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  1. How to add a RSS to Kodi / xbmc?
  2. How low will it go? [RAM Prices]
  3. Connecting a DDWRT router to a stock Netgear router
  4. Cheapest printer paper ?
  5. "Windows Support" Telemarketer scam, GTA
  6. What to look for in used gaming capable laptop @$500-$700
  7. New Amazon Dash
  8. Monitor Audio RS6 with SVS center speaker?
  9. disabling chat in
  10. Chrome Reverse image search missing
  11. Network Upgrade - Required Equipment?
  12. PC audio over HDMI
  13. Help, new asus computerHOw upgrade, find windows office, delete bloatware
  14. do i need a new tv?
  15. Help me choose a new all in one printer!
  16. How will I know if I'm drawing too much power?
  17. Need HP Battery - HP or somewhere cheaper but trustworthy?
  18. Hospital TV/Streaming Radio alternatives
  19. Need recommendation for Travellnig Heaphones Bose/Beats/Sienhieser?
  20. Recommend a decent DMM
  21. Want to upgrade my MacBook Pro HDD to SSD
  22. Bestbuy Online Orders not going through
  23. Looking for a good VPN service...
  24. Can i connect my bluetooth headphone to my Smart TV?
  25. Average Hourly Rate For Tech?
  26. Gmail doesn't get pushed on my desktop, does anyone else have this problem?
  27. I want to upgrade my PS4 HDD
  28. 3 Identical Laptops - 3 Sites - Who should i go with?
  29. Advice of where to find a gaming computer
  30. Best Android Streaming device?
  31. Bandwidth control on routers
  32. Sound wattage amp and speakers question
  33. Do you leave your Macbook Pro plugged in all the time when at home?
  34. FutureShop Closing All Canadian Stores
  35. Home Office: Looking for Bluetooth over-the-head headset with mic for laptop
  36. MagicJack or NetTalk - which is best?
  37. Monoprice direct or
  38. Motherboard + DDR4 Memory Recommendation (Gaming PC)
  39. Reformatting a Windows 7 PC.
  40. Data Saver extension for Chrome- bringing its data compression feature for its deskt
  41. Are kantos speakers any good?
  42. Good cheap surge protector or UPS for electronics?
  43. Motherboard recommendations for gaming PC
  44. Home VOIP Setup Help
  45. Ipad air or air 2???
  46. BiOS USB Drive Boot Issues (uefi / legacy) - Help Please
  47. What is the best protection/antivirus I can get?
  48. Third Party Firmware for D-Link DIR-601 (version A1) router?
  49. Laptop & Tablet minor issue....
  50. VoIP and Internet help
  51. My home voip setup, anything else to configure?
  52. Laptop for music software
  53. Asus RT-N66U - good router?
  54. Weird HDD ticking sound issue
  55. Gateway DX4885-UR2D
  56. Best value computer speakers?
  57. Advice Needed to Set Up Wireless Network- What To Buy???
  58. buying a new laptop - thoughts?
  59. LG monitors dead pixel policy?
  60. Speaker Wire for Surround sound system
  61. Any suggestion on how to set up storage solution?
  62. Kobo arc 7 8 gig., worth it For $79?
  63. thoughts on this itx motherboard?
  64. How to delete NBA Buzzer Beater notifications?
  65. petropoints and future shop?
  66. How can I sell my Office 365 key?
  67. buy a lte tablet in the United States
  68. Alternatives to iSpy? (IPCam security monitoring)
  69. Pen spy cameras - Anyone used them?
  70. Portable DVD player opinion
  71. Futureshop closing and consolidating
  72. debate on processors in laptop !
  73. cell phone signal booster?
  74. Just picked up a New 3DS and question about charging
  75. Best cheap router according to Engadget test: TP-LINK TL-WDR3600
  76. Why aren't you using the 64-bit Desktop Chrome on a 64-bit Windows machine?
  77. Company that will set up streaming services in your home
  78. FixMeStick @ Costco - 5 User, 2 Years = $68!!!!
  79. Choosing a new Mechincal Keyboard
  80. EVGA 770 Dual SC 4GB... good card for the price?
  81. Build Me a PC - $4000
  82. How to Upgrade CPU + RAM + MB on Q6600 Rig
  83. how is this laptop ? need reply asap
  84. How much is this Lenovo X1 Carbon worth? (used for 1month)
  85. $60/year Unlimited Storage Cloud Drive
  86. Television sizes? Have they changed measurements?
  87. Use TV amp for speakers
  88. Panda free antivirus labels itself as malware
  89. Need a HDMI switch and Ethernet Switcher
  90. TVPad 4 now Available
  91. Purchasing Replacement Plan On Earphones??
  92. $500-600+tax for new TV. Recommendations please!
  93. Recommend desktop upgrade
  94. when is a good time to buy ipad air 2?
  95. help in using a network cable crimper
  96. Advice Needed!
  97. Asus vn247hp backlight bleed.
  98. Side and rear surrounds
  99. Will this cooler work with LGA1150?
  100. Need some advice for purchasing DELL XPS X8700-4386BLK
  101. How to replace lid on Toshiba P50T?
  102. How to Unlock Bell 2Wire modems.
  103. Teksavvy is really testing my patience!!!....
  104. TV prices to increase?
  105. I only want treehouse channel on tv what should I choose
  106. CPU Cycles Issue
  107. Help buying a used Rogers cable tv box
  108. AC/DC 5V Power Adapter - Where to Purchase?
  109. WiFi 7.1 receiver with 7.1 preouts - looking for recommendation
  110. Telehop VOIP ATA?
  111. Which travel router in order to stream usa Roku?
  112. Feedback on Asus K52JT-B1 laptop
  113. best travel mouse?
  114. Gaming pc suggestion?
  115. Free HP printer for product testers
  116. free alternative to OpenOffice?
  117. TekSavvy Cable Internet - Is it worth switchig?
  118. Multisystem TV in Vancouver
  119. Samsung F8500 VS Pioneer Kuro - Review day 1
  120. Any audiophiles on board? Multi-zone question
  121. problem solved. Please lock.
