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  1. Notary fees and the Montreal Home Ownership Program
  2. AzN_RiverdaleCI needs investing advice*newbie* *CURRENTLY READING ALL LINKS*
  3. How do debt consolodation loans work? Specifically being put onto your mortgage.
  4. Which Forms Are Necessary to Privately Sell a Condo in B.C.?
  5. Questrade unbelievable screw-up, EFT out $100, show up as twice withdrawal of $200
  6. Legal Settlement was taxed but haven't received proper form. Ideas?
  7. Filing Taxes date
  8. RRSP Question (DSCs)
  9. General questions about capital gains taxes on investments
  10. Mortgage broker failed to submit rate for firm pre-approval - is she responsible?
  11. Credit Union is taking a matter into court? (LOC)
  12. When will the CRA begin mailing out 2010 Notice of assesments?
  13. Small business shares within TFSA possible?
  14. Paying Collections Agency - Good or Bad?
  15. Trying to decide the best course for a TFSA and RRSP.
  16. Contractor Taxes
  17. Ripping Out My Hair Because My Totals with TurboTax Don't Make Sense!!
  18. Pension transfer value - where to put it?
  19. gst/hstc and ostc payments??
  20. Everything is so Bloody Expensive!!!
  21. Anyone Here With Experience In Appealing Property Assessments in Montreal?
  22. Borrow against tfsa for investments - deduct interest from taxes?
  23. Wrong Employer Information on Credit Report - Matters?
  24. What to buy to gain on recovery after a market fall?
  25. RESP - Will it be enough?
  26. tax reporting for account fees related to dividends
  27. Looking for good mortgage rate
  28. US Currency CND credit cards with no annual fees
  29. Any tips to boost credit score ?
  30. H&R Block Question.
  31. student part time job making over tax limit how to avoid taxes.
  32. Question about margin
  33. PC Financial Stole my money!!!
  34. New Home (Condo) - Buy vs Rent?
  35. Tenants in common vs condo
  36. Condo down payment
  37. TD Waterhouse financial planning
  38. Amex Aeroplan Platinum, 50K AE Miles, Expires June 15th, 2011
  39. CMHC Premium Refund for Improving Home Efficiency
  40. Home Insurance on a Rental/Investment property
  41. First time real estate seller - negotiating Realtor commission fees?
  42. Zero Hedge readers and Gold Bugs Gaming the system
  43. Penny wise and pound foolish
  44. TD AAdvantage Credit Card
  45. Beating inflation
  46. First Time Home Buyers Question (BC)
  47. Lumpsum payment question on mortgage
  48. applying for EI and going on a vacation...I am stuck in a situation...please advise.
  49. RRSP Overcontribution
  50. Renting Decision
  51. Knightsbridge trustworthy?
  52. Car Payment I Can Afford and that are reasonable??
  53. How do MR rebates on the Amex Gold work?
  54. MBNA Smart Cash?
  55. Lease with a roommate q's
  56. Netfile
  57. Market glitch and margin call
  59. Only have experience trading on Investopedia, looking to do some QuestTrade
  60. Help - Choosing Low Limit Student Credit Card on Fair Credit
  61. Questrade - Questions to those familiar
  62. How should I invest my money? (investing newbie)
  63. Why would cheque be sent on collection within Canada?
  64. How to plan to take advantage of OAS for overseas CDN retirees
  65. advice for retiring person with no pension/no rrsps
  66. Are Bank of China (Canada) accounts linkable to China
  67. HELP Married & How To Properly File Taxes
  68. How should I spend/invest my Tax Return?
  69. What's the cheapest/best way to convert CDN to US cash?
  70. [Merged] An aquaintance is asking for a 30K loan and is willing to gurantee it.
  71. Taking money out of RRSP..taxes..
  72. Student Line of Credit consolidation or balance transfer question....
  73. TD vs BMO for a savings account?
  74. Any Credit/Charge Cards with good anniversary bonus points/rewards?
  75. Hedge funds performance questions
  76. Expiry of Mortgage Pre-Approval
  77. Leveraged Investments
  78. public debt related question (federal and provincial government)
