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  1. Rogers bill
  2. Stores & Couriers & Gift Cards
  3. 30-days notice at Telus: W-T-F?!?
  4. SDM Bonus Redemption
  5. Buying an LED TV & HTIB from the US, How much dty + fees should I expect to pay?
  6. Canada post strike is Over, mail resumes on 28-06-2011 (Tuesday)
  7. HMV sells its stores in Canada for £2m
  8. [Merged] NCIX Is Coming To Mississauga! (Mavis & Eglinton)
  9. Horrible attitude from customers
  10. coupons
  11. Future Shop has a laptop at a cheap price but it's OOS. Can i get a raincheck?
  12. whats good buy for $1 at futureshop.ca?
  13. Sent in a MIR but may be stuck due to Canada Post strike...question
  14. how long I can wait to pick up my online order at Future Shop?
  15. Buying a Boat? (Paperwork, Registration & Taxes?)
  16. acer notebook repair question
  17. Paying for Louis Vuitton glasses with insurance
  18. HTCSimUnlock.com - WARNING, fraudsters will take your money, ...
  19. Canada Computers Price Match Policy is a SCAM!!!
  20. Future Shop Exchange Policy
  21. I want to avoid paying brokerage to Fedex, can I clear the package myself?
  22. Price comparions NCIX/Newegg/Canada Computers
  23. J. Crew to open first Canadian store at Yorkdale in August
  24. Price Chopper Cedarcroft or Food Basic Steeles Bathurst CLOSING
  25. Futureshop wouldn't accept my LA Noire bought at EB Games....why?
  26. HomeDepot window film....do they work?
  27. No tax at TD with the RFD deal.. happened twice
  28. Shoppers/Pharmaprix coupon policy updated June 14th, 2011
  29. My Mattresses Experience...!!??!?!
  30. Bell - bought phone on 16th, billed on 19th?
  31. Paypal Payment Question
  32. Best Buy "Online Only" question
  33. pc-canada.com is a liar!!!!
  34. Zara Semi Annual Sale
  35. Duties and taxes?
  36. Duty Free Question
  37. Rogers Pay as you go sercert
  38. Purolator, the worst courier company!!!!!
  39. Has anyone found a way to use a staples gift card through staples.ca ?
  40. Dell (lack of) Customer Service
  41. Personal experience with BestBuy & Futureshop
  42. Bestbuy Terrible Service
  43. Bought on eBay, need help understanding USPS tracking info
  44. WARNING: Future Shop may be holding on to YOUR money!
  45. Sears Home Store return policy sucks
  46. What's worth buying in the state right now?
  47. Staples Online: Inaccurate stock level on web
  48. I need to send a letter through Expresspost but Canada Post is on strike...what are
  49. Minimum purchase with credit/debit??
  50. mn
  51. Warranty for replacement camera?
  52. SPC VIP Card
  53. Staples resold harddrives with personal info on them
  54. Bell upgrade text - SCAM
  55. Mobilistupidity - Canada's worst cell phone provider
  56. Is ownersclub.ca legitimate?
  57. THE BAY return policy = bad
  58. What are the big online beauty supply outlets besides Amazon?
  59. CANPAR Shipping
  60. Is there a service/site to sign up for alerts on discounts for types of products?
  61. Problem with furniture deliver so is it possible I am in a good position to negotiate
  62. Anyone use the 1cent.ca auction site?
  63. Korean variety Stores refused to sell my friend
  64. Does Costco do price adjustments?
  65. Kodak Photo pick up at Bestbuy, totally unsuccessful !
  66. The Brick Warranty - Will They Replace?
  67. question re: Wal-Mart price match (item already purchased)
  68. Ozark Trail Tents @ Walmart?
  69. Anybody ever order from 33-off.com?
  70. Costco sudden and unannounced price increases
  71. Bought Stuff off ebay. Canada Post Strike
  72. DHL COD charge? How much should I expect to pay?
  73. Paypal passwords hacked ....no access to my account!
  74. No free ipod touch from this year's back to school sale?
  75. Price match order number?
  76. Aldo leather shoes discolored
  77. RCSS/Joe Fresh: Diff number on actual credit card vs. printed on receipt
  78. US shipping address?
  79. Costco Laminate Sale?
  80. SDM 20x event with new computer system
  81. BestBuy sent me $1500 in wrong products [photo]
  82. Rogers Screwed me, need some advice
  83. When's the next BB/FS store/site-wide sale?
  84. Best Buy & Future hop: Warranty
  85. Pearl Vision glasses
  86. [SHOPPERS] $10 Tim card when you spent $50 is a scam
  87. Shaw and moving into a new place
  88. Where to buy Eyeglasses arms in Vancouver area.
  89. Cigarette brands in US similar to benson and Hedges
  90. We are missing the boat...
  91. Sears getting into payday loans?
  92. Amazon Orders and Canada Post Lockout
  93. Besbuy Canada Site Down!?
  94. TTC will not be mailing out July Metropasses because of the Canada Post Strike.
  95. anyone seen this camera at costco??
  96. Canada Post Forced to Shut Down Urban Operations Nationwide
  97. Cheap delivery from Ikea?
  98. Suggestions on how to deal with Sears delivery damage
  99. Futureshop price match with extra promotion discount question?
  100. Bestbuy Reward Zone Certificate
  101. Place to sell stuff in GTA?
  102. Cannot return purchased beer?
  103. XFX Radeon 6850 + Dirt 3 + Shogun 2 for $170 - $30 MIR, possible?
  104. Outlet Shopping Niagara - US or CA for kid's clothes and Coach??
  105. Tissot watches lifespan
  106. After 10+ years, finally got rid of Rogers altogether. Good Riddance!
  107. Chinese online electronic stores, what's the scoop?
  108. List of Chinese Online Retailers. Input needed please
  109. puma.com tax charged to ship to blaine,wa
  110. Todayslens.ca Brutal experience. Stay away
  111. Buying from the US Logitech. Billing address?
  112. false advertising by car dealership
  113. How to order prescription glasses online?
  114. optometrists open on sunday in spadina chinatown?
