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  1. FINTRAC Has Fined a Canadian Bank
  2. MBNA Rewards World Elite MC: New card design!! (04/2016)
  3. Jerry's List of Credit Cards with $200+ Welcome bonus/Aeroplan & AMEX Churning FAQ
  4. The future of HSBC in Canada
  5. Prepaid Credit Cards (Continuously Updated)
  6. Is it worth it to get a Gold AMEX card?
  7. Question about raising the minimum wage
  8. US bank account and credit card for Canadians
  9. Questions about Prepaid Credit Cards
  10. Best cash back or rewards US soil credit card for Paypal purchases?
  11. Transferring Funds From Another Bank Account
  12. Borrowell and Equifax Canada Partner To Provide Canadians Free Access to Credit Score
  13. RFD collector and numismatic Coins discussion thread
  14. Moving US$ from Canada to the US
  15. $22,000 dollar line of credit
  16. Chase Marriott Visa, FYF,50 K points+1 free night,no foreign transaction fee,
  17. The RFD Gold & Silver Coins/Bullion/Precious metals thread
  18. How to Invest Wedding Cash (for house)
  19. Ask me about Credit Scores
  20. ONT ONLY - microFIT solar panel program: 10-14% return for 20 yrs * FAT LADY HAS SUNG
  21. Anyone seeing delays with TransUnion tradeline updates?
  22. The Official RFD MBNA 0%/12 Months Thread
  23. Best way to recieve small pension payments in foreign currency (Korean Won)
  24. Cancelling a Life Insurance Policy
  25. PC financial NEW world elite master card, 3X points .
  26. Which card for EURO purchases?
  27. Amber Financial, yet another online based lender.
  28. How to deal with your deadbeat family member?
  29. Arrggh. CRA review. They want copies all the cancelled cheques for child care expenses for 2015.
  30. Rogers Platinum MC (1.75% CB, 4% Foreign CB, FYF)
  31. Tangerine 3 months 2% Expiring - any new offer
  32. Analyst is predicting crash that could cut home prices in half
  33. Why do you bank hop for interest instead of buying bonds?
  34. What to pick from limited choices
  35. AC Conversion Card CIBC
  36. Ottawa to impose new carbon tax for all provinces
  37. Pay Your Bills Online Using CANADIAN TIRE MASTER CARD & Earn Cash Back/CT $$$ !!!
  38. PC financial direct deposit time?
  39. [Merged] Scotia Momentum VISA Infinite-4% Gas/Groceries; 2% Drug Store
  40. I'm a Canada Pension Plan (CPP) expert. Any questions?
  41. How much does the "average" person have in savings at age 23?
  42. NEW Scotia American Express cards (20k bonus points upon approval)
  43. MintChip: Canada Finally Launches Its Own version of Paypal
  44. Amex Platinum / Priority Pass Lounge Access
  45. The EQ Bank Savings Account thread (2.00% starting 08/25, no more BDAY Bonus)
  46. Why would the bank offer me $50?
  47. have money sitting around doing nothing
  48. Stating Net Worth on Applications
  49. Thinking of getting a new credit card
  50. China/Canada Extradition treaty, goodbye to corruption money in Canada?
  51. Tangerine - Free copy of The Wealthy Barber Returns
  52. OSAP - Negotiating Lower Interest Rate
  53. [Plastiq] Pay any bill with credit card for 0%-2.5% fee
  54. CPP Expanded!
  55. Apple Pay has arrived in Canada! (With RBC, CIBC, TD, BMO, Scotiabank)
  56. Which credit cards in Canada support offline payments?
  57. Average Canadian debt to income is 168%, what's yours?
  58. BMO World Elite Mastercard - 30K Promo ($300 Travel) Sign Up Bonus
  59. 2.25% until Dec 31st promotional rate with PC Financial
  60. Canada's household debt just passed its GDP!
  61. Credit card for poor credit
  62. Canadian SPG Amex * 20,000 pts for new (accepted) applications UNITL SEPT 25
  63. Royal Bank Credit Card application
  64. WestJet RBC World Elite MasterCard
  65. Is it worthwhile to obtain an ITIN (US taxpayer number)?
  66. BMO World Elite Airmiles Mastercard - 3000 AM signup bonus!
  67. is it possible to change credit cards due/billing date?
  68. credit score
  69. RBC HELOC as chequing account?
  70. Tangerine Money-Back MC (4% CB on selected categories - 3 months)
  72. AMEX Gold Credit Card with 2% Cash Back - It was the best CC while it lasted
  73. [Merged] New Chase Visa from Amazon
  74. Do closed accounts count in Average Age Of Account ?
  75. Videotron on equifax
  76. HELOC vs Financing
  77. Good or bad idea to let gf and son live in my home
  78. Cheap/free bank account just to get money out of PayPal
  79. Balance Transfer
  80. What to do with cash....
  81. Balance transferring credit card
  82. Will I owe 50% of all I've got if I leave my GF?
  83. Where can I get a loan/LoC if I have bad credit?
  84. Average Canadian Debt - Part II
  85. RBC Cheque
  86. Amex to announce new card: The SimplyCash Card
  87. Axess Law - Anyone use them yet? - $99 Wills
  88. bank account safety
  89. Credit Scores Approved and Denied Credit cards
  90. Financial help for my parents
  91. CIBC replacing Dividend One MasterCard (formerly Citi Enrich) with Dividend Visa
  92. Tangerine vs MBNA vs AMEX
  93. Life Insurance Q&A - w/ FAQ Section
  94. Basic Will - Toronto Area
  95. Meridian Crediti Union - 1% bonus on transfers up to $500 bonus
  96. HELP: Unemployed with $10000 debt
  97. Home based business -any advise?
  98. 7 Signs of a U.S. Economic Collapse in 2016
  99. What should I do with $10,000 (come the end of the year?)
  100. COLLECTIONS AND COLLECTION AGENTS: Ask me anything! (Official RFD Thread)
  101. Financial Planning Course
  102. Capital One Aspire TRAVEL World Elite MC - 40,000 ($400) Mile Welcome bonus LIVE
  103. AMEX Air Miles Platinum - 2000 Air Miles, 1st Year Free
  104. Desjardins new Cash Back World MASTERCARD
  105. RBC Online Banking Website Redesign coming January 2016
  106. Best rewards or cash back US credit cards for Canadians?
  107. Common Law + Benefits in BC
  108. Questions for those with TD Aeroplan Visa
  109. Did you know the FBI has outsourced to the Philippines?
  110. Paycheck Lost, Someone found it and Cashed it in. ***Please Help***
  111. Am I just imagining or was the TSX used to be called the TSE in the past? NO reference to the name change on the WWW
  112. Debt to income ratio
  113. Best Cash Back Credit Card for Business???
  114. EMT email addess change
  115. Credit score not the same for all viewers
  116. Holborn Assets Ltd.
  117. Wallmart credit card
  118. MBNA? Or Canadian Tire?
  119. defer bonus to 2017 - best course of action - help me please
  120. Block future transaction charge from credit card?
  121. MBNA Trueline CC
  122. Question about being out of the country more then 6 months..
  123. should I be buying for extra health/dental coverage?
