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  1. Fresh Produce? UPC code and PLU?
  2. won't cancel, keeps charging, threatens collections
  3. Holliday tomorrow? Doctor appointment scheduled?
  4. High Speed Internet : Ebox VS Videotron ?
  5. is "" a legit site in Canada?
  6. "" a legit site in Canada?
  7. I'm a CSM at Walmart, I'll (try) to answer your questions!
  8. Customer service recourse
  9. Costco Cyrville Rd. to close & move
  10. Best Buy now offering 9 year service plans
  11. Is refurbished Ipad Mini from Factory Direct still covered under Apple Warranty?
  12. Amazon Canada has sales tax?
  13. buying "new" and "sealed" phones from kijiji
  14. redesign and more items available online for purchase
  15. Points from AmericanExpress not be able to transfer to Aeroplan ?
  16. [solved] instore coupons?
  17. Bell to remove grandfathered discount of $22
  18. Best prices for printed T-shirts
  20. Is AFG 4.1 AE elliptical good?
  21. Air Miles Shops 5X event
  22. WalMart Price Matching and the Cashiers they Employ
  23. +1 for returns
  24. Samsung TV Disaster at Best Buy
  25. Future Shop on HWY 7 and Warden, Easiest Returns!
  26. Redbox Solutions | Authorized Teksavvy Wholesaler - Buyer Beware
  27. Futureshop Setup Costs
  28. Bad experience at The Shoe Company!
  29. Are they taking the bananas out of No Frills?
  30. Looking for a great online store?
  31. Cross Border Shipping Company?
  32. Post your deals here
  33. Credit Card warranty on purchased goods
  34. Question on returning items to US
  35. Warning: Fedex international express next day delivery is NOT guaranteed...
  36. Cross Border Shopping Advice Related to Taxes
  37. hong kong dhl?
  38. Opening a Eurozone bank account from Canada
  39. HELP! Cross border shopping question and double tax
  40. HST Refund For Returned Cross-border Items?
  41. Shop online At
  42. Any disadvantage of using Amex on eBay?
  43. RE: Ebay transaction/PayPal refund
  44. Sites like 6pm?
  45. Duties on US-made Allen Edmonds from
  47. Giant Tiger
  48. canada post parcel delivery question
  49. Potential Futureshop Gift card scam?
  50. How To Convert E-gift Card To Physical Gift Card?
  51. Best Buy Return Policy?? Any help please.
  52. Beware of, no Canadian warranty
  53. What are these numbers on the recepit?
  54. Interesting product from Memory Express: Genius Wireless Energy Mouse w/ Integrated 2
  55. Lost costco receipt and need to return item
  56. Redeeming Shoppers Optimum Points on 20x days
  57. Cascading Christmas Lights
  58. Where can I buy Tagalog movies?
  59. is this an authentic canada goose emblem?
  60. &
  61. Halloween Party!... need fog machines!??
  62. Do you answer automated calls that says you won something?
  63. Exercise Bike
  64. Corporate cell phone plans, how to get them?
  65. know anything about it
  66. Will be heading to Buffalo in 2 weeks - can pickup your packages
  67. Do these companies really help guide your online purchasing decisions?
  68. Amex Chip Card
  69. What's up with Future Shop (.ca) customer service phone line?
  70. Canada Post shipping?
  71. New Add-on Program
  72. Returning an item to TigerDirect
  73. Canada Post, UPS, Purolator, couriers, etc.
  74. Any good media player?
  75. Cheapest way to get decent office space for meetings?
  76. where to buy 88 key keyboard with ps2 connection? thx
  77. Will this smart Phone work in Canada?
  78. Holt Renfrew Gift Card Promo
  79. Times Circle @ First Markham Placw
  81. Is Amazon Prime worth it?
  82. Can I apply a giftcard, after purchase?
  83. DHl Custom fees
  84. Air jordan 5 retro at gerrard square?
  85. Purolator Shipping Attempt?
  86. Looking for Fido good plan
  87. HBC Mastercard - Security Issues and LONG Wait Times
  88. CT: buy winter tire could be free ?
  89. 'first pair of glasses free'
  90. Need help for the iPhone lightening charging cable !!
  91. The worst service cell phone company -- FIDO
  92. Target and Empty Shelves
  93. ME announces new sale deals for Oct Fatal1ty Creative Headset & High Current Pro PSW
  94. Target announces store openings Sept. 17, Oct. 18
  95. Paypal - Any risk when choosing " I'm sending money to family or friends option " ?
  96. Warm Phillips Bodygroomer $10 off
  97. Dust Mite Spray, Laundry additive. Where to buy
  98. Can't decide on which ultrabook, any help?
  99. Changing the color of sofa legs
  100. a few questions about amazon gc
  101. Where to buy a cheap suit in Toronto? (around 100$ or less)
  102. Any good deals on Playstation 3 Dualshock controller?
  103. Video Baby Monitors
  104. Best Buy price matching policy question - advice on how to get resolved
  105. Which Chinese retailer for cell phone?
  106. BestBuy Rewardzone Certificates on a returned product?
  107. US Shopping for my home business. Do I have to pay more?
  108. oakley/rayban ridiculous discounts?
  109. Bad service recourse
  110. Purchasing $5000 in Visa Cards - Bonus points or cash back??
  111. outdoor storage shelters?
  112. Best Buy Refurbished computer DOA?
  113. - do they price match
  114. UPS is so stupid ...
  115. Running Shoes in Toronto / Brampton
  116. Cheaper to use airlines other than Air Canada in Star Alliance?
  117. Lowes price matching
  118. BestBuy purchase tracking?
  119. Nokia Purity (Monster) in the ear headphones - Nokia WH-920? How much
  120. $15 filler suggestions for Staples?