  122. Onkyo a good brand?
  123. copying email fom internet explorer
  124. Gigabyte Motherboard won't recognize all memory
  125. Has anyone bought directly from US (Titan X)
  126. Indoor Antenna with HD channels
  127. Computer upgrade recommendations for gaming
  128. Suggestions for a 60" - $1500 or less
  129. CiKTel raising their fees effective March 1, 2015
  130. Take that, Bell!
  131. Tiger Direct closing ?
  132. Recommend me an Ultrabook with two RAM DIMM slots
  133. De-associate Rogers Modem From Account
  134. Tracert = Request Timed Out
  135. Windows Tablet Browser more compatible?
  136. disable voice mail with bell
  137. Fast VPN service??
  138. Silent LGA1366 CPU cooler?
  139. New DVD player (HDMI) + old TV (component or DVI)
  140. discount store online Factory Discount Electronics
  141. replacing old popcorn hour.. go with new media player or mini pc?
  142. Computer Build Help
  143. How can I transfer Mac HDD Data to Windows?
  144. 3TB Drive - WD Green or Toshiba
  145. Whole house Audio Distribution
  146. What do you guys use to tag your cables? (primarily network or USB)
  147. Used tv prices?
  148. in wall home theater
  149. How Many MB's It Takes To Stream 2-Hour Movie From Netflix?
  150. LED lights for behind-TV ambient light?
  151. Lenovo X1 Carbon (3rd Gen)
  152. Rogers box not authorized - HELP!
  153. Resetting Bell 2wire HG2701-G for Teksavvy?
  154. iPad mini /w broken glass - fix or not?
  155. Need to Replace my Lenovo L420 - Best Thinkpad ATM?
  156. VOIP setup advices
  157. Recommend which colour laser printer to buy
  158. Need a good graphic design *Windows* PC
  159. Keeping 2 drives in sync
  160. I accidentally changed my USB from NTFS to FAT32, how do I get my stuff back?
  161. ISP Recommendations for Edmonton, Alberta?
  162. Any cheap materials/paints highly reflective to 2.4 GHz Wifi?
  163. newegg laptop batteries?
  164. Spotify alarm
  165. My SanDisk Sansa Clip+ MP3 player died. :(
  166. Looking for an affordable Gaming Laptop with dedicated GPU
  167. Reason of slow internet connection for my cable?
  168. Help me figure which card to keep
  169. Onkyo HT-RC550 A/V Receiver - at NCIX Any Good?
  170. Remote controlling an android device from PC/tablet
  171. old pvr worth anything?
  172. Problem with Chrome browser
  173. Building a small streaming server...guidance needed.
  174. Home theatre Advice!
  175. are these speakersa good fit for my reciever
  176. Rogers still requires 30-days notice prior to cancellation?
  177. Xiaomi Mini Speaker Review
  178. Getting Apple Wireless Keyboard to work with BIOS
  179. Microsoft confirms Windows RT won’t be getting Windows 10
  180. Anyone use PFSense on their home brew server?
  181. Issues with Electronic Box Internet
  182. Is there a way to sell $50 worth of Google Play credit?
  183. is this router good? D-Link N300 DIR-605L
  184. ISP copyright notice
  185. Extending Home Alarm Wires?
  186. Rogers Digital converter box intermittantly cutting out
  187. Problems after Monday Mar 16 9:30 PM Power Surge?
  188. Why does my Youtube pause every once in a while?
  189. Please help! My work website was hacked!
  190. why does internet explorer suck so much?!
  191. $600 27" 1440P IPS 120 Hz Variable Refresh Rate Monitor Late Q1
  192. Calibrating the gyroscope on the Measy RC11
  193. Teksavvy modems
  194. (SOLVED) Bought a couple of new wifi adapters but none of them work on my WIN7 PC...
  195. Good idea to do a CPU Upgrade?
  196. New ruleing exposing Canadian pirates will costs $11 for each IP-Address
  197. ASUS PB278Q Monitor. Worth it at $499?
  198. Video Card for Mini ITX case?
  199. Anyone on the new Rogers plan & use Frugal Usenet?
  200. Cpu socket latched made 2 dotches on my cpu
  201. Media player for CBC live streaming
  202. Nvidia Titan X Reviews
  203. On the hunt for new laptop...any recommendations?
  204. Triple Memory Kit question
  205. Anyone Sideloaded Global GO on AMazon Fire TV Stick?
  206. parental controls freeware?
  207. How to remove stain on my LCD?
  208. Torrents and 2.5" USB drive issues?
  209. Has anyone tried BroadVoice VOIP
  210. Rogers: Anyone having fluxing ping to their cable modems recently?
  211. AMD Officially Confirms New Radeon Flagship – R9 390X Ultra-Enthusiast GPU
  212. Is the Asus N53 wireless adapter USB 3.0 compatible?
  213. how many cell phones do you have?? or swap between?
  214. Running Wires
  215. Does a router with this type of QoS setting exist?
  216. Some tips on how to approach computer purchase
  217. Custom build recommendations
  218. Where to buy audio adapters Monoprice doesn't carry?
  219. Download speed on a Mac
  220. Tv deals
  221. Someone PLEASE Show Me How To Plug This In
  222. Home NAS which OS
  223. Using Routers USB port to share harddrive files (Asus)
  224. Asus AC66u limit?
  225. Acanac/Zazeen's internet/iptv/voip venture by IFK
  226. Anyone used BroadVoice VOIP?
  227. Linksys EA2700 dualband router dd-wrt support finally available
  228. Edmonton ISP recommendations
  229. Toronto hydro rates for a file server?
  230. desktop replacement Laptop
  232. Decent Bookshelf Speakers
  233. Best laptop/tablet for taking hand written notes using a stylus
  234. Which Cisco switch to get ???
  235. High Definition Audio Device
  236. upgrading a 750ti to 960 worth it?
  237. How's the specs on this laptop?
  238. Samsung laptop - can't get into BIOS
  239. Anyone with the Galaxy s5/NOte 4 - Honest opinion of performance (battery)
  240. Media Not Showing in FTP
  241. ? Toronto kijiji seller - Sherwin @ 647-856-1179 ?
