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  1. Post your warranty/RMA experiences
  2. [Merged] Reminder! Code of Practice: Scanner Price Accuracy
  3. Refunds for Defective Products: Consumer Protection Laws in Ontario
  4. Do NOT create threads requesting deals within this forum!
  5. Potential New Costco Member
  6. Sign this Petition to let Amazon Canada know to stop using Intelcom Courrier!
  7. how to get Amazon (US) credit card without US address?
  8. Best place to buy bulk Nuts and almonds?
  9. PC Optimum Discussion Thread (formerly PC Plus)
  10. Buying item from China with "Free shipping" or separate shipping, difference in duties?
  11. AirMiles (2018 General Discussion)
  12. unwanted double order from EBay
  13. do you know if price matching, thebay give 10% discount of price difference
  14. and customs/import/brokerage charges
  15. iPhone XS Purchase Outright Deals Anywhere?
  16. Costco TV Shipping SameDay Worldwide
  17. Question about Home Depot price match
  18. Mail Processing at Canada Customs SLOW?
  19. What do you say to politely and firmly decline a Best Buy sale associate's insistence that you buy a Protection Plan?
  20. no longer offering one day shipping or weekend delivery?
  21. Security Breach at
  22. Looking for Festival Eggnog
  23. Have questions about diamonds and engagement rings, ASK ME ANYTHING...
  24. PC Insiders Paid Membership - $99 per year / $9.99 per month
  25. Sameday or One day delivery issues
  26. Warranty protection as a 2nd buyer?
  27. Does Canada Post work 24/7 behind the scenes ?
  28. Random Walmart charge for $50 (possible Fallout 76 charge or card compromised?)
  29. Wrong clearance item shipped
  30. Anyone try CrossBorderPickup?
  31. Telus Support Sucks!!!
  32. Hudson Bay Tax % difference during returns
  33. - Inventory Checker tool for Walmart/CanadianTire B&M stores
  34. Any sale on System JO H2O Water Based(16oz)?
  35. Anyone received Cheque this time?
  36. Returning a "pre order" game at Walmart
  37. [SCAM] BE WARN of Just Energy, Energy Savings, Elecricity and Gas Retailer !!!!
  38. How do you deal with "lowballers"?
  39. Kijiji Scammers and General Idiots
  40. Order Dyson V7 From the Bay, and get cancelled for no reason!?
  41. Dual Sim/Two Phones?
  42. Walmart changed their milk from Dairyland to Lucerne
  43. I Am Done With FourDollarAma (Dollarama)
  44. what's up with walmart early deals? pricing confusing.
  45. How far are you willing to travel in America for deals on Black Friday?
  46. 3,000 Pc Points For Good North Frozen Dessert
  47. Angry and rude UPS driver
  48. Fun thread: Post stuff that you miss, that is now either discontinued or hard to get.
  49. CRT Class Action Canada
  50. Horrible experience from Dell - Seagate 2TB HDD
  51. shipping via Loomis, tracking not updated
  52. Does anyone else get short changed by Cash back missing.
  53. Mike Holmes Inspections - BEWARE
  54. Using the Walmart Canada API to get inventory counts
  55. PC Optimum - Offers List (2018)
  56. How and where to buy a good telescope
  57. Amazon Prime express shipping not displayed(Newfoundland question)
  58. Do you think Amazon Prime is worth getting?
  59. Anyone have issues with Canada Post complaints?
  60. Shoppers Drug Mart 20x Points
  61. Bestbuy online price match
  62. 11.11 Asian Portals Deals - Share your findings
  63. Why Costco have very few varieties of products?
  64. Best 5 year fixed/variable mortgage rate right now?
  65. Any way to watch CTV National News without a tv subscription? Paid or free?
  66. Dynamex for Could drunken monkeys do a better job?
  67. AliExpress Shipping experience for Canadians
  68. Did I get a good deal? Hisense 65H9908 $1298
  69. Amazon deleting product reviews and banning?
  70. Google Home Hub
  71. Canadian Tire road side assistance
  72. canada post delay ?
  73. Wayfair Price History/Tracker
  74. Does anybody else feel that "Black Friday" hype is overblown?
  75. Does Walmart store Price match
  76. Duties/taxes on books from U.K.?
  77. disappointing
  78. Shopping as an escape
  79. 75" + TV Set Discussion
  80. Starbucks - Visa
  81. The Shopping Channel Order Question ( Only PPL who shop there please!)
  82. Do you think Nintendo Switch will go on sale Black Friday?
  83. Winter Car Tire Changing - recommendations for East Markham
  84. Ikea Canada's Sell-Back Service Will Buy Your Gently Used Furniture Back
  85. Ikea vs JYSK?
  86. Black Friday TV Buying
  87. Fake Amazon Sales
  88. Are weber grills still worth it now that they are being made in China?
  89. IKEA Canada Launches 365 Day Returns
  90. Bombay Company Going Out Of Business ice cold!!
  91. Any info on Canadian tire 10% off gift cards?
  92. Costco Return Mailed Back To MyHouse
  93. Help! Not receiving refund from Hudson the Bay online order!
  94. Television with individual aspect settings for ota tuner (ATSC) exist?
  95. Samsung TV's mostly removed from
  96. LOST Cash Back from DELL purchases?? SHOCKED!!
  97. I've paid on Kijiji - seller wants to refund and not release item
  98. Esso + Couche-Tard: Getting PC Optimum or CAA?
  99. Anyone also received the delayed delivery email for apple Watch ordered on the source?
  100. Is Leon's negotiable?
  101. Cherry Coke Availability 2018 (24-pack, cans, 355ml)
  102. Rona may be going out of business | Lowe's To Close Underperforming Stores
  103. Any reviews
  104. What’s the real reason Costco employees check receipts at the exit?
  105. Easiest/cheapest way to prevent Aeroplan miles from expiring?
  106. *** WARNING - RANT POST *** Purolator: Address correction - no entry code
  107. Shoppers Drug Mart Optimum Points Optimizer/Calculator
  108. Walmart Canada Pre-Order Shipping Policies
  109. Men's Winter jacket's at Costco in GTA
  110. Is there a reason for the recent dip in cell phone plan costs?
  111. LF: Good dry cleaner in Vancouver
  112. Timing of purchase from
  113. best price for concert Tickets?