  115. Does Bell Canada do credit checks for Bundles (TV, phone, internet)
  116. President's Choice Gift Card Problem - advice please
  117. LF: Stuffed Polar Bear
  118. What is best way to ship laptop across canada during strike?
  119. Best place to sell jewelry in Montreal?
  120. Dell XPS 15
  121. What do you guys think about this website?
  122. Mail Delivery Mon, Wed, Fri Starting Next Week
  123. FUTURE SHOP - Lowest $ Guarantee - NO WAY !!!
  124. patriot box office rebate from ncix
  125. BEWARE of this company (Tankbusters).
  126. Local GTA stores selling old/refurbished Computer Hardware
  127. Amazon.com doesn't ship DVD's to Canada anymore?
  128. Price matching GPSCity at Bestbuy/Futureshop?
  129. a question about Amazon Kindle price
  130. KOODO .. what a @^!@#$@! waste of time
  131. Thenerds.net shipping question
  132. Are There Any US Computer Hardware Retailer Shipping to Canada ???
  133. Bringing a crib from US to Canada
  134. Was Infonec hacked?
  135. Best Buy Reward Zone
  136. Dell Online Fraud orders made to my account
  137. Rogers retail failure
  138. experience with www.bhphotovideo.com
  139. price match fail= Future shop??
  140. A Grocery site for "reverse-lookup"
  141. Staples coupons question
  142. Will tigerdirect store match the price on their website?
  143. wireless security camera with video recording and night vision
  144. The Most Misleading Advertisement Ever
  145. How's the extended warranty from Memory Express ?
  146. [Merged] fake future shop website beware
  147. What to watching for with in-store furniture financing.
  148. Canada Computers Kennedy Location: Bag issues
  149. Very Very Very Frustrated With Purolator
  150. Your opinion counts feedbacks
  151. Futureshop video game CSR and commission?
  152. TekSavvy move
  153. Anybody ever buy a dock from "Dock in the Box"...what did you think?
  154. Apple Store refund policy
  155. Awesome - POOL Liner Supplier
  156. How awesome is this? >>Amazon.ca<<
  157. Welcome TARGET!
  158. Does anyone have the Paris & London Superguide?
  159. Someone opened my shipped Package for Futureshop Order..
  160. High Park Nutrition (health + beauty store with FS in ON, QC, MB, NS, NB, NL & PE)
  161. About www.memoryexpress.com
  162. Question about Rogers internet overage charge
  163. Dell, Same model, Price big different.....
  164. WHY? Credit score
  165. can i load an ad on my ipod touch, and use that to price match at futureshop?
  166. PC-Canada.com trusthworthy?
  167. Amazon.com - watch import fees with Canada Post strike
  168. Large price differences between amazon.com and .ca
  169. Canada Post - Strike Questions
  170. Logitech 40% off
  171. Getting less and less Superbucks
  172. Costco Vaughan (gta) getting a gas station
  173. Alberta: ADS Fees lowering August 1rst 2011
  174. Canada Post "out for delivery" for 12 hours?
  175. [WTA] Deuter dealer downtown Toronto or GTA Area
  176. Scammed myself out of Bulk Barn coupon, any solution?
  177. Next - finally shipping to Canada!
  178. Canadian Customs Help!!!
  179. WOW Future Shop.... F you
  180. Alternatives to Canada Post (Ship from U.S. to Canada)
  181. Dealfind Refund time taking ages
  182. BBB complaint timelines
  183. Has anyone made a purchase from volumerates.com?
  184. detroitmailbox.com
  185. What happens after 3 UPS delivery attempts?
  186. Seagate HD -- RMA FAIL!
  187. Air Miles - Changes to amount of miles required for gift cards, mostly increases!
  188. Pricematch tips at Futureshop
  189. New Home Depot flyer dated from June 2?
  190. Walmart.ca Beta Store...
  191. Mark Anastasi is a Scam ! This man is a scammer, STAY AWAY!
  192. Canada Customs and Canada Post WAIT TIMES?!
  193. Canpar - failed delivery attempt = return to shipper
  194. Return an opened item to Futureshop?
  195. Memory Express Order Processing
  196. Prepaid cell phone service: Speak out or Petro Canada? Which is good?
  197. Does Costco still sell Somo Athletics?
  198. Need strategy for fridge exchange (Samsung and FS)
  199. 6 months free rogers promo, worth it?
  200. Astronomical Bell phone bill! How about you?
  201. Help me decide which shipping method??
  202. Best prices to fill propane tank in GTA?
  203. good rate for mailbox rental in Richmond Hill?
  204. SDM limit 4 on coke/pepsi 2/$10.99?
  205. Purolator messed up the missed delivery notice. Big time.
  206. Canada Computers Refund
  207. lottery scratch and win tickets
  208. RONA Tool Rental - 3 honest mistakes??
  209. Home depot returns
  210. Blockbuster closures
  211. well Futureshop just lost a customer over 10$.
  212. Unauthorized Access to Customer Data. Now Honda
  213. Solo HD legit or not
  214. Mall Gift Certificates
  215. Best Buy geek squad rip off attempt?
  216. Shoppers Drug Mart - Gift Card scam/ fraud? Who used up my balance?
  217. Fill out a survey to win a gift card...
  218. Home Depot Eco Fee Refund Scam
  219. Ever heard of Revera Retirement Living?
  220. Tracking says my item is at post office to verify address
  221. Target Announces Planned Manitoba Locations
  222. [Merged] Target names its first 105 Canadian outlets
  223. Amazon Customs fees to Europe from U.S
  224. Note About SN Traders
  225. Deleted
  226. Cineplex charged my credit card, but transaction failed.
  227. Grannimals
  228. Looking for Rx Glacier Glasses
  229. Cancel bell pre authorized credit card payments???
  230. Where can I find this Hampton Bay desk lamp?
  231. How Stupid Can UPS be?
  232. Question about Future Shop return policy
  233. Costco reward coupon expiration date
  234. Do you got to pay custom fees if you buy from newegg.ca?
  235. Decline on using coupon... Anything we can do?
  236. Is it possible to return an open box item at Canadian Tire?
  237. Possible to file a chargeback through TD Bank against Paypal?
  238. Cadillac Fairview - Shop One Card THUMBS DOWN!!!!
  239. Have anyone seen the BB playbook in Costco?
  240. Condo VIP Pre-Construction sale events: Do you really get a discount?
  241. Rogers/Bell Mobile Internet Thread
  242. Fluoride Varnish -- Anyone buy it online/over-the-counter?
  243. what if selling prices dont match?
  244. Mortak Kombat Steelbook FS scam: did anyone get the "just the steelbook" order?
  245. No Frills opening in Surrey
  246. Too good to be true prices at canada-jerseys.com?
  247. Get item shipped to Canada through US Middleman?
  248. Zellers.com
  249. Except Craigslist and Kijiji,what else?(in person trade)
  250. Is Shoppers Drug Mart stores open today?
  251. Summer Night Market opens May 13 in Richmond
  252. Buying Cigars - Best place offline or online?
  253. Canada Computers, Worst Computer Store EVER!
  254. Futuresop or Best Buy Employee Discount!!!
  255. Best Place To Buy Fireworks
  256. Samsung & Best Buy: Product Code DOESN'T Match but SIG DOES?
  257. Costco pharmacy at St. Catherines
  258. scratch and win promotions price adjustments.