  242. Other modems for Bell VDSL wholesale service
  243. Where can I still buy an iPhone on the price before increase?
  244. Desktop Needed - Budget $400~< Suggestions?
  245. HDMI/Computer/Receiver Issue
  246. Where Can I Buy UK Power Plugs In Waterloo?
  247. Help with Modem > Router > Router
  248. Connecting telephone network to VOIP adapter (Obi 200)
  249. Who can replace the hard drive on my Dell Notebook properly
  250. Home theater help...
  251. Hi-Fi Equipment Repair
  252. Cheap Telephone Landline in GTA?
  253. Analog Telephone Adapter question
  254. how to get to directly to to mail instead of having to press mail button f
  255. Can you hang a Monitor like a TV on a wall??
  256. Feedback / recommendations on an android tv box
  257. Considering buying a new monitor in a few months
  258. I need help removing Salus Adware
  259. is this a great deal? (HP 15.6" Laptop $299)
  260. What programmable keyboard?
  261. New Desktop Computer Build for Business
  262. Mid-range Gaming Rig?
  263. Which computer is better?
  264. What multimeter do you use ? recommendations
  265. Need Help Regarding Voltage Converters
  266. Any Dr Dre Beats on sale?
  267. Old networking sharing problem with windows 7 - has it ever been fixed?
  268. My first month with Vmedia
  269. Laptop & External HDD Recommendation?
  270. how to make my phone ring?
  271. gtx970 or gtx980
  272. HDMI splitters
  273. Alternative to the Apple Watch...cheaper too
  274. Android device online location history is cool
  275. Which SSD 'best practices' are now dated?
  276. Alienware Aurora R4 - Graphics card runs loud and constantly
  277. Microsoft Wireless Device Adapter
  278. Router speed slower than modem? Help
  279. How do I find the specs of my computer and how much it's worth?
  280. Best ISP in Ontario
  281. Bell Offered Me A Deal
  282. Kodi APTV Replacement
  283. Which VPN services take your anonymity seriously? 2015 EDITION
  284. article: ASUS - violated radio interference rules
  285. 15 Years Later I'm Still Laughing At Y2K Scare-Mongerers & Their Victims
  286. CBC Article: Internet carriers may be breaching Canadian privacy laws
  287. Anybody remember "the beast" promo for the movie A.I.?
  288. Alternative to google voice?
  289. True ISP speed?
  290. Google cast for audio
  291. Zebra: Duties free?
  292. Looking to switch my Internet Provider (ISP) !
  293. CRTC reducing Canadian content requirements
  294. Home Theater Speaker Placement
  295. Windows Home Basic Activation Mystery
  296. Google Chrome browser problem - corrupted downloads/images
  297. Cheapo win8 tablet with pen/stylus digitizer
  298. Privacy improvement for Netherlands-based VPNs
  299. Looking for simplest and cheapest way to get a legal Windows 7 Pro key
  300. How long does 7-11 fill-up voucher last?
  301. Good quality telephone wire?
  302. Computer Suggestions
  303. Oops, everybody is unsafe now
  304. Need help picking computer parts
  305. Need help picking a tablet
  306. Huge backlog from Canada Computers, MIR will expire
  307. Configuring Airport extreme 5th gen to use channels 12 - 14
  308. apple financing services
  309. Interesting Article - Anatomy of a Hack
  310. suggestions for a labtop deal around $300ish?
  311. Suggestions for new Macbook
  312. Brother all-in-one laser printer MFC-L2700DW?
  313. Android Tablet
  314. Parts of Hamilton to avoid?
  315. Wiping hard drives and devices before selling or rmaing.
  316. cat5e wall plate
  317. Latest CNET comparison review of Roku/AppleTV/FireTV/Chromecast/Nexus
  318. Golden boy macbook
  319. Best websites for getting unlock codes
  320. Dell laptops, want to learn basic troubleshooting (do-it-yourself)
  321. PC For Minecraft
  322. Acanac Email down
  323. cheapest laptop with 1920 display ?
  324. [SOLVED] Laptop does not start
  325. VMedia vs Start (which plan is better?)
  326. USB external drive not plug and play?
  327. Anyone w/ VMedia?
  328. & OBi100 VoIP - 150 Sip scanner calls per day.....
  329. Will new router increase DL speed
  330. i5-4690K PCPARTPICKER
  331. Ask me anything about SIP and VoIP Telephony
  332. Using 4k TV as computer monitor
  333. YouTube App and pre-2012 "Smart" TVs (Sony, Panasonic, etc.)
  334. Anyone have experience with Hitachi HDD RMA?
  335. Canada Computers in-store price match a lie
  336. Need a new router
  337. ‘Universe’ Operating System
  338. HTPC/light gaming build
  339. Canada-based webhosting suggestions?
  340. Need help choosing a Heart Rate monitor
  341. Suggestion for a cheap laptop for the wife?
  342. Home Server Build ... Is there a better case?
  343. Difference between TV brands worth the quality/price?
  344. Think Twice About Buying a GTX 970
  345. Laptop
  346. CC: Sennheiser RS 116II Wireless Headphones $69.99
  347. My chrome is having a fit?
  348. is this 100% genuine?
  349. Desktop computer keeps shutting off - reasons ?
  350. Need Cheaper ISP in Pickering (Acanac, Contact or ElectronicBox or what?)
  351. After monitoring MacBook Pro refurbished site over 2 months, finally made a decision
  352. Alternate AC current to furnace
  353. AMD FM2+ cheap budget build - need advice
  354. Looking for a laptop, any recommendations? Budget $1100-$1200.
  355. Nexus 7 2013 Wifi in DEAD loop! Help!
  356. Anyone ever RMAed Kingston RAM before?
  357. Why does the cost of tv, internet and home phone keep going up so frequently?
  358. SA8300HD vs. Cisco 8642HD?
  359. best sony headphones under 50CAD
  360. When your isp changes your plan any way to fight it?
  361. Which TV to buy?
  362. Pricecheck on this laptop?
  363. Delete please
  364. Blu ray players
  365. Linux users on Bell ISP, MacAfee internet security no use?
  366. Video player for car headrest that plays .avi or .mkv
  367. BC based VPS
  368. personal cloud storage NAS device - what do you suggest?