  121. canada post tracking says delivered but doesn't seem to be
  122. Metro Supermarket @ Richmond Hill Closing Down
  123. Recommend taobao agent
  124. EB games in-store/online policies
  125. Future Shop Consumer Warning!
  126. Best place to buy Ceramic Kitchenware in China Town
  127. Why not to do pre-orders from Chapters Indigo
  128. 3 Month Old Kitchenaid Oven from Sears Breaks Down - Repair Will Take 2 Weeks - Help
  129. Disrespected by off Duty Sears Employee in Store
  130. Halpren's Uniform Store
  131. SDM Optimum - 2000 points for updating your online contact info
  132. Which Toronto store has the best hair color product selection and quality?
  133. Shopping online (USA) using canadian credit card?
  134. Does anyone own a Schwinn elliptical? What are your thoughts on them?
  135. MattressDirect Memory Foam Mattress
  136. Canada Post Tracking Question
  137. How do I change my default sort order in ebay, can't find "Customize view" link?
  138. Rogers Magazine Service Question
  139. What happened to CanadaPost Shopper Comparison?
  140. eBay Transaction - Sent the wrong item, the seller offers to refund 80% on $5 item
  141. Paypal decides in favor of seller who sold fake item
  142. Any online automated price tracker websites?
  143. Cash back?
  144. Sears extended warranty which is refundable - Would you take it?
  145. Any good deal for the TV?
  146. Where online could I buy small containers like this?
  147., appliances
  148. & - AVOID THEM
  149. Canada Post Same Day Delivery
  150. gift card - can I use it on or exchange it for a .com gift card?
  151. Scanning Code of Practice....WalMart's way!
  152. Power head- central vaccum ( beam)
  153. What courier does Lowe's Canada use?
  154. Where to change my watch battery in Montreal
  155. Anybody ever order from
  156. When did Staples changed their minimum for free shipping? $45 now
  157. Don't buy the $68 tablet from Walmart
  158. $2000 in gift cards - best place to buy?
  159. good places to buy watches in the GTA, as well as online USA
  160. RFDers beware!!! Firefox doesn't work with eBay, and eBay couldn't care less ...
  161. Buying an incense burner?
  162. Where is the best selection of engagement rings in Toronto?
  163. - A way of helping people evaluate the value of things
  164. Rogers Pay-Per-Use rates increasing - Is this considered change of contract?
  165. Do stores keep track of how many returns you have done?
  166. Review - US Package Forwarding
  167. Buying gift cards using PayPal
  168. Never ever buy a bed off of Sears
  169. Printer that does not use a lot of ink?
  170. Anyone know if Best Buy ships games to the mailbox or door?
  171. Websites similar to DealExtreme & Monoprice
  172. Telus to change its prepaid rate
  173.'s new site good? cheap stuff
  174. So I bought a new office chair from Staples, but it is hard to tilt back?
  175. will not honour price match gaurantee [RESOLVED]
  176. Impark Monthly Parking Account - Collection impacts?
  177. refurbished tv
  178. Floor Cover for Chair
  179. Aerus Guardian Air Platinum Purifier
  180. iPad cover & screen protector
  181. Venus Factor
  182. Iphone 5C/5S CDMA has more LTE bands than GSM version?
  183. Bad shopping experience with
  184. Question about Staples "Price Guarantee" Policy - advice?
  185. Order from US only webstore to canada
  186. Pistol Lake - custom-sized men's henleys, hoodies
  187. Testers for new grocery savings app wanted!
  188. Cancelling gym membership
  189. New Vita annonced $190 with inferior quality, time to buy old vita if you havn't!!
  190. Laptops
  191. Returning to Best Buy Mobile
  192. Soap dispenser that doesn't fall apart?
  193. NHL Gamecenter Live - Automatic Renewel
  194. HBC Account inactivity zeroing ... over 700,000 points gone!
  195. Question about Bell Fibe Internet... interested getting Fibe
  196. Lawn tractors on sale
  197. Do I need to pay duty or brokerage on google Canada play store?
  198. Ordering from sears charges shipping for in-store pickup???
  199. Anyone have any experience of Flurries Sheepskin?
  200. How to choose a suitable diamond?
  201. Hot deal for Sealy mattress?
  202. SportChek Team Assist Question
  203. Canon EOS Rebel T3I for video shooting? Good enough?
  204. Any florist recommendations?
  205. Beware Hudson's Bay New Price Adjustment Policy
  206. Rona had item on sale but no stock. Still sold it but now says will not stock.
  207. Read this before you buy from Beyond the Rack
  208. Q: Applicable taxes ??
  209. Where to get a good keyboard phone these days?
  210. Winnipeg - Where to find a plus sized winter coat
  211. Where to buy Macbook Air sleeve?
  212. How to show on-sale items from different websites
  213. Where to buy DVI-D to HDMI or miniDP adapter?
  214. NCIX no longer doing price beat?
  215. making big work purchase @ futureshop > any rewards I can get?
  216. Beware of
  217. Has anyone shopped with Dixie Electronics & Appliances (Mississauga) before?
  218. Best Buy Reward Certificate, Coupon or gift card? (For CC double warranty)
  219. Best place to buy loose black diamonds?
  220. Tek savvy hold times: ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING (47mins and counting!!!)
  221. Rogers Cable Question
  222. Napoleon bbq fire hazard
  223. What carrier does Staples ship with? thanks
  224. Does anyone have Rogers Nextbox?
  225. Cross border prohibited items?
  226. Bell bundle questions - can rates go up?
  227. Loblaws Fail: check before you pay for no tax Fri & Sat
  228. St.Jacobs Farmers Market is gone
  229. Where can I find some plate glass? Thanks!
  230. nvm
  231. Hakim Selling Knockoffs?
  232. is a legit site
  233. HELP! I need to bring a cabinet across the border....
  234. !!!~Chelsea Premium Outlets experience in Waterloo, NY~!!!
  235. Memory Express ZENBOOK Prime UX31A-DH71-CA i7-3517U, 4GB, 256GB SSD, 13.3in $799.99
  236. Rogers charging fees to a cancelled account
  237. Canadian Tire price match
  238. Ontario - Data Only iPhone Plan?
  239. CanadaPost stole my package
  240. It's $80 to ship 0.5kg item from Canada to China with tracking?
  241. Pacific Mall basement funiture store gone? Where did they move to?
  242. Naked Juice class action settlement: Claim $45 from PepsiCo (USA Only)
  243. Digital Access 2013 Entertainment Coupon Book Link?
  244. Canada post shipping lithium batt
  245. Futureshop Coupon Question
  246. Toronto Grocery FLyers ( Where Can I get them)
  247. Selling tickets above cost, how do companies get away with it?
  248. shipping
  249. Refund Policy - Staples
  250. Anyone else having trouble tracking international shipments through CanadaPost?
  251. Where do you buy your contact lenses from online?
  252. Delete
  253. Futureshop Price Match question
  254. Advice on payment method for large online USD purchase
  255. Head Phone covers
  256. Costco Online Services?
  257. Where to buy spiky massage ball in toronto?
  258. Warning about backpacks and Canadian Tire.
  259. Dell prices (Webcrashers)
  260. Surveillance/Security Camera System for Home
  261. leons furniture product care
  262. How much is your Auto Insurance??!
  263. Where do you buy your furance filters?
  264. Futureshop employee cost of a Sony Pulse Elite headset?
  265. Can you guys explain Bill To:
  266. Canada Post Airline????!
  267. Where to buy Cole Haan?
  268. Would it be expensive to hire a seamstress to sew a hawaiian shirt?
  269. futureshop pricematch and tax?
