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  1. Mortage Pre-approval...advice needed
  2. Zero Coupon Bonds - Who the hell buys?
  3. Buying a House before Selling - Would Bank let us make 1 lump sum from the Sale?
  4. Best way to Trade $USD stocks
  5. Insurance on Property Rental
  6. Good interest rate for PLC ?
  7. Selling a piece of jewellery?
  8. Claiming EI for 3 Days
  9. First credit card
  10. Pension Adjustment and RRSP contribution limit
  11. new house dillema
  12. Credit Card Selection and Air Miles
  13. Savings account vs dividend?
  14. Trading brokerage/platforms for tfsa and rrsp
  15. Visa Infinite Complimentary Concierge Service
  16. CIBC line of Credit Should I apply?
  17. Cash Withdraws from the actual teller
  18. ING TSFA down to 1.4%
  19. Want to buy a property, given my situation - is it wise?
  20. Portfolio where to invest cash reserves in?
  21. suppose i have $1500 in a chequing account, i withdraw will i pay monthly fee?
  22. Credit reporting question
  23. Please help me. I feel so lost with personal finance and tax
  24. Building credit by applying for a credit card and not using it?
  25. Amex Platinum Card 1150 Bonus Air Miles versus 50k Aeroplan miles?
  26. So how much did you make off the Facebook IPO?
  27. Free online loan agreement
  28. what are you doing to spend less than what you make?
  29. Will CRA re-assess my 2011 return if I change my marital status now?
  30. can anybody buy facebook stock tomorrow?
  31. CIBC dormant account
  32. Personal Advice/Reality Check Needed
  33. RBC USA now charging fees for RBC Preferred checking account and US Dollar Visa Gold
  34. Condo closing fee cost question (is it always like?!?!?!)
  35. CRA Tax assessment shows that i owe a balance even though I paid
  36. Best way to transfer Self Directed RRSP from one broker to another.
  37. Looking for some financial advice please!
  38. Condo Preoccupancy question
  39. US & Canadian Bank Question
  40. Looking for a Personal Loan of $500
  41. Past Service Pension Adjustment (PSPA) - Questions
  42. Ruling on the inurablity and pensionability
  43. List of Lenders that pull Equifax, Transunion, or Both
  44. TFSA with Questrade and Options
  45. Ing
  46. bankruptcy issue
  47. Should I switch from 3.72% mortgage to 3%?
  48. Getting out of a Lease before it expires?
  49. banks and credit ...
  50. RBC Mutual Fund Recommendation
  51. MasterCard RoadAssist
  52. Facebook stock
  53. Where is TSX index going to this time?
  54. FTSA contributions
  55. CIBC mobile payments - Pay by cell phone
  56. Resmor mortgage, any feedback?
  57. I just acquired $50 000. Where should I keep it to get the best returns in 6+ months?
  58. Facebook Shares
  59. I need a copy of my Credit Report, again. Is it free?
  60. Rant about Vancouver's housing Market!
  61. Portfolio Question
  62. Corporate Class ETF?
  63. My RRSP situation to complicated?
  64. Ally to exit Canada
  65. How much income do I take home if my salary per annum is $30,000?
  66. Foreign Exchange - anyone use Knightsbridge?
  67. Need help-tenant wanna end the lease 6 months in advance. What should landlord do?
  68. Secured line of credit for purchasing Vehicle
  69. meloche monnex Insurance discount for PhD. students
  70. [Disability insurance] Thoughts on 50% return of premium rider
  71. Credit Monitoring Advice!!
  72. Changing AMEX from Platinum to Gold Air Miles
  73. using CC in NYC instead of cash? Pros/Cons?
  74. re: applying for new credit card with approved mortgage
  75. Student Credit Card problem.
  76. Currency exchange and wiring
  77. *Deleted*
  78. Medical Expense Advise
  79. Mortgage pre-approval and closing date
  80. MBNA Smart Cash "frauded"
  81. Wire Transfer cost
  82. First Home Purchase
  83. Too many credit cards, what to keep?!
  84. Home Buyer's Plan - Does it make sense to use it or not?
  85. Options with Questrade, IB or other broker?
  86. Landlords: Insurance on rental property
  87. Cash advance with positive balance
  88. Way to avoid outrageous UPS/FedEX brokerage fees !
  89. How to buy Scotia/Enbridge shares
  90. credit card insurance
  91. Can I get some feedback on this regarding renting and purchasing property in Vegas.
  92. HELOC Rates
  93. Offer to increase credit card limit
  94. TFSA for Day Trading with Questrade
  95. Husky Rewards... the end of earning CAA dollars?
  96. Getting the RBC MutiProduct rebate...Is TFSA savings good enough?
  97. Girlfriend got a much bigger return than expected
  98. Rogers and credit report
  99. Need Advice
  100. Any mortgage brokers willing to help with a question?
  101. G&M, Star charging for online access...* update* The Star is ending paid access
  102. Want to get a credit card with bad credit
  103. Need Advice about GCR
  104. How to find an accountant?
  105. TD Visa + MJR Collections
  106. Thoughts on Calgary real estate (investment)
  107. Finding a low interest loan or CC for a $50,000 solar project?
  108. WARNING: 96% of the Posts on RFD Personal Finance are Worse Than Worthless
  109. How to budget entertainment expense?
  110. Oil in my Land
  111. Need opinions: Transferring existing RRSP contributions to TFSA
  112. RSP Rollerover?
  113. Filing T4 as common-law = LOSS?
  114. Amex Small Business Gold Rewards - 25k sign up bonus, 1st yr fee waived
  115. No Frills not a Grocery Store under MBNA!! No 5% bonus :(
  116. Hsbc banking
  117. Saving money on booze???
  118. Can anyone explain to me about mortgage interest rates ?
  119. Td e-series Canadian Bond index early redemption changed ?
  120. which bank has the best mortgage rate
  121. Q Trade "Routing Fees"
  122. More Questrade Bull
  123. Interesting question: credit and fraud.
  124. Is there any way to pay off a Canadian Credit card directly from an overseas bank?
  125. BMO Investorline Promo-Up to $600 cash back ends June 1 & refers a friend ends Dec 1
  126. Good websites to search for homes in the states and canada
  127. 2012 vs 1984: Young adults really do have it harder today
  128. Paying off Mortgage Sooner - Does it make sense?
  129. 45k/year as a payroll employee or 52k/year as a contract employee?