  79. Studiotax 2009 / 2010 - Filing 2009/2010 and other questions
  80. Questrade account types
  81. How Does One Buy US$ On Margin.
  82. New Account with Questrade.... Good Idea/Bad Idea?
  83. Questrade T3s: Are they out yet?
  84. American Express Credit Cards
  85. Does Anyone Have Experience With MBNA Canada Retentions?
  86. TD Select Account and ATM/ABM withdraw
  87. Considering buying a new home for the first time
  88. Private Pension Plan
  89. Recommendations - Need an account with a controversial bank
  90. Cibc visa
  91. RRSP TD E-Series Advice
  92. ETF Suggestions
  93. Bonds via USD Bond ETFs
  94. Harper to promise TFSA "enhancements"
  95. TFSA contribution room
  96. Closed a TD Account, any confirmation?
  97. buying td tfsa e-series funds as a non-td customer
  98. Worth contributing to a db plan
  99. Financial Advice
  100. ***The unofficial TD Waterhouse Investing thread***
  101. Which is relatively "Safe" option?
  102. TFSA details
  103. CIBC Imperial Service (I Want it!!) & HSBC Rant
  104. Annual General Meetings for Shareholders
  105. hOME BUYER withdrawal
  106. GIC quotes
  107. Scotialine LOC
  108. I am done with RBC direct investing
  109. Why do MasterCard cards always seem to have better rewards than Visa cards?
  110. Withdrawing several thousand dollars in cash?
  111. Any forseen promotions for opening TD Bank Chequing Account
  112. Electronic adhoc mortgage payments...
  113. Rental Income on Tax Return
  114. OANDA Currency Exchange - good, bad, or ugly???
  115. Accounting Question - Capital Gains
  116. Nevermind
  117. CMHC Fees
  118. Buying stock online?
  119. Best option for free cheques?
  120. Riskier ETFs
  121. Has anyone ever dealt with Western Union *Business Services* ?
  122. Rebalancing stocks
  123. Looking for Advice
  124. Market price vs. limit price
  125. Which AMEX card to appy for?
  126. Entering the real world
  127. Notice Of Assessment
  128. HELOC when your mortgage company doesn't offer them?
  129. Manitoba - New free banking offer from Cambrian Credit Union
  130. Selling property abroad- tax implications?
  131. Android app recommendation for personal finance
  132. Dressed like a bum with a lot of money
  133. Taxes on Cash Gifts
  134. Condominium vs Co-Operative: Any differences to watch out for?
  135. Filed Taxes but got Extra T slips afterwards ...
  136. Is CPP a good value?
  137. Postal Box in USA, worth it ?
  138. Few ?s about buying a home without any realtors
  139. Has anyone ever been re-assessed by the CRA for not filling as common law?
  140. Does anyone have experience with Bouncing Stocks / Rolling Stocks?
  141. So its TAX time again - and I'm not sure what to do!
  142. Stocks Income Tax Question: Take Over
  143. Self employed mortgage
  144. Any sign up bonus on RBC Classic Gold Visa Card?
  145. Does it make sense to remortgage into RRSP's ??
  146. Question about Tuition Carryover from 2009
  147. Landlord requesting local bank?
  148. How much risk am I really taking with index funds?
  149. Does US credit score screwup affect Canadian Credit?
  150. CMHC with Credit Card
  151. Possible to trade in foreign market while living in Canada?
  152. marital status tax question
  153. reporting babysitting income
  154. Best rewards card for a student
  155. over contribution to rrsp
  156. Stock portfolio tracking site
  157. Foreign Money - Inheritence Question
  158. Help with filing Work at Home Expense
  159. When to wash trades
  160. Credit Card Backed Bonds
  161. TD ATM deposit
  162. 2 credit card accounts into 1 avion account?
  163. Question about PA and RRSP
  164. Best Credit Card for student?
  165. HOw do i get money from Harris bank in USA to Canada?
  166. Income Taxes & Driver's License & Health Card - Conundrum
  167. Prepaid CC for internet poker
  168. ID Calcualtion for scotiabank?
  169. What line # do I imput RRSP withdrawals?
  170. cancelling credit cards
  171. Questrade Margin Account
  172. Questrade - Data currently unavailable
  173. CIBC Aerogold Visa Infinite vs. CIBC Aventura World MasterCard?
  174. Interlisted UK/Canadian stock?for NG
  175. Income Tax Question - Child care expense
  176. What are my options and caveats for opening a US Cross Border Bank Account
  177. Quick Question on filing tax
  178. Buying first house advice!
  179. Best FX rate and method to send money to Hong Kong
  180. Downgrade CIBC Aerogold Visa Infinite to Aero Classic?
  181. tax questions
  182. T2125 - Cost of goods sold vs. Expenses
  183. BMO InvestorLine - stingy with analyst research...
  184. MBNA Sony Mastercard - Check your points!
  185. Does My Mortgage Broker Have Paranoid Delusions?
  186. Low income family
  187. Tax on income used exclusively for gambling
  188. Low income mortgage
  189. Buying TEPCO -- Tokyo Electric Power Company
  190. Questrade Multiple Trades During a Day Question
  191. How to utilize inhereted RRSP's with minimal tax?
  192. Quick Car Insurance Question
  193. Scenarios, mainly for FA's
  194. Lowest Cost Emerging Market ETF
  195. Pension Transfer Help Needed
  196. E-series funds MER went up 1 basis point
  197. W8BEN/Withholding tax
  198. Strange problem with chipped MBNA Smart Cash Card
  199. Consolidating RRSPs = good?
  200. BMO World Elite Rewards transfer to miles/points?
  201. Who is considered a dependant for tax filing purposes?
  202. Claiming tuition for grade 1 and 3 (private Montessori school)...
  203. Class Action Lawsuit: Merchants suing Visa/MC/Big Banks on ridiculous processing fees
  204. Where should I go with extra saving?
  205. Filling out the tax form and TFSA
  206. Tuition Fees in 2009
  207. Downgrading an existing credit card to counterbalance new charge card
  208. US versus CAN ETF
  209. Breaking a mortgage advice.
  210. LIRA- locked in retirement
  211. $5000 pre-approved HSBC Finance Line of Credit?
  212. Tax & estate questions - complicated or simple?
  213. Did a lender pay all or a portion of penalty to break your fixed rate mortgage? Who?
  214. how do you guys think of parties's financial "plan or platform or promise"?
  215. Questrade Screw Up
  216. A Quick RRSP tax slip question
  217. company for life insurance advice
  218. Some perspective on rising food prices...
  219. Why pay down your mortgage?
  220. HBP Repayment Question
  221. Holding savings accounts in a brokerage? US stocks are not tax sheltered in TFSA?
  222. Withdrawing from TFSA
  223. How to sell some stocks?
  224. Do Canadians pay so much taxes?
  225. What do you want to see the government do financially?
  226. What should I do? Subject of Non-authorized transactions....
  227. Please delete - Double post
  228. New Construction Purchase Backing Out
  229. Mortgage help
  230. Breaking mortgage
  231. Transfering out of Questrade, any experiences?
  232. Depositing a US USD cheque into TD US Borderless Account = Fees?
  233. Buying bond ETF now?
  234. How Would You invest 45k in RRSP's?
  235. What is virtual about VTSOs?
  236. Which version of Turbo Tax do I need?
  237. US Road trip shared expenses: USD prepaid Visa card?
  238. One Government wants to cap credit card interest rate at 5% above prime
  239. When does a bank "call" an investment loan
  240. Google Finance - YLO.UN not updating...
  241. Supreme Court Lets Fed Bailout Records Release Stand
  242. HSBC Advance Mastercard
  243. What should I do? Rent or Buy (Mortgage transfer question)
  244. What should I do with my money?
  245. How to determine optimal amount to donate each year for tax purposes?
  246. How many back do you have?
  247. CRA-Clearance Certificate
  248. tax advice about reporting spouse's income...
