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  1. Newbie question on credit card payment
  2. Is money paid for work benefits considered a medical deduction?
  3. How low will RBC share prices go?
  4. House in suburbs or core
  5. What are your monthly expenses?
  6. Walmart Rewards Question
  7. Would you leverage the HBP in this situation?
  8. Is it worth it to make an RRSP Contribution with a Low Salary?
  9. HSBC RRSP transfer to another institution bonus incentive ?
  10. Own vs. Rent and invest the difference question
  11. Cheapest way to send money oveseas?
  12. Any banks offer free Interac e-transfers or equivalent?
  13. Credit card churning advice
  14. Is a global economic collapse looming? United States of America #1
  15. American Express simply cash
  16. Purchase insurance question
  17. Transunion Requesting Credit Report
  18. Borrowing money from my relative outside Canada??
  19. 0% card - roll balance?
  20. Down payment for house
  21. Disputing a Transaction via Credit Card company, can collections come after me?
  22. Any B&M bank that offers a no package checking account (pay by transaction)?
  23. TD Mutual Funds in USD
  24. Turbo Tax vs Ufile for Self Employed Contractor - Which is better?
  25. T4 Slips
  26. American bank transfer money between Paypal & Skrill
  27. Rbc
  28. PPP vs IPP vs. RRSP?
  29. how should I pay off my OSAP
  30. Grouplend loans starting at 6.9% APR (NS, QC and SK excluded)
  31. TD cardholder agreement changed - how about your bank?
  32. Toronto World's Best City?
  33. Real estate agent commission
  34. Tax Treatment for medical expenses spent out of country
  35. How to close unactivated credit card
  36. Deposits USD in Bank Account and Linked to Paypal?
  37. TD Raising Limit on Checking Account
  38. How to split up finances (savings accts/TFSA/investments)
  39. Moving to the USA
  40. Real estate lawyer in Ottawa
  41. Duca Credit Union ...good? bad? indifferent?
  42. *options trading*
  43. Any banks offering no fee checking accounts with mortgage transfer?
  44. What Can I Claim?
  45. IB Friends & Family Group Accounts
  46. Sending money from China to Canada how to get best exchange rate?
  47. Cancelling Unused Credit Card
  48. RBC Mortgage Renewal Saga
  49. Any Suggestions?
  50. Best Options for a Secured Credit Card
  51. RBC Rewards redemption / BA Avios?
  52. Dividends Tax Question
  53. Worldwide Tax
  54. Cash back at check out: which stores?
  55. Debt settlement
  56. ZenBanx Canada 'Global Mobile Banking'
  57. BMO Mastercard and Priority Pass
  58. My mortgage Issue
  59. USD and CAD investments
  60. What's different about real estate in Canada "this time"
  61. Cpp and ei deduction for self employed?
  62. Was I overtaxed? Should I be looking forward to a good return?
  63. Will the interest cut increase the value of real estate?
  64. Loonie drops below 80 cents US (79.9 cents US)
  65. Paypal threshold for reporting to CRA?
  66. Transfer Debt from Family Member to LOC?
  67. Buying Home, Need Advice re: Mortgage/Cosigning/Title Transfer
  68. Lost House In Fire 8 Months Ago & Insurance Company Doesn't Want To Rebuild
  69. Can I make adjustments to a return with an alternative minimum tax?
  70. Foreign Exchange
  71. sold properties email similar to zoocasa w TREB
  72. renewing my mortgage in a few months, is this a good idea?
  73. Investment Secured Line of Credit
  74. can't do maths
  75. Confused on TFSA Contribution Limit
  76. selling condo: does it really need to be staged?
  77. Tax question : Capitals gains on properties after marriage
  78. New AMEX Card: Aeroplan Reserve
  79. RBC cut prime rate to 2.85% from 3%
  80. New $899 AMEX AeroplanPlus Reserve Credit Card
  81. Credit Report Update From TransUnion
  82. Canada Revenue Agency; WTF?!?! PS Need Help...
  83. any pics of interac flash cards from banks in canada? thx
  84. Real Estate Pond scum strikes again!
  85. Multiple Jobs - Any way avoid being hit hard time by taxes.
  86. Question about starting a new Mutual Fund investment with Tangerine
  87. When will WE finally get a 2% on everything cashback CC?
  88. Vault Of Satoshi - Closing Feb 5, 2015
  89. Is it best to have 2 credit cards?
  90. Does TD have special debit cards?
  91. Tangerine vs PC Financial
  92. How to take out money from CC? (Not as credit)
  93. TFSA Questions
  94. 0% fee for transfer balance credit cards worth?
  95. I want to courier some important documents from Toronto to Ottawa, which courier is t
  96. Sending USD to a relative in the US with US Chequing account
  97. Td direct Investing upto 200 free trades New a/c Jan 26 2015 - Mar 27 2015
  98. Besides paycheque, need direct deposit
  99. How do credit bureaus find out my place of employment?
  100. Cheapest PO box?
  101. Tangerine Mortgage Port Problem
  102. Small Blip on Credit Report
  103. Isn't the whole point of variable so that it fluctuates with BoC rate?
  104. Are my creditors suing me?
  105. HBP program benefits?
  106. Best financial institution for RRSP?
  107. Would contributing to RRSP lower my tax bracket?
  108. Need advice - rent / buy / invest
  109. Obsession with credit cards on rfd
  110. With Target Canada closing down, what can RBC Target RedCard MasterCard clients do?
  111. Currency Trading - Which Company to go with?
  112. Can you retire at age 50 with $1.350M
  113. Tax software
  114. 2014 Tax refund line 315 caregiver??