  130. How to receive "assessment" from CRA in email?
  131. Any Ebay sellers to offer advice
  132. what does it mean "... in 2012 dollars" when calculating future income.
  133. How expensive is to maintain a house? Please BE HONEST!
  134. Looking To Trade USD In PayPal For CDN Through EMT - Trade @ Market Rates
  135. Expired
  136. IRD Calc for Mortgage Penalty - how does one find out the "posted" rate at the time?
  137. Question concerning ING Direct with Bill Payees
  138. Looking For Feedbank On Manulife Bank High Interest Savings Accounts
  139. Mortgage / Loan / Investment Questions & Scenario
  140. Novacopper and Questrade
  141. Help Please - Transfer RRSP, TFSA and Mutual Fund to TD
  142. Facebook IPO why can't we participate
  143. Where should a university student put $1000?
  144. Tax return still not received
  145. Tax planning (RRSP vs. TSFA) for a young person
  146. Amex Platinum 1:1.5 Aeroplan conversion?
  147. Employee or self-employed?
  148. Late tax filing question(GST rebates)
  149. Credit Score
  150. Ing direct - thrive account
  151. Too many credit cards with low limits a bad thing??
  152. Pension Plan: DBP vs DCP
  153. Housing expense allocation
  154. Amex Gift Card
  155. TFSA Question - avoid transfer fee
  156. Do I need an accountant? (Any Winnipeg recs if so?)
  157. Yellow Pages (RFD parent) Stock
  158. What fixed-income investments to buy?
  159. Need Advice for Unsecured Line of Credit (Interesting situation)!
  160. "Should I Rent Out?" Tenant from hell leaves string of landlord victims
  161. Avoid Non-Medical Life Insurance - Canada Protection Plan
  162. cancelling a credit card and reapplying with same company
  163. CCTB Going Back 2 Years?
  164. TD supposedly late payments on visa
  165. Credit card iPhone app
  166. $20 Silver Coin for $20 Queen Elizabeth II Commemorative Coin
  167. Question about MBNA post TD merger
  168. Stock splits in Google Finance, how come stocks don't halve in prices in charts?
  169. Introducing RBC Virtual Visa Debit
  170. Credit score - Over credit card limit vs slightly under credit card limit
  171. Forgot to add somthing to a tax report already submitted....
  172. 5K$ used car loan
  173. Withdrawing USD from ABM in Canada from US-Based Bank... Success?
  174. Lowering personal RRSP savings question
  175. Can someone help me figure something out? (CRA related)...
  176. Getting A Free Credit Score?
  177. My TD asks where my cheques come from
  178. Is this common for a real estate transaction?
  179. I'm Canadian and paid in $US funds. Advice?
  180. Complete beginner: I want to buy RIM stock, how?
  181. Debt Settlement -- Which firm's are the toughest
  182. CIBC 0% balance transfer offer
  183. Who is right? American Express AirMiles Card Offer 250AM to 1150AM
  184. CIBC - never again
  185. Best option for USD TFSA online broker
  186. Parents as Guarantors + on title
  187. Canadian Banks Dominate World’s 10 Strongest Banks
  188. Explain Fees for buying/selling Mutual funds
  189. How many times have you been credit card frauded?
  190. HELOC on rental property - which institutions will do this
  191. Some quick financial advice please.
  192. Changes in MBNA Credit Cards/Rewards Program
  193. Help re Income Tax Feedback
  194. RBC personalized cheque question
  195. Need a bank account
  196. Tax issue for sell goods online
  197. Forced to sell RRSP stock portfolio in changing brokers?
  198. best car insurance company for over 65 year old driver
  199. buy a house privately (self-representation in real-estate market) NO commission
  200. Line of credit at prime + bonus vs 4 year fixed rate @2.99%, opinions please
  201. How can I lower my bell bill
  202. Income Tax Refund is Lost, should I worry?
  203. line of credit institutions
  204. Personal Networth Growth, Finance and Investment Books
  205. CRA moving expenses
  206. Tax deduction or credit for travel expenses related to an internal interview?
  207. Cheques question - what comes after the account number?
  208. Rent out current home and use HELOC towards price of new house?
  209. TD Meloche Monnex auto insurance - first year teaser rate, second year big increase?
  210. Looking for Korean Stock Broker
  211. TD acct inquiry
  212. Capital One Aspire Travel as a student ?
  213. Credit card that rewards for fast-food/restaurant purchases ?
  214. What financial information actually shows up when a credit check is done?
  215. What kind of life insurance do you have?
  216. Will Dow outperform the Canadian Tsx index this year?
  217. CRA Sole Proprietorship individual tax question
  218. Just Approved for a Home, Should I go with Fixed Interest Rate or Variable?
  219. Best place to buy canadian currency with chinese in mississauga/toronto???
  220. The ever increasing info needed for a CC purchase
  221. Can this be really sent to collection agency?
  222. Ally.ca lowers savings rate to 1.8%
  223. Smelting/melting gold at home
  224. 1150 airmiles for free!!
  225. Estate Law - Penalty for Late Tax Payment of Deceased
  226. Is there really such thing as Long-term investment?
  227. i hate stupid TD EASY LINE - NOT EASY ONLY STUPID
  228. Managing Money Advice for a Noob
  229. Questrade - When is the mobile app coming?
  230. receiving a car insurance settlement consider part of an income?
