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  1. Futureshop TV price match question
  2. ClearlyContacts Experience?
  3. Future Shop will replace my 70 inches's TV but not transfer my PSP
  4. Cheapest way to send money abroad?
  5. UHaul Truck Rental in Vancouver / BC
  6. Did anyone here buy hats from this online store?
  7. Fido locked phone with Chatr SIM ?
  8. Best place for online gift cards Canada?
  9. Futureshop - reserve in store - price match online?
  10. Bluetooth Shower Speakers
  11. Future Shop/Best Buy gift cards
  12. third party nintendo controllers
  13. Brampton Hardwood reviews
  14. Outlet Collection at Niagara - Justice Store
  15. Where to find 3M 1mm double sided adhesive tape?
  16. CT: Air Compressor Hose and Accessories Tools
  18. SDM Shoppers Drug Mart Personalized Coupons
  19. shipping, how long does it normally take to ship to Ontario from U.S?
  20. How to fight CBSA on import taxes
  21. DRILL - Bosch or Dewalt for CT $25 promo???
  22. eyeglasses4all review ?
  23. get out of (cancel) rogers cable/home phone/internet contract
  24. Just got 7% cash back from
  25. 9 piece Camping Combo in Walmart for $98
  26. Best deal on napolean Barbeque
  27. Eye exam, prescriptions, vision mafia
  28. Vibram lawsuit
  29. DOA item, need suggestion on next step
  30. UPS shipping?
  31. This is what a sincere "cancellation" letter should look like.
  32. Where to find customer service contact for "Big Boss"
  33. Are there any discounts or promos from buying on Ebay?
  34. Tim Horton's New Mobile Payment Option = Future Unemployment?
  35. Looking for a place that does custom tees
  36. Beyond the Rack Fake the price
  37. where I can buy New Balance 420 Women in Toronto?
  38. How to order a USA ship only product into Canada?
  39. Does Toys R Us ever have an entire store / website sales event?
  40. What is a good home surveillance systems (8 to 16 cam)?
  41. Ethics of used car sales
  42. Costco USA for Contact Lenses
  43. Warehouse Sales in GTA
  44. Home Depot price negotiable??
  45. Anyone having problems ordering from Canada Post?
  46. Lenovo Y410p status
  47. US cellphone plan maybe better in canada
  48. Buy the GoPro 3+ now, or later?
  49. Is it just me, or has gone to heck?
  50. What's the best pre-paid credit card to choose from?
  51. Zara blazer, pants, shirt & tie
  52. New egg
  53. Looking for a reliable company who accepts US parcels and ships them to Canadians..
  54. T shirt printing
  55. Removable door lock (forgot name, looks like lanyard)
  56. Buying a Mattress in the US
  57. Beware Leasing a DELL computer - FAIR MARKET VALUE BUYOUT
  58. Bad experience buying Chinese tape measures on EBay
  59. G2a/cdkeys xbox live gold membership
  60. Noob at ebay selling : avoiding double conversion fee ?
  61. NCIX return policy?
  62. Tablet Suggestion
  63. shopping channel bad faith
  64. Tigerdirect rebates
  65. [Lenovo Canada] Lenovo Laptop Y410p 14" i7-4700MQ GT755M - $279 - PART 2
  66. used car or new car ?
  67. Looking for a deal on washer / dryer set
  68. Has killed Free Super Saver shipping?
  69. how to find free songs in Google play store
  70. Need a scan of best buy (west) flyer of cameras for may 30
  71. [BC] Mexx online store charge 12% tax for children clothing
  72. Tent Selection: Marmot Limelight 4 or Limestone 4.. Seeking comments/advice..
  73. [Lenovo Canada] What to use on with the free $100 coupon
  74. ebay seller wont sell me item after winning auction, what to do?
  75. House Completely Destroyed By Fire - Need To Find Apartment
  76. Bang Good
  77. Lenovo Laptop Y410p 14" i7-4700MQ GT755M - $279 - PART 1
  78. Hitch City. Mississauga.
  79. USPS package stuck in Mississauage customs for 3 weeks now!
  80. Sdm 20x event
  81. Have you guys bought anything from SIG Electronics before?
  82. [POLL ]Acceptable compromise for Lenovo fiasco
  83. TD Canada trust bad customer service or am I expecting too much?
  84. .
  85. Canada Post woes...
  86. Restring tennis racquet
  87. After ebay's security breach, can no longer login
  88. any experiences ?
  89. Klondike Kones
  90. [POLL] Sportschek Team Assist Season 3 Gift Card Amount
  91. iCoke.Ca: Program ending April 1, 2014
  92. Can amazon sellers scam me?
  93. coke glass bottles
  94. London Drugs wrongly accuses filmmaker Andy Fiore of theft (cbc)
  95. CanadaPost delivery question
  96. Amazon shipping speed, takes 1 month?
  97. Fighting eBay/PayPal - Useless?
  98. Buying a dog
  99. Shoppers Drug Mart Photos
  100. 13 cent item on Get over $25!
  101. Looking For Produce in Burnaby
  102. Hit with the Duty and Tax from DHL
  103. Prescription glasses with original lenses
  104. FedEx Delivery Question
  105. Can you order from using a Canadian credit card?
  106. Outlet Collection at Niagara: Opening May 15
  107. Buying engagement ring in US - Duties/Taxes question
  108. Kijij and Tags
  109. Where to purchase Chinese/I Ching coins
  110. Is this risky?
  111. Shoppers Drug mart cash back
  112. Ashley Furniture, price is 50% more here compare to US
  113. nice little ebay snipe bidding site
  114. Ebay Hacked! Everyone Reset Their Passwords!
  115. Canadapost why is my package idle?
  116. Mid - High end Propane BBQ $1000 budget
  117. Purchase Electronics Online, But How does a "Warranty" works?
  118. ebay... can buyer/seller agree to drop shipping charges?
  119. SOLAR PANEL nightmare....
  120. Canadian Tire - They now have staff harass you to get a credit card while you shop
  121. Rogers won't let me give more than 30 days notice
  122. Canadapost item processed twice
  123. anyone use them,how was shipping to canada?
