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  1. UFile Error
  2. Envy of government worker's pension?
  3. Pcfinancial login issues
  4. Why is the HST payment deadline before the filing deadline for annual filers?
  5. Canadian Tire MasterCard Now Shows Pending Transactions
  6. Need help with Home equity line of credit
  7. Selling e-Scrap, taxes
  8. Is there really no custom duties coming back from USA to Canada for non-residents?
  9. Looking for a mastercard credit card with the following features.
  10. CapitalOne redeeming points/cash
  11. Will CC company overturn this charge?
  12. US credit card with rewards
  13. Are expenses during volunteering tax deductible
  14. Interac EMT is now FREE for all RBC personal chequing accounts
  15. Accountants, How much should I expect to pay?
  16. BC MSP Debt Out of Province
  17. Tax on overseas investments
  18. Tangerine is the first banking app in Canada to launch eye verification
  19. Linking GIC to an Account at Different Bank?
  20. Can I apply for Auto Loan now or should I wait?
  21. Mint Users: New Updated Terms/Policies?
  22. PC MasterCard fraud question
  23. Need advice
  24. Why is TurboTax free online?
  25. Questrade account linking works on Mint.com again
  26. Belairdirect House Insurance - Payment Question
  27. Credit card charge in USD vs CDN in USA
  28. claim moving expenses
  29. Other service like Plastiq?
  30. Transfer money from RBC to TD Direct Investing (Waterhouse)
  31. Difference between a Will from a Lawyer and elsewhere?
  32. Savings account in another country
  33. Currency exchange
  34. Promo bonuses from banks - tax question
  35. Need to build credit
  36. Milliondollarjourney guy is a fraud?
  37. Pension commuted value for part timer
  38. What credit cards are you using?
  39. Which CC to close?
  40. Rogers Platinum MC (1.75% CB, 0% FX Fee, FYF)
  41. TD Rewards Points
  42. Surrendering Storage Space
  43. Temporary Hold/Investment for a larger sum of money
  44. Any point to keep unused credit card accounts open?
  45. money gram / western union with no transfer fees possible?
  46. *
  47. Pre-approved credit limit increase?
  48. Will we ever see online statements for Amazon.ca Visa?
  49. Netfile line 9909 9910 9912
  50. when we can apply for HELOC?
  51. T1135 Dilemma - what to do?
  52. Tips for applying for an unsecured LOC ?
  53. Transfer Money to United Arab Emirates from Canada
  54. Should I continue living rent free or move to a better place?
  55. Making tax turn doesn't need tuition tax form?
  56. Do gov't employees realize how lucky they are?
  57. Looking for other people's experience with getting accounts removed from Equifax
  58. Solar energy and NET METERING in Ontario
  59. Need help with a change in policy at work
  60. Any NO annual fee Cash Back VISA credit card out there ?
  61. Question about interest rate on personal line of credit
  62. Tax question - do you have joint bank accounts with your spouse/partner?
  63. How to file 2014 taxes?
  64. Which FI's support CC switch?
  65. Best way to pay new credit card (from new bank) bill with existing bank
  66. Why you should never rely on a pension.
  67. Severance Expectations?
  68. How do you increase your credit score?
  69. Tangerine Bank = Rotting Fruit. Just recycle it.
  70. Options for temporary health insurance while travelling for seniors
  71. best US credit card to earn US credit history with good incentives?
  72. Credit card did not update with Equifax since 3 years
  73. Any GIS Experts?
  74. WARNING:RBC Redeemable GIC Does Not Offer Full Disclosure
  75. Why do a lot of people with low incomes waste so much of their money?
  76. A Consumer Protection Question - Complaint
  77. Tax question - Medical expenses - Orthodontic treatment
  78. big amount of money transfer under the same person account
  79. Business tax return(T2) -I need recommendations for a software like TurboTax
  80. How to download TD statements in pdf format?
  81. CRA Processing Times for Items Other than Tax Returns
  82. help explain $10 silver coin for $60 from mint.ca?
  83. Need to convert $2500 CAD to US today or tmw!
  84. MBNA - Reduce my credit limit?
  85. Business accounts - cheap but good...suggestions?
  86. Cheapest Bank Draft/Certified Cheque Method?
  87. temporary worker - tax credits
  88. Question about Education Credits and Carry forwards
  89. Can I use 2013 tuition and education credits for 2015?
  90. Tax freeway negative number in owing/refund
  91. uFile for Windows - Section 45(2) Election
  92. Recently moved to Canada looking for bank account recommendations
  93. Can i use a part of my previous years education credits this year?
  94. Would I get a higher refund depending on which tax software I choose?
  95. Tangerine Money-Back MC (4% CB on selected categories - 3 months)
  96. How do I use my tuition credits on a tax return? I think I lost mines from 2014
  97. CRA tax for foreign spouse
  98. BMO Line of Credit with a Debit Card?
  99. TD1 Help
  100. Cheaper alternative to receiving USD deposits to CAD bank account?
  101. Graduate /doctoral student tax question
  102. Roger MC and PC MC logins not working...
  103. How to deposit USD from paypal into CDN bank account without paypal conversion fees?
  104. National Bank Echo Cashback MasterCard
  105. Question on retirement forms
  106. will opening multiple credit cards just for promos hurt my credit score?
  107. Residency status for tax purposes
  108. Manulife Bank 2.5% on new deposits
  109. Anyone have a Cash Damming Excel Spreadsheet they would like to share?
  110. what do you think about the new auto-fill feature for filing taxes?