  115. Which is better: Tangerine 2.5% interest bonus or CIBC 2% interest bonus ?
  116. Withdraw USD from Tangerine
  117. CRA Capital Gains
  118. 2014 Tax refund question regarding married couples
  119. Tax write off for flights to and from work?
  120. Advice on closing costs and realtor commissions
  121. Secured LOC with who?
  122. Multiple MasterCard payment at Costco
  123. Girlfriend and I considered common law?
  124. Too much US Cash!!! Need solution...prepaid visa????
  125. PayPal - how to withdraw US currency to Canadian bank with US account
  126. First time home buyer and pre-sale condos
  127. Why is our loonie falling :(
  128. Best bank for a small line of credit?
  129. Question re: BC's Limitation Act (Statute of Limitations)
  130. How does CRA make calculations for rental income?
  131. Rrsp question
  132. Tangerine payments to Scotia show up as TD...
  133. dollar is only worth 80¢ USD
  134. Scotia US $ Visa
  135. Can't apply for TD Aeroplan Visa even with household income over 100000?
  136. Tax record
  137. Credit card interest charges
  138. Help With Mutual Fund Management Expense Ratios
  139. TIN and Bank of America
  140. Reviews/Experiences with Coin Shops in GTA
  141. selling house and moving to a new city...rent/buy?
  142. Does changing your account type change the account number as well?
  143. Is investing into a Cottage in Collingwood as an investment feasibile?
  144. Credit Report/History
  145. Documents needed for to apply for a preapproval or mortgage
  146. OMERS Pension Question
  147. Is it a good time to sell your toronto home now in 2015?
  148. need help making a big financial decision
  149. Should I convert my CAD to USD?
  150. Should I change from using an accountant?
  151. 2.25% Variable Mortgage + 1% Cash back
  152. How do you plan your goals and finances?
  153. PCF offering up to $150 in PC POINTS for new customers
  154. Can Someone Clear up Premium Insurance
  155. Brick credit insurance cancellation form
  156. US Credit Card
  157. CRA asked for more information on income reported on tax return; I've complied and
  158. Received Gift in Foreign Currency
  159. Mortgage fees - can they do this?!
  160. Condo Pricing Advice: Is it worth it?
  161. Pc points
  162. What is the best non-travel Visa card?
  163. Any sites where I can compare LOC rates?
  164. closed by credit grantor
  165. Historical Inflation Rates (Canada / Ontario)
  166. Do you consider your employer RRSP matches as your income?
  167. Has any bank lowered prime now that BOC cut the rate to .75?
  168. Income Splitting.... How that is good!!
  169. Selling locally or cross-border through ebay?
  170. T4A - line 105 vs line 104 scholarship vs research grant question
  171. Sending money from Canada to French Polynesia
  172. my home buyers plan strategy review
  173. Hi, how should I invest?
  174. Where to stash my pension?
  175. Personal Taxes
  176. On a scale of 1 to 10, how angry are the RE Bears right now?
  177. CDN dollar dropping so much, soon, Canada will be a third world country
  178. I have a cheque of $80,000 USD and want to convert to CAD
  179. RBC Electronic Cheque cashing
  180. Home Buyer Plan - Deadline Relative to Closing Date?
  181. Looking for a good US bank account
  182. possible to cancel transunion recurring fee based services over internet or ivr? than
  183. Gold's Gym collections
  184. Mortgage Question
  185. Bank of Canada lowers interest rate to 0.75%
  186. What is a fair percentage of a cellphone bill to deduct this tax season for landlord?
  187. Should I get some US $ now ?
  188. Difference between request for information and audit from CRA?
  189. Any credit card that is worth paying the annual fee for?
  190. Tangerine only allows me to withdraw 3K electronically
  191. Should I Appeal or make the Payment
  192. RBC stole my money, what should i do?
  193. Did you Car Insurance go up in Toronto?
  194. anyone knows why metropass cost US$75 in Boston but $141 in Toronto?
  195. Will canadian real estate collapse because of collapsing Canadian dollar?
  196. Transferring DCPP into RRSP
  197. Investing advice for above average returns in current market
  198. So real estate agents should not give any input on buy vs rent...
  199. Provincial taxes on EI pay
  200. Do annual fees still get charged if you don't activate the card?
  201. Opening an account for a toddler..under 10yrs
  202. Time for CRA my account banking information change to take affect
  203. Home Insurance Rates Jacked Up
  204. Spousal RRSP Question
  205. 18% to RRSP, enough to retire?
  206. Converting USD coins to bills?
  207. Preferred Visa Card from Home Trust
  208. What do retired people do for medical/dental benefits?
  209. How does one buy things online with USD?
  210. First Time Buyer - Down Payment/Mortgage Question
  211. Anyone else able to login to Tangerine
  212. Heloc rates offered
  213. "RBC customer’s bank accounts looted 3 times by identity thieves"
  214. best site/service for renting out rooms
  215. Can anyone justify having both the MBNA RWE and Capital One Aspire Travel World?
  216. Is there a limit to how high you can raise insurance deductibles for lower premiums?
  217. Financial trouble for a couple making $25000/month
  218. Instantly Approved for Credit Card...MISTAKE!
  219. Condo insurance?
  220. Smith Manoeuvre in joint account and tax deductible
  221. Sending money to Australia
  222. Best credit card for 500k year in purchases
  223. Condo advise in Mississauaga
  224. Answered
  225. Student Line of Credit interest - tax deductible
  226. Long term investment strategy
  227. Unsecure credit line rate?
  228. Td callcenter-security on the phone.
  229. Lenders...should i care
  230. CFF Bank offers 3% interest on TFSA account until March 31st 2015
  231. Repairing credit questions
  232. Visa/Mastercard for minor (15 year old)
  233. borrowing for RRSP contributions? good idea or bad?