  124. Vaughan Mills
  125. Price Comparison US versus Canada: What prices are lower here, or higher quality?
  126. Verify Serial Numbers between receipt & box & product before leaving store
  127. Anyone tried My ontario telecom?
  128. Where to buy Plantar Fasciitis Shoes in Canada?
  129. Need a key cut (Victoria Day) in Scarborough
  130. Power Wheels - Any recommendations?
  131. Fireworks...which store to get the cheapest and which ones are more fun for kids
  132. Canada Post can't locate tracked letter
  133. [Walmart / Fido] Samsung S4 $25 + 100$ gift certificate *2YR Contract
  134. SOLD
  135. Cruelty-free ham?
  137. Canadiantired closes at 9PM but that's just a suggestion
  138. Dental Insurance Opinions
  139. Keurig Coffeemaker
  140. BMO Air Miles World Mastercard
  141. Need to order in US and ship here..
  142. Website for American Flyer Archives?
  143. Walmart Environment Destruction
  144. [deleted]
  145. US Weekly flyer website
  146. Think twice before asking PayPal for your money back.
  147. Sears Holdings considers selling majority stake orwhole of Sears Canada
  148. LED bulb for recessed (pot) lights / MR16 medium base
  149. Does anyone own the 184 Mastercraft Socket Set?
  150. Toddler Sport Jerseys?
  151. Bringing "banned" (is that the right word?) items into Canada
  152. [Jacob] Canada wide closing : Bankruptcy liquidation sale
  153. Diamond buying from ??? Questions...concerns.....suggestions ???
  154. Website that tracks all groupon/dealfind/wagjag etc. places?
  155. Does Bay sell refurbished products?
  156. Used MacBook Air - good price? Please advise!
  157. Future Shop -- Bait & Switch?
  158. Question regarding Laptop w/ lithium battery purchased from USA or Internationally
  159. new a/c or refill freon?
  160. Where Can I Sell A Diamond Ring?
  161. New pair of jeans contain lint?
  162. Buying tickets from Concert Fix
  163. Publicly humiliated/falsely accused and traumatized by SDM staff.
  164. Amazon super savings shipping
  165. Exotic / Luxury Car rentals in the GTA for wedding??
  166. How do you purchase from US sites that require US-credit card/addresses?
  167. Canada Post Rant: Delayed shipment for mother's day gift
  168. Can grocery stores sell expired stuff?
  169. Customs seized my purchases from US, Please help~
  170. which internet provider to choose
  171. XS Cargo Electronics Experience?
  172. is costco the only place that sells cheap gillette fusion blades?
  173. What do you buy from the US?
  174. Anyone know where I can find Armour Etching Cream locally?
  175. Rona.....The last straw has been had.
  176. Really Cheap Footwear on
  177. Is an authorized Canon dealer?
  178. Marks & Spencer charged me too much duty & tax
  179. Where to buy a water cooler
  180. Canadian dollar
  181. Purolator SUCKS !
  182. Cashiers with attitudes - how do you deal with them?
  183. Can you contest CBSA import duties/taxes?
  184. Long Distance cards
  185. Purchases on TD VISA over credit limit. Any solution for big purchases?
  186. People who work retail making my mailman look bad
  187. Hard to believe so cheap price of lifepo4 12v 20ah battery
  188. DHL brokerage fees
  189. Is there a way to pay FedEx invoice online?
  190. Anyone been to eyewear stores??
  191. Water Softener Potassium Chloride who has the best price?
  192. coupons
  193. can I do a charge back and get a free computer
  194. Bad shopping experience today with Badboy, complaint filed
  195. $120 Mattress protector
  196. Don't buy fishing rods from Amazon
  197. eBay Deals!? 24" Dell Monitor (5ms, 7m:1)