  259. Picking up item as US Postal Office?
  260. Canada Post Damage Claim
  261. Sony V7000 now 99.00 after 100 dollar discount, Can I get adjustment?
  262. Tablet Return Policy on Bestbuy/Futureshop? Costco?
  263. Running room price match?
  264. Are smokes cheaper at Peace Bridge Duty Free?
  265. Western Digital Extended Warranty a scam
  266. future shop gift card locked!
  267. When's the NEXXT/Linea Warehouse Sale?
  268. Boycott self-checkouts . . .
  269. Notebook Shopping In Asia
  270. Exchanging a free iPad for an iPad 2
  271. US currency PrePaid VISA/MasterCard that I can top up with my CND credit card
  272. paying w/ cash at gas station
  273. FramesDirect.com's Price-Match is a lie
  274. The Person in front of you
  275. Ever use Amex gift card at Costco?
  276. Update: Canadiantire Mastercraft Lifetime Warranty No receipt
  277. NCIX Shipping to Ontario store from BC
  278. PC Cyber in Montreal ?
  279. Please Lock: Case closed
  280. 100$ bonus: Bell Canada fidality program register and receive
  281. US Costco cash card 1:1 exchange rate
  282. Cross Border Grocery Shopping
  283. I need to purchase 150 Apple iPad 2 tablets!...
  284. Acer Iconia Extended warranty?
  285. vaughan mills deals?
  286. Any experience with mmo1st.com?
  287. does anyone actually abuse the return policy?
  288. Does the Bay credit HBC points/airmiles after purchase?
  289. watch out for canada.Forever21.com
  290. Mobilia - Stay Away!!!!!!!!!!
  291. Where to find coupon insert booklets?
  292. Any one worked with this Jeweler before?
  293. nevermind
  294. Advice needed
  295. Pre-owned Sony KDL-55HX800 55" Bravia HX800 Edge LED Backlit 3D HDTV
  296. which of these retailers would you pick?
  297. Is www.suntekstore.ca safe?
  298. Buying alcohol on way in to the US
  299. Transfer from Telus to Shaw
  300. Do You Like IKEA?
  301. Rona scratch 'n save events.
  302. HP Replacement/repair policy
  303. Chainreactioncycles.com: Anyone have experience with them? Authorized dealer?
  304. Shipping gold to USA. How do I describe contents so they are not stolen?
  305. Facebook travel page - Daily deals posted - Lots from Toronto but other cities too
  306. Staples $50 Coupons still available?
  307. Canada Post - Order information received by Canada Post and nothing else
  308. Bell Fidelity Rewards scam
  309. Minimum Purchase Free Shipping Conditions.....
  310. Top of the line Alienware laptop deal on Aliexpress (scam?)
  311. Need advice for buying flowers
  312. Staples Fillers Megathread
  313. quick questions to any redflag member
  314. Rogers not honouring their discount.
  315. Walmart Reactine Rollback
  316. I seriously think USPS Stole my package
  317. MAC Warehouse Sale in June
  318. Paypal Third Party Verification
  319. Costco Return Policy- Will they exchange a product that broke after 2 years?
  320. Cross border shopping: false declaration..Am I flagged?
  321. Can you use admit 1 coupons in conjunction with 2 for 1 coupons in cineplex?
  322. Dell Canada vs Dell US Pricing disparity...
  323. Does Costco Canada Sell Transitions Lenses?
  324. DHL Express Canada now Loomis Express
  325. [Merged] How likely is a Canada Post strike on May 25th?
  326. US border pickup depot?
  327. Vitamix blender at Costco
  328. Costco Wireless Exchange policy...
  329. Why Indian/Chinese stores have cheaper prices for goods/services?
  330. How Does Rogers Roaming & LD Charges Work?
  331. Fustrations of shopping for Zara clothes
  332. Cross Border Pick-up offices?
  333. Gigabyte RMA advice please
  334. Extreme Couponing?
  335. Amazon.com import fee question
  336. Did anyone attend the P&G Warehouse sale today in Mississauga?
  337. Rogers GRFF change? Can I get out of my contract?
  338. Syndicate Outdoors - lawn maintenance company - any comments
  339. Anyone else frustrated with the Costco locations with their Costco Gas?
  340. EB Games return policy possible with open box ps3 slim because no online psn?
  341. Can a B&M future shop store buy something from futureshop.ca on your behalf?
  342. Hugo boss
  343. Henry's return policy on used DSLRS?
  344. Anybody went to Grove City outlet mall lately
  345. Canada post tracking. NYC to Toronto, very confusing.
  346. Blockbuster Canada pushed into receivership
  347. canucks jersey for 35
  348. Expired
  349. Best Buy Extended Warranty for DSLR - Good Idea or Bad?
  350. staples.ca return policy
  351. Buy Ipad2 and Use Best Buy Rewards Coupon
  352. Dish Network to close 1200 of Blockbuster's 1700 stores!
  353. What do you when you experienced an exceptionally good/bad service in a store?
  354. Which Courier do you prefer? Canada Post or UPS?
  355. Does anyone have a copy of the Bay flyer May 6- May 12?
  356. Mastermind Sale Help!
  357. Ontario Electronics Warranty policies?
  358. Bestbuy online gift card error?
  359. Preparing for a trip to BestBuy
  360. Costco 2011 Summer coupon's
  361. some of the Apple Itunes account got hacked
  362. Brokering my package @ the Mississauga customs building
  363. Returning item bought with pc points
  364. Have anyone dealt with KC Toys Shop before?
  365. For the love of God please lock this thread!
  366. McDonald does not accept reuseable coffee mug?
  367. Crazy Future Shop Staffer
  368. GAP return policy
  369. Canadian Tire's inconsistent return policy(GPS)
  370. Bought a xbox360 4g with kinect from staples. I just plugged in the console but
  371. Staples Employee TERRIBLE!!
  372. Any Good Furniture Store in Toronto
  373. a question about Canadian Tire return policy
  374. Shoppers Drug Mart/Pharmaprix 20x points only on cosmetics or..?
  375. The Bay: VIP Discount Card
  376. MARSHALLS Grand Opening, Now In Canada!--Thoughts?
  377. Shoppers Drugmart - Will not abide by their Money Back Guarantee
  378. England's Import Laws? (is anyone familiar with them?)
  379. FYI... BBV......*important*
  380. The Best Buy HDTV IN STOCK GUARANTEE Is Back For $50 Off & Free Shipping On OOS TV's
  381. Bestbuy overcharging environmental fees?
  382. gvr annual police auction experiences?
