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  1. USD accounts and Float Fees
  2. Can you pay someone with just their account number?
  3. What to do with 9k for the next 5-6 years
  4. Where should I transfer out my LIRA/RRSP from Sun Life
  5. Oaken Financial / Home Capital Group Bankruptcy Concerns
  6. Layoff/fired after maternity leave
  7. My mom deposited cash and RBC lost it
  8. Tangerine 3 months 2.5% and 3% Expiring - any new offer
  9. CIBC eliminates Monthly Fee Waiver with $2000 balance for the Everyday Chequing Account (Sept 1, 2017)
  10. RFD collector and numismatic Coins discussion thread
  11. ONT ONLY - microFIT solar panel program: 10-14% return for 20 yrs * FAT LADY HAS SUNG
  12. Since when does RBC online banking have ads?
  13. The RFD Gold & Silver Coins/Bullion/Precious metals thread
  14. USD Account - Freelancing with the US
  15. Supplemental Health and dental insurance
  16. Android Pay
  17. Uber Drivers to collect HST/GST from riders from July 1st, 2017
  18. FINTRAC Questions
  19. RBC 'View your credit score' option via Trans Union
  20. Why is Fiat currency bad?
  21. Trudeau going after Personal Services Corps disguised as small businesses
  22. TDCanadaLineofCredit- Interest
  23. Scotiabank credit check for line of credit
  24. Walmart Photocentre website security breach settlement (1yr credit monitoring)
  25. Extended Warranty on Credit Card
  26. HOW TO: Withdrawing USD from a PayPal Account (Avoid CAD conversion!)
  27. Credit Karma now also in Canada
  28. How long to transition to new insurance company?
  29. Where to buy Gold Maple Leaf Coins & Gold Bullion Bars
  30. Pension Payout while collecting EI
  31. Federal tax on my pay stub
  32. Paying a credit card balance using another credit card's cash advance?
  33. Payroll experts! Holiday pay taxation
  34. Will, Cost etc
  35. Apple Pay has arrived in Canada! (With RBC, CIBC, TD, BMO, Scotiabank)
  36. Late payment of 2 dollar with koodo
  37. Tax - TD1ON 2 employers
  38. Is Tangerine Email transfer down ? Right Now ?
  39. Rewards program transfer times (e.g. SPG -> Aeroplan, Marriott -> SPG, Amex MR -> SPG, etc.)
  40. CIBC - send money 'worldwide' for free
  41. RBC cutting 450 jobs in the GTA
  42. Tangerine Bank
  43. e-Rewards points
  44. The EQ Bank Savings Account thread - Referral period over
  45. Mailing service
  46. Those youth accounts...what to do after the owner is over 18?
  47. Home Depot Data Breach Settlement
  48. No Fee Bank Account Recommendations?
  49. MSP: Billing Questions
  50. How do I file a complaint againts my former tax preparer?
  51. Amazon visa vs. tangerine debit card international atm withdrawals
  52. What is your net worth?
  53. I'm a Canada Pension Plan (CPP) expert. Any questions?
  54. Capital One Secured Credit Card reviews
  55. US$ ABM withdrawal in Toronto
  56. Ask me about Credit Scores
  57. Tangerine Fee Increases - Effective April 29, 2017 (Minor Changes)
  58. Will TFSA be over contributed because of Tangerine's bonus payout?
  59. RBC-$300 for opening all inclusive account - YYMMV
  60. COLLECTIONS AND COLLECTION AGENTS: Ask me anything! (Official RFD Thread)
  61. Tax T1 adjustment question
  62. HSBC Premier
  63. 2.5% @ Duca: Is this the best when Tangerine's 2.8% expires?
