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  1. [Merged] Reminder! Code of Practice: Scanner Price Accuracy
  2. Post your warranty/RMA experiences
  3. Refunds for Defective Products: Consumer Protection Laws in Ontario
  4. Do NOT create threads requesting deals within this forum!
  5. Possible serious NCIX data breach
  6. Merchant asking for a signature when I use tap?
  7. Canada Post ... Domestic Pkg Delays
  8. Mail Processing at Canada Customs SLOW?
  9. price adjustment
  10. PC Optimum Discussion Thread (formerly PC Plus)
  11. PC Insiders Paid Membership - $99 per year / $9.99 per month
  12. What's current import duty for Made-in-USA products, esp. Matresses and Home Furniture
  13. London Drugs Discounts?
  14. Fossball Table Deal?
  15. Seller in ebay modified ad after payment. Seller scams and violation.
  16. TDot Performance Legit?
  17. Question about CBI, comments appreciated
  18. GTA 2% Milk Bag up to $4.55 - 28 cents increase
  19. Anyone know when Costco will bring back eggnog?
  20. Cheap NHL, MLB, NFL jerseys... legit?
  21. Hackers stole customer credit cards in Newegg data breach from Agust 14 to September 18
  22. McDonalds no more print outs
  23. Comwave doesn't want to cancel my account - [please merge with Comwave threads]
  24. How do I specify a pick-up point address on Amazon?
  25. AirMiles (2018 General Discussion)
  26. PSA: All NCIX stores in Ontario closing. Update: NCIX has filed for bankruptcy
  27. Anyone try CrossBorderPickup?
  28. Anyone buy from ASOS recently? Were you charged any duty or import taxes?
  29. Huge NCIX data breach
  30. ASUS Black ops 4 PROMO & Newegg , Memory Express [Please Read]
  31. Stay away from Canadian Appliance Source
  32. Purolator sucks
  33. Is a legit computer retailer?
  34. Cheap phone accessories in the GTA
  35. Toilet Paper Calculation Thread
  36. Outrageous Brokerage Fee
  37. Good Eyes Optical in Pacific Mall
  38. Walmart has gotten rid of express lanes with cashiers
  39. Ticketmaster rant.
  40. What's the secret to earning Petro Points?
  41. Can you return online orders to costco after your membership expires?
  42. Walmart Eliminating Weekly Flyers
  43. Heads up! Toys R Us weighing bankruptcy - USE YOUR GIFT CARDS NOW
  44. Press 2 for us to call you back
  45. Is Comerco extended Warranty any good?
  46. Canada Post says package was "delivered" but I didn't receive it. *Need help*
  47. Bad experience with mymallbox - are there alternatives?
  48. Staples Price Error for Acer UM.TX2AA.002 XR Monitor
  49. Is PrimeCables (123ink) packing tape cheap compared to Costco's?
  50. Favorite Non large chain store to browse/shop in?
  51. About weasels and skaters.
  52. Review of
  53. using gift card balance In canada
  54. Buying from Bath Depot - Lots of stuff made by 'Kioo'
  55. Costco Knife Set August, Brand name/set?
  56. Canadain tire website offering shipping on some items now
  57. Self study for PCOC and VHF licenses
  58. Importing animal skulls into Canada?
  59. Good place to buy UPS batteries?
  60. Looking for a bicycle + infant seat - Toronto Annual Bike Sale
  61. eBay refund exchange USD->CAD
  62. Satellite phone rental near GTA?
  63. Which store has Best Return Policay on DSLR Camera
  64. Any scanning code of practice experts?
  65. Walmart Exchange policy?
  66. Worth Buying few iPhone xs max?
  67. Amazon not offering prime-2 days shipping to pick-up location anymore?
  68. Andouille sausage
  69. Save-on-foods (More Rewards Members Only) - $25 rewards incentive for bread price fixing
  70. DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT Buy an Appliance at Home Depot!
  71. King Square Shopping Mall?
  72. Kijiji Scammers and General Idiots
  73. Paper Towel Calculation Thread
  74. Rogers 'Negotiation' question...
  75. Canada Post new option: Delivery Preference
  76. Are cell phone companies required to warn of voice minute limits?
  77. Canadian tire gift card balance check
  78. SpeedQueen (Huebsch) Washer/Dryer Experience?
  79. Have questions about diamonds and engagement rings, ASK ME ANYTHING...
  80. Kelloggs gas card on cereal boxes
  81. Best Men Underwear?
  82. Interesting situation with a deceptive auction on Ebay
  83. Canadian Tire's Triangle Rewards Discussion Thread
  84. Esso "Price Privilege Fuel Saving Card" at 5 cents per litre - Bad Deal
  85. Sport Chek Exchange w/ Discount
  86. Esso Extra or PC Optimum at Esso?
  87. Canadian Tire - Exchange Item After "Get $10 CT Money for spending $50" Offer
  88. Class Action Settlement: Polyurethane Foam Products
  89. any deals on appliance package
  90. Tim Hortons digital gift card is garbage
  91. Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 VS other China phones
  92. CanadaPost stole my package
  93. Bell cut internet without notice
  94. ebay to end insertion-fee credits to non-store sellers, effective 2018/10/04
  95. CHATR Mobile vs Public Mobile vs Lucky Mobile
  96. Fun thread: Post stuff that you miss, that is now either discontinued or hard to get.
  97. Samsung Smartphone Extended Warranty - Worth It???
  98. Prepaid 2nd SIM to retain old number?
  99. Ebay - Item from China never arrive
  100. Need help deciding: LG TV 47LB6300 issue
  101. buying with ebay giftcard
  102. Warning: Canadian Tire Return Policy with Opened Goods
  103. Which iPhone are you going to get?
  104. Dynamex for Could drunken monkeys do a better job?
  105. recommended?
  106. Good customer service from Air Miles
  107. Canada Post workers vote in favour of strike action
  108. phone fell in water - on Telus EPP
  109. My SATA Solid State Drive Quick Buying Guide + 10 Hot Deals
  110. Is it ever OK to shop lift?
  111. Zweet closing?
  112. Amazon introduces "Minimum Order Quantity"
  113. Wedding Package Rentals - Markham/Richmond Hill (GTA)
  114. Amazon now offers $7.99 monthly Prime membership
  115. Starbucks stars/Rewards?
  116. Walmart Ship to Store
  117. Purolator puro'late' again~
  118. Phone Network Providered that included both Canada and USA
  119. What can I do? FedEx customs bill is a whopping 67% of my item price :(
  120. Livid with Paypal and ebay!
  121. shipping to GTA via "Landmark Global"..who?