  249. Turbotax - accuracy
  250. RBC service charge?
  251. T2202A Question
  252. Taxes: Rental Expenses/Self-Employment Expenses
  253. Ufile online 2010: Quebec entry for Tax credit for home-support services for seniors?
  254. Gold/Oil/Silver - anyone trading on Forex platforms?
  255. TFSA & USD investment advice
  256. Foreign rental tennat=fraud??
  257. Best Travel Credit Card for Trip Cancellation Insurance
  258. Questrade tax slip?
  259. TFSA for someone who knows nothing about investing.
  260. CRA Phone Line Not Working!
  261. Harper to announce an income-splitting tax break for families with children under 18
  262. ING Direct issuing T5 for TFSA Account
  263. Does anyone else find the new TD website color scheme ridiculously ugly?
  264. 2010-2011 tax free limit
  265. How much Canadians Make - Apparently about 73% make 50K or less
  266. Any bets on what Scotia Bank will do?
  267. Question about stocks
  268. Where would you buy a bus pass?
  269. Biweekly transfers from TD Canada Trust to TD Waterhouse?
  270. Borrowing from family
  271. Medical/Dental Insurance...Suggestions?
  272. Capital Gains on Second Property - How Do I Claim?
  273. ING Direct Email Money Transfer - not
  274. When would USD gain strength?
  275. Tax Question when moving, for moving expenses..
  276. help - do i need a prenup?
  277. Convert corporation to sole proprietorship?
  278. Notice of Assessment - TFSA Contribution Room
  279. W8BEN form
  280. Looking for help with my immediate future (approx. 24 Months)
  281. T5008 Ufile Entry
  282. questrader.com won't let me log in
  283. Investor returns are far less than investment returns
  284. Taxes - Rent income?
  285. Best tax prep software?
  286. Cannot get approved for credit card
  287. **NEW QUESTION** If a person asked you to invest in a new startup what would you?
  288. Amex fee waived for first year?
  289. OSTTB - Do you still have to file for 2009? Do it and put $1000 in your pocket!
  290. Is taking out a HELOC to invest a good idea?
  291. Never got a notice of assessment?
  292. Does the CCRA tax ebay sales?
  293. HBP repayment deadline
  294. My RRSP contribution limit
  295. Recommend an Accountant or Tax Lawyer in the GTA
  296. Studio Tax 2010 Federal Credit for Child Question...
  297. Need Help- Single Mother get laid off (Ontario)
  298. Parent's bad credit/debt affect their children?
  299. Private Banking
  300. how to calculate capital cost on a car
  301. Figuring out if it's worth it to break your mortgage - use this calculator
  302. Tax Question / Income Tax
  303. Opening a US Bank Account as a Canadian
  304. TD Canada Trust: high Interac EMT fees?
  305. RBC Avion: a complete waste unless you're booking flights?
  306. Looking for a good Mortgage Broker
  307. Best online stock broker to start out with? (2k)
  308. tax deductions - 100% commission independant agent
  309. Can you claim property tax credit if you are not the house owner but pay the tax?
  310. Stocks & Investing forums/message boards?
  311. Help with TD Waterhouse Webbroker Self-Directed TFSA - Concerns Short Positions
  312. RBC mini-Rant
  313. Is there any good us$ credit card?
  314. Questrade & TFSA's help
  315. Help needed with TFSA at Questrade
  316. life insurance questions
  317. Vengrowth and the Growthworks deal
  318. Redeeming Non-redeemable GIC's? Scotiabank.
  319. Am I doing this right?
  320. Landlords of RFD: I have some questions for you!
  321. 10% Cashback Rebates on Credit?
  322. Is current stock price over valued?
  323. RRSP in CIBC Investors Edge - Invested in Funds, Updated Question.
  324. A Mortgage Question
  325. T5 Slip
  326. Explanation of Warrants Offerings (And How to Exercise them with Questrade)
  327. tax change you should know about
  328. Thoughts on the difference between stock split vs stock dividend
  329. credit check for open an account at RBC?
  330. Who are the broker's traders?
  331. Variable/Fixed Mortgage
  332. Buying US Realestate for Canadians, Tips?
  333. Applying personal LOC
  334. Capital One Canada announces Partnership with IHG
  335. Using LOC to pay down mortgage to avoid penalty fee?
  336. best line of credit rate
  337. Getting nailed on HND
  338. US equity fund... NASDAQ DJIA or S&P?
  339. Request Mortgage Broker Help
  340. Thoughts on the budget? Looks like an election....
  341. TDMP (Tax Deductable Mortgage Plan)
  342. American Express Gold CC start charging membership fee for 99 dollars
  343. Futures Trading Tax Question
  344. Avoid Questrade At ALL COST
  345. Capital One and IHG to offer Priority Club rewards credit card in Canada
  346. Hello everyone
  347. Transfering my money to which broker?
  348. Defined Contribution plan
  349. Block future transaction charge from credit card?
  350. Mortgage Pre Approval and New Job?
  351. personal budgeting software...
  352. Living in the us for a few months
  353. Real Estate Investing: Apartments vs Houses?
  354. HST on Real Estate agents' commission
  355. Scotia Bank Collection of Information
  356. Sony MBNA Mastercard
  357. Questrade - Running away fast....
  358. Credit Score
  359. Dividends Paid into US Side of Investment Account on Cdn Stocks
  360. Dividend payment in itrade
  361. FAP.to vs FIE.to (dividend tax credit)
  362. Broker telling me to write a fake lease
  363. Capital Losses - How does it affect taxes
  364. Monthly rent budget? What % of income?
  365. New young father needs investment help!
  366. Survival Kit
  367. file tax working oversea?