  270. Where to buy blade engraved swiss army knives
  271. Rogers Wireless Plan scam
  272. Item available only online via Lowes, but weird return policy
  273. randomly gave me $10. Anyone else?
  274. Is there a forum similar to RFD for US deals?
  275. Why do people hangout in Apple stores?
  276. Store wants to charge me shipping fee twice for their mistake
  277. Do You Cross Border Shop For Back To School?
  278. Shipping Address vs Billing Address
  279. Cheapest place to print a paperback book?
  280. Walmart No Receipt Policy?
  281. Amazon killed Book Depository
  282. - Legit?
  283. Shipping to Blaine, WA - Anyone Use Pulse Packages or Recommend Any Other Company
  284. thanko /
  285. Signing up for costco membership?
  286. splitting shipping etiquette
  287. The Source return policy for electronics
  288. Delete
  289. Is Paypal serious?
  290. rebate option for Canadians?
  291. Auctions
  292. Computers Canada
  293. Have you heard of Tough Connexion?
  294. Sony Vaio PRO vs Macbook Air vs Surface PRO ??
  295. Trying to sell rims and tires an then this..
  296. Can I initiate a chargeback?
  297. does Ikea Canada have price protection, if an item drops $30 in price ...
  298. $66 good for a 1 TB WD My Passport Portable Hard Drive?
  299. Reflexnotebook price fluffing?
  300. Target PS Vita Price Drop?
  301. Can Retailers Track Where GCs have been used?
  302. Price Matching & Using a Coupon
  303. Where Can I Get Aloe Flavoured Calpis (Calpico)
  304. US Postal Service bans international shipping of lithium ion batteries
  305. Berani Jewellery Design** Knowledgeable and wonderful service****
  306. (PS Vita price cut incoming?) Stores in the U.S. drop price of the Vita to $199
  307. Canada Customs and Canada Post disgruntled
  308. Kobo Mini
  309. return policy
  310. Any factory outlet in Ottawa area
  311. Has anyone purchased from
  312. Virtual Credit Cards / VCC in Canada
  313. Bringing back rental textbooks across the border. Do I declare?
  314. Clearly contacts frame + lens fitting issue
  315. Futureshop Headphones Return Policy?!
  316. Memory Express Uber Price Beat Guarantee UPDATE
  317. Can I have HST/Duty Refunded if I return US bought item?
  318. Memory Express Uber Price Beat Guarantee UPDATE
  319. Anyway to get Chromecast in Canada?
  320. Rocky direct
  321. Domino's Pizza 50% off next week (Possibly YMMV)
  322. Bestbuy/Futureshop Gift cards
  323. Fido charges late payment fee even paid 2 days before due date?
  324. is costcos retun policy transferrable?
  325. Question About Sportchek's Team Assist.
  326. Dental fees - a little too much?
  327. Buying Pebble Smarth Watch?
  328. Kraft offer via e-mail
  329. Canada Post Customs this Slow?!
  330. Where could I buy fake USB flash drives?
  332. Scan code policy is it still in place
  333. back to school cellphone deals
  334. What other company offers similar to "Yak Travel Card"? thanks
  335. Online pharmacy for effective ED med that ship to Canada
  336. which calling card supports fax? thanks
  337. (UPDATE) Do not buy a product service plan from South Keys Futureshop!
  338. Nestle water at Staples 24or 35 bottles
  339. UPS Banning Delivery To Some Addresses?
  340. Transfer points from PC Mastercard to a PC gift card
  341. Filed a chargeback with CC, just got notice package was refused by CBSA, help?
  342. Anyone ever order from PLNDR?
  343. CBSA Self clearing customs offices
  344. Watch for men
  345. Another Rogers Internet Price increase
  346. Payment Method
  347. VANCOUVER - Megatronic Cell Phone Services - LEGIT???
  348. Please advise about internet
  349. 50" 1080p 120Hz 3D LED Smart TV - Sony (KDL50R550A) or Samsung (UN50ES6500)
  350. CSA approved baby items
  351. ~ When to buy PS3/Xbox 360 games?! ~
  352. Canada post tough situation. Mail is gonna be delivered to a wrong address. Plz hlp
  353. Buying a recliner. Leons or The Brick?
  354. back to school computer sales
  355. US retailers that ship ultrabooks here?
  356. Does Staples Participate in SCOP?
  357. Which B&M store lets you do split payment on different credit card? thanks
  358. WARNING - Buying Gift Cards from Resellers (eBay, Kijiji, etc.)
  359. Bought Magicjack Plus (Phone), now looking for Internet Service
  360. First Jewellery exchange in Toronto
  361. Whats up with Craigslist?
  362. Goodlife Membership Question and Insight!
  363. Best sites for online shopping in US to US mailing address
  364. US mailing address for canadians (Vancouver B.C)
  365. UPS Left Package on Doorstep
  366. NewEgg.CA Now Offers Price Guarantee/Price Match on Select ...
  367. Illegitamate "Giveaways".
  368. now has a grocery section?
  369. Which online shopping platform you prefer more?
  370. Ikea augmented reality catalog - "virtually" place furniture in your room
  371. Anyone heard about Tvsuperstores
  372. Why does charges TVQ(Quebec tax)?
  373. UPS sent me an invoice?
  374. noFrills Flyers
  375. Apple Six Months Financing?
  376. First Time Buying From
  377. Credit card fraud alert
  378. FS: Mario & Luigi - Getting the E3 Price & the pre-order bonus
  379. 2yr iPhone 5, $85 plan with Rogers/Bell/Tellus? Who to choose??
