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  1. how do you deal with dell when they have out of stock items?
  2. W Series Walkman® MP3 Player $59.95 [US]
  3. Subway Overcharging for Combo Option
  4. Funny observation RE: Shoppers Drug Mart
  5. SEARS - TNT 18v drill - opinions pls.
  6. Information on Custom Player Name & Numbers on Soccer/Football Jerseys
  7. newegg.ca : bait and ...
  8. Super Cheap Electronics from ebusine
  9. Mabel's Labels for Easter Seals
  10. Fedex smartpost
  11. Anyone buy from 123inkcartridges.ca or inkjetsuperstore.com?
  12. Stores that do cash back
  13. WIND Mobile is officially the worst of all cell phone companies
  14. Rogers Unlimited Social Networking and Mobile Browsing Add-on
  15. recommendations needed please
  16. Best Buy charged BC HST on a Playstation Network card..
  17. HST @ A&W's and McDonalds' ????
  18. Wonderland - upgrading tickets to season pass?
  19. Memroy Express Coming To Vancouver: Aug/Sept 2010
  20. Rogers - Bundle Discount OWED
  21. Where to buy Kitchenaid refrigerator parts (GTA)?
  22. Returning Used Printer?
  23. Does SCOP apply to "scanning errors, incorrect codes keyed by cashier"
  24. Refurbished Xbox 360?
  25. Has anybody used FlyForLess for airplane tickets before?
  26. Canada Post "Guaranteed" delivery
  27. Bought used running shoes at Winners?
  28. Best Buy Printer Return Policy
  29. UPS = fail....to deliver
  30. Pricematching a bundle @ FS/BB?
  31. Costco Chair and Ottoman
  32. Brilliant Earth experiences - anyone?
  33. Seller made an error on my address - USPS delivery?
  34. Newegg.ca / UPS headache
  35. Question about Ebay
  36. Apple IPAD Purchase
  37. Making a price adjustment on a Dell.ca order?
  38. Wal-Mart Changes Return Policy (Must have receipt)
  39. Can gamestop (US) gift cards be used at EB games/gamestop Canada?
  40. "justcomeon.com" legit?
  41. Why does EB Games open their games and sell as brand new?
  42. New Proactiv
  43. where to buy new sewing machine
  44. My appreciation to RFD forum (and everyone involved) regarding my samsung CS post
  45. Company canceled my order, then when I placed new order charged wrong amount? advice
  46. Bewawa.com: Do they clearly label refurbished items?
  47. Shoppers Optimum Rewards Points - Review of Return
  48. giantwarehousesale a legitimate website?
  49. Locker rental
  50. Good Shopping Outlet in Vancouver?
  51. DSLR Camera + PSP 4 Year FS warranty
  52. Sportchek customer service
  53. Maple lodge factory outlet brampton
  54. Buying silver from local dealers in Toronto?
  55. Any July 4th deals that ship to Canada?
  56. Newegg coupons/discounts [Question]
  57. Store Reusable Bags
  58. Is "Electronicsforless.ca" a legit website?
  59. Can I convert Canadian Future Shop gift card to Best Buy US?
  60. FS Price Match Policy?
  61. Better Choice Bundles with Rogers/Fido turns into a scam
  62. Beware of "Free" Battery offers at Dell.ca
  63. HST... What a min what if I buy out of province?
  64. SDM - Shoppers Drug Mart is charging 5 cts per Bag starting July 1
  65. Walmart electronics return policy
  66. What's the cheapest packaged product you've seen people steal from a store?
  67. Telus return policy, urgent help
  68. Recommend a Rogers retail store in GVR.....
  69. I think I was charged HST before July 1st
  70. Canada Post Tracking
  71. Homesense 'Codes'?
  72. removed
  73. Hertz - Should I go ballistics?
  74. Washington State Sales Tax Exemption for BC residents halted by US Judge
  75. Customs fees - Urban Outfitters online?
  76. Sonystyle.ca dishonesty (VAIO related)
  77. NCIX return policy - product not as advertised.
  78. PCCyber is full of crap (ottawa)
  79. HST geographical chart
  80. HOT: Save 8% on GAS (Ontario)
  81. costco gas - wow
  82. Haggling at a B&M jewelery store for just an engagement setting
  83. Good alternative to Bell?
  84. HST GAS WARNING +$.08 Tommorow (ON)
  85. Comwave Modem
  86. how would HST effect computer purchase outside from living province
  87. Target coming to Canada?
  88. Turbo Aire Fan - Available at Costco in Calgary?
  89. Ontarioians beat the HST on gas
  90. Where are the Canada Day Sales/Flyers
  91. How low can people REALLY go?
  92. RBC Rewards Gift Certificates
  93. Any legal obligation to exchange/return defective items
  94. Wild Water Kingdom = Cesspool?
  95. Remember that Zellers Avatar DVD promo?
  96. Facing a problem with Teksavvy.
  97. husky gas $3 coupon until July 4
  98. Dell scam...
  99. Quan TV Appliances - immoral sales tactics and terrible attitude from the owner
  100. TNT Expedited/EMS Shipping = FedEx ground...
  101. Where would you buy a washer/dryer?
  102. Esso on the Run and Rogers PAYGO refills
  103. Wok suggestion for an occasional stir fry
  104. Wal-Mart Return Policy (any store)?
  105. Getting a refund after using pc points
  106. directcanada sent me an opened and wrong item
  107. About CRTC fees and Rogers deals.
  108. Duty/taxes on Made in USA home theatre furniture?
  109. Staples ship to store option?
  110. Online purchases outside of Ontario and BC
  111. Amazing Gas price 92.3
  112. Honest Answer: Is it worth it to buy clothes from the US?
  113. Price of everything from China to get expensive?
  114. Should I buy online or in-store?
  115. Tiger D scam?
  116. What is the best Garmin Nuvi GPS?
  117. RFD Thread of the year??
  118. Toys R Us returns
  119. Where to Buy Fireworks in Kitchener/Waterloo or Online in Canada?
  120. Rogers LIED about Internet special
  121. Shoppers Drug Mart Will charge for bags July 1
  122. How often do the Dell Ultrasharp IPS monitors go on sale?
  123. Empty 18.9L Bottled Water Bottles Returnable ?
  124. Does Failureshop price match UPDATE TV and STEREO?
  125. Where can I find Loreal Paris Color Rays bleach+dye in Ottawa?
  126. Staples B&M store PM policy
  127. scratched the lens on my oakleys.
