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  1. FS and BB extended holiday return
  2. Will Sears honour price match with Future Shop if there is no LOCAL stock?
  3. American Eagle has a horrible return policy.
  4. Buffalo David Bitton
  5. SunWing Gift Certificate question, anyone can help ?
  6. How much does eBay charge to post a listing?
  7. Memory Express Uber price beat not uber anymore?
  8. Purchase online/virtual visa using Interac Online/e-transfer?
  9. Bestbuy return policy
  10. Bestbuy return opened batteries?
  11. package with customs for almost 2 months what do do?
  12. Futureshop order processing down!?
  13. Can you PM a sale that requires a coupon to take advantage of?
  14. Futureshop fail: advertise extended hours... Store is actually closed.
  15. Memory express price match question
  16. Refunding purchase made with Best Buy Reward Zone certificates
  17. now accepting memberships
  18. ? on free shipping at staples
  19. This is rich - Best Buy complains about competitor stockouts
  20. return and service!
  21. Walmart online complaint
  22. [FS] Dell Inspiron, i7 3630QM, 1TB HDD, 8GB RAM - $849.99
  23. Where to buy skates
  24. Warranty
  25. Insignia 2 year warranty?
  26. -> Fail
  27. The Brick - terrible service, what can I do?
  28. Zellers Deceptive Display Techniques (Laugh Of the Day))
  29. question about the best buy rewards zone gift certificate.
  30. 32GB SDHC Class 10 Memory Card Comparisons - Sales End Jan 3rd, 2013
  31. Staples: $30 Coupon off ANYTHING to those who ordered an Apple TV
  32. Getting a Canada Post VentureOne Card?
  33. Shoppers in Streetsville Prices Unreasonably High ?
  34. Can anyone reach BB or FS website?
  35. Has anyone shopped from Gilt recently?
  36. Presto branded kitchen appliances in Canada?
  37. Where To Enter Coupon Code On
  38. How Do You Deal With The: "One Coupon, Per Transaction, Per Customer"?
  39. Beware MEMORY EXPRESS Product Reviews / Rant
  40. Canada Post really horrible service
  41. Canadian travel websites vs USA: the tale of excessive gouging
  42. Canada post tracking says items delivered to my house, but did not get no cards.
  43. Use more than 2 gift cards on
  44. Costco return policy?
  45. So I have a 100$ GC for the shopping channel
  46. Wal-Mart Changes Return Policy (Must have receipt)
  47. when is target going to start opening shop? looking for even better deals than Wally
  48. Ncix Cancelling my IE80 order saying Out of Stock, is it possible what can I do?
  49. EBgames has a terrible customer service and ordering system.
  50. DHL Shipping Duties
  51. Staples contact info??
  52. order cancellation
  53. SDM, which XBOX 360 bundles do they carry?
  54. H&M return on sale items
  55. My Complements/Complaints to the Big Boys' toy stores.....join in.
  56. Warning!!! Never Buy multiple items at once from Best Buy online
  57. price matching at
  58. gas containers for sale wm, oakville,on, incorrect volumes
  59. DHL Duties/Taxes help
  60. Moncler - anyone had a problem with them?
  61. Entered Wrong Postal Code. How Screwed Am I?
  62. Lenovo Shipdates?
  63. Not too happy with
  64. Returning Merchandise To Staples
  65. Canada Post delivery -
  66. Buy online Apple products - Western Canada (BC) ?
  67. Best way to ship LED TV from BC to AB?
  68. Experience with XSCargo .....
  69. SCOP Walmart
  70. Issues with store overcharging, not delivering, being unresponsive...
  71. laptops from costco - extended warranty
  72. Daylight Robbery: Children's place charges Shipping Tax too on "free shipping" sale!
  73. Does staples price match still give 10% of the difference?
  74. Newegg: please boycott posting hot deals from
  75. problem with and internet explorer someone can help me ?
  76. Does Staples deliver on Boxing Day?
  77. Is always this slow?
  78. Why can't you returns items on Boxing Day?
  79. Can you cash out Costco Cash Card?
  80. Forever 21 Cancelled my Order
  81. Rogers and CCTS
  82. When did Sears stop Price Matching
  83. Superstore (Winnipeg) 'offering' President's Choice MasterCard in between isles
  84. NCIX - Cancelled Order, then they ship it.. return question
  85. Stores in QC
  86. Where does David's tea ship from?
  87. Have all my services with rogers (on a contract) how do I get out?
  88. Dell's Exchange policy
  89. How to block "More options" in ebay search listings?
  90. JC Perreault Price Protection
  91. Did CTY close down?
  92. Border wait times for Christmas break
  93. Best Store Cards
  94. [Merged] will t&t be open on christmas?
  95. Boxing day - Future Shop shipping time?
  96. NCIX HORRIBLE service. I wouldn't buy from them this christmas.
  97. Camera Stores in Seattle
  98. Futureshop/Bestbuy "closed" website stupidity: ALTERNATIVES
  99. Fedex Delivery exception???????!!!!
  100. Future Shop/Best Buy Hours on Christmas Eve
  101. Return policies? Who takes back without a receipt?
  102. Staples - Discount Chairs for loss of Samsung 4729 printer... YMMV
  103. My experience at "The Source" today, gotta love the hard sale during the holidays ;)
  104. Cheapest shipping within Ontario
  105. Anyone knows if you can schedule the delivery date for a purchase?
  106. Sleep Country Mix and Match Sale Pricing
  107. Amazon shopping(Third party) - who maintain my credit card information
  108. - is this a legitimate retailer?
  109. Weekly Flyers vs Reebee App
  110. Interpreting Coupon Language
  111. ProHockeylife does not price match!
  112. CIK Telecom, avoid this company at all cost! they are liars!
  113. very inefficency cashier lane in Canada.............
  114. no customer service???
  115. Best Buy price match (online) (World of Warcraft)
  116. PC Cyber in Montreal ?
  117. Belly, bumps and babies store
  118. So I ordered an item online
  119. UPS Driver steals Fedex Delivery off of porch
  120. Question re Payment for U.S. Purchases.
  121. Canada Post charges for return-to-sender!?
  122. Left Rogers (out of contract), Charged Obnoxiously!
  123. ebates + site coupons e.g. Lenovo = no cashback?