  383. Sears ad in today's Metro - False Advertising?
  384. The Brick and their misleading warranties
  385. eBay & shipping methods
  386. Harvard Cleaners - terrible customer service
  387. Best Buy Mobile - Price Protection - Renewals
  388. Don't buy cameras from Dell.ca
  389. Facebook
  390. Brandsdragon.com / ahappydeal.com
  391. Pawn shops. What are those about these days?
  392. Lands End Charged US duties on shipment from ON, CA
  393. Online RMA at Best Buy
  394. How to avoid UPS ridiculous brokerage fees!!!
  395. Pampers travel wipes in plastic case - cases don't work and no gifts to grow code!
  396. Bestbuy Rewardzone points not registering
  397. Does customer have to sign for lightpacket USA?
  398. Rogers Smart Home Monitoring
  399. Apple... How do you get through to them???
  400. Corporate Greed is SICKENING!
  401. Shipping from Canada to USA: duty and taxes?
  402. Telus Retention Plan
  403. A phone call... free gifts for giving my honest opinions, what do you think of this?
  404. Shipping from a US Post Office with a Canadian Return Address
  405. Sohodiffusion
  406. Very Disappointed with Benjamin Moore!
  407. Warepark
  408. Can I import fish food from the U.S.?
  409. Fallsview Casino coupons
  410. Any experience with kitchenhoods.ca?
  411. Chapters shipping Delays
  412. Walmart Furniture - opinion
  413. New Eyeglasses: Standard or Premium Lenses?
  414. Staples YMMV Additional Clearance Discounts....
  415. Anyone ever order from PLNDR?
  416. Does Canada Post Work today?
  417. True Religion Outles LEGIT OR Fake??????
  418. Are there any companies other than Bell/Rogers that bundle Internet/Home Phone/Cable
  419. Yet Another Reason To Avoid Apple
  420. Canada Post saturday delivery via truck in the GTA..
  421. coupons at costco?
  422. Customer Catches Best Buy Breaking Law, Gets Banned From Store
  423. Comwave....Grrrrrrrr
  424. Wal-mart Vision Centre Dufferin Mall
  425. Best Buy Digital Dollar feature removed?
  426. Dealextreme question
  427. Ridiculous items returned at Costco!
  428. Costco - "special" TV models?? KDL46EX400H vs KDL46EX400
  429. Reasonably priced source for flower bunches for DIY centerpieces?
  430. Must have brand name products
  431. Does Canada Post process mail at all during 4 day easter weekend?
  432. Caution: coach-outlet.ca is out of China
  433. Winners return policy is bad news
  434. Zellers Pricematch - Recent Policy change?
  435. "Item processed at local delivery facility" Canada Post - Can I pick it up ??
  436. Is it worth it to buy an IPAD 2 in the US
  437. Costco premium membership, do you check your 2% return?
  438. [Rant] WTF!!! Dell Mails Already Expired Coupons.
  439. Buying new iphone & plan - why buy from reseller and why buy from carrier direct?
  440. focalprice vs dealextreme vs meritline
  441. Mattress Shopping: MattressLiquidator.ca (GTA)
  442. what is "presidents choice" brand trying to be?
  443. Times Telecom Problem
  444. Livingsocial Disney escape scam/warning
  445. USPS recycled tracking numbers or am I being scammed?
  446. no more costco east threads?
  447. Upset with Mead Promotion
  448. Vividseats.com review
  449. Canada Post Shipping
  450. Wal-Mart & Price Matching: Read the Details & Stop going by Pictures
  451. EMS Shipping from China
  452. Sears.ca now advertising Sears.com products.
  453. What would you do ???
  454. BelAir Travel Disappointment
  455. People abusing Costco's Return Policy
  456. Compensation for Toshiba Warranty Depot Losing Laptop
  457. rogers employee discount
  458. Costco Return Policy - General Merchandise?
  459. Aeroplan miles collector - Listen up, unfavourable update to you
  460. Beat up gas price in May 2011
  461. What is the best stuff to buy from Costco?
  462. Getting married? Need bridal party gifts?Good website to buy things in bulk
  463. Clearlycontacts.ca Price Match Policy
  464. Shipping shoes from USA to Canada ( Reebok)
  465. well.ca
  466. EA Store - Physical Copies to Canada Duty question
  467. I think I just got scammed
  468. Looking for a US shipping address in Boston downtown
  469. Esso gas station at Erin Mills/403
  470. Rise in Food Prices; have you altered your spending?
  471. McDonald's Canada takes Monopoly money
  472. Employee Discounts
  473. Home Depot Tool Return
  474. SDM is having 20x points day this Saturday
  475. Trying to get a refund from Distributel
  476. London Drugs stacking coupons policy
  477. your feedback on buying/returning from amazon.ca
  478. Refer a Friend and Receive $50 From Clearly Contacts
  479. Adorama Camera reliable?
  480. Cheap Fitted baseball Caps: (http://www.wholesale-cheap-hats.com)
  481. Mail in Rebate in the form of Citi Master Card
  482. nook colour ship to Canada
  483. Canada Post Missing or VERY late parcels
  484. Buyer Beware! RealTime Furniture has changed their name to EOS Modern.
  485. Smitty's Furniture - Cambridge
  486. SportCheck Friends and Family
  487. HAE bought corrective frames from online retailers?
  488. Add Teambuy to the hacked emails list
  489. lulu52
  490. Mattresses from "Comfort Canada" ?
  491. Purolator - Delayed due to Weather
  492. New Strings for Guitar - Rogue RA-100D Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar
  493. giftcertificates.ca
  494. Berani Jewellery in Bayview Village - avoid!
  495. Duties associated with bringing a laptop into Canada from the US?
  496. Question about Dell.ca Purchase and Coupon Use.
  497. How's FreshCo different from Price Chopper?
  498. No backpacks allowed: is this a growing trend?
  499. Free Shipping Now Extended to 40"-43" TV's At Best Buy and Future Shop Online
  500. Winners vs Marshalls. Same F'n thing!
  501. Tim Horton's Roll Up the Rim HELP!
  502. Reason for Not having a Points (Scene, Esso Extra, etc.) cards?
  503. Globalindustrial.ca
  504. Chapters electronic gift certificate with a return item.
  505. BestBuy.ca
  506. Beef shortage -- wtf????
  507. Can you do a chargeback if a company credits you?
  508. Clearly/Coastal Contacts -- Opinions on my situation?
  509. Shipping from Hong Kong - Duties/Taxes?
  510. Staples - Mandatory Computer O/S Installation Fees
  511. Rogers billing after cancellation of services
  512. Directcanada.com gone downhill bigtime
  513. Pat Foran's tips on cross-border shipping fees
  514. CBI USA near Niagara Falls?
  515. Island Ink-Jet & Laser Toners
  516. What are the best Organic or healthy food choices at Costco
  517. Contact lens prescription from Walmart?
  518. CONSUMER SOS Global TV wants your US/Canadian pricing beefs
  519. My luggage was damaged by AC etc? Options?
  520. Did anyone ever order from www.powerdvdclassics.com ?
  521. Why is gas one of the few things that fluctuates in price?
  522. Does Staples Price match console bundles?
  523. Alternative customs broker to avoid UPS brokage fee
  524. does futureshop price match 2/20 deals from hmv?
