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  1. New Credit Card sub-forum - Can't find a credit card thread? It's probably in there.
  2. Friend is $15k in debt, what should he do?
  3. CRA is being ********
  4. Tangerine vs Chase (cash withdrawal foreign country)
  5. Tangerine Child Tax Benefit not Deposited Feb 20, 2017
  6. I'm a Canada Pension Plan (CPP) expert. Any questions?
  7. Spousal RRSP Questions
  8. Best place to park kid's money?
  9. ONT ONLY - microFIT solar panel program: 10-14% return for 20 yrs * FAT LADY HAS SUNG
  10. Best Account or Card for Foreign Cash Withdrawals?
  11. need advice on improving my financial life
  12. Free interac banks
  13. Indian Currency - Rs. 500 and 1000 denominations
  14. Timeshare scams and how to get out of them
  15. No Longer Redeem PC Points for Gift Cards?
  16. HSBC Premier
  17. RFD collector and numismatic Coins discussion thread
  18. CRA Refund
  19. When do electronic T4s show up on CRA?
  20. How to minimize tax on bonus?
  21. RRSP or Pay Down Mortgage?
  22. Can I use Interac Online pay with PC Financial?
  23. How do you cope living pay check to paycheck?
  24. CIBC unsecured PLC reduce limit
  25. I have option to pay CPP and EI
  26. RBC LOC Interest Rate
  27. Loan questions
  28. Question on RRSP and RPP
  29. Tax Receipt RRSP contributions
  30. The RFD Gold & Silver Coins/Bullion/Precious metals thread
  31. Need advice of where to Open TFSA
  32. TFSA and CRA reporting
  33. Rewards program transfer times (e.g. SPG -> Aeroplan, Marriott -> SPG, Amex MR -> SPG, etc.)
  34. Source of funds proofs requested by the bank?
  35. Bank & Credit Union SIGN UP BONUS Thread
  36. Ask me about Credit Scores
  37. Tax Write-offs for young guy
  38. List of Cashback Credit Cards
  39. T4 question - public transit pass
  40. Alterna Bank High Interest eSavings Account
  41. Credit Karma now also in Canada
  42. RRSP Contribution Room RPP --> Unlocked RRSP
  43. Spousal RRSP question
  44. Tax Credit - Children's Art Credit
  45. Royal Bank Credit Line interest hike
  46. $2,000 lifetime over-contribution limit for RSP
  47. RBC Feb 2017 Online Banking Crackdown?
  48. How to withdraw US$$ from RBC US$$ esaving accout
  49. 2016 Tax Season Megathread
  50. Hubert USD Savings 0.75% - Online Transfers now available
  51. Capital One Secured Credit Card reviews
  52. TurboTax question (living in QC but working in ON)
  53. School Deposit - Tax credit?
  54. COLLECTIONS AND COLLECTION AGENTS: Ask me anything! (Official RFD Thread)
  55. How much do you actually save per month?
  56. Switched banks mid year... taxes??
  57. Taxing for this year
  58. Doing my own taxes for the first time
  59. MBNA online infrastructure transfer
  60. Life Insurance Primer Help
  61. Any news about BMO Mastercard Debit coming June 1st?
  62. TD Wealth?
  63. longest debt consolidation loans?
  64. Company's RRSP contribution over my Notice of assessment contribution limit
  65. Who take these $300 for $20 Cash loans?
  66. Any family Lawyers? Need help with joint property question
  67. Haven't filed taxes in 15 years... recommendation?
  68. Scotiabank: Fee Changes for Personal Bank Accounts
  69. Scotiabank Raising Fees March 1, 2017
  70. what deductions am I missing?
  71. CFA Exam Fees Tax Deductible?
  72. Stock market vs real estate... Why do people say the stock market is better?
  73. Working in Michigan, living in Canada
  74. 500k in savings at 30 years old. Decent savings or have I fallen behind?
  75. Ontario to USA (2.5 month) to Quebec Tax question
  76. Sunlife vs Manulife health and dental insurance
  77. AMEX accidentally gave me points... anyone experience this before?
  78. Canada Child Tax Benefit (CCTB) = Income?
  79. Father passed away - hasn't filed income tax in 12 years
  80. Selling a website to an american buyer
  81. Joint bank account, one person passes away - who pays the taxes?
  82. CIBC $150 for new Smart Chequing acount 14Feb to 13Apr
  83. Medical expenses paid by wife's benefits
  84. Income tax owing over $3,000!!!
  85. Tangerine: Depositing US Funds to Tangerine US Funds Account via Scotia ATM
  86. IFC Course(Mutual Funds) exam
  87. RRSP Loan: does it make sense for me?
  88. Given restricted shares in foreign company that I don't work for.
  89. Buying gift cards at Petro = 0 points. Now where?
  90. How to get Bitcoins ?
  91. [] Free online 2016 Tax Return begins (NETFILE begins Feb 20th)
  92. When you deposit at the ATM, how long does the bank hold you money?
  93. The EQ Bank Savings Account thread - T5 avaliable to download
  94. Babysitter/nanny child care cost - tax claims
  95. Meredian CU - 3% 90 day GIC for new members
  96. Tangerine direct deposit processing time
  97. Question about Estate Succession and unclaimed Bank Drafts
  98. Best service to track and summarize online receipts? (tax season)
  99. Wealth Simple reviews
  100. Salaried Employee Works From Home - Can he Claim House Expenses?
  101. TD LoC Interest Calculation Question
  102. How do I manage my finances better?
  103. Working in Michigan, living in Canada
  104. Why does it take days before CC payment goes through.
  105. Defaulted OSAP loan repayment advice
  106. TD exchange rate
  107. How to minimize exchange rate impact during a trip to USA?
  108. Mobile payment to the rescue
  109. Filing taxes while working abroad?
  110. CapitalOne is Going to Provide Free Credit Scores
  111. A list of merchants who accept AMEX in Canada
  112. turbotax 2016: A heads-up that it's no longer loading previous uFile tax file