  368. A Efficient Money Management Software
  369. Questions about TD Select Service Account
  370. Lost my Tax refund check
  371. Your top 3 stock picks?
  372. Ontario Sales Tax Credit
  373. Reporting Google adsense earnings.
  374. Claiming expenses for second employment?
  375. Wikipedia donations
  376. Home Mortgage Loan Approval Questions ? Ask away...
  377. 2.3 Cents or more for Every 1 Cent You Find
  378. Using CDN CC internationally
  379. RBC VISA or TD VISA or Which
  380. Filing taxes.. need to speak with someone..!
  381. Vanilla Prepaid Visa/Mastercard
  382. Rbc or td bank
  383. How much % of your net income is spent on housing?
  384. Fishy Email from accounts@scotiaonline.com
  385. A newcomer friend wants to become an insurance broker and asks us to apply for ins...
  386. Do you have the walmart credit card?
  387. Capital gains tax question
  388. Moving from SK to AB, to buy or rent?
  389. New TD platform Streaming Market Data Plan
  390. Questrade sucks, really sucks after upgrade
  391. Some questions about Tax Return and T2202A
  392. Typical tax deductions when having a new-born?
  393. Potential Investment
  394. Safest way to invest to get >6% return
  395. T2200 Question
  396. Vehicle coming off lease - Looking for LOC or other options
  397. TD e-series Asset Allocation for RRSP(long term)
  398. SPONSORED: The NEW American Express® Gold Rewards Card
  399. ING GIC Rates
  400. Large Cheque Deposits
  401. What day is your payday?
  402. Selling for profit on craigslist - tax question
  403. Dilemma: Purchase of Stock/Warrants. Am I Entitled to Difference?
  404. Free tax program
  405. Recommended Tax accountant
  406. Need help with a Questrade RRSP transfer
  407. Pulling money electronically from another chequing account (like EFT?)
  408. Tax question: Married but want to file separately
  409. Is getting both Capital One Aspire World and TD First Class Travel Visa too much?
  410. Online Grocery
  411. TD Waterhouse Fee Structure Question
  412. Payback LLP or HBP with RPP?
  413. Automatic Money Transfer based on Payroll Payout
  414. Turbo Tax Question
  415. Help w taxes: How to turn primary residence into rental property
  416. XHY Foreign Tax Paid - Any way to get it back?
  417. TD Bank Tower location?
  418. Silly mortgage questions
  419. RBC Avion - Signup bonus churn?
  420. TD managed assets portfolio index funds e series
  421. CIBC Dividend Cards
  422. depositing into joint account
  423. GST/HST New Housing Rebate Question
  424. Germany Focused Mutual Fund
  425. Can we have TFSA eseries?
  426. n00b question: td waterhouse, no fees if I only buy eseries?
  428. Do you have Canadian Energy fund and Canadian Resources fund? How do you feel now?
  429. Choosing an online broker for TFSA
  430. Graduated, started working...time to ask an investment in TFSA Mutual funds question.
  431. MBNA Elitest Club - updates on *promotion*
  432. Personal Income Tax Filing Thread
  433. Single Cheque
  434. CT relaunching online store!
  435. Does anyone know what the tax rates are?
  436. Prepaid credit cards that could be purchased with paypal ?
  437. Corporate bank account and CC - advice please!
  438. Contractor Write offs?
  439. visa-black-card?
  440. Need Advice on Starting Investments for a new grad
  441. RBC Fee Changes starting June 1, 2011
  442. Time to Buy Japan?
  443. Firstline's Matrix Mortgage Questions
  444. Declaring + paying taxes at the airport
  445. RESP: TD canadian index(TDB900) or monthly income?
  446. real estate sales data availability
  447. Tax question: box 154??
  448. Student Loans
  449. Income tax for self-employed consultant...
  450. Income tax for self-employed consultant...
  451. Question about the mechanics of filing a subsection 45(2) election re: deemed disp
  452. Print your own cheques?
  453. Reducing Taxes at pay
  454. pension adjustments vs RRSP room what is the best scenario?
  455. Norbert's Gambit, RESP and USD at RBC Direct Investing, TD Waterhouse and Questrade
  456. White people and spending
  457. did anyone get paid their ING $25 promo?
  458. Day Traders : income and tax implications?
  459. How do people afford these ridiculous housing prices in the GTA?
  460. Sports tax credit for 16 year old?
  461. What is included in the tuition fee?
  462. Does Scotia do Discretionary Visa Approvals?
  463. Tax question: can I claim the health premium paid for my parents in-law?
  464. Received credit card termination notice - should I do anything?
  465. Questrade Interest Rates TFSA/RRSP
  466. ING Breaking GIC question
  467. Stock market woes
  468. 5yr-closed 3.17% Mortgage Rate @ CBMR - Is this a good deal?
  469. Using CDN $ for US Stocks
  470. Question about Ally GIC vs HISA
  471. Assumable Mortgage Question
  472. RRSP Question - While Working in the US
  473. Are MBNA cards churnable (ie Alaska Air)
  474. Collateral Mortgages
  475. Credit rating
  476. Anyone know the full cost to transfer a matured collateral mortgage?
  477. RESP Questions
  478. Questrade: Mutual fund order stuck at "sent to market".
  479. RateCapper® Mortgage from RBC highest can go to 6%MAX?
  480. Ally login - is it a security flaw?
  481. Japan Earthquake Tsunami
  482. Should Japan sell US bonds to pay for rebuilding after earthquake?
  483. Filing when you're divorcing
  484. Travel Insurance
  485. Tax software advice for rental income
  486. MB Trading?
  487. if CAD is worth more than USD right now, why do we still pay more for same items?
  488. New Plastic $100 Bills Coming This Fall
  489. Fees when selling house?
  490. When does the ontario 2011 budget gets released?
  491. Prepaid Credit Cards?
  492. Mailing Traveller's Cheques instead of money order to US?
  493. Recommend me a CC
  494. Buying USD Makes Sense..?
  495. investment property/principal residence question (no one can give me an answer)
  496. GCR Paypal payment
  497. Couch Potato Performance Tracker starting Mar 10, 2011
  498. do I need to file T- 2125?