  122. Does Canada Post work 24/7 behind the scenes ?
  123. Committed a RFD sin
  124. Does Safeway or Shell still have spend 75 Air Miles for $10?
  125. Home Security System - Monitored
  126. Rona stores converting to Lowes (sale discussion thread)
  127. Does Costco still backdate membership renewals?
  128. Best time to buy an Iphone?
  129. Sale above advertised price allowed?
  130. Why does kijiji suck now?
  131. Sending a duffel bag from Winnipeg to Toronto
  132. How to buy foreign pc games?
  133. Car Rental return to different city
  134. Scruff-A-Luvs
  135. Sylvania automotive lighting - class action settlement. Up to $ 24.00 returned to you
  136. Costco Executive membership upgrade - no longer risk free?
  137. Petro Fuel Savings Card Expiring
  138. McDonald's Mobile App Ordering Promo Overcharging
  139. 4K sub-$700 TV recommendations
  140. TD/CIBC Chequing account fees
  141. New Mobil Gas Bars, Which Gift Card?
  142. [Merged] US Shipping Address for Canadians
  143. Gasoline price savings
  144. Can Paypal work with prepaid gift card?
  145. Switching cell phone carriers
  146. Cookware Canada ?
  147. is moving to Skip the Dishes
  148. Amazon Customer Service
  149. The Bay's DISTINCTLY HOME Sofas
  150. Any suggestions for AC unit?
  151. Costco NuTone 650 Air Watt Central Vaccum
  152. Costco eye exams are more expensive?
  153. My horrible experience with Ashley furniture
  154. Update: Canadiantire Mastercraft Lifetime Warranty No receipt
  155. Anyone received Cheque this time?
  156. I got an item I didn't pay for?
  157. Any one saw "One year Linkedin Premium for $99" on their Samsung Galaxy phones?
  158. Best way to buy a new phone
  159. Blue Friday now in Ontario?
  160. Laminate Flooring recommendations- Toucan/Triforest brand?
  161. Haggling at best-buy over extended warranties for expensive tv's
  162. Recommend Universal Price Tracker/Alert App
  163. speedPAK ? anyone know or use this for asian parcels ?
  164. Pre-ordering from the source, experiences?
  165. Question about taxes and fees for items from the USA vs overseas
  166. Why don't banks process CC transactions/payments on holidays?
  167. Be aware when you exchange in the Brick
  168. delivery via LOOMIS EXPRESS?
  169. Staples online order disappeared!
  170. Which courier to use to avoid brokerage charge from China? From FedEx, UPS, EMS
  171. Aliexpress dispute - Refund Only or Return Goods?
  172. Buck a Beer -- Where can we find it
  173. Dollarama pricing error
  174. PS4-VR
  175. E-transfer dispute
  176. Can you use Pre Paid Mastercard to shop on Ebay Canada?
  177. What is the best deal you’ve gotten from RFD?
  178. Recommendations to sell or trade-in Engagement Ring
  179. Fake promotion of T&T supermarket
  180. Which Has Best Value for Gas: Esso - Shell - Petro
  181. What software do Android Cell phone unlockers use ?
  182. what is the best deal around for a new Iphone?
  183. Town Shoes Stores In Canada To Close
  184. New Ikea 365 Day Return Policy
  185. Where do these kijiji stores get their inventory?
  186. Where can I find Canadian Tire's Holiday Hours
  187. Comwave scam!!
  188. aliexpress - yes or no
  189. Bought item from B&H for 599 US $806 cnd and cancelled and and only got $760 back
  190. Crate and Barrel - Any Discounts greater than 15%?
  191. Lenscrafters issue
  192. Fugoo sport versus Marley No Bounds
  193. - Your Dyson Account
  194. Back2School 70$ off Gear VR
  195. How to recover missing Aeroplan Miles from Aeroplan E-Store?
  196. Is a good company to order wireless speakers from?
  197. Old Spice FRESH Aftershave lotion
  198. Ebates Gift Card Store Questions re: Cara Ops cards
  199. price match policy declined because competitor's item is not on sale!?!?!?
  200. Did anyone get renewed for free UberEats delivery? (SUMMERDELIVERY4)
  201. can I return to sender after delivery?
  202. Best Buy Laptop Return
  203. BestBuy reservation - is it relaible?
  204. Amazon gift card mailer Scam from Lifetime Water Systems, Mississauga
  205. vs. - expensive products
  206. What happened to Walmart Canada's live chat option?
  207. Moving: Canada post mail forwarding - small china packets?
  208. FanExpo Tickets in Toronto? Any Discount codes for single day passes?
  209. Deliver straight to post office?
  210. Kijiji is now officially supporting Paypal as a payment method
  211. Structube sales?
  212. PC Insiders Paid Membership - $99 Yearly/9.99$ PM with 100K Bonus PC points -Targeted
  213. What determines whether you receive customs charges? (Import Duty and Tax Invoice)
  214. 2018 Hyundai Elantra GL SE
  215. Paper towel
  216. Costco/UPS debacle?
  217. Lowes Price Adjustment???
  218. How's your Amazon wishlist?
  219. Shadestation (eyeglasses)
  220. New Computer Store in Hamilton opening
  221. [Ebay] Why can't you see all listings from certain buyers ?
  222. Any experience getting a refund from The Brick?
  223. Have batteries gone up in Price
  224. Can you bring 10 iphones from US?
  225. Canada post never attempts parcel delivery
  226. Asus Zenbook
  227. Selling online ?
  228. Free Shipping at Urban Outfitters currently?
  229. Johnson & Johnson Baby Bedtime Bath Settlement
  230. Cross border shopping taxes
  231. Home Projects - GTA
  232. Loblaw admits to bread price-fixing for more than 14 years - Offering $25 gift card as compensation (now live)
  233. When/where to buy recliners
  234. To get through Costco, you have to go through 9 circles of retail hell
  235. Air Fryers
  236. Need Cheap Phone Plan for Roaming
  237. Price Tracker for Groceries?
  238. Indigo and Chapters only sells new stuff right?
  239. Shopping on US website and ship to Cananda
  240. Best chest freezer price
  241. Bell "Move Your Services" + "Get a $25 Source Giftcard" Scam
  242. [Merged] Bloomex Flowers - Warning: AVOID!
  243. Tiger of Sweden Sample Sale
  244. Spiderman PS4 Collector's Edition - Is it available anywhere?
  245. Running shoe deals at Mobishop?
  246. order from Canada...