  525. Gas price in your neck of the woods
  526. PetSmart Warning! (With Pictures)
  527. Big price differences in different places
  528. Unsure about duties and extra fees when buying from Eastbay
  529. Chapters irewards card price rises to $35
  530. Newegg Shell Shockers
  531. Returning products from apple.ca
  532. GAP price adjustment period after exchange
  533. Tim Horton's price hike
  534. bidz.com experience??
  535. why never found refurbished iphone from apple website
  536. [Merged] Air Miles 'hacked' - your email may be at risk.
  537. TEKSAVVY Cable internet services nightmare !
  538. Best approach to use with Videotron CS or Retention?
  539. FidoDollars and paying bills.
  540. Decide which suit I should get?
  541. Costco.com: $1,000,000 ring
  542. Snowblower Clearances
  543. When I say no I dont want the future shop PSP, i mean no!
  544. Best Buy Reward Zone user database hacked?
  545. My Rogers All-In-One Bill... am i paying too much?!
  546. Is this true? No customs on anything made in Canada/US
  547. Can I get my cousin to use his student ID to get Apple Edu discount?
  548. Portland Orgeon - Shipping alternatives (mailboxes etc)
  549. Futureshop.Ordered 2 items online, manager claims "maybe one is stolen"!
  550. Does Futureshop use UPS to ship?
  551. Have you ever seen anybody shoplift?
  552. The Diamond Company???
  553. Questions about Staples Price Match and Coupons
  554. What is the most obsolete item you have seen for sale on clearance in a retail store?
  555. CBI Niagara Falls
  556. Future Shop Price Matching
  557. State of Washington WA sales tax exemption
  558. Bought something online from American Apparel
  559. What should I do if the product I ordered is defective?
  560. Antec Three Hundred and PSU from Jan/Feb - anyone received rebate yet?
  561. Which washer do I buy?
  562. anybody ever use ibuyofficesupply.ca?
  563. US Autoshops that do mounting and balancing near Niagara Falls?
  564. Petro Canada Steeles/Warden Car Wash Frustration
  565. border forwarding service
  566. Bell Phone line Down, Bell wants $87 to send in technician, is this legit?
  567. Got an iPad 2 from FS today
  568. What would you do?
  569. Can someone confirm? $25 for $50 American Apparel coupon
  570. Canada Post and Customs too slow!!!
  571. TABI Clothing Stores - CLOSING! (NO longer accepting Gift Cards or Credits!)
  572. Ensure Discount Cheques ($3 off) issues at Rexall
  573. Clothing Warranty from Abercrombie?
  574. Advice/Tips on shipping supplies and options
  575. Groovy shoes : anyone heard of or bought from this place ?
  576. Costco not stocking Lifesaver/Breathsaver...
  577. Don't use Friendly Mover in Toronto
  578. Food Prices going up April 1st 5%-7% - Loblaws, Superstore, Sobey's etc..
  579. Costco: Did Bounty Decrease the Size of it's Package?
  581. Best value for RBC rewards points (except travels)
  582. Just purchased a couple camera lenses from amazon.ca ... no tax?
  583. Parents - Have you purchased from allmondernbaby.com
  584. The Corner Store "Technet" in Ajax Deals on TVs?
  585. Canada Post : Item successfully delivered ?
  586. Horrible experience at StOOples
  587. Bestbuy.ca doesn't price match Newegg.ca?
  588. Future Shop refuses valid Price Match claim!
  589. Avoid Goggles4u.com - stick with Clearly Contacts
  590. Good place to buy flax meal? Toronto
  591. Buying some HP Toner Cartridges. HP12A - Q2612A
  592. Has anyone ever got a good experience ordering dvd/bluray from cineplex.com?
  593. Has anyone purchased from 724shop?
  594. Buttercream Bakery deal- breads only made on weekends, other things all the time!
  595. Can I buy a game from ToysRUs and return it to GameStop?
  596. iPhone app recommendations for grocery price tracking
  597. Looking for LUX WIN100 Thermostat in CAN online / retail?
  598. Super lube sucks!
  599. Can I return a Preordered game *?
  600. Mail order costs on the rise due to proposed duty changes
  601. Staples PM Policy
  602. Zellers may still be running in the future
  603. SCAM: Buyers Beware!! Sofa and Bedding Solutions in Mississauga
  604. iPad 2 stock?
  605. Canada Apple Store iPad 2 Has Started Shipment
  606. Is Restaurantica updated anymore at all?
  607. For those who ordered the Ipad 2 from Apple.ca
  608. Anyone ever get a package shipped to a US Hotel?
  609. Feedback wanted on a recent furniture shopping experience
  610. Anyone have experience with HD.ca?
  611. Samsung UN40C5000
  612. Can you check walmart GC online/phone
  613. Zappos to stop shipping to Canada
  614. Online Flyers in advance?
  615. sell gold at Oren ?
  616. Tiger Direct Mail-in Rebate
  617. Using sony points to make partial purchase in a non-sony store
  618. Making a Return at Costco with someone else's membership
  619. Cineplex Odeon coupons and Famous players.
  620. OCZ rebate super-slow but finally arrived (19 weeks after mailing)
  621. Question on buying iPad 2 on Apple.ca
  622. Don't ever avail of Miracle Movers when moving or transferring out
  623. Reliable places to order wheels and tires from the states? aside from...
  624. Shopping at AMAZON.COM.... QUICK QUESTIONS
  625. amazon shipped my cds via UPS?
  626. question regarding unfair business practices...