  380. Ebook readers
  381. Target Canada - Awful First-Time Experience
  382. Am I out of luck? Suspecting a scam...
  383. Buying gift cards through Kijiji- fraud question
  384. Wacky Wednesdays Ikea - Limited Quantity (Door Crashers?)
  385. Does Anyone knkow where I can buy designer clothing cheap?
  386. Best price for Panasonic 65st60 in Canada?
  387. Canada post shipping?
  388. How my 1st Wind Mobile Bill was $300 - Rant
  389. Gamestop Trade-in duplicate titles?
  390. ipad refurbished
  391. Do Not Shop at NCIX retail store or online
  392. Alienware of MSI from Ncix?
  393. Scop? Upc code scanned and alternate item more expensive shows
  394. EB Games/Gamestop sales practices - Be careful if you have young children
  395. Is the cosmetic refillable PET bottle safe to buy?
  396. Media Box Player Question?
  397. Are lower end PCs likely to be included in the upcoming back-to-school sales?
  398. Laptop battery
  399. Best blender for protein powder?
  400. What's the best way to get discounted movie tickets for movie fanatics in Vancouver?
  401. were is the option to enter the COUPON code at site?
  402. Visiting NYC for 1 day. Can I shop online and have my items waiting for me there?
  403. Looking for some guidance: Laptop purchase
  404. how to cancel order on
  405. Apparently Effective August 8 Virgin Mobile is removing its supertab options
  406. 3D System’s Cube 3D printer will be available in June (US),but what about Canada?????
  407. THE BRICK SURREY KING GEORGE - Completely disgusted & Overly Irate!
  408. Is it worthwhile to buy interior paints in the US?
  409. Is a good choice to buy laptops?
  410. Canada Post Express BC to ON
  411. Expired
  412. eBay...What Did You Buy & What Did You Receive?
  413. Shopping in the US, here are the sales tax free days for back to school shopping
  414. does sportscheck offer free skate sharpening in 2013?
  415. Experience and Service Review
  416. What's the big secret with Internet Service Providers?
  417. Target doesn't take manufacturer coupons?
  418. What are good items to buy in the US vs here?
  419. eBay Purchase - Tracking says delivered, but nothing showed up! Options?
  420. When a retailer refunds on your credit card...
  421. Price beat policy at Best buy and Future shop
  422. Can a Chinese person help me?
  423. National Sports Team Partner Program
  424. Avoid - stick with Clearly Contacts
  425. Canada Post Sucks
  426. Disputing custom charge of 61% of item value.
  427. Walmart (US) site to store refund
  428. where can i get cable concealer?
  429. Buytopia
  430. Buying A Floor Model TV
  431. FutureShop Missing Item from Online Order
  432. Unlocked Phone Question
  433. Engagement Ring Fiasco
  434. Futureshop misleading shipping fees
  435. cash back lenovo ideaPad -- coupon is gone ??
  436. Watch Retailers in Canada
  437. About ecco tent sale?
  438. Good laptop under $600
  439. Bazooka Computer Speakers
  440. Marriott Corporate Codes
  441. Air Miles loophole
  442. Anyone else having trouble applying for TD Visa credit card online?
  443. Sams Club Open House Aug 2-4th
  444. Cheaper costing Aquaruim Supplies
  445. Mattress Cleaning Service GTA?
  446. Buffalo or Watertown/Syracuse?
  447. canada computers and Corsair
  448. Where to buy kids anime cosplay in Vancouver or reliable online store?
  449. U.s. with Canadian credit card
  450. Personalized gifts in the Toronto area?
  451. In the market for a laptop
  452. New rules on credit card merchant fees expected
  453. equipment removal fee legal?
  454. Switching from Rogers to Fido $100 Early Cancellation Fee??
  455. Customs and Other Fees from Fedex
  456. Complaint against department store
  457. Um...remember that E3 promotion at futureshop? Buy 3, save $20 on each game?
  458. Children's Bedroom set: Diamond Dreams set from The Brick
  459. Monoprice shipping methods
  460. Question about PMing at BB and FS
  461. Skechers $40 million FTC settlement
  462. Does Canada have anything like Smoopa?
  463. HP vs Asus ultrabook...Need help make a decision quick
  464. Question about Canada Post
  465. Apartment Size - Powerful Washing Machine
  466. Which Gas Card Reaps The Best Rewards?
  467. Buying and returning a cell phone at BB/FS
  468. Not receiving Scarborough Mirror?
  469. Steam gift cards at EB games.
  470. china registered airmail and import duty and extra fees?
  471. NmicroVIP are they worth buying from?
  472. APPLE STORE coming to Markham - Markville Mall
  473. Carpet cleaner rental - any input on uhaul ?
  474. How much is a money order from the pay day stores?
  475. Toronto Premium Outlets Grand Opening on Aug 1
  476. Besides checking for US pricing, are there apps for price comparison?
  477. Sennheiser International Warranty?
  478. iHerb - Buyer Beware - Retailer particularly scrutinized by customs
  479. returns to memory express?
  480. charges HST?
  481. UPS and condos
  482. non advertised rcss no tax event. :)
  483. Making Claims to Monster PowerSurge Protector
  484. Memoryexpress free shipping?
  485. Kreyos Smartwatch - To buy or not to buy?
  486. Good price for an ultrabook?
  487. Is there any way to be able to buy from U.S.??
  488. Kitchenaid Rebate Contact Number?
  489. Returning items to Lowes past 30 days?
  490. US Deals
  491. Super Saver shipping issue
  492. Have you had someone else pick your stuff up over at CBIUSA, Buffalo NY, USA?
  493. nike exchange/return policy still generous?
  494. how did i get screwed by ONTARIO HOME SERVICES!
  495. Propane fire pit at Costco
  496. Superstores and large TV's
  497. Where to buy a motorized reclining sofa?
  498. which 55" LED TV is better? Costco vs Dell deal
  499. Mini-Split Heat Pumps - Gree Canada
  500. Dell XPS 14 on Kijiji - Is this a scam?
  501. Anywone need red wine? 30 bottles - $60. Richmond Hill.
  502. TD Infinite Visa vs. Scotiabank GOLD AMEX
  503. Home Depot doesn't honour their own prices?
  504. BAD Experience at Tim Hortons!! Who to Contact?!
  505. Staples visa debit?
  506. legit?
  507. [Tiger] D-Link Wireless Dual Band Gigabit Cloud Router Good Deal?