  369. APC Battery replacement for my UPS in Toronto?
  370. WD My Cloud EX4 Diskless: High-Performance NAS $399.98
  371. HTPC lag problem when watching video from NAS
  372. Help me program my XM 3 Andriod TV media box please?
  373. Is this build worth $950?
  374. Do You Guys Still Peck Like Chickens At Your Keyboards?
  375. Recommendations for Macbook keyboard cover
  376. kodi 15 needs android 4.2 or better
  377. Asus Download Manager issue
  378. Is it worth to upgrade old laptop(ddr2 4gb ram)?
  379. What are some comfortable computer keyboards?
  380. Which RAM is better?
  381. Wi-Fi AP no good?
  382. Is the iMac with retina a good buy?
  383. Pricecheck on Iphone 5 and Nexus 7?
  384. First time DSL with TekSavvy
  385. MS Word 13 Pro
  386. Worth it to salvage ink from unused cartridges? (brother printer)
  387. RIP GTalk: Finally Google Shut Down GTalk
  388. replacement laptop battery suggestions for an Asus R500A Laptop
  389. RAM Compatibility?
  390. iPad Air vs iPad mini 2
  391. Finally cutting the cord and telling Rogers to...: Hardware recommendations needed
  392. Which stores match online price?
  393. Cancelling Bell - 30 day rule
  394. Windows 8.1 - can't adjust microphone levels
  395. Anyway to read toronto public library ebook on Kindle touch?
  396. Help with new iPad mini 2 setup apps
  397. Google announces plans to become telco
  398. Cannot send mail using server gmail... (MAC OS X)
  399. Best 3.5 inch enclosure?
  400. Primus 25/10 ,15/10 Ontario opinion?
  401. Free ISO mounting software
  402. jacked up prices for 2015 ?
  403. Xaiomi Router Reviews
  404. How do I download Youtube videos?
  405. Looking for internet providers in Hamilton Mountain area.
  406. Neo Smartpen N2, looks good. What do you think?
  407. third party firmware for Linksys E2500 (apart from DD-WRT)
  408. Intel current Atom CPU vs Cherry Trail?
  409. ATV 3 U.S Channels Access?
  410. comwave and others.
  411. Should I put an HDD in my computer or save it as an external drive?
  412. Selling on Kijiji vs Ebay, your opinions?
  413. Help me cut down on the number of devices?
  414. Best deal for tv at 70ish inches
  415. Target Quad Core Tablet Choice
  416. Selling On Ebay, Advice Please
  417. Help me find a silent, but fast Windows compatible desktop.
  418. Xbox music crashing
  419. Safe to add image tags to FLACs?
  420. Apple Watch Will Replace Car Keys
  421. What's the best chat or video chat service nowadays?
  422. Rogers Executive Calls on Canadian Government to Shut Down VPNs
  423. Should I buy Refurbished Keyboard/Mouse? MK520?
  424. Suggestions for bluetooth stereo receiver to make wired headphones wireless
  425. Frequent "This webpage is not available" error in Chrome?
  426. Telus Internet 25: my UL speed is only 3
  427. Telus Actiontech V1000h Modem/Router Ports
  428. xbmc box
  429. Why do Downloads Generate Upload Bandwidth Usage?
  430. Where to sell empty toner cartridges in Toronto?
  431. Need some help deciding which Over the Ear headphones to Purchase.
  432. Recommended best practices for replacing a small computer network?
  433. [rant] websites looking at your location
  434. HELP: Small Business Windows Network Setup
  435. Recommendations for a laptop?
  436. HP Envy 15 discrete video card fan noise problem – AMD Radeon HD 7690M – Windows 8.1
  437. Recommend Reliable 2 Bay NAS
  438. How does Google backup work?
  439. 3d camera recommendation?
  440. Thousands of Telus internet users may get dinged for data starting March 30
  441. Recommend a wireless mouse
  442. solution for dash cam setup?
  443. vmware player pro vs workstation
  444. Watching TV on Mac and PC - suggestions on what to buy
  445. Cheapest place to buy Chromecast?
  446. Tablet Recommendation
  447. FYI: Canadian Government Spies On Millions Of File-Sharers
  448. If you know a better internet company,plz kindly tell me,I will be much more thankful
  449. Netflix or XBMC add on - Internet Usage
  450. Bought an Acer, not sure about touchpad...
  451. Superfish vulnerability not limited to Lenovo computers
  452. Tired of acanac? take your frustration out in this thread. acanac sucks.
  453. Capacitor question
  454. Why Globe and Mail VPN not working on iPhone?
  455. Found old external HDD, should I put it in my computer?
  456. Question about wifi repeater
  457. Outdoor LAN line - How to protect from someone splicing into it?
  458. sharing files on a Windows 7 computer over a network
  459. Gaming headset - upgrade worth or not?
  460. What do you do with your old hard drives?
  461. Dual WAN router? Anyone suggest one?
  462. Looking to buy external DVD RW to use with laptop w/o optical drive
  463. Question about Ipad
  464. Telus announces Netflix now available on all their TV boxes
  465. Recommend an Android media player
  466. Is my hard drive or usb enclosure dying? Recommend me something else!
  467. Should I be replacing my current router?
  468. Archer C7 vs Refurb RT-N66
  469. What are best hosting providers?
  470. TP-LINK TL-WR940N Wireless N300 Home Router $24.98
  471. Roku - internet streaming question
  472. Need a tilting monitor mount
  473. PORT # from FreePhoneLine ?
  474. Corsair H80i GT CPU Liquid Cooler
  475. gtx980
  476. Music-oriented home audio setup advice needed
  477. Google-backed AI is Atari Pro with trial and error
  478. Should I upgrade my hard drive to SSD ?
  479. how big is your hard disk?
  480. Digital to Analog Audio Conv. to use headphones on flat screen. Can you buy locally?
  481. Which lightweight linux distro to use?
  482. new xbmc or kodi addons
  483. Set up VPN on 2nd router running as switch
  484. Splash top vs jump desktop vs Chrome remote desktop etc.
  485. rec'd good strong 802.11ac wouter!
  486. looking for this mickey mouse usb!!
  487. Bell Fibe 50 Modem?
  488. Antivirus, malware protectors, and secure internet browsing software
  489. iPad Air (1) Box Question to anyone that can assist..