  247. Apple store?
  248. Anyone ever eve had this issue with Wal-Mart online?
  249. Costco Excelence Plus Warranty on Tablet
  251. 3rd Party Internet Providers
  252. eBay bait and switch shipping from seller
  253. IMO it's always worth bringing over your limit on alcohol
  254. How strict is Best Buy VR return policy?
  255. PC optimum points question
  256. Summer/All-Season Tires?
  257. Air Canada is Leaving Aeroplan by 2020
  258. CBSA/UPS parcel clearance in Edmonton
  259. legit?
  260. Let's show Loblaws what we can do.
  261. Royal Mail UK
  262. Deleting Credit Card Information McDonald's App
  263. Does amazon offer free refunds?
  264. Amazon Prime/Twitch Prime coming changes
  265. Amazon delivery
  266. The Bay Order Status Question
  267. No Frills price match policy?
  268. Vitamix Class Action Settlement for Black Particle Issue
  269. Triangle rewards financing
  270. Item 1 day late with amazon prime?
  271. PayPal
  272. - Targeted through eBay
  273. Canada Computers North York Closing Down
  274. T&T Supermarket Rewards Program
  275. DO NOT use walmart pickup for valuable items!
  276. Lowes Canada changed price match policy
  277. Toronto Blue Jays tickets
  278. Amazon Prime members no longer getting 10% off pre ordered video games
  279. Brickseek
  280. ikea warehouse at Gordon Baker in Toronto
  281. Has anyone had their Seiko watch repaired at Odyssey Time Inc. in Toronto?
  282. Engagement Ring Help: Aaron (Diamond Shopper) can no longer create my ring
  283. Haier 55 inch 430 with no tax
  284. Solved: Shell Airmiles Car Wash Certificates - No Longer Valid?
  285. Save On Foods - More Rewards - Best Way to Spend?
  286. Where to find dolly wheel pins?
  287. Backpacks For Traveling And Trips
  288. Esso Gift Card - Balance Used/Scam
  289. Canada Post New Delivery Option: Flex Delivery
  290. AliExpress Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 shipping time question
  291. Credit card insurance
  292. Hudson's Bay not honouring price matching policy "vendor's (3 of them) prices too low" - bad experience
  293. driveway landscaping
  294. is it worth to buy amazon fire 7 inch tablet for 40 dollars
  295. LED bulbs in ontario under ford
  296. Self Checkout: You're not saving any money, you're just making the stores more rich
  297. Bestbuy fake discounts?
  298. Best Buy won't honor price match on Freinds and Family Sale
  299. LOOking for air compresseur tip
  300. Anyone ever seen this type of wallet in the GTA or online?
  301. what is the best air purifier?
  302. can you or can you not buy pet food from USA and bring it over?
  303. A bad experience with a bad ebay seller not refunding a return shipping cost.
  304. Buying Laptop in the US and bring it back to Canada
  305. Where to shop for jeans in Toronto area?
  306. Canada Post delays lately
  307. Update: T&T Supermarket Grand Opening Aug. 16 at Landsdowne Mall, Richmond
  308. Has TekSavvy stopped giving POTS-Old fashioned landlines?
  309. PRESTO Perks | LIVE
  310. Shipping to the states Vs Canada from Europe.
  311. Online order on homedepot.COM with Canadian credit card?
  312. and raising prices?
  313. Beware Hudson's Bay New Price Adjustment Policy
  314. Yellow watermelon
  315. Canada's Wonderland 2019 season's pass
  316. How safe is it to take e-transfer as a method of payment when selling on Craigslist/Kijiji?
  317. [Walmart] Changed credit card on file, lost the discount price?
  318. KZ ZSA cheap headphone with incredible reviews
  319. Cross Border Shopping: Why not pickup at USPS Store?
  320. How long before everyone has to be a Amazon Prime Member?
  321. Fitness Depot - sketchy store, do not recommend
  322. When you cant buy a product in Canada!?!?
  323. Need Cosco 65 inch TV
  324. Is Canada Toy Supply ( Dead?
  325. Way to avoid outrageous UPS/FedEX brokerage fees !
  326. kate spade new york vaughan mills new store opening !!
  327. Bypass Kijiji ban?
  328. Sign this Petition to let Amazon Canada know to stop using Intelcom Courrier!
  329. Caddle app issues
  330. When is Canadian Tire going to feel Amazon's wrath?
  331. Best way to spend 10000 dream air miles
  332. When does Nellie’s go on sale at Costco?
  333. Looking for opinion about this pressure washer
  334. Note 9 deals to come? Low preorders
  335. Purolator, the worst courier company!!!!!
  336. Bed Bath and Beyond Shipped from Manufacturer Ridiculous Shipping Routes
  337. Need help quick buying kids cool gifts
  338. Costco Laptops
  339. Where to buy rogers gift cards?
  340. Venngo member perks membership fee??
  341. Costco: African Lion Safari passes?
  342. Engagement rings - peoples jewellers
  343. Costco TV warranty
  344. New $10 note
  345. Costco Pharmacy - Denied entry even though you don't need a membership by law
  346. Brampton Basement inspection notice help.
  347. Logitech Canada brokerage/import fees?
  348. Cbi usa?
  349. GTX 1080 Sea Hawk EK X for $542
  350. Is there a Canadian Version of Oriental Trading Co.?
  351. Cannot use gas saving card and gift card together at Petro gas station?
  352. How were the Black Friday and Boxing Day sales last year on large TVs - 75" to 85"?
  353. Aliexpress won't refund or send correct item!
  354. Big credit card firms agree to cut merchant fees
  355. No Frills no longer offering boxes to the public
  356. Need advice on horrendous customer service - Tangerine Credit Card
  357. Costco and masterpass discount
  358. Canadian Tire won't price match
  359. US Costco Coupon book
  360. Can anyone here recommend a place in GTA to buy gold jewelry?
  361. Roborock S50 robotic vacuum supplier discussion
  362. Generic fridge water filters?
  363. Does Hudson's Bay (online or in-store) PM from another location?
  364. Do Canadian Tire price match with
  365. What the heck Is going on with my package
  366. Samsung Fridge door bins - where to buy
  367. ebay/Paypal AMEX issue
  368. Paypal hiding currency conversion option
  369. Where Can I Buy This Wristwatch?
  370. All fixed
  371. LG Canada Appliances - do not buy. They wont sell you parts later.
  372. Looking for FTTP ISPs
  373. Has Anyone ever bought from
  374. Yeti alternative ....?
  375. Entering Canada with generic drugs from the US that are available OTC here
  376. New Costco location: Thorncliffe Park Toronto
  377. Has anyone tried switching their Videotron account to a Student account? What was entailed?
  378. Ae grocery stores open tomorrow
  379. "equick" shipping from superbuy?