  508. Does anyone have experience ordering out of stock books?
  509. Do you bother with Mail in Rebates?
  510. Advise: Canon 7D less than 1 week old, single use = CF error ME won't deal with it
  511. does dollarama sell ethernet cables? thanks
  512. Polarized tinted lenses not fitting frame -- normal?
  513. Will FS/BB PM Memory Express 24 Hour Sales?
  514. Staples [title removed as the problem was fixed by the manager]
  515. Terrible Experience at Freak Lunchbox, Saint John, NB location
  516. Canada Post Item processed at postal facility
  517. Cancelling order from Memory Express
  518. When do the lawn mower deals start?
  519. Do all Costco stores have the same in-store items on sale?
  520. Heart Rate Monitor
  521. What to spend with 95,000 points at Shoppers Drug Mart?
  522. Is Rogers 2 way messaging free?
  523. Rogers Wireless not telling me information about incoming calls
  524. Anyone Else Questioning Costco's Executive Member Rebates?
  525. Returning Gas Powered Generator to Canadian Tire?
  526. .
  527. Large Optical Company (store) won't fix my 1st pair of glasses despite warranty.
  528. Best Buy return policy changes in affect starting tomorrow Fri July 19, 2013.
  529. temporary credit card numbers?
  530. Future Shop delivery
  531. AVOID: The Living Furniture @ 1146 Kennedy Road, Scarbro
  532. Flyerland Merge...
  533. PresChoice gift cards - can they buy electronics, other gift cards?
  534. Best Western Rewards® MasterCard® credit card - a horror story
  535. Shoppers Return Policy
  536. Futureshop Crazyness
  537. Does Staples warranty track serial number?
  538. Staples and Crappy Customer Service - No Longer Purchasing From Here
  539. michigan shopping spots
  540. How do flyers work?
  541. Despicable Me Minion Action Figures
  542. It never hurts to 50% off second pair at Sportchek.
  543. Kijiji delaying my ads after I posted Playstation Move Accessory?
  544. Online retailers that will ship your order to another person/address?
  545. Rogers - extra outlet fee
  546. Online Posters from uploaded pic?
  547. Return shipping to
  548. Paypal Month of June's 5% Cash Back Rip Off
  549. when does ncix web offer free ship on orders over $x? thanks
  550. Ambassador Limousine Services/Toronto Limousine Services ( Bad Service)
  551. ASUS Zenbook UX32VD-DH71 Intel Core i7
  552. Anyone tried returning an item to BestBuy/Futureshop past the 14 day mark?
  553. Acer Online Store Return Policy
  554. Is this web retailer legit?
  555. Red flag deals cash back. One question about it...
  556. ECO Fee Taxable for Monitors?
  557. Walmart is not integrated with their systems at all! Hugely disappointed!
  558. Light In the Box Wedding Bridesmaid
  559. Printing Photographs
  560. Interesting sticker on my product from Best Buy
  561. Customs charge on items bought online but picked in the US
  562. Bestbuy price match US prices?
  563. Avoid Rockstella Stonery Inc.!
  564. Canadian Tire: Become a product tester. Together, we're building innovation.
  565. New Trimmer/Shaver
  566. Coach Online Website - A Cautionary Tale & Review
  567. Do RFD Folk Buy Stuff Just To Resell It?
  568. Comprehensive Database of all major Groceries stores prices?
  569. us border invoice
  570. Disappointing Experience at Henrys Camera Store
  571. Costco's Ford rebate: when does it come back?
  572. Leon's and the Brick accused of deceptive promos
  573. - write a review in June and earn a $5 credit (up to $25)
  574. Despciable Me 2 action figure
  575. Chapters Coupon/Promos
  576. Do you spend more money as a result of spending more time on RFD Hot Deals forum?
  577. NewEgg Will Call Pick Up for GTA (Mississauga)
  578. ? What is the Best Pre Paid US Credit Card for Canadians issued by a US Institution
  579. Contact lenses initiation fees?
  580. Costco Service: Transferring VHS/High 8 Tapes to DVD
  581. Uses for Health Spending Account
  582. Redeeming PC points for TNT gift card?
  583. Company Refusing That They Are False Advertising
  584. Grocery Store PM'ing, do ALL requir a flyer? Will a price tag do?
  585. Acura Oil Change - Synthetic
  586. What is the point of pre-order if they can't guarantee you the pre-ordered product?
  587. Have companies become too efficient? (In terms of deals)
  588. Where is the best place to get gas from?
  589. When is the FutureShop/BestBuy headphone sales?
  590. Canadian tire & Simoniz, what a load of #@#$
  591. Import Fee Refund
  592. Shipping to Canada?
  593. any experience with Refurb stuff from TheSource?
  594. Hot Deal on Fridge... If your in the USA, Canadians screwed yet again.
  595. Jays Shop Online versus in store
  596. furniture / Mattress Deals
  597. Best place for security cams
  598. [SCAM] Public Mobile stores across DURHAM REGION!
  599. Anyone use VIVA + E3 promo? Check your e-mail!
  600. Do you hate UPS?
  601. Canada post express?
  602. z
  603. i need reviews of Vancouver diamond wholesalers! anyone buy engagement rings HELP
  604. How to use the last DOLLAR on an American Express gift card?
  605. has a new toys section
  606. Late furniture delivery and dissatisfaction with custom-made good - any recourse?
  607. Ordering OOS
  608. How frequent and heavy are Lenovo Thinkpad discounts?
  609. TigerDirect FRAUDULENT Charges
  610. is all specials on ncix web only? thanks
  611. What is the return policy on Costco air conditioners?
  612. what has happened to d e a l g e n i u
  613. Which car insurance company mails monthly billing statement (like tax bill) instead o
  614. Where to buy uv umbrella at b&m store in gta? Thanks
  615. What is the return policy at Sony Store?
  616. Is it just me or does ebay really suck now??
  617. Canada post delivery status, will I get it today?
  618. Question about packing material for Shipping at Chapters/Indigo vs
  619. Historical Flyers/Catalogs
  620. Scammed myself out of Bulk Barn coupon, any solution?
  621. TIP - Amazon UK NOW SHIPPING PS3 Games to Canada
  622. Bestbuy or Futureshop install new hd in imac?
  623. What happened to Rock Direct?
  624. (Price Error) Amazon - Corsair 350D Non-Windowed - $44.22 + Free S+H
  625. Best place in Toronto to buy brand name faucets at discount
  626. Amazing new product called NeverWet available in US
  627. Distributel - Need to buy their Modem ?
  628. nvm
  629. requires membership?
  630. Stroller on Babies R Us Clearance - out of stock for 6 months?
  631. How are people feeling who overpaid on Silver Coins from that one site
  632. Apple Gift Card (online?)
  633. is closing. Website mentions a possible warehouse sale.