  128. clothing retail stores and their quality
  129. Shipping from Costco.ca
  130. Redeemed my SDM points and had a refund
  131. Rapidshare changes a pricing model
  132. keurig.com and shipping/brokerage
  133. Sears price match? Will this work?
  134. Bell not honoring contract!
  135. The Brick warranty refund giftcard after 5 years
  136. Is there a way to refund gift card?
  137. Returning opened Sandisk 8GB microSDHC(Class 2) to Costco
  138. is environmental fee refundable if I return the monitor to Costco?
  139. BOYCOTT NCIX & file formal complaints!
  140. [Merged] ON only: Gas up before HST kicks in on July 1st (save 8%)
  141. Best Buy Member Zone coupons question
  142. buy.com -- do they ship out of Ontario?
  143. Costco - Did they change their policies on returns and price protection?
  144. lens suggestions for noob.
  145. Future Shop price matching question
  146. Dollarama Now Charging For Bags Outside Toronto
  147. Just a Fellow Warning for Futureshop RDFers
  148. Does Future Shop accept PM from Factory Direct?
  149. SDM selling PS3 and PSP merch
  150. online computer part purchase
  151. Received same item twice
  152. Mp3 (sony E344) dock (and/or charging station) with speakers
  153. Bell Internet billing
  154. Apps for ipads
  155. Costco Price Jumps?
  156. Worst experience from Dell Agent(s)
  157. Which Home Improvement Store - HomeDepot, Rona, Lowes?
  158. Chapters/Indigo Price Changes
  159. watertown ny grocery shopping good buys...?
  160. Apple Back to School Sale
  161. 0shippingzone.com hacked ?
  162. OCZ rebate card
  163. Copper buying shop
  164. Dell monitor shipping times?
  165. Laptop Problem
  166. Missed the Dell delivery, what happens if I don't pick up?
  167. Chinese and Indian Focus Group 2hrs= $150
  168. Apple Care Sucks
  169. Question on Best Buy and Future Shop return policy
  170. Question about free Rogers HD-box.
  171. Getting harassed by telemarketer. What can I do?
  172. Fido bill: GST + PST + HST ??
  173. Poor Dell "Day of Deals" - So disappointed!
  174. cannot order at popbuying.com
  175. Rant: LV OOS
  176. So how long has FS/BB policy been exchange only on cellphones?
  177. SportCheck Club Card - Spend $300, get a $25 GC
  178. 2001 Audio/Video
  179. Dentist office wants me to pay for seeing dentist, when I did not see one? advice?
  180. $200 baby item to get from Baby R Us or price match elsewhere
  181. Amazon.ca & HST
  182. Dollarama silicone egg rings
  183. Rogers charged me gst, pst AND hst!
  184. Zellers is scamming customers
  185. Wesley Maier Goldsmith's, Victoria, B.C.
  186. squaretrade type warranty in Canada for ebay.ca
  187. Has anyone bought anything at www.diygadget.com?
  188. Canada Post help... is my shipment delivered? Can I go get it?
  189. Help: IKEA Home Delivery Questions
  190. Annoyed with SportChek
  191. Dell Total Unatisfaction Policy [solved]
  192. Bissell CleanView II Replacement Parts
  193. Reader's Digest.
  194. Jano (warehouse sale) on cartright ave.
  195. Rogers returning $30million to 300,000 customers
  196. What are some other websites simliar to Maxsaver.net (Camera stuff)
  197. Canadian version of Jetpens?
  198. The best waterproof camera at Shoppers Drug Mart?
  199. Leons telling me I need a new CC
  200. Buying replacement cell phone online
  201. How much should I sell this laptop for?
  202. KitchenAid rebate frustrations!!
  203. Where can i complain on an SDM store/employee (shoppers drug mart)
  204. iPad: return or sell online?
  205. iPod touch warranty?
  206. How much would you pay for this cell plan?
  207. Cost to bring iPhone 4 from US
  208. Shaver returns to Wal Mart?
  209. Possibly looking to buy a backjoy
  210. Returning make-up?
  211. Diamond Ring - Need help with suggestions...
  212. FS and BB Price Match Guarantee Question
  213. Experiences with Primus Wireless?
  214. Which place to order from from B&H Photo or Abe's of maine
  215. Murale (beauty) is coming to West Edmonton Mall!!!
  216. [Merged] NCIX Markham coming July 2010
  217. Sale by Invitation only at Aritzia?
  218. Future Shop Xbox 360 Return Policy?
  219. Are there limits to cashback?
  220. Consumer Protection Act question (Qc, but other welcome to participate)
  221. Photocopy Your Receipt
  222. Buying from Apple.ca - Question
  223. Telus satelite TV
  224. In the grocery store, some should either **** or get off the pot!
  225. Leon's Scarborough helpful, Canadian Appliances disaster
  226. Purolator Downtown Toronto Pickup Location
  227. Scam in Progress?
  228. Good jewellers in New York
  229. Shoppers Drug Mart Points Redemption
  230. Is $18 a good price for a classic lemonade pitcher?
  231. LF good sportswear retailer in Montreal or online
  232. Ask An HST Expert!
  233. refund with newegg?
  234. UPS Rates for Customs Clearance Into Canada
  235. Best Place to buy a Flat-Screen TV
  236. Buying Applecare on Ebay
  237. % rebate sites
  238. Restaurant scam: Beware when eating out now
  239. can I cancel back ordered item from Ncix.com?
  240. Query about Telus Charging HST, PST and GST together
  241. iPhone for $99 - was rep telling the truth about plan?
  242. Telus... phone return for 3GS
  243. Network Supply Canada - Ottawa?
  244. Anyone ever deal with Canada Post (re: claims?)
  245. My Horror with Magellan GPS Service-Repair
  246. Staples.. anything to buy?
  247. Extended warranty from Newegg.ca doesn't cover products shipped outside of US!
  248. how to ship across the boarder?
