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  1. Good CAD>GBP rate. Going to school in the UK.
  2. Best place to sell gold jewellery in Hamilton?
  3. TD: Rate Cut Likely
  4. I raised my credit score from 441 to 680 in 1yr. For those with credit issues.
  5. another speculation on Tangerine cc very soon?
  6. rental property software
  7. Benefits of Married Vs Common Law (BC)
  8. How come no one complains about socialist sports leagues
  9. When to Buy Euros? Trip to Italy In September
  10. PCF to Tangerine - Not Sufficient Fund
  11. MBNA - Extending Balance Transfer Deadline
  12. DUCA Financial Services - not paying the interest
  13. Help with creating a budget
  14. Mortgage up for renewal How hard is it to take out equity?
  15. Manulife ATMs coming to Mac's
  16. Property Tax and Market Value
  17. Exactly what do financial advisers do?
  18. Amex Gold Rewards vs SimpleCash Preferred
  19. Is finding a good financial advisory luck/research?
  20. Zero Dollar Liability
  21. OSAP, how do to pay back?
  22. Question about estate management
  23. How should I pay for my tuition?
  24. what happens when rate goes up?
  25. Pay off mortgage or invest
  26. Adding a new schedule to tax return
  27. Can Revenue Canada Take Money From Your Bank LOC Too?
  28. Should one get a HELOC with their Mortgage?
  29. Dependents not living in Canada : Tax Advice
  30. Canada Post Pension
  31. MBNA Increasing Balance Transfer Fee to 3% for Promotional Offers!
  32. Negotiation to reestablish original terms of mbna prestige line, upon change notice?
  33. BMO credit card extended warranty question
  34. Canada's economy is NOT in recession
  35. Good deal /investment for triplex
  36. NEW REGULATIONS July 2015: Ontario debt-settlement services + survey
  37. Equifax Email customer service reps useless about Score Summary errors
  38. How old were you when you opened your first bank account? How much did you deposit?
  39. Thinking of Buying my First Home
  40. how many bank accounts under one name can you have?
  41. Fraudulant property for sale listings!
  42. Does Service Canada (EI) Know When You Leave The Country?
  43. Investing over 80+
  44. Closing TD Unlimited acocunt
  45. Best stock trading bank platform
  46. Scotia Amex 20000 points promotion
  47. Canada is already in a recession says Bank of America
  48. Paid commission only
  49. CRA phone scam - indication of identity theft?
  50. TD EasyLine Call Centre
  51. Tangerine 3% interest until November 30 on new deposits
  52. can bank close accounts with no activity?
  53. Best financial aggregate software?
  54. Border taxes on used items bought in the US
  55. Cash gift from corporation
  56. Maternity leave - self employed
  57. Norbert's Gambit for CAD-to-EURO fx - Is it possible?
  58. Scotiabank do credit check for credit limit increase?
  59. Best Mortgage Product from Bank
  60. Parents demanding monthly income
  61. Wha!? 43% of American couples don't know how much their SO makes...
  62. How to contact a Creditor that is a Person with zero Information
  63. Real Estate Plan
  64. How to ride the PC Financial high interest roller coaster..
  65. RRSP or non-registered
  66. Costs of selling house
  67. Where to move money now?
  68. MBNA is same as TD Canada Trust?
  69. Amex churning coming to an end?
  70. Recommend me some money management/investment softwares
  71. I have around 2000 US dollars, currently put in TD bank
  72. DMP & selling/buying house
  73. student line of credit or regular no longer student
  74. CANADIAN TIRE OPTIONS® MASTERCARD® versus MBNA RWE for construction
  75. TD Travel Card changes
  76. Is there a free way to transfer money between CIBC and Coast Capital
  77. Edmonton housing bubble prediction.. by MacBeth
  78. Weighing my options... house, condo or rent?
  79. What are the payment methods for mbna credit cards?
  80. Free money transfering between CIBC and Coast Capital
  81. If you have a fragmented credit file (two files), how do Online equifax accounts work
  82. Any recourse when the Bank suspends your revolving Home Equity Line of Credit?
  83. Canada Escape Plan (If necessary)
  84. Starting to hoard cash ....
  85. Where are the good investment offers (just coming from Duca)?
  86. Equifax Collection Purge
  87. Sunil tulsiani and private investment club?
  88. What's better to do? When buying on eBay...
  89. Say bye bye to the value of my paper money
  90. Getting appraiser to appraise a condo
  91. Are 30 / 35+ years amortization available?
  92. Can you sell your laneway home?
  93. Selling some USD to CAD
  94. LTT and First Time Homebuyers Refund
  95. When to apply for mortgage on new build?
  96. Amex Referral for Gold card - better than just changing old card to it?
  97. Car Finance vs Lease to Buyout
  98. Switching Banking & Primary CC, Keep Existing Credit Card? Impact on Credit Score?
  99. Buckingham renos $292 million; Bank of Canada $650 million
  100. Investment: This seems too obvious/good to be true; what am I missing?
  101. [Help]Bank increase my credit card limit without my consent
  102. Tenant changed his mind
  103. Where are Mortgage rates heading in the next 12 months?
  104. Compare Your Pension to Theirs
  105. BMO World Elite Mastercard, Change From Existing Card & Bookings
  106. Lower Average Age of Accounts - Credit Bureau
  107. Jail time for that Tenant from Hell
  108. Credit card bill paid late...How much credit score hit?
  109. 0% Credit Card Offer... Put money into TFSA until balance due?
  110. What are the advantages of using HBP?
  111. Mortgage free at 45 - 100K other assets
  112. Selling a house privately some questions...
  113. Alberta Rent and security deposit question
  114. Islamic Banking (Any Muslim Personal Finance RFDers here?)
  115. Using an out of province broker/agent to buy a house
  116. Home Insurance in Winnipeg
  117. Federal Public Service Pension - bond market
  118. Scotiabank ran credit check against my file WITHOUT asking
  119. anyone know a good real estate lawyer in vancouver area
  120. Self Employed - when does it make sense to incorporate
  121. Transfer money directly on someone's credit card?
  122. Envision Financial - $50 Referral Bonus
  123. What kind of real estate is the most profitable?
  124. Anyone know anything about the AcceleRate Financial?
  125. Real Estate Commissions
  126. Paying an International Credit card MC
  127. Lease Agreeement
  128. Anyone successfully using TD Mobile Payment with Android?
  129. CMHC when buying brand new
  130. RRSP withdrawals before retirement
  131. Tuition Fees for Income Tax
  132. looking for a new house.