  111. Bank branch closed down, do I need new cheques?
  112. Advice needed for Questrade screw up
  113. Anyone know what this charge from CIBC on chequing account is?
  114. CRA taking more time for refund
  115. Preventing Alaska Miles from Expiring ( Canada )
  116. Applying for a Credit card
  117. RBC Avion Conversion Asia Miles Bonus Any Idea When?
  118. RRSP With Holding Tax - Keeping it to 10 % for $ 7,000 withdrawal.
  119. What do you think of my current credit card setup?
  120. Books/Publications calculations with high rate of returns
  121. How much taxes would you pay on a $10k rsp withdrawl?
  122. Question about RESP's Capital Portion Withdrawal
  123. Fees for transferring funds in Registered accounts between banks
  124. Insurance online quote and credit check
  125. To convert some of my CAD to USD now or wait longer to see what happens?
  126. Reassessment? Taxes
  127. Where do you enter in Investment Income (T5 information) when no T5 slip is provided?
  128. Fastest Way to Payoff MBNA CC?
  129. Question on claiming Child Care
  130. when does trillium/gst get assessed? thx
  131. "No cost" supplemental health insurance
  132. Best way to convert CDN to USD for upcoming trip this Thursday in the states?
  133. When will mogocard be released? thanks
  134. Corporate liability Insurance
  135. SIN card and DL taken?
  136. T1135 filing help
  137. RRSP deduction and Unused limit
  138. ALterna Savings - external bank account
  139. MBNA Payment Issues
  140. Manulife One, National Bank AIO Feedback
  141. Anybody has experience of changing tax return online?
  142. Any recommended Toronto lawyer for a will?
  143. Credit Card Limit
  144. Ufile question re RL-10 Quebec labour-sponsored tax credit CSN
  145. professional school LOC
  146. age 40+, Def Ben PP, stressed? Check your CSV!!!
  147. What to look for when applying for first credit card? (student)
  148. Tax Moving Expense is Unfair!!
  149. Do you trust Firefox with online banking?
  150. Which banks allow cheque deposit via mobile in savings?
  151. Tax Slips from Temp. Agency
  152. Questions about tax returns
  153. Best Business US USD Account & CDN USD Account for PayPal?
  154. CC without Chip&PIN
  155. Please give me some insights on increasing credit score
  156. What Would You Do In This Situation???
  157. Zag Bank TFSA Transactions (2015) not listed on CRA - My Account
  158. Canadian $1 bills
  159. Tangerine existing promotions...combining them?
  160. High Interest savings pro/con
  161. Bitcoin
  162. Newbie Question: Line of Credit Application - TD
  163. Why do banks have inactivity fees and try to close your account?
  164. Personal Loan companies
  165. edit: nvm pls delete
  166. Looking for strong litigation lawyer in Vancouver
  167. Tangerine MC: Recurring bill payment
  168. Temporary resident applying TD aeroplan infinite
  169. Net income on Quickbooks V.S Net income from Accountant
  170. Services NOT offered by online banks??
  171. Bank Accounts for Minors
  172. Outlook Financial - Beware!
  173. Cheapest lawyers for simple wills in Montreal for single or couple
  174. Received new VISA from TD without asking
  175. ACB value in T5008 is incorrect
  176. Wills and Estates: Probate
  177. How do you passively invest/index invest with your pension?
  178. They violated my rights!!!
  179. TD First Class Infinite vs. TD Aeroplan Infinite?
  180. Dealership vs VMR/BlueBook/BlackBook appraised price
  181. how long should i keep funds
  182. QPP contributions - 70 in Ottawa
  183. Partnership agreement
  184. Rogers Bank <-> Mint.com ?
  185. Question about Trillium Tax Credits
  186. T5 - Recipient Type 2
  187. Will - Guardian - In Alberta
  188. Tax Time - Children Fitness Receipt
  189. Non-registered saving accounts taxed at 48% ?
  190. StudioTax 2015 cents missing in the Netfile .tax file
  191. closing cibc credit card, have to wait until end of year
  192. TransferWise = TransferLies
  193. CIBC pre-approved line of credit.
  194. Closing a Cibc checquings account. How to?
  195. Moving Abroad - Financial Advice Required
  196. Overdraft HELOC and LOC
  197. Private ABA Therapy a Medical Expense?
  198. Wellness Spending Accounts
  199. Moving to America - tips and advice please!
  200. PCFinancial still hasn't paid interest from TFSA 2.5% promotion?
  201. Auto Loan with TD
  202. A question about NSF charge
  203. Relatives using my parents home address for tax filing!
  204. Predictions on Prime Rate? (mortgage-related)
  205. Apple Pay Canada - Should I wait?
  206. Credit Card Recommendations - Need Advice
  207. FINTRAC Has Fined a Canadian Bank
  208. Credit Scores Approved and Denied Credit cards
  209. Letter from TD
  210. Self Employed?
  211. Mint login down?
  212. Small Business bank account
  213. What is best canadian hotel chain reward program?
  214. How To Figure Out Combined Book Value?
  215. Company RRSP Contribution Tax Benefits
  216. Wrong T4A in tax return
  217. Which tax software is better alternative to ufile?
  218. Duplicate
  219. Tangerine Spring Savings (Targeted?) 2.76% on new deposits until June 30, 2016
  220. No Fee Visas? Best Options?
  221. Any accountants out there? Income tax advice needed
  222. How to file a return with EPSP?
  223. Which credit card offers the best extended warranty?
  224. Can you recommend the best tax software when you have overseas income please?
  225. Double checking please - to avoid CRA penalty this is my plan
  226. Solar Panel for commercial building worth it?
  227. Taxable Benefits
  228. Is Cashback Taxable?
  229. Best place to exchange $500 CAD for DOP
  230. Insurance cash settlement for home damage?
  231. Effect of DC pension on RRSP
  232. question to file taxes
  233. Credit card refunds as payment
  234. How do you maintain a list of all your Personal Finance holdings? MS Excel, Cloud or?
  235. What's the lowest figure at which it's considered debt?
  236. How do you know if 1 online bank is more secure than another?
  237. Anyone use the TurboTax Online Free Service?
  238. Credit Card Refunds?
  239. RRSP Overcontribution
  240. Tax and reporting requirements for overseas inheritance
  241. How to do taxes when I worked part of the year in US
  242. Nanny from Philippines, taxes
  243. Leasing Cost Rule of Thumb
  244. The People's Trust gift that keeps on giving more than two years later
  245. Personal Bank Loan - 10 Year Amortization Unsecured $43,000 (Ontario)
  246. Warning - mbna
  247. Alterna Bank High Interest eSavings Account
  248. CRA Reporting Requirements for Payments to Virtual Freelancers outside Canada and US?
  249. Self-employed:Sell Peronal Laptop to Corporation as Capital Asset?
  250. File US Taxes
  251. CIBC, $300 New Smart Chequing account promotion (1st April to 30 June)
  252. tangerine - interest deposited doesn't seem right?