  198. Exchanging items in the US? Subject to Duty/Taxes on re-import?
  199. Looking for shopping appliance tips (montreal)
  200. Best cellphone provider?
  201. SDM Optimum
  202. Supplements from
  203. Lick's burger not taking their GCs?
  204. Ebates and -> Buyer Beware
  205. Best place to buy brand name jeans?
  206. DHL lost my DEBIT payment which was an overcharge to begin with.
  207. Refund for Environmental Handling Fee on Roku Stick
  208. Best place to buy a laptop !!
  209. Karaoke Machine - Where to buy? (Toronto/Ottawa) + Tips?
  210. Problem with receiving items from overseas (Singapore)
  211. Turbo Tax - sigh...
  212. Anyone Have Experience Ordering from Moosejaw (American Retailer)?
  213. Organic Food Delivery
  215. Where are all the price errors?
  216. Credit card currency exchange fee
  217. Did SDM stop sending out those email coupons?
  218. Bestbuy glitch? $100 off
  219. Is this a good deal for a gaming laptop?
  220. Canada Post cheating on delivery date, I can't be the only one?
  221. Where can I buy discounted gift cards from?
  222. Ordering Furniture From Walmart
  223. Opinions: Point Roberts Parcel Service
  224. DHL Global Mail International and Canada Post
  225. VPS $USD40/yr Chicago VPS Beware!
  226. Nordstrom Rack from Hautelook
  227. Bulk Chocolate/Candy
  228. Loblaw/the drycleaner scam
  229. question about packages left at front door
  230. Anybody shopped at before?
  231. Toronto - old street signs for auction. April 28
  232. Direct Buy: Free Android Tablet Offer with 90 min. sales pitch?
  233. Amazon Reviews
  234. Staples: return to repurchase at 10% off?
  235. Astronomical Clocks
  236. McDonalds No Email?
  237. Leon's Furniture
  238. T&T's Coupon Policy
  239. Please.. Educate me about Cash back..
  240. Hookbag is selling washing machine online ??!!
  241. Never get your skates sharpened at Canadian Tire
  242. Will Paypal cover me for this?
  243. NCIX no longer have secure login?
  244. Mother's Day Gift
  245. Costco Return policy
  246. Requiring Facebook friends for a deal Arghh!!
  247. cottage in the USA
  248. Toronto Flea Markets for Tools?
  249. Marks Work Warehouse Apr 9-28/2014 save $10 off $50 purchase coupon not working!!??!
  250. Price matching help?(Bestbuy/Futureshop/Staples)
  251. about futureshop gift card fraud & scam
  252. Any experience with ?
  253. Outlets shopping : Boston or Atlantic City
  254. Homedepot Behr paint rebate and new product release
  255. Mother's day gifting option
  256. Best furniture store for 1 BR Apartment
  257. Online shopping for every stuff -,,
  258. Proscription eyeglasses
  259. Has anyone ever refunded what they paid on a commercial invoice
  260. Future shop VIP day coming up?
  261. Official "CP/UPS/Puro/DHL/Fedex/Delivery Service" Thread
  262. Canada Post is my item stuck?
  263. lol
  264. Bell tv fibre
  265. ADIDAS (not shipped yet) !
  266. Canada Post - Mississuaga to Vancouver takes how long?
  267. Buying a mattress online w/o trying it
  268. Bb/fs psp?
  269. Apple Canada iPhone Recycling / Trade-in Program - DETAILS
  270. What is the cheapest method of shipping a t-shirt/singlet in Canada? price estimate?
  271. UPS USA to CANADA
  272. Kinek Point Service doesn't accept USPS ? Already ordered HELP
  273. Could someone please explain coupon terms?
  274. USPS tracking does not make sense!
  275. Hendrix Restaurant Equipment
  276. Affordable shaving razor
  277. Do I need the $200 BB Z10 as my back up phone?
  278. NCIX Microsoft Hardware sale - up to or over 50%
  279. Does Canada Post move around mail on Easter?
  280. Acer Repair Contact Number
  281. Oakley Sunglasses up to 90% off ?
  282. Costco and other stores special price codes - interesting article online
  283. why unlimited internet
  284. Wost The Bay Experience ever
  285. Does Maxi, Metro or Loblaws price match smaller stores?
  286. Where can I find this Light Bulb in the GTA?
  287. Costco return policy on mattresses
  288. Returning process to Direct Canada / NCIX
  289. Shipping method from Henry's camera?
  290. Best place to buy mobility equipment for a disabled person
  291. Canada Post Holding Parcels?
  292. Having no cell contract better?
  293. FYI: Starbucks card exchange rate
  294. Shipping from US to Canada
  295. Shoppers Drug Mart Acer 16GB Quadcore tablet
  296. TV Repair
  297. Is this normal for refund process?
  298. Canadian tire - pricematching with coupon combo
  299. How much duties and taxes at the border if exceeding the exemption permitted
  300. newTVpad iplayer3 buyer BEWARE
  301. Canada Post and Disposal of Parcel Issue
  302. Ncix RMA
  303. Do NOT buy from
  304. super dry japan
  305. Ebay seller lists location in US but shipped from China?
  306. Contact lenses
  307. FS PM Policy
  308. Hair cuts in Winnipeg?
  309. This is a case of
  310. Looking for a US/Canada Gift Card Solution
  311. Smoke/CO Alarm, cross border
  312. Going to the States and Need a Subwoofer
  313. Google Glass for $1,500 on April 15th
  314. Help alcohol drinkers in Alberta--price checks
  315. Staples about to be OOS on stores
  316. Need help choosing cologne that smells like Wolfthorn stick deodorant
  317. Explain eBay To Me, Pls
  318. Canada Post Xpresspost question
  319. Movie Posters and Frames
  320. Come on Microsoft Store Customer Support Proofreading Team...
  321. orders cancelled to USA mailing address.
  322. Looking for cheapest netflix
  323. refunds on defective items??
  325. Syracuse Hotel Deals?
  326. EGO weed trimmer - Homedepot
  327. Which one is better, Jamieson or GNC?
  328. Are there garbage pick-up/disposal companies in Toronto?
  329. Any unlimited wireless plans for $15-$20 ?
  330. Why is Jamieson's product always covered with white powder/dirt?
  331. Someone tell me what makes the Hudson Bay so special to justify their rip off prices
  332. Snagged a great deal (BT earbuds) because of wrong product placement
  333. is canada post customs duty/tax fees payable cash/debit only? no credit card? thank
  334. Trade In Deal on Canon T5I
  335. Monogramming Services
  336. make your own custom puzzles?
  337. Funny Walmart Warranty Experience
  338. Is the Samsung Gear Fit really worth $219.99???!
  339. NCIX - Slow Order Processing for Sale Items / Not In Stock
  340. Staples Order: What does Out for Delivery mean to you?
  341. RCSS erroneously charged BC PST on laxative
  342. The Liquidator
  343. Beware of CRG Mystery shopping
  344. Futureshop/Bestbuy flyers next week?
  345. Trouble ordering from Marks
  346. Price match Home depot with Rona 15% off this Sat on an appliance
  347. Shoppers Drug Mart Tablet selection
  348. Good US shipping/mailbox address service!
  349. Amazon not standing by return policy
  350. Router choose suggestion
  351. Bhell Hell. Worst company ever
  352. Bell Canada Hardware Upgrade
  353. Bell Internet goes up $5 starting June 1st
  354. Costco now serving Pepsi in Canada
  355. Returning item in different province?
  356. Using sony points to make partial purchase in a non-sony store
  357. Futureshop Unethical practices to Pricematching policy
  358. down?
  359. Which New limited 3ds xl looks better and would you buy
  360. please delete
  361. Toshiba US deal for $380 vs. Acer deal $480? Can't decide
  363. Bestbuy price matching info needed
  364. Any good lower price studio microphone suggestion?
  365. Will Walmart take back an opened package?
  366. Purolator tracking, what does this mean?
  367. legit?
  368. Upright vacuum under $500 for carpets
  369. pls help to recommend a electric stove
  370. Fieldgate homes UpperUnionville Upgrade
  371. how do you keep your receipts
  372. Best time of year to buy Desktop or Desktop components?
  373. Sobeys ending Safeway club card program.
  374. CBC Radio's program Under The Influence: "Tales of Customer Service"
  375. The main reason why Best buy is better than Future Shop
  376. Unlucky fedex employee
  377. Selling brand new ps4 on kijiji
  378. Can Biovea ship Lithium Orotate to Canada legally ?!
  379. Grocery Price comparisons
  380. When a Warranty is Not Really a Warranty
  381. Will you buy a deep discounted item that you MAY not use later?
  382. Henckels knife set/block for 69.95$ (~66% off)... Good deal?
  383. When to buy at Costco - a guide to their pricing
  384. "Deals" vs. your time... where do YOU draw the line?