  234. Footing the bill for baseboard heater damage
  235. More Smith Manoeuvre Questions
  236. TD All-Inclusive vs RBC VIP, etc
  237. Title Insurance
  238. What is the best current promo for opening an account? CIBC 400$ cash back?
  239. USD small business account comparision
  240. Amazon.ca Rewards Visa Card - Secured possible?
  241. Secured vs. unsecured credit card - Which way should I go?
  242. best credit card to rebuild credit
  243. Line of credit - Preapproved - Should I get it?
  244. financing options for building
  245. incorporate question for taxes
  246. Any other credit card travel benefits better than World Mastercard?
  247. Ufile Tax Software 2014
  248. Can't Log on to Tangerine.ca
  249. Mortgage Accelerated Payment Sched vs PrePayment
  250. Real estate lawyer in Ottawa
  251. Real estate lower commision bid website
  252. Does anyone know when should I receive my EI after I submitted my application?
  253. HSBC MasterCard
  254. Take Scotia Scene CC or Not ?
  255. pre-approved cc needs hard hit or not
  256. Mortgage Payoff/Payment Calculator
  257. Asking Questrade to correct and re-issue past RRSP receipts
  258. Any new Credit Cards coming in 2015??
  259. Tangerine adds fees for moving RSP, TFSA, and RIF to other institutions
  260. Inheritance shenanigans
  261. MBNA MasterCard Extended Warranty Benefits - Experience?
  262. Would you? Lock in the gas price with Prepaid Gas Card
  263. Mortgage help / Smith Manoeuvre
  264. E-series mutual funds.. Do you need to have a TD account?
  265. Cancellation AMEX cards
  266. GTA Real Estate prices to crash following the closure of all Target and Sony stores?!
  267. mortgage status check
  268. Mortgage - Bank or Specialist Provider
  269. Best Personal Tax Software? (rental properties included)
  270. Getting hired as an independent contractor through a staffing agency in Quebec? Tax!
  271. Help find the best credit card for my travel coverage?
  272. If you inherited 600K - pay off the house?
  273. MBNA Smartcash vs Capital One Costco MC
  274. Is this legal? Can I be sued?
  275. has anyone made a bill payment to a supplementary card account? thanks
  276. how much do you make a year minimum wage Toronto Ontario?
  277. Cash damming rental property
  278. Need Mortgage
  279. Advice: What to do with money?
  280. Unpaid unsecured credit cards and returning to Canada
  281. Which canadian credit card does not have foreign exchange fees?
  282. Scotia Visa Infinite vs Amex Gold
  283. Need advice on mortage product for house purchasing strategy
  284. Holding last month's rent on 2nd year lease renewal?
  285. Futureshop credit card
  286. ePost - My experience
  287. Transfer from previous pension plan to RRSP - affect contribution room?
  288. Using Airmiles BMO voucher
  289. Foreign withdrawal with Tangerine debit card
  290. RRSP - How much can I put in
  291. Moving expenses - self employed
  292. Vancouver Real Estate
  293. AMEX Platinum - Login Trouble? Frustrations
  294. How to extend grace period of OSAP
  295. Tangerine to start charging fees "to move money"
  296. Can I expense this... or that???
  297. CAD Bank stocks
  298. Determining foreign withholding tax
  299. hoping to buy in 2015 - how much can i afford?
  300. Investment Plan Advice
  301. Minimum income required for credit card
  302. Amex becoming more crappy
  303. Just by not smoking, you should have saved/invested enough to retire.
  304. canadianforex.ca
  305. Bill payment to the wrong account, what to do?
  306. Best option for US-based bank for Canadians (as current BMO customer)?
  307. Closed Credit Card still on file after months
  308. Where invest my REER
  309. Q about busienss use of home expenses and moving
  310. How to get the best rate converting USD to CAD
  311. U.S. citizens living in Canada - taxable primary residence
  312. Is CIBC Investor's Edge the Best Deal for us?
  313. Should I repay a portion of my OSAP with my saving?
  314. Fixed or Variable rate mortgage
  315. RE Bears carry alot of anger...
  316. LoC 6% unsecured
  317. Buying physical gold - tips, advice?
  318. CC program forcibly closing - how will it affect my credit?
  319. Dealing with credit card fraud
  320. Anyone know anything about LIRA/LRSPs?
  321. are landlords obligated to show their home insurance policy to tenants?
  322. How to avoid forex CC fees?
  323. Seeking advice on inheritance issues [seeking Lawyer recommendation-GTA]
  324. Financial Advisor
  325. If owning real estate is such a good investment...
  326. RBC Mobile Cheque deposit?
  327. Best way to invest/save.
  328. What do you do with the 3rd pay cheque on 3 pay months
  329. Amazon Visa
  330. RRSP and Tax Refund
  331. If renting is so great, why aren't there expensive homes for rent?
  332. Automatic Investment plan.
  333. Credit card debt consolidation
  334. Home Equity
  335. Costco AMEX Cancel?
  336. Tangerine: Can't confirm link to external account???
  337. Am I eligible for US ITIN #?
  338. delete
  339. Bmo Elite MasterCard offer - $400 credit plus 3 years no annual fee
  340. Quebec Loans and Bursaries Program - Advice
  341. Amex Airmiles Plat 2000 AM FYF + $30 rebate
  342. Would you consider it rude if a financial advisor says this to you?
  343. Low Interest Reward Cards
  344. Need advice: moving stock shares from a cash brokerage to TFSA
  345. PC Financial Line of Credit / Loan Rates
  346. Air miles question - Bonus reward miles
  347. Credit Limit Question
  348. question about rebuilding credit
  349. Best Buy Chase Visa Closing all Credit Card Accounts
  350. At what point do RE Bears give up market timing and renting?
  351. First time driver with older Car-Are Collision & Comprehensive Coverage Necessary?
  352. What is the contingency fee % for disability insurance lawyer?
  353. Bought a Duplex in 2014 and have some tax questions.
  354. Place to get loan for people with meh credit?
  355. Are there any no fee bank CC with min. 1% Cashback?
  356. How to invest in WTI
  357. Do certain credit card companies have faster purchase verification time?
  358. Tax question T2203
  359. Deutsche Bank (Canada) 63% overvalued housing market
  360. Employee Banking Benefits - What are employees getting?
  361. Has anyone used this mortgage broker?
  362. Best way to convert US to Can?
  363. TD e-series RESP with 2 years time horizon
  364. Implied vol data on Virtual Brokers reliable?
  365. What *if* you had bought in 2010?
  366. prepping for taxes (ETFs)