  253. BMO Investorline RRSP contribution slips
  254. How to transfer USD from my brokerage account to my sisters account
  255. SEO Online Marketing - Money in this?
  256. cash damming
  257. Childrens bank account
  258. PC TFSA promotion finished. Where should I move my money?
  259. Mobile deposit cheque failed and cheque being crossed with lines.
  260. Passive Income / Multiple Revenue Streams
  261. Keeping track of credit - should I cancel my cards?
  262. Tax Return Program Recoveries
  263. Can people properly loan eachother money?
  264. Personal Tax: On-line T1 Adjustment due to late T2202A form
  265. Having a baby - Need a Will!
  266. Help me with my financial setup. (Cancelling my oldest credit card?)
  267. ITIN # for Canadians: Advantages and Disadvantages?
  268. Odd find with hold on funds with Tangerine
  269. Credit Cards & Credit Score
  270. To file HST return using quick method
  271. How to minimize transfer-out fees for multiple RRSP-type accounts
  272. Issues w/ Easy Financial - Need advice (long thread warning)
  273. Questions about RRSP for Tax Refund
  274. Life Insurance Options?
  275. Debit Card Safety?
  276. Does anyone have info/experience about Third Party Requirement To Pay (RTP)? thanks
  277. TFSA gained over my limit - any penalties?
  278. TD E-series RESP with only a Minimum Chequing Account
  279. Tangerine Mastercard 4% CASHBACK BONUS
  280. Diners Club Professional Card
  281. Question re: Costco capital one MC
  282. Studio Tax 2015 - Schedule 1-A - Family Tax Cut credit
  283. Safe recommendation
  284. Keep pension as is or transfer to (locked-in) RRSP?
  285. Travelling on EI
  286. Income Tax - Unused tuition and education amounts
  287. Earn SCENE Points Paying your Income Taxes with your Scotiabank Scene Debit Card
  288. Insurance Question: how best to insure?
  289. American Express Questions
  290. how to file old tax refunds 2010-2011?
  291. What's the billing period (day of the month) for the HBC MasterCard?
  292. Youtube money - Do you have to pay taxes??
  293. Managing US & Canadian Banks / Credit Cards
  294. Life Lease and Ontario Tax Credits
  295. Free tax software?
  296. Amex Gold card: Spending the needed $500 for their generous welcome bonus.
  297. Is there a credit card that gives special perks for online purchases?
  298. Has anybody got T3 from Questrade this year?
  299. List of Cashback Credit Cards
  300. Avoiding taxes with off-shore company...legally.
  301. Tax Filing (T2) for inactive corporation.
  302. deposit
  303. Service Providers
  304. Close Zenbanx account
  305. RRSP to RRIF: which account?
  306. Large Cash Transactions
  307. income tax help please, why'd i get nothing last year?
  308. RRSP deductions, maximize use of non-refundable credit or carry forward?
  309. Can I avoid paying EI & CPP twice when moving companies?
  310. Anyone with experience with professional school line of credit?
  311. Is Canada the best place to change CA$ to US$?
  312. CRA doesn't recognize Everest College as a Post-Secondary School
  313. Tax: Rental income
  314. tax return 2015 help
  315. Income tax in Newmarket
  316. Retirement maximum working hours
  317. Are there banks across BC/WA border offering Visa/MC debit/credit card for free
  318. tax on profit share?
  319. Use CC to pay part of LOC?
  320. Turbo tax - Quebec loss carryovers
  321. Studiotax - Sales Tax Credit Estimate
  322. CRA claiming moving expenses
  323. Canada child care benefit - income calculation
  324. How will the 2016 federal budget affect you?
  325. Moving big items from Canada to US
  326. 2016 Federal Budget-Capital Gains Inclusion Rate
  327. Coordination of Benefits and Annual Maximums
  328. House Insurance
  329. Help with budget
  330. Car Loan with Volkwagen
  331. Canadian contractor working for US company under CCPC, tax questions?
  332. No fee bank account in US for Canadians?
  333. What is the best way to digitize my wallet?
  334. WFCU Alto savings account - 2%
  335. US/CAN tax questions
  336. Withdrawal of large amount from Tangerine
  337. Is it a good idea to open a personal line of credit for no apparent reason?
  338. Looking for a new MC
  339. Getting a loan ASAP?
  340. activating supplementary credit card
  341. Unsecured line of credit
  342. Studio Tax
  343. Qtrade
  344. Equitable Bank Savings Plus Account - 3%
  345. where to enter spousal rrsp
  346. PLASTIQ - cheque delivery?
  347. No-Fee USD Credit Card?
  348. What happen if I cancel mobile post paid a/c in 15 days?
  349. Utilities cost
  350. personal loans
  351. Do I have to pay tax on capital gains on US stock in RRSP
  352. Insurance companies - how do you know?
  353. T5008 Errors
  354. Ontario’s Minimum Wage Will Rise 15 cents to $11.40/hour starting Oct. 1, 2016
  355. I need credit! For convenience and not necessity... But I want it all at once.
  356. What's best for my credit rating? (credit card-related)
  357. Problems with Capital One MasterCard
  358. BMO Non-registered Mutual Funds Tax
  359. nco financial collection
  360. Did Not File Income Tax From Six Years Ago
  361. When to cancel credit card
  362. does the cra allow for extensions (tax return)
  363. Earn up to 9 free nights with Club Carlson Visa
  364. pre paid visa ? visa gift card?