  124. Newbie Please help with Airline Card!!
  125. Alterna Bank High Interest eSavings Account
  126. Travel Reward CC recomendations
  127. Credit Card Interest
  128. Best aeroplan credit card?
  129. How to check value of old coin?
  130. Pre-Authorized Payment Lag
  131. HSBC - Get $10 for paying two bills on different days (?)
  132. O9 removal from credit report?
  133. no more mortgage-now LOC-MBNA MasterCard for rest?
  134. Car Loan Brokers? Where to get the best price?
  135. Questionable MBNA security
  136. CRA Going after people to flipped houses in BC and ON
  137. Advice on paying these loans off
  138. Credit Score Question
  139. Help me understand company RRSP
  140. Phone Order - Dispute Over Verbally Agreed Price (Chargeback?)
  141. Debt collection - ARO
  142. Lifetime wealth academy Scott Mcgillivray
  143. how much to budget for electricity and water
  144. Creating a home business for tax purposes?
  145. Rent
  146. Charles Schwab (US) Remote Deposit in Canada?
  147. Would attempting to negotiate payout on LOC with bank possible?
  148. BMO Plan and Service changes - December 1, 2016
  149. Secured line of credit payment as business expense
  150. Car Loan Question - Buy Car First
  151. A list of merchants who accept AMEX in Canada
  152. Anyone with experience with Knowledge First Financial - RESP??
  153. not buying health and dental insurance...Am I taking big risk?
  154. How to set up a username for Scotiabank online banking
  155. The Official RFD thread for Savings Accounts! (Updated: 08/27/2016)
  156. Is EQ bank the best alternative to tangerine for high interest rate savings?
  157. Door-to-door canvasser
  158. Unlimited chequing account with no fee, no minimum balance but has branches?
  159. TransferWise = TransferLies
  160. Paypal problem
  161. TD All Inclusive Account (Formerly Select Service)
  162. New bank....which one ?
  163. Foreign Exchange - anyone use Knightsbridge?
  164. Is there any point to keep the TD saving account?
  165. NBC World Elite Changes
  166. Unusual RESP Question
  167. HSBC Premier
  168. Avion/American Express/Other partners to Aeroplan/BA/AA point transfer promo history
  169. platinum amex worth it?
  170. Mobile deposit and bank draft
  171. 2.5% DUCA credit union (GTA)
  172. Credit unions in MB
  173. Anybody having problems with BMO Online?
  174. Where to sell gold in Calgary?
  175. Any other bank like PC Financial with no fees?
  176. Which Bank is Least Dependent on (Home) Branch?
  177. REPOST- DELETE PLEASE PC FINANCIAL 2.25% interest until December 31, 2016
  178. Money Wire from Germany never arrived
  179. Tipping % vs Fixed $
  180. transferring credit history from Equifax and Transunion to their US counterparts?
  181. How to: verify Equifax/Transunion info
  182. How much do you have to spend each month with survival only spending?
  183. tangerine data lost?
  184. Does TD Waterhouse have $50 fee for RESP?
  185. Tax time! I'm a public accountant, so ask me, I'll try to respond frequently
  186. Can bank tell the difference between automatic PAD and one-time PAD
  187. Feedback needed - negotiating with CRA
  188. Almost debt free!
  189. Bank Account I could Create Without Going In Brach
  190. Child Care Benefit Income Question
  191. Bringing money from China
  192. 2.30% until Dec 31st promotional rate with La Capitale [QC only]
  193. Quick Question: Fraud + Debt Collection
  194. Capital One cancelling IHG Rewards Card
  195. Buying a car.. finance or pay it outright
  196. How does a death of a beneficary affect RRSP/TFSA?
  197. Is Questrade account linking working for anyone using
  198. Daily bill payment limit?
  199. Help with choosing a good MC for student
  200. Best Cashback Credit Card with No Annual Fee
  201. MBNA Smart Cash MC: New card design!
  202. HOW TO: Withdrawing USD from a PayPal Account (Avoid CAD conversion!)
  203. BC MSP, 19 year old student, continued enrollment as dependent versus premium assistance?
  204. PC Financial til Dec 31: 2.25%!!!
  205. Which Mortgage Lender Pulls Which Credit Bureau
  206. CIBC canceling Mastercard?
  207. Visa Infinite Privilege - Security "fast-track lanes"
  208. Legal shield for wills
  209. Cashing or depositing a cheque in US funds?
  210. What did you use your 0% BT on?
  211. How likely is TD to cover our brokerage transfer fees?
  212. Credit for travel/Cashback
  213. Federal student grants increasing by $1.5B over next 5 years
  214. Street Capital lender feedback
  215. Debt Help
  216. Ways to automate banking?
  217. Taxes on foreign income with tax Treaty
  218. Moved to Ann Arbor, Michigan. Advice on free banking. Tangerine US account?
  219. Can we pay a US credit card from a US$ Canadian bank account?
  220. Cannot add Rewards VISA to TD Bank Easyweb bank account
  221. Best way to exchange CAD to USD with the best rate
  222. President's Choice Financial Customer Service getting worse?
  223. Getting back the amount paid for credit union membership shares
  224. 2.25% promotional rate - Desjardins
  225. Automated Fund Transfer Actually Works
  226. HSBC CRA bill payment question
  227. Seeking advice: Bank switch from CIBC to Tangerine
  228. Best Short Term Interest Rate
  229. Financial situation for a senior
  230. Best international money transfer website? I.E transferwise, XE, OANDA
  231. Capital One and IHG to offer Priority Club rewards credit card in Canada
  232. BMO World Elite Airmiles Mastercard - Question about Air Miles Account
  233. Going to Europe..what's the best credit card for no foreign transaction fee?
  234. Is it a good deal to sell my aeroplan points @1.5 cent a point?
  235. Scotiabank Closed My Sears Mastercard With No Reason!
  236. SCENE Visa linking problems
  237. Pre-Approved for line of credit
  238. Credit score decrease, help please
  239. 0% time-limited balance transfers
  240. Free instant Transfer of USD from BMO Harris N.A. US to Canadian USD Account
  241. Having my cash back balance applied early (RBC)
  242. Which is the most advatageous card to get?
  243. Cash out of your Driver's Edge Rewards without Purchasing or Leasing a car
  244. Offer from TD Aeroplan - is there a better deal out there?
  245. Cra Tfsa contribution limit
  246. Buying Bitcoin Online in Canada
  247. Can i do this with LOC?
  248. [POLL] How many credit cards do you carry on a daily basis?