  124. Does anyone use the Costco Down Duvet?
  125. What to do about this? (Canada Post messing up parcel)
  126. Warning: Ottawa's Carlingwood Shopping Centre Gift Card Maintenance Fee
  127. Will mooseknuckle have any discount ?
  128. Getting a free Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 with 3 year newspaper subscription - good deal?
  129. PayPass - Always An Issue
  130. Best Buy Canada Price Match
  131. Kidkraft kitchen Costco
  132. Value Village - furnitures
  133. Beware Sony laptop warranty
  134. Why do people erase the asking price once item is sold in BST ?
  135. Ipad Mini Availability
  136. Price Matching
  137. direct energy scam
  138. Best Buy is deliberately jerking me around!
  139. $3.97 for a earphone from FS, are you kidding me ???!!
  140. Cadallic Fairview giftcard question
  141. English or French asking Credit Card - Card or Terminal?
  142. UPS -Do they drop and run in your neighbourhood?
  143. Is this a Good Ipad Deal?
  144. [Merged] Bad experience with Comwave
  145. WHERE is my parcel, USPS??!!!
  146. What are Coach (Canada) Stores Largest Annual Discounts?
  147. Michelin $70 rebate for Fall 2012- They accidentally sent two checques!
  148. Good deal or not? Compressor and Nail gun
  149. Local incoming phone DID numbers in Canada for $1.97 a month
  150. Very poor customer Service at Staples.
  151. keurig and tassimo disc
  152. Last minute office gifts in markham/Scarborough
  153. Credit Card that offers extra year on top of manufacturers warranty?
  154. Where to buy : Seiko Monster (neo)
  155. is it possible to return sonic toothbrush in costco?
  156. Has anyone purchased vacation package from Sunwing before, are they reliable ?
  157. Item shipped via USPS First Class Mail International - Will I get it before Christmas
  158. Is there a way for Canada Post to hold my packages while I'm not home?
  159. Pawn shops? Cash converters etc? Pickering, Whitby, Oshawa or Scarborough?
  160. Sears customer service
  161. Canada Post
  162. Best of the worst, Christmas delivery Options
  163. Question for Beat DrDre products
  164. Using Android 4.1 GOOGLE TV DONGLE to turn your TV become a smart TV??
  165. Toshiba Satellite C800 15.6" Laptop deal, good for student ?
  166. RC holicopter question
  167. Ordering from staples
  168. New "Toronto Premium Outlets" Under Construction in GTA
  169. How long will you wait to receive an ordered item?
  170. FF or BB better for price beat after the fact?
  171. DELL - Order in production stage?
  172. NCIX rebates - 8 to 10 weeks and you get a Gift Card (UPDATE: arrived 3 months later)
  173. Well.Ca - no more free shipping on any item
  174. Sneaker Head/Hypbeast come in
  175. T-Qualizer Shirt, do you think I will be able to wash it from the machine ?
  176. Online Usa credit card requirements...?
  177. NCIX slow shipping and unresponsive
  178. - not charged sales tax?
  179. Does Canada Post delivery couriers attempt to make delivery to apartments?
  180. Is iHerb Canada friendly?
  181. Problem with The Source *updated with the problem*
  182. bought a honeywell safe in costo in over 90 days, didn't touch it, can i return it
  183. Esso Extra Points on Diesel
  184. Right address wrong postal code
  185. Wondering cost of groceries in different cities
  186. Shipping / Ordering Online Question
  187. Ever price match with the same company?
  188. NEW FRAUD ALERT: Check your gift cards...
  189. Petro Canada gas station sells Playboy magazines now?
  190. Really bad service at Brampton futureshop .. what to do ??
  191. Estee Lauder & Mac Warehouse Sale Dec. 7, 8 & 9
  192. Shopping carts in parking lots - why don't people return them where they belong?
  193. FS - Gift Card balance not being applied to my order.
  194. Price hikes expected at Tim Hortons
  195. Sennheiser HD 218i Supra-Aural Headphones for $49.99, good or bad ?
  196. buying laptop from states??
  197. Avoid ordering items from Logitech's Website - Charged for something not available
  198. Cross Border question
  199. Cheapest place for a bath tub caddy/table?
  200. How is this deal possible?
  201. Rewards for Buying Gift Cards
  202. best buy price match
  203. Entertainment books ship from USA?
  204. Best Buy/Futureshop 90 day rule
  205. Where to buy Straw or Cheap cowboy hat?
  206. Comments on redmall?
  207. Has anyone dealt with ??
  208. Free Shipping Day
  209. price adjustment in store?
  210. Monoprice shipping times
  211. TD Rewards warning - micky mouse operation
  212. Best Buy and Future Shop no longer offering extended warranties?
  213. Memory Express shipping issues
  214. Duct Cleaning. Monster Duct Cleaning or Doctor Duct Cleaning?
  215. Wrong ADDRESS, but the RIGHT postal code will Canada post auto correct for delivery?
  216. False Advertising The Real Canadian Superstore, Toronto, Ontario
  217. What extra $$$ am I looking at paying for getting this from the USA
  218. Item processed at local delivery facility - Canada Post
  219. (are they legit?) - Sapphire 5850, HDMI cables, Windows 7 HP 64bit, etc...
  220. [US] Free Shipping Day 2012
  221. Enviromental Handling fee??
  222. does anybody know where I can buy 'Office Toys' in Toronto
  223. Confused about Price Beat
  224. Selling "open" items on craigslist as brand new? Really brand new?
  225. Bad experience with MemoryExpress - how to escalate?
  226. Buying electronics at Zellers
  227. Bad Shopping Experience - Aden Camera
  228. Watertown / Syracuse shopping Stores
  229. Panasonic Lumix ZS-15 Battery / Charger / Carry Case
  230. Nevermind
  231. Is legit?
  232. Toys R Us expensive?
  233. price tracking or price history sites?
  234. Where to buy a new graphics card this boxing week?
  235. Getting someone to negotiate on your behalf for cellphone/tv/internet plans
  236. What's the SPC Card Number in BMO SPC Mastercard? Req for online discounts
  237. Wine in Ontario Costcos?
  238. Bell Mobility - Shipping Delay Due to Change of Warehouse
  239. Custom Cabinetry in Calgary area - which one to choose?
  240. and Lightning Deals
  241. Canada Post tracking says "Delivered" yet no notice or package.
  242. transferring funds to zoompass account, be wary
  243. Anyone knows DHL refund policy?
  244. can I return a powerline ethernet kit to Staples without a receipt?
