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  1. Dollarama started to sell urns for $3!?
  2. Do you Cover or try to Hide your PIN Entering it?
  3. Think twice about going to WIND MOBILE. WARRENTY PROBLEMS
  4. Does the Bay or Zellers sell hard drives?
  5. Purolator ...
  6. - legitimate site or scam?
  7. reviews?
  8. Self Solved. But not solved. Thread lockable
  9. Trouble with Rogers - May need to go to court
  10. Staples cancelled my order
  11. Staples Coupon
  12. reviews of US freight forwarders (package express in WA)
  13. Shipping stuff to Canada? Mail forwarding?
  14. No Frills - Toronto, 200 Front St E. No items allowed from Dollarama & LCBO
  15. Which courier does Karmaloop use?
  16. BUYER BEWARE - FS Richmond Hill Location (possibly others)
  17. FS//BB iPad case return period?
  18. BestDirect Screwed my Order...
  19. Walmart in store price higher than online with free shipping?
  20. Used Nintendo DS game from FutureShop
  21. Best Buy - Can you retroactively apply RZP?
  22. Boycott Costco and other large American chains w/ crappy service! Costco Sucks
  23. Receiving a package in an apartment with no concierge
  24. Need some aeroplan points quick!
  25. trustworthy?
  26. Negotiate price at The Brick Furnitures
  27. House Brands
  28. DirectCanada's email?
  29. .
  30. Bulk barn
  31. Diaper return policy - Costco
  32. Walmart Copper Creek - SCOP Hello Kitty thermal drinking bottles - FREE!
  33. Future Shop Laptop return
  34. Question regarding PreOrder and Return
  35. Any tech sites offer free shipping anymore?
  36. If I bought something from GAP at in Buffalo, can I return it in GAP in Toronto?
  37. Ultrabooks and boxing day?
  38. MARSHALLS Grand Opening, Now In Canada!--Thoughts?
  39. Barnes and Noble shipping to Canada (books)
  40. Companies not delivering to third party shipping vendors
  41. Is a scam now? Even
  42. Random Air Miles question.
  43. - Any feedback?
  44. I bought me a used game at FS and a diffrent game was in it.
  45. Deal or No Deal Sony Store in Markville Mall
  46. What have some American friends brought in for you lately?
  47. .
  48. Mobilicity CC Billing Address System BROKEN
  50. MemoryExpress returns/stay away!
  51. Anyone heard of Retail Slayer?
  52. TIME to ORDER: the 60th Edition SEARS Annual WISH BOOK Catalogue
  53. The NEW IKEA 2013 CATALOGUE is HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  54. Does have promo codes that work in Canada?
  55. Dell Grab and Go kit Bell Service Came out to $149.95
  56. UPS Ground shipping from Kentucky to Toronto?
  57. Bowring Furniture Return Policy
  58. nvm
  59. Paypal Chargeback on Chinese Discount Retailer?
  60. Flies on Baked Goods at Starbucks @ 130 King St. West Toronto
  61. Rcss question
  62. Stores that don't take debit/credit
  63. Wal-mart & $3.50 eco fee on $14 clock radio?
  64. fatwallet cashback for various canadian etailers
  65. new way of FS price match decline
  66. Tigerdirect false advertising 8gb ram 29.97
  67. Revera Retirement Living
  68. Rogers' Policy Translation
  69. Warning about Deal Extreme
  70. Acer Aspire One A0D270 netbook, shoppers vs staples
  71. Dentist decided to change from silver to white filling without informing... opnions?
  72. Computer hardware stores in USA
  73. ncix, directcanada, bestdirect gone from shopbot??? but newegg is there now...
  74. Starsky Foods
  75. Returning item to Home Depot after 90 days
  76. Bell Canada has provided me terrible service for the last time!!!
  77. Does MSI gaming Laptop have Accidental Demage coverage in Canada? or is it US only?
  78. 24 hours locker in Buffalo ?
  79. Can't trade in games bought used from FS/BB - True?
  80. Staples Dividends
  81. Customs--Canada
  82. Customs Help + Extra Question :]
  83. Beats by Dr. Dre for $170 - Can anyone tell me if this site is for real???
  84. text from 2404613668 - Ipad win message - is it spam?
  85. Recommend me a site for Custom Lapel pins?
  86. Dell Returns Free?
  87. shipments
  88. SouthShore, Cymax Furniture Any Good?
  89. Department stores that sell Cologne?
  90. Need a P.O Box (Canadian)
  91. ebates error?
  92. Rogers internet connection and cable
  93. RCSS - Grandview Highway
  94. Rogers internet
  95. Montreal - Wishing to purchase Samsung plasma
  96. A&E Trading Post. Has anyone heard of or used this service?
  97. Looking for deals on Tiger JAH-T18U Rice Cooker
  98. Canadian tire bikes
  99. -Finished
  100. any1 knows when there will be the next no-hst day at Superstore (BC)?
  101. Home Hardware
  102. Campus Crew Clothing--Closed in Oshawa Mall
  103. Dewalt 20V radio!!!!
  104. Is that Legit ? Will it work fine in my Blu-Ray ?
  105. Need legal advice for a business not willing to refund our money.
  106. tax and duty for ordres
  107. Nexus 7 shipping refunds
  108. What Is's Import Fees Deposit?
  109. USPS shipping weird route?
  110. NCIX Price Match function not working?
  111. Question regarded to Internet Service Provider in Mississauga
  112. Recommended courier to use when importing goods (watch) from Germany
  113. Best way to pay while shopping in Niagara Falls - USD or credit
  114. previous post conclusion on legitimacy
  115. Staples - charged tax on cancelled order
  116. Hey guys, what do you mostly concern about when you shopping online?
  117. Great Experience buying a car from RFD member Vishu @ EastCourtFord
  118. Online Shopping Codes: Tips and Tricks
  119. SCAM: Buyers Beware!! Sofa and Bedding Solutions in Mississauga
  120. Is Main in Rebate valid on open box purchase?
  121. Virgin SuperTab questions
  122. Pldnr!
  123. Electronics That Don't Come With Manufacturer Warranty At Costco - What if it breaks?
  124. Ebay question
  125. http://www.gre question(s)
  126. Can I return Costco US purchase in Costco Canada?
  127. Bestbuy and Futureshop advertisements, sales??
  128. Does Futureshop refund on refused package?
  129. Pls help make Costco work for me - specific products available in the GTA?
  130. Some advice on canceling NCIX order
  131. Canadapost attempted delivery
  132. Tips for shopping in Plattsburg, NY
  133. Monoprice + UPS expedited = No more!
  134. Lenovo Nightmare
  135. Rogers Refusing To Refund
  136. Bought Expired IMUNITY-FX at SUPERSTORE
  137. Costco Return Policy - General Merchandise?
  138. Possible list all items (without a category) on eBay for buying?
  139. Stolen UPS Shipment
  140. List of Brokerage Fees per shipper US -> Canada shipping?
  141. Lost Air Miles Gift Certificates in mail
  142. ebay - shipping options? Canada post? Purolator?