  249. Magic Number - Unlimited out/incomming calls on Cell phone
  250. Is it worth getting a Shoppers Optimum Card?
  251. Will the Bay reprint receipt?
  252. RCSS tax-free events
  253. I hate you Bell Canada
  254. (for BC customer only?) NO HST in Washington on tangible goods
  255. No Frills
  256. Rogers Cable TV Rate Increase
  257. Mr Rebates referral -- first one to PM me gets the bonus!
  258. NCIX compromised?
  259. removed
  260. ownersclub.ca
  261. (recall)33,000 front-loading GE washing machines are an electrical and fire hazard
  262. canadapost lost my package..
  263. Cash On Delivery (COD) Question
  264. Costco Membership Spouse Card Question
  265. IKEA gift card for dining in cafe?
  266. Wtf.. Canada Post
  267. Deal Extreme Shipping Time to GTA?
  268. Nexus lane, rental car/truck, appliance shopping
  269. Getting an Airsoft gun imported
  270. Where is a good American shopping outlet close to Toronto?
  271. Am i going to get scrwed? [UPS shipment from USA]
  272. LOCK: Sportchek scartch & save coupon (sale over)
  273. CT: Bonus CB on gift cards until June 30
  274. how people shopping when live beside no tax province?
  275. Exotic / Luxury Car rentals in the GTA for wedding??
  276. What insurance companies accept Amex?
  277. Do you ask for free air?
  278. how did you pay in Costco
  279. EB games is such a rip off!
  280. Changes to The Gap's Sprize program
  281. New desktop computer...mdg? Dell?
  282. staple warranty buy out
  283. local hot 1 day deals web bulk purchase power
  284. Best cashback rebate site for ebay?
  285. Need help buying a fire-proof safe
  286. Asus Laptops....
  287. Staples coupon $20 off on $150+
  288. How much you bring back from US?
  289. someone stole the items from my package upon arrival from Canadapost
  290. I was Horrified at the pre-delivery charges ay BMW Here are the charges
  291. The Bay drops Browns Shoes
  292. Kohl's Stores might be coming to Canada!
  293. EMS shipping
  294. Future Price of iPhone 3GS
  295. Does NCIX deny price matches? If they do, do they inform you?
  296. Dell.ca shipping?
  297. Buying LCD TV after Fathers Day/World Cup?
  298. where did the bluenotes at 7 and weston move to?
  299. No Frills Now Price Matches
  300. Can Tire return experience
  301. DELL RETURN POLICY , 3 times asking for return slip they don't send it!?
  302. shoppers drug mart points
  303. RFD-ers Unite! Your best way in haggling
  304. That much disposable income ?
  305. Just another Brick furniture store warranty scam- ugh!
  306. staples sucks
  307. BC residents, exemption from Washington sales tax
  308. Sb800
  309. Return policy on TV /Futureshop/Bestbuy?
  310. Jewellery Stores In Mississauga
  311. credit card exchange rates
  312. Where do we go to report suspicious RETAILER debit /credit card activity?
  313. Optional Credit Card Service Added Without Consent
  314. List home will selling agent?
  315. Mail Forwarding service to Ottawa
  316. How can a canadian pickup a package in the US?
  317. MEC Return Policy
  318. Returning Joe Fresh items at different store
  319. Missed the UPS Delivery Driver...Now What?
  320. Price match question
  321. rant: Staples and its quantity limits
  322. is this correct??
  323. n00b questions about CostCo
  324. Bought some invisible shield at Bestbuy and FS and messed it up.
  325. Place to buy LCD mounts/arms
  326. Changes to SDM Optimum points
  327. Too good to be true, is this a scam?
  328. Your experience with on-line shopping from US on TV
  329. Credit Card Protection from Bad Business Practices
  330. World cup jersey
  331. Bike shop in GTA with good selection of kids bike accessories?
  332. Extreme rudeness at the american border.
  333. Denny's - free b-day entree per website, but Grand Slam Breakfast only @ restaurant
  334. Anybody uses "Groupon" or "WagJet" sites?
  335. How to PM BB or FS?
  336. The Bay is stopping their Bra Club
  337. Iphone without data plan.
  338. The Source - Clearance Greasemonkey Script
  339. Sears price match? Washer/Dyer
  340. Paypal/CC refund for revising my negative eBay feedback
  341. Memory Express is coming to Vancouver!
  342. Breaking down by type of items??
  343. What can be improved to improve sales in shoppers drug mart
  344. Package went to customs in Vancouver, not Mississauga?
  345. Curious about Customs in Canada
  346. NP Technologies in Markham, avoid their services
  347. Currency Exchange Rate Ripoff
  348. Restocking Fee question
  349. Telus roamingggg... please reply asap
  350. Modem Adapter Replacement
  351. My package is stuck at purolator
  352. Why do Shoppers Drug Mart doesn't offer Online purchase
  353. Custom Taxes Int Shipping?
  354. Direct Energy wants money to fix their own defect
  355. Best place to get contact lenses online/in the GTA?
  356. How does paying cash work (video games plus.ca)
  357. removed
  358. Best Buy's "Lowest Price Garanteed" for an Onkyo system.
  359. E-Box Store Richmond Hilll Opening Hours
  360. Everyone cheaping out on video cards?
  361. Airmiles redemption advice
  362. GVR - grocery store/gas station to buy car insurance?
  363. Sears bogus gift cards
  364. Using Aeroplan for Travel.. WTF?
  365. Real Canadian Superstore receipt: breaking down by type of items
  366. Will I have to Pay Any Customs Charges on this Shipment?
  367. Engagement Ring Shopping in Calgary
  368. Newegg exclusive - 1.5TB Caviar Black
  369. is there anything around $25 worth buying at Staples?
  370. Do stores install dishwashers?
  371. iPad availability in Canada: any stores sold out?
  372. Getting free flyers in Ottawa
  373. Where to buy online book
  374. Contact Lenses - Are optometrists overcharging?
  375. Alberta Gift Card Legislation Question
  376. prescription drugs cost vary from store to store?