  231. How do I pay tax on Return of Capital (ROC)?
  232. Landlords: Magic % for claiming rental income?
  233. car insurance help
  234. Ontario - buying house with help from relative? Be on a TV show
  235. How much do employees make an hour working for a bank? (TD , Scotiabank, Royal Bank)
  236. Sell of Rent a house
  237. Personal taxes: Ontario Property Tax Credit for students
  238. Questrade New Account
  239. Working 2 Jobs - Taxes Ontario Canada
  240. Question about T4
  241. ING Direct - New Promo when opening an account (50$)
  242. Trust for disabled adult
  243. Can I loan to/invest in my business through my LIRA?
  244. Province of residence and tax question
  245. Fixing mistake on previous tax return?
  246. House is sold
  247. Can old RRSP receipts still be filed for this tax season?
  248. First time paying TAX, Need HELP.....!
  249. how to close PC Financial account
  250. stock option deduction
  251. What are your preferred online financial/business sources?
  252. Telus Credit Reporting
  253. ING 1 $ CDN to $1 US
  254. When is the last day you can purchase the Metro Pass?
  255. ING Direct THRiVE chequeing 100$ payroll switch promo - expiring tomorrow?
  256. Bankruptcy, Consumer Proposal, or tough it out?
  257. URGENT: medical expenses time period, RRSP over-contributions
  258. Quick capital gains/income tax question
  259. Removed
  260. Self Employed commmision sales
  261. How To Calculate Annual Return
  262. Thoughts? CMHC could be pulled out of mortgage insurance business, Flaherty says
  263. Account and cc setup
  264. Consequences of buying a condo that's caught up in fraud claims
  265. question about taxes and subletting a room
  266. RRSP tax rebate and home buyer's plan
  267. A tax question ...
  268. RRSP Over-contribution HELP!
  269. Best approach to converting account held in USD to CAD?
  270. Best way to invest in gold
  271. CRA Instalments - Who gets the ball rolling?
  272. CRA pre-assessment review timelines
  273. HSBC reducing branch hours in May
  274. List of top 10 Canadian banks by assets?
  275. Payroll software
  276. Best place to get a small instant loan?
  277. Help: HST Rebate for new condo!
  278. Question about CPP Survivour Benefits
  279. Bad credit (R9) with old card
  280. GST on sale of Farm/Home in Ontario?
  281. When is the last day to pay your taxes ONLINE without a penalty?
  282. I want to create a portfolio, where do I start?
  283. Question about 2nd property mortgage and cashback
  284. Automobile Lease showing up under Public Records -> Secured Loan
  285. Medical expenses - Taxes question
  286. Legal? Charging tax on the full amount while giving the item for 90% off.
  287. Just got rich, need help with bad debt - Pay For Delete?
  288. ? about RESP CESG in a family plan
  289. Great Canadian Rebates site question
  290. Medical Expense Question: How much do you get back in Tax Return?
  291. AMEX Points questions
  292. MbNA closed my account, now what should I do?
  293. Promotion on "low interest rate" option at BMO MasterCard
  294. How Do You Measure Your Portfolio & Investment Performance?
  295. checkpoint - 35 yrs old, earning $90K
  296. Stocks listed on TSX and NYSE
  297. Can I use RBC Dominion Securities accounts to qualify for RBC multi-product rebates?
  298. ** Second credit card? When? **
  299. Canadian Tire Financial Online Banking
  300. Tax Strategy: Save deductions for future years?
  301. Virtual brokers vs Questrade
  302. Is BoC's Carney bluffing when he warns of interest rate hikes coming?
  303. Registered Education Savings Plans - RESP - Best sources of information?
  304. Cash advance in US dollars?
  305. bmo spc student master card
  306. HELP? Paid vs Settled on Credit File
  307. tax questions
  308. To rent out or sell
  309. Unable to redeem Growthworks, Vengrowth,advice please
  310. Are TD variable rate mortgages assumable?
  311. ILA(independent legal advice) for home buyer
  312. Transfering mortgage/ getting it re-calculated. What's the fee?
  313. whats retail and cash interest on a credit card statement?
  314. Best credit card you recommend???
  315. Claiming Laundry done at home for massage therapists
  316. 58k income, 24, married, 16k in RRSPs What Am I doing with My Money?
  317. Moving to Hong Kong Question
  318. Buying a house and Power of Attorney
  319. BMO Smart Saver Cash Bonus - $100 or $200 - By Invite Only
  320. Quicken, Questrade, and US Securities
  321. Ally - Account Hacked!
  322. Condo Association Members: which bank are you using?
  323. Is RBC Cathay Pacific Visa worth it?
  324. TFSA for someone with no taxable income
  325. Canada Savings Bond?
  326. Waive fees for RBC Cathay Pacific Visa
  327. new RBC fees starting June 1, 2012
  328. Peoples Trust vs Canadian Direct Financial or is it worth moving
  329. Land Transfer Tax and Closing Costs
  330. Could I watch movies and play games for free by claiming them as business expenses?
  331. I have 18k, which debt to put it on?
  332. Questions on signing up B.R.A. - Real Estate
  333. Credit Card debts - Got out of hand
  334. What will drop most in value if/when housing market crashes
  335. TD offering LOC at 14%
  336. Ontario health premium on tax return question
  337. Real Estate/Realtor Question
  338. TDW transfer-in promos?
  339. Sheriff’s Sale of Lands
  340. buying american stocks... how to save on foreign exchange?
  341. Questrade, bad first experince
  342. EBay Forex, kinda scammy?
  343. RBC VIP Banking - fee waiver?
  344. Questrade System "Issue"
  345. personal loan?
  346. The bank give us $100K free for 30 days? (mortgage question, need help)
  347. Best Free Chequing account
  348. Early LIRA withdrawal
  349. Rental/Principal Residence Tax implication
  350. Few Questions about Mortgage
  351. MBNA line of credit at 1.99%, any catch ?
  352. Ally.ca - Peoples thoughts on it(regarding transferring money, saving rate and etc)
  353. Investing - New to this
  354. Tax Deduction for Dental Hygienist - Continuing Education
  355. 2 different CCs phished - trying to figure out how
  356. How to claim capital loss on mutual fund sale?
  357. Feedback on whether to sell one-year old condo or not.
  358. reporting capital loss for home purchase downpayment?
  359. Anyone familiar with Ontario rental laws?
  360. Portfolio Building for a Young Investor
  361. Opinions on Coast Capital Savings Credit Union in BC?
  362. Got approved for Best Buy Visa Card
  363. What will happen to rent if there is a real estate "crash"?
  364. FREE online tax returns from H&R Block for RBC clients
  365. Paying Property Taxes for Parents
  366. 401K withdrawal - tax and penalty question
  367. Question about switching my RBC Visa to another RBC Visa card
  368. Equifax credit score of 753. Enough to lease a brand new Honda?
  369. Authorized User receives a different card number?
  370. cellphone bill sent to collections within 10 days of cancellation
  371. How to trade commodities after hours
  372. Disability insurance problem
  373. Overdraft protection limit service
  374. Cheques from Macau
  375. Can a local bank give you your credit score?
  376. Income hiding
  377. Recommend me an insurance broker (medical,critical insurance, life)
  378. Listing Commission
  379. disability insurance.