  143. Any CBI USA Paid Members out there ? Question !
  144. Mobilicity only care for business of new accounts
  145. NCIX script for weekly reward points?
  146. cigars - burnt on duties (ouch) - ?reassessment with CBSA?
  147. iPhone accessories deal Stuff
  148. Nexus 7 16GB pre-order from Staples has been a frustrating experience
  149. Canada customs fee from eBay Japan
  150. Question about shipping an item from the US.
  151. Obtaining Copies of Receipt for Price Adjustment
  152. [DELETE] I have $50 on Amazon CA. I want $50 on Amazon USA instead.
  153. FS/BB - Can I return or exchange a game I traded 2 in for?
  154. Should I order computer parts to America or Canada?
  155. Schedule for Costco Roadshows??
  156. Canada Computer's Return Policy on Defective Products??
  157. Do Best Buy's Back to School coupons expire?
  158. Price matching airline tickets -- any travel agencies do it? What are the rules?
  159. Providing ID when Returning Stuff in Canada
  160. Need suggestion for headphone!
  161. How to cancel Best buy cell phone warranty?
  162. The Source - How to get free home shipping
  163. Alienware m17x r3 bnew at for $1,020 including shipping
  164. best store to buy appliances for new home?
  165. EBgames console trade-in: What is required?
  166. Buying music tickets (for a concert in NYC) online
  167. Hookbag
  168. Glasseseyebuy.con PLEASE HELP
  169. previously frozen meats sold as fresh
  170. PLEASE HELP!!
  171. Previously frozen Bakery sold as fresh
  172. HBC Rewards - what's with dwindling selection?
  173. FS price protection policy on mobile phone gift cards
  174. Why dollarrama zipper sandwich bags zipper is now hard to zip? Any cheap alternatives
  175. HOT ~ Canada's Wonderland Single Day General Admission $20 - Unconfirmed
  176. Sears store closing down in Surrey, BC ?
  177. Zellers gone, Target not here, where do you shop?
  178. Cineplex upcoming June 1st Changes
  179. New Wal-Mart (old Zellers) in Gloucester, Ottawa, ON open
  180. Bass Pro Shops Returns
  181. Loblaws / Superstore eliminating / price hiking brands in favour of PC products?
  182. Ebay , postman lost package question
  183. Rogers just gave me my HD Cable box for free after cancelling
  184. Bell Satellite Retentions?
  185. Does The Source have Price Guarantee?
  186. Do ads in more "refined" magazines influence your buying?
  187. Shipping USA Question
  188. Micro Informatique: poor service
  189. Can I convert Canadian Future Shop gift card to Best Buy US?
  190. What stores are open today?
  191. Store receipts getting bigger and bigger, and using more and more paper?!?!
  192. Costco 2 year warranty on laptops - what about CC's which extend warranties
  193. complaint against local FutureShop staff of the music instrument section.
  194. Ebates: 1%-20% Cashback from retailers (NewEgg,Sears,etc) + $10 gift card
  195. UPS Brokerage Fees ??
  196. Home improvement store "garage sales".
  197. AVOID City Cell Phone (Pacific Mall) - Shady Business Ethics
  198. BestDirect Shipping Question
  199. Should I get a Refurbished Tablet from Canada Computers?
  200. Help needed with SHAW Cable.
  201. please help me to deal with rogers internet............
  202. Engagement Rings
  203. Need your advice: Which retailer are the best to pre-order a Wii U?
  204. Duty on a cell phone?
  205. HST FREE Ontario
  206. For FS/BB (or other stores that I don't know about), has anyone brought a gift card t
  207. Border crossing hours point Roberts/boundary bay? 11am???
  208. Ship to USA address, drive and pick up
  209. 200dollartestdrive or totallyfreshippingspree comments/reviews?
  210. Does Loblaws RCSS price match like Walmarts Ad Match?
  211. Does Costco Downtown Vancouver Carry Spa Utopia Gift Cards
  212. In2Condo
  213. Why so little store accept interac debit online?
  214. shipito is safe for quebec?
  215. shipping depot nearest Quebec
  216. Credit card question
  217. Does EBGames carry the Nexus 7?
  218. invisible glass, sold at canadian tire, glass cleaner may harm your tinted windows
  219. Oakville, On - Best independant Cable Internet ISPs?
  220. 100% Authentic??
  221. Selling items at pawn shops-experiences?
  222. Telus Blackberry Curve 9320 for $148.83 Walmart Flyer
  223. Input on Louis Vuitton online site
  224. Reasonably priced custom suit in Vancouver
  225. Advice on how to purchase a bicycle in the states and bring back to Ontario
  226. Question about Best Buy and Price Protection
  227. Oren is Better, Oren Jewellery, or whatever name they use...... DISHONEST !!!!!!!!!!!
  228. Price Match In Grocery Stores - Flyer Question
  229. Cross border pick up?
  230. Did Bell raise home phone rates?
  231. The mysterious Noma brand warranty, does it even exist?
  232. Eastview Mall VS Walden Galleria??
  233. / Coupon codes?
  234. costco 5% off everything....