  377. Gap Price Adjustment
  378. Any good Cell phone providers in GTA?
  379. Brag about the best deal you've ever got...
  380. Costco online return policy for non-members
  381. removed
  382. Futureshop delivery question
  383. Apple iTunes gift Cards can now be used to purchase Apps in Canada
  384. CT- Gas : Cannot purschase GC with CC = true?
  385. Customer service at Pier 1 Imports or repair options?
  386. How to use up/spend Shoppers Optimum points?
  387. Logitech RMA, return defective?
  388. Whats Staples HQ phone number
  389. USPS Tracking Hasn't Updated in 7 Days
  390. Returning computer via Mastercard, is it possible?
  391. Do pawn shops still take DVDs?
  392. ShopAdidas.ca Sale in Mid-May??
  393. FedEx express has expensive duty fees for international shipping
  394. Last Sharp LCD TV I ever buy
  395. Any recommended US TV retailers for Canadians to buy from? (like us-appliance.com
  396. Be careful if you don't buy the warranty at BBY, you're laptop will be kicked
  397. Budget Rent-A-Car Questions
  398. Coupons on RFD
  399. Hidden date info on snack-food item??
  400. Which ISP and TV service do you recommend for me?
  401. Buying on ebay -- FedEx, UPS or DHL? (no USPS available)
  402. Would Telus PM Wind Mobile?
  403. anyone received $10 esso gift card???
  404. The sunblock / sunscreen thread
  405. RANT: Dishonest service @ HDTV & Electronics (P-Mall & Times)
  406. Bestbuy canada now carries PC parts (mobo's; cpu's)
  407. What To Do When EB Steals a Game?
  408. Walmart opening in Richmond Hill
  409. Best Place to Finance an Entertainment Laptop?
  410. Price Matching, Com/Elec . . WHO? & HOW?
  411. Refusing UPS Package from US
  412. Keep away from a annoying operator so called "windmobile"
  413. Sears Gift Cards
  414. Bell land line price increase?
  415. CDN Tire "Price Match"
  416. How much time does Ncix take price matching?
  417. Sin Tat Hong Kong
  418. Any good ways to Xfer Credit to Stores?
  419. FutureShop really sucks balls...
  420. DSL modems
  421. Buying Japanese Cellphones
  422. does telus or fido PM plans?
  423. Toronto to Buffalo movers?
  424. Shipped Package Got Caught Through Customs Border Agency
  425. Deals in Montreal this weekend?? (May 22-24)
  426. Reliable places in Toronto to get a white gold ring rodium-plated?
  427. PCCyber and my lemon netbook
  428. EB's Game Trade Policy
  429. Anyone dealt with jeanybags.com before?
  430. Online stores that accept more than one credit cards for payment?
  431. How many delivery attempts does Purolator make?
  432. returning yoga mats - cdn tire, lululemon
  433. BB and FS price match
  434. Puma now accepts SPC Card (10% off regular items)
  435. Has anyone ordered a product from mcVoltBattery.com?
  436. Any good children's clothing warehouses in GTA?
  437. Bringing used Furniture from USA to Canada
  438. Best Buy and their phone skill...
  439. Bay Brokerage Inc as parcel receiving service in Buffalo
  440. Pac Mall: Tom Ford Sunglasses?
  441. Henry's Mississauga Location
  442. May 24 Firework Bargains
  443. PC-Canada.com Reviews?
  444. Greenlawn Unauthorized Work
  445. Anyone tried http://www.mobilemines.info/ ?
  446. Paypal screwed me *please help*
  447. Goodfoot question
  448. Problem with Canada Customs - Help wanted
  449. duties on tv
  450. Usps tracking : Do we get tracking when it is in Canada?
  451. BOGO return policy
  452. salvage / discount / reclaimed-freight grocery
  453. Laptops for less - Lakeshore
  454. Looking to buy Golf Clubs Online
  455. TRU (Markville) - Someone resealed PS3 game and returned it with blank CD - Resolved
  456. Have you been charged PST by Home Depot? And now Superstore? (BC only)
  457. Summer Night Market opens May 21 in Richmond
  458. Sears PM questions
  459. GREAT GLASSES - any opinions?
  460. team buys every day at midnite
  461. Is FutureShop PM policy equal everywhere?
  462. Best/Cheapest way to send a T-shirt to the USA?
  463. What Would YOU Do?
  464. Delete This Thread
  465. [Merged] Sony to sell PS3 and PSP and games at shoppers
  466. wre 2 buy: spices, yogurt in toronto
  467. Thieves at www.ecodrive.ca
  468. Problem with Fido.
  469. I have an iTunes balance, but when I make a purchase, my cc is billed.
  470. Business Cards - IN TORONTO
  471. amazon.CA question...
  472. Does Shoppers Drug Mart carry black Wii console now?
  473. Does Homedepot still offer 10% off moving discount?
  474. What is the rule when there is difference between listed price and scanned price
  475. Who decided to invent the Mcdonalds double drive thru?
  476. DHL Custom Brokerage invoice
  477. Fido Live Chat.
  478. Cowboom.com
  479. How to get to Fido Customer Service Rep ?
  480. What to bring back from the States? (headphone)
  481. HST - Eliminating Hidden Taxes
  482. Measured coffee cream dispenser
  483. Gamestop shipping
  484. Toronto: Golden Electronics Closes Store after 25 Years
  485. Solved
  486. Rumored new NCIX store
  487. canspace.ca cheap but no features, NOT recommended
  488. 123 Ink Cartridges sent old stock toner
  489. Stay away from Amazing Photo in Markham - Buyer Beware
  490. Small Businesses Really Do Love Dell!
  491. going to US- any good coupon sites?
  492. Haggling tips at Future Shop?
  493. Tigerdirect Instore Return Policy?
  494. Eleve ~ Canadian vs. American
  495. Where to Buy Higgns & Burke - Green Tea
  496. Taxes on a Sandwich in Ontario
  497. DELL made a mistake with laptop, asks me to pay for it
  498. Is Grove City worth the trip?
  499. My first ebay buy : Inquiry on custom charges
  500. aei internet services.