  64. Does OT count towards EI?
  65. Hubert Cash Back Mastercard
  66. Tangerine - Multiple Chequing Accounts
  67. Bank draft hold
  68. Bell Mobility - Credit Report
  69. Tangerine 2.4% saving account
  70. Zenbanx acquired by SoFi
  71. Where is my CPP contributions?
  72. Is OSAP money to be reported if still on EI benefits?
  73. income tax scam: 1-866-217-8782
  74. Life Insurance Q&A - w/ FAQ Section
  75. Alterna Bank High Interest eSavings Account
  76. Zenbanx to close all Canada accounts by June 30th
  77. Does National Bank port credit history when switching credit cards
  78. Islamic Banking (Any Muslim Personal Finance RFDers here?)
  79. Receiving an eCheck?
  80. Please share your Unsecured Line of Credit interest rates and lenders
  81. Solar energy and NET METERING in Ontario
  82. USD Cheque Deposits to Tangerine?
  83. Capital Gains tax accountant needed
  84. Overcontributed in RRSP & What is considered trading income
  85. Tangerine gets ready to roll out their redesigned banking website
  86. Anyone buying bitcoin these days? What are your thoughts?
  87. Life insurance help please
  88. Bank & Credit Union SIGN UP BONUS Thread
  89. Interest rates in Cambodia
  90. BMO Debit Mastercard
  91. CRA Request 30 day deadline - calendar days or business days
  92. What should I do - RRSP
  93. Holy crap, CRA! Shockingly fast!
  94. Applying for Business Credit
  95. What do I do with Savings?
  96. Capital Gains Tax help needed please!
  97. Buy gift cards with AMEX?
  98. CIBC free credit score with app update
  99. Things affecting my credit score.
  100. Afghan vet getting screwed by CRA, help pls
  101. Please help - Equifax Credit Score "Whats impacting your score" items unclear
  102. Credit card charge question
  103. What's cheapest way to send $2 to someone in China
  104. Savings Account for Child
  105. Where to apply for LOC for someone with high Credit Score?
  106. Spousal RSP contribution
  107. Cibc mobile app offers credit score
  108. Investment Account Bank to Bank Transfers
  109. Student loan credit
  110. Equifax ERS vs Beacon Score
  111. Critical Illness Insurance
  112. Best way to send/transfer money Internationally
  113. My Aeroplan account got hacked
  114. Checking Account
  115. Best Student LOC for Grad Student
  116. Is it a good deal to sell my aeroplan points @1.5 cent a point?
  117. Getting CRA assessment for elderly parent?
  118. CRA slowness?
  119. Oaken raises GIC rates yet again [[and yet again] and yet again]
  120. Transfer of shares in kind
  121. PCF offers 5 Interac e-transfers for June and July
  122. Document forgery in financial industry more common than you'd think, past employees say
  123. Tangerine debit tap doesn't work anywhere
  124. HELOC with balance - How does it affect credit rating/score?
  125. [Other] Contest Release waiver seems excessive or is this standard
  126. Gym still taking fees after cancellation
  127. Avion/American Express/Other partners to Aeroplan/BA/AA point transfer promo history
  128. Joint account
  129. How were banks able to offer 5% HISA and haven't come close since?
  130. Anyone withdraw winnings on William Hill to their Canadian bank?
  131. Industrial Alliance RESP
  132. Online free Transunion credit report
  133. Credit card impact on credit score before mortgage approval
  134. Changing Tax return from 2006
  135. Preferred exchange rate at BMO
  136. Starting RRSP + TFSA
  137. The Official RFD TFSA thread for Savings Accounts! (Updated: 06/04/2017)
  138. To use points or write off and use cash whle traveling?
  139. Td is increasing their fees.
  140. Collection agency
  141. Taxes on stocks granted from work
  142. Amex SimplyCash vs MBNA SmartCash: Benefits?
  143. Tangerine: short-term trade ... restrict your trading privileges in the future
  144. Line of Credit Insurance | Necessary?
  145. What does it mean when your tax return is "In process"?
  146. TD Chequing Acct fee changes
  147. Accepting USD Cheques w/ TD Bank Account
  148. How long for a payment to show up RBC Credit Line?
  149. Tangerine email money transfer
  150. credit score
  151. Pay PCF LOC from TD
  152. CRA sent TFSA overcontribution email - TD wrong
  153. Free Credit score
  154. Any free coin counters left?
  155. Question about non resident tax return
  156. Paypal Fees
  157. Pension Adjustment
  158. CBSA duty/taxes/handling reimbursement for Tax Exempt items, HOW-TO
  159. Way to avoid using Paypal Currency Conversion (for Chase no 2.5% exchange rate CCs)
  160. 'I will do anything I can to make my goal': TD teller says customers pay price for 'unrealistic' sales targets
  161. If bank like Home/Oaken/EQ goes broke... CDIC insurance, tax loss, compound interest, et al topics
  162. 2017 CRA Assessment/Deposit Date
  163. Any recourse on cost of cancelling rental cheques?
  164. Bank deposited quite a few extra thousand dollars...
  165. Advice Required for Gift Money Transfer
  166. Ok to e-deposit a cheque that someone emails me?
  167. Why do you bank with RBC?
  168. Banked Time vs. Paid Overtime - Which is better in my situation?
  169. RBC not receiving the advertised multiproduct rebate
  170. Looks like new Interac e-Transfer features are coming soon ('auto deposit', 'request money', scheduled/recurring)
  171. Ontario Retirement Pension and Semi-retirement question
  172. TFSA still not updated on CRA website
  173. Weird Collections Call
  174. Interac Email Money Transfer scam - funds returned
  175. Apple pay coming to Canada
  176. Money transfer specific request
  177. Motive Financial - Anybody uses them?
  178. A list of merchants who accept AMEX in Canada
  179. Is Identity Theft Insurance recommended?
  180. Transferring commuted value of DB pension
  181. Help with NSLSC loan after bankruptcy
  182. Transfer of car loan
  183. Auto loan through Dealership or Bank?
  184. Recommend what I should do money just sitting + living situation.
  185. Property tax overpayment - Anyone try to get a refund?
  186. Taxes (HST) on Pre-Paid Gift Card
  187. Canadian Banks Handling U.S. Coins ???
  188. options for line of credit?