  113. Buy more RRSP to get more CCB?
  114. Accounting Software for Individual
  115. Danger of too many retirement accounts?
  116. HOW TO: Withdrawing USD from a PayPal Account (Avoid CAD conversion!)
  117. Database of class action lawsuits
  118. IFC EXAM from CSI FEEDBACK - Exam Passed Feb 2017
  119. My child received a T4A (P) slip
  120. Anyone offering a FREE online credit report?
  121. Can an RRSP provider force you to transfer out your account?
  122. Question about something I read in "Millionaire Teacher"
  123. The Official RFD TFSA thread for Savings Accounts! (Updated: 12/24/2016)
  124. Scotiabank to cut 5% of branches over two years in move to digital
  125. TD Loc and TD Direct Investing
  126. PC Bank account in Québec
  127. Please share your Unsecured Line of Credit interest rates and lenders
  128. Zenbanx acquired by SoFi
  129. Envelope Free ATMs in Canada
  130. Tangerine chequing overdraft
  131. Promotions for big banks
  132. Credit checks: Leasing VS Financing?
  133. Why do payments take so long?
  134. Running into a bit of problem with RBC.
  135. RRSP to RRIF: which account?
  136. Costco recommended car/home insurance
  137. meridican cu- inactivity fee
  138. TD or Other Personal Line of Credit Rates
  139. Tangerine investment statement problems
  140. Letter from RCA, possible scam?
  141. HELOC interest from rental property
  142. Cost to remove name from Title Deed?
  143. Depositing U.S. Cheque - Best rates
  144. Paypal freezes News Media Canada account because payment contained the word "Syrian"
  145. Avion/American Express/Other partners to Aeroplan/BA/AA point transfer promo history
  146. Should we buy an investment property?
  147. Easiest bank to get credit with (LOC)
  148. Letter from CRA
  149. also offers free Equifax credit scores
  150. Capital One Security a Little Bit Too Much?
  151. Need some clarification on Expenses claimed
  152. Ottawa to impose new carbon tax for all provinces
  153. Understanding how Income tax return works
  154. CIBC approved Line of Credit Should I use it or not?
  155. Tax saving tips -Is this true
  156. PC Financial World Elite MC Foreign fees
  157. Foreign Exchange - anyone use Knightsbridge?
  158. Help with RSP Deduction Limit
  159. RRSP Employer Match Contributions Tax Question
  160. Are fee-rebates considered "contributions" in a TFSA?
  161. Do you have the walmart credit card?
  162. T5007, CCB and workers compensation
  163. HELOC above 65% threshold
  164. List of creditors/lenders that pull/inquire from Equifax & TransUnion, and credit card application info. Update!
  165. Non-Registered Savings into RRSP
  166. Way to avoid using Paypal Currency Conversion (for Chase no 2.5% exchange rate CCs)
  167. CIBC Wire transfer time.
  168. USD cheque vs USD draft for brokerage account
  169. EQ Bank sent e-mail that T5 are available, but site seems crashed.
  170. Did Google Play abolish credit balance expiration dates?
  171. Since when did Tangerine start giving out RRSP-Loan Preapprovals?
  172. why CIBC holds deposited funds
  173. Tax on small severance pay
  174. More Canadians are raiding their RRSPs to buy a house, make ends meet and pay off debt.
  175. Anyone know of special offers on chequing accounts?
  176. $300 cash bonus if open Scotiabank Momentum/ScotiaOne Chequing account
  177. Contribute: RRSP or Mortgage?
  178. how long coule my friend receive my email when I use TD Email Money Transfer?
  179. US$ in TFSA, how does it calculated in contribution
  180. Banks offering free incoming wire transfers?
  181. What is a "collection item" service at CIBC?
  182. TD e-series funds set up question
  183. best place to buy bullion/bars of gold and silver in toronto
  184. Online free Transunion credit report
  185. How do you spend your money every month
  186. "Nigerian" scam has invaded RFD.
  187. Daycare deposit and income tax
  188. ON:New Rebate On Your Electricity Bill for Low Income - starting Jan 1, 2016
  189. Warning! Manulife Bank ripping off Manulife One mortgage account customers
  190. When you file your tax return (from a CRA staff)
  191. SimpleTax (ImpôtSimple) now handles QC provincial tax returns
  192. credit score
  193. What is the coolest looking credit card?
  194. Using to estimate the taxes.. where do I enter CPP box 16 and the amount in box 40?
  195. Transunion Is Using My Highschool Employer As My Current Employer
  196. Issues w/ Easy Financial - Need advice (long thread warning)
  197. What is the best way to digitize my wallet?
  198. Canada pension and investment property
  199. Ways to Move money to Taiwan
  200. Manulife group retirement fees
  201. OMERS and RRSP
  202. Hours before going on EI for mat leave
  203. Does spousal RRSP work like this?
  204. how can I remove collection from Equifax
  205. What points cards should I get?
  206. CIBC 0% balance transfer 6 month offer
  207. CreditKarma coming to Canada soon
  208. WestJet RBC World Elite MasterCard
  209. Jerry's List of Credit Cards with $200+ Welcome bonus/Aeroplan & AMEX Churning FAQ
  210. How can I tell if my credit card issuer's auto insurance covers will primarily cover rental car damage?
  211. MBNA Rewards World Elite MC: FYF GONE AGAIN?! (11/2016)
  212. Anyone with experience with Knowledge First Financial - RESP??
  213. Possible to get a no-fee CC for first CC?
  214. Chase Marriott Visa, FYF,50 K points+1 free night,no foreign transaction fee,
  215. Will lowering unused cards' credit limit help credit limit increase on my main cards?
  216. Canadian SPG Amex * 20,000 pts for new (accepted) applications
  217. Tangerine 3 months 2.5% and 3% Expiring - any new offer
  218. CIBC Dividend® Visa Infinite FYF 4% CB 6mo $200 max
  219. TFSA for RBC Multi Product Rebate
  220. Can spousal RSP be transferred to same planholder's spousal RSP account with different financial institution
  221. TD All Inclusive Account (Formerly Select Service)
  222. Canada's Best Credit Cards in 2017? Let's have it!
  223. RESP in the new world of free tuition
  224. Tangerine RSP Loan Offer
  225. Life Insurance Q&A - w/ FAQ Section
  226. Contributing more to spousal RRSP, how does that affect withdraw?
  227. How does USD work at CIBC ATM's?
  228. Coordination of benefits - are maximums added?
  229. For a 26 yr old, how am I doing?
  230. Ratehub - abuse
  231. Ways of Reducing Taxable Income
  232. GIS payment - is it prorated for 40 years?
  233. How am I doing and what can I improve
  234. do I need to file T- 2125?