  385. Nespresso shopping portal?
  386. Safeway is discontinuing it loyalty card program
  387. How do you get refund for duties paid to DHL
  388. Anyone got a lead on where to get the Metal Gear Solid Legacy Collection?
  389. Has anyone ever purchased furniture from
  390. How often does staples have thier 10% off coupon?
  391. Fitbit Flex Wristband, what do you think ?
  392. SDM: reaching biggest potential discount
  393. The Bay price adjustment - grrrr
  394. Vuugo online Store
  395. Question about the 3D filament
  396. Restaurants that automatically puts tip on bill
  397. Why do you buy things?
  398. Some help needed with La z boy furniture.
  399. Canadian Tire Home Services ... scam?
  400. Sears mattress 365 day sleep guarantee experiences
  401. Frank and Oak - Headsup
  402. USA Buffalo area mailbox
  403. Giving yourself a deal on groceries at the self-checkout
  404. Shoppers Drug Mart Personalized Coupon Policy
  405. need to order something from the states with an american credit card and address
  406. $0 Rogers iPhone 5s 16GB @ FutureShop
  407. Duties and Taxes on Warranty replacement items
  408. who pays for item returned when shipped by canada post?
  409. $100.00 Xenium Series W100 Projector Screen
  410. question: Is there a way to determine if a seller charges sales tax?
  411. Home Depot, lowes, Rona flyers for week of April 5
  412. Best Customer Service EVER!
  413. Is this person trying to scam me? (kijiji)
  414. Gift cards & promotional codes for Amazon?
  415. No more returns on headphones? Futureshop and BestBuy
  416. Warnings-Excessive Fees with Prepaid Mastercards !!
  417. Staples Next Day delivery?
  418. More bad customer service
  419. HEPA air purifier
  420. delete thread
  421. printer return policy
  422. Canadian rip-off, cross border prices better
  423. Buy burial plots off Kijiji?
  424. How to arrange pickup from Newegg Mississauga storage?
  425. Free Gift with Telus Bundle?
  426. Amazon Cancelled my Order Because of their Price Error
  427. What are the eBay address for Staples, theSource, etc. for its refurbished goods?
  428. [Merged] Loblaws plans to buy Shoppers Drug Mart
  429. Help,I've paid internet of Acanac, but they're going to stop the service
  430. HD - Home Depot discount and building material
  431. How to tell if everything is brand new?
  432. Buffalo Shopping Tips/Gems?
  433. Why Canadian companies do not follow customer services properly?
  434. where can i buy a high quality pair of glasses near downtown?
  435. Scam or not?
  436. solved
  437. Is Sony Alpha NEX3NLB a good deal for making video?
  438. Close
  439. UPS = lack of update scans?!
  440. Where To Get US Currency For Trip To China
  441. EarthWise Snow Throwers
  442. shopping for a new gas stove
  443. Items not as described = Buy pays shipping?
  444. is it new policy from UPS/ Canada Post to do this?
  445. GTA area mystery shoppers needed
  446. Crossing the border to ship something !?
  447. New Vietnamese-Chinese Supermarket @ Jane St Is Incompetent
  448. Customer Loyalty
  449. Purchasing Loose Diamond Importing to Toronto, Canada
  450. Where to go to set a loose diamond and buy setting?
  451. Staples pricematching memoryexpress
  452. Best mail forwarding service - US --> Canada
  453. Uinlimited US calling plans (no contract) or App with canadian number
  454. Canadian Tire cancels online order after 3 days. No compensation offered
  455. where can i buy Huawei X3?
  456. BestBuy Online Order - Insanely Frustrating Experience - Still unresolved
  457. Eye glasses prescriptions different from contact lens prescriptions?
  458. shipping TO the US from Canada
  459. Beware open box items. Best Buy tried to screw me
  460. *Help: does anyone know detail for this promo
  461. Need views and feedback on price match denial
  462. Never buy anything from Aliexpress, full of scams
  463. Quiznos prepares to file for bankruptcy protection
  464. old $15 monthly unlimited Wind Mobile voice plan
  465. Custom Shirts? Singles?
  466. Costco return policy question
  467. Big screen tv box and a midsize sedan
  468. Cant Transfer Optimum Points? anyone else same problem?
  469. Class Action rebates
  470. Safety 1st Complete Air(TM) 65LX/SE car seat for $139
  471. Apple store discussion and experiences
  472. Single Source Suckers
  473. "Premium" home toolset
  474. Does Costco fill prescriptions for pets?
  475. Safety Deposit box - CIBC North Brampton
  476. Question about Paypal
  477. Is this a good bbq grill at this price?
  478. Raymond Page Hockey Lithographs?
  479. - email addresses used for coupons are now receiving spam!
  480. Combining Best Buy E-Gift Cards
  481. eBay.