  365. TFSA growth
  366. Bonus to RRSP
  367. Contact info for Tangerine when Transferring RSP into QT
  368. What do I need to know before getting a supplementary card?
  369. CRD. Card Bill Payment
  370. Question about Disability Tax Credit
  371. Help with Debt Management! Two mortgages and a loan...
  372. Usin non bank for mortgage, what are the cons? Are they safe as banks?
  373. Psi personal service insurance sucks
  374. 4 questions you probably have about basic income
  375. Best Gas Rewards
  376. Money bonus for American Express card
  377. Tangerine: Available funds limitations - serious flaw
  378. Breaking Rental Mortgage
  379. What do you use your TFSA for?
  380. Best account from a big bank?
  381. Sending money Internationally no recipient bank
  382. Which cc for 19 year old son?
  383. Suggest credit card
  384. Will never use Ratesupermarket.ca - $100 gift card promotion with MBNA application
  385. TFSA contribution room
  386. Banks & The Mortgage Ask, Did You Go With Your Bank?
  387. This is How I am Getting a Free Vacation Using Credit Card Bonuses
  388. Tangerine bank account vs others
  389. Personal Savings vs Company DBPP
  390. First time home buyer..need advice
  391. T4 bonus not included
  392. Higher interest rates
  393. Resp
  394. Good tax return softwares
  395. Deposit US coin to US account in a Canadian Bank
  396. When Someone Dies, What Happens to Debts
  397. Forget my CRA secure code
  398. Question about rental property & income tax
  399. Tangerine NO longer wants to deal with your EXISTING third party Mutual Funds
  400. Credit repairing
  401. Anyone with OTIP (Ontario Teachers Insurance Plan)?
  402. RESP money for rent?
  403. Self-employed/having kids
  404. [Deleted Thread]
  405. mbna Best Western Rewards MC; Rewards CC for hotels
  406. Getting Cash Abroad
  407. Tax Question - Charity Donation
  408. do index mutual funds give out dividend ( example TD e-series US Index)
  409. Canadian working on contract in USA, tax implications
  410. LF: accountant (mostly for tax returns for small business + personal)
  411. CRA Lump Sum Payment instead of Quarterly Instalments for Icome Tax & GST/HST?
  412. Foreign $ conversion on Rogers MC & Amazon Visa
  413. Need Opinion! - Mortgage in Ontario
  414. Canadian CC with at least 2% back in cash or points
  415. Identity Theft - rogers account
  416. Capital Gains Question
  417. EI benifit question after a temp. work in the US
  418. TD account is now locked
  419. RRSP contribution back into HBP or not?
  420. RRSP Contribution divided
  421. Recommend me a business credit card to replace my BMO Mastercard
  422. Itunes account email scam fraud
  423. Transfer from EQ Bank to Tfsa account?
  424. A Senior has asked me to help them file their taxes. What do I need to know?
  425. Bonehead Banks' errors - a fun thread
  426. LOC or Mortgage?
  427. Wealthy tax dodgers exempted from penalties by the CRA
  428. Be carefull the fake bank link
  429. RBC Avion - points transfer & cancellation
  430. MBNA RWE via GCR ?
  431. CRA Mail
  432. 2015 Tax program or online for Windows XP users?
  433. RESP in the new world of free tuition
  434. Universal Basic Income in Ontario?
  435. Simple free tax software for T2 return?
  436. How to cut personal phone to minimum and use work phone instead?
  437. Did I over contribute to my RRSP?
  438. Where to order credit report for potential tenant (as property owner)
  439. zagbank or oaken trust worthy?
  440. Interactive Brokers - TFSA RRSP?
  441. Depositing large sum need 45 day access and security
  442. For NETFILE, how long from "received" to "assessed"?
  443. Aeroplan - Fly Cash-Free Starting In April 2016
  444. CRA outstanding objection and 2015 filing
  445. BMO Extra Deals on SPC app - free advanced screening
  446. Pay off 35k in credit debt
  447. cibc visa 4% cashback 6 months
  448. Line 303 - Spouse amount - Can I claim it on my taxes ?
  449. CFA Exam Fees Tax Deductible?
  450. BMO's Ultra-Fast New ATM Machines
  451. How important is a real estate agent when Selling?
  452. Predictions on Canadian Dollar this year? (CAD)
  453. How do "bonds" work?
  454. CRA My Account autofill problem (TurboTax)
  455. Missed T4RSP - Change my return
  456. How do you shop for mortgages?
  457. RRSP first 60 days question
  458. Buying Term Insurance from US based Insurer
  459. T5008 slips
  460. Should I buy the extended warranty on 5 new appliances?? HELP!
  461. Foreclosing Rental Property?
  462. Which bank / card issuer is still WILLING TO keep card benefits w/o adding fees?
  463. Tax Questions
  464. simpletax / studiotax not maching
  465. Studiotax Question about Dependents
  466. delete please
  467. RRSP HBP Question
  468. how do I determine what class stocks are when you file income tax in Canada
  469. Ugh zenbanx? Withdraw?
  470. A tax question for T5008
  471. StudioTax CRA Filing Tax
  472. Paying by credit card over the phone (security code)
  473. Is it worth it to have an accountant?
  474. Question about RRSP contribution
  475. Delete
  476. Anyway to transfer large amount instantly (less than a day)?
  477. Withdrawing from RRSP for the HBP
  478. looking for a credit card, other than Amazon.ca Rewards Visa
  479. will or trust
  480. Children’s fitness tax credit – 8 week rule
  481. Car loan broker - lowest %
  482. How good is Zenbanx?
  483. Can people sue you for not giving them receipt/documents for home stays?
  484. Fitness credit/child care? Liftime fitness?
  485. PM Trudeau says "Stock-Option Changes Could Come in Canadian Budget"
  486. Free tax preparation via CRA (low-ish income)
  487. Family giving you large amount of money
  488. T2200 Declaration - a little confused
  489. Sherpa.tax: tells you every single Canadian government benefit you're eligible for
  490. Anyone with experience with Federal Service Pension Buyback? Worth it?
  491. Tax accountant referral needed please and thank you
  492. Cancelling credit card
  493. Send digital checks for free!
  494. question about credit score?