  245. Anybody in Canada has ordered Items from US (like through Amazon)?
  246. Online shoppers overwhelm U.S. shipping businesses
  247. Price Matching made easy!
  248. Deal Extreme - First time ordering.. where is my order?
  249. Hearing aids USA
  250. Where are you doing your Christmas shopping this year?
  251. Where to shop for an 80's Rock n Roll T-shirt
  252. What's the deal with "Factory Direct"?
  253. Why do you purchase things from online stores?
  254. Nexus 4 Shipping Time
  255. How much discount for T&T in this years Entertainment book
  256. Shipping from Amazon to Buffalo (CBI) -- What kind of tax will I get charged?
  257. Got a call from Fido in regards to overdue payment.. Phishing?
  258. I feel dirty... I bought something from The Brick
  259. Anyone know the email address of Best Buy COO Mike Pratt?
  260. where should i buy an ipad?
  261. Walmart Price Guarantee
  262. Revamped Return Policy from Sears Canada + More
  263. Graco snugride 30 deal hunt.
  264. Has anyone noticed that has been going down like clockwork all day?
  265. Is Shoppers Drug Mart starting to ban American Express Cards?
  266. Bad experience - Microsoft store
  267. would you buy a HP refurb laptop from ?
  268. Pharmacy Drug Cost Comparison Tool [BC]
  269. R.I.P. Hudson's Bay Co.
  270. Crossing the border with empty bottle of alcohol?
  271. Will match Offerings ? [Alienware Laptop]
  272. Walmart 24 hours this Christmas ??
  273. Anywhere (retail not BST) my aunt can get the ipod touch 5 for less than $279?
  274. - Buyer beware - You get what you pay for
  275. home security
  276. Stores selling video games?
  277. Buying Beyond Costco Cash Card Balance
  278. Toys R Us online confirmation email doesn't show payment method?
  279. Questions regarding shipping from USA to Canada. (Friend to myself)
  280. UPS messes up, sends brokerage bill to wrong person
  281. Zellers
  282. Gift wrapping services in the malls?
  283. Goods to follow, CBSA restrictions.
  284. Question about Canada Computers shipping
  285. HD - Behr Paint cans shrinking in size
  286. Mattress information -
  287. Costco:Food Should Taste Good Sweet Potato Chips - does your Costco have them?
  288. USPS Tracking System Problem
  289. Costco Pricing Different at Some Stores
  290. Snow Joe MAX snowblower - does COSTCO price-match??
  291. Gift Cards Wild
  292. avoid MicroInformatique
  293. Bay closing all electronic departments?
  294. Winter Sports Liquidation Event
  295. Telus using foreign call centers to sign me up for services, legit or not?
  296. Cineplex coupon via Airmiles, Expiry Date question
  297. Did Anyone Receive Their $10 PayPal Credit?
  298. COSTCO optical
  299. Is a basic Costco membership worth it?
  300. Can anyone tell me if these two sites are legitimate? [megasuits] [ahfashion]
  301. Best Buy Reward Zone - use other member's points?
  302. beats dre ?
  303. Which is best cell phone plan for canada LD and Data?
  304. - RFD 4% cashback - How to get it on products only available via phone?
  305. They cancelled my order, my money was refunded, but they still shipped it what now?
  306. can FS/BB laptops be returned open, if opened now & returned in January?
  307. What shampoo does costco have in store?
  308. bought defective boots but store says no refund or exchange!
  309. order return and coupon discount
  310. about order on gear up for outdoors.......
  311. Can I use Shopper's visa gift card to make an online purchase?
  312. Costco Cash card - non-members
  313. Any good deals on desktop computers?
  314. Best Buy selling (accessories missing) open box laptops as new
  315. Damaged Furniture, Store Not Helping Me, can I VISA Chargeback?
  316. BestBuy Price Matching for the Holidays+Video Game Sales
  317. Apple store - returns allowed until January 7th instead of standard 14 days
  318. Meritline
  319. Yes yet another border tax question
  320. 72% of the items on sale this Black Friday could have been purchased 33% less
  321. Has anyone actually done this ? tell UPS/carrier you never received ..
  322. From to Canada via AmazonGlobal Expedited Shipping
  323. Walmart Boxing Week
  324. I Ordered items Online and they got sent from EMS SHIPPING, I need Help.
  325. Memory Express Price Match Guarantee!!!
  326. Premier Fitness (Yorkdale Mall)= WORST GYM EVER
  327. Can tires be part of the cross border shopping exemption?
  328. Shopping for kids clothes and winter boots
  329. lenovo canada and visaperks
  330. Scammed by Tim Lasseter aka Aquatics Elite
  331. Michael Kors 70% off, trustable?
  332. Sirius XM - Renewals for expired customers
  334. Question about CC chargeback and law
  335. Future Shop: Is this scam or just unethical
  336. Treated like less than a customer when doing returns
  337. When to buy TurboTax 2012
  338. Futureshop wont let my mom cancel the monthly service plan?
  339. ebay to stop allowing * (wildcards) in search terms.
  340. Grove City VS Birch Run
  341. FedEx wants to charge Taxe/Duties on a product I got for free?
  342. Memberworks/At Home/Galleria programs still working?
  343. Best Buy exchange program or Apple Care + or nothing at all?
  344. Does HMV Pricematch?
  345. Customs and duties through Asos
  346. ordering from Sephora
  347. niagara falls NY duty free any good???
  348. (Vancouver) Is there a Seattle company/address I could use for online shopping?
  349. Broken Laptop Bezel... Have to deal with Future Shop.. Anything I should know?
  350. H&M X MMM ON sales yet? if not when ?
  351. An "Atta Boy" for Ashley Furniture
  352. What items at costco besides computers and TV 's have a 90 day return policy?
  353. FS BB Price Beat Promise - Black Friday
  354. Bonnie Brooks Bay radio commercials?
  355. Mobilicity SCREWED ME
  356. Buy a product, goes on sale two days later. What to do?
  357. Shopping in the states and posting home.
  358. Canadians should avoid shopping on
  359. Costco questionable practice
  360. please delete
  361. NBA special offer code?
  362. Have you ever seen anybody shoplift?
  363. Price Matching
  364. Wynn Trading - scam or not?
  365. Google Nexus 7 Tablet Purchase Dilemma - Help!
  366. FS BB Holiday Returns apply to Laptop or Tablet?
  367. What happend at Home Depot??
  368. Pre order book, when to expect?
  369. Have you actually clicked on an ad and followed through with a purchase?
  370. Ordering from a HK Retailer
  372. buying a or at boxing day
  373. Any Cheap Leather Wear Outlets Like Danier In Detroit Michigan Area
  374. Spending CAD in Bellingham?
  375. Does DirectCanada frustrate you some times?
  376. Apple shopping event - are there actually deals?
  377. Are you a regular customer of New Directions Aromatics?
  378. Borderfree
  379. Does charge HST only based on billing address?
  380. Shoppers Drug Mart to stop taking American Express as of December 1, 2012
  381. point zero down filled jacket leaving few feather on shirt. is it defective? URGENT
  382. Shopping online from Home depot or not?!
  383. What to do ? Amazon not willing to ship item ordered 6 months ago.
  384. Retail Store charged me $2.00 less, paid with credit card
  385. 30-days notice at Telus: W-T-F?!?