  236. Rogers, $30 a megabyte roaming internet
  237. Lenscrafters wasted my 2 hours!
  238. Buying used Apple products
  239. Buying a particular wine online
  240. The Costco Craze
  241. Grove City Outlet Mall
  242. Best fashion outlet near border?
  243. Where should I buy Kingdom Hearts 3D?
  244. Does Anyone Know of any Collectible Toy Stores and Trading Card Stores in Toronto?
  245. Can anyone verify what the Staples Rep said about their Replacement Plans to me?
  246. Question about trade in games with BB/FS
  247. IKEA -- a third bad experience!
  248. Beats by dre 50%+ off [legit??]
  249. Skinomi for tablet held in Customs or fraud
  250. Gift cards - scams and fraud at store level
  251. Looking for Costco US in-store prices
  252. Mattress / Bed shopping strategy
  253. ...
  254. How is it possible for things at eBay from ship (HK/China) sold for $0.01 to make mon
  255. Switching UPS shipping address to an American address to avoid brokerage fees
  256. it is official Zellers CEASE to exist by march 2013!
  257. credit card minimum purchase amount
  258. Refunds under Consumer Protection Act?
  259. Costo business membership for multiple people?
  260. Comwave scam!!
  261. Canada Customs Question
  262. Sample sale in ottawa
  263. eBay equivalent in Canada?
  264. Newegg Beware!
  265. USPS tracking number
  266. now accepts international orders.
  267. Winners loyalty program
  268. Should BB and FS just merge banners?
  269. How Does SCOP Apply to Expired Sales Prices Still Posted On the Shelf? (Quebec)
  270. Got a $100 EB Games gift card... can I use it towards the Prepaid Visa Gift Card?
  271. AVOID: Italmelodie in Montreal if you're buying musical instruments
  272. Walmart and SCOP - dont' count on it!
  273. Karmaloop customs/duties?
  274. MOD, please delete.
  275. Time to dish B(H)ell land telephone services ...
  276. FS and BB.. 10% extra on Price Match.. why suddenly on news again?
  277. IKEA Armchair slipcovers
  278. Internet + TV Services on Vancouver Island...
  279. Duty free Shopping / Alcohol and Beer
  280. Prestichef Caves wine cellars
  281. new canada-usa border exemptions
  282. Canada Post tracking error?
  283. Futureshop price match only if store manager wants!
  284. Does costco pm
  285. Rogers lied to me, need help!
  286. Places to shop in Buffalo (New York) ?
  287. Shipping into Canada, Import Tax?
  288. dining set: upper home room furniture vs Leon's
  289. Received damaged Plasma TV, company is rejecting the replacement
  290. Costco: Xmas Gift Wrapping Paper $14.99!?!?
  291. Shipping cost for J&R?
  292. Zennioptical (Zenni optical) - Review
  293. - Any experience with them?
  294. LF: Protein Supplements and Nutrition houses in Buffalo
  295. Brooklyn Furniture in Toronto
  296. I fell for the Brick Card scam! :( Please help!
  297. picking up items from states and returning to canada
  298. National Museum of Play (Rochester) Coupons/Discounts?
  299. Screwed again by ups, what brown doesn't do for u!
  300. W
  301. Limited Edition Canadian Tire hockey coins?
  302. ordering from
  303. Saving money by picking up at parcel service in the USA?
  304. Planet X Carbon Wheels
  305. What counts as duty free?
  306. Moving from Fido to Rogers
  307. cheapest USPS mail forwarder?
  308. online shopping - pick up in the states; duty/taxes?
  309. Rogers FlexTab
  310. Futureshop Pricematch HORROR STORY
  311. Anyone bought stuff from
  312. Anyone buy from
  313. Paypal and my credit card??
  314. - anybody bought from here before?
  315. Returning washed item at Banana Republic
  316. can i use my TD DEBIT CARD to make purchase at >?
  317. An observation at mastermind store
  318. PayPal hold - buyer claims it was because he spent too much?
  320. The lowest price ?
  321. Banned from Store?
  322. price match not approved by NCIX
  323. incoming international calls
  324. Warranty: Well done SONY!
  325. TekSavvy student discounts?
  326. BestBuy.Ca Price Match-Charged full amount?
  327. Does Amazon Vine ever choose Canadian Reviewers?
  328. Let's discuss! MemoryExpress
  329. Best Buy CEO Mike Pratt taking up comedy?
  330. Bestbuy extending PM to all Canadian online competitors - meaning?
  331. Would FS price match Staples?
  332. Winners selling counterfeit sunglasses [PICS!]
  333. green p permit
  334. Staples doesn't like to do returns?
  335. Complaint about Hertz (fuel overcharge/bad customer service)
  336. Mississauga to Toronto Canada Post Delivery
  337. Best Buy Canada to PM Online Retailers in effort to reduce "showrooming"
  338. Canadian bank with USD account that can be used with PayPal?
  339. Post your rude, abusive customer story
  340. sales = jam up price?
  341. Import duty refund question
  342. Video Cards - "Free Gift" - Scam?
  343. Mods delete? (Solved issue! )
  344. Ordering online from the UK
  345. Warepark
  346. Going to NYC - Wanna Buy Galaxy Nexus
  347. Cross border shopping exemptions per person or per vehicle?
  348. Future Shop hotline - wait forever to speak to a CS
  349. Sticking to a Costco Shopping list . Is it possible?
  350. Do you know of any GTA Walmart that has a 30-day return policy on cellphones?
  351. I bought Vitamix through
  352. Does Best Buy price match games from Walmart?
  353. Freshco/Sobey's not honouring free product coupon?
  354. Slightly cheaper airfare
  355. Canada Post issue
  356. DirectBuy price match at regular stores
  357. All Star vs All Nations vs Pro Star Driving School
  358. cancel my Acanac service........ please help with some questions
  359. Squaretrade-like aftermarket laptop Warranty options in Canada
  360. Walmart accepted the HomeOutfitters 20% off any item coupon
  361. Class Action Suit! CRA!! HST FRAUD BY GOVERNMENT!
  362. Endless Sales..
  363. Ken Mak @ Digital Communications - The T&T Rogers at Metrotown Burnaby
  364. Futureshop 14 day return policy
  365. Does anyone know the June 2012 survey code for Old Navy?
  366. Insurance Fraud
  367. Acanac DSL / Home Phone service
  368. Bell biz account order
  369. Is Direct Buy STILL a scam?
  370. Books available at Hookbag
  371. Best Price Alert service?
  372. English breakfast tea
  373. Received Bell Mobility card when asked for Bell prepaid payphone card
  374. Frescho - now accepting Internet coupons
  375. Anyone know about CardSwap?
  376. Canada post no longer does home delivery
  377. Problem with BELL - transfer of responsibility
  378. Class Action Lawsuit!! Gas Companies!!
  379. Returning garbage back to Walmart
  380. MIR question
  381. Package delivered - How accurate?
  382. Down with Cineplex!! Free movies on them - Hot BUY
  383. Ordering from Costco US with CAN credit card
  384. i think rogers going to screw me.............
