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  1. Awesome(?) Rogers Cable TV deal I got !!
  2. HOT 46" Sony EX700 LED EHR Best Price this year?
  3. Should I be able to get an exchange or at least store credit?
  4. Blades for Magic Bullet
  5. Goemans Appliance - Stay Away
  6. buying online w/o a credit card
  7. Canada Post delivery question
  8. how to get a mailbox with US Post Office (in NY)?
  9. Price Matching Fun
  10. Furniture Direct Sales - anyone else had problems with them?
  11. Dell website and customization issues!
  12. Double-sided Bluray cover images on movie-selling sites..
  13. Amazon.ca: $25+ Gets you Free-Shipping
  14. I am right or am I off base here?
  15. Snow Blower sale for Ariens at Home Depot coming in November 2010
  16. Where to buy gold in kitchener waterloo
  17. Better Deals on TVs during Xmas/Boxing Week or Next Summer?
  18. Limited liability credit cards - refillable
  19. Buy the Dove 2-in-1 shampoo
  20. Bestbuy shipped me Dirty Harry Collection on DVD instead of Bluray.
  21. Sears Price Protection on Clearance Items
  22. Can anyone recommend good print shops for very high quality print?
  23. Is "Deal Extreme" trustworthy?
  24. Deal on costo office chair
  25. Groupon today-Gelaskins?
  26. Team buy sites - how many is too many? is this just a trend?
  27. Bell Mobility Nightmare. Does anyone have any contact info for these people?
  28. Bell cut internet without notice
  29. Future Shop - Trade 2 games, get game free.....return question
  30. What are some Common Ebay Scams (by buyers)
  31. Chapters.Indigo.ca Now Offering Free Shipping Over $25!
  32. Does Shopper drug mart has Sony reader now? looking for Sony reader 650
  33. How would this scam work?
  34. Spa and Travel - I would avoid at any cost
  35. Changing Pre-Order at EB
  36. Best extermination /pest control service in Montreal?
  37. [Merged] Amazon.ca lowers free shipping requirement to $25
  38. Home alarm system monitoring - Monitoringcetre increase price by 30%
  39. Mastercard Gift Cards
  40. Lx3 cap string lost
  41. Bestbuy and Futureshop sites down at the same time(Oct 11)
  42. Michaels open on thanksgiving day?
  43. Is Orfus Road open today? (Thanksgiving)
  44. Bestbuy.ca - online sale - Sandisk 8GBCruzer you don't save that much.
  45. Oriental Food Mart open Thanksgiving day?
  46. Is Costco open today? (Thanksgiving Day)
  47. DealExtreme - Ship order to hotel in Hong Kong?
  48. Return Clothing that Shrinks?
  49. Why Paypal conversion rate so weak?!
  50. Windows 7 money back or free upgrade???
  51. Is Home Depot open tomorrow?
  52. EB games employees saying "Man" Thanks man, etc etc
  53. Threadless T's shipping to Canada
  54. Got a Used Heatsink Packaged as New
  55. Amazon Shipping
  56. Mississauga customs delays?
  57. looking for a site
  58. Dell. New Practices (?) . Beware! Read this before ordering...
  59. Seems not a lot hot deals on Thanksgiving weekend
  60. Varsity Jackets
  61. Does Best Buy Price Match Dell?
  62. canadacomputers charging 5.35% gst? please try your self
  63. Tax on Canada post shipping???
  64. Purchasing an Item in BC but having it shipped to Alberta, what tax do I pay?
  65. Does Best Buy or Future Shop Price Match Factory Direct?
  66. has anyone used/have experience with this back up camera?
  67. Rogers Mobile New Customers
  68. costco- return sealed contact lenses?
  69. Returning a Plasma back to Futureshop after 2weeks?
  70. Why doesn't Starbucks/Second Cup make coffee to order?
  71. Toronto Ski, Snowboard & Travel Show
  72. NCIX Showroom in Markham
  73. 3 web - FRAUD and CHEATERs - Need help from ISP authorities
  74. Cross border shopping... US deals site?
  75. US BestBuy giftcard - can it be used in Canada?
  76. What 'worst deals' have you seen?
  77. Hershey's Kisses
  78. refund from canadian tire for an assembled computer chair?
  79. Philips authorized repair facility in Toronto
  80. Oh No, Kevin Crull is now CTV's Chief Operating Officer !!
  81. RFD Deal of the day false and misleading advertising (when 50% off is not 50% off)
  82. ~ ~ Mosaic ~ ~ @ Pacific Mall ....... How legit are they?
  83. Aliexpress experience with escrow
  84. Dollarama no longer accepts Mastercard
  85. Vibram fiveFingers, Where did you get yours? (Crossroadsonline.com)
  86. Is pricematters.ca a scam?
  87. UPS - 92% brokage fees?
  88. Will I get a refund from Zellers even though i cant find the price tag?
  89. NCIX Offering Advanced Store Price Match - Get Your Price Matches Guaranteed
  90. NCIX ASPM - Advanced Store Price Match
  91. Dell's Bad Service
  92. Walmart (bayview/hwy 7) open date?
  93. Customs/Duties on amazon.com marketplace
  94. Best Buy Reward Zone cards can you combine points?
  95. Good & reasonable butcher in West GTA
  96. How long does it take for NCIX to send the pick up in store email?
  97. Burger Bar in Kensington Market
  98. Intro-ReFlag - iReel Scam
  99. Most Effective Places to Complain about poor service
  100. Disney Movie Rewards - general discussion thread
  101. Petite Feet Sample Sale
  102. Costco
  103. HBC Total Home Care
  104. Excellent customer service from Monoprice
  105. What I learned buying my appliances
  106. closed
  107. Staples Coupons + PMs -> How do I do this?
  108. HBC Total Home Care
  109. TheSource at Cederbrae Mall = ******** Manager
  110. Walmart website adobe flash player looping causing IE hang
  111. Sears refundable warranty?
  112. Amazon Gift Cards
  113. The Bay doesn't take part in SPC anymore?
  114. Do I need give tips for take out?
  115. buying diapers in bulk....
