pipeline?
  830. Budget desktop build
  831. Flash not working on Chrome for Mac
  832. Headphone Repair in Toronto??
  833. Chromecast and US Netflix
  834. Buying a BNIB iPad on Kijiji below MSRP
  835. AVerMedia Live Gamer HD C985 BIG SALE
  836. static ip address
  837. Windows to be free for tablets under 9"
  838. Reading Comics on iPad
  839. Find Windows 7 drivers for this computer
  840. Amazon announces Fire TV, an android-powered streaming set-top box • US$99
  841. Fibe TV and Chromecast
  842. LF Garmin Nuvi Gps repair
  843. Amplifying my indoor HDTV antenna?
  844. new build: mini-itx or micro atx?
  845. Who carries TV Japan channel?
  846. The next big thing is here... LCD Video Business Cards
  847. Notebook Service Depot in Markham, anyone have experience with them?
  848. Motorola DCX3400-M - 500gb dual TV tuner question.
  849. Is my notebook computer AC Adapter shot?
  850. Anyone with obihai and freephoneline help me out?
  851. HTC Purchases Blackberry for $2.4 Billion
  852. Cracked screen on laptop
  853. PS3 bluetooth gamepad for PC
  854. Looking for a GPU with white LED logo
  855. what to do with Sonicview 360 elite?
  856. Is this a good machine for Android app development
  857. Strange HDMI Issue
  858. suggest a 60" plus tv for $1k budget
  859. Have an account at the boxee.tv forums? Your information was stolen.
  860. Have a fun April Fools tech day
  861. Best laptop for around $400?
  862. Bad laptop BIOS flash...grrr
  863. Teksavvy issues across Ontario (maybe other ISPs)
  864. Cord Cutters: New service Pluto.tv
  865. Apple offers transparent solution for walking and texting
  866. Anybody with deals for BELL internet?
  867. Suggestions for a Waterproof case for Ipad Mini
  868. Any recommendation for SSD below $100
  869. First hand reviews about the Chromebook anyone?
  870. Gibby's blowout sale for Samsung UN55F6300 55'' Smart TV
  871. VDSL2 - Shared line or not shared
  872. Blackberry Playbook OS upgrade today!
  873. Anyone know what the internal HD is inside WD my passport Ultra 2Tb?
  874. Reboot and select proper boot device...
  875. what would you keep ? Rogers 35/3 or Bell 25/10?
  876. Videotron tv "a la carte" users, what is the $10 Classic Cable charge for?
  877. Looking for a VERY DECENT in-ear headphone. Any recommendations?
  878. Bell internet usage tracker
  879. In need of electrician to fix lines.
  880. So Windows 8 Is Going To Nickel & Dime Me For Basic XP Goodies?
  881. Microsoft ridiculed for 'help-a-friend-ditch-Windows XP' plea
  882. how much do you pay for internet?
  883. website hosting
  884. Looking at Unlimited Storage Options (VPS or Cloud)
  885. Rogers vs start question
  886. Tablet Comparison
  887. Best place to buy batteries for kids toys?
  888. any suggestions on a good comp rig
  889. [FS] New! Samsung Gear 2 Smart Watch (SM-R3800VSAXAC) - Black - $329.99
  890. Buying 3 Desktops in Bulk
  891. How do u deal with cable internet slow down?
  892. Android app that shows the screen capacitance?
  893. Best/cheapest VOIP to keep number?
  894. Migrating HTML-Based Website to WordPress
  895. question about audio drop off in videos?
  896. Worth it to upgrade these old computers?
  897. Wireless file transfer speed
  898. Scam Phone Call About Malware in my Computer
  899. Teksavvy Cable 45 ... are my torrent expectations too high?
  900. .
  901. Is transfer to encrypted folder always very slow? (Truecrypt)
  902. Selling Laptop question
  903. Bell Internet.. Suspicious Behaviour
  904. teksavvy usage meter seems to be stuck
  905. VPS or other solutions for streaming personal media.
  906. ADATA products
  907. Lenovo Battery Recall - Free new Battery
  908. Iphone not showing all my events on google calandar?
  909. Question on Apple educational pricing
  910. Mac user looking to get onto Windows platform
  911. Lenovo ThinkPad Battery Recall - Many 2010/2011 models
  912. Recommendations for a used MAC book for producing music and videos
  913. Did I mess up Kaspersky or Chrome did that for me? HELP!
  914. Wireless headphones with optical in for Xbox 360?
  915. Monitor Issues
  916. WhatsApp App -- Please explain to me....
  917. LG 34" 3440x1440 UltraWide QHD Monitor - First Look CES 2014
  918. USB flashdrive just died, how to revive or retrieve data?
  919. Cord Cutters Rejoice: Amazon Plans Free Streaming Media Service
  920. how do you back up your computer?