  133. Extra 200k
  134. Intra-family reverse mortgage experience?
  135. Short Term Savings Options
  136. Share PC Financial/Tangerine/ZenBanx Issues
  137. XE or others for converting CAD to USD
  138. Trying to get rid of Tenant who is a major pain in the ***! Please HELP.
  139. Paying a nanny. Is there a guide somewhere?
  140. L.O.C for a po'-girl debt-newbie and student?
  141. My son wants $200k from me to buy a house with his girlfriend?
  142. Can too many soft pulls on Equifax block your credit file, or fragment it?
  143. Estate Administration Tax
  144. Where to park money for 3 months?
  145. Which one of these funds should I invest in?
  146. Any credit card that has 1% cashback on bill payments other than CT
  147. Out-of-province medical insurance from cc
  148. CIBC Infinite Visa Aventura vs TD Visa Infinite vs RBC Avion Infinite vs Scotiabank
  149. Achieva transfert out
  150. Do I need to keep Gas Recipts for Tax Purposes
  151. Transfer OSAP to a different loan?
  152. CRA Account
  153. [Tangerine] Targeted offer: 3% for 6 months on Saving Account
  154. Overpay Credit Card
  155. Where Do Financial Advisors Find Courses for Their Required Proffesional Development?
  156. ICICI Bank Sign-Up Bonus - Up To $250
  157. Advice, How much is piece of mind worth? (Debt vs Cash on Hand)
  158. Anybody tried cardpool.com
  159. Scene Visa vs. Scotia Momentum No Fee Visa
  160. Tangerine fees in the US?
  161. How to transfer funds for interactive brokers?
  162. Currently in Europe, running out of cash...
  163. Best bank that can open several chequing accounts?
  164. Mortgage eligibility questions
  165. First Time Homebuyer, apartment, condo or townhouse?
  166. TFSA and Personal Tax Return
  167. getting data on house listing without a buying agent
  168. Discretional Spending
  169. House about to close - seller not meeting conditions HELP
  170. Switching RRSPs to Another Financial Institution (TD)
  171. Need help optimizing my credit cards
  172. Non-PR/Citizen credit limit increase question [BMO]
  173. Where's the best place to get USD
  174. BMO banking APP - with Touch ID login
  175. Home closing next week!
  176. Question on moving brokerages and where to park money (RBC DI)
  177. Should I put all of savings money into my TFSA ?
  178. New house + 2 rental properties
  179. Are we saving enough money?
  180. Td visa
  181. If past doesn't predict future, why is index investing good?
  182. Tangerine Switch Assistant: Have you used it?
  183. Applying for Mortgage: copies of Credit card statements and tax Assessments
  184. Claiming alimony spouse support payment on tax return
  185. Can I withdraw from RRSP under HBP plan?
  186. BMO Top Performing Portfolio GIC (5yr Term) Any Good?
  187. Claim taxes on tuition fees paid for brother outside Canada
  188. If I Leave a Province (QC) Do I Have to Pay Provincial Taxes?
  189. Need some advice, I have 40K saved up
  190. How does credit card interest work?
  191. Email Money Transfer TD problem. *Solved
  192. Best CC for online services in USD?
  193. Honda Financial Services payments?
  194. Travel Insurance for visitor to Canada
  195. POLL: Has anyone experienced denial of insurance coverage when making a claim?
  196. Anyone else have bad experiences with Scotiabank?
  197. Which B&M bank can apply bank account online? thx
  198. Reasonably priced prenup?
  199. "Moving" a HELOC?
  200. Is 12%+ normal tenant insurance inflation?
  201. New TD Points Terms with TD Infinite Travel card
  202. national bank - heloc - new fee
  203. TFSA maxed - now what, RRSP or Non-Registered?
  204. Settling debt?
  205. Tangerine bank, bad service standards.
  206. [Tangerine] GIC 1 year 2% (YMMV)
  207. Credit Card Hall of Fame - What is the best reward C.C offer ever happened in Canada?
  208. PC financial direct deposit time?
  209. Was this a BS answer from Questrade about funds transfer?
  210. ROI Calculator for Real Estate
  211. Safest way to transfer TFSA funds to another TFSA account
  212. Mortgage lump sum payment at renwal effect on monthly payment?
  213. Advice on real estate timing and Agent recommendation
  214. Recommendations on an accountant/tax expert familiar with Canadians abroad
  215. Is CPI prone to errors?
  216. Desjardins Visa Purchase Protection, questions
  217. Rental Property: New Flooring - Capital Cost Allowance
  218. Home Fire Insurance Policy
  219. Are there any 2% CC on travel bookings
  220. Insurance companies and credit checks
  221. Mortgage Application with New Job any Issues?
  222. car lease vs 0% finance vs cash
  223. Closing new build in Jan/Feb 2018 - sell current dwelling or wait?
  224. how is minimum balance in bank acct calculated?