  189. Rewards Programs Status Match Thread For Hotels/Car Rental/Airlines Programs
  190. Where to park 500k for a couple of months?
  191. Credit Karma - Narratives - Indicates High Credit
  192. PayTM waived convenience fee
  193. CRA disallowed 407 highway tolls as employment expense
  194. My money is just "sitting" there, not sure what to do.
  195. Pay off car or not?
  196. Beware of TD Canada Trust RESP
  197. Zenbanx closing on 30th June
  199. ZenBanx account closing by SoFi - June 30, 2017 at 12AM EST
  200. A major Canadian Bank Closing ALL my accounts. Need advice
  201. Tangerine chequing overdraft
  202. CRA modification acceptance
  203. Credit card security question
  204. credit report collection error
  205. How to get my credit score?
  206. CRA Confusion with Refund
  207. lowering bank fees with BMO
  208. Employer made mistake in paycheck, deposited twice then withdrew funds from chequing
  209. Credit report errors
  210. Oaken Financial - 3.10% on 5 Year GICs
  211. Separate bank accounts for Child Benefit and GST/HST deposit
  212. Anyone with experience with Knowledge First Financial - RESP??
  213. tax refund
  214. Best regular rate for RRSP/TFSA accounts without locking funds in?
  215. TFSA versus HIgh Interest Savings Account
  216. Homemaker salary. Will I break any law?
  217. Estate questions?
  218. GIS- Guaranteed Income Supplement - Getting it outside Canada ?
  219. after pay deductions
  220. Identify Theft Scam?
  221. Withdraw RSP's in a low income year?
  222. best place to buy bullion/bars of gold and silver in toronto
  223. No Longer Redeem PC Points for Gift Cards?
  224. The Canadian dollar is getting hammered
  225. 4 Pillars Debt Relief Specialists
  226. Large cash deposit from friends?
  227. Newbe: Questrade vs iTrade vs ??
  228. nem/xem crypto enthusiasts
  229. Basic question about cheque hold
  230. Buy MXN now or wait a week?
  231. Out-of-circulation Canadian Bills, Coins
  232. App For Splitting Monthly Bills With Another Person
  233. Great-West Life to cut 1,500 jobs
  234. Frustration with Tangerine After Account Locked
  235. Why do collections have immunity to privacy laws?
  236. Question on Credit Report
  237. Fraud in TD Canada Trust branch
  238. Warning! Manulife Bank ripping off Manulife One mortgage account customers
  239. CDIC intervention mechanisms
  240. Foreign Exchange - anyone use Knightsbridge?
  241. Back Payment on GST Credit
  242. Is it possible to get a tax return re-assessed?
  243. Tax time! I'm a public accountant, so ask me, I'll try to respond frequently
  244. Should I switch to another bank?
  245. Can an EPSP be used as security for a loan?
  246. RRSP Employer Match Contributions Tax Question
  247. Collateral and ownership question
  248. long last name and credit score
  249. Is it a good or bad idea to move a managed pension from previous employer to my bank?
  250. Where is the best place to buy Euros in the GTA?
  251. Splitting the bills in a marriage
  252. RBC balance transfer offers stopped?
  253. Wealthsimple - your experience?
  254. Meridian hard credit check a month after soft check
  255. TD Mobile Deposits not working?
  256. Transferring rogers account to my name
  257. International Money Transfer - TransferWise
  258. Can you delete this thread, moderators? Thanks.
  259. Moody's downgrades credit ratings for Canada's Big 6 banks
  260. How long does it take for a bank to clear a cheque?
  261. Interest rates thread
  262. CRA tax refund direct deposit TD bank
  263. got a letter from Financial Debt Recovery Ltd. (FDR)
  264. Best way to deposit $1100 U.S. into a Bank of Hawaii Bank Account?
  265. Studio Tax question (or for people who do taxes)
  266. Resident History information for Old Age Security Form
  267. gifts from parents - do i need to report on T1?
  268. Walmart MasterCard declined? Options?
  269. Which best for travel: Scotiabank Gold AMEX or AMEX Gold Rewards?
  270. Tax accountant sent me invoice for fees I did not agree to.
  271. Air Canada drops Aeroplan to launch its own rewards program
  272. PC Bank account in Québec
  273. Getting Wills Made Up
  274. CAD to dive further
  275. Weaking CAD dollar
  276. Borrowell and Equifax Canada Partner To Provide Canadians Free Access to Credit Score
  277. Ratehub vs. Mogo Vs. Borrowell
  278. Weird interac email
  279. RRSP Account - Which one?
  280. List of Lenders that pull Equifax, Transunion, or Both
  281. Help!! Issue with Equifax Credit Report
  282. Looking for Payee's name for paying CRA HST owing for business account
  283. OMERS reducing monthly contribution amount
  284. Small business corp (probably professional corp)-can it make investments overseas ?
  285. Foreign ATM Withdrawals-Debit vs No FX Fee Credit cards
  286. I'm a Personal Credit Underwriter - Ask away
  287. Prediction of Future Toronto Prices to 2030
  288. The Official RFD thread for Savings Accounts! (Updated: 05/04/2017)
  289. Idea to get out of debt
  290. claiming rent on tax return
  291. Couple of Qs about new maternity leave
  292. Fun with Quebec and immigrant maiden's name, financial institutions
  293. Child tax benefit and martial status
  294. He's bankrupt, owes me money and just got a personal vehicle loan for new truck!!!
  295. What would/are you doing with your equity in the house
  296. Retire in Quebec or Ontario?
  297. 25% LOC interest rate?
  298. Western union incoming transfer fees
  299. Credit Alert Plus problem
  300. International Money Transfer
  301. Canada Learning bonds in Questrade RESP
  302. Assigning % in Incorporation
  303. Transfer US dollar from paypal to TD US dollar account
  304. best credit card for online poker?
  305. Equitable Group CEO says $2 billion credit line a ‘sign of confidence,’ stems contagion from Home Capital
  306. Life Insurance Questions
  307. Using stock screeners to apply value investing rules
  308. BMO Bank Account Statement Date
  309. HELOC from Tangerine (Tangerine Prime + 0.65%)
  310. Paying RBC Visa through ANY Canadian bank?
  311. Hubert "Happy Savings" Account Official Thread - Cheque Privileges not allowed anymore
  312. Depositing stocks into TFSA / Transferring stock certificate
  313. [PCF] President's Choice Financial HISA interest rate promo • 01May-31Aug17 • 2%-2.5%
  314. How to pay Revenue Quebec using Tangerine?
  315. BNN: Loonie to fall to 50 cents: Gary Shilling
  316. [PCF] "You've been selected to earn 2.25%" from 01Jan to 31Mar17
  317. Tangerine: Get 2.25% interest* on new business deposits (most-likely targeted)
  318. Getting € from an € draft in Canada?
  319. High interest e-savings - Tangerine?
  320. Anyone use Ufile here?
  321. BMO investorline - review and referral
  322. 10 signs you'll never be rich
  323. Need to build credit
  324. Sun Life DCP - to TFSA
  325. How long for payment to CRA My Account to show up?
  326. Is anyone worried about EQ Bank?
  327. RPP & RRSP Limit Clarificatrion
  328. Canadian credit card that issues temp numbers?
  329. Drop off 2016 income tax return at local CRA office
  330. Selling Rewards Points Sites
  331. Filing tax for the first time
  332. Canada gst question
  333. Runaround hell from Questrade/PC Financial - RESOLVED
  334. delete
  335. Tangerine and other banks...
  336. HISA fuelling Canada's housing bubble?
  337. List of creditors/lenders that pull/inquire from Equifax & TransUnion, and credit card application info. Update!
  338. What to do with 1042-S
  339. Tax Question - Driving course
  340. also offers free Equifax credit scores
  341. On-Line Trasfer of Funds from Credit Card to Bank Account?
  342. Have you ever tried to deposit a Canada Post Money Order via mobile app deposit?
  343. Credit Card Charges - Fraud WorldVentures
  344. Do you get depressed when you see all the deductions on your paystub?
  345. Wealth Simple reviews
  346. Tangerine EFT deposit question
  347. Why are we still being asked Debit or Credit in 2017?
  348. Last minute tax question
  349. 9% Fixed Interest Every Year
  350. Notice Of Assessment Says I Owe But I Paid On Same Day I Filed, Why?
  351. TD Won't Admit They Screwed Up. How To Escalate?
  352. $50,000.00
  353. How do you track your spending/budget for those with lots of work expenses
  354. Critical illness insuranfe questions.
  355. tax question: capital gains on eventual house sale?
  356. Any Free Income Tax Software DIY
  357. Can you claim tax deductible if you short stocks and pay dividends to others?
  358. How to set up a username for Scotiabank online banking
  359. Ask me anything about personal tax and accounting related
  360. CRA- anyone deduct private school tuition as a medica expense?
  361. CDIC insurance ....Conversation just in case
  362. ttc metropass tax credit metropass still worth it?