  114. Pc points at the Superstore!
  115. Loblaw admits to bread price-fixing for more than 14 years - Offering $25 gift card as compensation (now live)
  116. TrueSTEAM Humidifier Canadian Class Action - requires proof
  117. Tech 1 Mobile Battery Packs @ Dollarama
  118. Another Retailer With An 11/11 Sale
  119. ##### Free US Shipping with No minimum starting Now #####
  120. how to shop on and
  121. Best bargain shopping in toronto/mississauga-
  122. Help me understand Freshco's price match policy
  123. Parcel forwarding service from us?
  124. Empty mall north of Calgary postpones Grand Opening
  125. Canada customs charged custom taxes on returned merchandise through Canada Post
  126. NVidia Shield - Pro or no Pro
  127. Vision Electronics?
  128. Any problems with Carrytel / Hitron CGN3 modems ?
  129. Shoppers and soft drinks
  130. Esso Extra or PC Optimum at Esso?
  131. Which courier is by far the worst in Canada?
  132. Lyft - Goodbye, Split Payment
  133. No PS4Pro BlackFriday Deals?
  134. Last Minute Hotel - Weekend
  135. Is the 15% off indigo at SDM still going?
  136. Amazon delivery?
  137. Canpar Delivery Hours
  138. Walmart Eliminating Weekly Flyers
  139. Looking for 150-200 "equivalent" Light Bulbs Online.
  140. When is the next bonus Canadian Tire money day?
  141. Anyone else tired of this Canada Post rotating strike?
  142. Has anyone ordered stuff from Harbor Freight shipping to Canada
  143. Any experience with Swiftronics Canada? Planning to get Huawei Mate 20 Lite
  144. BlackFriday is close. What would be your best tip?
  145. Chinese variety retailer MINISO, which positions itself as a ‘Japanese lifestyle brand’, aggressive Canadian expansion
  146. PSA: Reminder - final Reward Zone coupons expire tomorrow Nov 07
  147. Rogers 500mb for 35$ (poison laced with honey?)
  148. Ikea return policy
  149. Advice on Electric range
  150. Online Canadian Stores to sell Miniatures, or Trading Cards
  151. Amazon Subscribe & Save Deleted Product - No notification and Glitch
  152. H&M return fee bypass.
  153. Lootcrate Warning
  154. Anyone buy from ASOS recently? Were you charged any duty or import taxes?
  155. Rogers 4K channels - illusion we should not tolerate
  156. Winners charging for plastic bags at select locations
  157. "Earn with Drop" New Loyalty App
  158. What is with Costco's large item shipping? Do they hate money??
  159. Returning Headphones From BestBuy
  160. When Is a good time check "Hot Deal" section?
  161. apple care plus question
  162. London Drugs Refusing To Price Match
  163. Buying Nest thermostat on Kijiji
  164. Nestlé WHOOPS
  165. Best Buy 2018 Black Friday?
  166. Amazon fake Reviews
  167. Reward Zone End of Program Points Topup (YMMV)
  168. RCSS (Dufferin & Steels) - Improper handling of raw meat
  169. Another example of ridiculous eco fees (BC)
  170. Ikea Bedroom Event Frequency
  171. Round up at purchase, round down at refund
  172. Purolator sucks
  173. Casual refund CBSA import form lost by the officers?
  174. EBGAMES 2018 Black Friday Sale Predictions
  175. Haier vs Samsung/LG Appliances
  176. Staples no way to postpone pickup.
  177. Amazon Warehouse Deals 25% price increase
  178. Danier Factory Outlets Toronto?
  179. MIA Mail in Rebates
  180. 7 signs you’ve gone from frugal to cheap
  181. Phantom Wireless Charger- Iphone/Android
  182. Lowes/Rona to close 31 Canadian locations by Feb 1, 2019 (list of locations inside)
  183. Anyone tried
  184. Toilet Paper Calculation Thread
  185. Value of Time vs Air Miles
  186. Wife wants a hair dryer...
  187. Anyone use
  189. Solved: Shell Airmiles Car Wash Certificates - No Longer Valid?
  190. hacked?
  191. Food basics price difference between Mississauga & Burlington
  192. Geoffery's Toy box lives! (USA)
  193. Canadian Tire's Triangle Rewards Discussion Thread
  194. Best Buy holiday return policy now in effect?
  195. UPS Class action lawsuit
  196. Import Fees Deposit Increase?
  197. CANADIAN CRT CLASS ACTION - No Receipt Required
  198. Is it possible to make eBay charge in USD instead of CAD?
  199. The Source Is Now Forcing "Best Match"
  200. L.L. Bean looks to Canada [MEC, HBC, et al] to boost sales
  201. Price matching at self checkout
  202. Ebay - Item from China never arrive
  203. Bell products?
  204. Lowes - Any Price Guarantee seeing how BF is coming up?
  205. Why does kijiji suck now?
  206. Which American outlets to shop at?
  207. Will the drop app work with Stack preloaded fund credit card ?
  208. CBIUSA is moving from 2416 Military Road effective February 3rd, 2018
  209. eBates Live Chat
  210. Shaw $500 Gift Card
  212. - shopping experience
  213. Applecare+ for Mac Available in Canada today!
  214. Costco iPhone XS no carrier return policy
  215. Getting effed on my preorder by Amazon
  216. Gift Card Issue
  217. Walmart Pending Charges for Pre-Orders
  218. Mi Max 3 global ROM
  219. How do you cancel Wal Mart video game pre-orders
  220. How to Save $14.95 on DHL fees by self-clearing packages
  221. Any recent Novosbed mattress reviews or advice?
  222. Android Box
  223. Any opinions on sofas?
  224. Is Bell Fibe significantly better than regular cable internet?
  225. Walmart canada online shopping NIGHTMARE !
  226. Toronto - new Dollarama now open at 10 Dundas Street East
  227. Amazon jacked up prices across the board?
  228. black friday deal - charge scam from
  229. USPS and Canada Post.
  230. shopping in Toronto
  231. T&T gift cards sold at Loblaws?
  232. Rona Price Protection?
  233. Pharmaprix (Shoppers)(SDM) Locations Selling Consoles and Games
  234. Leons mattress warranty
  235. 4K TV purchase
  236. Shaw Late Payment Charges ???
  237. Sameday Worldwide + Walmart
  238. Ikea Return Policy
  239. New Ikea 365 Day Return Policy
  240. walmart online shopping using GC
  241. The Amazon Choice - They Choo Choo Choose Me
  242. Metro refused the WesternUnion Service
  243. looking for füllspachtel in Vancouver
  244. Beware Yak Home Phone Service
  245. Amazon not honoring E3 Red Dead Redemption 2 preorders from 2016
  246. Cheapest option for mobile ~ 100 mins talk and unlimited texting ?
  247. Burger King coupons?
  248. Dry Ice lumps - where to get
  249. SportChek $20 off $100 codes expiring today
  250. taxes?