  225. BMO Mastercard deal at 1.75% cash back BEST deal orrrr?
  226. Starting point for getting corporate tax question answered?
  227. When to get a financial planner or advisor?
  228. Skipping auto insurance for 4 months.
  229. BMO New ATM Scalable Deposit Module (SDM) faster hold?
  230. Accidentally locked into GIC
  231. CAD Dollar Trend for June?
  232. Short term investment for 100k?
  233. What Percent of Availible Money is in Mutual Funds and Stocks?
  234. Couch Potato Model portfolio return difference
  235. Equity in a home?
  236. Debt advice..
  237. Home Reno Financing
  238. Which of the major banks won't charge you a monthly account fee?
  239. Is mobile banking safe?
  240. Who here uses a HELOC and at what rate
  241. Anyone heard of this 'Successful Real Estate Investor' and his seminars
  242. DB pension buy-back
  243. FX Rates
  244. Contractor to Federal employee - advice
  245. Zenbanx offering USD at par on July 1 -$250 max
  246. TANGERINE: Withdraw from US$ account at a Bank of America ATM ?
  247. End of commercial lease
  248. Private banking experiances
  249. Sunlife Massage Claim Denied Due to using Gift card??
  250. Safety Deposit Box
  251. Obtaining unsecured loan for $75k?
  252. Is Tangerine mutual funds the best option for a novice investor?
  253. What to know about home insurance & mortgage insurance?
  254. Severance pay. Is severance consididered "Wage Loss Replacement Plan"
  255. HELOC Question
  256. Delay in receiving payroll with Tangerine ?
  257. National Bank charging $6.00 per sub accounts in All in One product
  258. I'd like to buy a particular house (NOT listed for sale). How to approach?
  259. Where do you find analyst ratings for stocks?
  260. Sheltering Out of Country Asset From Taxes
  261. Divide my savings?
  262. Building equity on minimum wage.
  263. Does asked-for pre-approved cc limit increase affect my score
  264. One year in the USA... how to organize my finances?
  265. RIFF - cashing out after age 71
  266. Gen X Has It Worse
  267. My employer deducted too much tax
  268. Taxes: claiming transit amounts purchased using Presto Card
  269. Canadian Offer - Marriott® Rewards Premier Visa Card -- Marriott 50,000 points offer
  270. TD Water House Exchange Rates
  271. How many of you make it a habit to carry some cash?
  272. desjardins future shop card new tradeline
  273. Paying bills: push or pull?
  274. 80k to invest in two TFSA's - how to do it?
  275. Term Insurance advice -IEEE Group Plan New York Life
  276. Friend Needs to Send Money from St Lucia - Best Way? Paypal?
  277. applying for increase in line of credit?
  278. Real estate lawyer doesn't move utilities?
  279. Did you receive the Ontario GST/HST credit?
  280. PCF vs Tangerine Mutual Funds
  281. Weird/incorrect address showing up on my equifax credit report
  282. Switching Mutual Fund - TSFA
  283. Dumb Question: How To Pay Someone Larger Amount Of Money?
  284. First Time Home Buyer Plan and Unclaimed Contributions
  285. Short-gain / superficial rules for two properties?
  286. Budget/Finance Tracking for those with an expense account
  287. balance requirement of PCF
  288. Open a Tangerine account by July 31, 2015 and get a $25 bonus
  289. Which type of mortage should I prefer?
  290. HBP tax reporting question
  291. Any tax on $ gift from parents?
  292. prepaid credit card
  293. Save on real estate commissions in Metro Vancouver - You can become a Realtor
  294. Costco Capital One C.C Policy
  295. Why Don't More Banks Offer Security Alerts?
  296. Syndicated Mortgage Investment Fixed Annual Rate 9 %
  297. Maxed my TFSA and RRSP
  298. [Poll] Predict Y/Y% House Price Increase in Toronto in May Next Year 2016
  299. how long can you live without a job?
  300. Please help me pay off my debts sooner (smarter)
  301. Certified Cheque or Bank Draft - Tangerine
  302. Any H&D Insurance with NO waiting periods for dental
  303. TD ruins appeal of First Class Travel Visa Infinite Card
  304. Predictions for impact of real estate economy in GVR
  305. Borrow car and CRA expenses
  306. Credit hit when opening a bank account?
  307. Scotia Momentum VISA Infinite denied immediately?
  308. RBC takes ID to DEPOSIT CRA cheque over 10K - joke excuse and says they verify cheque
  309. Personalized Interest Rates Are The Future
  310. Income of middle class and upper middle class
  311. mbna cash reward card - time to move on...
  312. Home prices are supposed to FALL in a well run economy.
  313. Every Day Purchases: Do you use Cash, Debit or Credit?
  314. Dumb Q about transferring TFSA money
  315. Buy and rent condo?
  316. Mailed-in tax return hasn't got assessed?
  317. When calculating capital gains, can we use average annual exchange rate for year?
  318. Thinking of getting a second property
  319. condo owners, how much do you pay for gas on the average?
  320. Income splitting
  321. MBNA Rewards World Elite/Soctia Momentum Infinite Combo
  322. Cheque Fraud?!?!?
  323. Wow! Flexibility of relocation from renting = huge $$$
  324. Advice to buy a second property
  325. Personal Finance Tracking
  326. Personal Finance Rule of thumb
  327. George E. Dube and Peter Cuttini LLP Scam
  328. Why aren't more people taking advantage of TFSA?
  329. Is there a better card than grandfathered Cap 1 Travel Aspire?
  330. self directed tfsa?
  331. Non registered account - taxes?
  332. Maximum Fee Amount For Money Transfer
  333. Industrial Alliance RESP
  334. Scotia Momentum VISA Infinite, cost of trip cancellation insurance?
  335. 300K - pay off mortgage or put it as down payment for another property
  336. Earn back buyer's real estate agent commission - Become an Agent!
  337. Traveling to Canada and need to withdraw US dollars
  338. Canadian Tire Cash Advantage M/C - How to check rewards history
  339. Ever a good time to close CC accounts?
  340. Air Miles & Gold/Onyx Status NOT as good as I initially thought
  341. bitcoin atm
  342. BMO summer promotion 2015 - earn up to $425
  343. CurrencyFair stops accepting Tangerine e-mail transfers
  344. How is how much credit you're given determined?
  345. mint any good for credit monitoring?
  346. Buying first house in fall - should I transfer savings to RRSP for HBP
  347. Already married, is it too late for a prenup?
  348. paying tax and warranty
  349. CRA: Federal Tuition Credits and Foreign Tax Credit
  350. ON bank Account for QC resident?
  351. Wow Props For VISA For Execellent Fraud Customer Service
  352. Bad Credit Rogers activation.
  353. Switching to a credit union in Toronto, what should I know?
  354. First Home Buyer, Which mortgage should I choose?
  355. Which has a better USD to CAD rate, Paypal or Banks?
  356. Advice on owed taxes
  357. Real estate during high inflation, even hyperinflation??
  358. Draw money from checking account using cc
  359. Best Amex Canada Card?
  360. Transfer Tangerine RRSP's to Questrade
  361. Achieva Financial access to Acculink
  362. Visa Debit - Scotia Can't disable this feature on new cards
  363. Bank loan for further studies .. ??
  364. Need first hand experience - condo assignment sale
  365. What are the cons of Tangerine Banking?
  366. Best CC if I already fly for cheap with AC
  367. Cash advance on credit card while traveling
  368. Couch potato investment, and TD e-series queries
  369. Dealing with regret of being priced out of RE?
  370. RE Investors
  371. Automated transfer between two chequing accounts
  372. USD Cheque Deposits to Tangerine?
  373. what is "Retail Interest" on TD visa bill?