  249. Husband's debit card got skimmed- how good is TD in dealing?
  250. 2014 Tax Return
  251. Best way to pay off credit card debt?
  252. Transfering USD from RBC USD Savings Account to TD Waterhouse
  253. Two Quick RESP Questions
  254. Targetted by Collections Agency for debt that doesn't exist
  255. I may have a loan that I do not know about
  256. Selling home- can it be listed on MLS with one owner deceased?
  257. Keeping a (annual-fee base) credit card just for the extended warranty?
  258. Tangerine/Scotiabank abm max cash deposit?
  259. unlock a LIRA
  260. Leaving Canada. Do I need to hire a cross border tax specialist?
  261. List of creditors/lenders that pull/inquire from Equifax & TransUnion. Update!
  262. Please share your Unsecured Line of Credit interest rates and lenders
  263. Progressive Tax System Canada - Example
  264. Question about student Line of Credit
  265. 300 GB/mo @ $50 enough for two people?
  266. building credit with car payments.
  267. MBNA Best Western MC, points transfer?
  268. Walmart cashiers pushing the Walmart Mastercard
  269. Scotiabank Apple PAy
  270. Can adult children be liable with CRA
  271. Credit check by TD ??? Overdraft protection??
  272. Toronto's lost in debt Generation
  273. CIBC Tim Hortons Double Double Visa - Card Not Embossed?
  274. Does a business credit card affect my personal credit score?
  275. TD bank unjustly froze funds in account from email transfer..what process can be taken to escalate the matter?
  276. Credit score increase
  277. Canada Child Tax Benefit - Extra money
  278. Question about taxes (Ontario)
  279. Any news about BMO Mastercard Debit coming June 1st?
  280. Which Credit Cards business or personal Show pending transactions
  281. Tax Question regarding Health Expenses
  282. TD retiring coin counters
  283. Getting 407 bill reimbursed by employer
  284. Scotiabank Rant seeking advice
  285. Which bank's LOC account can be best used as a free chequing account?
  286. How is b2b bank
  287. Best guarantee return to park $500k for half year
  288. Question regarding debt collector
  289. How to get credit score above 800?
  290. Where Can I get rolls of Toonies ? Will Bank charge me for it ?
  291. Credit Card travel insurance when travelling within Europe
  292. Tangerine is down?
  293. HOOPP vs OMERS
  294. Wealth Simple reviews
  295. Would I get 2% from MBNA on paypal payment?
  296. Royal Credit Line Offer - Is this a good deal?
  297. People who defaulted on OSAP...
  298. PayPal Withdrawal/Deposit Times
  299. If I applied for OSAP, does it mean I cannot make a regular credit card?
  300. Any downside to accepting line of credit offer?
  301. Fido MasterCard - 4% of purchases made in a foreign currency, 1.5% on everything els
  302. AMEX Cards - getting a rebate on the annual fee
  303. Credit Card - Easiest qualification - Which issuer?
  304. what to do with DCPP
  305. TD mobile cheque deposit
  306. Has anyone used Meridex for currency conversion?
  307. TD login + MBNA CC
  308. Moving 40k to American sibling
  309. Transfer out of Heritage RESP
  310. Pension as part of net worth
  311. Taxation on investments vs death benefits
  312. cibc or Bmo which is better?