  627. Returning BNIB iPod touch
  628. United states
  629. Dell.ca added "no returns" to my shipping info. Normal?
  630. How much does a PO box in Buffalo cost ?
  631. Canadaintire Battery Warranty Story
  632. Does Sears offer or do they have promotions for new Sears Credit card customers?
  633. Dell advertised and sold wrong product - Olympus 8010 camera - looking for suggestion
  634. Online store not accepting Paypal, trust worthy?
  635. GO Transit and TTC Users Beware of Presto
  636. MegaTech Integrated - Markham, ON ??
  637. $10 bon appetit" swiss chalet/harveys/kelseys/montanas/milestones gift card free
  638. Where does Costco send their discontinued merchandise?
  639. Marine GPS
  640. buying cannon/nikon from dell.ca, return question
  641. online purchase was returned to sender
  642. US Shipping address in NY to ship EBAY items to?
  643. Can someone give me a list of all the china electronic websites?
  644. How is OES calculated?
  645. BestBuy.ca shipping times
  646. Does Shoppers or Safeway Price Match?
  647. SDM - vendor coupons - how are they treated i.e. points or not points for them?
  648. Price Matters- What's your experience?
  649. Missed Futureshop delivery, returned to sender, what happens?
  650. Thinking of taking FedEx to small claims court - any advice?
  651. Does Bestbuy match Dell.ca?
  652. Tim Horton's card - splitting
  653. Rant sent / Shopping experience at Staples.ca (Price matching)
  654. OMG! 2 Stories to Share in 1 day!!! My Walden Galleria experience / Apple
  655. OMG a Positive Retail Experience! Read if you are looking for Tires!
  656. Backorder for 5 Months?
  657. Shopping for wall paint - things to keep in mind
  658. Adidas Online
  659. All proceeds from today's Canada.Forever21.com orders go to relief efforts in Japan
  660. Walmart is full of idiots
  661. Another FedEx question
  662. where to get prepaid visa cards and other prepaid giftcard stands for a conv store
  663. Home Depot special orders delivery time policy
  664. Costco Employees b.s.'ing about Costco return policy
  665. How to PriceMatch at FS, BB or staples websites ?
  666. Not happy with the Buffalo Smart Rice Cooker
  667. Entertainment Book Coupons not honored.
  668. Is Groupon Ruining Retailing?
  669. Exchange Product in USA - Pay Taxes Again?
  670. Buying DSLR AMAZON.CA
  671. Unexplained Free Kingston 8GB USB from Dell - EXPLAINED
  672. Entertainment book depreciaion schedule
  673. Theatre Coupon
  674. Rogers Cable TV Billing, $75 for Basic!!!! Is this a mistake?????
  675. Expanded list of "Deal Extreme" type stores.
  676. Japan Earthquake Affects the Global IT Supply Chain (DRAM, LCD, LED, Solar, Battery)
  677. Organics Delivered has gone under - anyone else working on getting refunds?
  678. Canadian iPhone app that tracks Prices
  679. How to dispute Bloomex's crappy flowers?
  680. Gillette Fusion Razor Rebate - Any luck receiving refunds
  681. lawn care services - on Group buys today - your comments pl
  682. Apple Stores to Open 1 Hr Early - Tues March 15 For more iPad2 Sales
  683. Question about optimum points calculation
  684. Collected TV Deal Guide
  685. Sherwin Williams - Good CS
  686. Canada Post Expected Delivery Dates?
  687. Are group deals a fad?
  688. US virtual credit card
  689. Help with region coding for blu ray (Madagascar 2011)
  690. Harry Rosen's last season items
  691. question about cash back CCs
  692. Consumer items made in Japan and effect on prices?
  693. Newegg daily deal item - how long before it's a deal again?
  694. Cineplex cheap tickets on weekdays??
  695. Costco clothes. Do you buy? what's your opinion on quality.
  696. Tigerdirect Cybertron
  697. Tommy Hilfiger Coupon
  698. Don't buy computers @ Staples. Purchase price=$249 refund=$147
  699. Im in the mall and I need Help
  700. Meritline.com shipping to Canada seems to be working again...
  701. questions about Sears / LG
  702. Bell Billing Inquiry....Shady practice?
  703. Costco Price Differences
  704. Bowlerama prices?
  705. Apple warranty
  706. Baby Event at Costco.ca
  707. When/where should I line up for an ipad on March 25th
  708. MARCH 9th 2011 BEST BUY queensborough and lansdowne WORST SERVICE EVER!!!!
  709. Where to buy a #00 Philipps screw driver?
  710. anyone bought used book online from Chapters.Indigo?
  711. Does anyone know where I could buy Krispy Kreme Donuts in Markham/Richmond Hill?
  712. Beware! Shady Sales Staff at Richmond Hill Futureshop
  713. UK Stores Topshop and Topman coming to Canada
  714. Dixie Outlet Mall
  715. dell customer service worries.
  716. Meritline no longer shipping anything to Canada?
  717. I hate Future Shop and will be shortly making my last purchase there
  718. Grand Piano stores In GTA?
  719. Canadian tire sledgehammer oddness
  720. Canada Post - Garbage
  721. Edrugnet / 1drugstore Illegal Actions - Credit Card identity verification HELP
  722. Futureshop Illegal Actions - Credit Card identity verification HELP
  723. Shipito - Fedex
  724. Package forwarding within US to avoid US sales tax
  725. When will we start seeing BBQ's in store's?
  726. Maufacturer zone coupon from RCSS Superstore
  727. Earth Hour 2011: Earn 100 SPG Starpoints
  728. Costco price protection?
  729. Freshco - Another grocery store that will now price match
  730. Buy ipad2 from US?
  731. Can I return my iPad at Future Shop?
  732. APC UPS at Costco
  733. any other websites like dealextreme?
  734. XFX MIR question?
  735. Does Future Shop Price Match With
  736. Men's suit shopping in the US
  737. Purolator tracking, what does this mean?
  738. HOT HOT Bell's Education!
  739. Can Canadians Buy Online From The US and Ship To A US Address?
  740. Oil change - Costco at western road
  741. Does Sporting Life offer Price Adjustments?!?
  742. What is pick up period for goods
  743. The Bay - Corporate Pricing Package?
  744. CanadianTire ADS Fee
  745. Leon's Mattress Warranty
  746. my baby stroller is broken. what can i do
  747. Walmart prices are not cheap anymore
  748. Possible price adjustment on iPads/refund
  749. Pokemon Black and White $10 discount for both
  750. XS Cargo doesn't refund.
  751. Ambassador Limousine Services/Toronto Limousine Services ( Bad Service)
  752. Bad Apple at Future Shop Markham East Store
  753. How much do I have to pay in custom fees and duty fees from the US?
  754. Purolator scans - Slow, or just long in between?
  755. Price matching at canadian tire?
  756. Horrific UPS Experience!
  757. "The Last Hunt" TheLastHunt.com Too Good to be True???