  634. Shipping question from U.S
  635. What will be the Bay's Canada Day sale?
  636. Does Canadapost online store offer price protection?
  637. Summer Jacket
  638. Where to buy leather home theatre seating in Vancouver, BC?
  639. Need a suggestion how to deal with Canadian tire customer service
  640. Where to shop in Maine?
  641. Aunt Fell On Wet Floor and The Store is Trying to Contact Her. What Should She Do?
  642. What to do, I got scammed from an authorised Canon dealer.
  643. Do you think TSC's Yonanas for $35+taxes is a good deal?
  644. Joe Fresh – $10 Gift Card When You Spend $20 on Woolite, Resolve and Lysol at RCSS
  645. MemoryExpress Credit card problem again!
  646. Buying a mattress- Stores that will take your old mattress when delivering new one?
  647. Best Buy Return Question (Gift Receipt)
  648. Does anyone know how to search for a rug from the manufacturer?
  649. Raffi Jewellers *WARNING*
  651. Any duties slapped on (US) orders?
  652. Looking for a table/desk something for DJing
  653. How come CC companies don't start issuing virtual CC numbers ?
  654. Does Newegg Canada Price Match?
  655. Mailman asked me to pay my customs fees from DHL by cheque only
  656. Engravement
  657. Walmart Price Rollback Myth?
  658. Anyone tried ?
  659. BEWARE / teamsave
  660. buying stuff off of kijiji, what to look out for?
  661. Anyone just switched or plan to switch to Enbridge natural gas could get a $400 GC
  662. Sears -- what were they thinking?
  663. Re: Futureshop E3 Promo: Preorder 3 games get 20 off each Mysterious Shipping Costs?
  664. Looking for a new TV & maybe Internet and Cell Phone Provider..
  665. Target Canada opening March 5
  667. Where I can find OPEN BOX laptops that DFSDIRECT used to sell?
  668. Paypal...
  669. PayPal funds did not get spent (CAD/US currency change)
  670. Bought $55 worth of product from and got charged $17 of custom duty
  671. Online stores that ship with Canada Post
  672. Ontario: Eco Fees on tvs over 29" going up May 1st
  673. Canada Post wants me to pay for shipping twice?
  674. Need a favour from someone in Brampton, Ontario
  675. UPS: requesting for packages to be picked up @ Concord-Vaughan
  676. U-Haul at Warden & 401 in Toronto.....awful service, stay far away!
  677. Shipping to Odgenburg NY
  678. delete!
  679. Am I understanding this coupon right?
  680. Sears stores closing in GTA - Square One/Yorkdale/Possibly STC
  681. Price Protection vs Retun Policy, Canadian Tire
  682. What's up with Canada Post this week?
  683. Local Audio Store Return Policy problem/question
  684. Has anyone shopped at
  685. Table saw at $99: HomeDepot vs CanadianTire ?
  686. Are mail-in rebates still around?
  687. Nikon D3000 and Tamron 40-300mm Price Check
  688. Anyone know the link to the Shell opt in Airmiles offer?
  689. Shipping, Brokerage Fee question
  690. How do I respond to this Paypal dispute?
  691. Air Miles 25x Black Friday Facebook Promo - anyone get their miles?
  692. Price match for online shopping
  693. The Source: Get $25 GC when you spend $100+
  694. Does ship to canada with UPS or FedEx?
  695. Is there a lulumoon outlet in Vancouver?
  696. Future Shop Product Exchange Program for Cell Phone - Thoughts?
  697. mid-year Ice Age sale. (Don't even bother clicking this.)
  698. Staples online return policy?
  699. (deleted)
  700. Kicked out of HMV!
  701. Global Shipping Program - ebay
  702. Will the Bay reprint receipt?
  703. What is the pricing of macbook pro retina at apple education store?
  704. Why few people talk about items from CanadianTire but most from HomeDepot here ?
  705. "Extra" Avocado at Subway
  706. RCSS: Next Tax Free Event? (Ontario)
  707. Anyone have CanadaPost lose a package?
  708. Winners grand opening June 13th,hamilton Eastgate.
  709. Can Best Buy Gift Cards be used at Futureshop Stores?
  710. Cardswap - No longer offering up-front discounts on gift card purchases
  711. My life is ruined by Shaw, please help!
  712. Glymm monthly beauty box services declares bankrupt. CLOSED
  713. Anime/Comic/Gundam Figure
  714. What do you tell the border officers when picking up mail in US mail box?
  715. Returning Empty Propane Tank
  716. Most annoying/insulting lines used by retail store staff?
  717. Return at newegg
  718. Sears shady online review practices
  719. Fido - What should I do?
  720. - BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE - any suggestions?
  721. Disney World, Sharks Tank, & Dragons Den...
  722. CBI: Packages Now Require A Personal Mail Box Number (PMB)
  723. [NewEgg FAIL] Wester Digital RE4 1TB Deal of the Day
  724. My Experience Using Memory Express
  725. Duty and Tax on Eyeglasses (Prescription)
  726. How does Paypal handle refunds if I refuse a package?
  727. Orange Julius/Dairy Queen Deceptive Advertising Practices
  728. Safeway vs Co-op
  729. Mac and Estee lauder Warehouse Sale - How was it?
  730. Anyone Try To Signup for American Store Cards (not credit card)
  731. [Merged] Are Costco memberships worth it?
  732. Anyone having problems placing an order with focalprice?
  733. - wrong product, wrong price
  734. Le Chateau Queen St Outlet (Toronto)
  735. Highland Farms: Weekly Flyers no longer the same for all stores!
  736. Rogers wants to repeat service line work that damaged our driveway
  737. HD ultimate tool event.
  738. Anyone ever ordered from Any duty/custom fees?
  739. List of Coupon/Rebate Sites
  740. rayban sunglasses online ,,good deal
  741. When Did Sears Start Charging $3.95 For In Store Pickup?
  742. Will Shoppers Drug Mart have PS4 on launch day?
  743. Canadacomputers selling open boxed products as new?! (Online)
  744. You can order from with expired membership
  745. Buyer Beware - Are www.p i l o s h o p .ca Scammers? Please Read and help.
  746. Can I return and exchange underwear at Sears?
  747. Best Buy charges $7.10 recycling fee for 2.1 Computer Speakers- Is this right?
  748. US: promo
  749. Can you send USD to someone in China from Canada using Western Union?
  750. GTX titan seem legit check?
  751. Buying TTC Tokens with CC
  752. Rogers ripping me off
  753. claiming shipping costs at the border?