  313. CreditKarma coming to Canada soon
  314. Credit card price protection
  315. Closing accounts (credit cards and banking)
  316. How Long Does It Take TD to Post a Refund?
  317. Scotiabank Branch Rep
  318. BMO Banking Officer Messed Up
  319. Cheapest institution to send E-transfers from?
  320. Cheapest safety deposit box in Canada?
  321. Is BMO ever going to have mobile cheque deposits?
  322. $8000 after tax
  323. Closing TD Chequing Account
  324. $300 Bank promo & Tangerine PAD double bounus question
  325. Newbie Investment Questions
  326. Question about Bridge Financing
  327. Credit card decision tree / choose your own adventure
  328. Td Webbroker Now charging Quarterly Fee's
  329. Withdrawing RRSP now or later (non-resident)
  330. Need help with opening a bank account
  331. Need Advice On Balance Transfer.
  332. Why Don't More Banks Offer Security Alerts?
  333. Paypal and Foreign Currency
  334. What is the best way to digitize my wallet?
  335. Canada Student Loans Program Privacy Breach (OSAP borrowers)
  336. Royal Bank Credit Line
  337. CRA send me a interact transfer
  338. Vacation Paid out
  339. Good time to open bank account for promo?
  340. How does student tax credit work?
  341. My bank performed a hard inquiry. I did not request credit or consent to any inquiry.
  342. Can you pay rent with your credit card?
  343. Guaranteed 4.6%-5% for Life
  344. Merging RRSPs
  345. Free/cheapest way to send money to US friend?
  346. RBC banking and fees question
  347. Can't order Equifax report through phone
  348. Survey for Frequent TTC Riders using Presto: Are you noticing any savings?
  349. PAD question for qualifying bank promo
  350. TD First Class vs CIBC Aventura Travel Cards - Opinions based on experience
  351. Sending a credit card payment to yourself through Paypal?
  352. First NSF - my experience with Tangerine and MBNA
  353. Budget expense categories
  354. Fido Mastercard: 1.5% CB and 4% Foreign transaction, No annual Fee
  355. What's your pick ONLY out of the Big 5
  356. What's involved in adding my name to house ownership?
  357. Want to close my bank account+CC, need advice
  358. Credit card - phantom e-mail alert.
  359. Pretty disappointed with BMO
  360. Gas Stations that sell the best retail gift cards?
  361. Tangerine and wire transfers - what are my options?
  362. Where will $50,000 get me the highest return in a few months?
  363. Spending 6.5k for braces next week. What options to save more?
  364. Remove late payment from credit score
  365. Shipping across the border to Ebay buyers
  366. Can you opt out of your workplace insurance?
  367. Best way to convert CAD to USD?
  368. Achieva Financial Official Thread - $50 Referral + $1 Cash Back for Paperless!
  369. Hoopp experts advice pls
  370. Tangerine Apple Pay is here! Now Available for Money Back Mastercard!
  371. Scotia Alerts Error Message for Credit Card Only Customers
  372. Switching banks. How can I transfer over my pre-authorized payments?
  373. Do you actually use your credit card benefits?
  374. Setting up TD Borderless USD Account with XE Trade
  375. The seemingly hopeless cause of rebuilding credit
  376. Gis Benefits
  377. credit report equifax change
  378. Stock certificates
  379. Credit Card chargebacks - worst and best customer experience
  380. Credit Card chargebacks - best and worst customer experience
  381. RBC Credit Card Fee Rebate?
  382. Plastc Card - up to 20 cards in one
  383. Can someone explain what the different kinds of accountants there are ?
  384. Cash out and move from Vancouver to Coquitlam?
  385. Good starter credit cards to build credit?
  386. CIBC Credit Card Switch
  387. OSAP Loan transferred to NCO collections agency
  388. Canada Savings Bonds Calculator
  389. profit in a tfsa
  390. Consolidation Loan
  391. How much are you saving for retirement??
  392. Survey: How much money do you spend per day on food and drink?
  393. Options for BUSINESS bank account?
  394. Transferring >10k CAD to my Cdn bank via CurrencyFair
  395. How is annual fee charged switching between CIBC credit cards?
  396. Online purchase no credit card
  397. NSF despite having funds?
  398. EFT vs wiring
  399. For the first time, I think my CC has been compromised...
  400. Any Free USD Bank accounts?
  401. HSBC Investdirect asked me to close my account.
  402. Recommend Will and POA lawyer?
  403. Credi Card chargeback dispute denied
  404. CIBC - Credit Card Hold
  405. Opening HSBC bank account
  406. PayPal Deposits - What to do with them?
  407. There is someone with $2M in RESP!
  408. linking PC Financial with an account at an external bank - possible?
  409. How long can somebody live on own (Seniors/Retirement)
  410. Tutoring and taxes
  411. Tangerine link ... possible to move money from one external to another?
  412. Tangerine Web Security
  413. HELOC Fees
  414. Capital One Aspire CASH Mastercard - World (Grandfathered) and Platinum
  415. Eating Out Costs to Income
  416. Scotiabank Credit Card: $75 reward and 4% cash back. Any downsides?
  417. personal LOC rates
  418. Account closed and they still access it
  419. cibc said that they is a problem with my equifax
  420. Will this come back to haunt me? What to do?
  421. Things to do when moving to US
  422. Pizza delivery people with two card terminals - suspicious?
  423. New Costco sponsored Capital One Platinum Mastercard
  424. Bank & Credit Union SIGN UP BONUS Thread
  425. Road Assistance, which is better
  426. Subleasing out a 1br in a 2br
  427. Rogers MasterCard
  428. HSBC Credit Scores
  429. Writing put options in a registered account
  430. Should I combine my RPPs from different jobs?
  431. Parental Leave For Business Owners or One That Works for Family Business
  432. CIBC, $300 New Smart Chequing account promotion (1st April to 30 June)
  433. Options for BUSINESS bank account?
  434. Options for BUSINESS bank account?
  435. Options for BUSINESS bank account?
  436. Options for BUSINESS bank account?
  437. CIBC Aventura rewards program
  438. Alternative form of Investment: Disney's Timeshare / Vacation Club?
  439. NYX Gaming (Mods, please move to Investing forum)
  440. Credit cards that cover car rental insurance
  441. PC Financial Apple Pay
  442. Auto Loan
  443. Bitcoin
  444. - use only for investments/credit cards?
  445. how do I claim capital loss from 2001?