  380. TD e series alternative
  381. unsecured line of credit - what shall I look for?
  382. Can a company ding your credit with just driver license info?
  383. Consumer Proposals - how do they work?
  384. Urgent Help Needed - Home Mortgage Application
  385. Issue With My Condo Corporation
  386. Mutual Funds?
  387. Do rent controls apply for newer condos?
  388. About the PC Financial holds and limits
  389. nevermind
  390. HSBC new branch hours effective May 15, 2012.
  391. HELP: I was TRICKED by bank into buying GIC's for my dad!
  392. Extended health benefit, claim directly to secondary plan when 1st plan reached max?
  393. Whole Life Insurance policy for Kids
  394. Tax question : paying but no filing
  395. Income Tax Question: Capital Gains, ACB and Refiling
  396. StudioTax Question: What is the 'Designated HBP Repayment Amount'?
  397. ** TD Credit Card increase offer. Don't know what to do! **
  398. CIBC new house purchase/existing mortgage
  399. Help with determining capital gains / losses from Questrade trading summary
  400. Want to start a couch potato portfolio - Is this possible?
  401. havent filed taxes since 2006
  402. Transferring Funds Between CIBC and TD Chequeing accounts
  403. Cancelling credit cards and credit score
  404. Would they take my LOC away?
  405. Tax Question
  406. free 2012 tax software
  407. Service/Individual to Review My Tax Return?
  408. Tax advice - reducing tax on foreign rental income
  409. American Express Centurion Card ("Black Card")
  410. What should I do with my CIBC chequing account?
  411. Conversion of Sobeys / Esso Reward Points
  412. Dad has an OAS and CPP Cheque belonging to my Mom can he deposit into his account
  413. Income tax - New spouse hasn't filed in 3 years
  414. Paid in USD
  415. [ NEW ] [ Canadian ] How can i use my |TD Canada Trust Debit Access Card On Paypal?|
  416. Young investor
  417. Need to transfer funds to Europe, looking for cheapest and safe method
  418. Online Payday Loan
  419. What is the point of cash advances and balance transfer??
  420. Do overseas Canadians have to pay taxes?
  421. Need Advice: Line of Credit is being offered, take it or not?
  422. Forgot to repay 2011 portion of LLP (RRSP-type deal). What to do for taxes?
  423. Looking at selling car I do not need, looking for outside opinion!
  424. How do I get my husband to never be offered credit of any kind again?
  425. Where to exchange "unopular" currencies (Zambia, Ethiopia, Afghanistan)
  426. upgrade amex platnium phone call?
  427. Silver Group Buy requests; post them here
  428. where to apply for heloc....mortgage with B lender
  429. Best way to transfer currency?
  430. How to move money around between multiple accounts while maintaining deductibility?
  431. teleworker input for home office expenses
  432. Need some financial guidance
  433. Use AE to make US online purchase, 2nd billing address or primary billing address?
  434. Ufile Disability deduction line 316
  435. Mortgage Question
  436. How long after cancelling credit card could i apply for new one?
  437. RFD Stamp Collection Thread
  438. Provincial Tuition Tax Credits when Moving Provinces
  439. TD online banking should i worry???
  440. Mutual funds short-term trading: how picky are they?
  441. Difficult Stock Selling Situation HELP!
  442. Advice to buy a condo
  443. *Landlords only*: why do I need insurance on my rental property?
  444. RFD collector and numismatic Coins discussion thread
  445. really old HST cheque
  446. Who here is a full time investor?
  447. Help with Moving large sums of money from another country
  448. How do you keep a copy of your netfiled income tax returns?
  449. Personal tax lawyer calgary
  450. DRIP plans in TFSA?
  451. Any places that offer balance transfer loans? other than banks...
  452. Parking 50K for about 6 months - Ideas?
  453. Selling principal residence with secondary suites
  454. Scotia STEP and Smith Manoeuvre
  455. travel mississauga lineup for $199,990 townhouse
  456. Tax Return Filing (Rental Income) Question
  457. Infant Forumla -- tax deductible
  458. CRA Penalties for Wrong Tax Credits
  459. what is your prediction for the housing market?
  460. American Express Low Rate offer
  461. question about income tax and stocks please help!
  462. Best investment for Smith Manoeuvre?
  463. nevermind. please delete
  464. Questrade Not Logging in?
  465. Claiming Medical Expenses and Tax Return
  466. TD currency exchange
  467. Rent change in mind of credit card
  468. HELOC questions
  469. TD canada trust vs TD waterhouse DB gics
  470. Employer cancelling group RRSP, now what?
  471. Best CC card to have in case of a fraud while on vacation
  472. Mutual Fund question
  473. Recent Credit Card special in the paper RE: Rewards (Amex, CapOne, MBNA ...)
  474. did i get an rbc fishing email?
  475. Planning to rent out our condo
  476. delete
  477. Recommend me a home inspector
  478. uFile 2011: How To Set %age of Personal Use of "Other Expenses" for "Rental Income"?
  479. Credit card advice for a student
  480. Highest risk-free return
  481. Easy to read Economics Books?
  482. Google stocks
  483. Questions about Wrong RRSP contribution and withdrawal for Home Buyers Plan
  484. Recapture/Capital Gain Question
  485. A Friend in Trouble as a Lender - Down $150K and still Hopeful
  486. Edward Jones
  487. Will and Changes
  488. HELP! RRSP Deduction Amount
  489. my raise this year
  490. investing with a credit union?