  367. Debt buyers - Collection Agency rights
  368. Will switching CC at Same Bank be a Hard or Soft Inquiry?
  369. I foreclosed on a condo, and had to negotiate with CMHC. Ask me anything.
  370. TD Infinite Aeroplan Visa transferring miles to Aeroplan
  371. Credit card welcome bonus
  372. Low Canadian Dollar = Make Consumer Purchases?
  373. Airbnb, Paypal, Credit Card conversion rates
  374. Annual income 38k renting out 350-400
  375. RRSP and first time home buyer
  376. Best way to transfer money from Taiwan and Japan to Canada?
  377. Desjardins taking over Best Buy/Future Shop Cards
  378. Home Insurance Increase - Claim Amount ($) vs Claim Frequency
  379. Ontario Property tax class, residential/ multi residential?
  380. RRSP accounts, where to setup and what to include, self directed or not?
  381. Best no fee US$ bank account at a Canadian bank
  382. Has anyone used AcceleRate Financial?
  383. Best free credit card?
  384. How much do you need to make a year before you can consider buying a small condo
  385. Transfering PC Savings (TFSA) -> TD Waterhouse (TFSA), how to get TD to pay fee?
  386. negative credit card statement...how does it show on credit report?
  387. How Maternity/Paternity EI payment amount calculate?
  388. Capital Gains
  389. Doing business in Mainland China
  390. 5500 TFSA Limit = not enough for 100 shares of some stocks
  391. Since when did Tangerine start giving out Preapprovals?
  392. Avoid Meridian Credit union
  393. Is this an appropriate response from a company that just lost my private info?
  394. Buying an item on ebay.ca priced in US $. What to expect on my credit card statement?
  395. Too many credit cards?
  396. Is it possible to pay VISA/MC using prepaid CC gift cards?
  397. Why do utility companies not allow credit care payments?
  398. 2015 Financial Goals and Tips - (new home owner)
  399. What to do with my small RRSP
  400. Question about buying/selling stocks on Dow
  401. CIBC RSP Mutual Fund Administration Fee
  402. Condo title under wife's name, RRSP home buyer plan question
  403. delete
  404. Bad time to be a landlord in Alberta?
  405. Need help for new bank account
  406. Financial terms from Mr. Wonderful
  407. RESP Govt GRANTS
  408. Cancelling AMEX cards
  409. Open Vs Closed Mortgage: The Debate
  410. Do you still have a brick and mortar bank account?
  411. First Time HomeBuyer: Buy smaller unit then upsize vs. bigger unit then downsize
  412. Early tax questions T2203
  413. Money transfer to Taiwan
  414. Best free F/X streaming currency website
  415. Lowballing/ negotiation on brand new townhouse
  416. Mortgage advice
  417. Land Transfer Tax Rebate
  418. What counts towards account transactions
  419. Tangerine - New Charges for Transfers out of Registered Accounts
  420. Selling Home
  421. Got charged more than I was told at Hilton Niagara Falls
  422. Property Manager Recommendation Pickering
  423. Ebates.com
  424. TD eseries / TFSA
  425. Cheapest Bank for receiving USD wire transfers?
  426. CCA Recapture
  427. What is your 2015 TFSA contribution strategy?
  428. TD - TFSA transfer from cash account
  429. Is this a good idea to move money from TD Comfort Balanced Portfolio to Index funds
  430. TFSAs, RRSPs, and the HBP
  431. RRSP and HBP plan
  432. Official PCF Interest Rate Promotion Thread
  433. TD raising rates and requirements for waived fees
  434. Hotel Rewards
  435. CIBC unposted mortgage rates
  436. Payment arrangement with cra; will it appear on a credit report?
  437. Cash back
  438. Is it reasonable to have your money in foreign banks that pay the highest interest?
  439. if on e.i from 2014, do you get tax return of 2013 completely
  440. Do you think it is time for low income peeps to move out of Toronto?
  441. Any high interest US Dollar Savings Accounts?
  442. Mortgage transfer
  443. Calgary real estate is down 30%. Toronto next?
  444. Duties / Tax on used goods coming from the US (goods that used to belong to me there)
  445. Questions about owning property in Cuba
  446. When interest rates rise, will car prices crash?
  447. Withdrawing money from PrePaid Visa
  448. Unsure what to do with maximizing credit card benefits - advice needed
  449. Paypower prepaid VISA- ATM withdrawals
  450. Best bank or credit card for overseas?
  451. Is a Mortgage Prepayment Calculator Useful?
  452. A general question on comparison of different financial institutions
  453. Working as contractor, buy or lease car?
  454. Buying USD
  455. A general question on comparison of different financial institutions
  456. PC funds
  457. Tangerine 2.5% on new deposits until March 2015
  458. paying off collections to repair credit?
  459. TFSA - stocks vs bank account
  460. Does increasing the limit with one card help increase the limit with my others?
  461. Best Credit Cards for Cash Advances
  462. Making extra money from Uber
  463. Mortgage Broker vs Bank...help
  464. Heloc on fully paid off rental property.
  465. Which MC to get? (Income < 60k)
  466. Smartline Platinum Capitalone card 0% balance transfer
  467. AMEX True Earnings/Costco cards... Deactivated yet?
  468. Why is RRSP Home Buyers Plan only $25k
  469. Student loans paid off!
  470. Jan 1st, 2015 - start TFSA 2015
  471. RRSP contributions first 60 days
  472. Housing Prices 2015
  473. Didn't charge GST in 2014. How do I fix this?
  474. When will an employer NOT deduct income tax?? Really need help!
  475. Scotiabank credit card downgrade!
  476. Expats: Software combo you use to do USA & Canada personal taxes?
  477. HELOC question
  478. Highest Return on Investment
  479. Why are people happy when their house prices go up?
  480. How To Get An Estimate Of Condo Fees?
  481. Part of the recent Winnipeg debit card hack, still not been given money back
  482. get HELOC instead of mortgage?