  251. Espacejeux - which credit cards consider it a cash advance?
  252. men's snow shoes (not boots)
  253. archaic can Presto be?
  254. CN Tower and Ripley aquarium tickets
  255. Recommendation on Mid Range Unlocked Android Cell
  256. Getting sale alerts for an item
  257. Rogers employees reveal shady sales tactics
  258. Getting a refund from Gametime app?
  259. Question about chapters shipping to store
  260. AIRMILES Rewards program
  261. Budget/good value knife set?
  262. How does the Visa/MasterCard Prepaid Gift Card at Shoppers work?
  263. AMD 2600X Buy now or wait for Black Friday?
  264. Does Air Miles ever give promos when opening an account?
  265. New scam e-mail "Audi Automobile International Promotion"
  266. Canada post never attempts parcel delivery
  267. Costco Photo developing: not happy with quality
  268. Anyone tried (paypal)
  269. Question about amazon prime
  270. Canadian Humidifier class action. Know your rights.
  271. Flea Market Vendor scammed & potentially robbed me
  272. Electric range recommendations, pls
  273. Why Canada Post doesn’t deliver for Canadians
  274. Someone stole my Petro Points!
  275. Office/Computer Chair Deals
  276. Shipping to Europe without using CPC/ExFed/UPS/DHL - Anyone use Polimex or others?
  277. What's the cheapest way to send parcels to UK?
  278. slow shipping?
  279. 65 inch television
  280. Where can I find Christmas Lights Online for the Holidays?
  281. Alkaline batteries - Amazon, Ikea or Costco?
  282. Scruff-A-Luvs
  283. Canada Post says package was "delivered" but I didn't receive it. *Need help*
  284. Amazon Kids Fire Deal
  285. Does Costco in GVRD carry car batteries
  286. Deal Extreme is a Scam?
  287. Newegg Package Refusal and Chargeback
  288. My Petro Points card was compromised
  289. cannabis edibles
  290. How to park phone numbers during long term absence ?
  291. Best internet and Cable package right now?
  292. Jergens Mild Bar Soap DISCONTINUED! / Alternate?
  293. Canada Post Shipping Box
  294. Any good graphic card suggestion ?
  295. eBay vendor: Canadapost tracking # issue
  296. Will I be hit with customs duty if I buy something on Aliexpress?
  297. - Free Shipping to Canada Post Locations Ended?
  298. Has anyone here actually ever won anything from a receipt survey?
  299. Shipping
  300. Credit Card Price Protection (AMEX) - Valid for Airline Tickets?
  301. A good vaccuum for floor + carpet
  302. IKEA Bekant or alternative?
  303. Looking for Instant Pot Deal
  304. Paper Towel Calculation Thread
  305. Is it just me, or is there very limited in selection in now?
  306. Does Home Depot price match Lowe's current save the tax event?
  307. how much Lifetime Cash Back have you gotten from
  308. How to keep the link with ebates for online shopping
  309. Ps4 pro purchase
  310. Buy tv now, black Friday price protection?
  311. How to file a complaint against
  312. Bad Delivery experience with Lowe's
  313. Aliexpress fake tracking number
  314. The End of Cheap Shipping From China [US article about ePackets]
  315. Are there any methods available to redeem PC Optimum Points To Purchase an Electronic Xbox Game?
  316. Ridiculous 26% Increase in Price of Sobeys Signal Potato Chips
  317. Amazon Kindle Paperwhite
  318. M&M meats.... can't find reviews or recalls
  319. Best way to use Loblaws $25 gift cards?
  320. GreatCanadianRebates cash back for cash back payments by eGift card
  321. price match policy declined because competitor's item is not on sale!?!?!?
  322. Need help coosing between quotes for a central heat pump
  323. any good deals on the kitchenaid mixer?
  324. Once-mighty Sears collapses into Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection [in the US]
  325. FedEx sent me an invoice for duties and sent it to collections
  326. Has Anyone ever bought from
  327. Write off medical expenses for work?
  328. Trump withdrawing from the 144-year-old Universal Postal Union treaty,
  329. Does Pureology make Costco Canada Shampoo ? Different from US
  330. Prepaid cards accepted at
  331. Which Gas Station for Best Fuel Economy? (Petro vs Shell vs Esso)
  332. Costco - Ruth Chris Gift Card Availability
  333. Amazon gift card mailer Scam from Lifetime Water Systems, Mississauga
  334. First Post for Legal Marijuana :) - Ontario Cannabis Store
  335. Amazon now offers $7.99 monthly Prime membership
  336. Is worth it?
  337. Alternatives to NCIX?
  338. A question regarding Presto fund load
  339. Rona's online stock checker blows
  340. Student Discounts
  341. 10Gb/s network adapter for Intel X520-DA2
  342. Refund calculation when coupon is used
  343. I never receive any fund refund from more than a month.
  344. Canada Post new option: Delivery Preference
  345. Amish Furniture Shops ever have a sale?
  346. Duo-Deal Explanation
  347. buying from customs
  348. subscriptions - good deal?
  349. Canpar - failed delivery attempt = return to shipper
  350. What should i do here? Accidentally forgot to pay for gas when I left station and scared to go back
  351. strategies for shopping with our weaker CDN dollar?
  352. Need female jacket advice
  353. Expired product policy at supermarkets ?
  354. Can we pay Amazon by Paypal payment?
  355. Where can I get cheap but reliable laptop batteries?
  356. I never receive any fund refund from
  357. How to recover missing Aeroplan Miles from Aeroplan E-Store?
  358. Be very careful if you use 7-11 speakout!
  359. PayPal Policy update 2018 Oct
  360. Please advise with 700k+ Aeroplan Miles
  361. outrageous toll administrative fee by Hertz car rental
  362. Any bad experiences with packages through Canadian customs?
  363. Rebate Sites Comparison
  364. What's the point of Best Buy (or any BnM store) if they don't allow returns??
  365. Costco membership expiry?
  366. Canadian Tire Online System = Joke, leave it alone
  367. Amazon Games Preoder
  368. Black Friday Shopping List - Price Thresholds
  369. Ultimate Dining Card - $175 Bonus Expired
  370. "Healthcare" Spam calling my work.