  363. I threw my co-workers under the bus today
  364. HomeTrust Giant Tiger Rewards VISA 1%(unsecured)/0.5%(secured) on purchases
  365. Syndicated mortgage news,which church?
  366. Ontario to roll out basic income in three cities - Hamilton, Thunder Bay and Lindsay
  367. Carrying costs write off
  368. Want to leave big bank | Considering local Alterna | any advice?
  369. InFormal Trust - Child
  370. CIBC Lowers Interac E-Transfer Minimum Amount from $10 to $0.01
  371. Please Help me find Max RRSP for 2016 Tax
  372. CRA Child Benefits Questionnaire
  373. Moved OUT of QUEBEC to ON - Tax ISSUES
  374. Anyone heard about the book "The Tax Collectors' Bible"?
  375. T5008 - Securities
  376. New Credit Scoring Method Coming?
  377. CRA Payee Options - TD Bank Online
  378. CapitalOne is Going to Provide Free Credit Scores
  379. T5 Slips PC Financial?
  380. Why is the CRA paying ME interest for something that was my fault?
  381. double cashing pay cheque
  382. PC Financial reports 73 cents as late payment
  383. Selling a Condo how will the taxes on a loss work?
  384. Pay off debt.
  385. Does 401k contribution reduce Canadian taxable income
  386. What is CANADA RIT :?:
  387. Filed tax return for the first time, but no assessment
  388. I have a question about creating CRA online account
  389. TD1 form
  390. Plastc Card is filing for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy
  391. Take Commuted Value or not
  392. scotiabank switching credit card product
  393. CRA and filing taxes for deceased
  394. Who is using all this cash?
  395. Is paying this amount of income tax normal?
  396. Place your bets - is the sky falling?Toronto RE.
  397. 2016 Tax Season Megathread
  398. The best way to declare 200+ transactions in capital gains/losses
  399. Studiotax and t5008 clarification?
  400. What precautions to take; stolen tax return?
  401. UFile extra keys and questions
  402. 5 year GIC 2.5 % at Canadian Tire Bank. Warm?
  403. Credit Rating: 750s --> 660s: Affecting Tenant Insurance Quote
  404. Low-Cost MLM and Tax-Savings
  405. CRA phone number to quickly talk to a real person?
  406. certified cheque from line of credit, interest question
  407. need help in identifying the federal component of the tax credit.
  408. Death of one Spouse and IT Filing
  409. How to Account for Capital Gains in TurboTax
  410. is it possible to retire with $1million in a low cost country?
  411. tax calculations on GOOG (stock sale)
  412. Late Payment History Question
  413. T5008 and TDB8150
  414. Does any Bank/financial institution issue NON co-badged debit cards?
  415. AMEX Gold Credit Card with 2% Cash Back - It was the best CC while it lasted
  416. Bank of Canada keeping overnight rate at 0.5%
  417. Can I claim private tutor fees in my income tax?
  418. CPP and EI overpayments
  419. tution credit for student
  420. Tax - Forgiveable Tuition Loan
  421. DBB pension to LIRA or RRSP? Help!
  422. Tangerine to Add Credit Lines in Bid to Become ‘Everyday Bank’
  423. Is Stock Market a scam?
  424. Insurance And coordination of benefits
  425. I don't think I am eligible for EI. Do I still have to pay it?
  426. US Bank Account
  427. Returning citizen of Canada no point of retrieving credit score?
  428. Solidarity tax question (living with parents)
  429. Donation of goods to a charity - fair value or cost for TAX CREDIT PURPOSE?
  430. For the GST/HST Tax Experts
  431. How do retired people take advantage of credit
  432. Do HELOC borrowings appear on our Credit File?
  433. Saving for College
  434. Couple Split, House Sold, how does division of assets work?
  435. Rental Property, Co-Own w/ Spouse, can one claim income?
  436. upass tax credit
  437. Family Trust question
  438. [Tax] is open for 2015 tax filing. Pay What You Want
  439. National Credit Recovery Inc.
  440. Transfer Credit History to US?
  441. Net worth percentage - how much annually?
  442. Self-employment income and CRA
  443. Tangerine International fee-free ATM access list
  444. Best way to send money to australia
  445. U.S. based TD Bank account now available for Canadians
  446. Tangerine downsizes perks on rewards card: Two lessons for bank customers
  447. CIBC Petro-Points MC no longer offered
  448. Doing Payroll for a Hair Stylist
  449. best way to transfer cash between banks without fees?
  450. Depositing $500k to Alterna Bank High Interest eSavings Account?
  451. Power of Attorney
  452. How to close a CIBC chequing account?
  453. Children's fitness & arts
  454. $25k short term investment
  455. Did I do the right thing for claiming CCA on rental property?
  456. RESP/Education Investment
  457. [Revised] My ex-employer did not deduct income tax from my cheques.. and no T4 was generated by them.
  458. Canada Income Tax if self employed
  459. LF - Accountant for Tax Prep
  460. Applying 4 line of credit same day
  461. Former Sears, Now Scotia Momentum Mastercard Drops Free Forex Fees
  462. CRA still hasn't received my tax return
  463. Sale of foreign principal residence
  464. Unsure what to do with money
  465. Anyone have 1 extra ufile return
  466. WealthSimple
  467. Fraud activity with Cibc.
  468. TFSA for new Immigrants
  469. Income tax return websites
  470. how to calculate T5 tax slip?
  471. How can I claim my overpaid tax money?
  472. Canadian credit score?
  473. CIBC outsourcing jobs to India. Profits up $1 Billion!
  474. Difference between a Will from a Lawyer and elsewhere?
  475. Possible to use Forex to exchange CAD to US?
  476. Best card for overseas use? Is Tangerine still flexible on all EU countries?
  477. Collections on my credit report.
  478. Question about adding 2nd child to TD RESP
  479. HELP! Employer possibly failed to report RRSP matching contributions
  480. Ratehub free credit score not working
  481. EI insurance advice
  482. CRA targets tax-avoiding merchants using Square payment system
  483. Unauthorized credit inquiry
  484. Red savings account thread
  485. Can deceased final tax return be revised later if new info found.
  486. which credit card has third party liability for car rental?
  487. Personal Income tax, claim rent?
  488. Owe taxes for the first time ever!
  489. PCF Banking in Quebec
  490. Filing taxes for first time?
  491. CIBC safety deposit boxes - weird sizes for cheapest options?
  492. Adding CRA as payee on Tangerine
  493. Calculating deductible expenses for tax return
  494. tax for corporation
  495. EQ Bank - Any Current or Previous Incentives to open an account (Referral etc)
  496. Vehicle write off- mileage proof?
  497. Disability Insurance
  498. Unbelievable Ufile 2016 BUGS/ERROR!!!!
  499. Rescue Paypal USD
  500. Alterna vs EQ Bank - opinions ?
  501. RBC Pre-approved LOC, accept or decline
  502. Credit Score Plummets, WTH
  503. Will Tangerine follow BMO and Scotia with free e-transfer ?
  504. EQ website down?
  505. does CRA ever lose tax returns?