  758. Onhop.ca still in business? (I guess not)
  759. European reatilers shipping to canada
  760. anyone PM against Canada Computers Recently?
  761. Are stores allowed to sell expired food?
  762. Does Superstore still have no-tax weekends in BC?
  763. Home Depot price-matching policy and a question
  764. Suggestions for iPhone 4 dock with Remote & Line Out
  765. Bad Service at NakWon Korean restaurant (yonge/finch)
  766. Buying stuff from the States and picking up at delivery depot
  767. IKEA. Stop $crewing Canadians.
  768. Best Buy Staff fail with in-store pick-up
  769. Entertainment book for traveling, is it worth buying?
  770. Do you check you grocery receipt before leaving the store?
  771. Clearly Contacts discontinues "Invoice Me Later" option, only accepts credit cards.
  772. Memory Express not honoring their 10 percent "Price Beat Guarantee"
  773. What is the best home phone company?
  774. UPS said they left package at my door....
  775. RMA Computer Part - Customs question.
  776. Steamer Bar from Crate & Barrel - Is there somewhere cheaper?
  777. Recently canceled Rogers Internet, got a letter in the mail asking me to come back..
  778. Return fraud
  779. where can i buy an arcade stick for xbox 360 in vancouver area?
  780. futureshop macbook warranty
  781. Prices for gas are disgusting
  782. How are the prices at the Rainbow Room Restaurant in Niagara Falls?
  783. abercrombie policy
  784. Stoosples, don't reward people that skip the line...
  785. Costco returns price difference
  786. Mcd's inconsistent coffee?
  787. Tankless Gas Water Heater Buying option
  788. Anywhere I could rent a tool for a couple hours?
  789. I want an item from Ebay, but the seller does not ship to Canada :/ What can I do?
  790. Computer just got stolen - How can I find it???
  791. My lucky day @ Staples
  792. Abercrombie Online - Damaged item problem
  793. Spice 'N' Rice
  794. onhop.ca charges both taxes. Why?
  795. Online diamond buying guide
  796. Tide Stain release money back
  797. E-oulet Canada TV's
  798. My Not-so-Canadian Shopping Experience at CanadianTire
  799. AVOID: Italmelodie in Montreal if you're buying musical instruments
  800. diesel ebook store. Anyway to order if your in canada?
  801. 7-11 charged me tax on a vanilla mastercard?!?!?
  802. AVOID: The Living Furniture @ 1146 Kennedy Road, Scarbro
  803. Mold on Europe's Best Frozen Fruit Raspberries!!
  804. HELP!! What are the portait studio prices at the Bay and Sears?!?
  805. metro giftcard to other giftcards?
  806. Target Apparel
  807. FC Surplus - good store for good buy?
  808. BestBuy Pricematching, Memos, and RZ points: A YMMV thing? D:
  809. RAID Controllers
  810. Do Store Policies Form a Contract that Binds Customers?
  811. Used Guitar Gear
  812. What's the latest on providers for US shipping addresses? (Ottawa)
  813. Does Bestbuy sell refurb xbox 360's?
  814. Long and McQuade Finance policies
  815. Stores that charge tax but dont give receipts.
  816. Do grocery stores that price match attract your business?
  817. Wind...
  818. Chargest HST on E-bay item... No GST number issued... Scam?
  819. Giftcards that can be used in US and Canada?
  820. item shipped to USA, return shipping from Canada?
  821. Another Horrible Experience at Atmosphere (Markham) - Long Story
  822. purchased item on ebay, seller unregisters account and removes listing, what to do?
  823. [Merged] Cinemas Guzzo in Quebec, 50% OFF thanks to LaCouponostra.com
  824. Toshiba Satellite 15.6 Intel Pentium 6200 @Walmart this week ($498)!
  825. Keurig brewer from Costco after 7 months
  826. dealextreme.com :: Beats by Dre "replica" for $83.60
  827. Costco return question
  828. Noma CFL Bulb 5 Year Guarantee, anybody call them on it?
  829. Anyone ever order from BedBathAndBeyond
  830. Problem, How to use rebate Visa debit card from Memory Express purchase?
  831. US Custom fees?
  832. Canada post loss claims
  833. Paying through Paypal without going through Ebay, any protection for buyer?
  834. dealextreme.com, when to follow up?
  835. CanadaPost.ca down?!
  836. FedEx is completely incompetent - what can I do?
  837. disgusting business practices
  838. ordering from meelec.com
  839. [Ontario] where can I get liquor/beer on Monday? (family day)
  840. Ordering an item from Hong Kong
  841. Prepaid Visa/Mastercard in USD available in Canada?
  842. tmart.com type
  843. Redeeming PC points for TNT gift card?
  844. Dishonest business practices at Tigerdirect- rebate misrepresentation
  845. Shoppers Drug Mart exclusive online opinion panel
  846. question about returns without a receipt at walmart
  847. Recall: Dollarama LED night light bulb
  848. Recall: LED night lights AmerTac - 3 models sold at several stores
  849. Recall: LED night light sold at RONA
  850. Electroluminescent Night light recall
  851. Purolator Ground Shipping from US to Canada: how much is brokerage?
  852. Buying books online in Canada
  853. Why is it so hard to find unscented Arrid spray deoderant in London?
  854. NCIX personal experience
  855. Keurig B66 Ulitmate + 90 K-Cups + My K-Cup $190 At Costco
  856. Futureshop PM with Apple?
  857. Where is a good place in the GTA to buy a backpack?
  858. NCIX order, CanadaPost lost the package...
  859. Fed Up with Canada Post
  860. Buy unlocked iPhone 4?
  861. Finding deals in Buffalo
  862. Costco.ca sold me a returned item as new - anyone experience this?
  863. Buying from scalpers on craigslist?
  864. Rogers rates increases across all services - Cancel contract without ETF?
  865. any one remember SDM netbook/notebook model number?
  866. Are some Costco's better than others?
  867. Scammed by bell?
  868. GST/HST buy from other province
  869. question about price matching
  870. Teksavvy Home Phone
  871. Lady Sues For $5M Over 80c Coupon Saving
  872. MAC/Estee Lauder Warehouse Sale - March 11-13th 2011
  873. What can you buy in the USA that you can't buy here in Canada? (e.g. Cherry Coke)
  874. Shopping list generator
  875. Memory Express: A Bad Experience
  876. Ebay seller not responding. Won't give shipping estimate.
  877. Renewing Netfirms domain
  878. Laser Hair Removal - Wag Jag
  879. "Fee" charge @ Wal-Mart pharmacy?