  116. Future Shop price protection question...
  117. When is the Adidas family and friend sale?
  118. UPS (oh look, this thread again)
  119. plasma TV - extended warranty
  120. Looking for urban clothes stores GROVE CITY ?
  121. Lancia Pasta 650g
  122. another furniture negotiation thread
  123. Dell.ca
  124. Wireless Etc kiosk @ Costco...
  125. Waiting for BestBuy to credit my account, how does does it take?
  126. Purchasing Best Western Gift cards
  127. ------------
  128. When is the pickering Lowes opening?
  129. Bell's Visual Call Waiting - does this include call display?
  130. AVOID subway @ pine valley and hwy 7)
  131. LG approved my exchange!! Need help with a new TV!
  132. Newegg.ca shipping time
  133. Are NCIX and Best Direct the same company ?
  134. Costco Canada VS USA
  135. MEC Rock Solid Gurantee?
  136. NCIX Extreme Deal of the Day
  137. SPC - "Sharing" is bad.
  138. GamesforCanada.com --- do they ever reply to requests/emails/quotes?
  139. why appliances in Costco are so expensive?
  140. Does anyone know when the next Geox warehouse sale will be?
  141. New $5 Young driver surcharge (Age 25 - 30) from Enterprise-Rent-A-Car
  142. Tea Drinkers, would you get this product?
  143. Teambuy - Now Live in 11 Cities
  144. Staples sucks. huge ripoff
  145. Dior Addict 2 Pump broken :(
  146. Women Naked and Famous Denim Retailers
  147. What's The Source return policy?
  148. Canada Post - Will my package arrive on time?
  149. Telus and Iphone
  150. Help w/ Bell Bogus Charges - And Refuse to Adjust Charges
  151. Groupon / Teambuy effect - would service suffer?
  152. BMA Mystery Shopping - Anyone Ever Hear About this Company?
  153. Celestron Astromaster 114AZ @ 179.99 Canadian Tire (do not buy).
  154. President's Choice BBQ? What is the warranty on it?
  155. Purolator is horrifically incompetent
  156. Anyone familiar with USPS?
  157. President's Choice NO FEE Banking has fees!
  158. Buying a roomba battery from the US
  159. No Frills now to price match other stores
  160. Saving the HST with a twist...would you try this??
  161. Had the worst time of my life at boston pizza for ufc!
  162. Buying cell phones at futureshop/bestbuy
  163. Price-Watch/RSS Feed help?
  164. "Guaranteed" Gamestop/Ebay Games
  165. Essentia vs Plasmabed
  166. Looking for $15-30 earphones?
  167. Levi's jeans online
  168. How does duties, tax work when buying online from the US?
  169. Why you should buy an Insignia TV
  170. corporate telephone trees!!
  171. Futureshop - open software exchange
  172. Walmart's Rain Check LIE
  173. Book: Hollywood Causes Cancer by Tom Green @ Dollarama for $1.50.
  174. new? group buy deal site
  175. Shaw is getting into Cell phone business
  176. Anyone use SCC Parcel Pickup in Port Huron to receive packages in the US?
  177. Where Can I Buy Books Online, With PayPal?
  178. Where can I find Lucky Brand shoes in store????
  179. [FINAL STATUS: LOST] CanadaPost lost my passport - Final Update/Case Closed
  180. Recommendation - Bluetooth headset iphone4
  181. Will Future Shop accept a return with no box?
  182. Retailers don't have to honor prices marked on merchandise when you get to the till
  183. Was just wondering hmm....
  184. Entertainment Book Issues...
  185. WARNING : DELL is over charging taxes when purchase is made by phone!!
  186. Print 1,000 pages BW copies cheaply?
  187. Canada Post Tracking and USPS Number
  188. OES Fee for Refurbished TV??
  189. OES Fee for Refurbished TV??
  191. Where to buy a kegerator or "keg fridge" in the London Area
  192. Netfirms domain RENEWAL price
  193. telus high speed + free xbox 360
  194. Anyone can find best price for samsung LCD TV LN46C610 or LN46C630 in GTA?
  195. Staples coupons - excluding computers
  196. Telus Contract
  197. Bell obvious bait and switch - illegal?
  198. Does BestBuy match the price to only FutureShop?
  199. Anyone knows any good credit card for gas price saving or rebate?
  200. Anyone buy razorpit? reviews anyone?
  201. Beware of Leon's Furniture kingston
  202. Looking for automall in Toronto.
  203. monoprice mounts
  204. (OTTAWA) Great new deal site!
  205. can you or can you not buy pet food from USA and bring it over?
  206. iCoke Rewards selection?
  207. HP Pavilion T4300 at 380$ a good deal?
  208. Personal Edge Website
  209. Hot deals as good as...watching adult material
  210. Reusable shopping bags in place of baskets/carts in grocery stores?
  211. travel mug-zellers
  212. Tiger Direct exchange policy
  213. Anyone Know the difference for ddr ps3?
  214. Canadian equivalent of Monoprice?
  215. Forwarding Online Purchases from USA to Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  216. beware of Canadian tires return policy!!! WORST POLICY EVER!!!!
  217. Bell Rep Call: Deal on Bell Phone and Internet Service
  218. Anyone know of an RW&CO outlet store?
  219. Korean Grocery
  220. Amazon.co.uk shipping?
  221. Calgary specific futureshop/bestbuy flyers
  222. Potential Pitfall of Stores Not Providing Free Bags
  223. icoke PIN
  224. 15% off at urban planet
  225. Hydro rates going up 40% over next 5 yrs (after HST hike)- what to do ?
  226. Webloyalty.com - good discounts?
  227. Is it me or does Canadian Tire have the worst customer service ever?
  228. Meritline shipping - to US only????
  229. Ridiculous; 18% duty on footwear!
  230. Rogers Contract
  231. NCIX Scarborough Store Opening
  232. $70 cell phones/ hype or corby???
  233. Point 2 Point Parcel, Pt. Roberts, WA - Reviews Please!
  234. Braun 60 Day Trial Offer (refund not received)
  235. FutureShop pickup expiration?
  236. Futureshop/Best Buy online orders return policy
  237. Cbiusa
  238. Best Buy/Future Shop Software returns/exchanges
  239. Return TV which was shipped to family in other province
  240. Anyone ever shop on DHgate.com
  241. Costco electronics price protection
  242. superstore return policy
  243. $1 for air at gas station?