  506. AMEX Rewards / Travel Program - Over Aeroplan? - Is 1 Point Per Dollar Better Than Aeroplan?
  507. tax questions - credit card interest etc
  508. Is Physical Copies Still Necessary To Keep For Taxes?
  509. how many times will cra reassess
  510. Loan paid from 2 accounts?
  511. Montreal corp taxes? Please help!
  512. Properly using Employee Benefits Programs
  513. Financial Accountability Partner
  514. Direct Deposit refund + paper assessment
  515. Transfer out of Questrade TFSA help!
  516. What the f.. tax return.
  517. How to do a bank-to-bank transfer?
  518. BMO Account Questions - Does the Savings account allow PAD/DD?
  519. IFC Course(Mutual Funds) exam
  520. Would a stock market crash be good for Canada just like a RE crash?
  521. Income Tax Schedule 3, Principal Residence and Proceeds
  522. No Credit History to Credit Prosperity - how?
  523. Koho - Free banking?
  524. RESP Myth? RESP and OSAP Non Repayable Grant
  525. Amex business gold - spending $5k in 3 months?
  526. Part RRSP to RRIF for pension credit
  527. Consumer proposal discharge approaching - need to get a car loan
  528. How to best protect my down payment in the event of a separation?
  529. Are there any PERSONAL bank accounts that can receive pre-authorized debits
  530. Lifetime wealth academy Scott Mcgillivray
  531. reporting US stock on tax return
  532. Tangerine Promo??
  533. Tax accountants? How/when to deduct professional dues for self-employed (professional income)
  534. Cross-Border Income Tax Specialist
  535. How to contact CRA: Constantly unvavailable (T3 info)
  536. RBC LOC Interest Rate
  537. I want to close my TD Accounts but...
  538. Need help managing money
  539. Federal Budget 2017: 21 ways it will affect your finances
  540. What is the best way to setup will and power of attorney before purchase a property?
  541. Drug card or Credit Card for Prescriptions
  542. RRSP First 60 days (Moved in 2015)
  543. Anyone suspect more changes from Tangerine?
  544. Scotiabank sent me a targeted offer: 200$ to open an account and 2 PADs. Which PADs qualify?
  545. Forex scams in the GTA
  546. Any cheaper way to order cheques from the 5 big banks?
  547. IS anyone currently using XETrade, Is anyone currently using xetrade or transfermate?
  548. R9 credit rating: What to do?
  549. CIBC suddenly decreased my LOC limit.. is this even legal?
  550. Advice on withdrawing $240,000.00 RRSP
  551. HOOPP and RRSP limit
  552. Switching from big 4 chequing account: Tangerine or?
  553. Can I use Interac Online pay with PC Financial?
  554. Federal Budget 2017: RESP new rules
  555. The Greatest Fool = Garth Turner
  556. Bank Will Not Issue a T5
  557. FINTRAC Has Fined a Canadian Bank
  558. Places to change USD to CAD
  559. Do you do your taxes yourself?
  560. ufile question
  561. Converting USD to CAD
  562. TD e-series
  563. Garth Turner profecies -never seen somebody wrong so many times
  564. Different types of insurance
  565. Question about change in Home Insurance (Rent -> Own)
  566. Taxes Question - Canadian moving to US for work
  567. TD EasyWeb users, try this....
  568. Nidus - Personal Planning Registry?
  569. Interest rates rising next year, prepare for a world of pain
  570. Cost of will and power of attorney in Vancouver
  571. PM Trudeau says "Stock-Option Changes Could Come in Canadian Budget"
  572. Interactive Brokers FX Income Worksheet?
  573. Help understanding my LTD benifit rate please i am not sure.
  574. Credit score explanation
  575. Normal for Banks to Hold Certified Checks?
  576. Private Banking
  577. Registering a CRA account help
  578. Principal Residence to Partial Rental Property, then back to PR
  579. business taxing software
  580. Mortgage broker suggested I should close unused credit card
  581. Would tuition credit affect RRSP?
  582. Tax Filing Question - invoices?
  583. Quick Question Re: CRA Return - I set up Direct Deposit but My CRA account says "Mailed"?
  584. Would tuition credit affect RRSP?
  585. EQ Bank - Soft Credit Check?
  586. IT Contractor in Quebec-HST/GST Rate?
  587. Found out to instantly transfer from an external bank to tangerine instantly... why did I never think of this before?
  588. Tangerine Child Tax Benefit not Deposited Feb 20, 2017
  589. keep getting calls from collection agencies
  590. Personal Tax Question: How to declare RRSP with Employer matching the amount
  591. How to report dividend tax from TD
  592. t777 employment expenses
  593. How hard is it to get overdraft protection?
  594. HELOC and market crash?
  595. When does a CC company cancel a card for inactivity?
  596. Is Money Mart evil?
  597. Bill payment and HELOC interest question
  598. Tangerine direct deposit processing time
  599. Payback RRSP from HBP Withdraw
  600. is TD easyweb down now?
  601. did anyone get TTC MDP receipt for tax?
  602. Is there a law for latest date an employer can send T2200 form?
  603. Ordered $6000 item, fedex left without signature while out of town
  604. Cheapest Wire Transfer CAD -> CAD?
  605. RRSP overcontribution less than $2000
  606. Too much credit available harshly affecting my credit score?
  607. Pay Your Bills Online Using PAYTM & Earn Cash Back from CC
  608. Please advice!
  609. Tangerine Advance Payments to MBNA
  610. Will cancelling a card have an effect on my credit report if I have another card from that company?
  611. Credit Score
  612. Home/Auto insurance companies suggestion
  613. Advice Request: Credit for excellent score but missing credit history
  614. Hubert has a CASHABLE 1 year GIC 2.05%, tiered
  615. Setting up trust fund and tax implication
  616. Can CIBC move a customer to Imperial Service without permission?
  617. How to pay for $7,500 course
  618. Orphaned RRSPs.. what to do?
  619. Professional licensing exam fees - tax deductable?
  620. Posted dated cheque fee
  621. TD Savings account? which one do people have?
  622. Questions: First time filing on my own
  623. Does it ever make sense to consolidate debt into a mortgage if you are not living paycheck to paycheck?
  624. Cheapest ATM fee in Toronto? (Withdrawing with overseas credit card)
  625. first time tax filing
  626. Advice with derogatory student debt on credit report
  627. First time filing - Cannot file
  628. what deductions am I missing?