  483. Need money - what would you recommend I do?
  484. Best way to save for house downpayment
  485. People's Trust TFSA rate cut..
  486. mutual fund help
  487. Very old undischarged mortgage - finding proof of nothing owing
  488. Tax - common law?
  489. Time to move your money around (out of Tangerine)
  490. Bi-weekly Pay Period Leap Year
  491. What are HELOC rates right now?
  492. CIBC credit card downgrade
  493. Save more money when single or married?
  494. TD Aeroplan Annual Fee
  495. Investment Property Mortgage - Interest Only
  496. Crowdfunding tax-deductible donations
  497. First-Time Donor's Super Credit
  498. Any good HELOC offerings?
  499. mortgage amount vs rates
  500. How to Rebalance my Index Fund?
  501. Looking for Mortgage Renewal Advice
  502. Question about filing Schedule 3
  503. Health and dental reciepts for income tax?
  504. HELOC as down payment on additional properties.
  505. Best CC to travel with?
  506. The Next Place ?
  507. Amex 0% Offer for up to 12 months (targeted??)
  508. Why don't more big banks pay higher interest on savings?
  509. So we just opened our 2014 piggy bank
  510. Using a real estate agent for a house?
  511. Ready to apply for a CC, need suggestions.
  512. Best way to transfer from Canadian to American bank accounts?
  513. TD e-Series Question
  514. Transfer from TD Waterhouse TFSA to PC TFSA
  515. Lowest Interest rate Personal Loan???
  516. Transferring funds between accounts to avoid interest charges
  517. Where in the GTA can I buy this house for $345k?
  518. Chase Amazon Hard Inquiry - Something fishy going on?
  519. Exchanging ILS to cad/usd
  520. Second insured mortgage
  521. Refund after credit card statement date
  522. Real Estate Agents for first-time buyer
  523. Prep tax question, work from home as employee
  524. question about credit cards
  525. Incoming Funds Transfer from UK
  526. Credit Check?
  527. How much did you save a month in 2014?
  528. Buying online with tangerine?
  529. So which cards do I cancel?
  530. TD Waterhouse fee
  531. Why do you have a LOC?
  532. New American Express® AeroplanPlus®* Reserve Card
  533. So exactly how does an RE crash + interest rate jump help you?
  534. Tax free savings account
  535. We should attract more chinese investment
  536. Buying a home next year and HBP plan
  537. LOC with low minimum payments
  538. travel cancellation insuance claim rejected because of pregnancy
  539. Capital One Smarline
  540. Need advice on mortgage rate offered by BOM
  541. Median Household Income vs. Real Estate Prices
  542. MBNA card type switch
  543. Ontario Economy to Lead Canada
  544. What is the best Aeroplan travel card?
  545. Class 10.1 Vehicles - Recommendations and Guides?
  546. Amex Gold or Amex Plat?
  547. Tangerine EMT to someone in the US?
  548. LF: New Bank Account Promotions
  549. Credit card fraud. Cancelling card and sending out new one.
  550. Foreign Real Estate Ownership Rqst Info (USA)
  551. Question to Real Estate investors
  552. Can't add MBNA Credit Card as Payee on PC Financial?
  553. Help me understand RRSP
  554. Unsecured LOC
  555. Condo investment in Mississauga
  556. BEST FIRST CREDIT CARD? (Dec. 2014)
  557. Desjardins Odyssey Gold card
  558. Does td give out rfid sleeve protector? thx
  559. how do you move money from your external account into your tangerine account?
  560. Recommendations for a good fully-online e-Savings account or TFSA
  561. Now that Gas Prices are under a $1/litre, have you gone back to CIBC Petro Points?
  562. 5000$ to invest
  563. Best bank for USD -> CAN?
  564. CRA Letter - Moving expenses
  565. RBC Rewards Visa card (looking for better options)
  566. Retroactive Pay - Paid in January - which tax year will it be included in?
  567. HSBC MasterCard
  568. Who is in the right and who is in the wrong?
  569. Russian economic meltdown sparks wave of panic buying London homes
  570. Credit Score Question - Getting Insurance Quote
  571. RESP dilemma
  572. Best way to transfer and convert $5k USD back to Canada in CAD?
  573. Cheque image return: does PC provide it?
  574. Auto Insurance in BC
  575. Historical Home Value
  576. Commercial mortgage agents...
  577. Best Strategy for paying off old debt that went to collections
  578. 2 questions about scene debit card
  579. TFSA profit transfer?
  580. Avoiding late fees, online bill payment
  581. Convert INR to CAD - Legally and what are the limits
  582. Thanks to everyone on the financial forum
  583. Land ownership question
  584. Example of Norbert's Gambit to Exchange Currencies
  585. Walmart Mastercard not sending online statements due to billing glitch
  586. Does credit rating matter at all to old people?
  587. payoff debt vs investing/saving, in my specific situation?
  588. How to save $3000 next year....share your top money savings tips
  589. Saving 2.5%
  590. FYI: Credit Limit switch between Chase Credit cards
  591. Did you know? American Express® AeroplanPlus®* Gold Card
  592. Hotel Reward Credit Cards
  593. Anyone experience issues with Mint?
  594. If the Russian ruble is on a free fall, what about the Canadian dollar?
  595. Can some do a quick calculation for me..
  596. Interest
  597. Worst Credit Card Ever
  598. Market timing success story
  599. Tfsa
  600. Best Online Rate USD to CAD - Local Exchange Offers to Beat It
  601. Is there any financial magazines you subscribe to?
  602. delete topic
  603. Best Credit Card
  604. Personal Tax - Moving Expenses
  605. double post please delete
  606. How do "bonuses" work in terms of calculating taxes?
  607. How many credit cards is too much?
  608. Is it advisable to increase credit card limit if the card is rarely used?
  609. Claiming CC Un-authorized Charge
  610. social insurance number not matching up?