  482. Buy it for life quality boots, where to buy (and find a good deal)?
  483. Never use cik telecom - worse internet provider (liars)
  484. Prime Misleading Advertising - Sharing Account
  485. Canada post and customs!!
  486. is aliexpress safe to puchase from
  487. Ben Moss Jewelers - BEWARE!
  488. - shipping pre-orders questing
  489. Does Rexall price-match?
  490. FS - What is the general discount for an open box camera?
  491. Cloud Toronto : has anybody ever bought anything from them?
  492. New Building Near Best Buy & Superstore (Scarb)?
  493. WalMart USA accepting VideoGame trade ins
  494. Walmart policies optimal for expensive electronics?
  495. Future Shop PM Policy on Limited Quantity Items
  496. Flyer decomposer -- grocery shopping
  497. Fabric stores on queen street?
  498. Futureshop wouldn't accept my LA Noire bought at EB Games....why?
  499. Porting Number OUT from Speakout Wireless
  500. Does Dell charge re-stocking fee or not?
  501. why big companies dont use social media for customer services
  502. Shaw Price Increase AGAIN March 2014
  503. What are the upcoming 2014 Tax Free Events in Ontario?
  504. What are these credit cards called?
  505. Buying loose diamond on
  506. HOT or NOT? Toshiba 58L9300UC 58-in. 3D* 4K LED Ultra HDTV**
  507. Here is a letter I wrote to Shoppers. World War 3 Shoppers Edition
  508. Best affordable printer
  509. Will survive?
  510. iTunes discount reduction thread discussion (was 20% off now 15%)
  511. The Canadian-only Samsung TVs... Model name with "AFXZC" ??
  512. UPS "Bond" Fee
  513. Calling Cards to the UAE (dubai & Abu Dhabi)?
  514. Walmart Great Value - Warranty question? (CFL Lightbulbs)
  515. ASUS MeMO HD Pad 7" 16GB Android 4.2 Tablet for $141.64 on BB? Is it worth it ?
  516. Best time to buy a BBQ?
  517. Costco Exchange policy question: should I just buy a new one and return the bad one
  518. Made an online purchase on Feb 7th, haven't received item yet?
  519. The Bay Downtown refused to accept my 3 pennies in bill payment
  520. PMing at BB, how long does it take to receive?
  521. Pricematch on cellphone screen BB/FS
  522. Mexx Connect: points program ending March 17, 2014
  523. Price matching a Sofa?
  524. Credit card purchases
  525. DX Customer service...
  526. Turbotax: Will price go down anymore?
  527. Cheap VideoGames
  528. Which of 2 TV's has better resale?
  529. Art / Oil Paintings Store (Imports from China) ?
  530. royalty custom service is nothing but balabala
  531. Pay less on GAS with GasBuddy!
  532. ordering from not .ca ... is it possible?
  533. Where can I get the cheapest DIABLO 3 ROS deal ??
  534. USA vs Canada Prices
  535. Help deciding on a Vitamix
  536. Order Froze... Pickle Juice Everywhere
  537. UPS sent invoice to my house didn't charge CC, what to do?
  538. Is it cheap buying from Japan
  539. A Groupon merchant is harassing me
  540. Who has the best internet package in Winnipeg?
  541. Has anyone ordered from before?
  542. I'm going to cancel my cable, any tips/suggestions or help would be appreciated
  543. Canadian Tire shopping is online now! (In-store pickup)
  544. FutureShop & Best Buy - Same Organization???
  545. How is Samyang Lenses?
  546. Future Shop "OEM" definition for price match
  547. What Are Your "Go To" Review Sites?
  548. Crabtree & Evelyn Canada Online Shopping Experience
  549. Any one have any comments about Spence Diamonds?
  550. Buying cigarettes online in Canada
  551. The Bay fined $32,510 for fake discounts in Quebec
  552. Closed
  553. The latest scam happening at FS/BB retailers right now
  554. Does Costco accepts non-Costco coupons?
  555. BDG [Urban Outfitters] vs American Apparel?
  556. Advice on Baby Strollers,Carseat and crib buy from US
  557. Tim Horton's Roll Up the Rim *HAS x2 RIMS* to roll
  558. L'Oreal Spring 2012 Sale in T.O- Whose going?
  559. Futureshop $80/$100 computer PRE-SETUP FEE "SCAM"
  560. Recommend tool to track your sleeping pattern ?
  561. Cable TV Option (for Sportsnet)
  562. Subscribe & save Beta launched
  563. What's the reason that American Express is the only credit card Costco accepts?
  564. Border crossing shopping tips?
  565. SDM 20x event + redeem?
  566. Gift card expired before the expiry day
  567. How is mobilicity service?
  568. PC Plus and SDM Optimum Combine?
  569. Costco Cash Card non-member experience
  570. Spending With Impunity or Without Remorse?
  572. What import fee can I expect when buying on in canada?
  573. What External Hard Drive is this?!
  574. Roam Mobility Coupons
  575. guidance on using data only SIM in iPhone 4
  576. Where to get coin batteries (real ones) at a decent price?
  577. Can I take a legal action against the sender in US from Canada?
  578. Another blow to competition in the eyeglasses market :(
  579.'s Lifetime Warranty - Full refund after 4 years
  580. Down???
  581. UPS "Package data processed by brokerage"
  582. Amazon Smile
  583. Penny Rounding
  584. Rounding up for Interac/VISA purchases?
  585. Shoppers drug mart Exchange Policy
  586. Fraudulent charge on my CC by PayPal! (help please!)
  587. How to be taken seriously when you complain
  588. Filler items on Amazon, any lately?
  589. Home Appliances
  590. Air Canada vs. British Airways?
  591. Question about shipping from US to Canada
  592. can I use any phone for pay as you go?
  593. Lowes - Signed up for 10% email newsletter but never receive it!
  594. Best Buy Price Match Policy not even worth the ink its printed on
  595. Where to buy chevron gift wrapping paper?
  596. How can you shop smarter these days?
  597. Do pennies work in coin counting machines?
  598. Peace Arch Shipping
  599. Princess Auto Web Prices vs In-Store
  600. More Lululemon controversy - banning customers
  601. Range Over Suggestion
  602. Rogers Cable PVR SLOW! Any other options?
  603. Does anyone know a good leather or jacket repair place?
  604. Buying espresso machine
  605. FoodBasics General Mills cereal $1.44
  606. Memory Express CHEATING??
  607. Shipment from China taking longer than usual?
  608. Best budget wireless router?
  609. PM at RCSS or Walmart (from No Frills)
  610. FitBit Force RECALL
  611. Are Shoppers Drug Mart weekly coupons one time use only?
  612. How do you carry all those cards?
  613. Buying memory card (eBay vs retail)
  614. ECCO FCP store doesn't allow me to return!!!
  615. Credit Card charge after Best Buy Price Matching
  616. Getting refund from CBSA for taxes (returning item)?
  617. NCIX Meet & Greet with Bobby Ryan & Toronto Grand Opening
  618. Microsoft store 15z $399.00 Boxing Day backorder policy
  619. Forced to buy product and no refunds
  620. Remember that hot Dec deal on Adidas D Rose 3.5 shoes? Returned, but no refund.
  621. BBM (Canadian Version of Nielsen ratings) Experiences?
  622. Worst online shopping experience on
  623. Why target does not accept AMEX?
  624. Telus Internet up $5
  625. Question about taxes/duties
  626. How to buy used iphone/ipad safely info
  627. Canada Post "out for delivery" for 12 hours?
  628. USPS tracking hasn't updated in 5 days
  629. Computer at BestBuy $999, At FS $850..Wth?
  630. Did anyone receive 55" 3D LED Smart TV from NCIX booked during Boxing day?
  631. Costco payment policy?
  632. Can I get warranty/replacement for this?
  633. PC Plus points with PC Mastercard
  634. overcharged tax on BC car seat purchase
  635. good cheap action camera for riding, any recommend?