  374. How to verify apartment rental not a scam?
  375. ORPP (Ontario pension) open to those outside ON like SPP?
  376. CU available for Quebec residents
  377. Apply for Tangerine CC right away?
  378. BMO CashBack World Elite MasterCard: Unlimited cash back. 1.75 %
  379. Peoples Trust
  380. Keep renting or buy a Condo
  381. TD Credit Card Balance Protection WITHOUT CONSENT
  382. Port & Blend, renew Dec 2015, or cancel and get 2.64% 5-yr fixed?
  383. Canadian Tire Options Mastercard closed my account for no reason
  384. Consumer Proposal - bankruptcy (advice needed)
  385. GTA : Condos - How much can or should you negotiate the price ?
  386. Should I invest my 40K school money in GICs?
  387. Large Cash Amount ----> Bank ------> Student Loans
  388. Buying larger apartment in 5 years - Pay down current mortgage OR save for DP?
  389. Can I cash this cheque?
  390. Which bank for the best bonus sign up bonus?
  391. Purchase offer advice on property with an unknown...
  392. Looking to buy a property as an investment - advice needed
  393. Achieva Financial Savings - Fees for online transfers?
  394. List of CC companies that allows conversion
  395. Best way to use RBC Avion points to Europe??
  396. Why not borrow down payment?
  397. Tenant breaking lease - giving one month notice
  398. Single vs. Common Law for Income Tax
  399. .
  400. Should I rent to them? Low savings tenant.
  401. Fraud on credit card
  402. How would you feel if TFSAs were gone?
  403. RCSS Cashier said she can't accept Expired Superbucks Gas Coupon - Calgary
  404. Info required about Home equity LOC please
  405. Taxes - T5 Ammendment
  406. [SOLVED] Group RRSP transferred into a comingled or regular RRSP w/ same annuitant?
  407. how to contact Equifax
  408. interest charged on 0% RBC balance transfer FEE?