  371. What is signature for?
  372. Refund of HST Paid at Border in Person? Taking back Damaged Item.
  373. Tangerine New Client promo
  374. Possible serious NCIX data breach
  375. Amazon return - do I need to put the product box inside another box?
  376. Anticipated duty/tax on delivery from Europe?
  377. Can’t email or live chat customer support
  378. $226 a month for a landline, thanks Bell (RANT)
  379. No packaging protection for 1000$ fragile pc parts
  380. Amazon "Subscribe and Save" - have I wasted my time? Pricing changes!
  381. Toys R Us Worldwide coming back?
  382. Canada Post sent my package to Richmond BC instead of my city
  383. Renting Public Storage unit
  384. Any way a Canadian (only) can sign up for a monthly cellphone plan with Sprint?
  385. $150 raises duty-free shopping limits for Canadians under USMCA
  386. What can I do? FedEx customs bill is a whopping 67% of my item price :(
  387. I'm boycotting Campbell's soup
  388. Is a legit computer retailer?
  389. Warning: Walmart Ecomm fraudent billings occurred to my VISA card
  390. Samsung scammed me and shipped out an empty Samsung Note 8 box
  391. Walmart mastercard refusing to dispute fredaulant charges and hanging up the call
  392. Ripley's Tickets question
  393. engagement ring from USA
  394. Live edge wooden dining tables in gta
  395. Hackers stole customer credit cards in Newegg data breach from Agust 14 to September 18
  396. Importing e-cigarette vapes with built in batteries?
  397. Warning : Amazon FBA Sellers SCAM
  398. Thrift stores open today (Thanksgiving Monday) in GTA?
  399. Lowe's Free Parcel Shipping, No Minimum - Oct 8 only
  400. Can I Have Canada Post Print My Amazon Return Label?
  401. Question regarding PST in Canada
  402. Costco expanding 2 day grocery delivery area?
  403. Playstation 4 - Need Purchase Advice
  404. What A Nice (Check Out) Guy!!
  405. Warning: Canadian Tire Return Policy with Opened Goods
  406. A question regarding HBR pricing
  407. No more discount on Amazon Basics items with Prime?
  408. P Stamps at Canada Post
  409. Dormeo Octaspring mattresses: remarkable or ripoff?
  410. Maxsold
  411. Where to buy Ultra Thin Velcro in person around GTA?
  412. Rexall Stores Closing Sales YMMV
  413. Will using wish list increase price for you?
  414. Playosmo website and duties to Canada
  415. Costco price adjustment without receipt?
  416. Ticketmaster Class Action
  417. [PayPal] benefits of using $ from a USD account vs. Credit Card?
  418. CN tower and Ripleys Deal ?
  420. Will be having any Thanksgiving store wide sales?
  421. Safe to use Credit/Debit card checkout on Ebay instead of PayPal?
  422. What To Do With A Purchase Showing Delivered But Never Arrived?
  423. has closed down.
  424. Do can ship in Canada?
  425. Is US milk safe to drink? Health Canada says yes.
  426. Cost to get gas line to pool water heater removed/capped?
  427. Bundle Discount offers return policy
  428. Is Comerco extended Warranty any good?
  429. Return policy at Lastman’s Bad Boy.... buyer beware. Can you advise?
  430. Cheapest LAND line telephone provider
  431. Where to get American Ginseng for Chinese TCM Purposes?
  432. Best Customer Service ever?
  433. deal season for a NEW laptop
  434. Toronto art canvas - where to buy?
  435. WARNING - Buying Gift Cards from Resellers (eBay, Kijiji, etc.)
  436. Tim Hortons raised prices
  437. Good photo canvas prints?
  438. Enercare vs. Reliance Home Comfort Protection Plan
  439. Is this the best time to buy furnitures
  440. 75" TV upcoming prices question / ramblings
  441. Problem cash back from when using
  442. Shipping to UK
  443. The Source - CAA discount part of the PSP plan.
  444. Pricing errors when ordering on Canadian websites - what are the "rules"?
  445. Bell partial charges and credits
  446. loblaw companies gift card - can it be used at any PC associated store?
  447. Revised NAFTA Deal
  448. Is it a legal right to keep an item sent from an online store by mistake that you did not order and pay for in Canada?
  449. Home Depot returns of free items
  450. NAFTA: US pushes for Canada to raise de minimus level for duty/taxes at border?
  451. Missing pc optimum points
  452. Delete thread please, thank you!
  454. Buying luxury watches (omega)
  455. Canada Computer Exchange- Store Credit Count? (Bought wrong type of ram)
  456. Amazon and returns
  457. Did your Costco change their hot dog condiments too?
  458. Best website to hire a lawyer in Canada?
  459. When will USMCA officially kick in?
  460. What's Going On With eBay?
  461. Decoding Purolator
  462. Is this a legit site?
  463. Stay away from Canadian Appliance Source
  464. AliExpress + CC Chargeback = Ban?
  465. $60 via class action lawsuit settlement for Canadian student loan holders (2000-2007) affected by data breach [YMMV]
  466. Redflagdeals equivalent in the US
  467. IRobot Braava
  468. Anyone in BC using Rogers smart home securtiy?
  469. Subaru Legacy purchase
  470. Same-day delivery in Toronto
  471. Petro Points Changes Redeem points faster than before
  472. GTA 2% Milk Bag up to $4.55 - 28 cents increase
  473. Canada Post ... Domestic Pkg Delays
  474. Does anyone know when Superstore Optical 50% off sale start for Fall 2018 ?
  475. If you were offered the Koodo $35/45 +180 credit migration, what was your PM plan and when was it activated?
  476. While Quantity Last. I hate this seems cop out.
  477. Bestbuy....watchvendor? Marketplace?
  478. Walmart - no longer free shipping to Canada Post?
  479. Cross border shopping question
  480. (US site)
  481. Snapfish: no tracking information for Canadian orders
  482. Anyone know when Costco will bring back eggnog?
  483. Where to find Dasani Sparkling Water selection
  484. Supermarkets Who Price Match
  485. Nuuvem revoking keys due to "price error"
  486. Is PrimeCables (123ink) packing tape cheap compared to Costco's?
  487. Has anyone ordered from
  488. going downhill? Mostly third party sellers
  489. Does Canada Post usually have problems with delivery?
  490. declined order if ship to address is a freight forwarder
  491. Canada Post compensation policy for lost items
  492. Canada Post New Delivery Option: Flex Delivery
  493. TDot Performance Legit?
  494. cheap sneakers, nike?