  636. customs/duties to Canada?
  637. Fedex customs duties on "No Commercial Value Sample"?
  638. Suggestion on buying a car deal
  639. online prescription mail order
  640. Need a new lawn mower - is this one decent?
  641. Which model to pick for a portable dishwasher?
  642. Anyone had experience returning furniture to walmart via delivery
  643. I'm disappointed with Canada Post Delivery Service
  644. [Merged] Group Buy websites.
  645. Using French coupons
  646. Best way to pay a friend online?
  647. how does SCOP work?
  648. Package stuck at customs? What to do?
  649. Shipping from the overseas (UK/Australia)
  650. Where To Buy Portable DVD Player For Under $60?
  651. Costco True Earnings Amex card - restaurants
  652. Asus GTX 770 DirectCU II
  653. 6pm
  654. Sears Kenmore USA warranty honored in Canada?
  655. Shoppers Drug Mart Mega Redemption
  656. Cancelling Koodo Tab - How Much Would I Owe?
  657. Etsy
  658. Does Anyone Know if Sporting Life Price Matches???
  659. Had A Fight With A Best Buy Cashier Today
  660. Does LL Bean ever offer more than 10% discount online?
  661. Best prepaid creditcard option for online shopping
  662. Official Brokerage Fees Rage Thread. UPS FEDEX DHL PUROLATOR Etc
  663. Finding a store.
  664. -
  665. Anyone have an Email address to send McDs a Complaint
  666. Best time to purchase from
  667. Anyone noticed that No Frills raised prices?
  668. Is kaput?
  669. Closed
  670. bestbuy Online purchased Canada PosT issue
  671. DHL 180$ fee 4 month later
  672. Money Mart's Prepaid Visa
  673. Mail in Rebate comedy in Tiger Direct and etc... Rabais postaux..une vrai joke
  674. CP: Item at Undeliverable Mail Office for two weeks, no progress
  675. vizio products? soundbars USa to canada?
  676. Please help me! I NEED a Vitamix!
  677. US RMA shipping
  678. Bauer 9900 Hockey Helmet
  679. How long for small item from hong kong?
  680. Shopping for a Sofa & media console
  681. VOIP Service Question! Help!
  682. Amazon/Chapters Online Gift Codes
  683. Do any cable companies offer a few channels only?
  684. Selection for plastic shoe mats (keep floor dry) - where to look?
  685. Buying Concert Tickets off Kijiji - Concerns
  686. Oral B $20 Rebate PrePaid Mastercard Different Amount
  687. channeladvisor
  688. My HORRIBLE expereince with Samsung (advise needed)
  689. Is Canada Post Supposed to Attempt Delivery of Packages to Your Home?
  690. Some Next Gen games from EB games now $64.99
  691. Where can you fax for a reasonable price?
  692. Does CAA have retention deals?
  693. [BB] Swiss Gear Luggage, will you recommend it?
  694. Best and cheap E liquid juice in town *SPAM WEBSITE*
  695. Custom fees on receipt $0?
  696. Teck-Deals. Is this a scam?
  697. Bought demo Ebike scooter for half price from Daymak, is that a mistake?
  698. Shopping in the USA
  699. Is PC Village good to deal with
  700. Happy with my Forgali Furniture
  701. Point Your iPhone at Something You Like, and Amazon’s New App Buys It
  702. Bad Boy furniture free Las Vegas for 2?
  703. Post your product and price DEAL you're waiting for...
  704. deals for Valentine cards for kids to give out in school?
  705. Need a really nice suit!
  706. Thoughts on buying jewelery at Costco
  707. Any problems contacting Ekobrew?
  708. Does thesource store accepts coupons
  709. Zazeen IPTV experiences
  710. Futureshop/BestBuy Trade movies for games?
  711. Futureshop service horrrible!
  712. Wholesale Bags and Blank T-Shirts
  713. AGYP - Argos Gym Yellow Plate
  714. Bell Aliant Charge (49.95) for adding a receiver
  715. Do they still have employees working at bestdirect?
  716. Staples Clearance Inventory - YMMV
  717. How long has NCIX been this horrible?
  718. Deal Question
  719. HDMI 2.0 or HDMI 1.4 ?? Is it matter ?
  720. How to select best gift for valentine
  721. BestBuy price drop policy after purchase?
  722. Mailing A Gift from U.S. to Canada
  723. anyone bought from there...cell phone
  724. Best Buy and FS cut 950 jobs nationwide
  725. How to submit a Visa claim for online item?
  726. PC Plus Program and PC WMC Points Questions
  727. Hot?Nobis jackets on sale?
  728. Costco spring/summer coupon booklet
  729. Is a Canadian Costco membership good in the U.S.?
  730. Where to buy loose diamonds?
  731. Anyone has free shipping code for Henry's or Canada Computers?
  732. Buying eyedrops,
  733. Walmart missing assembly parts ?
  734. Costco and Price Reduction policy question???
  735. Kudos goes to my Dominoes pizza store!
  736. Bestbuy & Futureshop Warranty Protection Plan Question...
  737. The Source - XBOX ONE RETURN POLICY
  738. PQ - reputable etailer???
  739. Anyone buy a TV from
  740. CapitalTickets Ticket Fee
  741. Canada Post lost my package from eBay
  742. Shipping from the US to Canada
  743. costco rebates (excutive accounts)
  744. Order Pizza From Oakvlle,On And Delivered In Ottawa?
  745. Beware of buying with Dealfind
  746. EMS Shipping from China
  747. What is the internal process at Best Buy for price matching online orders?
  748. Don't buy anything from
  749. Philips In-Ear Headphones for $7.44, is that okay to buy ?
  750. cell phone contract cancellation when switching from Rogers to Fido (Ontario)
  751. got lots of BB/FS gift cards, what to do with them?