  629. For NETFILE, how long from "received" to "assessed"?
  630. Filing Taxes - Supporting my wife and brother
  631. Political contributions to America?
  632. Employer gave paycheck with reduced amount, and no paystub (details)?
  633. How much cash do you like to keep around?
  634. CRA shuts down parts of website due to security risk (including Netfile)
  635. Do you have 6 months of salary in savings?
  636. Transfer TD RRSP/GIC to Tangerine?
  637. New banks try to carve out a niche the Big Six don’t already dominate in hyper-profitable business
  638. CRA notice of assessment via cheque
  639. Not able to get a credit line...what are my other options?
  640. Credit Check by Yardi Canada, what is this?
  641. Anyone here accepts (to receive) pre-authorized debit payments?
  642. Tangerine vs Chase (cash withdrawal foreign country)
  643. Do all Canadian banks limit view-able payment info?
  644. CRA - My Account Login - Seems to be down
  645. 7 myths to stop believing about the taxman
  646. TFSA for RBC Multi Product Rebate
  647. Two separate T4 from my same employer
  648. pay spouse's tax from my checking account, is that ok?
  649. Cash for car vs pay down mortgage
  650. Any current offers on a TD Bank account?
  651. Transferring Pension Funds
  652. left job, group RRSP transfer out option
  653. At what age do you plan to retire?
  654. Consumer Proposal Question
  655. Us bank account
  656. TD account codes
  657. RRSP $2000 RRSP over contribution buffer
  658. Hold times on US$ cheques: BMO worst
  659. Undertsand income tax calculation?
  660. Commuted value vs. deferred pension?
  661. why CIBC holds deposited funds
  662. Payday loans over 20k
  663. Opening a joint bank account?
  664. Timeshare scams and how to get out of them
  665. 'We do it because our jobs are at stake': TD
  666. what do you think about the new auto-fill feature for filing taxes?
  667. Car loan with bank question
  668. What is a NSF EFT fee?
  669. Equifax account giving error?
  670. Credit Limit Increase Question
  671. HELOC question
  672. Hubert USD Savings 0.75% - Online Transfers now available
  673. Vancity issue
  674. I have to go to court to fight with TD Bank about stole my money
  675. A problem with TD auto finance to get my money back and I'm looking for an advice
  676. Tangerine Bonuses
  677. CRA account is locked
  678. Son want's to remove scammers taking my Dad's money for Hydro and Gas.
  679. Opinions on Coast Capital Savings Credit Union in BC?
  680. Babysitter/nanny child care cost - tax claims
  681. Osap,resp question!
  682. Update to Fees Related to Tangerine Chequing Accounts
  683. TFSA Contribution room not properly calculated by CRA
  684. Canadian Economy - A Fear of Change
  685. Accountant
  686. Taxed like crazy on work bonus - how does it work?
  687. RRSP contribution question
  688. Tax on small severance pay
  689. Sell home and rent to pay off debt?
  690. Looking for a line of credit
  691. CRA or scammer?
  692. Withdraw all of your RESP the first year then use OSAP the following years?
  693. Big 5 Bank stocks + 20 years in TFSA - about how much will I end up with - best guess
  694. Turbotax "Other Employment Income"?
  695. Link TD Savings to Tangerine
  696. Question regarding Mastercard charge back and fraudulent charges
  697. Toronto Property Tax "Glitch" - Double Debit!!
  698. Do I claim this?
  699. Converting RBC Points to Registered Rewards
  700. Applying for ODSP (Ontario Disability Support Program) questions. Please help.
  701. Received a letter for early pension options
  702. Tax Time! How do I report my HBP on my taxes?
  703. Plastiq - Pay 1% Fee for CRA Tax Payments with Mastercard Ends May 31
  704. CIBC $150 for new Smart Chequing acount 14Feb to 13Apr
  705. Determining if its part of 2016 or 2017 tax year
  706. Credit Card car rental insurance - any experiences filing claims for damage?
  707. ODSP & OW Disability Pension Plan Shelter Rate Question
  708. Need US $ for vacation - Where to get the best deal?
  709. Severance pay best way to save on taxes!
  710. "Late Payment" posted on credit due to BMO Error - What are my options?
  711. business registeration
  712. Capital gains - ACB and merger...
  713. RBC Loan Offer
  714. Unused RRSP contributions
  715. Never filed taxes before, where do i start?
  716. business liability insurance costs
  717. Child Care Expenses Deduction Question
  718. Paying off student loans question
  719. disputing a credit report - advice?
  720. CRA - Line 101 .. ??
  721. Anyone a turbotax expert?
  722. Best bookkeeping software?
  723. I got scammed by TD Canada Trust bank
  724. Are DB Pensions any good?
  725. Society for Financial Awareness - A Scam?
  726. How do I report a broken button on a CIBC ATM?
  727. Coordinating Benefits with Spouse
  728. Notice of assessment printout
  729. Tax Questions
  730. Envelope Free ATMs in Canada
  731. StudioTax - Spousal RRSP withdrawal question
  733. Do Canadian banks charge a fee to recieve a transfer from abroad?
  734. BMO Line of Credit
  735. Help ! Possible screw up on my T4 ? Should the last pay stub of the year total income match the T4's box 14? Not sure.
  736. Strategy for dealing with Tangerine Savings Promo Games
  737. Funding a DC Pension Plan and RRSP? 1 or the other?
  738. CRA post-dating transactions and documents to March 2
  739. Question re: Ufile software
  740. Will&Estate Lawyer fee
  741. First time filing taxes...
  742. T2200 - Work from home Deductibles (live with parents)
  743. Fees for Employment Lawyer - Lost my job after 20 years...need advice!
  744. Cash-less world
  745. BMO - Free Interac e-Transfers - starts March 1st - ** Requires Everyday Banking Plan **
  746. Spousal RRSP Questions
  747. Transferring >10k CAD to my Cdn bank via CurrencyFair
  748. Is OSAP grant taxable?
  749. Paypal flubs donations to charity
  750. Income Tax - Capital Gains Deduction
  751. Best use of RRSP/Margin
  752. TFA contribution question
  753. Help with my defined contribution pension plan..
  754. How to calculate if I owe the government taxes? How much RSP's should I buy?
  755. Trying to get someone to pay their small claims court judgment
  756. Linked Accounts at PC Financial
  757. Spousal RRSP
  758. USA Debit Cards for Canadians
  759. Tax Write-offs for young guy
  760. What credit card for ODSP?
  761. e-transfer issues from November 6 2016 - anyone still having problems?