  754. Taxes - usa shopping
  755. GAZ metro plus issue
  756. Tip Top - Quality?
  757. Why do Rebates now come in Credit Card Gift Cards?
  758. [USA] Optimum Nutrition Class Action Lawsuit - Free $48 (No receipts required)
  759. Asus tf300 with keyboard for $400, good deal?
  760. Mexx Warehouse Sale - How was it?
  761. NCIX Experience - HORRIBLE !!!
  762. NCIX Won't Refund or RMA Damaged Item
  763. When is the best time to get the best deals at Zara?
  764. Canadan Tire - Scandanavian Ceiling Fan
  765. Reimburse question - Fedex International First
  766. New Niagara-on-the-Lake Outlet Mall Opening in 2014
  767. MemoryExpress "transferredtostore" status?
  768. Calling Cards / Mobile Long Distance / Log Distance Access Numbers and Pin
  769. Has anyone ordered from
  770. Declined UPS package, theyre still trying to bill me brokerage
  771. Vision Pro Great company.
  772. Any Sale/Clearance SmartPhones?
  773. Brokerage fees on Weber BBQ from
  774. Costco: Any rubber water hoses in store ?
  775. which grocery stores do price match in GTA?
  776. Do Chapters Indigo gift cards expire?
  777. Costco Return Policy? Returning defective products after a year?
  778. Anybody Buy A TV From
  779. Detroit Address for Online Shopping
  780. Staples Shipping
  781. Compatible devices for Fido LTE Hotspot
  782. Buying electronics from
  783. Any good shopping search engine?
  784. iPad with Retina (4th gen) or Nexus 10?
  785. Do you expect furniture delivery men to remove their shoes upon entering your home?
  786. Is Futureshop / Bestbuy relavent anymore?
  787. Empty 18.9L Bottled Water Bottles Returnable ?
  788. Problems with Dunder-Mifflin paper?
  789. New Booster Juice in Whitby - Thickson Place
  790. Buying a recliner -The Brick?
  791. Has anyone bought a Nexus 7 from
  792. Canadian Tire Return Policy Question
  793. Hit with high duty fees? Into Canada on items worth less than $20
  794. Rona 3x Air Miles (in email)
  795. Can I reload my Costco Cashcard online?
  796. Ncix rma
  798. What do you redeem with your airmiles points?
  799. Do I need physical copy of gift card to use it?
  800. Mailbox service near Plattsburgh NY
  801. Best Buy Price Match Question
  802. Why is FoodBasics IN THE STICKS open today and not in the major city?
  803. Recommendation on purchasing a Flying experience around GTA?
  804. SpeakOut text message... can someone help me to better understand their charges?
  805. ups power of attorney
  806. Processing times
  807. amd7950 from futureshop or bestbuy
  808. I have a $100gc that I got from Rogers that I need to spend at the Shopping CHannel
  809. First Class International with Delivery Confirmation? How long does it take for you?
  810. Costco Rebate cheques lost?
  811. price history website?
  812. Value Village Richmond Hill changing price at the register
  813. - Are they reliable?
  814. Brada LCD Tv's @ The Brick
  815. Shopping at Buffalo
  816. New Richmond Night Market to Compete With Existing Night Market
  817. Stay Away From Sears Installation!!!
  818. Switching service providers to CIK
  819. Paypal Verification and Collection Agency question - I think I got scammed
  820. Beware of
  821. Anyone having trouble tracking China Post Air Mail?
  822. Goodlife Fitness membership unfairness
  823. Going to the USA soon, what should i buy?
  824. Costco membership from other country
  825. Odd pricing in Target for Huggies Diapers
  826. HY LED - Anyone buy light bulbs from this store?
  827. What are your thoughts on Tax-Inclusive pricing? Should Canada go this route?
  828. Has anyone used before?
  829. Reviews of jewellers
  830. Hello, New to website want to know if shopping on Absolute Toner is safe?
  831. - what is the best way to redeem for a Wii U?
  832. online store - contact number out of service? Why??
  833. Costco East Deal thread?
  834. Budget Electronics-Feedback
  835. Returns at Staples
  836. cashback
  837. TV Repair Craziness
  838. Future Shop Provincial Tax Price Beat
  839. Q: Anyone experienced "Item held for pick-up as requested by sender" notice from CP?
  840. Checkout51's camera not focusing?
  841. FutureShop TV Warranty
  842. Fed up with NCIX ASPM
  843. Primus Canada is the worst company on earth!!
  844. Retractable Screen Door in Costco
  845. Bestbuy Canada Store Credit Good in USA?
  846. Selling something on craigslist/kijiji and shipping via canada post COD - is it safe?
  847. Is the buyer still responsible for a returned product?
  848. Pro Stone - granite countertops
  849. UPS sales tax on basic groceries
  850. Shipping across border duty?
  851. $15 GC for leaving Rogers - just let them know why
  852. US - Senate passes nationwide online sales tax bill
  853. 2012 TV clearance sales?
  854. Sennheiser Warranty
  855. Walmart Canada return policies on electronics...
  856. [Merged] Have you been to a Canadian Target yet?
  857. Crabtree & Evelyn hand cream set, if that okay for Mother's day gift ?
  858. Did Canada Post lost my package?
  859. Are Kijiji deals on open box television from various stores legit?
  860. Costco: why line up?
  861. Canada Wonderland..Take 6 months to pay ends on May 20th
  862. Why does the Bay not have Polo ralph lauren clothing for women?
  863. get refunded the 2.5% premium Samtack charges on credit card purchases
  864. Home Depot blatant screwup
  865. Why does UPS think it's Adverse Weather Conditions?
  866. Does NCIX offer free shipping regularly? Also anyone w/ express shipping experience?
  867. US Shoe and clothing stores or US exclusive websites to shop at for great deals?
  868. Price match question
  869. Leon's Integrity Pricing
  870. A very bad manager (Daniel) in Home Outfitters at Vaughan (3200 Hwy 7) location
  871. bulk barn coming soon in may front street toronto
  872. Taxes when crossing the border with items bought off eBay
  873. Rogers Customer Rep refusing to change to my agreed plan. What to do?
  874. How do most eBay sellers handle shipping regarding defective units?
  875. Specific days when airlines put out coupons?
  876. Redeeming unadvertised MIR rebate
  877. Where to buy Nillkin case for ipad mini in Vancouver area?
  878. online electronics retailers that price match?