  495. Merchant asking for scanned copies of front and back of credit card?
  496. T4 not available online yet
  497. Health/Dental plan coverage question
  498. Advice: Best Contract and Method to Loan Money
  499. MasterCard to bring facial recognition payment software to Canada
  500. Lottery win makes neighbours more likely to go bankrupt
  501. Someone tried to scam my credit card.
  502. PC Financial mortgage - reviews? Also fixed vs. variable?
  503. Bonds
  504. How does CRA Round this RRSP Contribution?
  505. Canada Revenue Agency Launches ‘MyCRA’ Mobile Site
  506. Question regarding ASAP Cheques Order - Does branch address matter?
  507. What to do with extra money?
  508. Any exp with ICBC, BOC?
  509. can you volunteer to put a lien on your home?
  510. foreign dividend franking (imputation) credit
  511. What is MasterCard's annual interest rate?
  512. Can i still bring rolled pennies in to the bank for cash payment (mastercard)?
  513. RRSP Help?
  514. Lawyers
  515. tax question for T3s!!!! Do i need to report if its a small amount for capital gains?
  516. Any Euro account in Canada?
  517. How do you pay Toronto Property tax with Tangerine?
  518. Credit Card for a refugee
  519. Just opened a Tangerine Mutual Fund RRSP
  520. Is this the only sensible stratage to transfer propert to child?
  521. Is the interest you paid to your friend for $ borrowed tax-deductiable?
  522. can i claim orthodontic treatment on my tax return?
  523. saving up rrsp deduction?
  524. ufile site is too slow!
  525. Mortgage question
  526. Student Loans/Debt, best way to repay?
  527. noob RRSP question
  528. [SCOTIA] Is this a good unsecured personal line of credit rate?
  529. Banking while studying in USA
  530. Last minute spousal RRSP question
  531. Living & Traveling without any credit cards?
  532. Priceline rewards visa
  533. Money Mart identity breach
  534. Insight into my financial situation (recent grad)
  535. $150K wire transfer from Taiwan to Canada, need to be aware of anything?
  536. have to do my 2010 taxes again
  537. Business Owners & Entrepreneurs - Do you contribute to CPP?
  538. Would you drop your salary below $50000 for your kids to qualify for free tuition?
  539. What to do with 30K Aventura points ?
  540. Ufile tax year 2007.. yes 2007 - anyone still have code?
  541. 60k income contribute 10k RRSP does income become 50k
  542. CCTB and Other Child Tax....CRA Filing 2016
  543. Question re credit card profiles
  544. Stale Dated Cheque?
  545. cash advance on amex gold?
  546. Taking out RRSP below personal exemption
  547. RRSP Advice
  548. Have 49USD paypal and need bitcoin funds?
  549. RBC Royal Circle membership
  550. [ZenBanx] What has your experience been like using Zenbanx in the US?
  551. Which credit cards show pending transactions?
  552. Iran May Be Sitting On An Ocean Of $1-Per-Barrel Oil
  553. Would you accept to be charged “Royalties” on your investment?
  554. Credit Card Info Stolen + How Long Before I Get Refunded?
  555. Amazon Visa vs. Rogers MasterCard, which one to keep?
  556. Who would you leave everything to if you have no one to leave it to?
  557. Pay for my father's government bill at the bank
  558. Borrowing from LOC for RRSP Contribution?
  559. American express gold card travel Insurance
  560. Couple Split, House Sold, how does division of assets work?
  561. What is my TFSA limit?
  562. Highlights of the 2016 Ontario budget
  563. Credit utilization ratio question
  564. University and college will soon be free for students from low-income families
  565. Life goals/plan. Advice--Retire by 50
  566. Credit rebuild
  567. Question about an Item falling off Credit Report
  568. Trust created after tax year
  569. Spousal Credit Question
  570. Best bank for USD accounts?
  571. RRSP and LLP
  572. Do employer RRSP matches reduce my taxable income
  573. Repaying RRSP Home Buyer's Plan after age 65
  574. 6 figure salary club
  575. List of creditors, agencies they inquire from, and CC app info. Help update!
  576. Can I cash a cheque (<$100) without a bank account?
  577. Friend had $200 withdrawn from bank account, Scotia says it was chip and pin
  578. Filing income tax as common law
  579. Government study finds Canadians 28 to 34 better off than any prior such generation
  580. TD Bank Smart ATMs: A Question
  581. Depositing 20/20 or 50/50 coins into a bank machine
  582. Am I a victim of FRAUD? BMO DS charges
  583. What's your current credit card setup?
  584. SimpleTax vs. H&R Block Refund Difference
  585. Delete please
  586. Mortgage Repayments vs RRSP Contributions
  587. Tax return - indicate single or common-law?
  588. Interest Rate on a Line of Credit
  589. Internal Bank transfer count as transactions
  590. Question about audit
  591. Paid Charity but No Tax Receipt Can be Given!
  592. Tax Issues on Capital Loss - Change of Use, Rental Property
  593. What happens if I dont activate my cc
  594. Is it worth borrowing to zero out my tax owed?
  595. Credit score required for personal line of credit
  596. Forgot to cancel CC - got charged yearly fee
  597. Simpletax rounding
  598. Questrade :: Trading app not working, just spinning?
  599. what to do with $ sitting in savings
  600. CIBC Divendend Platnium Preapproval
  601. Do hold times with tangerine decrease over time?
  602. Ticked box for First time Filer by mistake
  603. mastercard merchant codes
  604. Pre-approved for RRSP Loan...yes or nah?
  605. Best secure credit card for those building credit?
  606. Transfered Company Pension Plan to RRSP and Received T4A
  607. Anyone having problems Tangerine Credit Card & YNAB 4
  608. Is it possible to pay off my car loan with my credit card?
  609. cash out ESOP to pay low interest debt?