  762. Tangerine CEO Peter Aceto steps down
  763. A few questions about taxes and T2202A
  764. What slip should I be expecting?
  765. Some simple tax questions
  766. Working as a contractor
  767. Need advice of where to Open TFSA
  768. Buying gift cards at Petro = 0 points. Now where?
  769. Should I move my RRSP and LIRA to Questrade Portfolio IQ?
  770. New immigrant
  771. cancelling credit alert plus
  772. Lost Bank Draft / Money Order
  773. PC Financial - External Bank Linking (Help)
  774. Best place to park kid's money?
  775. TD Credit Card
  776. EI (Employment Insurance)
  777. Studio Tax - How to add both my parents for caregiver credit
  778. Found 10 year old Bank Draft - Can I deposit it?
  779. statute of limitations and bank set-off transfer
  780. Confusion about Filing Taxes Jointly
  781. MBNA online infrastructure transfer
  782. 1042-S Form
  783. Amex Global Transfer
  784. tax - Notice of reassessment from 2015 - billed for $1000 while I was away, how do I get it back?
  785. What American credit card companies will accept Canadians?
  786. ISA - investment savings account, good way to park USD cash?
  787. This is my first year not getting a tax refund...
  788. How do you cope living pay check to paycheck?
  789. Free interac banks
  790. rrsp max contribtion, what does that mean?
  791. Income Tax Refund Direct Deposit
  792. Refinance Principal Home and Invest
  793. Income Tax - Carryover amounts ?
  794. Scotiabank: Fee Changes for Personal Bank Accounts
  795. CRD. Card Bill Payment
  796. How do I manage my finances better?
  797. How to get over this 'Catch 22' in Ufile when doing my taxes
  798. Best Account or Card for Foreign Cash Withdrawals?
  799. need advice on improving my financial life
  800. CRA is being ********
  801. Question on RRSP and RPP
  802. Indian Currency - Rs. 500 and 1000 denominations
  803. Simple question - Locked RRSP Transfer from RBC to Tangerine
  804. How to minimize tax on bonus?
  805. So i get a call today from Credit Bureau of Canada
  806. [TARGETED] Free $5 for Enabling Interac Flash on TD Access Card
  807. Friend is $15k in debt, what should he do?
  808. CRA Refund
  809. When do electronic T4s show up on CRA?
  810. RRSP or Pay Down Mortgage?
  811. CIBC unsecured PLC reduce limit
  812. I have option to pay CPP and EI
  813. Loan questions
  814. Tax Receipt RRSP contributions
  815. TFSA and CRA reporting
  816. Source of funds proofs requested by the bank?
  817. T4 question - public transit pass
  818. RRSP Contribution Room RPP --> Unlocked RRSP
  819. Spousal RRSP question
  820. Tax Credit - Children's Art Credit
  821. Royal Bank Credit Line interest hike
  822. $2,000 lifetime over-contribution limit for RSP
  823. RBC Feb 2017 Online Banking Crackdown?
  824. How to withdraw US$$ from RBC US$$ esaving accout
  825. TurboTax question (living in QC but working in ON)
  826. School Deposit - Tax credit?
  827. How much do you actually save per month?
  828. Switched banks mid year... taxes??
  829. Taxing for this year
  830. Doing my own taxes for the first time
  831. Life Insurance Primer Help
  832. Any news about BMO Mastercard Debit coming June 1st?
  833. TD Wealth?
  834. longest debt consolidation loans?
  835. Company's RRSP contribution over my Notice of assessment contribution limit
  836. Who take these $300 for $20 Cash loans?
  837. Any family Lawyers? Need help with joint property question
  838. Haven't filed taxes in 15 years... recommendation?
  839. Scotiabank Raising Fees March 1, 2017
  840. CFA Exam Fees Tax Deductible?
  841. Stock market vs real estate... Why do people say the stock market is better?
  842. Working in Michigan, living in Canada
  843. 500k in savings at 30 years old. Decent savings or have I fallen behind?
  844. Ontario to USA (2.5 month) to Quebec Tax question
  845. Sunlife vs Manulife health and dental insurance
  846. AMEX accidentally gave me points... anyone experience this before?
  847. Canada Child Tax Benefit (CCTB) = Income?
  848. Father passed away - hasn't filed income tax in 12 years
  849. Selling a website to an american buyer
  850. Joint bank account, one person passes away - who pays the taxes?
  851. Medical expenses paid by wife's benefits
  852. Income tax owing over $3,000!!!
  853. Tangerine: Depositing US Funds to Tangerine US Funds Account via Scotia ATM
  854. RRSP Loan: does it make sense for me?
  855. Given restricted shares in foreign company that I don't work for.
  856. How to get Bitcoins ?
  857. [] Free online 2016 Tax Return begins (NETFILE begins Feb 20th)
  858. When you deposit at the ATM, how long does the bank hold you money?
  859. Meredian CU - 3% 90 day GIC for new members
  860. Question about Estate Succession and unclaimed Bank Drafts
  861. Best service to track and summarize online receipts? (tax season)
  862. Salaried Employee Works From Home - Can he Claim House Expenses?
  863. TD LoC Interest Calculation Question
  864. Working in Michigan, living in Canada
  865. Why does it take days before CC payment goes through.
  866. Defaulted OSAP loan repayment advice
  867. TD exchange rate
  868. How to minimize exchange rate impact during a trip to USA?
  869. Mobile payment to the rescue
  870. Filing taxes while working abroad?
  871. turbotax 2016: A heads-up that it's no longer loading previous uFile tax file