  501. Telus High Speed Price Increase, even with deal?
  502. Computer Hardware Scammers
  503. Warning: Unlimitel zeroing prepaid balance
  504. China <--> US cross shopping
  505. Is it advantageous to shop in Hong Kong?
  506. MCD: Hot water is subject to 10 cents charge?!
  507. Suggestions for buying a flat panel TV wall mount and other home theatre accessories.
  508. Staples coupon stackable ?
  509. Cheap groceries near Lawrence west subway station
  510. Viaddress: Please advise!!
  511. Would you pay money to takeover someone's wireless plan?
  512. Canada Computers opening in Orleans
  513. NEW Canada Computers Return Policy & Changes
  514. Buffalo shopping recommendations
  515. How do you bus from Scarborough to Dixie Outlet Mall?
  516. .
  517. Does rogers charge for minutes going from unlimited evenings into weekday?
  518. Tropicana Packaging Change??
  519. The big bad CRTC Approves New Bell Internet Billing Rates Increase
  520. Lenovo: no price protection
  521. (US) Anyone heard of, or used CSN Stores?
  522. Remind you of anyone?
  523. Clumsy Staples situation
  524. Thumbs Up For Philips Warranty
  525. wrist watch from usa
  526. Does a $40/month Goodlife membership have any resale value?
  527. Costco Coupon book?
  528. wheelsnext.com clearance
  529. Fedex Intl Priority from US - taxes?
  530. Wow.. a new standard in customer service response by Dove
  531. Amazon.com shipping question/taxes?
  532. Should I Buy A Refurbished HP Mini 110 From FS
  533. RONA Scratch-n-Save, May 22-23
  534. Terrible service from Memoryhouse.com
  535. EMS Shipping and Customs
  536. Vancouver, BC, Canada, has become a third world town
  537. Macbook Pro? does it mater where?
  538. Costco membership? gift card sign-up?
  539. superstition? Mercury Retrograde - do you let it stop you from shopping?
  540. resolved pls del thread
  541. Ontario HST: What's taxable vs. what's not
  542. City Telecom Broadband Phone
  543. Shipping Auto Parts From US With FedEx
  544. USPS Shipping to Canada lost Package???? URGENT
  545. Sears Catalogue Handling Fee
  546. Tigerdirect reputable?
  547. Futureshop Online no GST???
  548. Duties on car parts?
  549. Canadian Tire Sales Alerts
  550. Canada Post Locally Purchased Not International STILL SLOW!
  551. Would you buy something that's obviously a price error?
  552. Will Holt Renfrew have Friends and Family this year?
  553. $100,000 total Futureshop & BestBuy web site is still a joke..
  554. My Recent Future Shop Experience...
  555. Bye bye Shoppers Drug Mart
  556. Does the N97 really suck?
  557. Costco membership renewal
  558. Zissic.com - legit?
  559. Best online retailers for low value health & hygeine products?
  560. Online Service that store dell invoice
  561. Has anyone bought anything from Stylo furniture and mattress in mississauga?
  562. Furniture shopping in the States (close to Ottawa, Syracuse/Waterown?)
  563. Checking gift card balance on bestbuy.ca??
  564. An staple order disappeared. Is there anyone ordered on line at staples?
  565. Need HELP with Fido !
  567. GamesforCanada.com Package Forwarding Service US to Canada?
  568. Sears "scratch and save" event: clerks insist on phone number, address, ID...
  569. Has anyone ever heard of this company?
  570. How to Buy Tires in US and keep old tires
  571. Stores That Do Trade-Ins (Vancouver)
  572. Costco return policy.. now limited??
  573. PayPal issue (HELP!!!)
  574. Cheap Electronics Stores in Montreal
  575. Would you have gone ape****? Jumbo Computer bait and switch scam?
  576. EBgames Credit in the states?
  577. Does it worth to purchase textbooks online and ship to point roberts for pick up?
  578. Paypal Newbie - Please Help!
  579. Excluding certain products from SCOP?
  580. Windows License Refund
  581. HOT DEAL!! - Movie tickets and sporting events will be less after July 1st!
  582. TV Commercial Style
  583. Futureshop pricing policy
  584. first choice haircut
  585. Purchasing through Ebay, shipping to CBIusa.com or another type of USA address
  586. Japanese Shiki Futon in Toronto
  587. What happened to the Suzy Shier at the Eaton Centre?
  588. Huge Trade In Event @ BB isn't so huge afterall...
  589. How do I get out of a just energy contract?
  590. Save 8% on EVERYTHING* (Ontario only)
  591. Hola Sun. paid 0 + 0tax for trip to Cuba
  592. Good place for cheap nuts/bolts, hardware in Vancouver?
  593. Buying Walmart gift card from someone
  594. eBay Sucks!
  595. Life Insurance
  596. Shoppers Drug Mart and Rogers Shake Hands on Pilot Project
  597. Kitchenstuffplus.com
  598. power cord for kitchen appliance
  599. EB/GameStop @ York Mills Rd. & Leslie St. [Toronto]
  600. Leons: No money down = No, money down!
  601. Price Matching BB with Adencamera
  602. Retail outlet to purchase optical audio cable?
  603. No deal from Apple this year?
  604. Anyone have problems with Mason windows.
  605. Cross Border Shopping and NAFTA: Duty Free Brands Database
  606. SDM Vancouver that sells electronics
  607. Would you buy over the limit per customer?
  608. 40" Sony Z5100 for $879+$200 for 4 year warranty. Deal?
  609. Dealextreme, Focalprice,...Chinabuye.com???
  610. Cross Border Shopping in Niagara Falls / Buffalo Suggestions
  611. Chrysler Employee Choice Certificate
  612. University discounts?
  613. Document Shredder danger
  614. Lenovo power supply and Keyboard quality ... Is it me only?
  615. How to Obtain a Confirmed U.S. Address for a U.S. PayPal Account + U.S. BING Account
  616. Double orders..
  617. BlueNile vs Tiffany - Silver Jewellery
  618. [PS3] Unreal Tournament III Retail Dummy Disc
  619. Good gaming laptop?
  620. What Happens when you Confront store Security
  621. RBC BIC/SWIFT number
  622. Just got 360 back from Best Buy... and it's banned
  623. So what was your free gift from the Gamedeals sale?
  624. Readers Digest Sent Me a Bill...Why?
  625. Bad experience with Bestbuy replacement plan - what can I do ?
  626. Wrong future shop location showing up on credit card statement
  627. How carefully are self checkouts watched at RCSS?
  628. Can I mail stuff from US??
  629. Would you purposely make separate bills under $4?
  630. Grrrrrrrrrrrrr dairy queen!!!!!!!
  631. Cancelling order after "processing"?
  632. M&M Meat Shops
  633. Where to buy new Shaw HDPVR?
  634. NCIX sucks. BestDirect thumbs up!
  635. Dell day of deals question
  636. Customs brokerage on freight shipment
  637. Bestbuy.ca Returns Issue
  638. Warning : directcanada.com & ngear = no warranty
  639. canadian tire gift card at gas stations?