  880. Everything from Futureshop is faulty! Sandisk Sansa Fuze mp3 player problems
  881. Paypal in Canada
  882. Do you avoid retailers that do not offer refunds?
  883. Will my package pass Canadian customs?
  884. Eat Fresh - Stay Fresh?
  885. SDM -Ran out of surprise gift cards
  886. Alternate online contacts orders
  887. Help! Lost Swarovski Receipt
  888. Nike friends and family
  889. UPS Duty Rapage - Anything I can do now?
  890. Still Can't Find Iphone @ Rogers Store??
  891. Rogers Cell Phone Plan - Good Deal?
  892. costco sales
  893. newegg.ca Daily Shell Shocker Preview Email?
  894. NEWEGG - $25 OFF on $50 Purchase
  895. If i wanted to PM an item with NCIX. Can I order multiples of that item for Pm Price
  896. Beyond awesome service at Future Shop
  897. LevelUp Storage Furniture
  898. H&M return policy
  899. How to price match an online order at Canada Computers ?
  900. Where can I return SIRIUS Satellite Radio without a recipt (never opened)
  901. Best Buy Reward Zone certificates - Way to save + keep them?
  902. Duties and Taxes when ordering from monoprice
  903. Such a ripoff.
  904. a few questions about amazon
  905. Facebook - dealing with a company
  906. NoFrills Store did not Price Match
  907. I just made a profit returning something @ Future Shop
  908. Can Anyone tell me Beer Price of Heineken in Montreal ?????
  909. Anyone Know where to get good quality push pins?
  910. canada computer sux
  911. Does Loblaws/RCSS sell netbooks?
  912. Is CanadianTire Cheating?
  913. Futureshop PSP worldwide coverage?
  914. Ottawa T & T Grocery store (Hunt Club and Riverside)
  915. Cancel Rogers Contract Without ECF - my reason...?
  916. Issue with FUTURE SHOP Product Service Plans
  917. What happened to the Almost Famous blu-ray?
  918. Received Canada Post notice of "Amount Due" - Now what?
  919. Costco Instant Savings Question
  920. Rogers changing deal they offer? cable 15.99 off bill switched to 3 months free
  921. Greeting Cards prices are getting ridiculous
  922. i love ticketmaster & ufc soooo much :(
  923. Looking for a good online or local store to buy SONY laptop keyboard
  924. www.luv4style.com - best deal in fashion accessories.
  925. Rogers cable screwing up bills when rental equipment returned
  926. Blu-ray trade in values
  927. REDTAG.CA is frustrating.
  928. JackpotRewards.com - legit or not?
  929. Amazon.ca - Free Super Saver Shipping question
  930. Costco - Luminus LED Flametip Bulbs 3pk (defective ?)
  931. Great Canadian Rebates: safe? (MBNA Smart Cash CC application)
  932. Walmart Tire Center
  933. easycardiscount.com free discount coupons for cars - Has anyone used them before?
  934. Bell gives 5Cents to Charity for ever txt sent today... FEB 9th
  935. Poll: Red Flag Deals intent???
  936. Ottawa Furniture Buyers BEWARE!!!
  937. Street Fighter IV: Super 3D Edition (Nintendo 3DS) - $9,999.99
  938. Future Shop and false product specifications?
  939. Bait & Switch: Can Dell legally cancel orders once "in production"?
  940. No more Clear Care contact lens solution at Costco?
  941. Futureshop return policy: Mouse (14 or 30 days?)
  942. Looking to purchase a modem that will work with Rogers Express service...
  943. Is there an organization that governs the other ones? Other than BBB?
  944. Static Electricity & Shopping Carts
  945. Disappointing Offers
  946. How long does monoprice usually take to ship?
  947. any bought anything off www.ioffer.com?
  948. Does Anyone Know if Sporting Life Price Matches???
  949. Is there any US delivery address I could use for online shopping? (vancouver)
  950. Costco turbotax software: $9.00 rebate (but only on French version)
  951. Did you buy voucher for laser hair removal? I want to learn about your experience.
  952. new oven is damaged and di not notice until installatio, who do I go after?
  953. Serial numbers missing from new appliances
  954. OSTARA SPA has closed down...SCAMMERS
  955. shipping item to US for service & shipping back -- how to min. taxes?
  956. Have you noticed any product packages getting smaller at the grocery store?
  957. Sno-Tek Recoil Warranty Problem
  958. Valentine's Day Flowers
  959. Deleted
  960. anybody have EXCEL communications?
  961. Vivitek H1080FD Projector - good deal?
  962. domain renewal best option?
  963. Free download game with CPU purchase.
  964. SCAM Rapid8 Account
  965. No Frills @ Yonge and Levendale
  966. Getting banned on the futureshop community discussion site
  967. Refunds for Defective Products: Consumer Protection Laws in Ontario
  968. NCIX extremely slow at processing orders/returns
  969. Wicked: Buy a faulty SAMSUNG desktop for ...free.
  970. Paypal chargeback
  971. Futureshop VIP sale
  972. Looking for something unique?
  973. Flight Centre - pointless? What is the point of this place?
  974. Returning an item I bought with a VISA giftcard.
  975. Hit or Miss Netflix 3 month free
  976. CASHBAQ is gone
  977. Futureshop online returns story
  978. Dominican Republic Punta Canta Excellence Resort
  979. Payment for a service not received
  980. Bought a new Lumix LX5 from Henry's but there were pictures on the camera!
  981. Best Brick in Vancouver (etc)?
  982. backorder at newegg on combo....strange refund notice
  983. How to get the best price at Dell.ca?
  984. Best Buy Return/Installation Policy - Car Starter
  985. Opportunity to get out of Fido/Rogers contract for free
  986. costco.com (US) order to CBI was cancelled
  987. Costco Furniture Sales
  988. Coleman SportCat 1200 BTU Heater
  989. Killzone 3 Helghast Edition Pre-Order
  990. Groupon
  991. Aeroplan worse service of redeeming for gift card!
  992. Warning for all canadians with access to this grocery store chain
  993. Rogers wireless documented many anonymous incoming calls which I did not receive.
  994. Anyone got any insider info on the Yorkdale expansion?
  995. Looking for a site like this.......
  996. Future shop gift cards purchasing a Fido phone?
  997. Send money via Paypal = Cash advance?
  998. Shoppers Optimum 20X event on gift cards?
  999. Problem with Country Moose Kids
  1000. Best Buy... Refurb 360's?