  409. Less Is More: A Case for Concentrated Portfolios (maybe not just for day-trading)
  410. Fee for transferring TFSA money from CIBC to Questrade?
  411. Married w Separate Finances
  412. Why variance?
  413. Need to convert large amount of CAD to USD and send overseas
  414. Need suggestions.
  415. College vs University- the debate
  416. Can Mike Babcock ($50M contract) afford a luxury condo in Toronto?
  417. Which Banks pull from TransUnion only?
  418. Paypass on my Visa card stopped working
  419. Federal Expansion of CPP
  420. Pay OTTAWA property tax and water bills with credit card for points
  421. AMEX Simply Cash VS Blue Sky
  422. Alternatives to paying off osap?
  423. RRSP Early Withdrawal - Leaving Canada
  424. Scotia Momentum Savings Account - Limited time 2%
  425. Strategy for those priced out?
  426. Calculating your personal inflation rate
  427. tenancy question
  428. can i get a better home phone deal with Bell
  429. MPAC Property Assessments way below selling prices
  430. Looking for new Chequing account
  431. Mods lock please
  432. Leveraged investing - which spouse?
  433. Question about appraisal value for a refinance
  434. HELOC and Smith Manoeuvre
  435. Chances Scotia will run down Tangerine?
  436. Online transfer Or Wire Transfer
  437. Buying pre-construction condos
  438. TD Gold Elite Visa or Cash Back Mastercard?
  439. Need advice re: Whole Life insurance or TFSA
  440. Assistance? Take offer or no?
  441. USD Currency Drop And Rise Of Chinese Currency?
  442. Why do renters always feel compelled to question homeowners?
  443. Renegotiate LOC rate with PC Financial ?
  444. Save? invest? pay off mortgage? what to do with money !?
  445. RRSP Transfer-in-kind --> to Spousal RRSP contributor or annuitant account?
  446. Not Happy with NBC new fees starting on 1st July, any recommendations
  447. National Bank World CC promotion
  448. New communities in Klienburg-Nobleton-King Area
  449. Ontario Real Estate Association Listing Agreement
  450. Is it almost always better to max out RRSP prior to TFSA contribution?
  451. CCtb sent to wrong account?
  452. Non-qualified Investment?
  453. Why haven't bank notes kept up with inflation?
  454. At what age/point do you stop "saving" and start investing?
  455. Pre-authorized payments on my credit card
  456. Law student with "dream crushing" debt
  457. Does anyone take Personal Finance threads seriously?
  458. Family Tax Cut - reassessed by the CRA and now owe $2k
  459. Pc Financial cancelled my card automatically
  460. How much does a bank earn for each dollar on deposit?
  461. Which credit card is best to apply for now?
  462. Has anyone used fsbofsbo.ca?
  463. Receiving money from a company and moving it to a persoal brokerage account
  464. RRSP for Home Buyers Plan
  465. Disclosure when selling a condo? (Condensation on windows)
  466. What is a good commission % for a selling agent?
  467. Why did you choose to buy instead of renting?
  468. CPP Posts 18.7% Gain and 75 Year Actuarial Soundness
  469. Mortgage to be qualified by CRA ? Is it True ?
  470. Should I update TD1 forms with my employer?
  471. Mortgage, Line of Credit vs Stock Market
  472. Windsor Real Estate Market?
  473. China's richest man lost $15 billion in one hour
  474. How many Financial Institutes are you with?
  475. Bankruptcy, foreclosure and exodus batter Calgary’s housing market
  476. Personal Cheque Hold Periods
  477. Crowdfunding and Taxes
  478. Can a locked-in RRSP from a lump sum pension payment be claimed on my 2015 tax return
  479. Tax on Winnings for Mayweather-Pacquiao Fight
  480. RRSP exempt from US stock dividends withholding tax?
  481. How much I can negotiate down on rent if I don't report to the CRA?
  482. More taxes for homeowners :D
  483. Appropriate time to get a real estate lawyer?
  484. Transferring self directed RRSP to self directed TFSA
  485. How do you manage ever-changing-date bills?
  486. Which is the better return CC ?
  487. Class 10 vs Class 10.1
  488. What Stock Screeners do you use and which analysts do you follow?
  489. Is insurance settlement money taxable?
  490. super low rate mortgage
  491. CC:Closed by credit grantor ,repair credit question
  492. Did we just hit the peak of the Toronto RE bubble?
  493. TD minimum balance fee question
  494. Taxing income vs Taxing purchases
  495. Notice of Assessment in the mail same as NOA find in CRA online account?
  496. Question about OAS and other possible pension
  497. Mortgage discharge fee (fact check)
  498. Credit rating issue with gym membership.
  499. Choosing a life insurance provider
  500. Room rental question
  501. How does rental income impact you? Will it be negative at 0net change?
  502. Calculating Your Marginal Tax Rate
  503. Recommend Credit Card with signup bonus Aeroplan Miles
  504. Telus Visa
  505. What is the best no fee cash back credit card?
  506. Can I do a cc switch with Scotia?
  507. Taxes - Worked in Quebec, Lived in Ontario
  508. Supplementary card of National Bank is no longer free
  509. Lets talk gold jewelry; a way to hold value.
  510. Non-residency status & moving to Asia - What to do with my properties?
  511. Is it good to close my recent cc
  512. Is Purchasing a Home an Investment?
  513. Require assistance with buying property first time?
  514. Selling my home
  515. Home property Tax on Income Tax
  516. When to Buy a House?
  517. How much home would you buy if you were this person
  518. Inactive Credit Card -- Cancel or Keep
  519. 10 K Cash - Should I pay towards mortgage or invest in ETF?
  520. CIBC $300 Cash Back Offer for Opening Unlimited Chequing Account
  521. Debt Settlement
  522. CIBC raising my interest rates?
  523. please delete :)
  524. If I have a credit on my credit card can I take a cash advance for free?
  525. Need an advice.How to invest such a big amount
  526. Best way to save for a downpayment for mortgage?
  527. Funding a Renovation
  528. Rent or buy? If even possible...
  529. Am I saving enough?
  530. [Ontario] Group Home and Auto Insurance besides TD Meloche Monnex
  531. Income Property - Toronto Condo
  532. Should I combine Student LOC and Gov't Loan?
  533. Bmo 1% cashback mastercard
  534. two credit cards, same account, same name
  535. Can you open an ING direct account (via referral) with a cheque that isn't yours?
  536. Secured Credit Card Collections?
  537. Taxes on bonus / evaluating job offer
  538. Online credit card fraud question
  539. Bank West / Zag Bank
  540. Changing ownership % at mortgage renewal fees involved?
  541. Anyone used their TD Line of Credit ( LOC ) as a chequing account?
  542. E-banking
  543. Which Bank To Go With?
  544. When Realtors Go Wrong: BC Real Estate Watchdog useless it is claimed
  545. MSP Premiums
  546. finally a a real estate hotspot in the Maritimes!
  547. Pre-Authorized Payments and Tangerine Savings Account
  548. High-income Canadians using cash the least
  549. Vancouver property is highly speculative by foreign investors - Top Money Manager
  550. Canadian Economy - A Fear of Change
  551. Any experience with Sears Financial Voyage MasterCard?
  552. Peer to Peer Lending in Canada - Grouplend & Borrowell
  553. Significant savings, a house and heading back to school
  554. Home Prices Stall in April
  555. estate money confusion
  556. 22% of CRA employees fell for email phishing scam in test
  557. Credit Limit increase : Is there hard credit check?
  558. Credit Report Inquiry
  559. Where to invest within TFSA room?
  560. CCP Investment/Rebalancing Calculator
  561. Horrible credit score, statute of limitations, and repairing it all
  562. $450k for a 3000 sq ft detached house on a 50 ft lot in Paris, Ontario. Good deal?
  563. How to take advantage of MBNA Balance Transfer
  564. Credit Card with travel insurance over 20 days
  565. At what age do you plan to retire?
  566. Mortgage: Variable or Fixe - Which should i choose?
  567. I got a credit report, but I can't find the credit score?
  568. Moving Out - Afraid I am headed for disaster
  569. How to get euros in Europe
  570. Self-Directed RRSP without withdrawal fee
  571. Safety Deposit Box
  572. RRSP: Mutual Funds vs GIC
  573. What does 'Your 2015 RRSP deduction limit' mean in CRA website?
  574. Bitgold - interesting new startup
  575. Switch RBC Visa Gold to RBC Master Card
  576. Pre-Approved Credit Card offers
  577. Priceline currency for Canadian hotles
  578. First Credit Card Help [Student]
  579. This won't look good for Trudeau: New stats show TFSAs not just for the rich...
  580. Desjardins (Gatineau, Qc) offering 1.34 Mortgage rates
  581. pay off mortgage or invest?
  582. tracking finances
  583. need 2 make adjustment/ammendment on income tax return should I go 2 same accountant?
  584. can't delete message
  585. Capital gain- tax question
  586. Has anyone been pre-assessed by CRA?
  587. Paypal: can't link bank account
  588. dfgdfg
  589. How long does it take for money to bounce back from a closed chequing account?
  590. Apartment Hunting Tips
  591. Non resident Mortgage
  592. House Rich Cash Poor
  593. Line of Credit at 4.85% as Backup Emergency Fund while Paying Last Student Loan
  594. No income how can i get mortgage?
  595. Port a Mortgage: Can I do it?
  596. Venting at personal financial situation when it comes to buying a new property in GTA
  597. Is this possible? home equity
  598. Help with UFile
  599. Home appraisals vs true worth..
  600. CRA vs IRS - the race is on!
  601. Certified Cash Flow Specialist
  602. House Bidding War: how can you even win this?
  603. How long does CRA take to refund overpayments?
  604. Toronto: How much money should you have in your bank account before you move out?
  605. 27m, need advice for RRSP
  606. Self-employed
  607. Aeroplan vs air miles reward flight
  608. Self-Employed Business Expenses!
  609. Whats your gross income, Age and occupation?
  610. suggestion for bank account for children
  611. House Closing issue
  612. Trouble getting Tangerine promo bonus?
  613. RBC Photo Cheque Deposit is here
  614. TFSA with credit card?
  615. Is real estate overpriced on the outskirts of the gta?
  616. Advice needed - Mortgage renewal, help!! Thank you!
  617. Credit score clarification?
  618. 95% Mortgages
  619. brokerage offering less intrustive TFSA application?