  244. Erin Dodge Chrysler<<<buyer beware!!
  245. SDM's price
  246. Future Shop robbed my friend of $350
  247. Buyer Beware- Bad Boy Furniture jacks up their prices once you sign the dotted line!
  248. Jcc website legit?
  249. Why is there such a markup on Gillette blades (Costco C$56 for 20 versus $25US) ?
  250. I phone 4 or better?
  251. Where to sell diamond ring?...pawn shop or antique store?
  252. Bought in US and live in Canada..What rebate to use???
  253. Chepeast store in downtown Toronto that sells Vans (shoes)?
  254. removed
  255. CITI Petro Canada card
  256. Can I do price bargain at Sears home store?
  257. How to put money in Citi prepaid credit card in bank?
  258. The Virgin Mobile SuperTab is Misleading
  259. Where I can get the new Nike Livestrong Lunarglide+ 2 for cheap?
  260. Which Costco carries the Hartz training pads for dogs?
  261. Domain registration with Yahoo
  262. *WARNING* 1-800-flowers.ca - AVOID at all costs
  263. Costco baby formula discontinued?
  264. Have Amazon.ca account, link to Amazon.com? Or new account?
  265. How to get Dell Canada to Price Match Dell US?
  266. Anyone knows stooples head office contact?
  267. Help finding McFarlane's Dragon toys
  268. Quebec Bill 60: Know your rights...
  269. Cosmetic Warehouse on Kennedy Road and Ellesmere Road
  270. the source
  271. question about future shop and their price match
  272. Compare the netbook deals
  273. Product shrinkage and price increases. Why and how?!
  274. Singing the lg blues!
  275. Dollarama's policy of no exchanges or returns all final sale
  276. Credit Card Extended Warranty - for cellphone purchases
  277. BC. BC homeav Tax? walmart
  278. Capresso Coffee Machines
  279. Shoppers Drug Mart trademarks owned by Alberta company?
  280. Need advice..tivo won't let me reactivate month-to-month
  281. Multi-buy sales at grocery stores
  282. Online silver jewelry store
  283. Canada Post: Postage increase starting January 17, 2011
  284. Walmart - Testing cashiers for adherance to store policies and procedures
  285. Upgrading my Bell Internet.
  286. UPS made me wait for 1.5 hrs for nothing and driver refused to deliver!!!
  287. anyone know a good place to print pictures?
  288. Boss Tools is no longer in business.
  289. Bell mobility double renewal of contract
  290. Rain check question
  291. Canadian Tire 1/2 Price BBQ Sale bait and switch?
  292. Network related items - where to purchase
  293. Walmart opening electronics before selling?
  294. Rogers bandwidth over cap limit ?
  295. anyone live near catherine st., ottawa?whats around there?
  296. hockey expert Price matching
  297. which one to buy? Somic headsets
  298. HBC TV purchasing discussion/help.
  299. When making purchases, do you tip
  300. Want to talk to ppl that have PM at nat'l stores for $100 or more
  301. Digital photo printing
  302. Apad, now or wait?
  303. Futureshop eCertificate question
  304. Dell DoD pricematching
  305. Differences between the Staples easyRewards Personal/Teachers/Business?
  306. Heather's pick and Oprah club book recommendation
  307. Forever 21 overcharged me by $400
  308. I want a ThinkPad T510. What deals should I use?
  309. Costco
  310. What's the secret to earning Petro Points?
  311. US shipping storage service?
  312. Dell Deal of the Day Preview for this round?
  313. Vistaprint Business Cards Displeasure
  314. Produce Distributors / Importers in Nova Scotia?
  315. Rogers Internet Problem *UNRESOLVED*
  316. Looking for reputable GTA florist
  317. Best Buy Sells ALL Laptops/Desktops BELOW COST
  318. canada computers downtown burned down!
  319. Value Village Question
  320. Vanilla Prepaid MasterCard Cannot Edit Info HELP!
  321. LF: Inexpensive kit for projector
  322. Online Shopping Peaks at 4 PM on Wed.
  323. Costco Website Down?
  324. shirtsmyway
  325. American Eagle online vs B&M Prices
  326. Finally, new Dell Days of Deals?
  327. Vitamix blender at PNE?
  328. 5 Alarm Fire at the Canada Computers on College Street!
  329. any hardware stores open labour day in gta? rona? depot? cdn tire?
  330. FutureShop Comment of the Day
  331. No HST when you shop in US?
  332. Kim Hoang Jewellery & Watch Company ( need help on this )"claiming Authorize Bulova
  333. Opinion on Mobilicity from Rfders?
  334. Article on various Group Buy Sites some good deals to be had.
  335. Which stores sell laptops for 300-500?
  336. "Light in the Box" online store?
  337. Acanac Internet - Any way to get a good rate?
  338. Does Future shop accept Best buy gift card?
  339. Best place to buy ipod touch?
  340. hisaleonline.com- legit or not?
  341. Gift cards sold at stores for other stores/services
  342. Shopping at Atmosphere
  343. No frills - price matching policy?
  344. SDM 20 x the pts
  345. Be very careful with GForce Home training
  346. Which stores buy used computer parts?
  347. Best Buy Pricematched expired deal
  348. Levi's store return policy?
  349. Genuine replacement cellphone batteries in TO
  350. Great Mini Fridge Recommendation?
  351. Canadian Tire: Price Adjustment Policy
  352. Direct Canada shipping question
  353. Furniture/Appliance Outlet in Niagara Falls with no HST?
  354. Zellers PM Policy?
  355. Paypal?
  356. Gladmart.com Legit?
  357. Levi's Store @ Eatons
  358. Winnipeg: Leader General Distributors, discount candy store
  359. Olympic Memorabilia HELP!
  360. Ordering from newegg.com
  361. Anywhere to order pcb boards in Canada?
  362. --------------------
  363. are there any other group buying sites besides these listed?