  386. Does Tiger Direct not verify their Daily "Slasher" page??
  387. Hagen of Blaine - Freight forwarder order cancelled
  388. Does Bestbuy RMA?
  389. Factory Direct downtown location closure?
  390. question
  391. How to get a Target Red Card or a Kohl's charge card?
  392. Ship to pickup locations in Detroit area/border?
  393. staples printing
  394. Leon's bought The Brick
  395. Beware Lastman's Bad Boys
  396. glitch with $30 off every item?
  398. Canada Customs: bring back high-value PERSONAL item purchased in USA
  399. Memory Express overcharge
  400. Any way to convert American Express Gift Cards to Cash?
  401. Is it too early for Christmas commercials and advertising in stores?
  402. Why I'm never shopping online at ToysRUs Again
  403. Costco Road Hazard Warranty
  404. NEW THREAD! (feel free to ADD yours: food, products etc) PRODUCT SAFETY RECALLS
  405. Will vitamins/supplements ordered online from an American site clear customs?
  406. Places to search for rare books online
  407. Negotiating with Rogers
  408. NEW besbuy in south Vancouver? Open yet?
  409. Scam or Not
  410. Alternative to monoprice here in Canada
  411. No refund on clearance seasonal items in Walmart???
  412. .
  413. Did a stupid thing, SIGNED with Just Energy
  414. Any experience with COACH "" "REPLICA" products
  415. Using your own boxes for shipping
  416. Best way to get a deal on Bell TV when moving from COGECO?
  417. COSTCO chicken quality
  418. [Merged] Walmart staff throwing ipads around and proud of it
  419. Have account, link to Or new account?
  420. SDM: Convert points to gift cards YMMV
  421. Any feedback/reviews about T.O. Leather in downtown toronto
  422. The Prices Here Are Suspicious, If It's too Good To Be True It Usually Is
  423. tired of dealing with bestbuy CS
  424. La-z-boy? Made in China? or US?
  425. RMA Experience with ASUS
  426. Deleted Thread
  428. Question about taxes: I bought something from the us
  429. Does the Optical Department in Coscto require membership to buy glasses?
  430. How to gather people for group buys?
  431. How much do retail stores make selling gift cards?
  432. - Baby Formula shipping free!
  433. BB/FS recycle your old mp3
  434. Will the new toronto mall under construction be the second built in 23 years?
  435. is a legit website?
  436. No more for me
  437. Shaw Cable is so unethical
  438. FS and BB return policy for the holidays?
  439. Wal-Mart Canada to spend over $750 million this year on new, remodelled stores
  440. NCIX does a Negative discounts
  441. Bell Internet - credit check?
  442. Incredible Price Match
  443. What websites do you frequently check for good deals (US and Canada)?
  444. Is Walmart products good - Huge Price difference between Walmart and Shoppers Drugmar
  445. Question: Canada Post tracking
  446. CanPar tracking question
  447. [Merged] YEAH! No Christmas music at Shoppers! (until December)
  448. Scarborough Region Snow Removal Service
  449. Cost Price for Mobile Phones at FS/BB
  450. Question: TDKR Target Exclusive BD's (no shipping to CA)
  451. is a real deal site for sunglasses? Thanks.
  452. Bloomingdales & US Billing Address
  453. Pre order games discount if ordered in store bedtbuy?
  454. Making a payment on
  455. Canada Post threatening to RETURN my parcels to sender!
  456. Fill out this survey for a chance to win...
  457. FutureShop faking websites?
  458. Biovea
  459. Looking for LUX WIN100 Thermostat in CAN online / retail?
  460. [Merged] Is Canada Post offline for everyone, or just me?
  461. black friday
  462. Any experience with
  464. orders from USA
  465. Price Canada what happened to it? alternative sites?
  466. what to do with unused credit on prepaid ?
  467. Got a account? Could have $15 free credit to use (no minimum purchase!)
  468. Return kijiji, Re-purchase it for Points? iPad mini
  469. Halloween Candy?
  470. and shipping/brokerage
  471. Canadas first penny auction pre reg .. free bids
  472. Woman with $30,000 in Couponing stockpile in her house
  473. Extent of Quebec advertising laws?
  474. Lowes 20% off tools
  475. Beware of purchasing jewellry from
  476. USPS to Canada Tracking info confusion!
  477. Zen Bedroom Memory Foam SCAM!!!!! Buyer Beware!!!!!
  478. What happen to Canada computer at pacific mall, not on website anymore?
  479. toronto's first microsoft store to open with wayne gretzky?
  480. Landmark global
  481. $18.99 for D-Link DIR-601 Wireless Home Router Too good to trust?
  482. Compare Rogers monthly bills
  483. Is Halloween candy on sale tonight or tomorrow?
  484. Arrow Furniture - STAY AWAY from this SCAM of a company!
  485. Futureshop return past 14 days / Tablet
  486. Do the custom fee calculate on current market value or purchased value?
  487. online purchase, what to keep for warranty claims?
  488. A hidden tax on every cup of coffee you purchase?
  489. New store at the Shops at Don Mills (?)
  490. Proctor and Gamble 2012 Warehouse Sale VIP List
  491. Baby Diaper Cakes?
  492. Are you opting out of Paypal's new "no class actions" policy?
  493. Coupons on Smartphones at Canadian retailers
  494. Home Depot: Apparently no longer PMs online sources
  495. shopping in US. what's the most popular?
  496. Telus Mobility Cancel For Free!
  497. Shopping trip to the US (Black Friday)
  498. Question about BestBuy and stock levels
  499. HELP! - Dealing with Poor Customer Service at Leon's Furniture
  500. Prepaid Credit Card to shop at US online retailer?
  501. Universal hightech inc. - buyers be very aware!
  502. My Costco - 2013 Annual Catalogue
  503. electronics: When is buying open box/refurb/used not a good deal?