  620. Duca Collabria Visa
  621. Real Estate vs TFSA vs Leveraged Non Registered?
  622. Advice on tenant problem
  623. How do you create a link between PCF and an external account?
  624. How much debt (Mess) are you owing?
  625. I make $14,000 a year and keep getting pre-approved LOC offers from different banks
  626. Last month rent deposit and HST (Ontario)
  627. Transferring Amex to Canada, bad credit here
  628. Mortgage - What are the negatives of not going with a large bank?
  629. contractor tax deductible
  630. Montreal, QC Mortgage of 333k with low saving?
  631. paying a nanny. how to calculate wages?
  632. What would you do
  633. Starting TFSA Contributions
  634. How much money do you spend on Credit Cards?
  635. Pre-approved mortgage expired... next step
  636. Is it possible to get a loan from OSAP with an existing unpaid loan?
  637. Help with base rates and interest rates on a Line of Credit
  638. Are there 2 currency exhange charges if I pay $Euro with my canadian credit card?
  639. Looking for good Visa Credit card with cash back
  640. Advisable to use a single RE agent to sell current home and buy another?
  641. transfer money from usa to canada ?
  642. What is a GST number?
  643. Tax consequences of withdrawing international pension/profit sharing
  644. 401k to IRA/RRSP as Canadian resident
  645. HST - how to switch to yearly / annual payments?
  646. [Real Estate] How to spot and walk away from phantom / shill bids?
  647. What should I do? Leave RRSP with the bank or transfer to work?
  648. Are moving expenses allowed when you are incorporated?
  649. Realtor cashback
  650. Need advice with investing a reasonably large amount of money
  651. Avoiding PST when purchasing goods out of province?
  652. Best First Credit Card?
  653. Whats the best bank to open an account with?
  654. TD is asking for my student audit for a student LOC - Normal?
  655. Smart to use HELOC to buy a new car?
  656. Mortgage renewal with lower rate and penalty ?
  657. Westjet credit card
  658. Liberal's plan to reduce tax rate for $44,701 and $89,401
  659. GTA records highest home sales on record for month of April
  660. RBC Visa Debit - 2 of the same adjustments?
  661. Pay Sears MC Balance with GC?
  662. RESP IN Montreal(or QC)
  663. How to Minimize Investment Returns - Warren Buffett letter to shareholders 2005
  664. CRA Payment To Be Counted On Time
  665. Credit limit increase from Amex
  666. TD Canada Cross Border pracitces
  667. How much do you spend on groceries?
  668. The Capital One Aspire Travel CC switch
  669. Is it free to transfer TFSA from CIBC to PCF?
  670. Inflation - How Does it Work?
  671. Lost C.C
  672. If your home was underwater, would you walk away from the mortgage?
  673. Downgrading credit card
  674. TD’s $300 billion man moves away from the stock market
  675. Fee for paying for loans (RBC)?
  676. How to buy US currency with tangerine without cafe access?
  677. Selling New Townhouse – best scenario to optimize taxes.
  678. Site that has sold information for houses
  679. Opening a new Tangerine account
  680. looking for a good personal bank account
  681. Secured funds release TD VISA
  682. Agent use when renting
  683. Purchasing a new house
  684. How do TD's travel rewards credit cards work?
  685. Tax Filing Question
  686. HISA v Tangerine Fund for 3-5 years.
  687. Help- Clarifications on distributions/dividends on mutual fund and how much ive made?
  688. Capital gains on mutual fund withdrawal
  689. How much do you spend on travel a year?
  690. Anyone that offers what TD does in regards to all inclusive?
  691. Tax: Dedcuting Carrying charges and interest expenses question
  692. How To You Sell Your Home On Your Own?
  693. Switching from RBC
  694. Employed or self-employed ?
  695. Mobile Homes
  696. Pre-Construction Condo Questions
  697. Tax Filing Quetion.
  698. "Sold" listings information for downtown Toronto condos
  699. Capital One Mastercard Prime + 0.9%
  700. Should I break my mortgage or port and increase?
  701. Business account
  702. National Bank GIC 60months 2.25% (Qc only?)
  703. Tangerine Investment Fund for RRSP?
  704. How is Tangerine interest calculcated?
  705. RBC raises rates
  706. Questrade IQ portfolio TFSA?
  707. Mortgage Pre-Approved but employment changed
  708. Flipping pre-construction condo and CRA
  709. Correcting name error on Equifax
  710. I want to leave TD bank PLEASE HELP
  711. Canada Top Banks?
  712. The true way of using RESP
  713. Conversion fee for international ATM withdrawal?
  714. Under 25 + Car Loan?
  715. TFSA contribution room
  716. TD ask 500$ one time fee for home insurance
  717. TD opportunity for short-term investing?
  718. Income tax form T1135 for year 2013
  719. BMO Premier Plan?
  720. Capital Gains when your primary residence becomes an investment property
  721. The definitive say in whether the risk of a correction in Vancouver is low or not.
  722. For those that have an issue/problem/etc with RBC but hate calling on the phone -
  723. Is it worth keeping old credit cards open?
  724. Toronto is 'hottest' city in the world for RE for the rich
  725. What makes Toronto housing market different?
  726. Peoples trust TFSA Saving dropping to 2,25% effective tomorrow
  727. The DEFINITIVE RE vs Stocks discussion! (Including calculations)
  728. Free cheques?
  729. HISA v Investments for TFSA?
  730. What are you doing with your tax refund?
  731. TO RE Agents Make $1000 per hour, but it's OK because it is harder to buy a home
  732. RBC Ipad Mini 2 promo - April 30 to June 15th New customers only
  733. Would issuers reject a credit card application due to extremely low utilization?
  734. Change the home owner within the family
  735. CPP and EI on Capital Gains/Dividends?
  736. BMO customers about to see monthly banking fees go up
  737. Credit Card with car rental insurance
  738. TFSA Investing Accounts
  739. How long does it take to get a credit report?
  740. Metro Vancouver's living wage rises to $20.68 per hour (April 2015)
  741. Question about Debt Consolidation Loan Approval
  742. Where public elementary school fees/expenses goes on tax filing.
  743. Got rejected from last 5 credit card applications...help!
  744. I live in Quebec but work in Ontario, how to file taxes if i don't get a RL-1?
  745. Can someone explain to me how leveraging to buy an overpriced house is less risky..
  746. 12months on a secured capital one credit card
  747. For people that have the funny idea that interest rates will go up, lock in cheaply
  748. Moving stock into TFSA; which price to use for reporting capital gains?
  749. owe money to CRA (income tax) when is the deadline to pay it? they didn't tell me
  750. Question About Claiming Moving Expenses
  751. How would you transfer money in this situation?
  752. Suspicious email from CRA (Gov't tax people) - real or fake?
  753. What type of "average" people are buying 1.05 million "average" detached bungalows?
  754. Equifax score decreases quickly
  755. First time home buyers tax credit - when to claim it?
  756. :( .. I owe them this year ..