  752. Buying an item only available in States
  753. how to search baby product online shoping ? do they have quality products?
  754. What do you buy from
  755. codes expired even when in account
  756. lenovo ideapad flex15 core i7 worth it?
  757. [TheSource] In-store Clearance List
  758. Need a new watch battery
  759. Wifi Hotspot and Smartphones
  760. quit cigarette
  761. CBC article: refunds from retailers
  762. Breaking Bad: The Complete Series - $24.99?!
  763. small collar white T-shirt
  764. Costco Pricing Code - Primer
  765. Anyone buy from
  766. Paypal account hacked.
  767. Home Theatre sales for super-bowl?
  768. Wifi router recommendations ? ASUS RT-N56U vs Netgear wrn-4300
  769. Walmart - Store 3008 - Lougheed Mall, Burnaby
  770. Any decent flower places that deliver for Valentine's day?
  771. Staples - Can't Login
  772. Costco opens at dixie rd and dundas? [Mississauga]
  773. Do you guys write angry letter?
  774. Terrible experience ordering from WOULD NOT RECOMMEND.
  775. What happened to fs/bb trade 1/2 deals?
  776. Anyone Losing MBNA MC Statements in Mail?
  777. Small mom and pop retailers vs large retailers: Which do you prefer and why?
  778. Beware: CashBack Research is a scam!
  779. Anyone got their PayPal %5 Cash Back from Nov.26 - Dec. 3 promo?
  780. A.S.R. Furniture House Inc @ Scarborough - Scary
  781. NCIX call waiting music is so depressing still hearing it a week later
  782. PCPlus Website Down?
  783. Reebee app
  784. Possible sale or auction in store for Sears Canada: Report
  785. Major change to Petro-Canada carwash
  786. share a code with me...?
  787. If I buy a Hardrive from the US, does the manufacturer's warranty work in Canada?
  788. Typical "sales" period/seasons for electronics/computers/etc. in a year?
  789. Anyone used or DHL/Globalmail before?
  790. Launched World’s Largest Collection Of Toys For Kids
  791. Does BB/FS do Pre order deposits?
  792. What to Buy for $10.72?
  793. Better cpu or ssd hd?
  794. U.S. Bestbuy Gift Cards in Canada?
  795. Warranty for my AKG K142HD headphones not being honoured?!
  796. Peanut Butter & Co. Now available at!
  797. shipping to Canada
  798. Has anyone purchased on
  799. [Vancouver] Cheapest prices for Groceries. Where do you buy ____?
  800. Walmart Issues checking out
  801. Bananarepublic return policy
  802. Failing Canadian Dollar; Prices are Rising
  804. crystal buffet for sale only $275,000
  805. Wolco's 1.44 days, memorable or not & why?
  806. Ordering from
  807. Purchase Limit US-Canada Border
  808. U.S. site doesn't ship to Canada, what is best option for me?
  809. Bellingham shopping report
  810. Visa extended warranty
  811. View USA prices in CANADA
  812. Can I return opened headphones to and do they have Price Protection
  813. UPS delivery? signature required?
  814. 2 year cellphone contract questions
  815. How can I buy stuff from a site that only ships to the US
  816. Tax & Duty Free (Pearson Airport)
  817. Factory Direct Extended Warranties
  818. Canada Post - Item transferred to Post Office being prepared for pickup?
  819. MS Store Return Policy?
  820. Has anyone received credit for referring someone to
  821. Online Shopping
  822. credit check
  823. ebates dot ca...using gift cards = no cash back
  824. PC Tassimo Medium Roast Gourmet
  825. Futureshop - Customer Service Incompentence
  826. Need to get BF4 Premium Key using Prepaid Credit Card
  827. Did change their price matching practice? If so, it stinks...
  828. and their boxing day articles that never existed!
  829. Did Facebook Account Get Hacked or Has Their Rep Lost It?
  830. Canada Post Backlog After New Years?
  831. Got hit by basketball while shopping
  832. Can someone in Mississauga Ontario ship me an item?
  833. Baton Rouge overcharging
  834. Armani Exchange Scam?! Beware.
  835. Codes
  836. Very rude and mean sales people SAVE ME LOTS of MONEY
  837. Werid question: where can i get a Raptors' jersey?....
  838. Please delete.
  839. Anyone know where I can find a Carmelo T-shirt?
  840. Where to buy reasonable price santizer refills?
  841. NCIX Early Aprils fools joke
  842. Does costco still sell the WD-Live?
  843. Lithium Orotate Shipped Into Canada?
  844. Looking for a canon dslr cam
  845. Iphone whole sale
  846. Futureshop Price Match Without Receipt??
  847. Sony sold me and several thousands of other people around the world faulty laptops.
  848. starbucks coffee valid until question ?
  849. $104.49 on 3-4 Person Three-Way 4-Season Pop-up Tent, Worth it?
  850. Looking for a good mattress
  851. What should I do SHOP.CA Refund
  852. What are some hot ebay deals (Buy it now) you've found?
  853. Heath Canada: Canadian Government Product Recall Website
  854. "Warranty-match" at futureshop?
  855. Rogers plans
  856. If an item is $1 less, would home depot/lowes still price match?
  857. stay away these online shop using Purolator
  858. Recall on Garrison Heater from canadian tire pre- 2013
  859. costco membership: which one i should take
  860. Paypal 5% Cashback Promotion?
  861. Where to get Joes Racing 32307 (0-60) PSI Tire Pressure Gauge in GTA - Toronto?
  862. FedEx: $150 customs and duties on $330 US worth of items
  863. ebay...won auction ,,now seller changed price
  864. Sales tax question
  865. PIN Keypads
  866. Do Roomba's ever go on sale at Costco traditionally?
  867. FS/BB/Staples - Clearance Items - Extra $$ off?
  868. is reliable?