  610. TD Drivers Rewards Visa Card
  611. Credit Check - What's the best method of inquiry?
  612. Zoo or Science Centre Memberships Tax Deductible?
  613. TFSA room
  614. [03/06/2016] Comparison on credit card travel insurance
  615. Any point in having more than one TFSA?
  616. How to check when held cheque will be released (the hold) in td's easyweb? thanks
  617. Reassessing my global financial strategy and wondering what you are doing!
  618. Checking for RRSP Rates -- Need Your Help...
  619. When to cancel credit card with FYF
  620. need help to maximise rrsp/spousal rrsp
  621. cash deposit
  622. Tax return, pension adjustment
  623. StudioTax TP-80 errors
  624. claim college tution
  625. ATM cash withdrawal
  626. RRSP Contribution when planning to leave Canada
  627. Capital Gains: Quick Tax Question
  628. Seems like I owe the CRA for 2015...how much more rrsp to offset?
  629. RRSP Over-Contribution 2015
  630. Oh how I wish it was like that here.....
  631. RRSP and Basic Personal Amount
  632. Trying to figure out my finances, advice?
  633. Can one open more than one TFSA?
  634. Sole proprietorship and CRA business account
  635. Question about basic tax returns
  636. Permanent residence tax questions
  637. CCA Calculation for leased vehicle?
  638. RSP Transfer fees
  639. Should I just be a temporary employee of agency instead of sole proprietorship ?
  640. Avoiding extra taxes on earnings paid in different tax year?
  641. Shipping: The constant headache with buying online in Canada
  642. sunor haven't released their 2015 annual report yet
  643. GST-HST Rebate
  644. Where should I put my USD savings?
  645. Reporting US Dividend
  646. Which is better, Rogers MC or Tangerine MC?
  647. INCOME TAX deduction for funeral/burial costs
  648. Bankruptcy and Trustees?
  649. Help! Debt repayment options.
  650. How do Wealth Advisory Services work in the big 5 banks
  651. Why do I owe taxes for 2015?
  652. CRA:Medical Expenses-Vision
  653. The Best TFSA Investment
  654. Pre-Approved for Line of Credit... should I accept it?
  655. Should I Borrow from a Line of Credit to invest in RRSP
  656. HELOC Rates
  657. Elderly people are telling me RRSP are not worth it?
  658. Free Online Tax Software from H&R Block - Reviews?
  659. Tax Advisor Recommendations
  660. Amex Business Gold Rewards Card - Business
  661. Why did I ever get H&R to do my taxes when it's so simple?
  662. Roger Bank MC slow as balls to update
  663. LF better rate GIC than TD GIC or TDB8150?
  664. Experience with BMO MasterCard balance transfer
  665. Independent consultant paid in USD - best way to pay self in CDN
  666. PC financial did a credit check without permission - options?
  667. Best Mastercard for Costco & No Frills shoppers?
  668. ORPP implementation delayed by one year
  669. Employer Refuses To Pay Their Portion Of Benefits Plan
  670. Credit Limit decreased on CCs...did I screw myself?
  671. Don't laugh... but I never filed my taxes online before
  672. opening a bank acct in HK for non-residents
  673. Problems with U-File and Revenue Quebec
  674. Accountant for a dual U.S./Canadian citizen
  675. Website to Track Transunion/Equifax Scores ?
  676. Tax credit from university studies ??
  677. Disputing credit card charges
  678. Severance Package and RRSP? What to do?
  679. Netfile Is Open!
  680. Using Aeroplan miles for Travel
  681. Credit Card Insurance
  682. TFSA and RSP limits
  683. Is RBC usd esavings the best for paypal?
  684. Lowest line of credit possible?
  685. Kanye West Says He’s $53 Million in Personal Debt
  686. Health Insurance options (not through employer)
  687. Cheapest way to bring/convert money from UK to Canada?
  688. First time ever owing taxes - what am I missing?
  689. TD Visa card switch
  690. short term deposits with high interest rates?
  691. National Bank World Elite Master card
  692. Bad credit
  693. Doing your own taxes when you're paid as a contractor in gross income
  694. Consolidation loan?
  695. Paying debt vs contributing to RRSP
  696. Bank referrals: Who offers them?
  697. AMEX - Churning successful?
  698. Do Bank TV ads make any difference?
  699. Tax time! I'm a public accountant, so ask me, I'll try to respond frequently
  700. Which b&m bank lets you open bank account with only Canadian passport? Thanks
  701. Rare Coins to look for?
  702. transfer fund between two banks, timing question
  703. [Tax] Simpletax.ca is open for 2015 tax filing. Pay What You Want
  704. Received $200,000. How to reduce taxes?
  705. National Bank USD MasterCard
  706. Recommended software/service for deceased tax return
  707. TD's first class travel visa- 30,000 points after 90 days
  708. The power of compounding interest rates
  709. Which personal TurboTax edition will I need?
  710. Millennials - banking questions!
  711. Best credit card for travelling?
  712. Canadian Tire Bank Site & Google Chrome on Mac OS
  713. New Tax Rate Question - Re. RRSP
  714. Garth Turner is the greatest fool
  715. Stopping EI
  716. Sitting capital, what are some initiatives?
  717. What determines pension eligibility here?
  718. CANADIAN Huge Tax Problem - Late Tax and UnFiled
  719. Credit check Q
  720. become employee or incorporated
  721. Should you trust an advis"or"?
  722. Paper cheques?
  723. An app that tracks your cc
  724. What's up with the PC Financial web site?
  725. Questation about Bandked Hours & Vacation pay affect on EI benifit
  726. Collection Agency
  727. Credit Card PAP
  728. BOA Safeshop
  729. cibc visa
  730. Amex Gold account temporarily suspended?
  731. DRIP or Cash
  732. Which Credit Card to use for Travel/Hotel booking
  733. signup bonus for RBC Westjet MC?
  734. HBP repayments using one's "bonus to rrsp"?
  735. EQ Bank Savings or People's Trust TFSA?
  736. Buying new appliances, finance or buy outright?
  737. Buying new appliances, finance or buy outright?
  738. How much should person has in bank account? Emergency cash?
  739. Moving 1 RRSP and 1 TFSA from 2 banks into 3rd one. Need clalrification please
  740. Bonus to RRSP
  741. CIBC - send money 'worldwide' for free
  742. Amex business gold - spending $5k in 3 months?
  743. I think the economic slump in the country has finally ended!
  744. Currency Conversion fees
  745. advice for converting US funds to Canadian funds without hitting big bank fees?