  757. LF: The best option to save 80k for a year
  758. Filing after tax deadline
  759. update: Jerk Move in Closing - Advice sought
  760. Depositing USD cheque in PC account
  761. employers obligated to comply with TD1?
  762. where can i convert USD to CAD
  763. CRA 2015 tax filing deadline extended to May 5, 2015
  764. Can One Transfer Capital Gains to Spouse?
  765. I Messed up Contribtution RRSP - Advice to Rectify?
  766. Missing information on T4 - Contracting Work
  767. App to file receipts
  768. Tax Program - Business and Real Estate Rental
  769. Can Link BMO & PC Financial?
  770. Studio tax filing T1135 error with the date
  771. CRA Small Business Visit
  772. House or car? New or used car?
  773. Turbotax - entering business losses
  774. How to Pay Quebec Taxes From Td account?
  775. Stock Splits Showing as T5 Investment Income?
  776. Good place to do tax return in Etobicoke
  777. 1k draw towards morgage
  778. Pay off OSAP vs Invest?
  779. Anyone use Equifax's Webdetect?
  780. Transfer from Non-Reg to TFSA
  781. Studio Tax does not prorate fed non-refundable tax credit
  782. Are Peer Lenders In Canada Safe?
  783. Investment property insurance recommendation?
  784. question on studio tax t2125 error-tax shelter number
  785. Motor Vehicle Deductions - Shared car? What form to use?
  786. Effect of Line 323 on Lines 405 and 426 (Federal Tax Credit on Non-Refundable Tax
  787. Filing a simple tax return, who/what to use?
  788. question about capital losses from prior years
  789. Opening a Questrade account
  790. Help paying off my parents monthly mortgage!
  791. Tuition Tax Credits Refundable?
  792. As of July 1, CIBC Credit Cards cannot be used to receive credits for Online Gambling
  793. Where to start? (Saving/Paying Debt)
  794. Filing for self-employed waitering?
  795. CCA and Class 10.1 Motor Vehicles
  796. Tax Advice - Disabled Dependants
  797. Tax Question
  798. First time homebuyer question. Gf has used hers I have not.
  799. EI Question
  800. Transferring money between banks
  801. Mutual fund MER calculation - this can't be correct?
  802. Auto Financing Criteria
  803. Tax Filing 2014 - New to Canada - First Tax Return
  804. Mortgage: UCCB/CCTB count toward income?
  805. What to do with USD income?
  806. Selling Financed Car - Upside down
  807. Collectively Speaking, who Is The Breadwinner in you Culture?
  808. TDWaterhouse Online
  809. Capital One Aspire Miles Redemption
  810. What benefits left for Amex Plat?
  811. project to buy within the next few months - how much can I afford?
  812. where to Exchange USD to CAD for cheapest transaction fee?
  813. Cashing out Your Pension
  814. Setting up a will and power of attorney
  815. Self employed tax
  816. Tangerine Transfers
  817. Amex Air Miles Reserve Credit Card
  818. Balance transfer - does it make sense?
  819. `
  820. Credit Limit
  821. How do you pay the government for tax returns?
  822. Segmenting mortgage
  823. How can you make any money renting condos?
  824. Multi generation Canadians to blame for home prices
  825. Safeway Cash Discount
  826. Help me figure out the interest on this loan according to these terms
  827. opening a business
  828. Switching credit card version with same creditor?
  829. Non-Resident Spouse Tax?
  830. stocks divdend on tax return
  831. Which Credit card should I accept?
  832. Can I claim tools as part of my medical expenses?
  833. how long in the job before applying for mortgage
  834. Calculate the Interest Rate the Banks are Actually Paying You
  835. Renting out basement a bad idea? (tax related)
  836. First time to make taxes report
  837. ELI5 - Income splitting?
  838. Moving expenses
  839. StudioTax Question
  840. Inquiry on paying back loan?
  841. What would you do with 60K if you were 60
  842. Switching from Scotiabank to Tangerine?
  843. Software Engineering Corporation (Professional vs Non Professional)
  844. US Resident Filing Return in Canada re: liquidated RRSP
  845. Home owners can't afford to save, study finds.
  846. Complaint against Insurance Agent
  847. applying for pension for my father - what do I need to know?
  848. tax question 2015 year
  849. Purchase of a home & tax incentives
  850. 2015 Federal Budget
  851. best option to fix this
  852. No fee debit card with cash rebates.
  853. Customs rules and regulation for gifts
  854. Changing CAD to USD
  855. Tangerine's "free" Email Money Transfer
  856. Does an Employee Pension Plan affect RRSP contribution room?
  857. Alert from C1 Costco cc
  858. Can't afford my car anymore
  859. TD E-series portfolio
  860. New CIBC and Telus Co-Branded VISA card
  861. CDN PayPal account w/ an additional U.S. Address
  862. Investment choices for people who can't accept interest?
  863. why are all mortgage calculators completely useless?
  864. Johnny Cash 24 Hour Money Machines
  865. Are all credit cards the same outside of the "fine print?"
  866. Real Estate, open bid/offer system?
  867. Lots of much debt --- need advice
  868. Credit Cards in Canada that increase the warranty of an electronic by 1 year?
  869. Did you get cash back/rebate from your buyer's agent?
  870. Manitoba Credit Union Savings account - Dividend payments
  871. Stock Advisor fees on Line 221
  872. TurboTax online vs software
  873. Would you take a 15-20% pay cut?
  874. Money Transfer
  875. Netfile income taxes but owe money?
  876. PCF/Tangerine vs Credit Union or Big Bank?
  877. Should I claim basic personal amount in TD1 or TD1ON ?
  878. RBC/H&R Block Tax Software Offer
  879. RRSPs to Bring Net Income down to Zero?
  880. Who determine the price of pre-built houses?
  881. Lies of Realtors
  882. The Entitled
  883. Bank Login/Password
  884. tax return how much you pay your accountant?