  385. WALMART pricing policy question
  386. Bane Converse Shoes - would you buy?
  387. Possible To Buy Street Directory Books Anymore?
  388. Welp, that's the last time I buy something from 'Canada Computers'
  389. acanac cable questions !
  390. Applying bestbuy gift card for virgin mobile phone super tab ?
  391. Will Canada Post deliver on July 2nd?
  392. Petcetera - Beware of "Gift Card"
  393. What happens if you don't pick up package from Canada Post?
  394. Estimated Arrival Date for Package?
  395. Canada post - international shipping
  396. Have you recently tried to redeem PC points for gift cards?
  397. Superstore is terrible
  398. What is this Website - IS IT REAL? Unbelievable Prices!!
  399. UPS Sucks!!! colour laser printer left on the porch.
  400. Does anyone know the Logitech k760 release date for Canada? thanks
  401. RMA process at DirectCanada
  402. Is this a good refrigerator?
  403. store credit Canada
  404. Direct Buy location "closes" and "re-opens" after court rules in favour of customer
  405. When we change our Rogers number, does it automatically register you as moved?
  406. Are we forced to buy Windows when we buy a new computer?
  407. Costco Membership in US cheaper?
  408. Anyone ever bought gift cards from Save On Foods? (West Coast need apply)
  409. Defcon Paintball
  410. Duplicated gift cards?
  411. Movie Money
  412. Readers Digest Sent Me a Bill...Why?
  413. Popeye's Supplements, Allmax Products. AVOID (Calgary)
  414. sales tax on way to avoid?
  415. Destiny USA: HUGE Mall expansion for Syracuse, good for Ottawa shoppers!
  416. Issues with US address (parcel accepting company for canadians)
  417. What is Product Compliance?
  418. Grey Goose Vodka Survey
  419. You can always count on (rogers) Robbers! to screw up billing
  420. Suggestions needed here!!!!
  421. Great service from Black and Decker
  422. Web hosting for Wordpress blog website
  423. Are stores allowed to void processed orders?
  424. Toysrus "We pricematch ANY advertised price" is BS
  425. Would you take this free deal?
  426. Which shopper drug mart have a vita 16 gb memory card or 32 memory card or gravity ru
  427. NCIX shipping
  428. Pressure washer at costco?
  429. US non-working residents visa, Shopping Related
  430. Best Retailer to buy Diablo 3 from?
  431. Costco Return Policy
  432. Does futureshop pricematch online stores like NCIX?
  433. Question on useful conversion and Marriott points conversion
  434. World's Biggest Bookstore could close in 2013
  435. Safer for the customer to shop at major corps instead of locally owned businesses
  436. METRO does not accept coupons
  437. Cineplex buys 4 AMC locations in GTA
  438. Canada Post is really slow? Item released from customs for a week now....
  439. 88 $ air conditioners in walmart
  440. Rogers phone plan
  441. What to buy in the States?
  443. [URGENT] Does CanadaPost charge fees?
  444. Best Buy Rewardzone certificate and Pre orders on
  445. World's Biggest Bookstore (Toronto) Closing down December 2012 (MAYBE??)
  446. Goodwill doesn't have 1/2 price sale anymore?
  447. exchange or return to different store?
  448. Why does Bell need to setup two Bell stores in Eaton Centre?
  449. TMF Foods / Lou's - Poor Customer Service Response ??
  450. CANADIAN TIRE SCREW JOB (Please Read This If You Shop Or Get Service @ Canadian Tire)
  451. Futureshop Online Shopping and Price Matching
  452. Best free ship site (like DX) to get a nice cheap gaming mouse?
  453. Store requesting me to show them the card after PayPass transaction
  454. How to escalate complaint with Rogers
  455. Blue Cross Insurance
  456. Usps tracking : Do we get tracking when it is in Canada?
  457. Coupons!! RFDer's should check the video out
  458. still in business? (I guess not)
  460. Is it possible to bid on samsung laptop from US seller on Ebay? What kind of charges?
  461. Dollarama to add $2.50 and $3 items starting in August
  462. Beware of Canadian Tire And Gaggleup
  463. CSR told the lower price than it's on the bill, what now? [Mobilicity]
  464. Does Dell Offer Price Guarantee/ Protection
  465. RMA'ing item back to China, address issues
  466. Shopping : Cleveland, Ohio
  467. Whats Costco's Return/Replacement Policy On Non-Electronic Items Like Appliances(A/C)
  468. Grocery stores selling expired food (milk)
  469. FS good deal for antique collectors
  470. 3DS Price Match Question Future Shop
  471. Apple Macbook Retina from the USA (close to Vancouver)
  472. $6 charge for replacement under warranty?
  473. Westjet Bluetag Deals
  474. Hookbag Purchase?
  475. Fusion surge protector -- manufacturer contact info
  476. A scam service from memberworks to HBC credit card
  477. My horror story with Bell....
  478. Contact Lens Fitting
  479. JH COMPUTERS - Cheap prices on new/used computer parts, repair services for Consoles
  480. Resolving an Issue w/Amazon Marketplace Seller - Advice Needed
  481. BestBuy Price Policy - WHAT A JOKE!
  482. Chargeback...not so fast
  483. – Coupons?