  495. Beware of Samsung Canada
  496. Issue for gift card purchase at Petro Canada
  497. Purolator screwing up Amazon orders! ..and amazon is compensating big!
  498. Superstore "Sale" Price
  499. Anyone else notice that their reviews no longer appear?
  500. Canada Post
  501. New refridgerator
  502. 2 Rogers accounts, 1 address
  503. How to deny/return package left on porch?
  504. Fido - LG G PAD 4.0 tablet- Is it unlocked or locked to FIDO?
  505. Freedom Mobile customer service is terrible!
  506. I'm so stupid, how do I get the SDM self-checkout to scan my PC MC?
  507. Way to avoid outrageous UPS/FedEX brokerage fees !
  508. Refund processing?
  509. Free LG tv promo. Has everyone received their free tv yet??
  510. Ikea Malm Dresser Recall - Refund or Exchange.
  511. AliExpress declared values
  512. Where to buy Car Primer Paint Pen in Canada?
  513. Tip Shaming?
  514. US virtual credit card for Canadian
  515. About weasels and skaters.
  516. McDonalds no more print outs
  517. Walmart has gotten rid of express lanes with cashiers
  518. London Drugs Discounts?
  519. New Furnace question
  520. A Must Read: The rise of fake Amazon reviews — and how to spot them
  521. Sport Chek Exchange w/ Discount
  522. Eyewear Manufacturer Recommendation
  523. Foreign Customer Service Reps
  524. With feelings gift
  525. Sending Gift to New Zealand
  526. Trump China tariffs - is Canada affected?
  527. Where to buy an old cleaning product called DIDI 7 (or something similar)
  528. Which stores sell mattresses in-store (no ordering)
  529. What's current import duty for Made-in-USA products, esp. Matresses and Home Furniture
  530. price adjustment
  531. Which courier to use to avoid brokerage charge from China? From FedEx, UPS, EMS
  532. Merchant asking for a signature when I use tap?
  533. Kijiji is 90% ads now
  534. Whirlpool Partner VIP warehouse sale?
  535. Fossball Table Deal?
  536. Seller in ebay modified ad after payment. Seller scams and violation.
  537. Question about CBI, comments appreciated
  538. Cheap NHL, MLB, NFL jerseys... legit?
  539. Comwave doesn't want to cancel my account - [please merge with Comwave threads]
  540. How do I specify a pick-up point address on Amazon?
  541. PSA: All NCIX stores in Ontario closing. Update: NCIX has filed for bankruptcy
  542. Huge NCIX data breach
  543. ASUS Black ops 4 PROMO & Newegg , Memory Express [Please Read]
  544. Cheap phone accessories in the GTA
  545. Outrageous Brokerage Fee
  546. Good Eyes Optical in Pacific Mall
  547. Ticketmaster rant.
  548. What's the secret to earning Petro Points?
  549. Can you return online orders to costco after your membership expires?
  550. Heads up! Toys R Us weighing bankruptcy - USE YOUR GIFT CARDS NOW
  551. Press 2 for us to call you back
  552. Bad experience with mymallbox - are there alternatives?
  553. Staples Price Error for Acer UM.TX2AA.002 XR Monitor
  554. Favorite Non large chain store to browse/shop in?
  555. Review of
  556. using gift card balance In canada
  557. Buying from Bath Depot - Lots of stuff made by 'Kioo'
  558. Costco Knife Set August, Brand name/set?
  559. Canadain tire website offering shipping on some items now
  560. Self study for PCOC and VHF licenses
  561. Importing animal skulls into Canada?
  562. Good place to buy UPS batteries?
  563. Looking for a bicycle + infant seat - Toronto Annual Bike Sale
  564. eBay refund exchange USD->CAD
  565. Satellite phone rental near GTA?
  566. Which store has Best Return Policay on DSLR Camera
  567. Any scanning code of practice experts?
  568. Walmart Exchange policy?
  569. Worth Buying few iPhone xs max?
  570. Amazon not offering prime-2 days shipping to pick-up location anymore?
  571. Andouille sausage
  572. Save-on-foods (More Rewards Members Only) - $25 rewards incentive for bread price fixing
  573. DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT Buy an Appliance at Home Depot!
  574. King Square Shopping Mall?
  575. Rogers 'Negotiation' question...
  576. Are cell phone companies required to warn of voice minute limits?
  577. Canadian tire gift card balance check
  578. SpeedQueen (Huebsch) Washer/Dryer Experience?
  579. Kelloggs gas card on cereal boxes
  580. Best Men Underwear?
  581. Interesting situation with a deceptive auction on Ebay
  582. Esso "Price Privilege Fuel Saving Card" at 5 cents per litre - Bad Deal
  583. Canadian Tire - Exchange Item After "Get $10 CT Money for spending $50" Offer
  584. Class Action Settlement: Polyurethane Foam Products
  585. any deals on appliance package
  586. Tim Hortons digital gift card is garbage
  587. Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 VS other China phones
  588. CanadaPost stole my package
  589. Bell cut internet without notice
  590. ebay to end insertion-fee credits to non-store sellers, effective 2018/10/04
  591. CHATR Mobile vs Public Mobile vs Lucky Mobile
  592. Samsung Smartphone Extended Warranty - Worth It???
  593. Prepaid 2nd SIM to retain old number?
  594. Need help deciding: LG TV 47LB6300 issue
  595. buying with ebay giftcard
  596. Which iPhone are you going to get?
  597. recommended?
  598. Good customer service from Air Miles
  599. Canada Post workers vote in favour of strike action
  600. phone fell in water - on Telus EPP
  601. My SATA Solid State Drive Quick Buying Guide + 10 Hot Deals
  602. Is it ever OK to shop lift?
  603. Zweet closing?
  604. Amazon introduces "Minimum Order Quantity"
  605. Wedding Package Rentals - Markham/Richmond Hill (GTA)
  606. Starbucks stars/Rewards?
  607. Walmart Ship to Store
  608. Purolator puro'late' again~
  609. Phone Network Providered that included both Canada and USA
  610. Livid with Paypal and ebay!
  611. shipping to GTA via "Landmark Global"..who?