  504. Use Best Buy GC for Futureshop purchases?
  505. Extend Cineplex Admit One Movie Ticket Expiry Date???!!!
  506. Canadian Tires return policy, genius?
  507. Shiseido warehouse sale
  508. [SOLVED] - Shopping from Canada
  509. Amazon Canada Question
  510. DUTY for everyone IMPORTING a Laptop from U.S.
  511. FS honouring TV warranty
  512. I want to go to Teksaavy but I'm on a contract with Rogers?
  513. Canada Post sure does gouge us compared to the USPS.
  514. Gst taxes AND Environmental Handling Fee
  515. = BAD <--- Resolved But Phone Service is still BAD
  516. What should I do in this position with this company?
  517. iPad mini buyers: Get your airmiles!
  518. Advice on shipping to Blaine, WA
  519. Getting a new laptop shipped from the US to Canada?
  520. Does Chapters Indigo package well?
  521. Placing an order at
  522. Ship to the Border suggestions
  523. [Merged] Are Retailers Over Charging Canadian's, You Decide
  524. Horrendous/despicable customer service from Lenovo Canada
  525. Missed a TSC showstopper
  526. Paypal and ebay chargeback?
  527. Is Rogers bundle discount now down to 12% from 15%?
  528. Getting Robbed on Shipping Taxes
  529. Softmoc - Price Match policy means nothing!
  530. Universal Hightec Inc - BUYER BEWARE!
  531. Canada Computers selling fake flash memory?
  532. Landsend - Return for Refund, get exchange.
  533. Lowes Canada launches a real website.
  534. Question regarding a Rogers contract
  535. 25c for grocery cart
  536. Future Shop - Projector BENQ - need advise (urgent)
  537. NCIX Screwover
  538. I hate people using their cell phone at the cash... (now efficiency)...
  539. What to look out for when doing MIR?
  540. Returning a defective bike at SportChek
  541. [] Party Pooper - $2.49+shipping (Possible price error?)
  542. American Thanksgiving sites to check out like RFD?
  543. Amaluna Cirque du Soleil tickets on Kijiji (Scam confirmed!)
  544. Upaya Naturals - Not Recommended
  545. What to take into account ordering items online?
  546. International Shipping Duties
  547. CAA Perks
  548. Does The Source Offer Price Protection?
  549. Purchased Office 2010 - fake?
  550. Has anyone bought from
  551. v&e online trading post
  552. Telus Advance Exchage Repair Question
  553. What the what??? Radioactive Kitchenware Shipment ordered out of Canada (Montreal)
  554.>your automatic pre approved for up to $3000 in merchandise, no credit check
  555. Hot Deals/Buys Discussion for @Staples $25 off $75 | $50 off $150
  556. wanted to cancel rogers cell contract
  557. Item is bought from, but it is shipped from US,do I need to pay duty taxes?
  558. Anyone tried
  559. TOYS R US HOTTEST CHRISTMAS TOYS 2012: But can you AFFORD them???
  560. BE WARN of Just Energy, Energy Savings, Elecricity and Gas Retailer----Now what....
  561. Aclaim by hbc zellers
  562. Yet another screw up job by rogers !!!!!
  563. Check out the new listing prices at Staples - price errors!!!
  564. who accepts american express?
  565. Rogers services discount question (and Rogers Bundles)
  566. Going to Erie, PA-Do they have any computer stores there like Canada Computers in GTA
  567. Sad store to have things printed at: NOT Recommended
  568. Declaring Duty Items At Border, Do They Check Your Car Even If You Declare?
  569. Hollywood Movie Money re: Skyfall
  570. Costco Black Card that has AVIS Car Rental Discount
  571. BB and FS
  572. Futureshop wont price match a product and give the energy savings discount?
  573. Horrible shopping service with
  574. Cool flyer app for iphone and ipad owners
  575. Is there a smart way to get a Costco membership? An RFD way?
  576. Foody Mart Markham Closed
  577. How much can I negotiate at the ski show?
  578. Buying gas in the USA, was given a hard time about it at the border....
  579. Price match question
  580. Two rogers accounts, one address
  581. Awkward situation: what do you do when a customer refuses/unable to speak English?
  582. Not paid enough: Justified for bad Customer Service?
  583. Canada Post shipping confusion - Scanned in originating city, then near me, then back
  584. [Merged] CBSA - How much is the tax on alcohol when over personal exemption?
  585. [Dupe] Canada Post Comparison Shopper website closed down?
  586. ABSOLUTE # 1 Best, Most Trustworthy, Thread on RFD! (Hint: It's about webhost ads)
  587. Double Dip - Christmas Charitable Gift Shipping (Charitable Giving w/ Rewards?)
  588. Chapters - return policy for damaged item
  589. Anyone ever use a Day Pass to shop at Sam's Club in New York state
  590. Replacement Process (I pay for shipping???)
  591. shipping to UPS(?) near the border in the US?
  592. warning: be careful buying drives from Bureau en Gros - Ste-Dorothee Mega Centre
  593. Staples: What Delivery Company Do They Use/How To Check Store Stock?
  594. CBSA Duty Refund?
  595. OPA Energy Coupons and Canadian Tire - bad experience
  596. Bought a new Mattress and got a Bed bugs in it, am I eligible for refund/Exchange?
  597. Best Buy Reward Zone Pre-Orders (Missing Points if Multiple Shipments)
  598. Walmart lured me with promise of free photo then charged me $28 for extras
  599. Metro - Price Matching Food??
  600. Walmart is atrocious at complying with: "Scanner Price Accuracy" Agreement
  601. can't ship to Toronto?!
  602. beyondtherack email problem?
  603. Solar panels to power a heater?
  604. Blue Nile vs. Spence Diamonds
  605. Price Protection at HomeDepot
  606. Quick Question about ME Price Matching
  607. CBSA over values item, possible to get money back?
  608. How to take advantage of US Deals - The How To Guide (In Progress)
  609. Bell deliberately screws there customers.
  610. Can i use BB store credit (yellow card) at FS online or instore?
  611. Best Buy Online: New Reserve In Store Option
  612. Border shopping
  613. Canada Post Problem
  614. Beware of Pegasus Shopping Center and Galaxy Center
  615. Rogers cable - contact expiring
  616. Zipcar/Autoshare etc memberships
  617. US shipping addresses
  618. Future Shop after hour sales somewhat disappointment
  619. Deal not received - Raspberry Ketone
  620. Where Do You Buy Used/Cheap Blu-Rays?
  621. Anyone used Future Shop's "Fast, Free Shipping"?
  622. shipping opinion
  623. PayPAL ><
  624. Getting around a $150 tab + $100 FS/BB GC?
  625. = bad customer service
  626. The end of SCOP? RCSS digital price tags
  627. Best Sleep Centre
  628. Difference between and
  629. TV mount buying
  630. buying replacement computer parts from canada?
