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  1. Costco return policy.. now limited??
  2. PayPal issue (HELP!!!)
  3. Cheap Electronics Stores in Montreal
  4. Would you have gone ape****? Jumbo Computer bait and switch scam?
  5. EBgames Credit in the states?
  6. Does it worth to purchase textbooks online and ship to point roberts for pick up?
  7. Paypal Newbie - Please Help!
  8. Excluding certain products from SCOP?
  9. Windows License Refund
  10. HOT DEAL!! - Movie tickets and sporting events will be less after July 1st!
  11. TV Commercial Style
  12. Futureshop pricing policy
  13. first choice haircut
  14. Purchasing through Ebay, shipping to CBIusa.com or another type of USA address
  15. Japanese Shiki Futon in Toronto
  16. What happened to the Suzy Shier at the Eaton Centre?
  17. Huge Trade In Event @ BB isn't so huge afterall...
  18. How do I get out of a just energy contract?
  19. Save 8% on EVERYTHING* (Ontario only)
  20. Hola Sun. paid 0 + 0tax for trip to Cuba
  21. Good place for cheap nuts/bolts, hardware in Vancouver?
  22. Buying Walmart gift card from someone
  23. eBay Sucks!
  24. Life Insurance
  25. Shoppers Drug Mart and Rogers Shake Hands on Pilot Project
  26. Kitchenstuffplus.com
  27. power cord for kitchen appliance
  28. EB/GameStop @ York Mills Rd. & Leslie St. [Toronto]
  29. Leons: No money down = No, money down!
  30. Price Matching BB with Adencamera
  31. Retail outlet to purchase optical audio cable?
  32. No deal from Apple this year?
  33. Anyone have problems with Mason windows.
  34. Cross Border Shopping and NAFTA: Duty Free Brands Database
  35. SDM Vancouver that sells electronics
  36. Would you buy over the limit per customer?
  37. 40" Sony Z5100 for $879+$200 for 4 year warranty. Deal?
  38. Dealextreme, Focalprice,...Chinabuye.com???
  39. Cross Border Shopping in Niagara Falls / Buffalo Suggestions
  40. Chrysler Employee Choice Certificate
  41. University discounts?
  42. Document Shredder danger
  43. Lenovo power supply and Keyboard quality ... Is it me only?
  44. How to Obtain a Confirmed U.S. Address for a U.S. PayPal Account + U.S. BING Account
  45. Double orders..
  46. BlueNile vs Tiffany - Silver Jewellery
  47. [PS3] Unreal Tournament III Retail Dummy Disc
  48. Good gaming laptop?
  49. What Happens when you Confront store Security
  50. RBC BIC/SWIFT number
  51. Just got 360 back from Best Buy... and it's banned
  52. So what was your free gift from the Gamedeals sale?
  53. Readers Digest Sent Me a Bill...Why?
  54. Bad experience with Bestbuy replacement plan - what can I do ?
  55. Wrong future shop location showing up on credit card statement
  56. How carefully are self checkouts watched at RCSS?
  57. Can I mail stuff from US??
  58. Would you purposely make separate bills under $4?
  59. Grrrrrrrrrrrrr dairy queen!!!!!!!
  60. Cancelling order after "processing"?
  61. M&M Meat Shops
  62. Where to buy new Shaw HDPVR?
  63. NCIX sucks. BestDirect thumbs up!
  64. Dell day of deals question
  65. Customs brokerage on freight shipment
  66. Bestbuy.ca Returns Issue
  67. Warning : directcanada.com & ngear = no warranty
  68. canadian tire gift card at gas stations?