  640. Future Shop Price Protection - does it apply for bonus product?
  641. AIRMILES @ Shell & Bonus points
  642. Warranty for CPU bought on eBay?
  643. Superstore self-checkout credit card mix-up.
  644. Will Rogers Price Match?
  645. Costco Lawn Mower -Yard Pro Y160Y21R - $399
  646. Wendy's "Medium or Large?" RANT
  647. What's the best hardware store in Toronto? Need some hard-to-find nuts.
  648. costco+Dell = Long wait for delivery
  649. Help on choosing online stores
  650. When will Fido ask me to renew?
  651. Are retailers allowed to refuse a visa transaction because you don't present ID?
  652. Rent a Wreck
  653. Men's Health - Auto renewal or misleading advertisement?
  654. Beware of The Brick in Ottawa
  655. Monoprice-like stores in Ottawa?
  656. Kudos to Lowe's "satisfaction guaranteed"
  657. Whalen Furniture
  658. Yoplait Yop Commercial
  659. Returning without receipt--what is each store's policy?
  660. Got hustled in buying Best Buy's Product Exchange Program
  661. At Home, Lifestyle Rewards and Galleria
  662. RBC Visa overcharged refuses to dispute
  663. Why so many egos and stuck up attitude in Clothing retail?
  664. Buying something used on ebay, is there Duty?
  665. Returning Cable HD PVR box
  666. Rogers and UPS
  667. Will Gigabyte honour rebates on MB purchased in newegg.ca?
  668. Returning Apple products from USA in Canada?
  669. Sleep Country Canada Protection Plan rules
  670. Do FS employees give personal deals?
  671. What is Zellers return policy regarding opened cosmetics?
  672. Unintelligible eurotrash Honda radio jingle?
  673. Canadian Tire (Toronto) product locator
  674. future shop @ pembina winnipeg customer service sucks
  675. Who doesn't shop around for the best price?
  676. The Source: Ridiculous Prices
  677. New FS Price Match Policy?
  678. Similar sites to DealExtreme?
  679. Forever 21 worst customer service ever!!!
  680. Alternative to Monoprice for TV Mount
  681. Going to US to shop for electronics. What are good places?
  682. MIR's
  683. Price matching Futureshop?
  684. Bait & Switch?
  685. Are grocery sale items often products that are discounted by the manufacturer?
  686. Rockport (retail) return policy
  687. Square One mall to be open on most statuatory holidays
  688. Fido online account
  689. Which mall in toronto should I go to tomorrow?
  690. Shipping to US then bringing over border?
  691. Nokia N97 for Iphone 3G Trade - Good Deal?
  692. Registered Airmail
  693. swagbucks problems
  694. Price matching at NCIX question
  695. Help- Need a new TV service (getting ripped by Rogers)
  696. any grocery store selling Sears gift card?
  697. Faulty Motherboard from CC burnt.
  698. Where can I buy the battery charger for Panasonic 'lumix dmc-zs3' digital camera?
  699. Detroit downtown
  700. Best/Cheapest US Forwading service for CLOTHES and SHOES?
  701. Tek Savvy Questions
  702. Blueant products and service! A+
  703. Apple Ipad to Canada
  704. Warning: SDM gift cards mysteriously lost $200 balance
  705. What does Purlator mean by "Scheduled Delivery Appointment Required"
  706. Comwave Home Tel.
  707. Costco membership expired and returns
  708. SDM (Shoppers): Leaves a bad taste in my mouth - literally
  709. Canadian tire money?
  710. NCIX no ball to answer my PM question
  711. Labels @ Niagara Falls Outlet Mall closed down
  712. Great Service at M&M Meats
  713. Getting someone to buy you GC at Costco instead of membership?
  714. Question about Staples Return Policy...
  715. Anyone know how long it takes CCS/eastbay/footlocker to ship?
  716. TDot Performance Legit?
  717. SQUARE ONE: Stores that sell prom dresses?
  718. Did anyone notice the new ECO fees
  719. Does Dell have any protection plan for the saved cart?
  720. any other places that sell pc games in toronto?
  721. Is extended warranty for computer monitors worth it?
  722. shop.nhl.com sucks!
  723. officesight.com (furniture)
  724. Does anyone know where I can get an Appa Plushie (from Avatar: The Last Airbender)
  725. Need help (amazon service)
  726. Amazon to build warehouse in Canada
  727. Hair cuts in Winnipeg?
  728. BIDZ.COM Is it a Scam?
  729. Klipsch Retailers in GTA
  730. What is HST added to you that you currently buy or will be buying?
  731. Best But Product Replacement Plan
  732. BB preorder?
  733. Postage Stamps for wedding RSVPs
  734. Shipping bike by Costco?
  735. Planning to buy Macbook for college.
  736. Sod Toronto
  737. Vent-A-Hood Suggestions?
  738. Ps3 warranty
  739. Looking for cowboy shirts/hats in dt TO.
  740. Canada.com auctions gc auctions till end Apr Canada only!
  741. Dell Canada Return Policy on Laptops
  742. Buying from Walmart.com from Canada
  743. Costco - Ladies Bicycle
  744. Possible to return 2 year old bike to Costco?
  745. UPDATED! - Things to Buy before the BC HST kicks in thread!
  746. Blank
  747. How many returns do you make?
  748. price match and extra discount - any retailers?
  749. Costco return policy help
  750. Good affordable computer speakers?
  751. Crossing The Border, which one is the best!
  752. vitacost.com anyone use them,how was shipping to canada?