  746. What % of income to gamble at casino is responsible?
  747. Credit Union Posted Rates Negotiable?
  748. Why pay with debit instead of cash/credit?
  749. Home Trust T5
  750. A CRA revised can do this?
  751. Ontario Energy and Property Tax Credit question?
  752. Questation about Vacation pay affect on EI benifit
  753. Question about applying for an attendant on EI
  754. Purchasing past pension services if job may not be long term
  755. Tax Time - Share your tips/knowledge.
  756. Who is supposed to pay criminal record check for contractor
  757. Banks with free Interac eTransfers?
  758. RRSP Withholding Tax
  759. Medical claims and taxes
  760. Paying property tax with a credit card?
  761. Income tax filing cost (scenario provided)
  762. TFSA re-contribution question
  763. RRSP Loan, anything better than CIBC offer at 2.7% for 1 year?
  764. rbc visa collections
  765. Tangerine Reviews
  766. Paperless Statement on CCs Default is NO Email Alert
  767. why there is a WWW TRANSFER on my account
  768. Purchasing a USD prepaid credit card for one-time use
  769. Deposit cheque with joint name without joint account?
  770. Question Regarding Basic Income Tax
  771. US Tax Online Filing Program
  772. reverse mortgage to invest
  773. Best free credit card in Canada Jan. 2016
  774. Consumer Proposal Question
  775. Deactivating an old credit card
  776. The EQ Bank Savings Account thread (2.25% starting April 18th)
  777. CIBC account fee changes effective April 1 2016
  778. Bank or Financial Advisor
  779. Tax Question - Online Tutoring
  780. Credit Card - cashback vs travel points
  781. interest income- High interest savings account
  782. Looking to open a new cheque/saving account
  783. New Card to Replace TD Rebate Rewards VISA
  784. TFSA versus RRSP: an important omission revealed…
  785. Common in law or not?
  786. Currency transfer skimming, or commission with retail banks?
  787. Does cibc have "My alert" for deposit? thx
  788. Owning real estate a good way to "hide your money" from acquaintences?
  789. TD Aeroplan infinite Visa - sign up bonus question
  790. TD Mobile Deposits not working?
  791. Best Buy Gift Cards disappearing?
  792. How to remove debtor from equifax collection's section
  793. I got married recently.What should I do?
  794. Auto + Home Insurance, any suggestions please?
  795. Moving money online: Is pulling always better than pushing?
  796. RBC U.S. High Interest eSavings use in USA?
  797. What would you do in this case? CRA showing wrong TFSA info.
  798. EQ Bank - 3.00% HISA
  799. Inherited money
  800. Do I need to Report taxes
  801. President Choice prepaid Mastercard
  802. Has anyone have any problems with Peoples Trust?
  803. Credit Card du Jour
  804. Credit cards that show authorizations immediately
  805. Canada Revenue Agency doesn't use Interac e-Transfer !!
  806. Any credit card that does not charge international transaction fees?
  807. Studio Tax - How to enter disability tax credit for dependents
  808. How much credit card rewards did you earn in 2015?
  809. Line Of Credit
  810. Where will you put your RRSP tax refund?
  811. EQ Bank Interest
  812. Costco MasterCard, getting calls about balance transfer...
  813. why did my income tax increase without any change in income?
  814. RRSP to Spousal RRSP
  815. What is the prime rate?
  816. Renewing my Natural gas and Electricity contract. Please help me.
  817. Credit Cards that offer free first checked in baggage?
  818. Down payment for car on credit card ?
  819. Can I finance two vehicles?
  820. Costco Mastercard Rewards Program = Scam
  821. Running a business from home; worth it to expense things?
  822. Least expensive place to order cheques for small business
  823. What personal finance software to use instead of MS Money?
  824. Thinking about opening of opening an RRSP account
  825. Question about transferring between PC and CIBC
  826. Small Business - Automobile Write Off - Finance vs. Leasing
  827. Interest Rate of Loan for Family Friend (Help)
  828. How fast (or how long) does it take to rebuild your credit score?
  829. investing in stock market vs. real estate?
  830. Preapproved Visa Card Offer
  831. EI benefits after contract work?
  832. Question about moving investments around in TFSA
  833. What's the best way to profit from a recovering oil price?
  834. Cancel TD Aeroplan CC will points remain?
  835. currency exchange fee for tax deduction
  836. TD bank clerk gave me a wrong account number
  837. 9% Fixed Interest Every Year
  838. FICO® Scores Estimator
  839. Dealer financing or heloc
  840. Deposit $1000 in bank
  841. PCF online banking error
  842. Currency Exchange with XE
  843. LPT: Activate your TD Visa using phone number on back of card
  844. delete
  845. What is the smartest way to deal with USD received by Paypal?
  846. Is it possible to negotiate interest for National Student Loan? If yes, how?
  847. Tangerine RSP Loan Offer
  848. CRA wants proof I paid taxes in US, US has NO notice of assessment
  849. Question - Received CIBC CC Offer
  850. Tfsa question
  851. Best TFSA Interest Rate....Lowest TFSA transfer out fee
  852. Financing car - moving provinces?
  853. Different signatures at banks? (BMO)
  854. How to deal with collections?
  855. Wire Transfer - Error Code 57A
  856. What are my options? :facepalm:
  857. Tax credit on $ donations made by companies
  858. LOC - cash advance interest question
  859. Moody's warns on Scotiabank's credit rating due to credit card and auto loan push
  860. Warning, or highlighting of how it works, on PC MC low interest balance transfer
  861. Are Credit History International?
  862. Paypal buying with $US-$CAD question
  863. Prepaying Auto or House Insurance with CC
  864. Work Pension Plan
  865. Identity Theft - Information stolen
  866. cleaning franchise royalty fee is tax deductable??
  867. Any tax experts? Medical expense tax credit calculation
  868. Non Refundable Deposit for a University Program, is it tax deductible?
  869. TD Aeroplan Visa Infinite Promotion
  870. Does anyone know how interest calculated on CC's balance?
  871. Has anyone tried EQ Bank saving account?
  872. RRSP Loan on Credit File?
  873. ATB Promo
  874. income tax return
  875. Question about filing taxes when separated?
  876. "So I moved some money around, and saved you $1500"!!!