  612. Committed a RFD sin
  613. Does Safeway or Shell still have spend 75 Air Miles for $10?
  614. Home Security System - Monitored
  615. Rona stores converting to Lowes (sale discussion thread)
  616. Does Costco still backdate membership renewals?
  617. Best time to buy an Iphone?
  618. Sale above advertised price allowed?
  619. Sending a duffel bag from Winnipeg to Toronto
  620. How to buy foreign pc games?
  621. Car Rental return to different city
  622. Sylvania automotive lighting - class action settlement. Up to $ 24.00 returned to you
  623. Costco Executive membership upgrade - no longer risk free?
  624. Petro Fuel Savings Card Expiring
  625. McDonald's Mobile App Ordering Promo Overcharging
  626. 4K sub-$700 TV recommendations
  627. TD/CIBC Chequing account fees
  628. New Mobil Gas Bars, Which Gift Card?
  629. [Merged] US Shipping Address for Canadians
  630. Gasoline price savings
  631. Can Paypal work with prepaid gift card?
  632. Switching cell phone carriers
  633. Cookware Canada ?
  634. is moving to Skip the Dishes
  635. Amazon Customer Service
  636. The Bay's DISTINCTLY HOME Sofas
  637. Any suggestions for AC unit?
  638. Costco NuTone 650 Air Watt Central Vaccum
  639. Costco eye exams are more expensive?
  640. My horrible experience with Ashley furniture
  641. Update: Canadiantire Mastercraft Lifetime Warranty No receipt
  642. I got an item I didn't pay for?
  643. Any one saw "One year Linkedin Premium for $99" on their Samsung Galaxy phones?
  644. Best way to buy a new phone
  645. Blue Friday now in Ontario?
  646. Laminate Flooring recommendations- Toucan/Triforest brand?
  647. Haggling at best-buy over extended warranties for expensive tv's
  648. Recommend Universal Price Tracker/Alert App
  649. speedPAK ? anyone know or use this for asian parcels ?
  650. Pre-ordering from the source, experiences?
  651. Question about taxes and fees for items from the USA vs overseas
  652. Why don't banks process CC transactions/payments on holidays?
  653. Be aware when you exchange in the Brick
  654. delivery via LOOMIS EXPRESS?
  655. Staples online order disappeared!
  656. Aliexpress dispute - Refund Only or Return Goods?
  657. Buck a Beer -- Where can we find it
  658. Dollarama pricing error
  659. PS4-VR
  660. E-transfer dispute
  661. Can you use Pre Paid Mastercard to shop on Ebay Canada?
  662. What is the best deal you’ve gotten from RFD?
  663. Recommendations to sell or trade-in Engagement Ring
  664. Fake promotion of T&T supermarket
  665. Which Has Best Value for Gas: Esso - Shell - Petro
  666. What software do Android Cell phone unlockers use ?
  667. what is the best deal around for a new Iphone?
  668. Town Shoes Stores In Canada To Close
  669. Where do these kijiji stores get their inventory?
  670. Where can I find Canadian Tire's Holiday Hours
  671. Comwave scam!!
  672. aliexpress - yes or no
  673. Bought item from B&H for 599 US $806 cnd and cancelled and and only got $760 back
  674. Crate and Barrel - Any Discounts greater than 15%?
  675. Lenscrafters issue
  676. Fugoo sport versus Marley No Bounds
  677. - Your Dyson Account
  678. Back2School 70$ off Gear VR
  679. Is a good company to order wireless speakers from?
  680. Old Spice FRESH Aftershave lotion
  681. Ebates Gift Card Store Questions re: Cara Ops cards
  682. Did anyone get renewed for free UberEats delivery? (SUMMERDELIVERY4)
  683. can I return to sender after delivery?
  684. Best Buy Laptop Return
  685. BestBuy reservation - is it relaible?
  686. vs. - expensive products
  687. What happened to Walmart Canada's live chat option?
  688. Moving: Canada post mail forwarding - small china packets?
  689. FanExpo Tickets in Toronto? Any Discount codes for single day passes?
  690. Deliver straight to post office?
  691. Kijiji is now officially supporting Paypal as a payment method
  692. Structube sales?
  693. PC Insiders Paid Membership - $99 Yearly/9.99$ PM with 100K Bonus PC points -Targeted
  694. What determines whether you receive customs charges? (Import Duty and Tax Invoice)
  695. 2018 Hyundai Elantra GL SE
  696. Paper towel
  697. Costco/UPS debacle?
  698. Lowes Price Adjustment???
  699. How's your Amazon wishlist?
  700. Shadestation (eyeglasses)
  701. New Computer Store in Hamilton opening
  702. [Ebay] Why can't you see all listings from certain buyers ?
  703. Any experience getting a refund from The Brick?
  704. Have batteries gone up in Price
  705. Can you bring 10 iphones from US?
  706. Asus Zenbook
  707. Selling online ?
  708. Free Shipping at Urban Outfitters currently?
  709. Johnson & Johnson Baby Bedtime Bath Settlement
  710. Cross border shopping taxes
  711. Home Projects - GTA
  712. When/where to buy recliners
  713. To get through Costco, you have to go through 9 circles of retail hell
  714. Air Fryers
  715. Need Cheap Phone Plan for Roaming
  716. Price Tracker for Groceries?
  717. Indigo and Chapters only sells new stuff right?
  718. Shopping on US website and ship to Cananda
  719. Best chest freezer price
  720. Bell "Move Your Services" + "Get a $25 Source Giftcard" Scam
  721. [Merged] Bloomex Flowers - Warning: AVOID!
  722. Tiger of Sweden Sample Sale
  723. Spiderman PS4 Collector's Edition - Is it available anywhere?
  724. Running shoe deals at Mobishop?
  725. order from Canada...
  726. Apple store?
  727. Anyone ever eve had this issue with Wal-Mart online?
  728. Costco Excelence Plus Warranty on Tablet
  730. 3rd Party Internet Providers
  731. eBay bait and switch shipping from seller
  732. IMO it's always worth bringing over your limit on alcohol
  733. How strict is Best Buy VR return policy?
  734. PC optimum points question
  735. Summer/All-Season Tires?
  736. Air Canada is Leaving Aeroplan by 2020
  737. CBSA/UPS parcel clearance in Edmonton
  738. legit?