  484. Current Info on Dell's Customer Service?
  485. Rogers billing issue (any expert recommendation?)
  486. I'll go to Sweet Grass, MT to pick up pkgs on July 07.
  487. Receipt checking upon leaving store, would you stop?
  488. Does CDN Tire deliberately Hide Products?
  489. Experience on Leather chairs from Home outfitters
  490. office chair from Costco
  491. What date was the Dell $10 email sent?
  492. Being asked to move in a movie theatre
  493. Alternative place to buy sunglasses?
  494. MAC Warehouse Sale in June
  495. Questions about Costco delivery
  496. Cineplex treats their customers like thieves
  497. Best Buy Mobile/Koodo: Does this promo make any sense?
  498. SDM - 3 more days to accumulate points
  499. Sonicview dealers in Toronto
  500. HBC Total Home Care
  501. Shipping from US to Canada - plz help
  502. What do I do with a prepaid FedEx shipping label?
  503. Sports jersey stores on Yonge north of Dundas... legit?
  504. Total Car Care? Similar to MyHome? Gift cards 20% off....
  505. Costco pricing policy
  506. bought a lawn mower from canadian tire
  507. distributel / tecksavy / acanc question please help !
  508. Costco Photo Greeting Cards
  509. Merchandise Return to the US
  510. Just another Rant
  511. Sunny Foodmart Markham Store Grand Opening specials??
  512. Shipito Mail Forwarding
  513. The Water Shoppe..
  514. Question on futureshop price match + taxes paid amount
  515. Fathers Day Specials on now ???
  516. What's happening with Customers these days.
  517. Amazon
  518. Canada Post
  519. Discrimination at Dollarama
  520. Laptop suddenly discontinued?
  521. I am fed up of Telus promotions!
  522. ALERT: UPS bond fee (minimal $10) on ANY package, including express!!!
  523. Sports Jerseys - Sales, Sitings, Coupons, etc.
  524. Scammed by, will i get my money back?
  525. How to buy things from 6 p.m which is mailing inside USA only
  526. Online Cineplex ticket price - additional service fees?
  527. Cinnamonbon is a rip off
  528. Anyone ever purchased from (Ashlin Computer Corporation)
  529. Anybody ever order from Agile Electronics?
  530. 60'' LED TVs at incredible prices - is that website legit?
  531. Importing something big from the USA?
  532. best deal
  533. Paying duty on a shipped item and then returning it
  535. Memory Express: "Online store: Out of stock"
  536. Shipping from Urban Outfitters
  537. How to get a free no interest cash advance from a credit card
  538. Are you supposed to bargain @ Market Village in Markham?
  539. first choice haircut
  540. Costco membership & Aeroplan miles question
  541. Frustration With Future Shop Order
  542. furniture stores in GTA
  543. A quick question about shipping
  544. Credit Card Warranty Claim question
  545. No Duty on Antiques Imported into Canada
  546. Is It Normal To Have Your Credit Card Intitally Overcharged At A Shell Gas Pump ?
  547. Detroit shipping address (X-post)
  548. cheapair4u
  549. Newegg Question
  550. Distributel Doesn't Value Their Customers!
  551. Anyone have experience with
  552. Condomman stopped shipping to Canada?
  553. TigerDirect is the worst company in the world!
  554. Bad and kind of Funny Staples Experience
  555. Winners - what do you think?
  556. MEC backpack warranty?
  557. Bell Fibe TV + Internet prices
  558. Kijiji site not working?
  559. anyone tried
  560. Bell Trying To Scam Me?
  561. Is there a flower shop in North York/Richmond Hill like the ones on Avenue?
  562. Staples Price Protection
  563. Husky 51 Pieces Screwdriver Set - from HD
  564. Do Costco Stores Carry Some Items Found On Online Store ?
  565. Noob UPS/USPS question.
  566. AVS Address Verifcation System?
  567. Dollarama Shipping supplies
  568. RONA management a few bricks shy of a load???
  569. Do we need to prepare for ISO paper sizes???
  570. Question about Manufacturer coupon usage.
  571. Anyone familiar with paypal please help
  572. Which retailer is best for computer stuff?
  573. Comwave?
  574. Shopbyus Legit?
  575. NCIX Express Shipping... Longer than Standard?
  576. No more The Source in-store clearance?
  577. returns
  578. What are the limits of NCIX price-matching?
  579. Shoppers Drug Mart - All Cameras 50-75% off
  580. costco gas
  581. Sears furniture delivery
  582. No Frills Flyer starting May 25
  583. any good for appliance parts?
  584. anyone has shopping experience
  585. Is Futureshop good for car audio installation?
  586. Disgusted by ROGERS Customer Service
  587. How to contact Vancouver Customs Re: Possible lost package?
  588. Sears Canada in the news...
  589. Another PayPal Question
  590. Making a purchase the day before a promotion begins.
  591. How to approach ncix with price match ?
  592. Does charge PST for orders shipped to Saskatchewan?
  593. Where do I catch the Ikea shuttle bus at Kipling Station?
  594. Rollerblades are horrible within first 30 mins - need to return to Sportchek
  595. MightyTechElectronics
  596. NCIX is down?
  597. Cable TV Providers for North York?
  598. Legit Cheap DJ Gear Website?
  599. home furniture in2condo (online store)
  600. The Source return policy
  601. What can I buy at Costco US to resell here in Canada?
  602. Warning: Acanac renews the contract with different rate w/o notification or invoice
  603. Can I get refund from Montreal AMT for June monthly pass
  604. Acanac - Auto renewal
  605. asked dell for a $10.00 coupon for a $67.00 purchase from yesterday.i got it.
  606. What to buy with a $100 futureshop giftcard
  607. Beware of Acanac rebilling! the 24.95 is now 37.95
  608. UPDATE: SEARS CRAFTSMAN TOOLS Please Read Before Buying
  609. Amazon or eBay?
  610. EB Games Metrotown Closed?
  611. Telus $50 rebate ??
  612. $1.44 Day!
  613. nofrills
  614. Need Help for Direct Buy
  615. US Sales Tax refund when shipping to a US address across the border?
  616. 17" MacBook Pro for $849 + $29 Shipping - Possible Scam
  617. Rewardpurchase is a Scam
  618. WARNING -DO NOT GET Bell Grab & Go Internet Kit from Dell
  619. Sears Craftsman Tools: Please Read This Before Buying
  620. [Merged] Starting this June, Canadian cross border shoppers will get a bigger break
  621. Bell Mobility faces $100M-class action lawsuit over pre-paid wireless contracts
  622. Yelp - Reliable or not? What's the deal with filtered reviews?
  623. Diablo 3 Collector's Edition Amazon problem
  624. TigerDirect VIP...???
  625. National Sports gift cards at sports chek
  626. Aaron's? Anyone know anything about it?
  627. Had any Dealings with Sears Returns on Furniture?
  628. Itravel 2000 Scam?
  629. I Shop At Wal Mart! Ask Me Anything!
  630. Being SCREWED by Weedman
  631. CHeapest time of year to buy laptops/Computers
  632. Looking for a website???
  633. Pizza Hut Country Hills Doesn't Honor Online Orders!!
  634. What B&M store in GTA sell 2560x1600 displays?
  635. Esso Gift Card - Balance Used/Scam
  636. Wonderland tickets (SCAM)
  637. No need credit card for ebay account when create account AFTER using guest checkout?
  638. anyone order magazines from the UK?