  490. DX12 could possibly allow you to run both NVidia and AMD cards in SLI
  491. Audio and the PS3, please advise, thx
  492. teksavvy slow speed dsl
  493. Teksavvy Internet - 15 mbps vs 25 mbps?
  494. Anyone use a solar panel?
  495. Raspberry Pi 2 hard drive
  496. 1440P monitor decision
  497. Top and Bottom freeze frame for website?
  498. Low Power CPU
  499. Do you cover your camera holes? (computers/cellphones/etc?)
  500. Telus Actiontec router - anyone know pass for firmware 31.121L.12 or 31.121L.13 ???
  501. Coaxial connector broke off TV... recommendations for solutions? HD TV Tuner/PVR?
  502. Telus Question: Re-sign 3 yr, free stuff?
  503. Any tips on how to eliminate my home phone?
  504. iMac Repair
  505. Mass Fidelity Core, high end Bluetooth Speaker
  506. HOT- Class Action Electronic Suit - Canadians Only - $20 min Claim - No Reciepts
  507. Credit card extended warranty
  508. Question re: RocketFish TV Mount
  509. Using DAC
  510. Kairos Smartwatches
  511. Stereo amp for outdoor?
  512. VMedia is increasing my internet fee by 25%
  513. Budget CPU Cooler suggestions
  514. Blog Websites and Templates
  515. Best picture viewer?
  516. Best UPS Under $70
  517. No thumb namil preview after pic transfer onto phone
  518. -- minix neo z64 windows 8.1 media player
  519. Logitech MX5500 Keyboard won't connect to bluetooth receiver
  520. Gigabit Switch NEEDED for IP phones??
  521. cheapest basic Bluray player?
  522. The NSA is back again, infecting hard drive firmware
  523. smart rg sr505n leaving on at all times?
  524. Samsung Galaxy S4 ?
  525. Windows 8.1 join a domain workaround?
  526. How do I change the fan settings w/o going to the UEFI/BIOS ?
  527. Primus Internet (through Costco) 25/10 DSL Unlimited Bandwidth $40.95 (2 yr term)
  528. Google contacts question
  529. Sony just unveiled the stupidest product in the history of the universe
  530. Domain Names are so expensive now
  531. Folders that just appeared and I can't delete
  532. Bell Internet Price Increase - Please help!
  533. Purchasing extra Apple Lightning cables - authentic vs non
  534. Best place to buy a gaming PC.
  535. Why these sites can tell my IP address when a VPN is used?
  536. Returning items from eBay
  537. Unlocking Telus Actiontec V1000H Router?
  538. Best clone software for PC
  539. Graphics cards and Windows 8 UEFI
  540. Computer Build IDing help - Gamers out there?
  541. Lenovo caught installing adware on new computers
  542. HDCP stripper/splitter - where to get?
  543. SIIG Triple Monitor Stand
  544. Bookshelf Speakers- SP-BS22-LR vs Polk...
  545. iPad Air body protection skin
  546. Anyone use Blur Masked Cards before?
  547. Netflix downgraded my plan!
  548. TELUS and overuse. Just Pay? ---> OK saw the other post.
  549. Which case to get for Ipad Mini 2 for kid
  550. Installing Windows 8.1 on a new HP computer. Is it possible?
  551. Worth buying Windows 7 computer now? Rop
  552. Downloading music. New laws 2015
  553. Recover Windows 7 Install
  554. Shoppers Drug Mart Lloyd 24 inch LED 1080p TV/DVD Combo Review 168.88 on Black Friday
  555. How to get Windows 7 so I can format and reinstall?
  556. Router recommendation
  557. Which modem to get for Start Comm?
  558. to learn how to build a comp?
  559. 50" led smart tv
  560. [solved] Lock soft & hard buttons on Android device while on YouTube?
  561. Looking for an Ipad app that is a stopwatch, any ideas?
  562. Changes to telus optic tv themes and line up...
  563. How to disable the proxy in puffin Web browser in ios? Thanks
  564. Another Ooma vs. question
  565. Bitcoin Question ?
  566. Rogers Gave Me An Offer I Couldn't Refuse
  567. Relocating Bell fibe dry loop modem
  568. who has coupon?
  569. 2015 Dell XPS 13 keyboard cover?
  570. CNET's 2015 summary of media players: Roku is still best
  571. RC Helicopter withOUT remote
  572. OTA television recording...what do you use?
  573. RG6 / Cat5e/6 - Where's the best place to buy in the GTA?
  574. Android TV Box through offer
  575. Question about micro SD card model numbers and compatibilty
  576. thermal pad
  577. CyberPower Vs APC
  578. Lenovo taken to task over 'malicious' adware
  579. Most reliable hosting site out there?
  580. Find me a laptop?
  581. TV networks speeding up old shows to fit in more ads
  582. Help pick a tablet please :(
  583. Convert Office 365 Personal to Office 365 Home for Just $9.99
  584. 4TB not recognized (only as 2TB)
  585. Cannot leave country when buying steal laptop?
  586. Auto install drivers for laptop
  587. Keep losing internet access, but wifi network remains connected. Fixes?
  588. Looking for a G8 based 120v LED flat piece bulb
  589. Need Laptop Recommendations
  590. Device causing wifi to disconnect
  591. Bell Fibe TV
  592. Irritating Outlook issue
  593. home phone with cordless headset
  594. Bell dsl poi
  595. Teksavvy - not workin, SOLVED.
  596. What is CORNING ADSL/VDSL POTS Splitter? Does this mean that I can only use DSL?
  597. Can my rMBP power this 24" 4K Monitor? (Dell P2415Q)
  598. Plex/PlayOn Hard drive usage
  599. New Internet-Connected Barbie Can Have Full Conversations
  600. Can I get my old PC to work as a HT PC cheaply?
  601. Can you recommend a good web hosting service for business?
  602. Kodi from the US? is it viable? Legality wise
  603. Samsung TV - UN40F6300AFXZC Turning on and off on its own.
  604. Why does Chromecast require WAN?
  605. Help Setting Up Voicemail on Multiple Phones (Land Line)
  606. Alienware Alpha i5 for casual gaming
  607. External Harddrives Reliability?
  608. Best vpn setup?
  609. [WTB] Where to Buy RC Helicopter?