  235. Best way to pay rent if the landlord lives outside of province?
  236. Financial Incentive of Trading in at Dealership
  237. Wal-mart merchant codes?
  238. HBP repayment and RRSP contribution
  239. Fees for Employment Lawyer - Lost my job after 20 years...need advice!
  240. Easiest way to buy bitcoin with interac? ($225)
  241. Closing old mutual fund account
  242. Where to get statement of pharmacy expenses for tax filing
  243. CIBC took money without any autorization
  244. Higher return on USD savings
  245. How to get an aeroplan mile so my stash doesn't expire?
  246. Borrowell and Equifax Canada Partner To Provide Canadians Free Access to Credit Score
  247. Anyone else have their Child Care Benefit reduced?
  248. CIBC Global Money Transfer™ Send money to mainland China with $0 transfer fee
  249. Help get my finances in order!
  250. Spousal RRSP question
  251. Free safe deposit box
  252. cra mailing date of child benefit statement
  253. Depositing someone else's cheque into your own bank account
  254. RRSP Contribution Calculation
  255. Tax question - Oil & Gas royalties
  256. Credit scored dropped badly after TD visa fiasco
  257. [Merged] New Chase Visa from Amazon
  258. Expired TD $300 account opening bonus offer
  259. Financial advise needed
  260. How much does the "average" person have in savings at age 23?
  261. Section 216 return - split rent income with spouse?
  262. Getting Euros
  263. Buying a house and funding a familly in Quebec
  264. Withdraw USD from Tangerine
  265. MBNA eMall Rewards: Not receiving any bonus Points
  266. Questions regarding minimum Payment ( help)
  267. Are there any limits in regards to how much cash can you bring in Canada from overseas if you declare the money?
  268. VISA card character limit?
  269. Credit Karma vs. Mogo
  270. Tangerine International fee-free ATM access list
  271. Sending 50k USD to a relative in the US
  272. accidental regular purchase on BT card
  273. TFSA Limit for 2017
  274. TD Visa First Class Infinite Question
  275. "I was tricked"??? Loblaws credit card...
  276. E-Transfer with pre-paid CC?
  277. U.S. based TD Bank account now available for Canadians
  278. Contacting the CRA
  279. Divorce and spousal support question
  280. Ask me anything about personal tax and accounting related
  281. RRSP withdrawl in the first 60 days
  282. Son looking to borrow 120000 cdn...
  283. Tax form for commission sales... how to set income tax rate
  284. True or False and Why: Canada is the world’s newest tax haven
  285. Rogers Bank MasterCard vs. VISA on 0% FOREX
  286. Free tuition still planned for Fall 2017?
  287. Grande Prairie couple fined almost $500,000 for tax evasion
  288. How to find the best home and car insurance?
  289. Moving to USA permanently - How can I transfer all my money to US?
  290. Paying US credit card in Canada?
  291. this situation A is taxable but B is not?
  292. CIBC Aerogold® VISA for Business
  293. Tax related
  294. The Official RFD thread for Savings Accounts! (Updated: 01/24/2017)
  295. Will a bounced cheque hurt the receiver's credit?
  296. Cash job vs Cheque job?
  297. Carrying forward RESP CESG amounts
  298. Time Share Schemes- Investment or low cost travel
  299. RRSP - over contribution.
  300. RRSP contribution question
  301. Scotiabank Ends NHL Debit Cards
  302. Canada Revenue Agency monitoring Facebook, Twitter posts of some Canadians
  303. How does the CRA verify the principal residence criteria for the HBP?
  304. Best way to transfer all my money from one bank to another
  305. .
  306. Is MBNA Rewards World Elite still the best cash back credit card?
  307. .
  308. Are credit cards unsecure loans?
  309. Wealthsimple - your experience?
  310. General question: buying a house VS retiring with 200K more
  311. Family tax cut non-50% split possible?
  312. cash RRSP without penalties?