  921. suggestions for in-ear headphone ~ $50
  922. Recommendation of Mini (or barebone) system for 24x7 usage
  923. MS Office for Ipad released March 27
  924. Strange unstable OC
  925. can I use touch cover 2 with surface pro tablet ?
  926. Can someone help me with my home network setup?
  927. Recommend a Computer
  928. Can't access the internet via wired connection...
  929. Looking for AIO solution to replace laptop as HTPC
  930. Intel Bay Trail NUC
  931. Any experience with the Benq EW2440L 24" led monitor?
  932. Getting an iMac worth it?
  933. Eye strain from new flat HD TV?
  934. SSD Problem? Any other ways of testing?
  935. Good ssd 256/512gb for today's choices
  936. Found a Bell Business Installation Kit
  937. Wireless Router Speed
  938. How does Apple repair work?
  939. NVidia announces Geforce GTX Titan Z video card (for just the low low price of $3000)
  940. Are there any computer specialty stores besides CanadaComputers?
  941. Nvidia graphics card - which brand to buy?
  942. New PC or add more memory?
  943. Seagate 2TB 5900RPM - used price?
  944. Convert to MP4
  945. Which wireless router to use with Bell Sagemcom?
  946. Do blue USB 3.0 SS ports work for bootable USB?
  947. Syncing Google+ with Facebook possible?
  948. Mechanical keyboard recommendation
  949. MSI repair centre guys are [...]!
  950. GPS buying advice
  951. Recommend me an entry level Receiver
  952. Recommend me a "perfect" tablet - Cheap, large storage, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth
  953. RAM Upgrade
  954. Can't port Bell POTS to Rogers Home Phone?
  955. Looking for a wireless router with extended range - Any advice?
  956. Question about shopping bots websites
  957. What's a fair price for this laptop...
  958. any good deal for paperwhite or kobo glo?
  959. Kids and Computer Coding.
  960. Laptops in the $500-$600 range.
  961. Possible $300 desktop with an AMD FX 6300?
  962. difference between fibetv and satellite?
  963. Chrome browser: why is the scrolling speed so messed up?!??!!
  964. Asus x550ca or Macbook Pro (2010)?
  965. online movies rental
  966. EVGA announces GeForce GTX 780 6GB models
  967. Home theater sound system help fast!
  968. BuyVM/Frantech US VPN down, alternatives?
  969. Is it good IndiPAD 10 tablet?
  970. Cheapest 10.1 laptop ? Suggestion ?
  971. Windows 7 upgrade from Windows XP
  972. oneywell - Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat with Voice Control VS NEST
  973. Go home Socket FM2...You're drunk.
  974. VoIP with multiple handsets - need ideas/help
  975. Rogers Internet - Data Usage
  976. Hot/Warm? HP LaserJet Pro 200 (MFPM276NW)
  977. totally diggin xubuntu.
  978. Replacing a graphics card fan
  979. Looking for over-the-ear closed-back headphones around $100, suggestions?
  980. Audio quality. Auxiliary cable vs Apple Lighting USB
  981. Cheapest/easiest way to stream Netflix?
  982. Unknown remaining battery percentage
  983. how to remove password in pdf?
  984. Does anyone use their tablet more than their home computer when at home?
  985. Help with choosing a laptop
  986. Lenovo desktop can't boot up all the sudden
  987. Any app to watch Hong Kong TV Dramas and shows?
  988. The Logitech Harmony 650 Now Supports Up To Eight Devices
  989. dlink 655 won't let me on web without renewing ip constantly
  990. What CAT Ethernet cable to use for Xbox?
  991. [Lifejacket] Five best VPN providers
  992. Rogers modem help!?
  993. Need help with buying new toners for Oki MC361!
  994. what is your preference? VPN or not?
  995. PlayOn | Watch Free Online Movies, Shows, Live Sports on Your TV and More | PlayOn
  996. is there a way to pull mp3 music files from itunes?
  997. Program to recover deleted photos from Ipad
  998. Mac Book Power Adapter Repair
  999. Not sold on Acer... laptop recommendations < $600
  1000. Selling AMD Quad Core 16GB Ram, ATI HD5770 Desktop, How much can I get it for?