  499. How much did you lose today?
  500. Pizza Driver for extra cash
  501. Link between various finance systems like Credit, CRA, CMHC etc
  502. Bell rebate cheque
  503. Index Funds vs Bank Common Shares
  504. Which bank has best TFSA rate?
  505. Brand New/Need Advise
  506. PC Chequing and Mastercard users.....
  507. RRSP and HBP
  508. I could not find this fund in Morningstar and TD
  509. Got my mbna credit card, is there a way to setup auto payment?
  510. Any repercussions for making a credit card warranty claim?
  511. Did any RFDer make "the list" this year?
  512. Capital Gain/Loss Question
  513. Is a 5 year fixed mortgage rate at 3.84% good?
  514. pay insurance monthly or annually?
  515. Consolidation,Line of Credit
  516. HSBC Finance just sent me this letter.....
  517. Why can't consumers have a free electronic credit report?
  518. Home Buyer's Plan
  519. Work Transfer (work paying for move) - Fixed, Variable or HELOC? Help Please?
  520. Is the government screwing me?
  521. Are income taxes paid Jan - Jan, or March - March?
  522. RBC Mutual Fund series?
  523. HELOC DESTROYED my credit rating/score
  524. Safety net?
  525. Questrade Issues - Not getting market data today
  526. Taxes - HCSA and tuition deposit
  527. Transfer funds to Visa from chequing account
  528. Who claims capital gain?
  529. More Inflation fallout due to LOW interest rates - BEER
  530. Need Tax Accountant in Ottawa Gatineau
  531. Food prices - Agricultural/Food ETF's
  532. Quantitative Easing
  533. Questrade: where is my money???
  534. Poker Player Accountant+Lawyer
  535. Britain to fire 30,000 cops, what about Canada?
  536. tax filing and reporting income from solar panels.
  537. Principal Residence turned Investment Property - How much Capital Gains Tax do I pay?
  538. Using Epost to double up on the rewards??
  539. Statscan overestimating inflation rate, study suggests
  540. Quick question re: Credit card consolidation
  541. Is it possible for a money market fund's market value to be lower than book value?
  542. Best Visa card for prolonged international travel
  543. Dividend Payments Question
  544. TD1 - carried forward tuition credits
  545. Need advice on how to deal with CIBC VISA re:fraudelent activity on CC
  546. Anyone with Edward Jones know when they mail out RRSP tax documents?
  547. Online filing of T2091
  548. Random Question re: Equifax Credit Report
  549. Claim Education and Textbook Credit if Employer Paid Tuition
  550. Paying Pounds Sterling
  551. TD TFSA to E-Series?
  552. T5 Canada Savings Bonds
  553. 61 points drop in Equifax Credit Score
  554. Need quick cash: Line of Credit or pull from TFSA?
  555. help: rough estimate on house that i can afford...
  556. Purchasing a Pre-Construction House
  557. Inside Job
  558. claiming bank interest on rental income
  559. ScotiaiTrade and MER's
  560. CRA website technical
  561. RRSP trading firm
  562. Inheritance from RRSPs and taxes
  563. Buying yuan
  564. Stock websites
  565. Group RRSP + DPSP transfer to RRSP tax questions
  566. $100 Credit.. for senior.
  567. Filing taxes with my wife makes my refund go from $1700 to $23?
  568. TD canada trust to Royal bank acct transfer?
  569. [Question] Rent / Lease Renewal
  570. 2 Questions, one about RRSP and a quickie about LOC
  571. studio tax 2010 versus ufile -different results?
  572. Help: Work long hours, need a low-maintenance way to save/invest
  573. is cashback taxable?
  574. Filing 2 tax years at once (one late )
  575. Couch Potato Questions
  576. TD e-series -confusion
  577. Do I have to use CRA envelope ?
  578. Can I claim Interim Fees on Rental Condo?
  579. Which Tax Return Program to Use?
  580. Fixed or Varible rate in current market
  581. Buying House-Where to Start
  582. group rrsp claim
  583. Capital gain tax on condo
  584. HSBC PREMIER LOC (P+.25% = 3.25%) or mortage open (P+.5% = 3.50%)
  585. Didn't claim 1st 60 day '10 RRSP contribution to 2009 tax return
  586. tax questions
  587. Tax 2010? something wrong?
  588. What! No Income Tax Refund! Have to Pay!
  589. Cancelling Old Credit Cards..
  590. Income splitting question.
  591. EMT Fees vs PayPal Fees
  592. Using a visa credit card to buy product online
  593. nvm
  594. urbantoronto.ca for the Vancouver Area?
  595. Can someone please tell me how you get the best mortgage rate?
  596. Mortgage Matters and Rates
  597. Quick tax and refund = reassessment
  598. New Mortgage Rules as of March 18, 2011
  599. What is the difference between the S&P/TSX Composite and S&P/TSX Capped Composite?
  600. Asset allocation needed
  601. Questrade Problem: Sell Order Rejected by Broker
  602. Stock charting - online
  603. Best credit card for rewards (travel + others)
  604. How much money do you need? What's your number?
  605. Thoughts on Alterna for mortgage?
  606. Should I pay my US$ student loans now?
  607. compare credit cards with Travel medical insurance
  608. Credit card limit lowered by Amex....
  609. Curious here ...refund is double if i filed my tax as single ....how come
  610. Would you short oil knowing this?
  611. Basic question about RRSP
  612. Has anyone bought US property?
  613. using Chip credit cards without PIN
  614. Life insurance
  615. T1213 CRA Form - RRSP
  616. Principal Residence / Capital Gains Tax
  617. Income Tax question
  618. First time filing taxes in Canada
  619. Warranty Work?
  620. Borrowing money to invest - is interest considered "cost"?
  621. Is this UFile tax tip right?
  622. Taxation question : RRSP contribution for year 2010 then use it for Home Buyer Plan
  623. SPONSORED: The NEW American Express® Gold Rewards Card
  624. Ufile: Line 305 & Line 367
  625. Fees for TD Waterhouse
  626. Allowable business investment loss
  627. Claiming Rent on Tax Return question - Ontario! (not sure on this one guys)
  628. tax filing for senior
  629. A must see video for those who insist on switching their old CC for a chipped one!!!
  630. best bank to borrow money from?