  313. Canadian Direct Financial - 3% Interest on TFSA.... Any users?
  314. Which Forex Broker do you recommend
  315. Finding a bank after bankruptcy
  316. Passing assets down to grand children
  317. Credit Scores Approved and Denied Credit cards
  318. Tangerine chequing overdraft increase -- How to increase fully?
  319. Most tax efficient way for retirement
  320. Reporting dividend for taxes
  321. How to transfer money from US account to Canadian account
  322. PayPal Deposits now labelled as PAYROLL?!
  323. TFSA for the risk averse
  324. Tuition Tax Credit
  325. Mortgage & card closure question
  326. Collection agency threatening to contact payroll
  327. Trudeau going after Personal Services Corps disguised as small businesses
  328. Child care deductions
  329. Desjardins Lounge at Montreal
  330. Koho
  331. Credit Card Annual Fee Renewal Date
  332. ODSP & OW Disability Pension Plan Shelter Rate Question
  333. Contractor or Employee? What Am I? Also reporting income.
  334. Kudos to Canadian Tire
  335. 2.2% 18-Month GIC (RRSP, TFSA also) @ Meridian
  336. Your Experience with the CIBC/TD/Scotia Secured Cards ?
  337. Paying off credit card as I purchase
  338. Time between credit card applications
  339. Mastercard equivalent to Visa Infinite Privilege
  340. Low utilization rate on the credit card
  341. If you have $100,000 at age 30, invested, how much should you expect to grow to 65?
  342. OSAP Rehabilitation Questions
  343. TransUnion now offering free credit report online
  344. Income splitting?
  345. Which tax software is better alternative to ufile?
  346. When is "common law" in Ontario?
  347. Student professional line of credit
  348. Open a European Bank Account
  349. EI (Employment Insurance) and Variable/Best Weeks
  350. PC Financial mobile deposit outside of Country
  351. Bankruptcy
  352. Recent Norbert Gambit experience at TD DI
  353. Funny Story of BestBuy Credit Limit Increase Denial
  354. Closed account still show up on bank log in?
  355. Any quick ideas for pre-authorized payment?
  356. Is Amex Platinum card worth it?
  357. RESP advice
  358. Best way to pay for a used car
  359. Canada needs to start allowing the filing of joint tax returns
  360. Will and Testament Lawyers
  361. Debt Trouble- Need Help
  362. Primerica
  363. Increase % to dcpp?
  364. Axess Law - Anyone use them yet? - $99 Wills
  365. Free AM Withdrawals - Non Customer?
  366. CIBC - send money 'worldwide' for free
  367. CapitalOne Costco MasterCard - AutoPay now available
  368. Min amount needed to bring for exchange at bank
  369. Do I get correct interest?
  370. *** PLEASE DELETE
  371. US dollars moving to Canada permanently
  372. No Foreign Transaction Fee Card
  373. Transferring Money Online Between 2 Accounts at Different Banks
  374. RBC-$300 for opening all inclusive account - YYMMV
  375. RBC *ALSO* making changes to their bank accounts (June 1st 2015)
  376. Tax time! I'm a public accountant, so ask me, I'll try to respond frequently
  377. *USA only* Amazon.Com Visa 5% back for Prime members
  378. RRSP contribution - deferring use of deduction.
  379. RBC Visa Infinite Avion - How good is this card?
  380. Should I invest in RRSP the year I get some extra income and withdraw it in coming years ?
  381. RRSP Account questions.
  382. BMO Prepaid Mastercard or RBC Visa Debit for car rental
  383. How to enter my zip code when using credit card in US?
  384. Free credit score in Quebec?
  385. Using a loan for RSP? Tangerine
  386. Questions about Resp
  387. FIRE and Travel (life experiences)
  388. Why Are Alterna Savings and Alterna Bank at The Same Location?
  389. Samsung Pay now @ CIBC
  390. Tangerine Investment Accounts Gone
  391. TurboTax online vs download - any differences?
  392. Small Business Account to collect rent - need to file taxes as business with CRA?
  393. First credit card without annual fee?
  394. Square One Insurance
  395. What does RRSP loan mean
  396. Must I meet a financial adviser to get my Momentum Visa Infinite
  397. Newbie: How to use the balance transfer promo offers
  398. Ontario Student Loan Collections and Disability
  399. Best chequing account options
  400. Distribution and Consolidation on Credit Cards
  401. Would this be a good way of using my cc?
  402. Is Manulife Honest?
  403. List of Lenders that pull Equifax, Transunion, or Both
  404. 2.25% until Dec 31st promotional rate with PC Financial
  405. Okay smarty pants ... credit reports need help!
  406. Online currency exchange service Experts
  407. Missing MoneySense Magazine
  408. Best Short-Term savings account with the best rate right now?
  409. Visa or Mastercard Debit card question
  410. How do you select a lawyer for writing up a will?
  411. Help with RRSP planning
  412. Bill C27 Pension Reform
  413. Topping up RRSP to lower tax bracket, but..
  414. Tangerine Money Transfer
  415. Runaround hell from Questrade/PC Financial - RESOLVED
  416. Credit Card Payment Due Dates
  417. Help me with Canadian Tire Bank
  418. Being paid in US currency while living in Canada
  419. [UPDATE: DECLINED] Do I need/should I get a credit card? [mid-20s, live with parents, min wage job]
  420. What would you do?
  421. CFPB Orders TransUnion and Equifax to Pay for Deceiving Consumers
  422. CRA $2 rule for Balance Owing / Refund
  423. How much interest do US banks pay on saving accounts?
  424. how to close PC Financial account
  425. How do credit card companies report to Equifax/TU?
  426. Free Education and RESP
  427. Solar energy and NET METERING in Ontario
  428. Value of CIBC Imperial Service?
  429. Financing a car
  430. Income Tax Schedule 3, Principal Residence and Proceeds
  431. QQ: "Price match" Line of Credit rate?
  432. Maternity Leave / EI - Contract Position
  433. Home office expenses
  434. BCTESG (BC Training & Education Savings Grant)
  435. Looking for advice on student loans sent to collections
  436. Plastiq - Pay 1% Fee for CRA Tax Payments with Mastercard Ends May 31
  437. Selling silver bars
  438. Charity Financial Information
  439. Time to cancel my Costco Mastercard...
  440. Ordered $6000 item, fedex left without signature while out of town
  441. Questrade $4.95 per trade, no fee RRSP, no inactivity fee
  442. CIBC Dividend® Visa Infinite* Card Fine Print
  443. What's the best way to use 130K Aeroplan miles?
  444. Terminated without cause
  445. How much do you put into savings a month?
  446. Anyone Familiar with QFP?
  447. Good or bad idea to take a second LOC?
  448. Converting CAD to Foreign Currency
  449. Does Service Canada (EI) Know When You Leave The Country?
  450. PCFinancial Account Nicknames
  451. Reviving cancelled credit card
  452. How to invest $300k
  453. Date of Last Activity
  454. Is the BMO CashBack World Elite MC a good card?
  455. Looking for a short-term car loan. Denied by RBC
  456. PPP vs IPP vs. RRSP?
  457. I have questions about claiming your expenses when self employed
  458. Can I shred my old tax returns and receipts
  459. Credit card compromised :(
  460. Group Benefit Taxes
  461. Tangerine Bank Card Question
  462. Aeroplan vs BA Avios - Do I need both? Or focus on one?
  463. How should I be saving
  464. Best place to buy gold bullion in Vancouver
  465. 2016 Tax return - TTC Presto payment and token payment
  466. RRSP's in Quebec
  467. People's trust website down
  468. PayPal and Credit Card
  469. RRSP Account with no transfer fee
  470. Question about Collection Agency
  471. Can an employer refuse to make an offer because of bad credit?
  472. RESP family plan question
  473. Collection Call question
  474. Question about closing chequing account and online banking
  475. Question about closing chequing account and online banking
  476. Stay with OSAP or pay it with a bank loan?
  477. Pension Payout Advice
  478. Disability tax credit transfer / 2015 tax adjustment
  479. Should I go to HR Block for tax filing (small business)
  480. Help with Tangerine Promo from August 2016
  481. How to avoid the extra charge for foreign transactions?
  482. BMO CashBack World Elite : Roadside Assistance and Collision Damage Waiver on rental cars
  483. Which bank offer text alerts for bank accounts?
  484. Coordination of group insurance benefits
  485. Transferred money overseas but not received, store says they don't keep records
  486. Credit Score dropped 18 points, should I be worried?
  487. Best way to rebuild credit after paying off consumer proposal?
  488. Anyone else annoyed that some banks don't have username login?
  489. Should I take my TFSA account and transfer it to my RRSP?
  490. Best credit card for traveling?
  491. What's the name of the website that gives you gift cards for applying credit cards?
  492. Tangerine Client Card with Interac Flash [Mailing out...]
  493. sending in a paper tax return eliminates need to keep receipts for CRA?