  872. Buy more RRSP to get more CCB?
  873. Accounting Software for Individual
  874. Danger of too many retirement accounts?
  875. Database of class action lawsuits
  876. My child received a T4A (P) slip
  877. Anyone offering a FREE online credit report?
  878. Can an RRSP provider force you to transfer out your account?
  879. Question about something I read in "Millionaire Teacher"
  880. Scotiabank to cut 5% of branches over two years in move to digital
  881. TD Loc and TD Direct Investing
  882. Promotions for big banks
  883. Credit checks: Leasing VS Financing?
  884. Why do payments take so long?
  885. Running into a bit of problem with RBC.
  886. RRSP to RRIF: which account?
  887. Costco recommended car/home insurance
  888. meridican cu- inactivity fee
  889. TD or Other Personal Line of Credit Rates
  890. Tangerine investment statement problems
  891. Letter from RCA, possible scam?
  892. HELOC interest from rental property
  893. Cost to remove name from Title Deed?
  894. Depositing U.S. Cheque - Best rates
  895. Paypal freezes News Media Canada account because payment contained the word "Syrian"
  896. Should we buy an investment property?
  897. Easiest bank to get credit with (LOC)
  898. Letter from CRA
  899. Capital One Security a Little Bit Too Much?
  900. Need some clarification on Expenses claimed
  901. Ottawa to impose new carbon tax for all provinces
  902. Understanding how Income tax return works
  903. CIBC approved Line of Credit Should I use it or not?
  904. Tax saving tips -Is this true
  905. PC Financial World Elite MC Foreign fees
  906. Help with RSP Deduction Limit
  907. Are fee-rebates considered "contributions" in a TFSA?
  908. Do you have the walmart credit card?
  909. T5007, CCB and workers compensation
  910. HELOC above 65% threshold
  911. Non-Registered Savings into RRSP
  912. CIBC Wire transfer time.
  913. USD cheque vs USD draft for brokerage account
  914. EQ Bank sent e-mail that T5 are available, but site seems crashed.
  915. Did Google Play abolish credit balance expiration dates?
  916. Since when did Tangerine start giving out RRSP-Loan Preapprovals?
  917. More Canadians are raiding their RRSPs to buy a house, make ends meet and pay off debt.
  918. Anyone know of special offers on chequing accounts?
  919. $300 cash bonus if open Scotiabank Momentum/ScotiaOne Chequing account
  920. Contribute: RRSP or Mortgage?
  921. how long coule my friend receive my email when I use TD Email Money Transfer?
  922. US$ in TFSA, how does it calculated in contribution
  923. Banks offering free incoming wire transfers?
  924. What is a "collection item" service at CIBC?
  925. TD e-series funds set up question
  926. How do you spend your money every month
  927. "Nigerian" scam has invaded RFD.
  928. Daycare deposit and income tax
  929. ON:New Rebate On Your Electricity Bill for Low Income - starting Jan 1, 2016
  930. When you file your tax return (from a CRA staff)
  931. SimpleTax (ImpôtSimple) now handles QC provincial tax returns
  932. What is the coolest looking credit card?
  933. Using to estimate the taxes.. where do I enter CPP box 16 and the amount in box 40?
  934. Transunion Is Using My Highschool Employer As My Current Employer
  935. Issues w/ Easy Financial - Need advice (long thread warning)
  936. What is the best way to digitize my wallet?
  937. Canada pension and investment property
  938. Ways to Move money to Taiwan
  939. Manulife group retirement fees
  940. OMERS and RRSP
  941. Hours before going on EI for mat leave
  942. Does spousal RRSP work like this?
  943. how can I remove collection from Equifax
  944. What points cards should I get?
  945. CIBC 0% balance transfer 6 month offer
  946. CreditKarma coming to Canada soon
  947. WestJet RBC World Elite MasterCard
  948. Jerry's List of Credit Cards with $200+ Welcome bonus/Aeroplan & AMEX Churning FAQ
  949. How can I tell if my credit card issuer's auto insurance covers will primarily cover rental car damage?
  950. Possible to get a no-fee CC for first CC?
  951. Chase Marriott Visa, FYF,50 K points+1 free night,no foreign transaction fee,
  952. Will lowering unused cards' credit limit help credit limit increase on my main cards?
  953. Canadian SPG Amex * 20,000 pts for new (accepted) applications
  954. CIBC Dividend® Visa Infinite FYF 4% CB 6mo $200 max
  955. Can spousal RSP be transferred to same planholder's spousal RSP account with different financial institution
  956. TD All Inclusive Account (Formerly Select Service)
  957. Canada's Best Credit Cards in 2017? Let's have it!
  958. RESP in the new world of free tuition
  959. Tangerine RSP Loan Offer
  960. Contributing more to spousal RRSP, how does that affect withdraw?
  961. How does USD work at CIBC ATM's?
  962. Coordination of benefits - are maximums added?
  963. For a 26 yr old, how am I doing?
  964. Ratehub - abuse
  965. Ways of Reducing Taxable Income
  966. GIS payment - is it prorated for 40 years?
  967. How am I doing and what can I improve
  968. do I need to file T- 2125?
  969. Best way to pay rent if the landlord lives outside of province?
  970. Financial Incentive of Trading in at Dealership
  971. Wal-mart merchant codes?
  972. HBP repayment and RRSP contribution
  973. Easiest way to buy bitcoin with interac? ($225)
  974. Closing old mutual fund account
  975. Where to get statement of pharmacy expenses for tax filing
  976. CIBC took money without any autorization
  977. Higher return on USD savings
  978. How to get an aeroplan mile so my stash doesn't expire?
  979. Anyone else have their Child Care Benefit reduced?
  980. CIBC Global Money Transfer™ Send money to mainland China with $0 transfer fee
  981. Help get my finances in order!
  982. Spousal RRSP question
  983. Free safe deposit box
  984. cra mailing date of child benefit statement
  985. Depositing someone else's cheque into your own bank account
  986. RRSP Contribution Calculation
  987. Tax question - Oil & Gas royalties
  988. Credit scored dropped badly after TD visa fiasco
  989. [Merged] New Chase Visa from Amazon
  990. Expired TD $300 account opening bonus offer
  991. Financial advise needed
  992. How much does the "average" person have in savings at age 23?
  993. Section 216 return - split rent income with spouse?
  994. Getting Euros
  995. Buying a house and funding a familly in Quebec
  996. Withdraw USD from Tangerine
  997. MBNA eMall Rewards: Not receiving any bonus Points
  998. Questions regarding minimum Payment ( help)
  999. Are there any limits in regards to how much cash can you bring in Canada from overseas if you declare the money?
  1000. VISA card character limit?