  610. Wireless internet modem in New Zealand?
  611. Raspberry Pi XBMC/Kodi - file format support
  612. Where to buy RCA -> 1 plug cable in GTA for cheap ?
  613. Getting a new motherboard - question about USB 3 on front of case
  614. Rural Internet Options
  615. Please Recommend AV Component Rack
  616. Recommend me a computer store that solders capacitors in Mississauga
  617. Cell/iphone unlocking ???
  618. Has anyone bought online from Staples and asked shipping to your address?
  619. Prometheous tv box
  620. Over the ear headphones
  621. Galaxy Tab S 8.4 - broken screen
  622. Is this desktop good for multitasking?
  623. Need a good video app for iPad
  624. Club Nintendo Closing. Claim your coins while you still can.
  625. Just cut the TV cord, need advice..
  626. How about the discount service of the Internet in Toronto?
  627. Gateway 15.6" Laptop, Up to 3.1GHz Intel Core i7-2670QM, 8GB RAM, 1TB HDD (NV57H18h)
  628. Hisense 50K23DGW - 50" 1080p LED Smart TV good tv?
  629. Kiosk pc or tablet recommendation
  630. I live in Scarborough, and I would like to install Internet service. Which company
  631. VHS Tapes to Digital
  632. comp specs for 32-40" TV
  633. Intel Next Unit of Computing / NUC
  634. Bluetooth Stylus for Hand-writing on Windows 8 Tablets (Transformer Book T100A)
  635. Cogeco's new TIVO home system
  636. NCIX Recertified?
  637. Telus V2000H Password
  638. Windows Desktop Icons
  639. GPS Tracking Device
  640. Samsung Smart TV - getting IP address but cannot connect to Internet
  641. Craiglist reply email address
  642. Suggestions for a desktop unit to run adobe photoshop?
  643. My Thinkpad Carbon X1 - What's It Worth?
  644. Computer Won't Power On
  645. How to screen shot? in jpeg...
  646. Roku 3 streaming media player
  647. Returning laptop to TigerDirect
  648. Any VOIP providers for New Brunswick? (besides Vonage)
  649. Best Free OCR software
  650. New PC build
  651. Stonewalled by Bell Rep, what?
  652. Potential Deal at EB Games?
  653. anyone use a Samsung h7150 or sony w800b
  654. Ipad Car Headrest Mount?
  655. Switched from Bell to Rogers Internet, Can't send email on Outlook
  656. Xposed Framework for Android 5.0 is here!
  657. What is this weird phone cable called?
  658. Is the external hardrive broken?
  659. What website is used to unlock iPhones?
  660. Xiaomi TV Box 2 - Works in Canada ??
  661. TV EXPERTS: What the heck is wrong with this TV?
  662. PS3 slim AC power cord
  663. Best backup software for windows 8
  664. Seller Shipping options - Ebay
  665. VPN question (PIA)
  666. Lenovo Z50 vs ???
  667. I found this Bell promotion on kijiji 78$ for 3 services
  668. Anyone using a Brother J450/650/870DW printer w/ 3rd party ink?
  669. Suggest Internet for Scarborough
  670. Inkjet vs Laser Printer Cost-effectiveness
  671. primus cable internet reviews?
  672. GB Network Slow in 1 room
  673. HIS Radeon R9 270X IceQ X2 2GB PCI-E w/ DVI, HDMI, Dual DP
  674. Refurb Tablet Defective Battery Advice
  675. Reverse Polish Notation (RPN) Calculators
  676. Opinions on 4G as only internet access?
  677. client can't print a document on HP ENVY 4500 AIO printer over Wi-Fi
  678. Where to buy replacement keyboard for laptop?
  679. help - good deal? good comp? Dell Inspiron 11 3147 Signature Edition 2 in 1 PC
  680. Picking a Projector
  681. Have you ever tried Alt-F (NAS 3rd party firmware)
  682. At boot, I recieve an unknown pop up saying "Not support this model"
  683. UFile/Chrome Browser Incompatibility?
  684. imgur goes free
  685. Another torrent site down. And then up!
  686. The best computer I can build
  687. Help a newbie to matricom g-box q interface
  688. Adding picture signature to outlook help!!
  689. If you get hacked, does a hacker use your IP address or not?
  690. Opinion: Bad time to purchase a new GPU?
  691. Smart TV Voice Recognition Software Could Transmit Our Info?
  692. MBA laptop
  693. Why TPIA providers (e.g. Teksavvy) no longer offers 150/10 speeds?
  694. Internet deal ?
  695. Help with Video Editing Workstation Build
  696. Lenovo Z50 Upgrade
  697. Home Audio in ceiling speakers?
  698. Ordering from the US (Korean 1440p monitor)
  699. rMBP13 vs Dell XPS 13 vs. Inspiron 15 4k Ultra? Any others? Need opinions! :)
  700. When are new cpu's coming to stores?
  701. Help please with buying this laptop asap !
  702. What am I doing right/wrong with my HTPC/cord cutter build? Opinions sought
  703. What would you do?
  704. Laptop for a software developer
  705. Which tv is better?
  706. how is quality of canada computer build your own desktop?
  707. telus router
  708. Advice on unlocking Koodo Iphone 4
  709. Apple TV Newbie
  710. Laptop suggestions
  711. And you thought Monster cables were expensive...
  712. Google TV...compared to Fire TV, thoughts
  713. Who Were The Guys Saying That Rogers "Extreme" Internet Cap Was 300 GB?
  714. Help with choosing a computer
  715. How do I find out if my 8.1 Pro OS is collecting data?
  716. GTA Antenna
  717. Cryptocurrency other than Bitcoin... Is it worth mining?
  718. Need a new desktop replacement/gaming laptop... Sub-$1000. Recommendations?
  719. Aliexpress blatant scams?
  720. looking for an android tablet?
  721. Apple TV 2 no longer being supported by XBMC/ KODI find hot replacements here
  722. Panasonic Eneloop Charger Kit 8xAA and 4xAAA (4th Gen, not Sanyo) - $46.99
  723. Disadvantages of not doing a 30-30-30 reset?
  724. Looking For Sony Battery
  725. Where can I Rogers HD PVR Scientific Atlanta Explorer 8300HD AC Power supply cord?
  726. My Teksavvy Cable Internet speeds have been really bad for a couple month ?
  727. Same issue with 2 Intel boards in 24 hours!
  728. Just splurged on the Dell U2715H monitor; any better in its price range?
  729. Static shock instantly shuts down server - solutions?
  730. When do google play credits from the chromecast expire?
  731. Help with Excel
  732. Best and cheapest UNLIMITED VOIP service with BYOD
  733. Computers cause power outs?
  734. Landline Phones and alarm system
  735. Best prebuilt system for $500
  736. suggestions abt these laptops ?
  737. Should I Buy A MacBook Pro?
  738. good media player box?