  639. Cheated by Rogers CS! What should i do?
  640. Do not buy anything from
  641. A Restaurant Sends You a $400 Bill From Two Years Ago -- Do You Pay?
  642. US package receiving help
  643. PC Cyber in Ottawa - Going out of Business
  644. Can you pick your own channels for rogers cable?
  645. n/m
  646. UPS Brokerage Fees on Express Saver Packages
  647. Anyone have experience with Memory Foam Direct (an Online Mattress Store)?
  648. does anyone active green and ross - "we wont be undersold policy " on tires
  649. Future Shop / Purolator rant
  650. Aeroplan Shipping Slow?
  651. Please delete post
  652. 1st Annual NCIX TECH FAIR - May 12/13, 2012 at Aberdeen Centre
  653. Dell ordering system sucks
  654. Taxes for online shopping in Illinois?
  655. Unique Cross Border Question.
  656. Newegg price protection?
  657. $60 Fee From USPS?!?!?
  658. Bell:Home phone deactivation fee??
  659. Unauthorized huggies codes?? wth!
  660. what is Futureshop price match policy ?
  661. now accepts paypal!
  662. What brands of soap are made in Canada or US?
  663. Why does Fedex ship my item from Cologne->Paris->Mississauga->Newark->Memphis?
  664. Place Cell Phone Plan on Hold due to long Vacation???
  665. Big +1 To Philips re Sonicare Electric Toothbrush
  666. Dell sent me an exchange that was a different model
  667. Anyone have problems with CAA?
  668. Playstation 3 Game Cover Art
  669. DirectBuy Ottawa closes its doors
  670. Planning on buying eye glasses in Toronto
  671. Big +1 To Black and Decker
  672. "Your Disney Movies Online Account Will Soon Close"
  673. NCIX Weekend Hot Deals (Online & In-store) webpage
  674. Buying training shoes from sportchek
  675. online shopping......Does anybody know what's up with 7-Eleven speak out wireless?
  676. Border Shopping
  677. Canadian tire's new 'digital exclusive' rewards coupon (gas bar)
  678. Paypal Scam?
  679. Rogers horrible story..........again
  680. *Resolved* paypal question
  681. Anyone ever bought from
  682. Dinning set and server from Interiors Furniture Galleries
  683. Another Rogers thread
  684. Shipping To Canada Question
  685. Canada Post Delivery Backdating
  686. I hate Future Shop and will be shortly making my last purchase there
  687. Should I join Mypoints?
  688. End Of An Era: Calgary's Soundsaround Closing Its Doors For Good
  689. Online Shopping Question
  690. Rogers - a disgusting monopoly: where to complain?
  691. Canadian Customs Help!!!
  692. Before 12pm Priority no longer @ Canada Post
  693. Hong Kong / Shenzhen
  694. Anyone Ever Shop At "Ashlin Computer Corporation" ?
  695. Bell home phone going up $3.03??
  696. It's going to be HOW MUCH a litre?!?!?
  697. Clip-on Sunglasses
  698. LOOKING FOR: Hypoallergenic, nickel free jewelry in Toronto
  699. New "AIR MILES Cash" program starting in March
  700. x
  701. Shaw direct operating illegally?
  702. Is this on sale or not?
  703. Anyone got any insider info on the Yorkdale expansion?
  704. the new Kijiji?
  705. Buying Refurbished From Canada Computers
  706. 20$ polar bear charged me an extra 20$
  707. Rogers digital promotion ?!
  708. Exchanging Shoes from Adidas to SportChek
  709. Baby Land Sale - Britax
  710. Laptop Back to school sale ?
  711. Dhl delivered. 1 item missing from box. who would you suspect the most?
  712. Memory Express sent me an open box
  713. Store brand vs name brand allergy pills
  714. The "How do these Businesses STAY in Business" thread
  715. Bell Internet Promotions office lies about their pricing
  716. Ikea vs JYSK?
  717. Canadian Customs Processing Time
  718. Home Furniture
  719. Canada Post tracking numbers do not update...what to do?
  720. Niagara Falls Outlet Stores
  721. Retailers blame multinational suppliers for Canada-U.S. price gap - What do you think
  722. Returning iPad bought online to an Apple Store?
  723. Pming Mikes Computer store Xbox game with FS/BB
  724. Beats by Dre Return
  725. Any Dell codes?
  726. quick question: can i return the TV bought from walmart after 2 weeks?
  727. Fraudulent Pricing Practice - CD Wharehouse,Kanata...
  728. Rogers HD Box PVR deals Pls
  729. Buying coffee at FS/BB - Taxes?
  730. Duties for importing into US?
  731., Cheap Nike shoes, is it legit?
  732. anyone else having bad experiences with amazon marketplace purchases ?
  733. Futureshop & Bestbuy Giftcards- Watch your Balance !!
  734. Are RedFlagDeals coupons OK to use?
  735. Best Plus-Size Apparel Stores for Canadians
  736. Anyone use SCC Parcel Pickup in Port Huron to receive packages in the US?
  737. Costco Laval gas
  738. Need advise for shipping for ebay
  739. Staples - No More Residential Delivery for "High Risk" electronics
  740. Another EPIC TV deal at FS
  741. Difference between Danier Factory outlets and regular mall stores
  742. Cable Internet vs. DSL Internet in Victoria Park / St Clair Ave E area
  743. Is Best Buy on the verge of tanking???
  744. what do you buy online?
  745. Absolutely appalled by Shaw Customer service reps
  746. Wegmans
  747. Is there any business depot coupon for over $300 purchase?
  748. P.O.T.S. (Plain-old telephone service) options other than Bell or Rogers
  749. close!