  885. Condo Deed
  886. Can you explain to me why building new home is more expensive than buying old?
  887. Where can I sell a gold coin for decent price?
  888. Tangerine RRSP/TFSA Mutual fund distribution once per year... ?
  889. Does CRA report late payments to credit buraues?
  890. Novex / Intact for Home Insurance
  891. CC Number
  892. IB offers commision free mutual funds now
  893. good software for daily trader... stocks
  894. Mortgage Rate
  895. GIC 5 YR = 2.25% from NBC, worth it?
  896. Quick RRSP Question (Notice of Assessment)
  897. Does it make sense to have multiple TFSAs?
  898. tangerine mutual funds for short term?
  899. Which software supports section 20(12) foreign tax deduction?
  900. Walking away from a Car Loan
  901. Avoiding bank monthly fees
  902. Any Canadians In California
  903. TD Easyweb, is there an algorithm behind it?
  904. Unsecured CC post-bankruptcy
  905. Looking for a new bank
  906. CRA Notice of Assessment
  907. Can I login to Scotia without debit card?
  908. Do credit unions operate on fractional reserve?
  909. How much do businesses pay on credit card transactions?
  910. RE Bubble Strategy: Cash out now and rent 'til the bubble pops?
  911. Income Tax Adjustment for RRSPs
  912. How much mortgage on my salary
  913. Credit went down (No new dept, no late payments, no credit inquiries)
  914. Right of survivorship - bank joint accounts
  915. cbv and telus bill!
  916. Reputable Property Management for Condos in Toronto
  917. Amex Simply Cash card 5% rebate ending soon?
  918. Prepaid USD credit card here in Canada with no to low monthly fee?
  919. Credit report - closed account still reporting
  920. CRA or scammer?
  921. [solved] TTC Monthly Pass vs. Presto Card (incl Federal Tax Credit)
  922. Fixed mortgage offer from BMO
  923. Taxes: how to convert a trade that happened on a bank holiday?
  924. Maximum I can afford on $65,000 salary?
  925. Thinking about selling and buying a pre-construction build - Feedback Welcomed!
  926. Why no tax return for me this yr?
  927. Staples Storing Credit Card Information
  928. Why do people here dislike real estate agents so much?
  929. Rebuilding Credit
  930. Share Transfers between brokers (to Questrade)
  931. Pre-approved Scotiabank bank Credit card
  932. When to take CPP - 2015 Formula
  933. Should I insure my home for more than its worth?
  934. CRA - Travel expenses
  935. Decsion to buy a luxury car
  936. Newly married & expecting : help needed - car, house buying
  937. Do you have foreign property? Don't forget to file form T1135
  938. Applying for financing for appliances after mortgage approved
  939. PC Financial is slow to deposit money
  940. Personal Finance nice youtube videos by Preet Banerjee
  941. HELOC and interest deductibility
  942. Will same year RRSP contribution and withdrawal come out a wash?
  943. TD insurance
  944. Avios vs Aeroplan
  945. Condo with or without a parking spot
  946. Switching credit cards at the same bank
  947. Are you Maria Sopov? If so TD Bank has been sending me your statements for 2 years!
  948. Will performing an online tax return adjustment almost always trigger an audit?
  949. Salary on $145,000 mortgage
  950. Need help. Never had an RSP before.
  951. How much SHOULD real estate by priced in Canada/Toronto?
  952. Claiming TTC tokens in tax return?
  953. Equifax Report
  954. Should I stop accepting credit limit increases?
  955. Splitting Commission With Buying Agent
  956. Override Capital Gain subtotal in Sch.#3 (StudioTax)
  957. First time Home Buyer one property for each Spouse
  958. RRSP Carry Forward Question
  959. Home Buyers' Tax Credit (HBTC)
  960. Stuck with CIBC 2.99% on 5 yrs fixed.. please advise
  961. Canadian Tire Bank (CTFS) Online Banking Problem
  962. T776 on pure rental properties - what are people doing?
  963. Buying in Cobourg area?
  964. Close CIBC account in favor of Tangerine
  965. How is Chase with converting / downgrading cards - like RBC?
  966. What does this message mean in my credit report?
  967. Why Do People Worry About Credit Scores
  968. Signing income tax papers
  969. Maxing out the "bonus" cap on my cash-back credit card...
  970. What ETF's do you hold and where?
  971. Why you should love American Express if you ever plan to live abroad
  972. Best trading platform to automate trades?
  973. Lower real estate commissions! - Competition Bureau sues CREA & TREB yet gain! - Yay!
  974. How many Point do you lose off your credit score for a cel being sent to collections?
  975. When you redeem your TFSA mutual funds from TD, where does that money go?
  976. Moving RRSP from TD to TD Waterhouse
  977. Online money remittance
  978. first time buying home.. so depressing
  979. Would such transactions increase my chances to be audited?
  980. CC Denied Application
  981. Auto financing - 3 year vs 5 paying the same monthly rate and Heloc questions
  982. Help with tax filing for business (T2125)
  983. Experience with no fee bank accounts?
  984. Consolidating a USD denominated loan
  985. Costco US teams up with Visa
  986. AMEX Upgrades
  987. How much of Presto card payments can I claim on taxes?
  988. Have not been filing taxes since 2007
  989. Proposed Change to the Act governing Real Estate Agent Listing Commission
  990. 1.49% fixed rate mortgage - lowest EVER!
  991. Borrowing to invest
  992. Question about TFSA
  993. Have not been filing taxes since 2007
  994. Pension Tax Credit
  995. Best way to short Canadian real estate medium term
  996. Collections agency called me...
  997. CIBC Mutual Funds
  998. Wiring CAD to Spain
  999. Entry price point of luxury buyers in Vancouver is $800,000 + $400,000 in Montreal
  1000. need advices to borrow money