  494. Beware of TD Canada Trust RESP
  495. Canadian Business Accounting and Tax Questions
  496. Scotiabank Closed My Sears Mastercard With No Reason!
  497. Retaining records for Canada Revenue Agency purposes (personal taxes)
  498. Toronto's lost in debt Generation
  499. Problem with National Bank
  500. Scotia raising Fees and Balance Waivers March 1
  501. How much will a new cell account affect the credit score?
  502. CBSA duty/taxes/handling reimbursement for Tax Exempt items, HOW-TO
  503. Equifax Profile
  504. TD Interac e-Transfer fee changes effective July 1st 2016
  505. I tried to signed up for Credit Karma, they didn't recognize my SIN #
  506. What are the downsides of PC Financial's 'no fee bank account?'
  507. Your advice: Buying car off lease vs Financing
  508. Rbc screwed us on US $ exchange, can we get the difference back?
  509. Is TD Rewards working for you?
  510. Who is moving money out of Tangerine?
  511. Auto Loan vs Line of credit for vehicle purchase. Need advice!
  512. TFSA Contribution Cutoff Date
  513. Debt
  514. Any benefits in keeping everything in one Big Bank?
  515. Tax - deemed disposition rules
  516. EI / Service Canada - Out of Country / Visiting US by car from Canada
  517. Paying off car loan early?
  518. Get Your Share Personal Info Leaked
  519. Claiming the T4A (P) death benefit
  520. How long does it take for a bank to clear a cheque?
  521. Non-Residency for Income Tax - Questions
  522. Hired a Nanny/Care Giver, how to do Payroll?
  523. Credit Card Charges - Fraud WorldVentures
  524. TD US$ TFSA
  525. Brand new sequential old Canadian bank notes
  526. Please, help me to pull the plug!
  527. Amex Simply Cash (targeted) 4% cashback for 3 months - existing clients
  528. Cost of Living in Toronto versus Oakville
  529. .
  530. Videotron on equifax
  531. Anyone with an RESP from CIBC? need advice
  532. Pre-Approved for LOC - Should I take it?
  533. Are there really banks that are easier to get loans with?
  534. Tax Return - Oral Health Expenses
  535. Tax implications of working in the states while living in Canada
  536. Alterna bank. Fees?
  537. Should I pay off my LOC
  538. Things to do when moving to US
  539. Koodo 5 dollar late payment
  540. Fee charged to withdraw some RRSP money
  541. Credit Card Insurance for "Purchased item not received"
  542. Please give me advice on repairing my credit
  543. Tax advantages of spouse?
  544. Canadian stores that accept US dollars
  545. New RBC Rewards + Visa. Worth getting it or no?
  546. When MBNA Credit Card pay the cash back rewards?
  547. Credit Card for School tuition
  548. Can I claim psychological sessions as employment expenses while under short-term disability ?
  549. Should I Cancel My Credit Card?
  550. Where to invest 300K?
  551. BMO Plan and Service changes - December 1, 2016
  552. Advice on free chequing / free Interac eTransfer?
  553. PCF - Cannot see Transfer in Upcoming Transfers - Is this normal?
  554. fee based financial planners: worth it?
  555. No Free-Credit-Score Sites work for me
  556. CIBC charging me interest on 6 month 0% interest (1% balance transfer)
  557. CIBC bank accounts for GTAA employees
  558. Issue with CRA - Did not receive Notice of Assessment
  559. US Dollar credit card having highest cash back available to canadian (personal or business) with or without annual fees
  560. BMO Minimum Monthly Balance to Waive Monthly Fee Increase
  561. If H&R Block made a mistake...
  562. Best international money transfer website? I.E transferwise, XE, OANDA
  563. Biggest Bullcrap Email from Air Miles Ever!
  564. How to find out "Cut Off" date for credit cards
  565. People who make a fortune on New Year's eve!
  566. PC financial Mastercard balance transfer issues
  567. American Express SimplyCash limited time 4% cash back (YMMV)
  568. TD First Class Visa Infinite *catch*
  569. List of places that only accept Visa OR only accept Mastercard
  570. Recommendation for Toronto tax accountant for US tax
  571. 2017 Personal Tax Credit Forms
  572. Fraudulent Bank Emails
  573. Inheritance - Estate Law? Help?
  574. President´s Choice Financial Vs Transferwise
  575. Credit Score: A substantial drop in one month?
  576. Best RESP/QESI for new account (long term)?
  577. Any chequing account offers? No or low fees etc
  578. Figuring out my Finances going into 2017
  579. RBC visa balance transfer offer 0% until Dec. 31st - 2% fee
  580. The best way to receive money (7k ) for a car sold through Kijiji
  581. TD ATM Cash Deposit - Audited incorrectly - $350 instead of $3,500
  582. PCF transfers not going through?
  583. Is there any bmo ATM that still uses envelope in GTA?
  584. Recent Ontario accounting gradates salaries
  585. Black BMO Debit Card!?
  586. VISA foreign exchange rate confusion
  587. StudioTax 2016 out of the gate early !
  588. Best Visa Card?
  589. CIBC canceling Mastercard?
  590. Can I use my prescription drug expense to claim for tax reduction?
  591. Currency exchange alternatives to vcbe
  592. Shopping for a secured LOC
  593. Gatestone Collection
  594. Samsung Pay
  595. PC Financial Banking - BEAWARE !!!
  596. Exchanging CAD to USD
  597. Business USD expenses strategy
  598. 7 reasons why the visa card is a bad card for you
  599. Question about filling tax for Scholarship and OSAP grant for 1st year University student
  600. Best business credit card?
  601. Malakijoy's points program's tips
  602. Which FICO Score Version do Equifax and Transunion use in Canada?
  603. Best MC recomm'd with no annual fee for Costco and Groceries use
  604. POLL: Interest earned in chequing (was Tangerine Chequing account interest rate dropped to 0.15% - anyone notice?)
  605. Does anyone have an account with Kraken for trading cryptocurrency?
  606. TD Canada trust may have finally bit it (Best free checking accounts?)
  607. Life insurance UL YRT vs Level
  608. Will a paystub error hurt me come tax return time?
  609. HELOC - Could use a little advice on which way to go...
  610. Amex Global Transfer
  611. credit card charges?