  364. Canadian warranty/return policy for something purchased in BB US?
  365. Dell sending expired coupon by snail mail?
  366. Student Price Card Activation Time
  367. Wal-Mart makes me cranky....(rant)
  368. Pre-order goodies return policy?
  369. GTA - Has anyone bought / had any experience with this craigslist retailer?
  370. pushy rude salespeople @ Richmond Hill futureshop
  371. Does Costco have extended warranty? Costco credit card?
  372. Ordering from staples.com
  373. Free 3 months (Internet+Phone+Cable) From Rogers for new homes (Minto)
  374. Indochino Suit arrived today, not thrilled...stay tuned.
  375. UPS Standard to Canada - Has it changed?
  376. scanning reciepts
  377. Eastlink Bundle Retention Deals ??
  378. Is Apple deliberately sabotaging its own products?
  379. Canadian Version of Gilt Groupe
  380. Costco stock
  381. Scanner Price Accuracy Voluntary Code question - refund of shelf price?
  382. what's your user experience at ebay?
  383. Package stuck in Customs?
  384. Wal-mart & $3.50 eco fee on $14 clock radio?
  385. Jewellery - Shipping to US
  386. Is there a store to frame my jersey in Toronto?
  387. Eye exam @ NEW LOOK, $30 for PD?
  388. can futureshop price match visions electronics?
  389. Returning a shirt with a stain on it
  390. how to cash US issued MIR cheque?
  391. --------------------
  392. BestBuy Price Match?
  393. Can I use fido points at any store?
  394. Nook Shipping to Canada it Seems
  395. Kensington market store hours
  396. Banana Republic exchanges
  397. CAA Gift card mall (3% CAA dollar rebate) (May be GTA only)
  398. Amazon.com - Charged Brokerage after having paid Import Fee?
  399. Factory Direct
  400. Monoprice S&H charges higher?
  401. Moores alterations
  402. Selling Used Clothes on eBay
  403. What have you bought from the States or overseas lately?
  404. Apple Macbook Air Hinge Problem and After-sale Service
  405. FS Laptop warranty
  406. Future Shop (Visa?) Policy: No (money back) refund if credit card gets stolen
  407. Zeller's Ethics Code Issue
  408. On Line Pharmacy-"Canadian Healthcare"
  409. Rental office rejected application based on sexuality?
  410. Autotrader.ca removes your new online ad to solicit paper sales
  411. Champion Socks @ Costco
  412. Victoria's Secret Grand Opening @ Yorkdale - Share your experience
  413. PNE and BC Gold Card?
  414. Vacation Rentals on Craigslist?
  415. McMug and McDull
  416. Galleria Korean Supermarket Imaginary?
  417. Buying Macbook Pro: Education discount vs. Refurbished??
  418. Canada Computers reputable?
  419. Great TELUS Story
  420. BestBuy denied their 10% Price Match Guarentee..?
  421. CT: ADS FEE?? 2.75 on 9$ clock!
  422. Newegg.ca Order Processing Time?
  423. What are your thoughts about getting approached by sales people when youre shopping?
  424. No Frills coming to Calgary?
  425. Petro Canada in Richmond overflowed my gas tank!!
  426. The Book Depository (Canada) [Shipping service review]
  427. Rogers contract questions
  428. buying gift card using gift card?
  429. Pumped more gas than I asked for
  430. Pls. What brand could this be?
  431. Cross-border Pottery Barn -- worth it??
  432. Best brands/retailers for briefcases
  433. anyone worked/working for Shoppers?
  434. Bell retentions for home phone/internet?
  435. Where to get inexpensive hi-maize starch?
  436. Most frequently visited Supermarket?
  437. Moore's 40% off all Causal Pants + Jeans Coupon
  438. Satisfaction guaranteed by refund or exchange - Walmart private brands
  439. Bell Offer???
  440. Is batterycanada.com any good? Any place I can get a camcorder cheap also?
  441. Am I paying to much for bell internet?
  442. Ipmart.com
  443. BUYERS BEWARE - Home Hardware tools
  444. Amazon.ca still using UPS?
  445. Staples 14-day laptop return policy
  446. Vaughn Mills vs. Grove City
  447. Extended warranty by CC?
  448. Meritline doesn't ship to Canada?
  449. Rona, HD, Lowes Cut and Plane wood?
  450. How to free up shop! card credit
  451. Need help: How to claim Manf. warranty without receipt?
  452. PCCyber: shipping times, editing orders, experiences?
  453. No more
  454. I need some INFO on Gift cards
  455. Woodbury Common Outlet Mall
  456. About jewelry store Kavar?
  457. Where to shop in Calgary?
  458. RhythmicNC mattress
  459. NCIX price match policy question
  460. Deal Extreme is a Scam?
  461. when did Costco send coupon book
  462. Should I Exchange Alienware TactX Mouse that I broke with Dell
  463. cable, or satellite TV? individual channel selection?
  464. ebay problem... item never arrived
  465. Another Bell scam
  466. Rolex Appraisal & Selling
  467. Does how long ago you bought it matter at FS?
  468. MacBook and Ipod Applecare
  469. NCIX MIR Questions -- Dateline Ambiguity
  470. $25 for $50 GroupOn GAP Coupon - Exchange/refund?
  471. can someone confirm 50$ off 500$ /w Bestbuy card
  472. Bestbuy return policy
  473. Can I exchange stuff without the receipt at futureshop?
  474. How to get publisac in Montreal?
  475. Buying XBL Points via Accounts
  476. Any good diamond ring stores in the GTA?
  477. Rogers Confusion
  478. Fedex sucks??
  479. Primus Home Phone -- How bad is it?
  480. Good Clothing outlet or shopping stores from Ottawa to Montreal?
  481. Bell Mobility is a Scam!!!!
  482. Mystery Shopper
  483. No flyers delivery at new place
  484. InvisibleHand now has Canadian stores
  485. Summit Energy Victim
  486. Canada Post shipping Internationl....
  487. Shipment not arriving on correct date?
  488. eBay transaction deleted
  489. U.S. sears.com order from Canada?
  490. Canada Post Tracking is Down?
  491. Any Good Electronic Store around Montreal Downtown?
  492. Amazon Canada has sales tax?
  493. DO NOT BUY home equipment from Sears!
  494. Taxes @ Airports?
  495. Linking Canadian bank USD savings account to Paypal
  496. Best buy return policy
  497. where to get dark chocolate icewine in KW area?