  611. AMEX or VISA for US travel
  612. Firm Approval?
  613. New American Express AeroplanPlus Reserve Card
  614. Credit union question
  615. TFSA Question
  616. CC offered card with lower interest rate for a yearly fee.
  617. Difference between notice of assessment and amount owed on CRA website
  618. How Much RRSPs to Purchase?
  619. All these mortgage lenders in Scarborough..
  620. TFSA E-Series Transfer from TD Mutual Funds to Direct Investment
  621. RRSP maximum and HBP
  622. Sears CC - Issue with employee
  623. How to minimize the tax?
  624. Principal Mortgage and Rental Property LOC...question
  625. Why do people here complain when RE goes up but not when stocks go up?
  626. Investment Property Mortgages
  627. GIC Laddering Plan
  628. RRSP over contribution and HBP withdrawal
  629. Best MasterCard deal
  630. TD Canada App, Nexus 7, "Deposit a Cheque"
  631. MoneySense subscription - the magazine December 2014 late?
  632. TFSA - best alternatives for savings accounts
  633. Any real estate sites similar to Trulia, but for Canada?
  634. CRA Audit of corporation
  635. LOC unused for over 2 years..
  636. Closing account - CIBC, LOC
  637. A question in the RRSP vs Mortgage debate
  638. Dimensional
  639. Is there any statistic that shows homeowners are "cash strapped"..
  640. What to do with US pennies?
  641. Group RRSP question
  642. 16% of Canadas population under poverty
  643. ATB TrackIt - a new, free online and mobile money management tool for ATB customers
  644. Tax Implication: Primary Residence Becomes Investment
  645. BMO World Elite - Anyone got 2nd year fee waived successfully?
  646. CT savings account
  647. centurno card?? Usage?