  446. pc clears the check before doing money transfer
  447. Tangerine - Comment on Equifax CR
  448. Tangerine credit check for opening new account
  449. Choosing between the big 5 banks
  450. Business vs Personal Line of credit - Student
  451. Travel Rewards vs Cash Back? Which do you chose?
  452. Are there plans for Prepaid credit card support for apple pay
  453. Banking when married
  454. Am I in trouble?earning but can't save.
  455. Life long learning plan
  456. Call from Credit Bureau of Canada
  457. RRSP to RRIF
  458. Any banks offer good benefits to high value deposit?
  459. CIBC Credit Smart Alerts (Credit Bureau Monitoring)
  460. How to Transfer Ownership of Cemetery Burial Plot Cheaply
  461. Apple Pay now supports Tangerine & PC Financial
  462. Employer Health Spending Account and Group RRSP
  463. Working in Australia
  464. Tangerine looks to shake up Canadian retail banking, add one million new customers
  465. Need suggestions on best MC to sign up for
  466. Should I Cancel My Credit Card?
  467. [PC Financial] Prepaid MasterCard discontinuing Oct. 3
  468. Accidentally redeemed RSP
  469. Credit Card Debt
  470. Personal Finance / Budget App Question
  471. credit score
  472. about 8% return on RRSP money if u have kids
  473. Best credit card for new grad?
  474. National Bank Echo Cashback MasterCard
  475. Coordination of group insurance benefits
  476. Financing used car
  477. TD Interac e-Transfer fee changes effective July 1st 2016
  478. American Express Platinum 75,000 points offer vs. Visa Infinite First Class CC
  479. advice needed
  480. Rewards program: Esso Extra vs. Shell Airmiles
  481. Student looking for first credit card
  482. ScotiaBank Amex Gold Alerts
  483. RBC nabs the JD Power award from TD
  484. Lol What... TD MC PreApproves Me For Credit Increase.. Now Deny It?
  485. Credit Card - HomeD. vs CanadianT. Vs lowes?!
  486. Is MBNA Rewards World Elite still the best cash back credit card?
  487. Keep pension as is or transfer to (locked-in) RRSP?
  488. GCR Rebates
  489. Oaken doubles CDIC limits
  490. Is it worth paying tax bills with Amex via Plastiq
  491. Tangerine cheque photograph issue
  492. Tangerine "Pop Up" Cafe Now in Winnipeg
  493. Unlocking LIRA with low income, high assets
  494. Does card number change after a conversion?
  495. Mbna we
  496. Moving to America. What are my financial/tax implications? Other tips?
  497. Can bank employees look at your accounts to solicit potential investing business?
  498. Questrade -why is it so difficult to withdraw my money
  499. Question About Pension Buyback after Mat Leave
  500. Best buy gift card back ordered? Seriously? Esso extra
  501. Which credit card company takes best care of their customers?
  502. Do hold times with tangerine decrease over time?
  503. List of Lenders that pull Equifax, Transunion, or Both
  504. Drowning in Debt
  505. MBNA World Elite M/C forex rate = 0.4%?
  506. Can A Gov't Employee Lower Someone's Monthly Pension At Will?
  507. UGO Pay: Minchip equivalent with free loading by CC
  508. Accidentally withdrew from RRSP
  509. Do you always sign up for a credit card when you're offered a LoC increase?
  510. I was at a CIBC Digital Branch yesterday. Not impressed.
  511. Need Lawyer for "Certificate Independent Legal Advice" for Mortgage Refinance in GTA
  512. CITIBANK - Cash out before CIBC! (Driver's Edge)
  513. Should I open another credit card?
  514. Consumer Proposal question please help me
  515. Emergency Funds
  516. Possible to convert RBC Avion (Visa) to RBC Westjet (MC) ?
  517. Buy Cineplex cards at Grocery store then buy tickets through mobile... this work ?
  518. Impact to credit score of closing down 24-year old BMO credit card
  519. Canada Child Benefit amounts now available through CRA's My Account
  520. Trying to get someone to pay their small claims court judgment
  521. Cashing Personal cheques?
  522. Urgently need USD
  523. investing ideas
  524. Android Pay
  525. What are the downsides of PC Financial's 'no fee bank account?'
  526. Dealing with collection agency - CBV collection services
  527. When to cancel old credit cards?
  528. PCFinancial Account Nicknames
  529. Canada Child Benefit cheques are about to be mailed out, here’s what to do with yours
  530. Rent + Invest Strategy
  531. What happens after collection is paid off?
  532. Bank/CU that offers RECURRING Bill Payment through Online Banking
  533. EFT to another client, same bank
  534. How to save $3000 next year....share your top money savings tips
  535. MBNA Smartcash World to MBNA World Elite
  536. How to calculate lease payments by taking inflation into account?
  537. How to have the Credit card interest charge waived (just one statement)?
  538. Spousal RRSP
  539. Filling tax return
  540. In need of financial advice!
  541. Financial check in. Seeking advice from more knowledgeable people
  542. Has anyone applied for a business loan?
  543. Oaken Financial 30-day GIC 1.75% - Help Understanding
  544. Thoughts on contractor or vendor charging HST but not reporting income
  545. Zenbanx Transfers?
  546. Credit Card car rental insurance - any experiences filing claims for damage?
  547. Implicity Financial - 2% Savings Account!
  548. Lost $ on USD Refund to Credit Card
  549. Bringing money into Canada
  550. Hubert "Happy Savings" Account Official Thread
  551. Canada is one of the wealthiest countries in the world
  552. RIP: RBC Shoppers/Pharmaprix Optimum MasterCard
  553. Closed for Cause - Transunion/Equifax
  554. Withdraw all of your RESP the first year then use OSAP the following years?
  555. What is the Highest chequing account rate?
  556. Spending $3000 to get $100 back on the BMO World Elite Mastercard?
  557. Advice on DCPP (Defined Contribution Pension Plan)
  558. Bmo overdraft protection
  559. PSA: BC/AB/SK/QC grants for your RESP
  560. Supplementary card
  561. CSB or RRSP
  562. There was news that you can now get credit score for free without any purchase/trial?
  563. Tangerine 6 months 2% and 2.5% Expiring - any new offer
  564. T1135 Dilemma - what to do?
  565. BMO debit card with tap
  566. MasterCard gets its first new logo in 20 years
  567. Where to store Will and POAs?
  568. Optimizing the timing of the payment of medical expenses - interesting dilemma
  569. Little credit history: what credit card to apply for?
  570. DINK [Dual Income No Kids]
  571. Capital One down for some people?
  572. Trillium Drug plan and old parents living in my house
  573. Ontario Resident working for Quebec company
  574. Canadian tire options mastercard
  575. Amex Gold account temporarily suspended?
  576. Solar coops - bonds and preferred shares worth buying?
  577. Where to open a new joint bank account
  578. Financing a 9 year old car?
  579. When will DBPP holders realize they are no longer sustainable??
  580. Where to exchange lots of USD into CAD?
  581. Minimum qualifications for a mortgage
  582. Cash back US soil credit credit card for Canadians with no annual fee?
  583. Best credit card for $50k purchase
  584. Making money online. But HOW?
  585. Best bank for someone away from Canada? (Best app/site/online services/account plans)
  586. Easy approval for a BMO MC World Elite Travel without $70K Minimum Income
  587. Beware of TD Canada Trust RESP
  588. How much cash do you keep on hand?
  589. Optimizing a car purchase
  590. Double down on mortgage payment or TFSA (mutual funds)?
  591. CIBC suddenly decreased my LOC limit.. is this even legal?
  592. have 20k, what to do?
  593. Lending money to friend
  594. Canadian Bank Account and Credit Card for US Residents
  595. Making a will & last testament / cheap way?
  596. Optimization of TD points on ExpediaforTD
  597. Wire-Transfers online?
  598. How Do Credit Card Gift Cards Work?
  599. List of Cashback Credit Cards
  600. CRA Audit 2016
  601. Credit Card that covers car insurance
  602. Best way to take US $ in Asia Countries
  603. How to keep track on all online bills?
  604. Tangerine Reviews
  605. Receipts- What do you do with them? How do you store them / back them up?
  606. What's a "Disputed Account" on a Credit File?
  607. RRSPs heavily taxed when retiring - what to do instead?
  608. Credit History with same CC company carried on if you cancel your oldest CC with them
  609. RBC Secured Credit Card
  610. Luminus Financial : 3.5 % Savings Account Rate - Insured.
  611. New Canadian Tire Options MasterCard?
  612. Sunil tulsiani and private investment club?
  613. Is the Costco executive membership worth it?
  614. Interac EMT is now FREE for all RBC personal chequing accounts
  615. Which cards should I cancel
  616. Do any no fee accounts come with Visa Debit?
  617. What is the best way to invest half a million?
  618. Help : Mispost Payments
  619. What's the best way to buy pure Gold?
  620. does transunion mask information on their credit reports?