  631. legit?
  632. Do you have to pay for brokerage when you have paid tax on the item from US?
  633. Graphics card return at bestbuy
  634. Hoarders are worse than...
  635. KFC gift card balance check web site?
  636. Do you like the BB new reservation (former in-store pick-up)?
  637. import nutritions from US?! Do i have to pay taxes or customs fee?
  638. Stupid bell!
  639. mail in rebate - gigabyte
  640. WTB / where to buy Car Monitor 10" standalone in Toronto or online in Canada?
  641. ETF 650$ w/ 32gb SGS3 from Telus Webstore?
  642. Staples Coupon ?
  643. Buying a TV in the states -- duties?
  644. Sirius Internet Radio will not be free to customers after Feb 1st, 2013
  645. Prepaid AMEX cards for MIR vs rebate checks?
  646. Gift card that doesn't work x_x
  647. Memory Express: Uber Price Beat - 25% of difference
  648. Fedex Money Back Guarantee Policy
  649. Chapters vs ebooks
  650. Canada Post - FAIL
  651. Canada computers price protection?
  652. --Horrible experience
  653. Can I use a cadillac fairview shop card at bestbuy?
  654. Frustrating experience at FutureShop Montreal Downtown
  655. Furniture prices negotiable?
  656. Threatened with Libel suit for negative feedback on
  657. So I ordered batteries from TomTop -Hilarity Ensues..
  658. Returning a package to the US from Canada - Seller Mistake
  659. Should I fight with PriceLine or PC Mastercard?
  660. CanadaComputers lied to me!
  661. SiriusXM lifetime subscription?
  662. can you trust anything on alibaba or aliexpress to be genuine or authentic?
  663. Buy New Laptop Online .
  664. NCIX's price match policy
  665. RedFlagDeals Cash Back works with student/EPP discounts?
  666. Costco Sale Tag with Date Highlighted (Item not on sale)
  667. What have you bought in the US that you wouldn't/couldn't buy here in Canada?
  668. CanadaComputer Price matching suckss
  669. Opinions on "Buying Canadian"
  670. Shipped Package Got Caught Through Customs Border Agency
  671. Does the bay have a clearance centre in the GTA for linens or is it store by store
  672. Anyone heard of UPS Mail Innovations?
  673. Problem With
  674. Anybody else tired of these printed coupons ?
  675. Adding a CDN AMEX card to US paypal account possible?
  676. Acanac scammed $50 from me
  677. Bargaining at Leon's?
  678. BestBuy/Futureshop price matching online?
  679. Futureshop just turned themselves into an online department store
  680. Paypal too paranoid..
  681. Falsely Accused Of Shoplifting
  682. Disney Movie/Blu Ray Club
  683. eBay - Shipping options? Canada post or Purolator? & How to ship out items?
  684. Are These Payment Merchants Legitimate?
  685. Sparrow Store - Scratch & Dent, End of line appliances - anyone been?
  686. Suits for men from
  687. Ipod/IPhone stand alone radios.. on sale anytime soon?
  688. Anyone ever bought from ? They have cheap Global knives(G2=94)
  689. PM at FS or BB with an invoice
  690. Anyone use Looking for opinions, reviews, feedback and recommendations?
  691. TELUS Highspeed Internet ~ CAD5 + TAX = CAD5.6
  692. GoPro HD Hero Naked Cam - CDN retailers gouging us!!
  693. CBSA makes me fume!
  694. Am I Entitled to Duties Refund? -FedEx
  695. Problems with US mailboxes (orders getting cancelled)
  696. I Make My Own Terms (regarding Distributel)
  697. CBSA/UPS parcel clearance in Edmonton
  698. Canceling rogers contract
  699. question about places that take debit only (no credit)
  700. Pizza Hut Contest ("Unlock your prize" or something like that)
  701. FS: 60" + TV Promos: 1/2 Price Tower Speakers & Free 36 Month Equal Payments
  702. Birchrun vs Niagara NY Outlet Mall
  703. How to avoid getting scammed by UPS/Fedex/Purolator/Etc.. "brokerage fees"
  704. Questions regarding fees
  705. When does the 30 days refund policy start?
  706. Toys R Us - Google map
  707. Have a dilemma with new laptop & Best Buy.
  708. NOT HOT DEAL!!!! Cabelas MOJO Outdoors Baby Mojo Twin-Pack Decoys. Rip-off
  709. Best Buy price match
  710. UPS brokerage fees on items with no declared value?
  711. What time does Golftown post it's daily deal?
  713. Time from Vancouver to Halifax with international inbound courier
  714. Introducing NCIX Advantage Rewards Program - 1% Rebates, Exclusive Promos, and more!
  715. ROGERS - changed Value Pack Pricing & Long Distance Rates (Can we terminate for free)
  716. JYSK.CA Merchandise Return Question
  717. Any help please dealing with giftcards/Purchases
  718. Simmons deceiving the length of their cal king mattresses
  719. Wii accessories at SDM?
  720. Is there an app or site that will alert me whn an item goes on sale?
  721. Best Buy Futureshop Pick Up of Large TVs
  722. Bullfrog Spas
  724. Sell old Electronics on Ebay
  725. ZELLERS 'Everything Must Go - Including Zeddy' Marketing - PURE GENIUS
  726. FedEx Express vs UPS Express Saver
  727. Ban TigerDirect from Hot Deals
  728. RCSS Return Policy (no returns on no tax weekends)
  729. Mobile phone service prices going up
  730. question: bestbuy reward zone sale tomorrow only, lg 47lm8600
  731. The Source and Nexus 7?
  732. Cookstown Outlet Mall
  733. Staples Easy Care Extended it worth it? $99 for 3 years
  734. Steel Wire Shelf Comparison - Ikea (Omar) vs Canadian Tire
  735. Cross Border Shopping: Wal-Mart versus Target for everyday items?
  736. FutureShop - NEVER AGAIN
  737. Telus Student Plan
  738. Staples order mess-up
  739. Subway sandwiches price increases
  740. Rogers, you so funny..
  741. Dollarama started to sell urns for $3!?
  742. Do you Cover or try to Hide your PIN Entering it?
  743. Think twice about going to WIND MOBILE. WARRENTY PROBLEMS
  744. Does the Bay or Zellers sell hard drives?
  745. Purolator ...
  746. - legitimate site or scam?