  877. Ontario contractor providing services in BC. What taxes to collect? HST? GST?
  878. Personal loan/LOC question
  879. Question regarding retirement expenditures
  880. Exchanging CAD to USD for trip
  881. how can I get HST registration number for newly registered company?
  882. Where to exchange lots of USD into CAD?
  883. Is your amazon visa card compromised?
  884. Review your investments at CIBC and get a $50 gift card
  885. Cra dr
  886. Credit card activation pending, mortgage might be needed
  887. Advice - Withdrawing Foreign Cash in Hong Kong
  888. Advice needed to increase credit score
  889. So what is mostly affecting our $?
  890. How do I know if I have free cheques or not?
  891. Preferred RRSP bank?
  892. CDIC insurance per bank question.
  893. Are $100 bills accepted at most stores?
  894. Travel Insurance: Capital One verus Amex versus buying from Travel Agent
  895. Options for pension upon job termination
  896. Can deposit post dated cheques with bank early?
  897. Yesterday's news where bank of canada did not change interest rates
  898. PC Financial banking issue need advice...
  899. Ordering from outside your province to save provincial sales tax?
  900. Moving money from Tangerine TFSA Savings ACCT question
  901. What is "short rate cancellation" for an insurance policy?
  902. Stop Payment Money Reversal
  903. Chase Marriott cc retention offer?
  904. I took the Defined Benefit pension, was it a mistake?
  905. what to do with $39.8k?
  906. Stock Options - Canadian company / US subsidiary
  907. Chances of getting approved for a student LOC + auto LOC?
  908. Millennials Not Knowing Enough About RRSP's
  909. New fees on RESP - Questrade
  910. HomeTrust Giant Tiger Rewards VISA ?% on purchases
  911. Defined Pension Plan - Filing income tax
  912. Tangerine - Suspicious / Phishing Emails about Account Suspension
  913. Adding to same RESP Account
  914. Homebuyer's Plan + Pre-Construction
  915. Tax Question: Transfer Personal Assets to Sole-Proprietorship Business; GST/HST
  916. CIBC dividend visa now offering 2% cash back on groceries
  917. Any Tax Expert here?
  918. PCF Website Error
  919. FICO score required for Credit or RSP Loans
  920. "Student" record in credit profile
  921. Tax Return - Unused tuition, textbooks credits (Federal & Provincial)
  922. CIBC pulling hard inquiries
  923. Is Tangerine BSing me about Chequing Account designation ? Joint to Single ?
  924. Which bank have the lowest Foreign Exchange fee?
  925. Pay off student loan or hold funds to invest later?
  926. delete
  927. New Desjardins World Mastercard
  928. How would you approach a LOC @ $1800?
  929. Credit Check- Declined
  930. Possible to link a CIBC account into PC online banking?
  931. How is OT calulated on a Stat day?
  932. POLL: Do you collect TTC Metropass Cards?
  933. Declined with Capital One
  934. Desjardins new Cash Back World MASTERCARD
  935. Using up small left over amounts from gift credit cards.
  936. Strange things with latest paycheck
  937. Best rate/service/experience HELOC
  938. Life Insurance thoughts
  939. Saving money
  940. GICs under a Central Bank negative interest rate?
  941. What to exchange TDRewards
  942. Lowering interest rates to stimulate the economy: how does that work?
  943. BMO: Invest and get a $200 bonus
  944. Please suggest a credit card - Visa/MC
  945. Warning about promotional offer interest rates on savings accounts.
  946. TD Canada Trust increasing account fees on March 1st 2016
  947. TD Borderless plan
  948. Best CC for retired folks that still offer bonus points/rewards fyf etc.
  949. Tangerine - Instead of linking to outside bank, emailing myself instead
  950. Anywhere (free) to deposit cash as part of my Chase Visa payment??
  951. Vacation Idea: Countries where the Canadian Dollar is still strong
  952. Did the interest rate hike expose something?
  953. Which credit cards to close?
  954. Lenders/Banks that allow Multiple Lump Sum Mortgage Payments
  955. Walmart MC: Paper billing and online balance
  956. Loan: Bank or Dealer
  957. Capital Gains and Losses question.
  958. Link external account to RBC ?
  959. Linking that cheque without a smartphone? (RDC)
  960. Mastercard "Luxury Card" Platinum, Black, Gold
  961. EQ Bank 3% saving account
  962. Paying back NSLSC (National Student Loans)
  963. Missed a mortgage payment, what can I expect for my credit score?
  964. How much is Employer Pension Plan worth?
  965. TFSA Contribution Room: With or without previous interest?
  966. Interest deductible or not?
  967. Tax on Free meal
  968. Can I hold a TFSA for myself and my wife under the same account?
  969. Cash Money
  970. Tenant - Security Deposit Came back NSF
  971. Will Scotia back & protect Tangerine, if Tangerine goes under ?
  972. direct investing TFSA
  973. Advice - What to do with severance?
  974. Tax question
  975. Tangerine linking to RBC accounts - Charges from RBC?
  976. Strange TFSA Contribution Question
  977. Does anyone use a Budgeting App?
  978. Pension money - what should I do
  979. Exchanging CDN to US$ - where and how to store
  980. PCF promotion 2.6% Oct 1 to Dec 31, 2015
  981. To RRSP or not to RRSP?
  982. TD potential New Fees starting march 1
  983. Zenbanx: 1 % interest on US$ deposits
  984. Finance management software
  985. Would you exchange US$ to CAD$ now? or wait longer?
  986. Td 75.00 transfer fee
  987. Leaving a company. What should I do with my DC pension plan balance?
  988. How many credit card should one have maximum?
  989. UCCB - put $$ aside to pay for taxes?
  990. Why do people here dislike bragging so much?
  991. CAD under 70 cents USD
  992. Please delete
  993. Prepaid Credit Card with Paypal
  994. Is this too much for my home insurance? (QC)
  995. Desjardins actually has a much better card now
  996. CIBC increasing minimum balance requirements and fees starting April, 2016
  997. Manulife Bank- 3% till May 31/2016
  998. Mogo.ca
  999. Tax Question: Previous tenants claiming their rent
  1000. TD EasyWeb / TD Waterhouse (Web Broker) Websites Down?