  648. I am still waiting for Canadian Tire to credit me twenty dollars
  649. Is it good practice to have money all over the place?
  650. Fixed or Variable mortgage now?
  651. PC Financial hold/cash withdrawal limits
  652. Are uneducated people the only ones who think stocks are riskier than real estate?
  653. How low will oil and CAD$ go???
  654. CRA - liaison officer initiative (LOI)
  655. Defined Benefit Pension Plan vs RRSP/TFSA
  656. Unused Credit Question
  657. used iPhone to deposit cheque to PC Financial
  658. Switching from HSBC to TD with EasySwitch--any issues?
  659. Scammed
  660. Good time to buy Canadian dollars
  661. Tax rates on Overtime and RetroPay
  662. Transunion credit monitoring service - cancelling membership, any problems?
  663. heloc questions
  664. Taxes: Self-employed vs small business
  665. Capital one secured credit card process questions
  666. RESP - Withdraw or Give to other?
  667. RRSP Transfer-Out Fees
  668. Setting up TD POA investing acc't
  669. Buying a House in an Uncertain Market
  670. Gst return ...
  671. What was better investment? Real estate or Canadian resource stocks?
  672. Advice needed on TFSA Mutual Funds
  673. Bank is offering a line of credit (downsides?)
  674. Lost several grand on "paper", but went to RBC for their free $50...
  675. Which bank provides the best financial advice?
  676. How much is one year of maximum CPP contributions worth?
  677. The New Income Splitting vs Spousal RRSP
  678. What would it take to trigger the next Canadian Recession?
  679. BoC: Housing Market overvalued by 30%
  680. Solved, please delete thread
  681. Questions- options in investing
  682. Any deal for transferring 50k+ investments to a self direct account?
  683. Crossed cheques?
  684. FI milking $$ by charging fees on full/partial RRSP withdrawals ...
  685. La Capitale Savings account 2.5% for 3 months (Quebec only)
  686. Ontario's debt continues to grow, $325 billion by 2018
  687. Tangerine - Refer a friend Promo - how much have you made already??
  688. Opening a child/infant account
  689. Rebuilding Credit Question.
  690. One Time Payment on Home / Auto Insurance Question
  691. Mobile photo cheque deposit scam
  692. SOL Qc canada secured car loan
  693. Ryobi/Milwaukee/Ridgid - Which? All owned by same company.
  694. How are homes un-affordable?
  695. My Tax Express 2014
  696. Tim's and Burger King Merger Offer
  697. Recommend a good financial planner for my aging parents???
  698. Best place to buy USD in Toronto
  699. TD High Limit Debit card? Wont let me spend my money...
  700. Tangerine: $25 bonus on new account opening with minimum $100 deposit
  701. Best place to buy USD in Toronto
  702. Non existing card still be reported as active
  703. Pension Splitting and RRSP's question.
  704. RESP - Self directed?
  705. Received a Audit questionnaire from the man...
  706. Investment vs Insurance for a newborn?
  707. Is it possible to become rich while earning average income?
  708. Tangerine wants me to take my ID to a professional?
  709. Claiming TTC as a Business Expense?
  710. Tenant Insurance
  711. Extended warranty and cancelling/switching credit cards
  712. Do I need CIBC Imperial Service?
  713. Top 3 World Economies
  714. What happens to unused RRSPS if you die before 67?
  715. When can i sell my home/condo when there is a mortgage
  716. CIBC Question
  717. Question About RESP
  718. Westminster Savings: Member Referral Program $50
  719. Foreign ATM withdraw
  720. pls delete
  721. the future of canadian energy stocks
  722. TFSA Contribution Limits vs Capital Loss
  723. RBC Inactivates Credit Card and Can't Reinstate?
  724. P2P Lending - Borrowell
  725. Amex cancelling Holt Renfrew card
  726. Rents Converting 2 Bdrm Basement to 3 Bdrm
  727. Interesting Development in International Wire Transfer World
  728. Does the accountant matter that much?
  729. CIBC has sent me the Timbits card without my permission
  730. credit card question
  731. Are Principal Protected Notes a good alternative to GICs?
  732. Question for a TFSA Expert
  733. [Targeted] Email from scotia AMEX 8% Grocery until 28Feb 2015
  734. Line of Credit - (Easiest Approval)
  735. US economy keeps chugging along, 321,000 jobs created
  736. Any promotions for transferring investment accounts?
  737. Effective Mortgage Rate Calculation
  738. Finding a good accountant
  739. Credit score dropped 39 points in 2 months
  740. TFSA Withdrawal
  741. Student Rental Mortgages
  742. How to best utilize $18,000
  743. Transferring my RESP
  744. credit card due date
  745. Credit score went down 60 points in a week...
  746. EI - Quitting and taking care of family member
  747. In investing, why is hindsight 20/20?
  748. Approved for credit card, Quick question
  749. TD Visa Debit "Bank Access" card
  750. 3rd rental mortgage qualification for non-resident
  751. Shorting for the win
  752. Need Help with Rebalancing RESP
  753. Cross Border Financial Planner - Canadian working in USA
  754. Friend leaving Canada for a few years to work, what should he be aware of?
  755. Question about TFSA contribution room
  756. Canadians continue to rack up their non mortgage debt
  757. Repaying OSAP from abroad
  758. I got email from CRA. Fake or not?
  759. Tangerine Savings 2% interest until March 31, 2015 (unadvertised)
  760. Car Mileage & More - Tax Deduction
  761. Things to consider when shipping to the US
  762. Plastic business cards
  763. Best card for drug store purchases
  764. About credit score
  765. Tons of RBC Reward points but I want to switch!
  766. Implicity bank account: 2% with unlimited withdrawls.
  767. Cibc secured loc
  768. TD1 & TD1AB 2015 Question
  769. Can an RESP be used as a personal investment vehicle?
  770. BMO Readiline - Question on Language
  771. 57% of Canadians have "Excellent" (highest rating) credit.
  772. Calculating equity in your home
  773. implicity financial increased interest rate from 1.9% to 2% on Dec 2, 2014
  774. Looking for a new Credit Card
  775. How to recover credit scores without a credit card?
  776. 5% Cashback at Costco with NBC Edition MC
  777. looking for CPA for both US & Canada
  778. Recontribution by withdrawals from a TFSA
  779. Will we ever see MasterCard Debit in Canada?
  780. Realestatelawyers.ca is it good or recomend another service
  781. TD Home Equity FlexLine Offer
  782. TFSA being targetted by taxman, primary residences next?
  783. RRSP through TD direct investing question
  784. Does applying for mutiple CC affect credit score?
  785. Currency Exchange services in Toronto/Mississauga area, or Online?
  786. Which bank is the best for students?
  787. 100$ polymer bills
  788. How to calculate return on rental property?
  789. BMO World Elite vs. Capital One Aspire Travel World
  790. Scotia 2.01% GIC - RRSP & TFSA eligible
  791. How to change my branch without cancel my BMO account.
  792. Buying a bigger home while keeping condo as rental property.
  793. Working outside Canada - tax questions
  794. When is the right time to buy a place?
  795. Best credit card i can get
  796. RFD Millionaire's Club
  797. How to effectively budget for travel?
  798. Study: HALF of Canadians will retire with DEBT.
  799. what does it cost to notarize a letter
  800. furnace & ac rental
  801. I was wondering about rounding of rewards for credit cards
  802. What can be claimed as tax credit for a rental unit? Capital cost allowance?
  803. Basement Suite rental income, which owner claims it... tricky question!
  804. Can You Write Off Home Office Renovation Costs?
  805. Tax Question: Can I deduct my parking space?
  806. Cellphone Credit Checks @ Future Shop and Best Buy
  807. Any mbna or capital one mastercard CC sign up bonus?
  808. Planning on doing my own taxes in 2015 - never did them before
  809. Changing billing cycle on credit cards
  810. what do we think of financial advisors? do you have one?
  811. quick question regarding RESP
  812. BMO Nesbitt Burns
  813. Renovation Mortgage on Purchase high LVR
  814. Best second credit card?
  815. Mortgage Qualification question
  816. Tangerine-PCF: Pushing and Pulling
  817. HELOC from a different bank than where the mortgage is?
  818. HELOC and "Tenants in Common"
  819. Fees for wire transfer? Canada - Europe
  820. Add Payee: No CIBC Investor's Edge?
  821. Working with a Mortgage Broker
  822. Divorce settlement
  823. Canadian Black Friday Mortgage Special - Extended
  824. Best credit card ever: Amex
  825. Should I buy a house in Vancouver?
  826. Does anyone else do this?
  827. Cost Comparison: Owning vs. Renting A Car
  828. MBNA world elite reward is liar, they don't have price potection
  829. Loan Question
  830. How much are lawyer fees for Closing Costs?
  831. TFSA question
  832. Educate me on dividend stocks..
  833. Amex Platinum Card
  834. RBC All inclusive account + $300 cash back (targeted)
  835. Scotia Gold VISA to Gold Amex - good idea?
  836. I am a realtor, post your questions here.
  837. Paralegal doing wills, POAs, directives
  838. Never make AMEX your first credit card!Call AMEX today, end with cancelling my AMEX !
  839. An Old Bad Debt
  840. Steps for buying a condo privately in Toronto
  841. Any tips for first time investment/savings?
  842. Pay Down Mortgage?
  843. any debit cards with reward points or cashback?
  844. Best prepaid credit card (payable by Amex, to reach minimum purchase goal)
  845. credit card balances with different interest rates
  846. What type of Insurance required for a Condo?
  847. Monthly Bills - Buying a House
  848. PayWave and PayPass are Out of Control
  849. does capital one have secured cc without annual fee? thx
  850. ,
  851. Receiving money from overseas parent every month?
  852. stock buyback
  853. Using Capital One Card Before PIN Arrives
  854. 2015 TFSA Indexing - not going up
  855. Interest rates rising next year, prepare for a world of pain
  856. USA Costco - What is the best way to pay there
  857. PC Financial now offers Flash
  858. Cannot get a Visa from TD
  859. US$ account is dormant
  860. Employer's cheque bounced. Bank charged me fees.
  861. any news about Tangerine CC
  862. Cell Phone Bill & Credit Rating
  863. Equifax is wrong, what do I do?
  864. legal advice for daycare centre that demolished their playground
  865. Lost T4 slip, business shut down, employer cannot be found. I don't keep my pay stubs
  866. Discussing your parent's financial situation (retirement)...
  867. Why is there always complaints about banks and bank fees?
  868. Scotiabank Online GIC Issuer
  869. Clueless, need help!
  870. CIBC new online interface?
  871. will square emv reader be released to canada? thx
  872. TD Visa Infinite - Optional TD Auto Club Membership
  873. please delete thread
  874. POLL: Tangerine breach of contract fees class action suit
  875. TD Aeroplan 2nd Year Annual Fee
  876. how to transfer large amount of $$ ($20k)