  739. AMD Radeon R9 380X Benchmarks
  740. Is this a good deal on a GPU?
  741. PowerBeats 2 Wireless Earphones Worth It??
  742. Wireless Home Phone
  743. Where to buy 3rd party warranty in Canada? Is there a SquareTrade equivalent?
  744. Software to clone HD to SSD ?
  745. What wifi adapter should I get?
  746. Youtube Dropped frames
  747. How's this laptop ?
  748. lock
  749. In China what reliable brand name for TV?
  750. please recommend a good external hard drive
  751. Place to order i5 cpu in US cheaper than Canada?
  752. Bell announces rival to Rogers Shomi streaming TV
  753. Domain Renewal
  754. Sony Walkman - where to buy in-store?
  755. sharing a USB printer to Bell Home Hub/Connection Hub
  756. Who Buys Used Lenovo's from IBM?
  757. 4T Seagate External driving me crazy with WDTV Live
  758. Anything worthwhile to buy on Google Play? Need to spend credits...
  759. Toronto apartment walls and VESA mount.
  760. Signing Up With Private Internet Access with Prepaid CC
  761. Redbox closing, where to rent bluray discs now?
  762. Help! Netflix nw-4-8 error
  763. Small AV Receiver/Amp
  764. IPS monitor $200~ budget - need help finding one
  765. Need advice on best rechargeable batteries and charger for XB1 and toys, eneloops?
  766. Monoprice: 30" 2560x1600 G-Pro Slim LED Backlit -US$751
  767. Samsung Chromebook
  768. Microsoft Outlook for iOS - Way better than Apple's iPhone email app
  769. Internet Issues (WIFI and streaming)
  770. Problem with SD Card.
  771. Acer Converter Port & mini-DisplayPort compatibility
  772. New PC build for Dad. Any advice? Updated
  773. Wiping hard drive help!!
  774. How much can I sell these laptops for?
  775. USB 3.0 dock with speaker jack and mini display port: Do these exist?
  776. Proxy for P2P
  777. Where to buy those charging thingies locally?
  778. How to install google remote desktop manually? Thanks
  779. Can a bluetooth mouse be connected to an iPad 2?
  780. Why do some things end up jarbled when printed?
  781. Affordable 1440p Monitor?
  782. Cancelling three year cell phone contract after two years?
  783. Which HDD to go with now?
  784. What is the best(preferably cheap) software to watch blu-ray discs on PC?
  785. Best online retailer for high end office chair
  786. Canadian BILL C-648 - Dangers of Wifi, Cellphone Radiation and other wireless devices
  787. Are there products similar to pressy for Android?
  788. Antenna recomendations in Newmarket
  789. ACN or Primus for VOIP Home Phone
  790. Xiaomi Pistons Review: A different kind of earphone
  791. Bitcoin for DogNZB???
  792. 550 PSU good for 7970/280x?
  793. reasonably priced gaming desktop
  794. Microsoft Store Careful of Warranties
  795. First gaming build, what do you guys think?
  796. PLEX Regarding Uncategorized Content
  797. Spell Chek in Mac
  798. Any way to auto-rip and convert my blurays?
  799. usb hub reccomendations
  800. AdBlock Plus accepting money to let advertisers bypass their blocking
  801. How to use apple appstore credit - no idevices anymore
  802. Cheapest and easiest way to keep data secure between multiple users?
  803. Question re: IP address
  804. Can I get a second opinion?
  805. Best place to get iPad mini 2 price in Ontario
  806. Macbook Air - Hinges
  807. Telus DNS outage - suspicious
  808. Benq W1070 vs Epson 3020
  809. Invites?
  810. Seeking advice: how to spend my 50 CAD gift card in MS Store
  811. Which laser printer?
  812. What other big company email services exist besides icloud(me), live(outlook, hotmail
  813. Has anyone bought the VIZIO 70" 1080p 240Hz LED Smart TV (M702i-B3)?
  814. Recommend me a microphone for making youtube videos
  815. Loud computer
  816. Best cheapest hosting service as now?
  817. Android - checking if rooted - with a mainstream app
  818. Need help with Excel VBA
  819. Attachments showing up in body of email with Macmail
  820. Norton Internet Security Renewal - Any deal?
  821. How is ACN's new Rogers whole-sale cable plan?
  822. Best option for today's Superbowl for a Cord Cutter
  823. My board just died overnight - looking for some suggestions please! Intel DG33TL
  824. Internet/Home Phone providers NOT Bell or Rogers
  825. is down
  826. Fujitsu Stylistic Tablet - how much to sell for?
  827. Chromecast Question(s)
  828. How do I speed up a Galaxy Tan Pro 12.2 ?
  829. Cheapest tablet to play Hearthstone?
  830. Sonos Playbar + Sonos Bridge
  831. External HDD's...
  832. Newbie SSD laptop install questions.
  833. Shaw price increase
  834. iPhone 4s unlocking
  835. Help me choose: Lenovo T440 or T540?
  836. Asus Transformer T1100am vs Upcoming release T100 Chi
  837. should I upgrade my computer?
  838. Fixed - ignore
  839. Best cheapo webcam (< 40 $) ?
  840. which modem is compatible with teksavvy DSL 25/10
  841. GTX 970 Memory Bug?
  842. Using multiple Network connections on same comp
  843. Slingbox Sucks
  844. Hey VPN users Check for DNS leaks
  845. Help! My SSD is not being recognized
  846. Fire Stick for iOS
  847. Thinking of switching back to Rogers from Teksavvy
  848. Shipping & Handling & Brokerage Fees are HIGH
  849. Slow internet on computer
  850. Kodi/xbmc dropping support for appletv 2
  851. Computer Build for OFFICE USE (Recommendations)
  852. Primus Internet (through Costco)
  853. My Bell internet cuts out couple of times per day - is it my end or theirs ?
  854. Switched to left hand mouse at work
  855. looking for colour laser printer for brochure and marketing printout
  856. Mods Please Delete
  857. BETTER: Sonos Play 5 or dedicated amp/receiver and pair of speakers?
  858. Using PCI E x1 slot underneath double slot gfx card
  859. Logitech M570 worst of both worlds? youtube review inside
  860. Home-use Printers?
  861. Rogers internet: moving modem upstairs.
  862. CRTC decisions on Superbowl ads and mobile TV services
  863. Advice on buying on-ear headphones for working out
  864. moving a dry loop
  865. Anyone familiar with MS Access? Need help.
  866. Cheapo Tablet 10" that will play any movie format?
  867. Need help with Printer for Posters??
  868. Logging into skype on HP Stream 7
  869. Thinking about buying a used 17" macbook
  870. Is is possible to change the screen of a Laptop?
  871. Gaming Mouses with 3+ year warranty.
  872. Setup router to prevent access to site even with VPN?
  873. Looking for a certain type of old CRT
  874. anyone use a "smart" surge protector strip?