  491. Qs about National Bank AIO
  492. Converting principle residence to rental, then back to principle: CRA implications?
  493. Is 2.99% 3 year fix mortgage a good deal?
  494. I need a push in the right direction. No investments or RRSPs.
  495. RBC Direct Investing Fee Changes... for the better in some cases!
  496. StudioTax 2011 Help
  497. Negotiating the Home Equity Loan - What is the current best rate?
  498. Advice Needed Regarding Keeping or selling condo while buying a house.
  499. Comparing For Sale by Owner Sites- what are your experiences?
  500. Claiming Tuition without income?
  501. NEW Hubert USD Savings account
  502. Help! Best way to borrow cash quickly for a student?
  503. TD Savings Accounts suck
  504. Where is Line 212 in UFile?
  505. Cc matching
  506. RRSP Interest Savings Account Rates
  507. Just how screwed am I?
  508. Avoid True North Mortgage (Toni and Gershon)
  509. capitalone skimmed over the long weekend
  510. Written Off Credit Card
  511. account setup
  512. *Updated: Talk me out of investing in USA real estate
  513. Opinions and Reviews for Health Insurance Packages
  514. RRSP withdrawal age 65-71 strategies?
  515. rental income-deduction question
  516. What to do with RSP's after leaving a company?
  517. Frustrated about a Collection item. Pls help!
  518. Selling land. What to do with the money?
  519. PC Financial down?
  520. Ordered TransUnion free credit report by mail - normal waiting time?
  521. Etfs
  522. What would you recommend in this situation?
  523. How to avoid Fido port-out charges (no-contract)?
  524. Td visa wont increase my cc limit to do balance transfer..
  525. mbna smartcash changes?
  526. tax calculations for writing covered calls?
  527. Tip on Tax Returns: Beware those missing tax slips
  528. Payments For a the death of a parent
  529. Wash Sale Rule Question
  530. Is it possible to withdraw credit inquiry consent ?
  531. Best HELOC Deal?
  532. Difference between World and World Elite
  533. travel for student tax deductible
  534. Signing Bonus Question
  535. Forgot to update RRSP amt, filed taxes, what now?
  536. company use of personal auto and unclaimed capital cost
  537. How would you invest 100k?
  538. <$300 tax refund for Ontario GST?
  539. Accountant recommendations for US income tax
  540. will it hurts your credit if you keep applying for new credit cards (credit check)
  541. Is it legal for an agent to disclose the sale properties for houses just sold?
  542. PC Mastercard not renewed
  543. Claiming Spousal Amount using Ufile
  544. Collection Item marked paid
  545. insurance premiums deductible?
  546. Waterhouse, TD eSeries and T3s?
  547. Sell bonds now?
  548. what percent do you have taken off your paycheque for RRSP contributions?
  549. Which investment broker / institution to go with?
  550. Adding a phone number for credit checks
  551. Ally annual interest down to 1.80% from 2.00%
  552. ?
  553. health insurance/coverage through employers + personal purchase?
  554. Mortgage with Centum?
  555. City of Vancouver parking violation
  556. Capital Cost Allowance
  557. Investment inquiry
  558. Selling Covered Calls - Tax treatment when they are dated for next year
  559. new job, single income, is spouse a dependant w/ newborn? Also tax brackets & bonus
  560. Real Estate Lawyer - pre-con Condo
  561. HBP + 4K pull for new home - timeline suggestions needed
  562. Canada Child Tax Benefit (CCTB) = Income?
  563. TSFA or High Interest Savings?
  564. where to invest? noob question
  565. Planning to buy Metropass, but can't decide between monthly or yearly?
  566. RRSP Loan for home purchase - Good or bad idea? Help
  567. Most Canadians plan no home buying in next 2 years
  568. Tax Avoidance
  569. Cheapest way to get dental work?
  570. Grocery Budget in Ottawa
  571. TFSA or RSP First?
  572. Presale unit - completion in 6 months
  573. Dental benefit covering 15 units of 15 minutes of tartar removal
  574. TD EasyWeb now Covered in Ads
  575. international money transfers (Canada > US)
  576. Questrade T5/T3 Question
  577. Could this bring 2008 again... and worse?
  578. Scotia iTrade Raising Prices for Commissions
  579. First year filing as a married couple - transfer tuition credits?
  580. Capital One Not Allowing ANY Credit Limit Increases
  581. Pundits say Lock in. would you?
  582. Accounting Services for Personal Income Tax Return
  583. Does prepaid credit card for less than $25 exist?
  584. Update to PC Mastercard Terms! Heads-up!
  585. RBC Fraudlent Emails.
  586. Renting an Apartment...using a real estate agent??
  587. Index ETF DIY vs Managed Mutual Funds
  588. Advice - Investing in a condo in Mississauga
  589. 1st Time home buyer, looking for RFD Tips?
  590. z
  591. transferring TFSA from ING to Questrade taking so long ! normal ?
  592. home line vs open variable mortgage
  593. Best Way to Buy Stocks - Questions from a "Newb"
  594. Any ideas on how to combine a large-ish LIRA and a small RRSP at CWT
  595. High interest loan companies
  596. RBC Visa - Online CLI Request
  597. Who files their Maintainence Fees on their income tax return?
  598. CIBC VISA slow payment times :(
  599. Canada To Launch Its Own Version Of BitCoin Called MintChip
  600. question about income tax
  601. Is rental real estate a better alternative investment than stocks?
  602. Canadian Department Store Cards List
  603. Setting up a Canadian Tire Financial account
  604. if you're a bike courier, which class would your bike fall under to calculate cca?
  605. Market has peaked?
  606. Questrade TFSA contribution not reported in 2011
  607. New MBNA World Points Platinum card, should have free 10k points, giving me trouble
  608. Income tax by income level (CAW)
  609. Highest appreciating areas in gta - treb
  610. tax deductable if covered by work benefits?
  611. how Much house can I Afford?
  612. 3 Mutual Funds in question
  613. Taxes-How to treat delisted stocks (eg. Timminco) - capital loss???
  614. So I think our household might be victims of ID Fraud... :|
  615. Spoual RRSP Withdrawal
  616. TD e series - European index?
  617. Which form can report the child care income
  618. [Merged] New Chase Visa from Amazon
  619. TD account fees waived with min balance
  620. Tax Question -Which Spouse Must Declare Capitals Gains on a Home that was 30% Rental?
  621. Do banks still cash cheques payable to "cash" or "bearer"?
  622. CIBC Aventura - Point Redemption Promo starting at 15,000 points for a trip to Europe
  623. Can someone please explain how they got an ITIN while living in Canada?
  624. td waterhouse questions
  625. House Downpayment. How did you get yours?
  626. American Express card to use at Costco?
  627. What's your lawyer's hourly fee?
  628. Tax Help!
  629. So Amex sucked me into upgrading to the Platinum charge card
  630. Posisble to Get a good Exchange Rate Through TD Waterhouse?
  631. Inheritance Tax Hidden Fees in Canada?
  632. Buying home in a private deal, what to look for?
  633. Declaring Bankruptcy
  634. how much should a student see in tax return?