  631. Rent and filing Taxes
  632. TD Waterhouse Systematic Investment Plan aka Preauthorized Purchase Plan
  633. Question about T2202a (tuition amount for Canadian Income Tax)
  634. Legal question
  635. Where to find good personal tax accountant?
  636. PC Financial cheqe order is slowwwwwwwwwwwwww
  637. Tax return, what is it? --- CNIL (cumulative net investment loss) balance
  638. PC MC & PC Points: double points in-store.
  639. red river co-op cheque + taxes
  640. Consumer Proposal
  641. 2010 Income Tax Questions if you have moved to US in 2011
  642. Cheapest way of paying/sending payment to the states
  643. RESP, CPP, OAS if move to the States?
  644. Best Deals with discount brokerage firms
  645. What kind of housing correction will Canada see?
  646. Moving Expense
  647. Where to put TFSA money?
  648. Where to put TFSA money?
  649. CC Interest Question
  650. Mortgage Terms and Types
  651. So why do I have to file as common law...?
  652. Opening a new Canada Trust account online - Existing customer
  653. Self directed RESP questions
  654. How to claim a personal/business loan on taxes?
  655. Questrade transfer
  656. Donating to Charities and claiming them in return..
  657. 651 Fico
  658. Schedule 3 - year of acquisition
  659. Recommend a lawyer for employment dispute
  660. Best Way to Exchange Money - CAN to USD
  661. Yet another beginner/starting out question...
  662. Ponzi scheme duped GTA dentists ; My Dentist!
  663. RRSP over contribution. Do I have another option?
  664. Basic Couch Potato Question (with TFSA)
  665. New mortgage pre-approval while paying for an existing mortgage
  666. Is there an issue with converting bank credit cards around?
  667. Expiry of Pre-Approval rates
  668. HST Return - Quick Method
  669. Manulife Group Retirement Plan - fee drop?
  670. LottoMax: creating too many new millioaires in a short time?
  671. Got a call from Capital One automated system today
  672. Lowering my allocation of bonds in my portfolio. Is my logic flawed?
  673. Quicken 2011 Foreign Currencies in Net Worth Reporting
  674. TD e series index fund
  675. Ufile- FX loss on cash conversion CAD to USD
  676. Lease vs Finance WITH T2200
  677. Getting rid of old credit card
  678. RESP Tax Return Help
  679. Amex return purchase problem?
  680. credit solutions
  681. Claiming tuition if it was applied during internship...
  682. HST rebate taxable?
  683. Question about TFSA in USD (Questrade)
  684. Help with taxes
  685. CSC - Are the practice questions a good represenation of the actual test?
  686. Efficient Couch Potato investing
  687. Tax on traveling - can anybody explain that??
  688. Ever Heard of this basic group saving method? (NO BANK INVOLVED)
  689. Am I entitled to money back for cancelling a service paid in advance?
  690. Someone Explain to my what a Baloon Loan is?
  691. Questrade capital gain/loss tax form - anyone received?
  692. Joint Mortgage (and Home Buyer Plan)
  693. ? ontario tax returns
  694. Deduction limit & Unused RRSP contributions
  695. Investing Help!! I have 13K
  696. To RRSP not to RRSP
  697. Insurance company that insures student rentals?
  698. Getting serious amount banking and investment
  699. What is included in the T5 calculation
  700. How long to resolve credit card disputes?
  701. Questrade account for my Mom
  702. Best Way to Sell 2 Certificated Shares
  703. What's the best way to shop for House and Car Insurance?
  704. Should I consolidate my debt?
  705. Overly Conservative in managing credit profile? Go ahead, say YES to a hard check!?
  706. Need to Settle a Collection item? Rebuild credit? Stop Collection calls? Free advice!
  707. open bank account while on Vistors Visa
  708. Does TD mail out T5 slips?
  709. confused by rim(cad) vs rimm(usd)