  380. Any PS4 deal?
  381. Do Home Depot and Rona promotions ever INCLUDE Weber products?
  382. Visa Security Scam-Almost got me!
  383. Extended car warranty -
  384. Beware 23andme / Ancestry now partnering / selling / sharing your DNA info with Drug makers
  385. Shaw Loyalty Department Phone Number
  386. Shopping at BestBuy.COM?
  387. Does Gap send online receipt to your email when you buy in store?
  388. Thoughts on this computer
  389. TJX HomeSense upto 50% off* our already low prices
  390. Best <500 Fixed Frame Projector Screen?
  391. PerfectLens expiry dates?
  392. What's Costco's policy on multiple receipts?
  393. Rogers Basic Cable - Starter Package?
  394. Home Depot Backorder Help
  395. iHerb vs VitaCost (shippig methods)
  396. Has anyone recieved packages they didn’t order from amazon?
  397. Rogers Fido iPad deal accessories
  398. Relatives flying in, best option for local roaming?
  399. Anyone know what's up with movies section?
  400. retailers need to stop asking for donations at the cashier
  401. Bengay Pain Relieving Cream [where to buy?]
  402. Can Canadians take items into the US and then ship them from there?
  403. Beware of My Mall Box
  404. Switching Costco membership
  405. A Must Read: The rise of fake Amazon reviews — and how to spot them
  406. Mississauga Libraries headphones and earphones?
  407. Rona now charging for plastic bags
  408. Lowe’s now Charges for Plastic Bags
  409. Price Match @ RCSS
  410. The Mobile Base (refurb cell shop) somewhat great experience
  411. Ebates question
  412. Parcel forwarding service from us?
  413. The Mobile Shop - can you redeem PC Optimum points there?
  414. Trouble Redeeming Cash Air Miles at Shell?
  415. How to estimate duties and customs on product from US?
  416. Anyone else notice that their reviews no longer appear?
  417. Sears Canada Board members continue to rake it in
  418. Shoppers Drug Mart's flyer in advance?
  419. Prices for canned goods about to go up
  420. MUJI is Open in Toronto!
  421. Filing Chargeback against Bad Boys Furniture
  422. please delete
  423. I'm boycotting Campbell's soup
  424. Tax free week-ends (USA)
  425. Esso Leaving Aeroplan, May 31, 2018
  426. Never MSRP
  427. Sugar Cane in Montreal
  428. Princess Auto offers great deals, but they are not always the cheapest.
  429. BestBuy Stock Changes
  430. Yeti Cooler
  431. How to know Costco in-store price tags?
  432. Does Rona ever put Broil King bbq parts on sale?
  433. Canada Post - Item transferred to Post Office being prepared for pickup?
  434. Omron Blood Pressure Warranty - Anyone make a claim?
  435. Trump’s NAFTA revamp could help CDN consumers: Online Shopping, Milk, Poultry
  436. Canada’s Competition Bureau calls for reduced regulations on online eyewear sales
  437. Importing used wheels from usa to Canada
  438. Let's leave the marketing out if it, What is the best laundry detergent?
  439. Cheap mobile network for inactive line?
  440. How does the Visa/MasterCard Prepaid Gift Card at Shoppers work?
  441. Are air conditioners all sold out everywhere?
  442. Wantboard? Canadian company doing cross border shopping for you!
  443. Auto Body Part Online
  444. duties, brokerage, extra fees?
  445. Dell order taking long?
  446. Tip Shaming?
  447. UberEats....never again
  448. [Cold] Vancouver Air Conditioner Restock at Home Depot
  449. Is this a good deal from Rogers on a cell plan?
  450. 10% discount Chapters-Indigo is no more?
  451. FedEx sent me an invoice for duties and sent it to collections
  452. Primus (internet + phone) Good or Bad?
  453. Best Budget 120hz tv?
  454. Alternatives to paying Shaw $146/mo for internet, TV, phone?
  455. Need a new washer and can’t decide!
  456. online flower delivery scam?
  457. - Are the deals real?
  458. Apple - Why do people still buy these products? Has anyone been burned by Apple and still own Apple products?
  459. Didn’t Best Buy used to post their flyers on Thursday?
  460. UPS SELF CLEARING (Montreal)
  461. Blue Jays Tickets?
  462. Any Costco 4K UHD Blu-ray player deals right now?
  463. Self-checkout machines that accept coins?
  464. First time taking an Uber
  465. Visions Credit Card (HSBC): Extreme fees on "no interest" financing.
  466. Best Buy Geek Squad Certified Open Box gets two thumbs up from me
  467. Costco changed Garden burger to Harvest Burger
  468. Booking a lot of travel.... best way to get rewards?
  469. Top Ranking Canadian Classified Ads
  470. Air Canada Wants to buy back Aeroplan
  471. Prescription Swim Goggles
  472. Appliances and Tariffs
  473. Order from Top Shop - email from Aramex
  474. Costco eyes fresh grocery delivery in Canada
  475. Was Amazon Prime Day worth it?
  476. Warning, A scam from fake freedom mobile!
  477. Fast way to use youre Esso X.cents a liter cards!
  478. where to buy the white plastic ties that can tie new clothes with a label?
  479. Why do the people at Costco mark your receipt as you're leaving?
  480. Air Conditioners
  481. Reward Zone End of Program Points Topup (YMMV)
  482. Cheapest Landline?
  483. All Rockport Store Closing by end of July in Canada and US
  484. Food Basics exclude Selection brand colby cheese from sale price
  485. Seeking Best Mobile Internet (Turbo Hub) Advice - Bracebridge
  486. Any unlucky soul still hasn't received prime day order?
  487. Joe Fresh Order PC Points Warning
  488. Nike website promotions
  489. 34 ultrawide monitor on the casino bus
  490. Lowes price match mfr number?
  491. Ikea Malm Dresser Recall - Refund or Exchange.
  492. LF Costco Keg or Barbarian Steakhouse GC's
  493. Vitacost now restricting virtually all items to Canada?
  494. Pyrex Storage Covers / Lids
  495. Any thoughts on why Apple Canada education Imac is more expensive than B&H
  496. Leon's crappy delivery service
  497. Amazon Prime Day late deliveries? Complain and get a credit
  498. WARNING- Ebay's "Global Shipping" and Post Canada
  499. Insulated water bottle
  500. Amazon Student Verification?
  501. Early Termination on Bell Bundles
  502. Amazon shipping gotten worse?
  503. return policy of Aldo?