  750. Warning don't buy from dino direct
  751. is "" a legit store/site in Canada?
  752. do you need a costco membership to buy from
  753. Looking for a decent mic microphone for the Wii
  754. Walmart--getting price difference back for a food product? i got it
  755. Petro Canada: Wholesale Cost of Gas Savings Cards
  756. Anyone buy into the TOYRUS protection plan?
  757. Rolled up my Rim TWICE
  758. Best Buy US to close 50 stores; blames Apple + Amazon! BB CEO resigns Apr 10, 2012!
  759. Are there any ebay referral/rebate/cashback programs left? Or are they all gone now?
  760. Euroflex Moster steam cleaner - value pack?
  761. Canadian Tire & Broken Bike
  762. Buying some HP Toner Cartridges. HP12A - Q2612A
  763. Bell charging ($2.00) for paper statements (As of June 2012)
  764. Price matching at Staples, Bestbuy or Futureshop
  765. Tired of "price match guarantee" scams!!!
  766. General return question of Asia online stores
  767. Package has been received but not showing up on tracking
  768. Does "FedEx Priority Express" include brokerage fees?
  769. BB Flipswap
  770. Question about PMing Staples re: Beats Solo
  771. Staples getting rid of the 110% pricematch? (Now just 100%)
  772. Rogers Late Payment Interest Charges
  773. refurbish phones sold by mobilicity dealers...
  774. Big Green Egg
  775. JYSK Patio Furniture
  776. Is Customs Tax/Duty applicable on imported services?
  777. Futureshop returns.
  778. Do all Canadian Tire price match?
  779. nike shoes
  780. Incase overcharged me!
  781. Simply elegant funiture in eglinton square, not so elegant with customer service
  782. BBB price match question
  783. Ebay suspension policies
  784. How often does FootLocker have their 30% sales?
  785. Hockey net at Costco in-store around this time of year?
  786. I'm hearing
  787. What courier was used?
  788. Moshi MM01H Best Price
  789. EB Games / Gamestop customer support
  790. The Bay website problems
  791. Best Buy return, Canada Post : item stuck at local delivery facility
  792. accepting paypal from non US/Canada
  793. Apple warranty still valid?
  794. Best Courier & Delivery Service in Canada
  795. Is there a review site for cheap ( < 50) sunglasses / watches?
  796. Electronic stores in Scarborough?
  797. How to check if ebay seller "relists" an item?
  798. eBay Buyer did not pay Shipping Cost
  799. are the store open today? sunday 8 april - Easter?
  800. Beware: Buying from Alexanian Carpet and Flooring
  801. Direct Canada vs NCIX customer service
  803. What to do with 1400 Aeroplan Miles?
  804. UPS...sigh...
  805. $80 Oral-B Toothbrush went kaput....
  806. Rona to close 10 big-box stores
  807. Vanilla Mastercard with Paypal
  808. Prepaid Vanilla MasterCard w/ Paypal
  809. how much will sleep country mark down their prices if you negotiate?
  810. Parcel forwarding service based in Asia
  811. AVOID HATCHER FLORIST [5455 Yonge St. - Yonge/Finch] see photos
  812. Site Similar to DealEtrme offers Free DHL shipping to the CA,US&MEX
  813. How to get a confirmed US address for Paypal (2012)
  814. What's a decent flower shop in the Vaughan area?
  815. Shipping small bubble envelopes within Canada.
  816. Wondering about Zellers liquidation in Newmarket.
  817. UPS Brokerage
  818. Has anyone ever bought from
  819. How long should I wait before i do a chargeback?
  820. Who can help me defeat Bell Mobility lying liars?
  821. Why do Futureshop/Staples/BestBuy employees break company policy? Endorsed scams?
  822. What other US online retailer should I be considering for deals?
  823. Can you switch WIND plans after buying a phone on tab?
  824. Censorship by Canon
  825. Can you use Metro gift cards to buy other gift cards?
  826. Staples website with Google Ads?
  827. Amazon Estimated Delivery?
  828. Sears Canada Craftsman Lifetime Warranty Problem
  829. The End of Big-Box Retailing ?!?!?!?
  830. How likely will there be another psn card sales?
  831. Buying Gas in the US
  832. Has banks changed "high to low" method of payment allocation?
  833. First best buy fake ipads, now telus reports fake iphones being returned!
  834. Fender Guitar with 15W AMP for $13.99 from future shop Friday morning newsletter??
  835. a trusted website?
  836. USPS to canada $500+ items
  837. Airmiles--what a *waste of time*
  838. question on duties and shipping insured ?
  839. got a esso gift card
  840. Bell internet situation
  841. Major bell internet problem!
  842. Not a hot deal just ridiculous Electronics section added to now selling laptop
  843. Rogers Cable increases
  844. Buying Baby Cribs In the States
  845. RMA Shipping to USA. (UPDATED; HELP!)
  846. Anyone receive their Eneloop AAA Batteries from Dell yet?
  847. Maple Lodge Farms Factory Outlet Closed?
  848. Sears online orders - cancellation
  849. Cross border reshippers
  850. Canadian Customs and Indian herb pills
  851. Scanning Code of Practice
  852. Best Buy/Future Shop websites down?
  853. Brokerage Fees China to Canada?
  854. Premier Fitness selling off locations as receivership, Physiomed deal collapse
  855. and the Sennheiser HD518 Headphones
  856. How to get to Fido Customer Service Rep ?
  857. "Shopper's Voice" surveys - yay or nay?
  858. Shipping from possible?
  859. Is there a store front for Dealextreme, or Focalprice in Hong Kong?
  860. Amazon uses UPS now?
  861. Stay away from Canada knives and swords
  862. Am I being unreasonable (re. fee Teksavvy is trying to make me pay)?
  863. How is Monoprice shipping cost lately?
  864. How useful is shop catch and how is the smartphone app?
  865. Future Shop brand to become Best Buy?
  866. DealExtreme Question
  867. Transfering USD balance from paypal to USD bank accounts
  868. Price Protection doesn't valid if the product is on Sale - Is this true?
  869. Canadian Tire, Pioneer plead guilty to price-fixing
  870. Mod please delete -
  871. Food Basics Markham Rd & 14th Ave in Markham to close by end of November
  872. .