  710. Best student loan rate?
  711. Schedule 1 and children
  712. CIBC Secured Credit Card
  713. Personal worker: submitting T4 necessary?
  714. best variable mortgage rate+HELOC
  715. Low tution refund?
  716. 2010 Studio Tax HBP Window Problem
  717. How Much Life Insurance Do you need?
  718. Filing back taxes - is it any different from just doing taxes for 1 year?
  719. Credit report question - is this CC closed?
  720. Does AMEX seperate transactions between Primary and Supplimentary cardholders?
  721. Tax advice needed
  722. Question on Schedule 11 - Do you HAVE to claim tution credit or can you carry forward
  723. MBNA 0.99 AIR - Awesome! better than borrowing at prime ! but what to do?
  724. Ufile warning message
  725. How do I owe to CRA
  726. Ex-dividend dates on Google Finance
  727. Anyone invest in junior oil companies?
  728. RSP Contributions Thru TD WebBroker
  729. 2010 Tax Questions
  730. Q: CIBC Aerogold Visa - No more negotiation on annual Fee?!?!
  731. LOC or credit card payment?
  732. Carryover Amounts (Tax)
  733. global couch potato - questions
  734. Tax Returns for low income earners
  735. T5008 needed for capital gains on bonds ?
  736. T4 income tax deducated
  737. HR asked for Void Cheque but.....????
  738. Transferring RRSP between banks: New bank willing to pay tranfer fees?
  739. TDW USD Security trading question
  740. StudioTax Warning
  741. Ontario Energy and Property Tax Credit Question
  742. Issues with "INTERAC e-transfer"?
  743. Interest rate Goverment Tax %
  744. Will question
  745. Fee-based financial planner recommendation in GTA
  746. What can I do with my Petro-Points?
  747. resolved
  748. How to completely leave a bank?
  749. Homemade insurance for my mother's investment
  750. Is gift money considered to be part of your income and therefore taxable?
  751. Buying Gold
  752. When TFSA room gets updated on CRA?
  753. Line of Credit/Loan Pay-off
  754. Virtual Credit Card Service
  755. Consolidating funds
  756. Claiming Repairs/Renovations for 2010 Tax Year (for Personal Return)?
  757. ufile with common-law partner who is a student
  758. Auto Loan / Trade-In Analysis - Does This Make Sense?
  759. uFile support
  760. Confused about taxes and children
  761. DPSP as a Taxable Benefit?
  762. How to invest in India / China?
  763. Do We Need RRSPs in this Particular Situation?
  764. Contractor and RRSP contributions
  765. Filing Taxes: Quick GIC Question
  766. Lending shares through AQS
  767. Does anyone receive the new MBNA PremierRewards® Platinum Plus® MasterCard?
  768. Personal RRSP question
  769. How to calculate the cost
  770. Your biggest income tax return?
  771. Lost my ID, need to cash tax cheques
  772. The golden egg - The Nurture-Your-Nest-Egg Event
  773. MY RRSP Investment Plan. Any comments?
  774. Working Income Tax Benefit Question
  775. What kind of investment has highest rate of return?
  776. Need advice: Debt repayment plan!
  777. Confused about RRSP contribution limit
  778. Globe Peer Index. Misinformation, or worse?
  779. Just want to confirm about tuition tax credits
  780. Pay Tax or Take out RSP Loan
  781. What is your Minimum acceptable Interest Rate?
  782. best for saving Down Payment : RRSP or TFSA
  783. Carry foward RRSP or deduct it now?
  784. Question about Bond Funds
  785. RRSP account set up time
  786. Best way to utilize TFSA?
  787. Virtual Brokers - Anyone trading with them?
  788. legal costs - rental property
  789. Questrade : They will not accept my RRSP contribution chequek sent by my employer.
  790. Should I refinance my auto loan? *Ontario*
  791. Negative RRSP contribution limit - is such thing possible?
  792. Canada employment amount vs Tuition credits
  793. UFile - missing ontario credits, form 479, someone confirm please?
  794. RBC Visa card Fraud alert
  795. Urgent!! Can my landlord charge me for the months remaining on my contract?
  796. Seeking advice for young professional
  797. What happens if I don't activate my credit card?
  798. Credit Card Question
  799. please ignore.
  800. Anyone with Presidents Choice get their T5?
  801. Whats a Good Mutual Fund in USD with small Mer and low buy limit?
  802. UFile - reporting capital gain
  803. Offered pre-approved line of credit, help needed!
  804. Public Adjuster or Independent Adjuster for auto insurance dispute
  805. RBC sent me an email saying I applied for a CC...help?
  806. Extended warranties aren't worth it
  807. Help with choosing which broker and investing.
  808. where to buy rrsp and resp?(Thalo please come in)
  809. CRA: question about refund and 2011 instalment account
  810. Bank or Credit Union?
  811. Haven't Filed in a Few Years!
  812. Should I convert my mortgage?
  813. Line of credit and debt - What did you buy?
  814. Electricity fuelled condos - bad investment
  815. home renovations / repairs - taxes
  816. Hedging against the shift away from USD as the global reserve currency
  817. inome tax identity threat
  818. Questrade and DRIP
  819. Resp
  820. USD Foreign Exchange Fee / RBC Bank USD Visa
  821. S&P TSX 60 ETFs - does it really matter which one I buy?
  822. Do I understand credits/deductions?
  823. Hydro Scam
  824. Can my Wife's OSAP take part of my tax return?
  825. Short term savings, HISA vs Bond Index
  826. When does RBC send out T5's
  827. What % of your income do you save a month?
  828. Do I have to take the bank's permission before selling my condo?
  829. TDCT to PCF transfers and PCF Mastercard question...
  830. LTD premiums - tax-deductible or not?
  831. Downtown Markham
  832. Financial Options for Toddlers
  833. best place to buy a condo in Toronto (investment and rental)
  834. RRSP Over contribution in first 2 months of 2011
  835. Signature Panel not Accepting Ink?
  836. CIBC charges for RRSP Account?
  837. Can the interest paid on a "regular" LOC be written off as a "student" LOC?
  838. Paying off OSAP with RRSP
  839. 2011 tax software
  840. Speculating that Nokia may go bankrupt
  841. Contribute to RRSP
  842. In need of an accountant.
  843. Best creditcard with a monetary benefit.. PC points? 2% cash back (if still around)?
  844. How to complete line 318 for new income tax year
  845. Can visitors file a tax return?
  846. Urgent Questrade question
  847. AAPL tanking this morning
  848. Investing in ETF, specifically HOU-TO
  849. Will CRA give me the current captial losses amount on file?
  850. CI Investments: IN-KIND Transfer from Non-reg to TFSA
  851. Best Portfolio Management Program?
  852. PC Financial Wire Transfer
  853. How much money do i have in my chequing so that bank can redeem my credit card annual
  854. Travel Reward Credit Cards
  855. Oil stocks
  856. I'm lost.....
  857. Canadian working in Canada and the US for a US Company: Non-resident alien US tax
  858. Employer Reimbursed Course & T1 Inclusion
  859. Time to renegotiate my Mortgage...What do I choose?
  860. First time home buyer advice
  861. common law status for tax filling
  862. Cdn dollar around par - timing good for buying US ETF?
  863. Mandatory Long Term Disablity insurance - is that lawful?
  864. Not the best time to buy a house in Toronto?
  865. Capital gains tax calculation - ACB and the order of purchases and sales
  866. Parents as Dependant?
  867. Netfile income tax question
  868. Tax Accountant Recomendations Etobicoke Area
  869. Haven't filed a Return since 2003 - Where should I start?
  870. Beneficiary Forms
  871. income return
  872. RRSP Deduction Limit and Employer Match Contributions Question
  873. TD family resp question
  874. Taxation - First Time Home Buyer Credit
  875. Family bank account
  876. Has anyone churned the amex business gold to get another bonus 25K points?
  877. Beware UFile 2010 Users: Missing Ontario Energy and Property tax credits
  878. Just did estimate and going to owe 2k to cra :(
  879. Take a guess at my credit score
  880. Housing Market in Canada (Charts)
  881. Income Tax Tuition Carry over Amount Question
  882. $$$$ Which place offers the best foreign exchange rate?