  498. Expired gift card question
  499. Futureshop pm policy
  500. To buy MP3 player from Walmart USA
  501. Bell Horror Story, please help
  502. Longest time spent on the phone waiting?
  503. Refund for Canadian Tire item Without Receipt?
  504. WTU: Dentist with Digital X-Ray
  505. People who spend all day in Starbucks on their wifi
  506. delete.
  507. Does Express Post usually take this long...
  508. The Source - Bell Sales Rep
  509. How do I get the free mouse deal on my recent Laptop order from Best Buy
  510. Pay as you go Road side assistance
  511. Meat at Costco?
  512. HST at walmart, nofrills, loblaws.
  513. Best store (in terms of delivery) to buy a mattress? And a couple more q's
  514. Future Shop price matching policy vs. online retailer
  515. Dell: Worst Customer Service >:(
  516. Thanks for wasting your time at The Bay
  517. Futureshop "$10 OFF inc for 1 year" ?
  518. Where can i find a "Learning manual, keep distance" sign?
  519. Kingsdown Passion Sleepset
  520. Question for Ebay Vendors(Cologne Related)
  521. very mad at this staples manager
  522. Cell phones
  523. Can a retailer refuse to accept coins?
  524. Apple Care Protection Plan, Yay nor Nay?
  525. Best Outlet For Pampers
  526. BBV going to hell is not necessary
  527. Anyone ever ordered from Modchip.ca?
  528. Problem solved.
  529. Laptop (PC) and MacBook Pro return policy question.
  530. MISINFORMED by Holland America & Canadian Customs caught us! NOW WHAT?
  531. Turns out Walmart has raised prices
  532. Vizio TV from Wal-Mart USA.
  533. TVs at Costco
  534. Costco Return Policy on Electronics?
  535. BB and FS cost is bogus?
  536. Purchased an item online at Future Shop and it turned out to be a demo
  537. Teksavvy/Comwave question
  538. Return Bad Beer to Liquor Store
  539. Moving to B.C. - Help with Internet/Cable/Phone Companies!
  540. Mattress buy help
  541. Visa Reloadable Prepaid Card in Canada?
  542. 65"+ TV in Canada
  543. Sleep Country Canada
  544. Where can I print T-shirt?
  545. Cancel Rogers HS Internet service under contract?
  546. No more Bell/Rogers contracts!
  547. Toy and Gift Warehouse Sale
  548. Would you buy a tv from costco?
  549. Would you shop at Victoria's Secret?
  550. Where to buy briefcases for interviews?
  551. Will BB/FS PM stores in another province? Montreal, QC.
  552. the brick terrible service
  553. Thomas the tank engine on Ebay
  554. No Frills on a thursday.
  555. Shoppers Drug Mart gift card question
  556. wedding and event decor - the perfect setting
  557. Shaw vrs Telus for phone service
  558. GSM Phones From Newegg.ca?
  559. VIP SPC card?
  560. Best Buy US Coupons
  561. Does Indigo/Chapters accept returning "gifts"?
  562. Markways.com - Reputable?
  563. Employee commission lost when returning an item?
  564. Questions about buying AppleCare on apple.ca
  565. Marlon Durrant
  566. is "e outlet canada" a good place to buy
  567. online sears.ca coupon codes
  568. Does NCIX pricematch if NCIX doesn't have stock?
  569. Marvel at McDonalds????
  570. Anyone ever bought Car Rental CDW from Tripinsurancestore.com for $9/day?
  571. Where To Get Computer Repaired in Downtown Toronto?
  572. Renewing Shoppers Optimum points?
  573. Contesting/Disputing Canadian Customs' charges
  574. So I got royally bitched at for asking for ID (Using a credit card)
  575. Is shadesdaddy.com legit?
  576. Where to buy swimming goggles?
  577. Rogers plus game rental
  578. Signing up with Shoppers Optimum?
  579. How do I price match a bluray at Futureshop with a bluray found at Walmart?
  580. MC139 NOTICE: eBay Communication Partner Warning
  581. TVs going on sale for NFL season/back to school?
  582. $50 US Best Buy Card - not usable in Canada
  583. Trying to return a USED ONLY ONCE george foreman grill
  584. Has anyone ordered from alibaba.com?
  585. Beware - ATMs in convenient stores
  586. How to contact Vancouver Customs Re: Possible lost package?
  587. Cell phone plans?
  588. Is this normal for Canada Computer refurbished?
  589. Nike Outlet 40% off this summer?
  590. Good wholesaler for Sushi-grade fish
  591. Costco's TV In-Store Rebate
  592. Camera Shops in New York near the border?
  593. NCIX slow!
  594. Bell Student Plan
  595. ikea; no box no return?
  596. How do we buy prescription sunglasses?
  597. 3V Visa vouchers anyone use these?
  598. Rogers Extreme Plus Internet for $46.32 all in.
  599. return/exhange policy @ bestbuy for laptops
  600. Sears - return policy
  601. Huh?? Charged for $2.88 duty on Land's End item that was $16.99 USD....
  602. Selling a private car on consignment?
  603. Dollar stores are disappearing
  604. Use gift card to get something better/pricier or make something cheap even cheaper?
  605. yousurf
  606. Gap Give and Get 30% off event
  607. Has anyone ever ordered from B & H Photo before?
  608. Toys R Us Online - "Free Shipping" Not So Free
  609. Staples in store PM Dell?
  610. gibbysaudiovideo.com
  611. ❤ Shoppers Drug Mart❤ Tell a friend Event -Up to 88000 points!
  612. Futureshop 'VIP': Keele&St.Clair Aug 12 2010
  613. MEC coming to Barrie
  614. need suggestion what to do...
  615. Disney Customer Service -- Stellar!
  616. What bus to take if I want to shop at Lundys Lane, Niagra Falls?
  617. do shopper drug mart sell rechargeable batteries?
  618. Sportchek - End of Season - Bikes
  619. T&T Waterfront Night Market
  620. i NEED to find a store that has an iphone 4 asap
  621. PNY Rebate cheque expired?
  622. anyone know a store name Mediaplay Plus?