  612. Cachet Partners Group / Promo Gifting beware
  613. ATM to use with foreign card
  614. I use to work at TD, ask me anything
  615. Ideal savings 2.3% guaranteed until Dec 31 2017 money 100% guaranteed
  616. Collection agency calling about Fido bill from 2006
  617. AMEX CSR told me Platinum AMEX FYF - confused
  618. 2.30% until Dec 31st promotional rate with La Capitale [QC only]
  619. RBC launches face-to-face video banking for enterprise clients
  620. RRSP rollover from Divorce - Income tax purposes
  621. Penalties for withdrawing from RESP?
  622. Unsecured LOC rate?
  623. Interac's Christmas ad campaign
  624. Which cashback Credit Card you would recommend to replace MBNA Smart Cash World?
  625. Android Pay
  626. Transfering money to Sweden
  627. TD now shows pending transactions!
  628. Have a quick tax question.
  629. How to go about foreign investment profits not in your name
  630. Sears chase to Scotia login
  631. Best CC for paying taxes
  632. Can you get the taxes back? Canadian winning prizes in the United states?
  633. Becoming a non-resident for tax purposes, house ownership, etc.
  634. Where to put cash for later income tax paying?
  635. Ideal Savings [ 2.30% until Dec. 31, 2017 on the initial deposit / 1.70% on other deposits ]
  636. pay paypal US$ using US$ bank account directly
  637. Tfsa question, contribution limit?
  638. Tangerine 3 months 2% Expiring - any new offer
  639. How long does a merchant have to charge your credit card? Got charged months later.
  640. Is it worth the cost to sign up for credit alert?
  641. Using Tangerine Card at Scotia machines
  642. [PCF] "You've been selected to earn 2.25%" from 01Jan to 31Mar17
  643. Employer RSP.
  644. Tax free withraw and reput questions
  645. Going to the US, should I withdraw some money here first?
  646. Rogers MC Credit increase
  647. questions about Visa credit card
  648. [POLL] How many credit cards do you carry on a daily basis?
  649. got a letter from Financial Debt Recovery Ltd. (FDR)
  650. refinancing new car
  651. Does doing a "product change" between TD Visas get you multiple bonuses?
  652. Group Lending
  653. cancelling credit alert plus
  654. Sunil tulsiani and private investment club?
  655. What would your ideal PF software do?
  656. Taxes Question - Canadian moving to US for work
  657. Is this the definition of Pyramid Scheme?
  658. How should I use my miles/points?
  659. Pay car loan balance with Credit Card
  660. Best high interest option
  661. Withdrawing USD from Visa card cash advance
  662. Employment Insurance questions
  663. Changing employers - Defined benefit and LIRA
  664. Refresh Financial Secured Loan
  665. So I finally decide to add my pension to my net worth....
  666. Are Alterna & Tangerine my best bets to save up for a mortgage?
  667. Charitable giving of assetts
  668. Best no fee US$ bank account at a Canadian bank
  669. Keep good records!
  670. Do you have a chequing/saving account at more than 1 bank?
  671. Bonus payment, EI and taxes
  672. Is withdrawing from RESP easy?
  673. RRSP and marginal rate question
  674. Trusts & charitable giving
  675. Call from CRA to verify home buyers rebate
  676. 1 USD = 7.45866 CNY?
  677. How are you redeeming your expiring Air Miles?
  678. Western Union money transfer through Scotiabank
  679. Need a little advice - what to do next?
  680. Fradulent Chase Amazon Charge
  681. Too much credit available harshly affecting my credit score?
  682. HSBC Account and HKD withdrawl in HK
  683. Air Miles Cancels Expiry Policy
  684. Fido MasterCard - 4% of purchases made in a foreign currency, 1.5% on everything els
  685. Is it okay if I don't activate my credit card?
  686. Withdraw RSP's in a low income year?
  687. MintChip: Canada Finally Launches Its Own version of Paypal
  688. MasterCard Delay in Posting Charge
  689. Tangerine Hold Policy
  690. Try to wire transfer CDN$50000 from US to my Canadian account as gift money
  691. TD Pre-approved TD line of credit offer Good or Not?
  692. Your Air Miles points could soon be protected — if you live in Ontario (VIA CBC NEWS)
  693. Pawn or Cash Advance?
  694. IS anyone currently using XETrade, Is anyone currently using xetrade or transfermate?
  695. TD Overdraft on transaction that was processed day after?
  696. US credit card
  697. Desjardins is pitching its MasterCard agressively
  698. Installment loan to improve credit
  699. Anyone heard of SunPar protector? Should I keep this?
  700. Overpaying CRA ok ?
  701. Apple Pay Fraud with TD Bank Visa
  702. cash out ESOP to pay low interest debt?
  703. Is there a free credit report service for QC?
  704. RIP: RBC Shoppers/Pharmaprix Optimum MasterCard
  705. walmart mastercard cc limit increase
  706. Automatic payments to another Tangerine account holder
  707. Best Cash-Back Credit Card for Us
  708. Who needs to pay tax on money gifted to lower tax bracket spouse, for investment gains?
  709. View rewards by transactions or monthly with Capital One Costco MC?
  710. International ATM withdrawals converted to USD first?
  711. Tax Advisory Group Inc.
  712. Helped Needed Tax Return
  713. Best rewards or cash back US credit cards for Canadians?
  714. AmEx Pay (mobile payments via NFC) now available on Android in Canada
  715. BMO Mastercard Raises My Interests From 10% to 13.9% - Dumb Move
  716. Desjardins VISA Odyssey Gold
  717. Withdrawing from RESP to pay student loan?
  718. Any Benefits or short term disability
  719. TD Credit card chargeback help
  720. Tangerine and Interac Flash
  721. ordering personal cheques - any deals?
  722. Help understanding my TFSA limit?
  723. How to use 15k credit card?
  724. Debt consolidation advice wanted!
  725. Question regarding interac e-transfer
  726. Rewards Programs Status Match Thread For Hotels/Car Rental/Airlines Programs
  727. How does the government know a RESP is being used for school?
  728. Extended Warranty on Credit Cards?
  729. Insurance Payments by Monthly Credit Card
  730. Lifetime wealth academy Scott Mcgillivray
  731. Finance Tips For Long Term Canadian Travelers
  732. ace604's Thread of (good) Threads
  733. Do you think Scotiabank broke privacy rules?
  734. Is it possible to pay per-use with airport lounges?
  735. What does an audit letter from CRA look like?
  736. Canadian Tire Mastercard - mPay and Play APP
  737. Privacy or security concerns with free credit scores?
  738. Sending money to US
  739. Sending money to USA relatives/friends?
  740. 1 or 2 or 3 credit card?
  741. T1135 late filing penalty dispute
  742. A TFSA question?
  743. Scotiabank Credit Cards - No Autopay?!
  744. Free Credit Score Sites?
  745. New credit card options (Not AMEX) with annual fee
  746. Any free coin counters left?
  747. Connecting RBC US saving account to Paypal
  748. 2016 Bonus - Cash or RRSP?