  879. Does Canada Post do anything about lost item insurance and service tickets?
  881. NCIX Super Saver Shipping Club May 1st to 8th
  882. Same american credit card address for border shipment company address?
  883. Tiffany sues Costco over sales of engagement rings
  884. Border crossing question
  885. should I contact BestBuy!
  886. Canada Post...lost my package
  887. Does the bay 22322 text massage 50-10 coupon still work?
  888. Sears Canada to drop electronics
  889. cancelling rogers -- Speakout/Petro's unimited mobile browsing/apps
  890. A website that predicts future exchange rate between USD to CAD?
  891. Rims and tires
  892. The difference between buying a laptop at versus costco warehouse?
  893. what great deals did you get from BAY days sale?
  894. I think I'm being cheated by Mobilicity ?
  895. Big Box Stores + Extended Warranty, worth the peace of mind?
  896. When is the next Bay's additional 50% off clearance price sale?
  897. Now you can pick up packages at UPS Store
  898. does shoppers drug mart price protection
  899. beware of blueant
  900. How can I protect myself from scammers on iOffer?
  901. Shopper's Drug Mart Murale Store
  902. Still confused about
  903. cheap smartphone from 123inkcartridges
  904. So much for Memory Express's Über Price Beat Guarantee! :/
  905. Looking to Move at the End of This Month
  906. Whiteflash Ring - Getting it sized
  907. Shipping times from china and Paypal claim time limit
  908. Can i get some feedback about this site?
  909. Can someone post their current USPS tracking number here?
  910. Question about Bestbuy Reward Zone referral
  911. Scam from
  912. The Bargain! Shop is going out of business
  913. Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate 3DS
  914. $499 price match Sony Nex 3N got $40 back
  915. Does Costco still check your bags?
  916. Great Experience with
  917. Duty fees: how does it work when buying stuff from the US?
  918. Looking for filler item on amazon to get free shipping
  919. Have anyone dealt with online retailer
  920. Condoms from eBay?
  921. thread missing
  922. buying tires in Buffalo
  923. Experience in Toronto when shopping, particularly convenience stores.
  924. Razer gaming products 90% off
  925. [deleted by mod]
  926. [FAKE - Please Delete] - Is this Soccer Website legitimate?
  927. Swagbucks Cineplex eGift Using Method.. Solved..
  928. Massage Chair
  929. Staple. Coupon for previous purchases?
  930. Question about purchasing groceries online in Calgary
  931. eBay seller admits mistake in suing customer-but it's found he's sued dozens more
  932. Futureshop price match question
  933. Best Buy Vending Machine @ Pearson Airport
  934. Fedex invoiced me
  935. Looking for European Electronics store in the Toronto Area
  936. dilema: when ordering from, should I order the SKUs separately or together?
  937. Futureshop Price Match Policy and "We Pay the Taxes" promotion
  938. HBC blocked my gift card. Anyone had similar experience?
  939. raising fees!
  940. returns - Says up to 2 months before they return my money
  941. Wind Contract?
  942. Be careful with
  943. Rant: Retailers like Canadian Tire need to start accepting Digital Flyers
  944. Can anyone recommend some good Chinese wholesale websites?
  945. T&T Supermarket Lucky Draw contest rules
  946. Minimum Shell gas amount to get Airmiles?
  947. Aeroplan Star Challenge update: all miles from gap gift card purchases were reversed!
  948. HomeDepot - Terrible washer/dryer installation! BAD service! Help?
  949. Are their any other Canadian sites like RFD? What about US?
  950. Kmart shipping
  951. New Beef at Costco: hormone and antibiotic free
  952. Rogers Customer Service is Useless
  953. extended warranty from costco
  954. Tassimo mail in rebate
  955. Is there an english language version of Amazon China?
  956. Does anyone have ordered from
  957. Spring Cyber Monday?
  958. Is there a way to check how much someone paid for USPS postage?
  959. Best Buy Boxing Day Sale - Iphone 5 for Free - CHECK YOUR BILL!! $180 credit missing
  960. Injustice for PS3 from bestbuy
  961. Isn't this misleading advertising ? 50 deals 50% off
  962. Anyone cancel Bell within 10 days of signing up?
  963. Is there a demand for Canadian Mailing address for US Shoppers?
  964. Costco email SPAM
  965. Bringing Alcohol back from the States. Can you combine your volume exemption?
  966. Staples Canada looks to downsize 39 stores
  967. Costco Garden Center...
  968. A way to use bestbuyrewardzone certs + futureshop GC + bestbuy GC for Online purchase
  969. Taking advantage of Best Buy/Future Shop merchandise return policy
  970. True Religion @Vaughn Mills additional 50-60% off
  971. Question: CanadaPost Handling Fee
  972. How long does returning to sender take?
  973. Shipping address in the US and forwarding to Canada
  974. How much are you paying at goodlife with student discount?
  975. SDM does not accept SDM gift cards as payment
  976. "Item successfully delivered" but not to me ?
  977. $20 rebate from Tassimo
  978. Rogers and SIN?
  979. Candian-Outlet? Legitimate store?
  980. Bait & switch at 2001 Audio Video Eglinton & Warden location
  981. Duke Electronics Centre - Any experiences?
  982. Your opinion of the RBC mascot?
  983. Need advice on multiple tires shipped to Point Roberts
  984. Printing No Frills flyer for Ad Match at Walmart
  985. NCIX return policy is a joke.. Visa to the rescue
  986. Eyeweardealz - Major Scam!!!
  987. Complaint about Banana Republic in Vancouver (removed their clearance items from sale
  988. How to shop online for PC graphics cards at fs/bb when they don't ship to Qc prov. ?
  989. Disposable sim card for the US
  990. SDM Optimum plus?
  991. Le Chateau: Formerly good but now a complete rip off
  992. question and shipping
  993. Can I or is it worth buying a brand new TV from Buffalo?
  994. Got Lied to by JYSK call center staff
  995. Will Future Shop price match with Newegg?
  996. Can I buy gift cards with Shoppers Points and PC Points?
  997. P.O Box/somewhere to ship parcels in Las Vegas?
  998. Rogers or Bell?
  999. What do you think of people who returns walmart products?
  1000. Subway's customer appreciation month - A SCAM