  504. FAQ About Cross Border Shopping / CBSA
  505. Unidays verification Apple Music question
  506. When can I find next weeks flyers on the net?
  507. [Merged] Looking for Laptop batteries? DON'T buy from BattDepot
  508. Best Instant Pot? Best Deal?
  509. Lenovo discounts on Boxing Day?
  510. Warning SCAM- Renuvica and Nuvella creams online order
  511. Cross border shopping - bringing used clothes back into Canada
  512. Amazon Prime Days July 16th
  513. Re: Receiving packages to a Basement suite.
  514. Alternative to air mattress for camping
  515. Too many returns banned from costco
  516. What is a good internet option? Vancouver BC
  517. Prime Day Logistics
  518. Bought a laptop was this a good deal?
  519. Can you buy a gift card to get free shipping on Amazon?
  520. Where to sell second-hand, high-end purses/handbags?
  521. Canadian Tire refund?
  522. Prime Day Deals Question
  523. RIP
  524. Anyone ever buy anything from
  525. Is Costco Canada membership valid in US locations?
  526. Amazon Dash Buttons
  527. Will amazon only reveal prime prices at 3? Has eBay put out a promo code to compete?
  528. Amazon Prime
  530. Sharepoint as Cloud Server
  531. How to file a complaint against
  532. Gas Point Loyalty Cards
  533. Online OpenBox and Return Retailer
  534. How long does it take for Dell ebates to show up?
  535. 2017 and 2018 Outdoor Race Shopping Guide - Before Boxing Day Edition
  536. Enercare vs. Reliance Home Comfort Protection Plan
  537. Anyone dealt with Comwave and cancelling their services?
  538. Lowes Online Pricing Error ( claimed )
  539. Tim Hortons on not giving receipts
  540. Can I use Walmart magazine coupons at other retailers?
  541. Is there any way to view a Shopper Drug Mart's electronics selection fully?
  542. Air miles
  543. Costco gas lines, USA vs Canada
  544. Canada Post In Transit to Post Office Since July 3
  545. Amazon "Subscribe and Save" - have I wasted my time? Pricing changes!
  546. [Amazon] Anyone notice shipping charges to return items on
  547. TP-Link Products pulled from Bestbuy shelves
  548. Bell's final bill is money grab
  549. Can you stack Optimum 20x app coupon with a seniors 20% off discount?
  550. How long will Canada Post hold my package if I'm not home?
  551. Dozy Mattress (Queen $299)
  552. What is the duty on a TV that I bring in from the US (with no allowance)
  553. Turo: Horrible for owners and renters
  554. - DHL Brokerage Fee?
  555. 7-Eleven Rewards earn rate dropping 60%, new 90-day inactivity expiry
  556. Aliexpress fake tracking number
  557. Kitchen Cabinets: Deposits and Contracts
  558. Best price for Sodastream canisters?
  559. Buying cigarettes online in Canada
  560. Where can I find Vitabath Fragrance Mist in stores?
  561. School Me on Cookware & Knives
  562. Marriott flight and hotel package no longer honours bonus points for Aeroplan transfers
  563. Good price on 3m furnace filters?
  564. Open Table ... Anyone got a Reward recently ?
  565. Evenko and their shady business practices
  566. Apple Watch series 3 Costco
  567. CO2 Cylinder Swap/Refill Toronto
  568. Auctionmaxx - Warning!
  569. Shoppers Drug Mart and false advertising
  570. Help me for mobile plan
  571. Prepaid data sim card for 10 days
  572. Ontario organic milk is no different than conventional milk, so why are we paying more? (Toronto Star Investigation)
  573. Tipping
  574. Gift card scam back at Shoppers? *BEWARE*
  575. Purolator refuses to scan/provide recipt for dropped off prepaid package?
  576. Stearns foster funbury vs sealy ethos vs beautyrest black devotion
  577. RFD Members Enter to Win a Samsung Galaxy S8 from chatr
  578. HELP: Anyone knows where to buy this capacitor
  579. Boycott USA #boycottUSA
  580. Credit card compromised after purchase at Aliexpress
  581. Are Kirkland/Costco wool trail socks discontinued?
  582. Dulux Paint - what's their refund/exchange policy ?
  583. Purchasing Decorative Contact Lens online
  584. Is "" a legit website?
  585. Koodo cancelled online orde
  586. Custom Duty on S8+ through Ebay
  587. Preorder NHL 19 and NBA 19
  588. bestbuy chromebook image
  589. Anyone tried (paypal)
  590. Anyone getting spammed by Walmart after preordering games?
  591. Petro Points Changes Redeem points faster than before
  592. Shopping for Electronics (paying only 1 tax)
  593. Alkaline batteries - Amazon, Ikea or Costco?
  594. Canpar - failed delivery attempt = return to shipper
  595. Do you "punish" companies over small amounts?
  596. Can you suggest the Cheapest Place in Toronto for Passport Photos
  597. Apple AirPods: I want them
  598. Best Credit Cards for Disputes or Chargebacks When You're Not Satisfied With Your Purchase
  599. declined order if ship to address is a freight forwarder
  600. New self checkout at rcss
  601. - Old eVouchers seem to be working on everything.