  635. Nightmare experience with Questrade! A tax slip error costs me $1400 ...
  636. CIBC Aerogold - 15000 bonus aeroplan miles - Could be targeted (first year is free)
  637. RESP GICs
  638. CFTC Accuses Royal Bank of Canada of Sham Trades
  639. Quick question on Investment Loss for UFile - Please help
  640. Trust Fund for Sibling's Children - Questions
  641. DPSP tax situation - please help!
  642. Metropass tax credit?
  643. Finally seeing the light:Thinking of dumping my advisor and would like some advice..
  644. Gas in Ontario $1.34/liter, when will we hit an inflection point
  645. T4E - 30% Repayment rate - Why is it not calculated?
  646. Personal LOC best interest rate.
  647. Negotiating debt options with BMO MasterCard - possible?
  648. Questions re: Refinancing a rental property
  649. Amending tax using TurboTax?
  650. studio tax return errors- select the source country
  651. Bond Index Investing now higher risk? (Morningstar article)
  652. TD wants $99/$199/$299 everytime I increase the limit on my HELOC
  653. First year filing with T2200 - What are some legit non-obvious tax deductions
  654. Which bureau does MBNA check?
  655. does anyone have the Aspire Cash platimun mastercard? do you recommend it?
  656. need help finding a good credit card!
  657. How to enter retirement info on tax return?
  658. Increasing price of gas in BC - time to stop driving?
  659. Thinking of simplifying my portfolio...
  660. OT: The Economist subscriptions
  661. Common practice for grocery stores to put two pending transactions on your CreditC?
  662. Personal Tax Accountant recommendations?? (GTA West)
  663. Convert TD Monthly Income Fund
  664. Completing Schedule 3 in Studio Tax
  665. Amex Platinum - worth it?
  666. Condo Insurance
  667. Move USD stock into RRSP?
  668. stock price turns to zero
  669. ALERT! Some banks changed "high to low" payment allocation! WARNING!
  670. Is IEEE membership fee tax deductible?
  671. Pension buyback vs annuities vs invest
  672. Taxfree Foreign pension under tax treaty reduces refund by over 20%
  673. The purpose of credit cards
  674. how to know your credit score
  675. Giving stocks to my kids
  676. RBC online banking access got stolen
  677. Tax question... Mileage/ automobile allowance rate???
  678. Tax refund
  679. Mortgage: Job Loss Between Current Home & Approved Home to be Built
  680. ING DIRECT lowers non-registered ISA interest rate to 1.35%
  681. Where can I get a roll of uncirculated pennies for face value?
  682. Won't let me NETFILE, "Spouse' SIN same as SIN of support payment recipient's SIN 224
  683. Federal budget announces death of the penny
  684. Studiotax Error (Box 16 onto Line 448) - Resolved
  685. Anyone know how to get back taxes paid on US gambling winnings?
  686. Anyone know where I can find a list of "eligible gas, grocery....." for America Exp?
  687. Why do banks still have line-ups in this day and age?
  688. Should I make my ESTATE the beneficiary of my Life Insurance?
  689. HSBC MOBLIE HK USER? anyone ?
  690. RBC Vs TD for discount broker (and other banking needs)
  691. Scotia Momentum VISA Infinite partial annual fee waived!
  692. How much house on 65k income?
  693. Quick question about Stock, capital gains and ACB
  694. Applying for MBNA Smart Cash Card
  695. Blog about passive income
  696. How much do you pay for your mortage per month/year?
  697. Critical Illness Insurance: Do we need it in Canada? Did you buy it? How much?
  698. Fake Tax letters?
  699. Montreal Realator?
  700. Binary options - Scam or real?
  701. Laurentian Bank increased my HELOC rate
  702. Filing Cdn/US Taxes for - Moved to US a year ago
  703. Principle residence question
  704. So why hasnt canada release all series in plastic yet?
  705. How to best use home equity?
  706. Couch Potatoes: How often do you rebalance your portfolio?
  707. Investing in Condos –*anyone know of a review site for condo builders?
  708. Can a US debt collector pursue me in Canada?
  709. Tax question re: rental property
  710. New ALLY US Dollar Savings Account
  711. Withholding tax from US investments
  712. Capital One Aspire Cash now with 25% anniversary instead of 20%
  713. RBC axes 2.99% discount mortgage
  714. How does the balance transfer offer work? Or its a trap?
  715. Taxes and rental income
  716. Canadian Income Earned Online - Income Tax
  717. Buying penny stocks
  718. Can I refinance with my house in foreclosure?
  719. Current Year while waiting on previous year tax return
  720. 4 gas loyalty credit cards worth a look
  721. Is investing like gambling?
  722. What rents better? bachelor or 1 bdrm?
  723. Financing on 2005 Mustang for Student
  724. Should I Really Cancel with CST?
  725. TD Canada Trust to TD Waterhouse discount brokerage conversion?
  726. uFile flawed
  727. Any feedback on Envoy Real Estate Services for Costco Members
  728. Looking for Suggestions for Revamp of Personal Finance Site
  729. How to short the Canadian housing market?
  730. Five Questions about RESPs
  731. 10% ROI in a year
  732. Canada Learning Bond question [solved]
  733. What tools do you use to track your portfolio?
  734. tax question
  735. University Student Tax Return ($25 occupancy cost)
  736. Receive ACH Deposit From Amazon
  737. London Realtor?
  738. How do you fight the urge to make impulse buys?
  739. what is the Payee for paying CRA via internet banking?