  623. Best Buy Warranty - HD-Pvr (Rogers)
  624. How do I get a good deal for rogers internet?
  625. JA Henckels Classic Clad Cookware
  626. Forrest Griffin's Be ready when the S*** goes down?
  627. I don't like NCIX
  628. Ups
  629. Sports Jerseys - Sales, Sitings, Coupons, etc.
  630. Can Pearle Vision do this?
  631. Home Depot - Purchased BBQ, now's it's $100 cheaper
  632. 5thdimensionstore sell legit acekard2i?
  633. Shaw VS Novus in Vancouver
  634. Jumbo Computers Closed Down?
  635. Costco vs grocery stores for bbq supplies
  636. WTB: Ikea Outdoor Furnitures
  637. Any Electronic Clearance Warehouse with Videogame Consoles?
  638. Heavy Whipping Cream 36-38%
  639. Honda Civic Gas Card
  640. Rogers/Fido Customer who ordered IP4/ any phones through retentions.
  641. Sofa delivery
  642. Dell Vostro 3700 for $799?
  643. Where can I find this side table?
  644. That store in sauga that items get sent to when boxes are damaged?
  645. Restaurant adding tip?
  646. So if I buy a samsung t.v from the u.s..
  647. Urban Eyes Optical (Davie Street) is TO BE AVOIDED.
  648. Is there a list of prices for grocery stores?
  649. Art and Antiques subscription + free gold coins ???
  650. Marketing logic missing at FS
  651. Halloween and Christmas Stuff Up Already!
  652. Rogers $ 99 Netbook Deal
  653. Is there a gov site that sells bikes found / flagged as stolen?
  654. SAMSUNG Washing Machine Recall
  655. u should avoid Sisley honda north toronto
  656. Costco Return Policy on opened DVD+DL media?
  657. Ordering Products from Red Oxx
  658. Toronto Flyers
  659. Does FS always include next day shipping when you try to price match?
  660. How do I buy from USA-only online stores?
  661. Dr. Flea's Market Toronto?
  662. ------------
  663. Finance a custom upgraded iMac?
  664. Any one know the next Clinique Bonus Days
  665. iPhone 4 Vancouver Availability
  666. Walmart Price Guarantee
  667. New wireless customer activation deals?
  668. Can they still charge eco fee?
  669. Delivery time... Foregin customs? Help
  670. Bell Satellite
  671. What's up with pricecanada.com?
  672. FCUK Canada's customer service sucks!
  673. Shoppers sued over Optimum card point change
  674. About the destop HP Pro 3000?
  675. Purolator Shipment Delayed (one day)
  676. Loblaws / No Frills - Gas stations ---> Quality?
  677. ROGERS Hardware Upgrade w/ Corporate Account
  678. Buying laptop online from USA, question about customs
  679. LivingSocial.com - Vancouver Wine Castle Trade
  680. Sportmart
  681. Keurig Warranty return, or Costco Exchange
  682. Does Costco sell Hair Regrowth Solution in Canada?
  683. ViaAddress.com - US Address
  684. Best Quality Photo Books?
  685. Dell free shipping method
  686. Dri. Kapersky.com Orderfind.Commn? weird visa charge any idea for what!
  687. Need an opinion on MSI Laptop, help
  688. BEWARE of onesat.ca and canadasatellite.ca
  689. Buying contacts online - prescription is off.
  690. Worst retailer in terms of finding an item?
  691. Cell phone replacement battery - Recommend a retailer?
  692. Apple to deliver cut-price computers to Taiwan after error
  693. IKEA Wacky Wednesday
  694. Fido Rewards/Dollars redemption.
  695. Bestbuy Canada in stores: do they sell Visa or Mastercard giftcards in stores?
  696. Amazon.com
  697. Good price for this 32"?
  698. Anyone buy from TonerOnline.ca?
  699. Consumers Frazzled by Samsung LCD TV Problems
  700. Frankly concered about buying stuff at Costco at this point
  701. Engagement ring question
  702. Nielsen Homescan
  703. Winners is a thief!
  704. Canadian online retailers: Yo-yos
  705. Home Depot return without receipt question
  706. Futureshop Return Extended Warranty
  707. Rage Shots sold in the CANDY section at Dollarama? Whaaaa!!!???
  708. RASS becoming RCSS?
  709. Which SDM stores are carrying Sony products?
  710. Home Theatre wires/plates?
  711. Season DVD Sets
  712. NCIX Price Matching System
  713. Price of Kia Forte?
  714. Best Option Shipping From US->Canada (Big Item)
  715. EB trade in promotion/system question
  716. Return to Winners without tags -- any success?
  717. Credit Card Coverage? Stolen after Purchase
  718. Can we return an apply macbook pro to BB without penalties
  719. ODAT Sites?
  720. Has anyone tried PC-Canada online store
  721. Need ADVICE: iPhone options
  722. Question about Canadian Tire Bike Tune Up
  723. Anyone ordered from CanadaComputers?
  724. Returning 58" TV to Futureshop?
  725. Problems with Bell Deal
  726. Amex front of line
  727. Damn Rogers
  728. iPad and Rogers?
  729. Trade in old eyeglasses?
  730. SDM 15x points on $50+, or 20x?
  731. Wonderland Tickets ?? where to buy ?
  732. SDM "So much more expensive"
  733. Canada and US Duty Free age question
  734. Amazon.ca pre-order shipping
  735. Trying out before buying from ClearlyContacts?
  736. Canada Post Expedited Parcel Service
  737. Canadian Tire is nothing but fail - rude customer service AGAIN in north vancouver
  738. Logitech Warranty - What would you choose?
  739. Eco/ recycling fees in ontario?
  740. Can I bring vegetables/fruits from US to Canada?
  741. Is Shaw the cheapest high speed internet provider in vancouver?
  742. Does costco carry organic milk ?
  743. Futureshop instore delivery?
  744. How much custom duties/taxes I have to pay on Laptop which is ordered from US?
  745. Bad Customer Service At Shoppers Drug Mart - TD Square
  746. Lowes Price Adjustment???
  747. Any good stories of BB or FS extended warranties?
  748. question about the best buy rewards zone gift certificate.
  749. Edited: NVM
  750. Prepaid credit card you can use online in the US? what is good?
  751. How do you PM at ncix? Nothing happens?
  752. Futureshop return contact?
  753. is dealtoworld.com legit?
  754. gm Employee Pricing ???