  875. Firmware update bans use of quadcopter in geographic area
  876. Install build in microphone? Monitor
  877. Computer Review
  878. Gopro batteries (Aliexpress)?
  879. Cable-cutting: What video streaming equipment are you using?
  880. Return of The Pirate Bay
  881. Dual service possible?
  882. Internet issues with "Connection was reset", on multiple devices
  883. blu-rayplayer with 30 sec rewind?
  884. Google Sync - Gmail
  885. Wipe about Apple stores and their products
  886. Upgrading an old PC as a HTPC
  887. spilled water on laptop keyboard, won't power on. What should I do?
  888. Dropbox outage
  889. any advantage between laptop and desktop with the same i7 other than....
  890. Building PC 1st Time, Need Your Inputs!
  891. What is going to be the next big leap in Intel CPUs?
  892. What's going on with CIK?
  893. Upgrading Thompson TG784 Router
  894. OTA Antenna with Cable Internet
  895. Bluetooth Software for Windows Laptop
  896. Test
  897. VOIP features: or Anveo?
  898. Upgrading old PC for some moderate gaming - Suggestions?
  899. Acer Iconia One 7 - Thoughts?
  900. Help me find a computer to buy!
  901. Boosting cell reception
  902. P5W64-WS-ASUS-PRO bios corruption need help
  903. Can't control receiver from main floor
  904. Upgrade time. Would like input. Please and thanks.
  905. All-in-one or mini pc?
  906. home network help possible scratch bell 2wire system ??
  907. Dropcam ?
  908. Mac Mini 2014 Question
  909. System Reserved showing 5%. Is that an issue??
  910. Best CPU + Motherboard combo for $200?
  911. Windows 10 preview available now
  912. Laptop screen
  913. Bell satellite receiver, difficulty changing channels
  914. good budget mediaplayers? (WD TV)
  915. Hidden video recorder, where to get?
  916. RESOLVED:BSOD, and now it says Insert Boot media.
  917. Air Mouse recommendation for Minix X8-H Plus?
  918. Windows 7 64-bit install via USB drive
  919. G-Box-Midnight reviews?
  920. Virtual Machine + OS for Torrent box?
  921. What would you say is the resale value of this Velocity desktop?
  922. Is it possible? Did I actually get a defective Intel CPU?
  923. Question about the typical availability of refurb iPad mini 3 at Apple Canada online
  924. Cannot get Wake on LAN to work
  925. PSU to MOBO(ASROCK A97 Anniversary
  926. gtx 960 flop
  927. Upgrading from a GTX275 + new SSD
  928. Gaming computer build. Need help!
  929. Help obtaining an Amazon Fire TV
  930. Windows 7 and 8 keys
  931. Justify my purchase
  932. Usb kvm ........
  933. PHP Website Template
  934. Keep an eye on your Google Play Credit expiry date.
  935. Mouse Box PC
  936. budget keyboard - recommendations\
  937. Are Canada iPads same as China ipads?
  938. looking 11.6 laptop touchscreen with 500gb
  939. Suggestions for tablets with Qi wireless charging (other than N7 FHD)
  940. Modem for Rogers internet
  941. Chromecast vs Miracast
  942. Inbox By Gmail - invite thread
  943. Cheap projector
  944. Stream Pictures from Network Share to TV
  945. bang for buck (storage wise)
  946. Building a PC
  947. Good Cable Alternative? INL3D TV and Movies
  948. Unoffical Canon Drivers?
  949. How to save this image? (jp2)
  950. Phone line techncian?
  951. Synology/QNap NAS for web server
  952. No coaxial cable input
  953. samsung UN55H7100 or sony w800b ?
  954. Wireless router suggestions?
  955. Artcle - 7 myths about VPN logging and anonymity
  956. Syncing Outlook Calendar (Win 8) to iOS Devices
  957. Remote controls for XBMC?
  958. Smartwatch
  959. Bell Home Hub 2000 (Sagemcom 5250)
  960. Monitor Suggestion - Must Pivot
  961. Keyboard rec's for Apple iPad 4th generation? Rop
  962. Want good sound quality cell earbuds on a budget
  963. Weird video playback problem
  964. Remote control not working - cheap Sony DVD player
  965. I saw 94 ad blocked; insane
  966. Need Help With Purchasing an AV Receiver
  967. CRTC - Ban 30 day cancellation policy: Jan 23, 2015
  968. splitting hdmi from ps3
  969. Best SSD for Ultrabook (7mm)
  970. Movie box for iPad mini
  971. Distributel IPTV and Shaw Cable wholesale rates
  972. Moving to TekSavvy from Bell: Can I keep my modem?
  973. Apple (Mac Mini) worth purchasing? Computer for seniors ROP
  974. Where to buy External Power Amps in GTA
  975. Why do I get lag?
  976. Best 32" HDTV for the buck
  977. New PC - suggestions
  978. Thinking about buying a Karaoke setup for my GF's birthday, but I'm lost!
  979. How do you get the Facebook notifications you want, in your email?
  980. How do I convert a Kindle book to a PDf but be an exact duplicate?
  981. Using Freephoneline in a not-officially-supported province and area code?
  982. Obi100 issue - no caller ID *at all* from private callers?
  983. A way to avoid running ethernet?
  984. 3D TV flop: will the same thing happen to 4K TV ?
  985. Telus STB and year of Xbox Live Free (if you used xbox as a STB)
  986. What should I buy from best buy? $25 off $100
  987. Netflix - Quick Question
  988. Want to leave Bell why should I go TekSavvy / / Someone else ?
  989. Dell Trinitron P1130 CRT worth anything?
  990. ASUS transformer t100am models
  991. X1 Carbon vs Dell XPS - what should i get?
  992. Is this a good buy?
  993. Plex now available for PS3/PS4
  994. Ext Power Amp
  995. Are there any answering machines on the market with this simple feature?
  996. Is it possible to mod a WiiU and download .iso discs?
  997. Bell Fibe / V Media …looking for some advice
  998. Replacement UPS batteries
  999. Best bluetooth audio receiver for car?
  1000. Older Video Card: XFX Radeon HD 7750 Core Edition - Any Good?