  753. W3 Solutions
  754. Canada Post shipping on weekends
  755. Don't buy extended warranty from Future Shop. BIG SCAM!!!!!
  756. HBC Credit Scam - "Free" $25 Gift Card
  757. LOLS Futureshop.ca is on the Fritz!
  758. Meta Search for Computer/ Parts
  759. ipod Touch from Amazon.com
  760. Safeguarding a shipment from being damaged by Customs!! Help.
  761. MemoryHouse Order Mistake
  762. How my 1st Wind Mobile Bill was $300 - Rant
  763. SIG Electronics - "Special Order"
  764. I'm an experienced optimum pts collector, but help me with this...
  765. Anyone receive a Confiscation Document from the RCMP?
  766. Is this a good deal? Sony KDL-40Z5100 display model for $1199 @ FS?
  767. Cost to melt ring and make new one
  768. Ticketmaster - website fail
  769. PM excuses from FS
  770. When Is a Credit Not really a Credit??
  771. PC Cyber - Trustworthy?
  772. Sunglasses in Canada
  773. Never buy cologne/perfume from Dept stores like the Bay, unless you like overpaying
  774. My son's school trip to NYC, bringing back an Ipad.
  775. Dog Owners! Save on HEARTGARD
  776. How To: Cross-Border Shop
  777. Costco Novamform Mattress differences and opinions
  778. Did Dell changed the way they package their LCDs or they shipped me a refurbished LCD
  779. I would like to order a Tournament edition Fightstick from amazon.com : will fees bro
  780. Capo Phones Ltd is a SCAM!
  781. Samsung B600 series LCDs at Costco
  782. Buying a Mac at Retailer vs Online
  783. Ok deal? Costco.ca Samsung LN52B540 52 in. LCD HDTV $1330
  784. Is Futureshop allowed to reject PM because that item is "exclusive" to Futureshop?
  785. sales trend website help
  786. Walmart have hockey sticks?
  787. Swipebids.com
  788. Where do you buy groceries?
  789. Returning Defective Stuff
  790. PayPal Security Key
  791. What malls are open tomorrow?
  792. Sunoco / Shell Gas Station problems
  793. Woot
  794. How does Air Canada PM Westjet? Vice versa?
  795. Is Tigerdirect closed today?
  796. Fedex's 3 days ground shipping
  797. any lenscrafter-alike stores?
  798. Waiting for Dell Shipment
  799. Is it possible to get a FS GiftCard with Cell purchase when NOT new customer?
  800. Basilico Restaurant in Woodbridge - Bad Service
  801. Best buy and visa discount
  802. STAPLES: Can I bargain on clearance items?
  803. Any grocery stores open in the GTA on Good Friday???
  804. Estimated cost of UPS brokerage/taxes/other fees for $100 item? $200 item?
  805. Walmart now charging 5 cents for bags
  806. Game Trading Q&A and Strategies of How to get Hot Deals
  807. Got any April Fool's deals?
  808. Horrible experience with DHL
  809. Charged tax+"handling fee" for order from monoprice??!
  810. Kitchenaid Rebates Not Honoured If Items Purchased at Futureshop!
  811. Parcel forwarding from UK
  812. Is there a place where I can test out lenovo laptops?
  813. ikea area rug
  814. Question about FS warranty
  815. cardswap.ca
  816. Returning food you didn't like the taste...
  817. A
  818. Is www.beautymarkcorp.com legit for online mens and womens fragrances?
  819. Dell Cancellation Policy
  820. Best item(s) you ever got at a thrift store, garage/yard sale?
  821. italkbb
  822. Ebay's new seller fees!!
  823. Joined the Dark Side and bought a Costco membership!
  824. LCD monitors at Costco- full refund ANYTIME?
  825. I am FURIOUS with Futureshop
  826. Is Toronto -> New York considered a short-haul flight?
  827. The lowdown on extended warranty peddlers
  828. Anyone used www.rlimshop.com? - How to check legitimacy?
  829. Buying from ebay and American stores
  830. HP 60 ink timestamps
  831. Cancelling Rogers wireless without paying ECF
  832. Paypal linked to a credit card : What happens when recieving a payment from someone?
  833. Ordering wedding invitations online?
  834. Coupon lady at Zellers...
  835. SuntekStore Canada
  836. Anyone else still waiting for their Red Steel 2 pre-order from BB?
  837. Pricematching Multiple Items?
  838. Can you return an HD box a costco?
  839. Frustrating service from Goeman's Appliances
  840. Dell 15%/25%/50%/75% coupons
  841. Samsung UN55C7000 @ Golden Electronics
  842. Merchant Partners of Amazon.ca
  843. where to find packing tape?
  844. Wii Shortage, what gives?!
  845. Canada Customs
  846. First time shippng thru canada post website
  847. [Merged] Group Buy websites.