  739. Let's show Loblaws what we can do.
  740. Royal Mail UK
  741. Deleting Credit Card Information McDonald's App
  742. Does amazon offer free refunds?
  743. Amazon Prime/Twitch Prime coming changes
  744. Amazon delivery
  745. The Bay Order Status Question
  746. No Frills price match policy?
  747. Vitamix Class Action Settlement for Black Particle Issue
  748. Triangle rewards financing
  749. Item 1 day late with amazon prime?
  750. PayPal
  751. - Targeted through eBay
  752. Canada Computers North York Closing Down
  753. T&T Supermarket Rewards Program
  754. DO NOT use walmart pickup for valuable items!
  755. Lowes Canada changed price match policy
  756. Toronto Blue Jays tickets
  757. Amazon Prime members no longer getting 10% off pre ordered video games
  758. Brickseek
  759. ikea warehouse at Gordon Baker in Toronto
  760. Has anyone had their Seiko watch repaired at Odyssey Time Inc. in Toronto?
  761. Engagement Ring Help: Aaron (Diamond Shopper) can no longer create my ring
  762. Haier 55 inch 430 with no tax
  763. Save On Foods - More Rewards - Best Way to Spend?
  764. Where to find dolly wheel pins?
  765. Backpacks For Traveling And Trips
  766. Esso Gift Card - Balance Used/Scam
  767. AliExpress Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 shipping time question
  768. Credit card insurance
  769. Hudson's Bay not honouring price matching policy "vendor's (3 of them) prices too low" - bad experience
  770. driveway landscaping
  771. is it worth to buy amazon fire 7 inch tablet for 40 dollars
  772. LED bulbs in ontario under ford
  773. Self Checkout: You're not saving any money, you're just making the stores more rich
  774. Bestbuy fake discounts?
  775. Best Buy won't honor price match on Freinds and Family Sale
  776. LOOking for air compresseur tip
  777. Anyone ever seen this type of wallet in the GTA or online?
  778. what is the best air purifier?
  779. can you or can you not buy pet food from USA and bring it over?
  780. A bad experience with a bad ebay seller not refunding a return shipping cost.
  781. Buying Laptop in the US and bring it back to Canada
  782. Where to shop for jeans in Toronto area?
  783. Canada Post delays lately
  784. Update: T&T Supermarket Grand Opening Aug. 16 at Landsdowne Mall, Richmond
  785. Has TekSavvy stopped giving POTS-Old fashioned landlines?
  786. PRESTO Perks | LIVE
  787. Shipping to the states Vs Canada from Europe.
  788. Online order on homedepot.COM with Canadian credit card?
  789. and raising prices?
  790. Beware Hudson's Bay New Price Adjustment Policy
  791. Yellow watermelon
  792. Canada's Wonderland 2019 season's pass
  793. How safe is it to take e-transfer as a method of payment when selling on Craigslist/Kijiji?
  794. [Walmart] Changed credit card on file, lost the discount price?
  795. KZ ZSA cheap headphone with incredible reviews
  796. Cross Border Shopping: Why not pickup at USPS Store?
  797. How long before everyone has to be a Amazon Prime Member?
  798. Fitness Depot - sketchy store, do not recommend
  799. When you cant buy a product in Canada!?!?
  800. Need Cosco 65 inch TV
  801. Is Canada Toy Supply ( Dead?
  802. kate spade new york vaughan mills new store opening !!
  803. Bypass Kijiji ban?
  804. Caddle app issues
  805. When is Canadian Tire going to feel Amazon's wrath?
  806. Best way to spend 10000 dream air miles
  807. When does Nellie’s go on sale at Costco?
  808. Looking for opinion about this pressure washer
  809. Note 9 deals to come? Low preorders
  810. Purolator, the worst courier company!!!!!
  811. Bed Bath and Beyond Shipped from Manufacturer Ridiculous Shipping Routes
  812. Need help quick buying kids cool gifts
  813. Costco Laptops
  814. Where to buy rogers gift cards?
  815. Venngo member perks membership fee??
  816. Costco: African Lion Safari passes?
  817. Engagement rings - peoples jewellers
  818. Costco TV warranty
  819. New $10 note
  820. Costco Pharmacy - Denied entry even though you don't need a membership by law
  821. Brampton Basement inspection notice help.
  822. Logitech Canada brokerage/import fees?
  823. Cbi usa?
  824. GTX 1080 Sea Hawk EK X for $542
  825. Is there a Canadian Version of Oriental Trading Co.?
  826. Cannot use gas saving card and gift card together at Petro gas station?
  827. How were the Black Friday and Boxing Day sales last year on large TVs - 75" to 85"?
  828. Aliexpress won't refund or send correct item!
  829. Big credit card firms agree to cut merchant fees
  830. No Frills no longer offering boxes to the public
  831. Need advice on horrendous customer service - Tangerine Credit Card
  832. Costco and masterpass discount
  833. Canadian Tire won't price match
  834. US Costco Coupon book
  835. Can anyone here recommend a place in GTA to buy gold jewelry?
  836. Roborock S50 robotic vacuum supplier discussion
  837. Generic fridge water filters?
  838. Does Hudson's Bay (online or in-store) PM from another location?
  839. Do Canadian Tire price match with
  840. What the heck Is going on with my package
  841. Samsung Fridge door bins - where to buy
  842. ebay/Paypal AMEX issue
  843. Paypal hiding currency conversion option
  844. Where Can I Buy This Wristwatch?
  845. All fixed
  846. LG Canada Appliances - do not buy. They wont sell you parts later.
  847. Looking for FTTP ISPs
  848. Yeti alternative ....?
  849. Entering Canada with generic drugs from the US that are available OTC here
  850. New Costco location: Thorncliffe Park Toronto
  851. Has anyone tried switching their Videotron account to a Student account? What was entailed?
  852. Ae grocery stores open tomorrow
  853. "equick" shipping from superbuy?
  854. Any PS4 deal?
  855. Do Home Depot and Rona promotions ever INCLUDE Weber products?
  856. Visa Security Scam-Almost got me!
  857. Extended car warranty -
  858. Beware 23andme / Ancestry now partnering / selling / sharing your DNA info with Drug makers
  859. Shaw Loyalty Department Phone Number
  860. Shopping at BestBuy.COM?
  861. Does Gap send online receipt to your email when you buy in store?
  862. Thoughts on this computer
  863. TJX HomeSense upto 50% off* our already low prices
  864. Best <500 Fixed Frame Projector Screen?
  865. PerfectLens expiry dates?
  866. What's Costco's policy on multiple receipts?
  867. Rogers Basic Cable - Starter Package?
  868. Home Depot Backorder Help
  869. iHerb vs VitaCost (shippig methods)