  883. CIBC Hospital Cash Fraud?
  884. RRSP or pay down debt
  885. credit card expiring, received a new one, but dont want to active it.
  886. TDCanadatrust RRSP contribution online?
  887. Credit Card Paradox
  888. Question on signing on for another mortgage
  889. Help! RRSP Overcontribution, what should we do?!
  890. Is Interest Charged on Margin Deductible?
  891. Scotia Bank increasing Visa interest rates in april ?
  892. Disadvantages of registering a credit card
  893. Any danger if you have over $100k in a Stock Trading Account
  894. Pay down mortgage vs Saving
  895. Ideal brokerage for ETF's & MF's
  896. Capital Loss - Transfer in-kind to RRSP/TFSA
  897. RESP newbie questions
  898. Daycare.. Expensive!!!
  899. TD Waterhouse flat commission question
  900. Capital One Aspire World MC or TD First Class Visa?
  901. Why sign a second 1 year lease (in Ontario)?
  902. A Little RRSP deduction question
  903. Buying precious metals (physical)
  904. Who has sent in your tax return
  905. Free real time streaming quotes ?
  906. Does Captial gain counts toward TFSA contribution?
  907. Transfers in-kind to Reigtered Accounts - Price & Timing
  908. LF: Savings Calculator
  909. What incomes can be split before age 65?
  910. TD Bank worst Customer service RANT
  911. Go variable or 1 year closed?
  912. New home and child in 2010, tax breaks?
  913. RRSP Season and I need some help
  914. Question about child care expense deductibility
  915. How to close a bank account safely?
  916. SPONSORED: American Express® Business Gold Rewards Card
  917. TD RRSP Mutual Fund account linked to a CIBC chequing account
  918. CHMC, Transunion and Equifax
  919. Post Removed
  920. Can I file my return which includes an RRSP deposit if I haven't *yet* deposited?
  921. How much of Income should go to Mortgage & Car
  922. Need advice on consolidating Mutual Funds to ETF's
  923. Is churning credit cards worth it?
  924. Loan information
  925. Mortgage amortization should be capped at 15 years
  926. Visa Aerogold or Mastercard Aventura?
  927. Redeeming gift cards for purchase: tax deductible purchase?
  928. Mutual Funds and ETFs
  929. How much raise did you get this year??
  930. consumer proposal into bankruptcy
  931. Quick TFSA Question
  932. Is it possible to stop national student payments temporarily?
  933. Is Visa Exchange rate ripping me off?
  934. Unsecured debt question
  935. Spare foreign currency
  936. RRSP & RESP tracking tools
  937. Minimum wage in Greece
  938. UFile and First Time Home Buyers' Tax Credit
  939. Market-linked GIC
  940. Do you get "backpay" for CCTB?
  941. Emergency Funds
  942. Would you buy this home in our situation?
  943. Tax question - Capital gains
  944. RRSPs, MER, Financial institution
  945. RESP at Questrade
  946. 2 Questions on self employment deductions
  947. Dividends from US Stocks
  948. Best banking for my business in Toronto?
  949. How Banks screw you everyway they can!
  950. Interesting interview on tech ticker today
  951. How to bring money to Canada from Asia (after selling property)
  952. Disputing an MBNA charge (for the second time!)
  953. Mat leave and Tax slips?
  954. What do you keep in your bank's safety deposit box?
  955. Insurance does not believe damage caused by accident
  956. Converting Principal Residence to Rental Property - Is it worth it?
  957. Calculating return on a principal residence
  958. Convert from Microsoft Money to Quicken?
  959. Reminder: 2010 Tax Return Important Dates (eg: RRSP Contributions!)
  960. Learning more about ETFs and Trading on NYSE for RRSP
  961. Tax question regarding self employed
  962. how can i file 2009 tax?
  963. Failure to report capital gain
  964. 5000$ to invest in mutual fund then up to 65% into equities
  965. Ron Paul's 10% flat income tax rate
  966. Who has long guaduated but still holds TD's student chequing account?
  967. Bank wants to know what he has in RRSPs
  968. Daniel Amerman: Turning Inflation Into Wealth
  969. Can potential creditors retreive my SIN from credit file ?
  970. Made late payment, is now really worried
  971. Trasnfer RRSP to spouse, can I?
  972. Spousal contributions to RRSP
  973. Filing tax for capital gain/loss
  974. Are banks open today?
  975. fulltime job + own bsuiness on side - whats the best tax software
  976. What is the best place to buy gold maple leaf coins online?
  977. How much did your marriage cost (wedding, rings, other wedding events)?
  978. CPP @ 60 or Wait?
  979. Marriage Expenses
  980. Question about Tax Return on RRSP HBP
  981. 5000 dollars to start investing, Recommend discount broker?
  982. Cash Advance Mastercard?
  983. What is Better: Amex Gold Air Miles or Amex Costco Cash Back Card?
  984. Help finding an open "mortgage" for short term
  985. what to do tfsa,rrsp,first home
  986. Personal Tax: T1 Adjustment to Transfer Tuition Credits
  987. Land title search in BC
  988. Are you an incorporated professional? Have you maximized your CDA?
  989. How to find out the total RRSP contributions so far?
  990. When should someone start contributing to RRSP in his life?
  991. Is my credit limit enough?
  992. If inflationary, should one hold hard assets or cash?
  993. Just starting out, would like some advice on investing
  994. TFSA Stock Broker Recommendation
  995. Best Prepaid Travel Credit Card?
  996. Resp
  997. AMEX Global Transfer + Canadians Getting Credit in the USA
  998. How to negotiate a delinquent cc A/C?
  999. studio lofts -prices rising in toronto?
  1000. Wiser Wallet - budgeting tool for Canadians. Now open to all!