  621. What Are Your Total Expenses Every Month???
  622. Over paid CC, transfer to Chq considered cash advance?
  623. Credit Card for a refugee
  624. Disability Insurance
  625. Using TD line of credit like chequing account?
  626. Oaken Financial...WTF ???
  627. CIBC Secured Credit Card
  628. RRSP and GIS
  629. Cash back credit card debate
  630. Besides at one of the banks, where to buy GBP (Sterling) at the retail level?
  631. Loan vs Line of Credit (PC Financial rates)
  632. CIBC 0% balance transfer 6 month offer
  633. Great Canadian Rebates or similar payouts
  634. Gift cards purchased with PayPal promo
  635. National Bank MasterCard - don't travel alone with it
  636. CIBC line of Credit Should I apply?
  637. Credit counselling service
  638. PC Financial - Daily Transfer Out Limit for EFT ?
  639. Buying online to avoid provincial sales taxes?
  640. non-government student loan repayment if returning to school
  641. How to close CIBC chequing account?
  642. CRA Audit/ Tax Issue
  643. Methods to do Direct Deposit
  644. Will new hires have enough benefits for Retirement?
  645. Accidentally paid wrong credit card
  646. National Bank MasterCard - don't travel alone with it
  647. CRA Audit
  648. National Bank World Elite MC - worth it?
  649. Term Life Insurance - Provider
  650. It's time to withdraw from my daughter's RESP, I have a few questions...
  651. Homestay income: Is it taxable?
  652. Moving from Toronto/ON to Montreal/QC considerations?
  653. Collections Question
  654. how can i get free Cheques with CIBC?
  655. TD ATM Cash Deposit - Audited incorrectly - $350 instead of $3,500
  656. Can I live off $35K a year?
  657. "So I moved some money around, and saved you $1500"!!!
  658. Oaken Financial Dropping Rates Next Week...
  659. Chase just told me that chargebacks are discretionary. What?
  660. Why cibc not update/debit their systems/account with the monthly fees on the 1st of
  661. Fico revenue score
  662. Recently moved to Canada looking for bank account recommendations
  663. Aerogold Visa for Business - First year free, 20k aeroplan points & AC benefits
  664. cancelling amex gold through AMEX telephone system?
  665. Credit card minimum income requirements
  666. Where would you park $500,000 for 4 - 6 months?
  667. Way more than CDIC limit in Tangerine - Should I care ?
  668. Faulty bank ATM swallowed my credit card
  669. Moving to Online banking
  670. Wrong EFT setup to my checking account from a Goodlife Fitness member (not me)
  671. Credit approved with a collection acct??
  672. How long is the hold period on newly transferred funds at Oaken Financial
  673. Disappointing experience with Tangerine MasterCard
  674. Which USD account is best in Canada?
  675. Smith Manoeuvre Questions
  676. HELP!!! I have 2600 dream miles (AIR MILES) - cant find a single flight :(
  677. Too many credit card inquiry in short time
  678. Best GIC rates
  679. Meridian Credit Union : 90 days 3 % GIC - Offered at Select New Branches Only
  680. EI... Paternity leave and withdrawal from a RRSP?
  681. Wills and Estates: Probate
  682. What exactly can a non-registered financial planner do?
  683. Does average age of a credit card matter for your credit score? + AMEX question
  684. Capital One Mastercard Reporting?
  685. Best place to buy GBP?
  686. Are bank tellers trained to reject old coins?
  687. How much do banks care about your business?
  688. RBC *ALSO* making changes to their bank accounts (June 1st 2015)
  689. Way to avoid using Paypal Currency Conversion (for Chase no 2.5% exchange rate CCs)
  690. Can't buy US Dollars unless you have an account!
  691. Amex now shows temporary transactions
  692. Online wire transfer: Which bank?
  693. - Managing personal finances - Not much mention here
  694. Class Action in Canada about TD Coin Counting Machines
  695. Two main credit cards hacked
  696. The best cashback card right now
  697. New GM Card
  698. Should I open an Orange bank account or stay with big five?
  699. Zag Bank- 1.65% interest starting Jun 2/16
  700. Another situation of credit card fraud
  701. Car Loan Interest Rates
  702. RBC Rewards - Royal Credit Line (any experience?)
  703. Cheap overseas money transfer? -BMO
  704. US Costco Anywhere Visa by Citi
  705. Interchange currency exchange and where to get £ today
  706. is there a cost to have TFSA account with TD
  707. Pass avs/cvv verification with Gift Card
  708. Financing a used boat
  709. How to make money off of Brexit?
  710. Mastercard rewards and avios?
  711. Your highest Credit Card limit?
  712. Best way to secure my money?
  713. Should I buy Euros now?
  714. Realistically, how much legal trouble can I get into by stealing an estate?
  715. Help: Credit Card Debt
  716. Harder to dispute credit card charges?
  717. Online free Transunion credit report
  718. Costco Capital One Mastercard thoughts?
  719. Rbc customers line up to close their accounts
  720. Credit Card Reviews
  721. DC Pension when quitting
  722. question about immediate retirement
  723. Signature with a mark
  724. CIBC increasing minimum balance requirements and fees starting April, 2016
  725. Life Insurance Quotes
  726. Investing and saving money
  727. Desjardins Odyssey World Elite MasterCard
  728. Please give me some insights on increasing credit score
  729. Accepting And Spending USD Money Online
  730. No fee bank account in US for Canadians?
  731. Transfer Credit History to US?
  732. Blaine WA, US- no fee bank account for Canadians
  733. Brexit fall out on currency of sterling pound/euro against cdn dollar ?
  734. How will Britain's exit effect the Euro?
  735. Why is Canadian dollar tanking with pound
  736. Scotia Scene Visa vs Premium Cards
  737. How to carry money while visiting Japan?
  738. Receiving funds in PayPal - Will I be forced to claim during income tax?
  739. TD Bank US vs RB US
  740. Money Mart PROBLEM!!! HELP~!!
  741. good low-fee US bank with available branches/ABMs in the New York City area?