  848. Where can I buy a cheap/good pop filter?
  849. Bell cancellation charge
  850. VisaPerks - Shop online US stores, ship to Canada
  851. Interesting Incident @ Subway (restaurant) yesterday..
  852. Why do people insist on holding up lines @ grocery stores for 5cents
  853. Cancelling my Costco membership.
  854. 100 HBC Rewards Points for Using a Reusable Bag at Bay and Zellers
  855. [ON]Direct Energy Sneaky Tatics At It's Best To Lock You In for 5 Years
  856. Can I order the Super Channel for 1 weekend and then cancel it?
  857. EB edge card, include tax or not?
  858. Lighter Leash - Where Can I Buy One?
  859. HDX - scam from China
  860. Shaw is charging me more than our initial agreement.
  861. Pawn shops? Cash converters etc? Pickering, Whitby, Oshawa or Scarborough?
  862. Does Costco still sell 2nd Generation Ipod Touch?
  863. Buy stuff from Toronto FS and exchange/return it in Alberta FS?
  864. Ezperience with XSCargo's extended warranty?
  865. Costco Duracell Battery Return
  866. Does Costco accept returns on jailbroken iPod Touch?
  867. Costco - no price listed for IPods
  868. Bestbuy - Missing items from packaging, what do I do?
  869. What to do if an item shipped by an Ebay seller does not arrive (USPS/Canada post)?
  870. teambuy.ca
  871. iPhone data overage with Rogers
  872. DealExtreme - Warning, replacement policy changed
  873. Where can I purchase a large print of a landscape photo I took?
  874. Could I put items on Hold at the Bay?
  875. Monoprice and UPS, a relationship in the making
  876. Camcorder from USA - Duties?
  877. Purchasing computer parts from Buffalo,NY?
  878. Glasses Adjustments
  879. GST and PST on top of shipping/handling/duty?
  880. HD Media Player buying help
  881. Greenlawn
  882. Are there a cheapest data plan for a very low volumn user?
  883. Poll: Getting paid for license plate frames installed by car dealerships
  884. Triggering Store Alarm
  885. The Brick Warranty Scam
  886. GTA: Marks Work Wearhouse clearance outlet
  887. charge on my credit card...element5info.com
  888. Can I use a gift card to buy another gift card?
  889. PayPal questions
  890. Have you ever had to pay taxes at the border?
  891. Bell home phone $2 increase May 3/10
  892. You returned a lot.
  893. Super Mailbox size
  894. US retailers that ship to Canada
  895. Returning item to SDM bought with points
  896. Product Recall Roundup: Mastercraft 18V Drill Charger, Nike Bauer Hockey Sticks
  897. Starbucks card in Canada
  898. CT: Phantom deals OOS
  899. Is this laptop a good deal?
  900. Wants to buy a new 19" LCD TV for my room SOME HELP PLEASE!
  901. Drunk employee at Sportcheck / Coast Mountain
  902. Negotiating furniture prices
  903. [Merged] Upper Room Home Furnishings - Ottawa
  904. UPS Shipping
  905. GTA Engagement Rings
  906. laptopsbuyer.ca SCAM!!!! BE AWARE of them!!!
  907. Question re Price Match @ FS
  908. Cross border shopping rules for U.S. citzens residing in Canada
  909. 3 Day sale @ FS: Am I getting a good deal for this LCD+Stand+psp?
  910. buying a laptop from Amazon.ca
  911. Barbeque advice
  912. Buying a watch - overstock.com or seek an alternative?
  913. Can I buy several headphones and return them for full refund after it being used?
  914. Holt Renfrew Private Sale Night?
  915. Can I return Xbox 360 Arcade to Zellers?
  916. Shoppers Drug Mart Points Redemption
  917. Markham tv and appliances
  918. Canada Express - Brokerage Fee?
  919. Your experiences with ebay (Hong Kong listings)
  920. how to use CC for rental car accident coverage
  921. What is the return policy at Tigerdirect.ca?
  922. Dell $15 off $50 coupon
  923. UPS Self-Clearing Package at Pearson
  924. Is it illegal to keep on buying electronics from retail store and return it?
  925. Small LCD tv as a digital Photo frame?
  926. FedEx Advancement Fee
  927. Bell Scam Or Not.
  928. Costco: Why no quick checkouts
  929. What is with all of the 72 Hour Sales?
  930. Costco -Very worried about non-cardholders?
  931. Buying Plasma/LCD TV from the US (Warranty In Canada)
  932. Sickest PM you've done?
  933. Buying a mattress from a Warehouse/Truckload sale at The Bay
  934. Simple question about buying a PS3 from Bestbuy or Futureshop
  935. buying laptop in US or Canada?
  936. Bell TV vs Rogers Cable
  937. Avoid Hardwood Flooring Center www.hardwoodflooringcenter.ca
  938. UPS Left Package on Doorstep
  939. Does Wal-Mart price match?
  940. Does NCIX pricematch out of stock items?
  941. Getting items delivered securely on the US side of the border for pickup?
  942. Redeeming Amazon GC from Aeroplan points?
  943. Ink and Toner Cartridge?
  944. Seeking opinions: TV advice + should I buy a Product Service Plan? (42" at FS)
  945. Warning for all retailers workers or whatnot...
  946. Anyone bought from "Beyond the Rack"?
  947. The Source Clearance Games - How to find?
  948. Is this just me or Canada post delivery just getting slow lately?
  949. hot Rogers HD package deals?
  950. The Source street date guarantee
  951. Price match (PM) no more, went with Dell
  952. Dell return
  953. Ahava product in GTA?
  954. Screwed by Winners?
  955. dell shipping - schedule for pick up?
  956. air Canada vs air Transat
  957. Alpinesportinggoods.com
  958. The Brick online store too good deal but not deliver
  959. BEWAWA.COM: Your experience?
  960. Costco - Canadian gift card for use is USA
  961. Import to Canada Company?
  962. costco tire purchase
  963. Furious with Forgali Furniture! What options do I have?
  964. Sears Return Policy on Electronics - Crap
  965. removed
  966. Staples PM policy?
  967. Pulse Showerspas - Bonzai - Costco
  968. Ruby/Sapphire/Spinel engagement ring
  969. Cheap Pepsi Products / Soft Drinks - Looking For in Winnipeg
  970. monoprice isn't accepting anymore orders...
  971. Canon Xsi w/18-50mm $560 after PM.Deal?
  972. focal price / dealextreme and other china retailers
  973. False Advertising on Futureshop.ca
  974. Is Direct Buy STILL a scam?
  975. Positive CT Experience
  976. Best Place to Buy a TV?
  977. Did my first SCOP today
  978. Ateco Plungers
  979. Dollars for Gold? Help me sell my gold!!
  980. Exchange at Futureshop
  981. Zellers will not Price Match (Xbox 360)
  982. Question on the legitimacy on a site, dyson DC25 animal for 285 USD
  983. Kitchen Renovation Contractor/Companies - recommendations?
  984. Are they going to close Futureshop?
  985. Cedar Springs Free Water...
  986. Please Remove
  987. eb games- good selection, bad store...
  988. eb games return policy and procedures?
  989. Home Depot online order rant !!!
  990. I got an awesome deal at FS - including free warranty
  991. Zellers now charging 5 cents for each plastic bags
  992. Roots product reviews are censored
  993. Some Useful Info For No Frills Shoppers
  994. Roots Warranty or Non-Warranty sucks
  995. Looking for a couple of external hardrives
  996. Costco Amex: No Signatures Under $100!
  997. ScotiaBank Scene Visa Offer?
  998. No more Console Game Trade In's in Winnipeg!?
  999. Monoprice got hacked
  1000. How to cancel dealextreme order?