  873. Infonec Vaughan location gone?
  874. USPS Express Shipping from NYC to GTA - What's the delay?
  875. Online Order Customer Inquiry Form is Broken?
  876. iCoke Rewards selection?
  877. Paypal bad customer service
  878. Looking for off lease desktop computer
  879. OSTARA SPA has closed down...SCAMMERS
  880. Rogers extends cell contract with out authorization
  881. No Frills coming to Calgary?
  882. how to accept paypal payment
  883. $100 credit at The Source and Tbooth
  884. Free Shipping at Lee Valley before Christmas?
  885. Mail Forwarding - USA to Canada
  886. Apple - Positive Customer Service Experience
  887. Costco doesn't take Interac (debit) anymore? (only for non-members it appears)
  888. Aeroplan removed many of their most popular gift cards
  889. Whats with The Source and Final Sales?
  890. Shell AirMiles bonus to activate Cash rewards
  891. Pushy PC Mastercard sales-people at No Frills/Superstore
  892. How to change US magazine from US address to Canadian address?
  893. Closed
  894. is this a legit site
  895. Canada Post Question?
  896. MBNA smart cash card holders save up to $30 on new iPad! @ Walmart Supercenter
  897. Does t&t take in Websaver coupons??
  898. Mail in Rebate in the form of Citi Master Card
  899. [Merged] Check your BNIB Ipads
  900. RBC Rewards can now convert to Shoppers Optimum points
  901. Bell internet cancellation policy?
  902. returns?
  903. Hidden Furniture Shop Gems in GTA
  904. diesel warehouse 2012
  905. Good Customer Service Experiences
  906. Does Sears offer or do they have promotions for new Sears Credit card customers?
  907. Cardswap vs. Swapopolis?
  908. Gigabyte mail in rebate - UPC that doesn't match
  909. Direct Energy - Has Anyone Ever Taken Them To Court (Or Similar Companies)
  910. Interac Online, how's it work and risks?
  911. paypal question
  912. Old Navy - online purchase fast but product quality not so good
  913. Canadian tire price correction policy...
  914. should i purchase a product service plan for a refurb laptop from Futureshop?
  915. Ordering at
  916. Question on Financing in Quebec
  917. Staples Needs to Close Their Doors
  918. Refurbished Laptops?
  919. Best Buy psp?
  920. Sears Canada to close 3 stores (Ottawa, Calgary, Vancouver) by October 31st
  921. Printer Ink Discussion
  922. how to pm and use a coupon at staples?
  923. A little help this tracking number for Canada Post
  924. Would you recommend Canada Computers?
  925. Force SDM to Protect Your Optimum Account Info Online! Sign the Petition Today!
  926. Anyone have any insider tips on how stock for new ipad will be? Specifically F$
  927. Cda Tire exchange at lower price?
  928. Bestbuy price match policy explained
  929. Beginner ebay shipping questions
  930. Can a store legally cancel an online order after I received confirmation?
  931. lululemon
  932. Need advice on rogers 30 days cancellation
  933. style collocation ????
  934. Bestbuy return after 30 days
  935. Rogers cable boxes - 8642HD & 4642HD: Do they ever go on sale?
  936. Returning merchandise at Winners
  938. UPS Pickup
  939. Tipping "movers"?
  940. Rogers sold us all Nokia C3 with false feature info..
  941. Looking for opinions about whether I should pay this and how much
  942. Sears club points - can I redeem for gitcards?
  943. Any news on Sport Chek Friends and Family Sale
  944. If I don't receive a package can they still bill me?
  945. Does Mountian Equipment Co-op (MEC) accept coupons?
  946. Question solved thanks
  947. Cooler Master HAF 912 RC-912-KKN1
  948. American iPad 2 Refurbished for $350.
  949. Zellers
  950. Price sister site?
  951. Anyone knows if Synology goes on sale?
  952. Have you ever had to pay taxes at the border?
  953. any experience buying from NCIX?
  954. Warning: HBC Gift Card Empty Balance
  955. Why in the world does Best Buy sell beds and mattresses?
  956. Buying a Used Game from Futureshop? Think again....
  957. Paypal payment outside ebay
  958. Is Telus lyin to me?
  959. Staples: HP 1TB USB 3.0 Portable Hard Drive $129.00
  960. HBC rewards delivery time?
  961. Visions Take up to 4 Years to Pay
  962. James Allen - took payment but no inventory?
  963. Stay Away from XSV 360 ! ! !
  964. Can I beat customs fee or get refunded....
  965. gone downhill bigtime
  966. What to do with HBC gift card?
  967. change shipping speed futureshop
  968. Best Way to Browse Deals on RFD?
  969. New PC MasterCard program?
  970. Oral B Triumph Professional Care 9900 with Smartguide Toothbrush
  971. Costco & HDTVs
  972. Returning Open Router to FutureShop
  973. Archos: Cheap Plug-Ins Tip
  974. RANT: Websites who don't list prices online
  975. Wow, look what came with my refurbed laptop from bestbuy
  976. Futureshop pricematch is SCAM.
  977. Clearly contacts ships out 6000-7000 orders a day?!
  978. Do you think FS, BB and others watch RFD and other forums to adjust prices?
  979. test
  980. Quality bed linens and down duvets
  981. How is DealExtreme now? Alternatives?
  982. FiftyOne Shipping
  983. Canada Post Mailing cost, This will save you $$$
  984. Paypal question
  985. Best before date - SEP 2011 at Save-on-foods
  986. USPS Shipping (United States Postal Service)
  987. Buying stuff from
  988. 1 cent short, will it make any difference?
  989. My purolator adventure & question...
  990. Costco pricematch policy?
  991. FS/BB Access
  992. [Merged] Memory Express
  993. Futureshop now sells 'Health & Personal Care' Items?!!! lol
  994. Shipping to New York location for pick up?
  995. Rogers called me offering to lower my monthly rate (with no catch?)
  996. Costco Kirkland Signature Sterns and Foster Portofino Mattress
  997. Gucci shoes less than $100? is this site real?
  998. BestBuy (USA) to axe 14 day return period, now 30 days. starts Smarch 4th
  999. Zellers Pricematch - Recent Policy change?
  1000. RCMP stuffed toys