  602. Have to open a businss bank account. whats good currently?
  603. Aeroplan Discussion
  604. No Frills Now Price Matches
  605. Walmart Gas Offer
  606. A Difference Kind of Site
  607. Alberta Internet Packages
  608. Kijiji now charging for ads - free limit depending on category
  609. Rexall Stores Closing Sales YMMV
  610. Amazon Prime Day?
  611. Help choosing portable air conditioner
  612. Paypal Receipt shows a higher amount than the Ebay order
  613. Warning about Cannet tel
  614. Headphone returns at Visions
  615. Help with Recliner Chair.
  616. Car rentals and loyalty programs
  617. Viofo A119S v2 both died same day heat!
  618. Bestbuy major appliance extended warranty vs traditional appliance store questions
  619. How to add a "Gift Address" to my Paypal Account?
  620. Do you ever ship USA packages to a USA hotel/motel you will be staying at? or any package depots in Syracuse, NY?
  621. Decent TVs in the $500 range
  622. 2018 Nissan pathfinder s
  623. Great Canadian Rebates Site Problems
  624. Recall On Nexxtech Power Banks (March 15th 2018)
  625. Carters Shipping charges
  626. June 27 - another raid @ Pacific Mall (Markham) for counterfeit goods
  627. Using USA Cell Phone Plans (AT&T, T-Mobile) in Canada
  628. "Buy In-Store" vs "Store Availability"
  629. Price of Beer in Quebec (May 2017)?
  630. MartCanada misrepresents themselves as a Canadian company.
  631. Is there any tool for tracking product Price History in Canada?
  632. No More Costco Fireworks
  633. [TARGETED] EBAY Potentially 33% off, Refer a friend bonus 10 dollars + 15$ off 75$ promo
  634. - Defective phone question
  635. Fresh Veggies in Edmonton Area
  636. Where to buy the paper blinds for temporary purpose?
  637. Kijiji lowballers, why do they do it?
  638. Cheap Liquor or bulk liquor discount
  639. Pharmaprix (Shoppers)(SDM) Locations Selling Consoles and Games
  640. Reliability survey of appliances
  641. Best bang for buck chicken breasts?
  642. Anyone tried
  643. Anyone have bills stopped being issued by Rogers?
  644. Suggestions on what to do with Air Miles
  645. Marks Accepting Gift Cards Online
  646. do you fill out the warranty registration card after purchasing a new product?
  647. [Costco] Danby premiere dehumidifier 199.99
  648. Amazon customer banned for returning 37 faulty products out of 343 purchases in 15 ye
  649. Canada Computers Video Card return policy?
  650. Best Buy RewardZone Points Expiring... What to buy?
  651. Lowes / Rona / Reno-Depot no longer offer Pricematch + Beat
  652. Where can I find these food grade chemicals?
  653. Foody World flyer for Richmond, B.C.
  654. How to Save $14.95 on DHL fees by self-clearing packages
  655. Ebay Global Shipping Program
  656. DID I just get scammed?!
  657. Horrible experience with UPS brokerage charge for nothing
  658. Shoppers Drug Mart 20x Points Event
  659. Washer + Dryer
  660. PayPal Currency Conversion
  661. Shopping baskets at grocery store - stolen by customers?
  662. Safe for documents
  663. US package storage service closer to ottawa/montreal?
  664. EBAY- something not right about this
  665. Why some retailers can discount Apple, others can't.
  666. Metro @ Cloverdale Mall (Etobicoke) isn't 24/7 anymore
  667. Best Place to buy blinds
  668. Arlo Pro 2 with 4 cams for 849 - good deal?
  669. Buying LED bulbs in Ontario
  670. Does Bestbuy ever waive admin fees on financing of appliances and ? on extended warranty from them
  671. Best place to buy a Pi?
  672. Replaced Dishwasher forgot I had extended warranty
  673. Staples online non-performance
  674. Petro Points Website Error
  675. Cheapest courier service from Toronto to USA/Texas?
  676. Wrenches Set (Metric / Imperial)
  677. Pay-what-you-can grocery opens in Toronto
  678. Where to buy AMEX gift card
  679. Terrible Experience with Walmart Online
  680. Xiaomi Mi Band 3 just released!
  681. Ford f150
  682. Garmin Zumo bargain hunting.
  683. What is this daily deal website with...
  684. Interesting article: USA town dependent on reshippers like BorderFree
  685. Does Wal-Mart still accept Returns without a receipt?
  686. Philips 5000 AquaTouch Electric Shaver Good?
  687. does nofrills allow to refuse paper coupons?
  688. What are my chances getting my money back from Eaglemoss?
  689. Looking to get a Samsung S9+, advice guys?
  690. Visa card billed for Amazon (.com) Prime....**possible fraud**
  691. What is the best company for buy gift card online?
  692. Cheapest way to get the Apple HomePod?
  693. Costco online orders
  694. Why website gift card as is super slow?
  695. 2018 Fireworks
  696. Does Walmart store Price match
  697. What's the best way to convert Best buy gift card?
  698. LCBO online
  699. Where can I buy gift cards in Canada?
  700. Where to buy Xiaomi Mi Bot (lightinthebox, geekbuying, AliExpress?) and warranty questions
  701. Double Charged by Presto?
  702. Government orders the CRTC to investigate high-pressure telecom sales practices
  703. Costco (Ontario) 2 Ply Scotties Premium facial tissue.
  704. Ported Koodo plan, instead of paying off tab balance I am asked to pay for the ENTIRE 24 month bill.
  705. What's the cheapest way to ship a parcel to the US?
  706. Amazon questions
  707. Anyway to get something price matched from the last door?
  708. Buy iPhone X now or in September ?
  709. Solved.
  710. Issue with Best Buy
  711. GST on used items!!
  712. Ebates reliable?
  713. Health Canada refused my shipment
  714. Is Purolaror sucks!!
  715. great canadian rebate signup bonuses?
  716. If you buy from Costco Business Centre can you return to regular Costco
  717. How do I self clear a package at the border?
  718. Policy BestBuy store and Paypal payment concerning refund
  719. Best reshipper from USA to Canada?
  720. Custom broker suggestion
  721. Is anyone clear on HD price match policies ?
  722. ???
  723. U.S. Site Wants A U.S. Address, Any Work Arounds?
  724. How do non-big box retailers obtain Apple products to sell?
  725. Pizza Pizza did not follow through with their 40 minute time guaranteed policy
  726. Walmart online
  727. homedepot price match
  728. Home depot return policy?
  729. New Amazon scam or is this legit?
  730. Livingdeal email self-identifying as scam
  731. Is it possible to sign up for CHATR Mobile Online?
  732. Is there a service in USA similar to Chit Chat express or Stallion Express in GTA?
  733. Starbucks limiting rewards at Reserve Stores?
  734. DHL Brokerage: accurate information
  735. Iphone from Apple store in Montreal. Order from Toronto
  736. Lowes Price match policy
  737. I'm glad I prefer not to shop online...
  738. Price Matching with Bestbuy online
  739. Adding a tab to Out of Province plan?
  740. 7" pie dish glass or ceramic?
  741. Walmart online returns in-store have changed
  742. I ordered a Smartphone from ******** 3 third-party sellers. As not arrived. ******** refund only 50% after so many time
  743. Las Vegas packages on, when is the best time to book?
  744. (Ottawa)How much taxes I need to pay?