  742. Collections calling
  743. A friend buys a new car every 3 years (when the warranty runs out)
  744. Should I stay with Group RRSP Plan or Target Benefit Pension Plan?
  745. Bonus offers for switching between BMO World Elite Mastercards
  746. Bitgold - interesting new startup
  747. Cash access while traveling
  748. Probably targeted: AMEX 0% interest BT until March 1, 2017
  749. Ontario Pension Plan
  750. Credit Card Charges - Fraud WorldVentures
  751. AMEX MR Points
  752. Debt! What's my best solution?
  753. BNI Score
  754. USD Cheque Deposits to Tangerine?
  755. What is the actual CPP Benefit calculation formula?
  756. Does paying with Paypal affect any VISA benfits?
  757. Banks have seriously lost their minds!!
  758. The Official RFD TFSA thread for Savings Accounts! (Updated: 06/05/2016)
  759. Question about taxes - HST
  760. High Interest Business Saving Accounts-Any Suggestions?
  761. CRA or scammer?
  762. Finding your US credit score
  763. Using aeroplan points
  764. How to automatically pay CC balance end of month?
  765. Scotiabank to increase some Credit Cards fees
  766. What is the smartest way to deal with USD received by Paypal?
  767. Tax Credit calculation primary care giver / dependent/parents
  768. Good place to exchange CDN for USD? D/T Toronto (queen / spadina ish)
  769. Problem with Bell. Not really sure how to approach it.
  770. Missing 5 insurable hours to obtain EI...
  771. Should I enroll in the Healthcare of Ontario Pension Plan (HOOPP)?
  772. Confused by scoring variance on same trade reports from bureau to bureau
  773. Cancelled American Express AMEX Credit Card Due to Inactivity - Re-instate?
  774. question on a credit card
  775. Unsecured LOC at Prime + 0.5% (or better) - please share your experience.
  776. Should I cancel unused credit cards?
  777. Loyalty programs in Canada: why are they points based and not discount based?
  778. Deferred Profit Sharing Plan (DPSP) and termination of employment
  779. Do you think it is time for low income peeps to move out of Toronto?
  780. Aeroplan Points: Still worth it?
  781. World Remit - online money transfer
  782. Non-Resident TFSA & Investments - CRA Calling
  783. PC World Elite Master Card And Their B.S.
  784. lending money to a stranger
  785. Car loan at 27%. Need help please.
  786. PC Mastercard World Elite: Good card, terrible quality
  787. TFSA vs. regular savings account
  788. Least Expensive/Reasonable Health Insurance + Dental?
  789. How to renegotiate credit card rates?
  790. Oaken or Meridian Credit Union? (TFSA & USD Account)
  791. Plastiq - Pay 1% Fee for CRA Tax Payments with Mastercard Ends May 31
  792. MBNA | Some cards being discontinued
  793. Compromised Credit Card
  794. Foreign ATM Withdrawals-Debit vs No FX Fee Credit cards
  795. Notary fees in Montreal
  796. Scotiabank closed my business and personal account for no reason please help!
  797. BMO - Cash Advance fees+interest
  798. Tracing money orders
  799. Saving on PST
  800. 1-866-215-5388 , Is this a Legit call ?? Amex Fraud Department
  801. Buying FX (EUR) cash for travel
  802. Credit Card Frauf/Identity Theft Question
  803. How do you stop PayPal to access your bank account?
  804. I deposited a stale check, what will happen?
  805. Insurance quotes & credit check
  806. Write a CHEQUE charged to credit card as PURCHASE (Beta Test)
  807. whats the best option for a small loan
  808. 5 Business Days....Really ????
  809. HSBC freeze on deposit
  810. Deposit a cheque of another family member?
  811. CRA and Depositing 10k worth of cash into bank account?
  812. Scotiabank takes over Save on More as Credit Card
  813. When can I expect to get sued?
  814. Any card so good you decided to keep and pay an annual fee?
  815. Amex Gold - any former AMEX customers get the 25k points?
  816. Secured Credit Card
  817. HSBC preferential exchange rate
  818. Help: Forgot to include a receipt for a previous Tax return
  819. What would you do in short term?
  820. Equifax: "credit file for credit granting or other permissible purposes"
  821. TD MySpend App
  822. Wire USD from Tangerine
  823. Sole Proprietor Through Agency - CPP Deducted by Them - CRA Wants CPP
  824. Law: Where to get a legal will written up
  825. Accounts not reporting on credit report
  826. What to do with 1042-S
  827. TFSA as collateral for loan
  828. Why the scores on the two credit bureaus differ so much?
  829. High net worth but low credit score advice pls
  830. PC WE MC and point system
  831. PC Mastercard online interface updated
  832. Credit cards to keep for a retired father
  833. LF: Will and POA Lawyer Scarborough
  834. Business credit card application - online / in-branch
  835. Points vs Cashback credit card
  836. Use Amazon Visa card like a prepaid card?
  837. Credit card refund / Bonus for amount spent corrected ?
  838. How to cash or deposit U.S check?
  839. Metropolitan Property Tax Consultants
  840. EMT - Interac Email Money transfer experience
  841. Need to Replace my SmartCash
  842. Home Power Line of Credit - CIBC
  843. 700 Equifax - No Late Payments - Keep Getting Denied?
  844. Looking for the ultimate credit card
  845. Best iPhone app for monthly budgeting?
  846. TD Credit Card charged interest on paid balance
  847. Line of credit late payment
  848. Total Credits - Refund Held...CRA question
  849. BMO Credit Cards now show Authorized Transactions.
  850. car rental insurance & health insurance offered by AMEX cards - good value?
  851. Make an initial deposit and we'll match it up to $100!
  852. PC Financial offers 2.25% promotion rate from June to August on new deposit in saving
  853. Beware of your CC returns if you get promo cashback
  854. duplicate
  855. Debt Consolidation Advice
  856. Manulife bank - 2.5% promo rate until Aug 31, 2016
  857. Relevance of app-o-ramas
  858. Changing credit cards within same bank
  859. Wealth simple (or equivalent)
  860. TD Canada Secured Credit Card
  861. How do you pay/see transactions for mariott rewards visa?
  862. Trying to add OSAP as payee (RBC)
  863. How do you start saving/investing?
  864. PC WEMC Application Concern
  865. how do you withdraw money from bmoinvestorline?