  747. reviews?
  748. Self Solved. But not solved. Thread lockable
  749. Trouble with Rogers - May need to go to court
  750. Staples cancelled my order
  751. Staples Coupon
  752. reviews of US freight forwarders (package express in WA)
  753. Shipping stuff to Canada? Mail forwarding?
  754. No Frills - Toronto, 200 Front St E. No items allowed from Dollarama & LCBO
  755. Which courier does Karmaloop use?
  756. BUYER BEWARE - FS Richmond Hill Location (possibly others)
  757. FS//BB iPad case return period?
  758. BestDirect Screwed my Order...
  759. Walmart in store price higher than online with free shipping?
  760. Used Nintendo DS game from FutureShop
  761. Best Buy - Can you retroactively apply RZP?
  762. Boycott Costco and other large American chains w/ crappy service! Costco Sucks
  763. Receiving a package in an apartment with no concierge
  764. Need some aeroplan points quick!
  765. trustworthy?
  766. Negotiate price at The Brick Furnitures
  767. House Brands
  768. DirectCanada's email?
  769. .
  770. Bulk barn
  771. Diaper return policy - Costco
  772. Walmart Copper Creek - SCOP Hello Kitty thermal drinking bottles - FREE!
  773. Future Shop Laptop return
  774. Question regarding PreOrder and Return
  775. Any tech sites offer free shipping anymore?
  776. If I bought something from GAP at in Buffalo, can I return it in GAP in Toronto?
  777. Ultrabooks and boxing day?
  778. MARSHALLS Grand Opening, Now In Canada!--Thoughts?
  779. Barnes and Noble shipping to Canada (books)
  780. Companies not delivering to third party shipping vendors
  781. Is a scam now? Even
  782. Random Air Miles question.
  783. - Any feedback?
  784. I bought me a used game at FS and a diffrent game was in it.
  785. Deal or No Deal Sony Store in Markville Mall
  786. What have some American friends brought in for you lately?
  787. .
  788. Mobilicity CC Billing Address System BROKEN
  790. MemoryExpress returns/stay away!
  791. Anyone heard of Retail Slayer?
  792. TIME to ORDER: the 60th Edition SEARS Annual WISH BOOK Catalogue
  793. The NEW IKEA 2013 CATALOGUE is HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  794. Does have promo codes that work in Canada?
  795. Dell Grab and Go kit Bell Service Came out to $149.95
  796. UPS Ground shipping from Kentucky to Toronto?
  797. Bowring Furniture Return Policy
  798. nvm
  799. Paypal Chargeback on Chinese Discount Retailer?
  800. Flies on Baked Goods at Starbucks @ 130 King St. West Toronto
  801. Rcss question
  802. Stores that don't take debit/credit
  803. Wal-mart & $3.50 eco fee on $14 clock radio?
  804. fatwallet cashback for various canadian etailers
  805. new way of FS price match decline
  806. Tigerdirect false advertising 8gb ram 29.97
  807. Revera Retirement Living
  808. Rogers' Policy Translation
  809. Warning about Deal Extreme
  810. Acer Aspire One A0D270 netbook, shoppers vs staples
  811. Dentist decided to change from silver to white filling without informing... opnions?
  812. Computer hardware stores in USA
  813. ncix, directcanada, bestdirect gone from shopbot??? but newegg is there now...
  814. Starsky Foods
  815. Returning item to Home Depot after 90 days
  816. Bell Canada has provided me terrible service for the last time!!!
  817. Does MSI gaming Laptop have Accidental Demage coverage in Canada? or is it US only?
  818. 24 hours locker in Buffalo ?
  819. Can't trade in games bought used from FS/BB - True?
  820. Staples Dividends
  821. Customs--Canada
  822. Customs Help + Extra Question :]
  823. Beats by Dr. Dre for $170 - Can anyone tell me if this site is for real???
  824. text from 2404613668 - Ipad win message - is it spam?
  825. Recommend me a site for Custom Lapel pins?
  826. Dell Returns Free?
  827. shipments
  828. SouthShore, Cymax Furniture Any Good?
  829. Department stores that sell Cologne?
  830. Need a P.O Box (Canadian)
  831. ebates error?
  832. Rogers internet connection and cable
  833. RCSS - Grandview Highway
  834. Rogers internet
  835. Montreal - Wishing to purchase Samsung plasma
  836. A&E Trading Post. Has anyone heard of or used this service?
  837. Looking for deals on Tiger JAH-T18U Rice Cooker
  838. Canadian tire bikes
  839. -Finished
  840. any1 knows when there will be the next no-hst day at Superstore (BC)?
  841. Home Hardware
  842. Campus Crew Clothing--Closed in Oshawa Mall
  843. Dewalt 20V radio!!!!
  844. Is that Legit ? Will it work fine in my Blu-Ray ?
  845. Need legal advice for a business not willing to refund our money.
  846. tax and duty for ordres
  847. Nexus 7 shipping refunds
  848. What Is's Import Fees Deposit?
  849. USPS shipping weird route?
  850. NCIX Price Match function not working?
  851. Question regarded to Internet Service Provider in Mississauga
  852. Recommended courier to use when importing goods (watch) from Germany
  853. Best way to pay while shopping in Niagara Falls - USD or credit
  854. previous post conclusion on legitimacy
  855. Staples - charged tax on cancelled order
  856. Hey guys, what do you mostly concern about when you shopping online?
  857. Great Experience buying a car from RFD member Vishu @ EastCourtFord
  858. Online Shopping Codes: Tips and Tricks
  859. SCAM: Buyers Beware!! Sofa and Bedding Solutions in Mississauga
  860. Is Main in Rebate valid on open box purchase?
  861. Virgin SuperTab questions
  862. Pldnr!
  863. Electronics That Don't Come With Manufacturer Warranty At Costco - What if it breaks?
  864. Ebay question
  865. http://www.gre question(s)
  866. Can I return Costco US purchase in Costco Canada?
  867. Bestbuy and Futureshop advertisements, sales??
  868. Does Futureshop refund on refused package?
  869. Pls help make Costco work for me - specific products available in the GTA?
  870. Some advice on canceling NCIX order
  871. Canadapost attempted delivery
  872. Tips for shopping in Plattsburg, NY
  873. Monoprice + UPS expedited = No more!
  874. Lenovo Nightmare
  875. Rogers Refusing To Refund
  876. Bought Expired IMUNITY-FX at SUPERSTORE
  877. Costco Return Policy - General Merchandise?
  878. Possible list all items (without a category) on eBay for buying?
  879. Stolen UPS Shipment
  880. List of Brokerage Fees per shipper US -> Canada shipping?
  881. Lost Air Miles Gift Certificates in mail
  882. ebay - shipping options? Canada post? Purolator?