  870. Has anyone recieved packages they didn’t order from amazon?
  871. Rogers Fido iPad deal accessories
  872. Relatives flying in, best option for local roaming?
  873. Anyone know what's up with movies section?
  874. retailers need to stop asking for donations at the cashier
  875. Bengay Pain Relieving Cream [where to buy?]
  876. Can Canadians take items into the US and then ship them from there?
  877. Beware of My Mall Box
  878. Switching Costco membership
  879. Mississauga Libraries headphones and earphones?
  880. Rona now charging for plastic bags
  881. Lowe’s now Charges for Plastic Bags
  882. Price Match @ RCSS
  883. The Mobile Base (refurb cell shop) somewhat great experience
  884. Ebates question
  885. The Mobile Shop - can you redeem PC Optimum points there?
  886. Trouble Redeeming Cash Air Miles at Shell?
  887. How to estimate duties and customs on product from US?
  888. Sears Canada Board members continue to rake it in
  889. Shoppers Drug Mart's flyer in advance?
  890. Prices for canned goods about to go up
  891. MUJI is Open in Toronto!
  892. Filing Chargeback against Bad Boys Furniture
  893. please delete
  894. Tax free week-ends (USA)
  895. Esso Leaving Aeroplan, May 31, 2018
  896. Never MSRP
  897. Sugar Cane in Montreal
  898. Princess Auto offers great deals, but they are not always the cheapest.
  899. BestBuy Stock Changes
  900. Yeti Cooler
  901. How to know Costco in-store price tags?
  902. Does Rona ever put Broil King bbq parts on sale?
  903. Canada Post - Item transferred to Post Office being prepared for pickup?
  904. Omron Blood Pressure Warranty - Anyone make a claim?
  905. Trump’s NAFTA revamp could help CDN consumers: Online Shopping, Milk, Poultry
  906. Canada’s Competition Bureau calls for reduced regulations on online eyewear sales
  907. Importing used wheels from usa to Canada
  908. Let's leave the marketing out if it, What is the best laundry detergent?
  909. Cheap mobile network for inactive line?
  910. Are air conditioners all sold out everywhere?
  911. Wantboard? Canadian company doing cross border shopping for you!
  912. Auto Body Part Online
  913. duties, brokerage, extra fees?
  914. Dell order taking long?
  915. UberEats....never again
  916. [Cold] Vancouver Air Conditioner Restock at Home Depot
  917. Is this a good deal from Rogers on a cell plan?
  918. 10% discount Chapters-Indigo is no more?
  919. Primus (internet + phone) Good or Bad?
  920. Best Budget 120hz tv?
  921. Alternatives to paying Shaw $146/mo for internet, TV, phone?
  922. Need a new washer and can’t decide!
  923. online flower delivery scam?
  924. - Are the deals real?
  925. Apple - Why do people still buy these products? Has anyone been burned by Apple and still own Apple products?
  926. Didn’t Best Buy used to post their flyers on Thursday?
  927. UPS SELF CLEARING (Montreal)
  928. Blue Jays Tickets?
  929. Any Costco 4K UHD Blu-ray player deals right now?
  930. Self-checkout machines that accept coins?
  931. First time taking an Uber
  932. Visions Credit Card (HSBC): Extreme fees on "no interest" financing.
  933. Best Buy Geek Squad Certified Open Box gets two thumbs up from me
  934. Costco changed Garden burger to Harvest Burger
  935. Booking a lot of travel.... best way to get rewards?
  936. Top Ranking Canadian Classified Ads
  937. Air Canada Wants to buy back Aeroplan
  938. Prescription Swim Goggles
  939. Appliances and Tariffs
  940. Order from Top Shop - email from Aramex
  941. Costco eyes fresh grocery delivery in Canada
  942. Was Amazon Prime Day worth it?
  943. Warning, A scam from fake freedom mobile!
  944. Fast way to use youre Esso X.cents a liter cards!
  945. where to buy the white plastic ties that can tie new clothes with a label?
  946. Why do the people at Costco mark your receipt as you're leaving?
  947. Air Conditioners
  948. Cheapest Landline?
  949. All Rockport Store Closing by end of July in Canada and US
  950. Food Basics exclude Selection brand colby cheese from sale price
  951. Seeking Best Mobile Internet (Turbo Hub) Advice - Bracebridge
  952. Any unlucky soul still hasn't received prime day order?
  953. Joe Fresh Order PC Points Warning
  954. Nike website promotions
  955. 34 ultrawide monitor on the casino bus
  956. Lowes price match mfr number?
  957. LF Costco Keg or Barbarian Steakhouse GC's
  958. Vitacost now restricting virtually all items to Canada?
  959. Pyrex Storage Covers / Lids
  960. Any thoughts on why Apple Canada education Imac is more expensive than B&H
  961. Leon's crappy delivery service
  962. Amazon Prime Day late deliveries? Complain and get a credit
  963. WARNING- Ebay's "Global Shipping" and Post Canada
  964. Insulated water bottle
  965. Amazon Student Verification?
  966. Early Termination on Bell Bundles
  967. Amazon shipping gotten worse?
  968. return policy of Aldo?
  969. FAQ About Cross Border Shopping / CBSA
  970. Unidays verification Apple Music question
  971. When can I find next weeks flyers on the net?
  972. [Merged] Looking for Laptop batteries? DON'T buy from BattDepot
  973. Best Instant Pot? Best Deal?
  974. Lenovo discounts on Boxing Day?
  975. Warning SCAM- Renuvica and Nuvella creams online order
  976. Cross border shopping - bringing used clothes back into Canada
  977. Amazon Prime Days July 16th
  978. Re: Receiving packages to a Basement suite.
  979. Alternative to air mattress for camping
  980. Too many returns banned from costco
  981. What is a good internet option? Vancouver BC
  982. Prime Day Logistics
  983. Bought a laptop was this a good deal?
  984. Can you buy a gift card to get free shipping on Amazon?
  985. Where to sell second-hand, high-end purses/handbags?
  986. Canadian Tire refund?
  987. Prime Day Deals Question
  988. RIP
  989. Anyone ever buy anything from
  990. Is Costco Canada membership valid in US locations?
  991. Amazon Dash Buttons
  992. Will amazon only reveal prime prices at 3? Has eBay put out a promo code to compete?
  993. Amazon Prime
  995. Sharepoint as Cloud Server
  996. Gas Point Loyalty Cards
  997. Online OpenBox and Return Retailer
  998. How long does it take for Dell ebates to show up?
  999. 2017 and 2018 Outdoor Race Shopping Guide - Before Boxing Day Edition
  1000. Anyone dealt with Comwave and cancelling their services?