  745. Cheap Amazon fillers?
  746. Esso Gift Card - Balance Used/Scam (2nd post with scam details)
  747. Looking for opinion on this patio set
  748. Why pay tax for supplements?
  749. Anyone Shop Here,
  750. 7-eleven nerfs it's rewards program
  751. Where to buy quality essential oils?
  752. Does BestBuy Canada price match
  753. Canada Post Kills International Inbound Tracking
  754. Advice - Buying Camry 2018 SE
  755. Man, Do we Canadians Get Screwed by US Retailers
  756. Not received the advertising item
  757. Why do Morningstar required you to call in to cancel subscription??
  758. Amazon prime video game preorder discount now 10%?
  759. Is there next departure equvilant for USA ?
  760. New tv
  761. Any Newark element14 ( experiences?
  762. Product Exchange PST/GST
  763. Quebec Costco Beer Update
  764. Best online retailer pricing to Pricematch Large appliances?
  765. Amazon gift card fail
  766. Pharmaprix Cheated Me
  767. Is worth it to stack on Ebates gift cards?
  768. I never receive any fund refund from more than a month.
  769. Relaible Shipping Method From Amazon US to Canada
  770. King Mattress recommendations
  771. Where can I get a decent comb?
  772. Is a Legit Site?
  773. Buy someone else's GoodLife membership?
  774. What is with Costco's large item shipping? Do they hate money??
  775. NEST Hello doorbell
  776. Home Depot or Lowes Carpet Sale
  777. Have a friend who is a Costco member buy you a Costco Cash Card and fill up at the Costco gas bar without a membership
  778. Advice for cell phones due to relocation
  779. Eyewear Manufacturer Recommendation
  780. Enterprise Car Rental Insurance Question
  781. Duty free alcohol deals?
  782. Ontario fitness club refuses to cancel membership
  783. PC products guarantee?
  784. Mcdonalds Dollar Ice coffee is not 1$?
  785. World Cup Car Flags...where to buy?
  786. WTB: 18650 Batteries
  787. Tim's testing all-day breakfast
  788. Amazon keeps delivering my neighbours packages to me
  789. Laptop Purchased in USA - Waved Through by CBSA. How to Prevent Future Problems?
  790. Stearns & Foster mattress warranty and Brick store
  791. Anyone have bought Groupon's Price Privileges Fuel Discount Card?
  792. CrossBoarderPickup New Pickup Location - Markham
  793. is Canada luggage depot legit?
  794. Ebates In-Store Cash Back
  795. Buying Mattress from Costco
  796. Brick extended warranty
  797. Patio Umbrellas - prices at Costco are over 1K
  798. Maui Jim
  799. Best way to reach $1500 minimum spend?
  800. Best place to buy TVs online
  801. New phone upgrade
  802. Surprise, eBay charge commission for those items not sell it
  803. anyone have razer gaming products customer service issues ?
  804. Honor-system candy at No Frills
  805. Anything special offer in website for iPhone X ?
  806. What's your favourite loyalty/points program?
  807. Not receiving Starbucks offers?
  808. Opinion on this amazon seller and adjustable bed
  809. Carrytel or Cannet for Internet?
  810. Telus poor customer service cell phones
  811. Looking for a new BBQ - should I only consider Broil King or Weber?
  812. Gameaccess Dead ? Scam ?
  813. Best Hose
  815. Questionable QC of Amooza cheese Twists by Kraft? Or perhaps it's the store..
  816. UPS import fees
  817. Scared to use canada post
  818. My neighbourhood Vancity's doors to ATM machine locked after 8pm
  819. What is the ebates Cashback on Surface Products on the Microsoft Store?
  820. Receiving shipments via DHL vs Canadapost (duties/customs)?
  821. WOW Mobile $0 Samsung Galaxy S8 vs $0 Google Pixel 2 (Koodo)?
  822. RFD Approved Discount/Surplus/Thrift Stores in GVA
  823. Health Canada Recalls 27 USB chargers (fire/shock)
  824. Fees and taxes on a new car
  825. Driving Lithium Ion battery across US border to Canada
  826. Canada Post double charging customs fees!
  827. Can you stack both ebates cashback and groupon bucks?
  828. poutine in quebec
  829. Anyone know about this $75 8GB plan?
  830. RECALL- PC Organics & Love Child brand baby food pouches...
  831. Ogdensburg Parcel-Package & Shipping Center- New option for Ottawa area US pick-ups
  832. private sale between US and Canada risk reduction help.
  833. Cheapest place to buy an Apple iPad?
  834. Samsung Freedom S8
  835. receipt
  836. Amazon shipping?
  837. Suggest a place/brand for Polo Shirts
  838. Best pillow for side sleepers
  839. If you were in US for two weeks, what would you buy ?
  840. US Nordstrom Rack price adjustment ?
  841. Sonos Playbase discount?
  842. Alternatives to Kijiji? since Craigslist is almost dead
  843. 3 questions about giftcard shop
  844. ebates - Cash back not available on this category
  845. Ryobi One+ 18-Volt Lithium-Ion Starter Drill Kit
  846. Loblaw gift card
  847. 1-800-Flowers/Bloomex CC fraud
  848. Looking for opinion on this ratchet kit
  849. Food Basics premium for peeling corn. Lol
  850. Contacts
  851. Is the Samsung S8 for $719 a good deal?
  852. Ship your packages and mail to USA
  853. Seasonal TV Cancellation
  854. REI Free Shipping to Canada
  855. Costco Shop-Vac 60.5 L $139.99 after $35 rebais
  856. Bestbuy laptops (and other refurbished items)
  857. Looking for best deal on self-stick return address shipping labels
  858. Neoutlets Dropship is a SCAM. Warning all buyers do not give your credit card information.
  859. Refund on Sodastream CO2 Canister
  860. Chapters always sells new condition right?
  861. Sportchek no longer issuing 10% off coupons for newsletter subscriptions?
  862. 8TB WD Red 5400 vs. Deskstar (WD) 7200 for NAS
  863. Sport chek 10% email signup gone?
  864. Has anyone else done the Public Mobile $30/m to Koodo $35/m switch?
  865. What happens when CBSA rejects a package?
  866. Cheapest way to get an x1 carbon thinkpad?
  867. Staples coupons, $30 off on #300+ order, but ....
  868. Shoppers gift card questions
  869. What is one (or more) things you really don’t like when it comes to shopping?
  870. How open a new account Bank by internet only in Palliative care centre and severe disability confined in bed?
  871. How much is airmiles worth?
  872. buy from them?