  749. Small business with annual revenue <5k, do I need to open an hay account?
  750. US currency not CDIC covered?
  751. Question about stock and tax
  752. Optional Life Insurance from work. Worth it?
  753. No more free coin counters (at Canadian Banks) other ideas
  754. RBC Home Protector Insurance - Any alternative?
  755. How to redeem Aeroplan?
  756. Contributing to my room, but delaying an RRSP deduction
  757. Text scam and counterfeit cheques
  758. Pay down almost 1/2 of my car finance/loan or put it in savings...?
  759. Cashing last corporate cheque
  760. Reporting scholarship income to CRA
  761. Advice on Financial Plan - Graduating and starting a job
  762. Paying bills late affect credit history?
  763. Credit Karma Canada is here :)
  764. Bankings sites with WEAK passwords
  765. Which cibc atm lets you deposit cash without envlope in gta? Thx
  766. In a real rut.
  767. US Credit Reporting and Identity Fraud for Canadian
  768. Income tax filing question
  769. RBC Cash back mastercard - switched from optimum
  770. Does it make sense to collect airline miles from credit card spend ?
  771. Transferring Pension to LIRA advice
  772. MBNA: Important Notice on Credit Card Statement
  773. Upgrading & Downgrading Credit Cards and its relation to your credit score
  774. Optimal RRSP contribution for tax return?
  775. CRA Reassessment due to T4A
  776. Prepaid Visa in 10 currencies by CIBC good for 45 countries no cost, min $100 Canadian Dollars
  777. Apple Pay has arrived in Canada! (With RBC, CIBC, TD, BMO, Scotiabank)
  778. comment / review about "The Personal Insurance Company"
  779. 500 and 1000 Indian Rupees
  780. Does this bank loan make sense?
  781. Next step in credit score improvement?
  782. Visa vs MasterCard Myth
  783. Any other benefits of making my Stocia Amex Gold part of their STEP?
  784. Auto transfer money from chequing to savings
  785. Cash deposit in Bank, how much max?
  786. Can a US company be CCPC?
  787. BMO offering 0% balance transfer, but 3% fee
  788. MBNA moving credit from one card to another
  789. is BMO CashBack World Elite good or not?
  790. CPP and pension from former contry
  791. Good Time to convert USD to CAD? Who has best rate?
  792. IHG hotel promotion - scam?
  793. Question re corporate cheques
  794. Convert TD Aeroplan Visa Infinite to First Class?
  795. Repayment Assistance Plan (RAP) when in a common-law relationship
  796. Looking for a personal financial advisor in Vancouver area
  797. maximise resp
  798. Need help choosing between a credit card at RBC
  799. Scotia Credit Cards
  800. MBNA RWE M/C—non-cash rewards any good?
  801. Leaving MBNA - which company actually takes care of you?
  802. Minimum income to incorporate
  803. Closing Credit Accounts via Expiry
  804. RRSP with post-tax pay
  805. Free Coin Counters?
  806. B&M Banks - I think the Honeymoon is Over
  807. Best low-risk return for 100K?
  808. Metal Credit Cards in Canada
  809. Best Business Bank Account?
  810. Minimum credit score for american express
  811. How to save $3000 next year....share your top money savings tips
  812. Amex AirMiles Platinum: FYF??
  813. [solved] Is it normal to pay $5.65 to put a fraud alert on my credit file?
  814. I was offered a LOC from ScotiaBank. Should I open it?
  815. Tangerine Promo
  816. Rogers Platinum MasterCard - MasterCard® Pay With Rewards
  817. Banks with at least a few free email money transfers each month
  818. MBNA True Line Platinum Plus MasterCard - how to get a better rate?
  819. Delta or Flying Blue?
  820. looking for a credit card, other than Rewards Visa
  821. Any Canadian banking providers with fee-free international ATM withdrawals?
  822. Who is still buying Indian Rupees?
  823. Withdrawing from RRSP pre-retirement
  824. e-transfer issues from November 6 2016 - anyone still having problems?
  825. Linking a U.S. Account (in Canada) with the RBC U.S. eSavings no longer worth it
  826. Best Mastercard with specific Features
  827. NBC All-In-One Banking HELOC to charge $6/month starting May 2015
  828. Capital One and IHG to offer Priority Club rewards credit card in Canada
  829. Tangerine - New Client Questions
  830. Question about corporate cheques
  831. Now that Trumps won ...
  832. And they laughed when I invested in gold shirts! (India scraps 500 and 1,000 rupee bank notes overnight)
  833. Seeing a Lawyer for a Will - What do I need?
  834. Any reason to lower CC limits?
  835. T2 Tax Returns - no income
  836. Amex Points Transfer
  837. Bankruptcy lenders with co signer?
  838. Refund to canceled / transferred credit card
  839. PC Financial customers - quick question
  840. Best Visitor insurance for pre existing conditions?
  841. Hotel points to aeroplan bonus
  842. Should I take out another 5 to 10K?
  843. [Suggestions?] Paying USD Monthly Bills & Expenses (thousands of dollars per month)
  844. [Plastiq] Pay your rent or Mortgage. 1.75% Mastercard, 2.25% American Express