  755. Newegg US to CA Shipping times?
  756. Is TigerDirect.ca opening a location in London?
  757. best place in canada to buy MMA clothing online?
  758. EB EDGE Card
  759. UPS - Doing own brokage
  760. Desjardnis Car Insurance
  761. FreightQuote.com - Avoid at all costs?
  762. BB Buying me a new TV....
  763. Overtock.com - pricing cdn vs us
  764. Starcraft 2 / EB Games - don't want it
  765. Farmers Market
  766. Q? intel retail edge warranty.
  767. Toronto - Shopping Malls List
  768. SDM Optimum - have the points system changed?
  769. does shoppers drug mart price protection
  770. SDM return at another store?
  771. Ontario Scrapping Eco Fee
  772. Future Shop, Online & Gift Cards
  773. Canadian Tire Dropping the Eco Fee (Repost)
  774. Price Match Different colour?
  775. Order shipped to wrong address
  776. Canadian Tire Scraps Eco Fees
  777. Has anyone successfully ordered from Sony.com before and picked up at forward service
  778. Oh Cr@p... not UPS Standard... Help?
  779. Fabfind.com Legit?
  780. Shipping Heavy Item From US to Canada
  781. Macbook Pro + Free Ipod PM at FutureShop?
  782. Price match an online price with Sears in store?
  783. Best Buy ED
  784. Japan - buying a camera from there?
  785. Question about Ebay purchase and HST
  786. --------------------------------
  787. vaughan mills return policy
  788. LCBO price error? Was: $ 13.50 Now: $ 13.50 Save: $ 1.00
  789. Looking for a good Bluetooth Headset under $20 for VOIP
  790. Getting calls from Rogers Telemarketers? Here's the trick to stop it!
  791. CT : Possible new rewards program (changes to CTM).
  792. Am I the only one who finds Starbucks to be a complete rip off?
  793. Bestbuy Rewardzone + Gift cards
  794. does FS/BB PM dell.ca? what do I need to bring?
  795. Has anyone dealt with sealymatress.ca?
  796. Droid x
  797. Hbc Rewards
  798. Scam alert @ Abercrombie & Fitch: A&F Quarterly NOT really available today
  799. Monoprice.com - Server error
  800. Using Digital Dollars from Bestbuy in Futureshop
  801. self-checkouts: How much should you cheat?
  802. Is it possible Ncix sold me an opened box item as new?
  803. Just Eyes Optical in Toronto
  804. Booo! HMV return policy
  805. Online Style Source
  806. Costco.com shipping option
  807. Returning Boots to Walmart after 90 days?
  808. Futureshop return policy
  809. Is there a lowest price on Netbooks, ongoing thread?
  810. Are Groupon and Living Social legit?
  811. airmilesshops is crap right now
  812. where to buy NDS lite housing in richmond?
  813. Coming Soon... The RedFlagDeals.com Deal of the Day
  814. Ontario: Eco-madness out of control!
  815. Dell return policy "refund and no return need?"
  816. is $300 for 20K aeroplan points good?
  817. please delete (was about Dell returns)
  818. Is buying the Nikon D90 worth it right now????!!! URGENT
  819. Telus recently changed their Terms and Agreement, Can I get out of Contract?
  820. Infant Sleep Lamp
  821. MyJewelryBox.com vs BN or even Brilliant Earth WWYD?!?
  822. Bell PPV Policy: "Order at your own risk..."
  823. Bad Experience with Beyond the Rack
  824. Canadian Tire overcharging eco fee
  825. What does a price-match with an "Authorized Retailer" mean - STAPLES?
  826. registering a second keurig brewer and coffee discount?
  827. Good Deal? WD Caviar Black 750GB for 69.99$ @ newegg.ca
  828. LF: Online store to buy DIAMOND
  829. Skype Billing for Unlimited US & Canada Plan
  830. Easy way to save when shopping online
  831. Be careful with Futureshop sales people
  832. Canadian tire No Exchange, repair only policy?
  833. What are your thoughts on Tax-Inclusive pricing? Should Canada go this route?
  834. Buying Shisha Tobacco Online
  835. Experience dealing with Dell...
  836. TNF Tent Footprint Question
  837. Acanac phone service question
  838. HST pushes plastic bag charge to $0.06
  839. Mom was sold $3800 worth of cosmetics from mall kiosk - Resolved issue
  840. Bell TV locked in...Help!?
  841. Question about The Brick Store Credit
  842. UPS: Finally a positive experience
  843. brokerage fees from amazon.com
  844. Disgusted by ROGERS Customer Service
  845. Which mailbox rental service should I go with?
  846. Is this good deal for Fridge, Gas Stove and Dishwasher? PLEASE HELP!
  847. Dempster's Healthy Way Procardio Bread - Where to Find???
  848. Shipping from US to Canada
  849. Watch company in Holland sent me wrong item, asks me to pay return shipping
  850. What if I get charged UPS Brokerage b/c of the seller?
  851. Return fraud
  852. Vanilla Mastercard + Paypal
  853. Cheap sunglasses online? (not ebay)
  854. Canadian Tire gift cards and cashback
  855. HD.ca - Are they reliable?
  856. The Bay: Updated Return Policy
  857. Beer Prices in Quebec
  858. How can I claim $100 Canada Post coverage for lost shipment?
  859. Think twice about buying an Archos android device!
  860. Advice on staples laptop clearance buy?
  861. Purchasing laptop from HP's US site - they don't ship to Canada - suggestions?
  862. jvc KD-R418 at 99$ + installation(50$) ??
  863. Best place to sell used jewellery in Toronto?
  864. Which chain store do you boycott/hate the most?
  865. Aeroplan estore giftcards - worst service ever!!!
  866. Zellers does not participate in SCOP?
  867. Choicehotels.ca - Employee Rate - ID required?
  868. Which stores charge the ecofee tax at the cash?
  869. auto parts
  870. how do you deal with dell when they have out of stock items?
  871. W Series Walkman® MP3 Player $59.95 [US]
  872. Subway Overcharging for Combo Option
  873. Funny observation RE: Shoppers Drug Mart
  874. SEARS - TNT 18v drill - opinions pls.
  875. Information on Custom Player Name & Numbers on Soccer/Football Jerseys
  876. newegg.ca : bait and ...