  877. Looking for advice
  878. Capital One credit card application declined..
  879. What to do with rrsp from various employers?
  880. How much did it cost you to raise your child?
  881. Capital One Changes to Price Protection Insurance
  882. Co-worker started RRSP in his 20s...now he is in his 50s, but can't retire.
  883. Pension: cash buyback vs. RRSP transfer
  884. Costco 2% cash back combined with any mastercard?
  885. nt
  886. Home appraisal for new build house
  887. Will canceling TD credit card affect my credit history?
  888. Unfair banking - Tangerine's new transfer out fee for registered accounts
  889. Canadian Tire Deceptive Credit Card Practice
  890. Saving Tips - 2025 Year Calendar
  891. mint.ca coin value
  892. used a cibc credit card once, now frozen and wanting documentation sent
  893. ID Theft Protection
  894. Priced out
  895. End of the year TSFA->RRSP shuffle
  896. Online merchant asking for credit card and driving license photocopies
  897. Question about Tangerine online transfer out limit
  898. Authorized Transcation disappeared
  899. MBNA statement for card I cancelled almost two years ago
  900. Life Insurance Premiums
  901. Applying for a new aeroplan visa infinite privilege card (questions? offers?)
  902. Pay off Mortgage or Invest in TFSA
  903. Travel card that allows me to book on any site?
  904. --
  905. mortgage lenders attitude to multi year contract jobs
  906. Canadian Direct Financial: 2% on TFSA deposits.
  907. Ontario Land Transfer Tax Exemption/Rebate
  908. What's the point of buying real estate when you can just inherit?
  909. Mobile cheque deposit is here for PC Financial!
  910. Credit Union vs Tangerine
  911. Can someone explain why interest rates will "inevitably" rise?
  912. First Time Home Buyer Questions.
  913. How will ontario balance the budget?
  914. Low-cost ETFs that really sucked in 2014
  915. Rogers first reward MC
  916. How did you waive your monthly fee on RBC account?
  917. PC Financial Mobile Cheque Deposit Now Available
  918. Sears To End Partnership With JP Morgan Chase by Nov, 2015
  919. Voluntary Delisting
  920. Issue with CRA
  921. Reducing or finding a better Chequing Account
  922. Just because tax season is always right around the corner...
  923. Need help with calculating taxes on selling shares
  924. So many real estate bears on CBC.CA...
  925. Canadian Real Estate Remains Strong while Affordability Improves
  926. Transferring in kind stocks from TFSA & RRSP to RDSP
  927. Help in Mortgage
  928. RBC Collateral Mortgage question(s)
  929. Legal services for small claim court in Montreal
  930. Transfer Limits?
  931. Interfering in relative's financial decisions
  932. What do you do with your US dollars?
  933. Advice, please...
  934. Anyone Actually Pay for MSP Premiums more than 1 month at a Time?
  935. cheque cleared
  936. How to improve credit score?
  937. Visa and Emergency Cash Advance at ATM denied
  938. Incorporated business in the US - Canadian Citizen
  939. Overall investment: picks, allocations, etc
  940. Bank wants me to meet the Financial Planner
  941. Question: TD Wealth - TD Strategic Managed Portfolios
  942. Parking Lot rental
  943. Buying gold 1oz bar?
  944. Bank Deposits Will Soon No Longer Be Considered Money But Paper Investments
  945. Still getting paid by former employer... help needed
  946. Tangerine is the future holy
  947. Should I use my Secured Linie of Credit to payoff my Mortgage?
  948. Some People's Trust, TFSA related investing questions
  949. Bonus into Group RRSP - is it worth it for me?
  950. Buying gas, which brand, which credit card?
  951. CIBC 0% balance transfer 6 month offer
  952. Did anybody receive an ETF credit from "PQOperating" today?
  953. Need advice. Canadian with a Bank of America Savings account.
  954. Tarion.....sending in the forms
  955. Best Savings Account for kids?
  956. Insurance - Long Term Disability
  957. 1 day late CC payment
  958. Working a job where no tax is withheld/cpp/etc withheld - need advice
  959. Credit Card ChargeBack?
  960. Do Mutual Funds have an end date ?
  961. RESP options (with insurance company or bank?)
  962. What happened to the Toronto economy?
  963. RRSP contribution and withdrawal immediately
  964. Scotiacard visa debit doesn't allow Interac Online now
  965. Making money on the side
  966. Where to invest $50K???
  967. Where to invest $70k
  968. Buy bus pass or tickets?
  969. Buying my parents place.
  970. Where to start with saving and investing after college?
  971. Prepaid U.S. Amex in Canada...
  972. Mortgage rate - employee discount
  973. CDF debit card at a merchant in the U.S... Success
  974. How should I invest my money?
  975. Best Low Rate Credit Card
  976. Working abroad and payroll
  977. does it really matter where you home branch is?
  978. BMO Online Banking - not current?
  979. Happy New Year Scotiabank Customers - Your Fees Are Going Up
  980. luxury watch using CC HSBC premier
  981. Does income splitting make spousal RRSP's redundant?
  982. Need help to calculate the cost of buying a place
  983. Home insurance - looking to get three quotes
  984. C1 Costco Platinum vs Cash Platinum
  985. Cancellation Date for Property purchase
  986. Captial One Warning - don't get scammed too.
  987. Capital Gains on Property
  988. Credit bureau inquiry
  989. How to live stingy, but still have fun?
  990. [CIBC] 2% on new deposits in Savings until March 2015
  991. My first OSAP payment is this month!
  992. Employment History from Transunion Canada Credit Report!
  993. Applying for Mortgage Pre-Approval
  994. How Much House Can I Really Afford?
  995. 5% vs 20% down, some questions on which is better
  996. Dilema - Need New MasterCard for Costco
  997. Paying with your wrist
  998. Wire Transfer From Malawi
  999. Opening a Bank Account with a Cheque from a Credit Card?
  1000. How much do you squeeze out of your Credit Cards?