  866. Closed down PC Financial MC - But can still log in online and see Credit available.
  867. Scotibank - T5 slip - No option for getting it Online as a PDF.
  868. Can I temporarily take money out of my RRSP account and put them back in a month?
  869. Peoples Trust's e-Savings Account Official Thread (PLS READ OP)
  870. Equifax record is perfect,but Trans Union errors in name/addy- Should I be concerned
  871. Get a new CC within the same bank
  872. Taxes problem [URGENT] leaving country in 2 days
  873. Multiple line of credits?
  874. Superstore Gas. PC Debit or MBNA Smart Cash World.
  875. can banks lower your credit limit?
  876. TransUnion mixed my credit history with someone else - What to do?
  877. insurance business act like telcom...
  878. Should I have life insurance?
  879. Pre-approved for 5% loan; consolidating debts
  880. professional Line of Credit
  881. Electronic Money Transfer
  882. Credit limit vs credit usage
  883. 3x points with AMEX website
  884. Best USD Account for Canadian living in US?
  885. SDM Optimum Program ending Dec 31, 2016??
  886. Deferring Personal Income
  887. MBNA World Mastercard "Price Protection" trick (or scam?)
  888. HSBC Canada stops bank to bank transfers in July
  889. Unused credit cards & Credit reports
  890. CRA Refund Mail Time?
  891. What to do with Emergency Fund of $10K
  892. Business insurance
  893. CurrencyFair stops accepting Tangerine e-mail transfers
  894. TD working on Apple Pay!
  895. Investment Property - Rental House - Insurance
  896. Tangerine MasterCard Offers
  897. student line of credit?
  898. turbo tax and rental income loss
  899. Equinox Gym Membership
  900. Open a new PCF account with $2,500 and get 1.75% for 6 months
  901. PC vs. Costco Capital One MasterCard
  902. What are the cons of Tangerine Banking?
  903. Can Any One recommend A reasonably price Tax preparer
  904. How many ways to convert foreign currencies into CAD in Canada?
  905. Bank of Montreal to cut more than 1,800 jobs
  906. Advice on redeeming AAdvantage miles
  907. How hard is it to get overdraft protection?
  908. Please help me pay off my debts sooner (smarter)
  909. What to do if company doesn't offer employee benefits/pension?
  910. IFC Course(Mutual Funds) exam
  911. Ufile Tax Help! [URGENT]
  912. What are my options? :facepalm:
  913. Investment with greybrook capital
  914. Furniture financing effects on credit utilization
  915. Student line of credit?
  916. Received fake CIBC text?
  917. Tangerine Mastercard - rants/raves?
  918. CDIC welcomes “Bail-in” that protect depositors in a failure
  919. Transfer money to Tangerine account?
  920. Best way to redeem Amex Membership rewards
  921. Interest charges on credit card disputes
  922. Tax assessment
  923. So anyone can ruin someone else's credit report?
  924. Converting CAD to USD using Interactive Brokers
  925. Identity Theft (Family Member)
  926. My sketchy experience dealing with Identity Theft at Bell Mobility, Fido Solutions.
  927. Tangerine 2.85%
  928. After years of denials due to poor credit I've finally been approved for something
  929. Zag Bank - 2.5% Interest Rate Extended to June 1, 2016!
  930. MBNA 0% Balance Transfer question
  931. what card do you recomend?
  932. TFSA Over contribution
  933. Why are interest rates so low?
  934. Tangerine is the first banking app in Canada to launch eye verification
  936. Co-Op Student Tax Question
  937. Costco Capital One MasterCard will not support Apple pay.
  938. How long to get R1 status
  939. Capital One - Credit Limit Increase
  940. Close a credit within 2 weeks
  941. Anyone cash out a non-redeemable GIC early?
  942. Bought condo, need to budget and save as much money tips
  943. paying tuition fee using credit card
  944. Tangerine 3% Expiring Soon - Where next?
  945. MBNA Incompetence
  946. thoughts on mbna overwaitea mbna mc
  947. Amex business gold - spending $5k in 3 months?
  948. Is down for maintenance?
  949. Credit Cards with Public Transit Redemption
  950. Fee changes on Scotiabank Credit Card
  951. Clever way to transfer money between the Big 5 banks?
  952. CIBC - send money 'worldwide' for free
  953. Insurance - when it does it count as a "claim"
  954. Exchange USD Money
  955. Well...most ppl in Toronto fell behind
  956. Difficulty getting bank/balance transfer
  957. Need help with a change in policy at work
  958. 2003 debt, still getting letters. Really need help
  959. My Experience with Easy Financial
  960. Recommendations for a good commercial debt lawyer in GVR
  961. Question regarding payment date
  962. My experience with Amex Cards
  963. U.S retail credit cards offered without SSN, only Canadian Passport and TD Visa?
  964. Best CC to use for car rental in Spain
  965. Claim tax return on member fee of professional association
  966. Tangerine Spring Savings (Targeted?) 2.76% on new deposits until June 30, 2016
  967. PC Mastercard - What is the minimum credit limit they offer??
  968. MBNA Rewards Travel Platinum Plus MC
  969. Question about dissolving my RRSP?
  970. BlockChain
  971. [Ontario] Group Home and Auto Insurance besides TD Meloche Monnex
  972. Visa Cash Advance Details
  973. Sending funds to a US$ bank account?
  974. RBC Heloc rates moving from P+0 to P+.5?
  975. Credit Card balance transfer?
  976. where can I get a small personal loan on disability
  977. Keeping Income Tax Low - Job Change
  978. Any point to paying off a car with 0.99 interest?
  979. PC MasterCard site down?
  980. Prior Year basic taxes
  981. CP/BK friendly unsecured credit cards
  982. CIBC free global money transfers to 35 different countries
  983. Borrowing to Invest
  984. Transferring Revolving Debt to Installment Loan
  985. Car Loan Calculations
  986. Where should I invest my moms money?
  987. Canadian earning USD while in Canada
  988. $630 Security Deposit? Seriously?
  989. Need of advice for total noob being paid by American company
  990. is it possible to online pay electric bill not in my name?
  991. Warning! Manulife Bank ripping off Manulife One mortgage account customers
  992. Linking EQ Bank and Zag Bank together...
  993. BC MSP Debt Out of Province
  994. Questrade account linking works on again
  995. budget app suggestion
  996. GST/HST New Residential Rental Rebate question
  997. RBC Offer: 5% 5 Year Fixed Rate Consolidation Loan
  998. TD WebBroker site down?
  999. No Credit History to Credit Prosperity - how?
  1000. Too many credit cards?