  877. Super Cheap Electronics from ebusine
  878. Mabel's Labels for Easter Seals
  879. Fedex smartpost
  880. Anyone buy from 123inkcartridges.ca or inkjetsuperstore.com?
  881. Stores that do cash back
  882. WIND Mobile is officially the worst of all cell phone companies
  883. Rogers Unlimited Social Networking and Mobile Browsing Add-on
  884. recommendations needed please
  885. Best Buy charged BC HST on a Playstation Network card..
  886. HST @ A&W's and McDonalds' ????
  887. Wonderland - upgrading tickets to season pass?
  888. Memroy Express Coming To Vancouver: Aug/Sept 2010
  889. Rogers - Bundle Discount OWED
  890. Where to buy Kitchenaid refrigerator parts (GTA)?
  891. Returning Used Printer?
  892. Does SCOP apply to "scanning errors, incorrect codes keyed by cashier"
  893. Refurbished Xbox 360?
  894. Has anybody used FlyForLess for airplane tickets before?
  895. Canada Post "Guaranteed" delivery
  896. Bought used running shoes at Winners?
  897. Best Buy Printer Return Policy
  898. UPS = fail....to deliver
  899. Pricematching a bundle @ FS/BB?
  900. Costco Chair and Ottoman
  901. Brilliant Earth experiences - anyone?
  902. Seller made an error on my address - USPS delivery?
  903. Newegg.ca / UPS headache
  904. Question about Ebay
  905. Apple IPAD Purchase
  906. Making a price adjustment on a Dell.ca order?
  907. Wal-Mart Changes Return Policy (Must have receipt)
  908. Can gamestop (US) gift cards be used at EB games/gamestop Canada?
  909. "justcomeon.com" legit?
  910. Why does EB Games open their games and sell as brand new?
  911. New Proactiv
  912. where to buy new sewing machine
  913. My appreciation to RFD forum (and everyone involved) regarding my samsung CS post
  914. Company canceled my order, then when I placed new order charged wrong amount? advice
  915. Bewawa.com: Do they clearly label refurbished items?
  916. Shoppers Optimum Rewards Points - Review of Return
  917. giantwarehousesale a legitimate website?
  918. Locker rental
  919. Good Shopping Outlet in Vancouver?
  920. DSLR Camera + PSP 4 Year FS warranty
  921. Sportchek customer service
  922. Maple lodge factory outlet brampton
  923. Buying silver from local dealers in Toronto?
  924. Any July 4th deals that ship to Canada?
  925. Newegg coupons/discounts [Question]
  926. Store Reusable Bags
  927. Is "Electronicsforless.ca" a legit website?
  928. Can I convert Canadian Future Shop gift card to Best Buy US?
  929. FS Price Match Policy?
  930. Better Choice Bundles with Rogers/Fido turns into a scam
  931. Beware of "Free" Battery offers at Dell.ca
  932. HST... What a min what if I buy out of province?
  933. SDM - Shoppers Drug Mart is charging 5 cts per Bag starting July 1
  934. Walmart electronics return policy
  935. What's the cheapest packaged product you've seen people steal from a store?
  936. Telus return policy, urgent help
  937. Recommend a Rogers retail store in GVR.....
  938. I think I was charged HST before July 1st
  939. Canada Post Tracking
  940. Homesense 'Codes'?
  941. removed
  942. Hertz - Should I go ballistics?
  943. Washington State Sales Tax Exemption for BC residents halted by US Judge
  944. Customs fees - Urban Outfitters online?
  945. Sonystyle.ca dishonesty (VAIO related)
  946. NCIX return policy - product not as advertised.
  947. PCCyber is full of crap (ottawa)
  948. HST geographical chart
  949. HOT: Save 8% on GAS (Ontario)
  950. costco gas - wow
  951. Haggling at a B&M jewelery store for just an engagement setting
  952. Good alternative to Bell?
  953. HST GAS WARNING +$.08 Tommorow (ON)
  954. Comwave Modem
  955. how would HST effect computer purchase outside from living province
  956. Target coming to Canada?
  957. Turbo Aire Fan - Available at Costco in Calgary?
  958. Ontarioians beat the HST on gas
  959. Where are the Canada Day Sales/Flyers
  960. How low can people REALLY go?
  961. RBC Rewards Gift Certificates
  962. Any legal obligation to exchange/return defective items
  963. Wild Water Kingdom = Cesspool?
  964. Remember that Zellers Avatar DVD promo?
  965. Facing a problem with Teksavvy.
  966. husky gas $3 coupon until July 4
  967. Dell scam...
  968. Quan TV Appliances - immoral sales tactics and terrible attitude from the owner
  969. TNT Expedited/EMS Shipping = FedEx ground...
  970. Where would you buy a washer/dryer?
  971. Esso on the Run and Rogers PAYGO refills
  972. Wok suggestion for an occasional stir fry
  973. Wal-Mart Return Policy (any store)?
  974. Getting a refund after using pc points
  975. directcanada sent me an opened and wrong item
  976. About CRTC fees and Rogers deals.
  977. Duty/taxes on Made in USA home theatre furniture?
  978. Staples ship to store option?
  979. Online purchases outside of Ontario and BC
  980. Amazing Gas price 92.3
  981. Honest Answer: Is it worth it to buy clothes from the US?
  982. Price of everything from China to get expensive?
  983. Should I buy online or in-store?
  984. Tiger D scam?
  985. What is the best Garmin Nuvi GPS?
  986. RFD Thread of the year??
  987. Toys R Us returns
  988. Where to Buy Fireworks in Kitchener/Waterloo or Online in Canada?
  989. Rogers LIED about Internet special
  990. Shoppers Drug Mart Will charge for bags July 1
  991. How often do the Dell Ultrasharp IPS monitors go on sale?
  992. Empty 18.9L Bottled Water Bottles Returnable ?
  993. Does Failureshop price match UPDATE TV and STEREO?
  994. Where can I find Loreal Paris Color Rays bleach+dye in Ottawa?
  995. Staples B&M store PM policy
  996. scratched the lens on my oakleys.
  997. clothing retail stores and their quality
  998. Shipping from Costco.ca
  999. Redeemed my SDM points and had a refund
  1000. Rapidshare changes a pricing model