  869. Deal Extreme is a Scam?
  870. soon we can buy online
  871. Does amazon use canada post for one day shippimg?
  872. Scene Card Questions
  873. Credit card fraud. But ships product to my house?
  874. keep in mind when you use paypal
  875. How often is Michael's 50% off coupon?
  876. What's with Canada Post's incompetence?
  877. What's is The Longest Delivery Time You can Burden From
  878. Looking for a cd boombox that a 4 yr old can use
  879. costco wholesale rewards check have expiration or not?
  880. Dumb UPS
  881. Why did Walmart stop selling allergy sinus medication?
  882. BMO - Winter Wonderland Airmiles Promo
  883. NMicroVIP Feedback
  884. Ordering a TV from Sony's website and eco-fees
  885. Salt
  886. Tracking Number that starts with "SNX"
  887. Is Pacific Mall all its hyped up to be when it comes to tech deals?
  888. Signing up with Shoppers Optimum?
  889. At what point do you declare a package lost?
  890. Sears delivery truck breaks down..rescheduling me after a week..should I make a fuss?
  891. Great Sony Customer Service!
  892. Where can I find loose herbs for tea in Toronto/Scarborough?
  893. Where to buy these chocolates?
  894. Brick wants customers to refund it for website discount error
  895. Number for head office best buy? (getting no where with customer service)
  896. nmicrovip - anyone bought refurb laptop from there before?
  897. costco blacklisted my account?
  898. HP Pavilion 10.1" Touchscreen Laptop selling for $301.64 at BB
  899. Bell-Check your bull for "Extra Directory Listing $3.10"
  900. Professional hair care products?
  901. Problem with NCIX pickup order
  902. Dell restocking fee
  903. Canada Post says delivered but not?
  904. after sales support or lack thereof
  905. Online cash back shopping
  906. Buying Baby furniture online from Bestbuy or FutureShop? Feedback
  907. auto/home insurance broker needed
  908. Bestbuy/futureshop trade in TV?
  909. Meelectronic warranty
  910. purchasing 2 costco cards online?
  911. Does UPS (and others) discourage you from ordering from Amazon/other online retailers
  912. Birch Run Outlets
  913. Chargeback question
  914. delivery/shipping delays
  915. refund
  916. How to return a Lexar bought from Walmart online?
  917. Disappointment with
  918. Petition against the Brick
  919. The Bay + Paypal - $30 Cash Back Question
  920. Best headphones for working in the office with co-workers
  921. Looking for One Sport Camera as Gift for Boyfriend
  922. Avoiding UPS on Amazon Orders
  923. NCIX - cancelling order before it shipped but paid in full with EBP
  924. Best Buy won't price match there own sale.
  925. Futureshop Order came with damaged packaging through Canada Post..
  926. Has anybody shopped at before?
  927. Target iPad storage size availability?
  928. return policy in shoppersdrugmart
  929. Memory Express: Hot Deals on Jan 3 - the day you can pricematch again
  930. Why eBay global shipping program use canpar instead of Canada post?
  931. Nike sneakers lost the color within months...
  932. What is better, lower rent and more disposable income or less disposable and better
  933. Where Can I Buy Take Out Containers
  934. Why Can't I Find Sunglasses For Under $15 Bucks
  935. Stores that ship to post office
  936. Free Super Saver Shipping questions
  937. Keurig online orders
  938. Target does not apply The Scanner Price Accuracy Voluntary Code
  939. Dissappointed with Tiger Direct and NCIX
  940. Futureshop online orders - When does the Return Period starts?
  941. Can anybody tell me what happened to Essentia mattress thread.....
  942. Factory Direct closed?
  943. Prescription Ray Ban Sunglasses?
  944. Bad Shopping Experience - Guess store at Yorkdale Mall
  945. Any deal on the 360 rotating Ipad Air case?
  946. The Brick trying to go back on online offer
  947. Samsung TV UN60F7050
  948. solved
  949. Returning Gifts?
  950. Deal on costco membership?
  951. Futureshop Washer and Dryer delivery and installation service?
  952. sharpening the knife
  953. How to contact Future Shop Head Office?
  954. The bay wont price match sears
  955. Good and affordable DNS service to access US Netflix?
  956. CanadaPost - customs back up presently? Mississauga depot
  957. Does Target price match Canada Computers.
  958. eBay merchant sold me expired goods
  959. Who pays to return a defective product to the company?
  960. SHOP.CA. PlayStation 3 12gb
  961. buying a tv online
  962. Flyer start date
  963. No T&T coupon on entertainment book this year in Vancouver?
  964. Jan/Feb 2014 New TV purchase???
  965. Word of warning when ordering via
  966. Questions about individual products should go in the appropriate category forum
  967. (Ncix).... complaint
  968. Simons Coming to Square One
  969. Toronto Premium Outlets Union Station Shuttle Bus Schedule - January
  970. Walmart Electric Toothbrush Return Policy?!
  971. How long does/should DHL Global Mail take?
  972. Ebay has mandatory Import charges now?
  973. getting hit by taxes importing with canada post?
  974. What Kind of Bad Experience will Make You Never Shop at A Website any more?
  975. Best price for glass bottled pop?
  976. When is a good time to buy Ski equipment
  977. rebates down to 5% cash back
  978. [Markham, ON] T&T Supermarket Holiday Hours
  979. Looking for plastic bags
  980. Scammed by
  981. Best (read: cheapest) places to buy everyday household items
  982. Shopping Channel $20 Savings Code
  983. Beware of Oyster meat from T&T supermarket.
  984. Looking for a decent monitor deal at $100
  985. canadiantire Mississauga salt in stock
  986. When does Staples holiday return period end?
  987. GTA: Marks Work Wearhouse clearance outlet
  988. Can you do grocery shopping on just $200 a month in Canada...
  989. Anyone else got Canadapost item delay due to the ice storm?
  990. Pandora retail store
  991. Good price on LG G2?
  992. Cheapest iphone 4 unlock?
  993. Microsoft Store Order "Automatically" canceled
  994. Where to get this percolator?
  995. - experience isn't good.
  996. online order wont be processed due to wrong pricing
  997. Planning To Fight Future Shop's Product Exchange Plan - Thoughts?
  998. Urgently need toddler sled / sleigh !
  999. Question about The North Face product / Sportchek
  1000. anyone bought anything from before