  883. Any CBI USA Paid Members out there ? Question !
  884. Mobilicity only care for business of new accounts
  885. NCIX script for weekly reward points?
  886. cigars - burnt on duties (ouch) - ?reassessment with CBSA?
  887. iPhone accessories deal Stuff
  888. Nexus 7 16GB pre-order from Staples has been a frustrating experience
  889. Canada customs fee from eBay Japan
  890. Question about shipping an item from the US.
  891. Obtaining Copies of Receipt for Price Adjustment
  892. [DELETE] I have $50 on Amazon CA. I want $50 on Amazon USA instead.
  893. FS/BB - Can I return or exchange a game I traded 2 in for?
  894. Should I order computer parts to America or Canada?
  895. Schedule for Costco Roadshows??
  896. Canada Computer's Return Policy on Defective Products??
  897. Do Best Buy's Back to School coupons expire?
  898. Price matching airline tickets -- any travel agencies do it? What are the rules?
  899. Providing ID when Returning Stuff in Canada
  900. Need suggestion for headphone!
  901. How to cancel Best buy cell phone warranty?
  902. The Source - How to get free home shipping
  903. Alienware m17x r3 bnew at for $1,020 including shipping
  904. best store to buy appliances for new home?
  905. EBgames console trade-in: What is required?
  906. Buying music tickets (for a concert in NYC) online
  907. Hookbag
  908. Glasseseyebuy.con PLEASE HELP
  909. previously frozen meats sold as fresh
  910. PLEASE HELP!!
  911. Previously frozen Bakery sold as fresh
  912. HBC Rewards - what's with dwindling selection?
  913. FS price protection policy on mobile phone gift cards
  914. Why dollarrama zipper sandwich bags zipper is now hard to zip? Any cheap alternatives
  915. HOT ~ Canada's Wonderland Single Day General Admission $20 - Unconfirmed
  916. Sears store closing down in Surrey, BC ?
  917. Zellers gone, Target not here, where do you shop?
  918. Cineplex upcoming June 1st Changes
  919. New Wal-Mart (old Zellers) in Gloucester, Ottawa, ON open
  920. Bass Pro Shops Returns
  921. Loblaws / Superstore eliminating / price hiking brands in favour of PC products?
  922. Ebay , postman lost package question
  923. Rogers just gave me my HD Cable box for free after cancelling
  924. Bell Satellite Retentions?
  925. Does The Source have Price Guarantee?
  926. Do ads in more "refined" magazines influence your buying?
  927. Shipping USA Question
  928. Micro Informatique: poor service
  929. Can I convert Canadian Future Shop gift card to Best Buy US?
  930. What stores are open today?
  931. Store receipts getting bigger and bigger, and using more and more paper?!?!
  932. Costco 2 year warranty on laptops - what about CC's which extend warranties
  933. complaint against local FutureShop staff of the music instrument section.
  934. Ebates: 1%-20% Cashback from retailers (NewEgg,Sears,etc) + $10 gift card
  935. UPS Brokerage Fees ??
  936. Home improvement store "garage sales".
  937. AVOID City Cell Phone (Pacific Mall) - Shady Business Ethics
  938. BestDirect Shipping Question
  939. Should I get a Refurbished Tablet from Canada Computers?
  940. Help needed with SHAW Cable.
  941. please help me to deal with rogers internet............
  942. Engagement Rings
  943. Need your advice: Which retailer are the best to pre-order a Wii U?
  944. Duty on a cell phone?
  945. HST FREE Ontario
  946. For FS/BB (or other stores that I don't know about), has anyone brought a gift card t
  947. Border crossing hours point Roberts/boundary bay? 11am???
  948. Ship to USA address, drive and pick up
  949. 200dollartestdrive or totallyfreshippingspree comments/reviews?
  950. Does Loblaws RCSS price match like Walmarts Ad Match?
  951. Does Costco Downtown Vancouver Carry Spa Utopia Gift Cards
  952. In2Condo
  953. Why so little store accept interac debit online?
  954. shipito is safe for quebec?
  955. shipping depot nearest Quebec
  956. Credit card question
  957. Does EBGames carry the Nexus 7?
  958. invisible glass, sold at canadian tire, glass cleaner may harm your tinted windows
  959. Oakville, On - Best independant Cable Internet ISPs?
  960. 100% Authentic??
  961. Selling items at pawn shops-experiences?
  962. Telus Blackberry Curve 9320 for $148.83 Walmart Flyer
  963. Input on Louis Vuitton online site
  964. Reasonably priced custom suit in Vancouver
  965. Advice on how to purchase a bicycle in the states and bring back to Ontario
  966. Question about Best Buy and Price Protection
  967. Oren is Better, Oren Jewellery, or whatever name they use...... DISHONEST !!!!!!!!!!!
  968. Price Match In Grocery Stores - Flyer Question
  969. Cross border pick up?
  970. Did Bell raise home phone rates?
  971. The mysterious Noma brand warranty, does it even exist?
  972. Eastview Mall VS Walden Galleria??
  973. / Coupon codes?
  974. costco 5% off everything....
  976. Rogers, $30 a megabyte roaming internet
  977. Lenscrafters wasted my 2 hours!
  978. Buying used Apple products
  979. Buying a particular wine online
  980. The Costco Craze
  981. Grove City Outlet Mall
  982. Best fashion outlet near border?
  983. Where should I buy Kingdom Hearts 3D?
  984. Does Anyone Know of any Collectible Toy Stores and Trading Card Stores in Toronto?
  985. Can anyone verify what the Staples Rep said about their Replacement Plans to me?
  986. Question about trade in games with BB/FS
  987. IKEA -- a third bad experience!
  988. Beats by dre 50%+ off [legit??]
  989. Skinomi for tablet held in Customs or fraud
  990. Gift cards - scams and fraud at store level
  991. Looking for Costco US in-store prices
  992. Mattress / Bed shopping strategy
  993. ...
  994. How is it possible for things at eBay from ship (HK/China) sold for $0.01 to make mon
  995. Switching UPS shipping address to an American address to avoid brokerage fees
  996. it is official Zellers CEASE to exist by march 2013!
  997. credit card minimum purchase amount
  998. Refunds under Consumer Protection Act?
  999. Costo business membership for multiple people?
  1000. Canada Customs Question