  873. Fido 10GB retention offer
  874. Self serve at Walmart
  875. Are superstore opens on Victoria day?
  876. Which robot vacuum to buy and from where
  877. Which Vacuum to buy?
  878. Canadian Tire pricing matching policy change?
  879. Anyone here have a Dyson Fan?
  880. Aeroplan has partnered with Amazon
  881. Will liquor ever be sold like Coca-cola in Canada?
  882. safe practices selling on ebay
  883. Is Direct Buy STILL a scam?
  884. Missing ship to store option at
  885. Anyone else notice grocers tightening price matching?
  886. Loblaws wine & beer price abnormalities
  887. Costco cash card / day pass
  888. Should I buy a Mac Laptop? Are they releasing new Macs in early June? Cheaper MacBooks? Better Processors?
  889. $500 prepaid MC in Vancouver
  890. Canada post packages NOT sent to the closest office / shoppers??
  891. Does Wal-Mart still accept refunds without receipt?
  892. Canadian Tire's 5 Cents Off Per Litre Event
  893. Bell customer wins court battle over contract
  894. [Dollarama] Dollarama to charge 5 cents for plastic bag starting on April 22, 2018
  895. Qualifying as new Rogers customer question
  896. Thread on BBQ's?
  897. Ivory Body Wash — 100% water, No substance
  898. Fake reviews wanted?
  899. Buying BBQ should I get GC or Use CC?
  900. Is anyone familiar with DHL standard? It says "Final delivery via Postal Service," so who will assess duties?
  901. Smart Door Lock
  902. Costco return policy and memory cards
  903. Kijiji : high valued object for sale, what is a safe way to do this?
  904. Cineplex Admit One now redeemable online
  905. What's a good deal on an XBOX One S?
  906. Is there any grocery price tracker that sends out alerts on pre-defined items?
  907. Has anyone ever bought anything off of ***** ?
  908. Expedia accused of misdirecting customers to hotels that pay them a fee
  909. Paying on with US billing address/credit card
  910. Switching out of carriers before your term contract expires
  911. Going forward, TTC Metropass v. Presto Card
  912. Is Canada Post Xpresspost Supposed To Deliver Next Day?
  913. Google Home Mini
  914. Dell 15% off business coupon
  915. Can I get an exemption to import a "banned" supplement?
  916. Chinese variety retailer MINISO, which positions itself as a ‘Japanese lifestyle brand’, aggressive Canadian expansion
  917. New scam?
  918. Anyone getting a lot of Chinese Consolate voicemails?
  919. Best headphones at Shoppers Drug Mart
  920. Amazon Prime 30-day Trial
  921. Internet provider?
  922. Canadian laptop selection in 2018?
  923. Replacement patio umbrella pole?
  924. Costco frozen shrimp from india : health
  925. Used equipment past border?
  926. Cost of Essilor Polarized Prescription Sunglass Lens
  927. Contact Lenses Canada
  928. Package lost?
  929. Anyone ordered from
  930. Moore's Clothing for Men - Deceptive advertising
  931. Is this a good deal?
  932. Buying from Staples USA with Canadian credit card?
  933. American food you can't help but buy when you venture bellow
  934. What are the good life insurance companies in Canada (no medical required)
  935. Anyone tried price matching at Save on Foods and Safeway?
  936. Finally the first Lee Valley store in Quebec is come to Laval
  937. Any good Umbrella stores in Vancouver? (The Umbrella Store gone)
  938. [QC] QC Schools $153m class action settlement avg $165/child
  939. Dell i7 desktop deal?
  940. Amazon - just launched 3rd party sellers
  941. Canadian Tire Rewards/Personalized Offers
  942. Skylink Travel is a scam!!
  943. Schlage sense vs connect
  944. Minimum time with a cell phone provider (phone number porting)
  945. 65+ ontario, no fishing license required
  946. Save On Foods - Online Shopping (Pick Up or Delivery)
  947. Best Buy Canada Retiring Reward Zone Points Effective April 4th 2018
  948. Positive Best Buy Call Center Experience
  949. Does shoppers carry God of War edition PS4 Pro?
  950. Borderlinx suspending shipping from U.S.
  951. Canadian Tire 20x CT promos
  952. Do I get more points if I register/link my PCFinancial MC with PC Optimum?
  953. Viator Inc. (Terrible travel tour middleman)
  954. Mothers Day picture frame
  955. impresses
  956. Stores turned online "marketplaces" in Canada
  957. Canada Posts halts Community Mailbox Program
  958. Hot Deals are kinda dead
  959. Espacejeux - which credit cards consider it a cash advance?
  960. Hidden defect in Breville coffee grinders: Dose Control & Smart Grinder
  961. P.S.A. - F.Y.I. - Questions Regarding Value Of Items For Import
  962. What could be the point of this cashiers shady actions?
  963. Credit card refund - processing time
  964. How can I Get extra scene points? Need 200
  965. Paying out Dell Financing Early
  966. Have you heard about Are they legit ?
  967. Costco TV price increases across the board ?
  968. Can you return to Costco as a non-member?
  969. Quick Amazon Question about rapid price change on delivery date
  970. What to do with Sears Gift Cards?!
  971. USB - C? Are you guys digging the USB-C on the new macs?
  972. Is Fido Galaxy S9 worth it with $150 trade-in?
  973. Best stuff to buy at Nordstrom ??
  974. BELL phone alternative?
  975. Never order from
  976. FREE Return Shipping on Paypal Purchases (From PAYPAL)
  977. What's "The" $1k TV right now?
  978. Ordered off Ebay -> no tax charged?
  979. Anyone else finding price tracking websites not working?
  980. Santevia Alkaline water filtered pitcher or gravity fed countertop version?
  981. Do Kindles or any other e-readers ever go on sale?
  982. Using the Walmart Canada API to get inventory counts
  983. Outlet Center or good shopping area near Ont / QC border?
  984. Costco Casio CDP235 Piano - feedback?
  985. Amazon doubles quarterly profit & increases Prime fee in the USA
  986. Anybody shopped at Vancouver Electronic Depot?
  987. Bestbuy price match policy?
  988. An ebay question
  989. website booking problems
  990. Buying Meat in Bulk
  991. New source for good value sporting goods
  992. <Perkopolis> Shell Fleet Navigator Card
  993. Halo Tops Ice Cream
  994. Best time to buy Miele Vacuums?
  995. The Brick: One day sale? Dining Set?
  996. Besy Buy promo Codes
  997. can USPS insure a item for more than its declared values
  998. Google Express
  999. Cancelling Bell Fibe TV contract within first 30 days
  1000. Bath Fitters