  740. F***ing Manulife
  741. RRSP transfer from CIBC to questrade - double fees?
  742. Questrade - Skimming?
  743. How do you determine how much rrsp to deduct in order to maximize your tax refund?
  744. Free learning about securities tutorials
  745. Automatically Updating Transactions in Quicken 2011?????
  746. Alaska Airlines Mastercard - No longer online access
  747. No knowledge of spouse's income - how to file?
  748. Itrade website down!
  749. RRSP unclaimed amount transfer to spouse
  750. Index investing newbie questions
  751. Advice Needed 500K to Invest
  752. Reinvesting your RRSP Refund back into my RRSP
  753. MBNA Shoppers Optimum MasterCard ceasing online access as of April
  754. How to report interest income on 2+ people.
  755. Can I claim the interest that I paid for margin account for any credit?
  756. Getting a personal line of credit - does it affect my credit?
  757. TD and RBC end free accounts for New older clients
  758. FREE new iPad when you open an account and deposit $250k (offer expires May 31, 2012)
  759. tfsa question
  760. buying a car from a friend who is currently leasing
  761. A student looking to get started. Needs help doing so.
  762. Exchanging/Wiring USD, Best Exchange Rate Service
  763. Wife going back to school. Tax options...
  764. nm
  765. RRSP or TFSA for low income?
  766. line of credit
  767. consolidating loan options
  768. What credit card for ODSP?
  769. Company health benefits - "licensed massage therapists, when ordered by a doctor"?
  770. Second Job: Proper Tax Rate?
  771. Looking for advice for car loan/debt payment
  772. How to apply for a mortgage in Quebec from BC?
  773. Charles Schwab (US) Remote Deposit in Canada?
  774. need RESP help for my new born
  775. Paying down student loan vs RRSP loan
  776. Best Student Line of Credit Available?
  777. RBC Homeline Plan question
  778. Question about Visa Classic minimum payment
  779. nvm
  780. Do I need a realtor?
  781. studio tax 2011 work with upcoming tax returns
  782. Should we give up current mortgage at PRIME MINUS ONE?
  783. A qestion about ATM machines in shopping mall
  784. Accounting for Capital Gains in Currency Coversions
  785. Transferring Registered TD Mutual Funds to Scotia iTrade
  786. Taxation of dividend stock distributions (not cash distributions)
  787. Trading Income in Tax return
  788. rental income
  789. Quick mortgage calculation question
  790. Student from Quebec looking for best CC/Bank Account
  791. to sell or stay?
  792. Property Guys
  793. Medical expense and tax return
  794. Onoes! I've over contributed to my RRSP
  795. Property Transfer Tax - British Columbia.
  796. Is Manulife Honest?
  797. Filed tax alraedy then got more slips
  798. Working from home and tax write offs..
  799. What happens if you apply to a credit card that you already have?
  800. Mobile phone providers and credit reporting
  801. RRSP claim exceeds deduction needed?
  802. What is the canadian equivalent of a 1099?
  803. Make $40,000 and pay zero taxes???
  804. Creating custom index charts
  805. American Express Gift Card Promotion
  806. MBNA --> TD Ownership = Interest Rate increase??
  807. Questrade has just royally screwed me! What to do?
  808. Changing Status to Common-Law for CRA purposes
  809. Question about tiered savings account rates
  810. Investing in numerous mutual funds, bad? good?
  811. PayPal security - vacation rentals by owner ?
  812. Website offering cash bonus for credit card applications?
  813. What is a typical fee for USD cheque deposits - PC charged 4%!
  814. TD Bought MBNA Credit Cards
  815. Tax filing for customers
  816. Minimal credit card use
  817. Credit Score and Mortgage Shopping
  818. Mortgage terms and principle vs interest ratio
  819. Student Tax Credit Question
  820. Minimum Income for Visa (Scotia Invinite Visa)
  821. PC Mastercard Disputed Transaction
  822. level 2 access
  823. SIN and Bank
  824. Cross Border (U.S./Canada) Tax - Any good software/services out there?
  825. UFile - No Responce
  826. Applying for 3 new credit cards
  827. Claiming home expenses on the T40440 Declaration of Conditions of Employment
  828. mortgage prepayment privileges...bmo
  829. Can I avoid paying parking ticket if License Plate No. written down is incorrect?
  830. Any comparable Visa to the MBNA SmartCash MC?
  831. Transunion reporting same accounts twice.
  832. claim moving expenses
  833. Mortgage for rental property
  834. Question for Banking Officers
  835. Allowed?
  836. CRA audits?
  837. How do you decide when to sell?
  838. What happens to investment stocks after a person has passed away?
  839. When should I list my condo to close by June 5?
  840. Nissan Canada Financing
  841. Home Buyer's RRSP Plan Questions
  842. Tax tip: The most expensive potential miss: capital losses
  843. Best "free" ways to increase credit card spending?
  844. Cash advance question
  845. OEPTC Box 6110 Mistake?
  846. Transunion score needed for Ford Motor Credit
  847. Is Bank of Montreal Insolvent?
  848. Anyone ever receive a MoneyGram from someone?
  849. Signed Pre-Construction Purchase with Occupancy in Dec. 2013 - Can I lock in rates?
  850. Do you have to open a savings account to do business with a bank?
  851. Maximizing gas rewards
  852. How Instant is CIBC's CreditSmart
  853. Scotia Momentum Infinite vs Capital One Aspire world
  854. MBNA Mastercard Student Users, Need your information or advice.
  855. RSU: Help on taxes question.
  856. Question about moving expenses for tax return
  857. Qtrade (or perhaps other) commission free etfs..
  858. Rbc cathay pacific visa platinum card
  859. Negotiating comission with realestate agent when buying/selling home..
  860. Income?
  861. claiming interest income
  862. Public Transit Passes Tax Credit
  863. margin Req. for naked put selling.