  845. Sole Proprietor vs Incorporated for Independent contractor
  846. Looking for some advice about my current credit situation.
  847. Poor Credit Loan
  848. Is turbotax easy to use?
  849. Tangerine MC or the new PC Financial Elite
  850. Preapproved Visa Card Offer
  851. Impact of late payment on credit score?
  852. CIBC Tim Hortons Credit Card
  853. Tangerine Credit Card Privacy Issues
  854. Cheapest CAD$ --> US$ currency exchange (cash) in North York or Scarborough?
  855. Best professional LOC?
  856. Syndicate Mortgage investments with Tier1 Advisory
  857. AMEX new Check spending power tool
  858. I'm a Personal Credit Underwriter - Ask away
  859. [Ontario] Group Home and Auto Insurance besides TD Meloche Monnex
  860. CIBC Petro-Points MC no longer offered
  861. CRA send a letter about marital status
  862. Looking for coin appraisal in the GTA
  863. Can you still deposit endorsed cheques that are in someone else's name?
  864. Pension Plan Transfer Ratio
  865. [PC Financial] 2.25% on new deposits to TFSA or RRSP until March 31, 2017
  866. Manitoba VISA holders: Get $10 Credit toward groceries
  867. Extended Warranty from Credit Cards
  868. Tangerine - Free copy of The Wealthy Barber Returns
  869. Visa rewards Points
  870. Can you get the Equifax free trial more than once?
  871. CRA sent me a post assessment review and *they* are correct - am I in trouble?
  872. Touch ID now available with TD iPhone app (new update)
  873. How important is credit rating?
  874. TD Aeroplan CC with Eva Air?
  875. A question about CESG
  876. Anyone dealt with Assante Wealth Management?
  877. Credit Card Advice / Rewards / Points etc.
  878. What Credit Card Should I Get?
  879. What's up with the PC Financial web site?
  880. Best way to transfer money to the US
  881. Question about EI
  882. MBNA Smart Cash Visa Infinite ??????
  883. OSAP with $0 taxable income?
  884. Canadian CPP Disability Advice/Options?
  885. Tangerine Business Savings Account - special offer interest - how much?
  886. sending gift cards to india
  887. Cheapest Prepaid AMEX/MC/VISA?
  888. Equifax situation...
  889. health insurance
  890. Money Tx USA < -- > Canada
  891. why do we need rrsp if cpp is so reliable
  892. [] Unfamiliar user input box on main page
  893. EQ Bank
  894. Cheap Chequing Account with 20-30 debit transaction?
  895. CIBC Aeroplan card - FYF?
  896. How do you become a fiduciary financial planner?
  897. Looking for scan-OCR software for receipts with GST/PST/HST
  898. Best secured credit card?
  899. What is the appeal of these popular Hotel cards (non-churning)? SPG/Marriott
  900. Any other bank like PC Financial with no fees?
  901. Lottery Tickets - Is the Extra worth it?
  902. Scotiabank - Momentum for business visa
  903. Credit card authorized user - credit check?
  904. What's the quickest way to get a money order from Tangerine and PC financial?
  905. [TARGETED] Free $5 for Enabling Interac Flash on TD Access Card
  906. Need some advice regarding collection agency
  907. What is a "corporate" card?
  908. what can I do better?
  909. CIBC Dividend Visa Infinite cashback transferable to new Dividend Visa if card switched (downgrade)?
  910. Getting a mortgage next year...invest in index funds now or save up for down payment?
  911. Currency Conversion Places in Mississauga?
  912. 20 years term life insurance
  913. CIBC AC Conversion PrePaid Visa - Bonus 15% Off Flights
  914. How much does it usually cost for a tooth extraction?
  915. Deferring Employer Group RRSP Deductions?
  916. Safe for financial documents
  917. How do i annul my current power of attorney? (ontario)
  918. Bankruptcy Records Search - what do you get to see?
  919. Mandatory Long Term Disablity insurance - is that lawful?
  920. Credit Alert Plus problem
  921. How to claim cashback?
  922. Tangerine Bank -- Question about external links/accounts
  923. Quick help needed ? TFSA or 3% Tangerine
  924. Scotia Alerts Error Message for Credit Card Only Customers
  925. CIBC unsecured PLC rate interest
  926. Credit card in USA as an American Citizen
  927. Convert MBNA Platinum Plus > MBNA RWE
  928. PC Financial bank draft
  929. Tangerine MC: merchant category
  930. Question on claiming Child Care
  931. 20K line of credit, good or bad?
  932. Any way to ballpark how much money I should get back from income taxes?
  933. $200K Gift - Pay Mortgage or Invest (and how)?
  934. Student line of Credit with no cosigner (Ontario)?
  935. Questions about RESP withdrawl
  936. PayWave and PayPass are Out of Control
  937. Day-to-Day Banking with One Bank, Mortgage with Another?
  938. Best way to send money to Europe?
  939. Credit card minimum income requirements
  940. Why do most credit card issuers only ask for income but not assets?
  941. avoiding RRSP transfer fee?
  942. Chequing Accounts differences
  943. RBC Line of Credit Payment Options
  944. RBC Rewards Preferred Visa
  945. Need help with best way to transfer money overseas
  946. Notaries in Gatineau
  947. Tangerine link ... possible to move money from one external to another?
  948. How many credit inquiriy is toi many
  949. AMEX: Earn a $25 cash back bonus for each approved Supplementary SimplyCash Card
  950. CIBC dividend visa now offering 2% cash back on groceries
  951. Does apply CC really affect your mortgage?
  952. Turbo Tax AUDIT DEFENCE. Useful?
  953. What happens to my Tangerine Savings if I die?
  954. American Express Essential Credit Card
  955. TIL -Canadian taxpayer federation only has 5 self appointed members with no governance/voting
  956. Which is the best bank in Canada?
  957. AmEx SimplyCash Preferred Card FYF (YMMV)
  958. Why don't credit card companies reward those who pay only minimum payments?
  959. Looking to park $6000+ which bank to use?
  960. Is there such a thing as too much credit?
  961. Why start getting CPP at 60 instead of 65?
  962. Hudson's Bay Credit Card (payment over 24 months)
  963. is it possible to change credit cards due/billing date?
  964. Banking strategies for Canadians living in the USA
  965. Saving for nephews education
  966. Coast Capital Credit Union wants go to federal
  967. Credit Card Comprimised
  968. gift to pay off osap
  969. Best credit card to build credit history
  970. Certified Cheque, Money Order fees
  971. Can bank close my credit card account without giving any real reasons ???
  972. Capital One online account access changed URL?
  973. Anybody use Mastercard for Circle (Bitcoin)
  974. How does a delivery driver claim car usage on taxes? Does it matter contract or salaried?
  975. Lifetime Fitness - Tax credit for children
  976. transfer out fees, meridian and alterna
  977. Apply for a credit card in branch or online?
  978. Getting best FX rate to pay USD CC
  979. Tangerine Moving Money
  980. What constitutes a direct deposit
  981. Converting AMEX air miles CC
  982. How often do banks report late payments to credit bureaus?
  983. Capital one approval
  984. Canadian Taxpayers Federation says by 2022 an average family could be paying $2,593 in new taxes each year
  985. HSBC Investdirect asked me to close my account.
  986. credit score= which card
  987. Expedia TD is a rip off
  988. EI Questions
  989. not buying health and dental insurance...Am I taking big risk?
  990. How to go to one of the credit beauty to get your credit score profile
  991. Cheap way of transfering money from Australia to Canada
  992. Recommendations for a FEE-based currency exchange
  993. How long has your longest e-transfer taken to arrive?
  994. If I paid my Shoppersdrugmart bill using points, do I still get my extra reward point?
  995. Can I downgrade Avion cc and still keep limit?
  996. Where to save 'extra' money/invest?
  997. tangerine data lost?
  998. CCA - Building
  999. credit card fraud detection driving me insane! Please help me find a card with 21st century customer service