  864. I use to work at TD, ask me anything
  865. Turbotax online tax return discounts?
  866. Switching from Aerogold to Aerogold Infinite
  867. 2012 Best Cash Back Credit Cards
  868. Income property taxes question
  869. how to play OLG rock paper scissors
  870. Thread ratings
  871. Where can I get a loan/LoC if I have bad credit?
  872. Question about Unsecured Personal Line of Credit
  873. Closing TD chequing at one branch and opening TD chequing at another branch
  874. CRA tax return rebate $1100 over what it should on cheque I received.....(Cliffnotes)
  875. How easy is it to sell a stock?
  876. James Dyson's take on the Economy.
  877. TurboTax Standard -- Rental Income
  878. Does TD Charge Interac Email Fee if Recipientdoesn't accept?
  879. BMO: Open a Kids [sic] account and get $25, until April 30, 2012.
  880. Confirmed occupancy date.
  881. DPSP - Effect on RRSP Contribution Room
  882. First time home buyer
  883. The domino's pizza guy tried to recruit me to Primerica
  884. Form 1042-S from RBS Bank (USA)
  885. Silver Stackers
  886. Best Bank for a Student
  887. New graduate, RRSP and Tax questions
  888. Centurion Apartment Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) - Any thoughts
  889. All hail Mainland Chinese CASH buyers. Toronto real estate crash? Yea right.
  890. Can I pay my income taxes (and HST) with a credit card?
  891. Transfer in Kind and Dividend Question
  892. Young Professional - Debt Consolidation - Personal Loan vs LOC Options
  893. does revenue canada deem a certain amount as immaterial???
  894. Advice on redeeming AAdvantage miles
  895. Good read (?) about housing prices USA vs. Canada
  896. Rrsp
  897. RBC Fee Changes for June 1st
  898. What to expect from a payment hearing?
  899. someone please help me with this Heloc calculation...
  900. Need T2202A Advice For Taxes
  901. Helping parents who are horrible money managers
  902. Is binary option worth it?
  903. What interest rate is Staples Credit card for 12/24/36 month payments?
  904. Anyone familiar with Canada Posts' Pension Plan?
  905. Filing Tax
  906. EVERYONE BEWARE: RBC simply STOLE $3000 from my Mother
  907. do i report homestay income?
  908. office renovation deductions?
  909. TD answers BMO w/ a 4yr fixed @ 2.99% w/ better prepayments + more....
  910. How much does it cost to relocate to Vancouver from Toronto?
  911. How do you handle US$ amounts on income tax?
  912. Simple Question - Sole Proprietorship Business w/Private Health Services Plan (PHSP)
  913. Scotia Momentum Visa infinite vs 2X MBNA Smart Cash
  914. Personal Accountant in Richmond Hill - recommendations?
  915. What you guys think of Just Energy?
  916. Income Tax - Couple bought a house, but are still technically "single"
  917. Surprise, surprise. The Bank of Canada leaves the key interest rate untouched...again
  918. TD eseries account- how long does it take to open
  919. Rental condo deductions...
  920. Dental options
  921. Where do you sell your jewelry for top buck?
  922. Quick question regarding RRSP and taxes
  923. Amex syncs cards to Twitter for hashtag discounts - do we Canadians have this here?
  924. Best Credit Card to get when flying?
  925. taxes on currency exchange?
  926. Real Estate Condo: Where is the best bang for $180,000 to $225,000 in GTA?
  927. ING TFSA savings account to TFSA GIC considered withdrawl?
  928. Question/Clarification about Severance Pay for income tax purposes. Any advice/help.
  929. Has anyone gone through debt management with credit counsellor?
  930. Taxes paid on interests in Savings Accounts?!
  931. Critique my Couch Potato Portfolio
  932. RRSP Contribution Form for Reduced Income taxes Paid
  933. Has anyone used a credit/debit card to pay for customs/duties at your door?
  934. BRIC Equity Exposure
  935. First time mortgage advice
  936. Need some investment advice
  937. $1 Million to retire on - (and is it enough?)
  938. I'm freaking out! tax income
  939. Sample lease for parking and storage
  940. What does Transunion "Cancelled Account/Non-Derog Rating mean?
  941. To sell or not to sell Mutual Funds that is...
  942. Why do I owe taxes this year?
  943. reporting stock capital gains with quicktax.ca
  944. MIP 710: Can you purchase this in your RRSP account?
  945. Investment/Rental Property in / around GTA
  946. self-employed and T4A
  947. Income tax question: RL-2
  948. Mortgage broker - referral commission
  949. Pay Your Bills Online Using CANADIAN TIRE MASTER CARD & Earn Cash Back/CT $$$ !!!
  950. Is RRSP a Rip-off??
  951. Explain the appeal of timeshares to me
  952. how to declare rental sublease income
  953. The Yield-Hungry Couch Potato
  954. can you ever deduct appliances/furniture/fence on a rental unit?
  955. US Dollar Investment Savings Account (US$ ISA) vs TD Borderless
  956. Reporting US Employment Income On Canadian Tax Return
  957. Another Tax Filing Question
  958. getting a stock certificate
  959. Forex Currency Exchange
  960. Tuition tax credit transfer to legal guardian?
  961. Confused- Many family members recieving 5-15K back for only donating a few thosand...
  962. Where to start cleaning up a youthful financial mess?
  963. Line 369 - Home buyers' amount
  964. former employer trying to rip me off through income tax, what are my rights?
  965. Relocation Package w/ employer
  966. RRSP overcontribution and HBP
  967. Mortgage for someone with no credit history
  968. Suprised by Taxable Benefit on T4
  969. New vs. Pre-owner house
  970. What should the average person have in their savings account at 30 years old?
  971. RPP & RRSP contribution limits (Stackable?)
  972. How many credit cards?
  973. Why Is TD Bank Overcharging In Property Taxes & Then Not Telling You Until Yrs Later
  974. CRA My Account - slow for anyone else?
  975. What should I do with money?
  976. Receiving e-Transfer using different email from my bank email
  977. Order free credit report about myself ?
  978. Tax Beginner
  979. what's your mbna credit card limit?
  980. mbna credit offer related questions
  981. AMEX sends statements if $0 balance?
  982. Core downtown condo investment, your opinions.
  983. StudioTax Help * Please* Wrong Province
  984. MBNA mastercard question
  985. Void Cheque
  986. Simple software to do taxes
  987. Scotiabank VISA Supplementary Card - credit check?
  988. Buy share in Canadian financial firms
  989. Good Time to Load Up On Gold Miners?
  990. Need help with picking bank account
  991. Parents like to save everything in USD
  992. Tuition tax credits
  993. Buyiing A New Home & Turning Current Home Into Rental
  994. commission for financial advisor
  995. legal advice
  996. Online banking - immediate account opening
  997. How would you ask your landlord to lower your retail store rent?
  998. Turbo Tax Standard or H&R Block
  999. bmoinvestorline fees for 2006-2008?
  1000. This is why I'm broke!