  69. Future Shop Price Protection - does it apply for bonus product?
  70. AIRMILES @ Shell & Bonus points
  71. Warranty for CPU bought on eBay?
  72. Superstore self-checkout credit card mix-up.
  73. Will Rogers Price Match?
  74. Costco Lawn Mower -Yard Pro Y160Y21R - $399
  75. Wendy's "Medium or Large?" RANT
  76. What's the best hardware store in Toronto? Need some hard-to-find nuts.
  77. costco+Dell = Long wait for delivery
  78. Help on choosing online stores
  79. When will Fido ask me to renew?
  80. Are retailers allowed to refuse a visa transaction because you don't present ID?
  81. Rent a Wreck
  82. Men's Health - Auto renewal or misleading advertisement?
  83. Beware of The Brick in Ottawa
  84. Monoprice-like stores in Ottawa?
  85. Kudos to Lowe's "satisfaction guaranteed"
  86. Whalen Furniture
  87. Yoplait Yop Commercial
  88. Returning without receipt--what is each store's policy?
  89. Got hustled in buying Best Buy's Product Exchange Program
  90. At Home, Lifestyle Rewards and Galleria
  91. RBC Visa overcharged refuses to dispute
  92. Why so many egos and stuck up attitude in Clothing retail?
  93. Buying something used on ebay, is there Duty?
  94. Returning Cable HD PVR box
  95. Rogers and UPS
  96. Will Gigabyte honour rebates on MB purchased in newegg.ca?
  97. Returning Apple products from USA in Canada?
  98. Sleep Country Canada Protection Plan rules
  99. Do FS employees give personal deals?
  100. What is Zellers return policy regarding opened cosmetics?
  101. Unintelligible eurotrash Honda radio jingle?
  102. Canadian Tire (Toronto) product locator
  103. future shop @ pembina winnipeg customer service sucks
  104. Who doesn't shop around for the best price?
  105. The Source: Ridiculous Prices
  106. New FS Price Match Policy?
  107. Similar sites to DealExtreme?
  108. Forever 21 worst customer service ever!!!
  109. Alternative to Monoprice for TV Mount
  110. Going to US to shop for electronics. What are good places?
  111. MIR's
  112. Price matching Futureshop?
  113. Bait & Switch?
  114. Are grocery sale items often products that are discounted by the manufacturer?
  115. Rockport (retail) return policy
  116. Square One mall to be open on most statuatory holidays
  117. Fido online account
  118. Which mall in toronto should I go to tomorrow?
  119. Shipping to US then bringing over border?
  120. Nokia N97 for Iphone 3G Trade - Good Deal?
  121. Registered Airmail
  122. swagbucks problems
  123. Price matching at NCIX question
  124. Help- Need a new TV service (getting ripped by Rogers)
  125. any grocery store selling Sears gift card?
  126. Faulty Motherboard from CC burnt.
  127. Where can I buy the battery charger for Panasonic 'lumix dmc-zs3' digital camera?
  128. Detroit downtown
  129. Best/Cheapest US Forwading service for CLOTHES and SHOES?
  130. Tek Savvy Questions
  131. Blueant products and service! A+
  132. Apple Ipad to Canada
  133. Warning: SDM gift cards mysteriously lost $200 balance
  134. What does Purlator mean by "Scheduled Delivery Appointment Required"
  135. Comwave Home Tel.
  136. Costco membership expired and returns
  137. SDM (Shoppers): Leaves a bad taste in my mouth - literally
  138. Canadian tire money?
  139. NCIX no ball to answer my PM question
  140. Labels @ Niagara Falls Outlet Mall closed down
  141. Great Service at M&M Meats
  142. Getting someone to buy you GC at Costco instead of membership?
  143. Question about Staples Return Policy...
  144. Anyone know how long it takes CCS/eastbay/footlocker to ship?
  145. TDot Performance Legit?
  146. SQUARE ONE: Stores that sell prom dresses?
  147. Did anyone notice the new ECO fees
  148. Does Dell have any protection plan for the saved cart?
  149. any other places that sell pc games in toronto?
  150. Is extended warranty for computer monitors worth it?
  151. shop.nhl.com sucks!
  152. officesight.com (furniture)
  153. Does anyone know where I can get an Appa Plushie (from Avatar: The Last Airbender)
  154. Need help (amazon service)
  155. Amazon to build warehouse in Canada
  156. Hair cuts in Winnipeg?
  157. BIDZ.COM Is it a Scam?
  158. Klipsch Retailers in GTA
  159. What is HST added to you that you currently buy or will be buying?
  160. Best But Product Replacement Plan
  161. BB preorder?
  162. Postage Stamps for wedding RSVPs
  163. Shipping bike by Costco?
  164. Planning to buy Macbook for college.
  165. Sod Toronto
  166. Vent-A-Hood Suggestions?
  167. Ps3 warranty
  168. Looking for cowboy shirts/hats in dt TO.
  169. Canada.com auctions gc auctions till end Apr Canada only!
  170. Dell Canada Return Policy on Laptops
  171. Buying from Walmart.com from Canada
  172. Costco - Ladies Bicycle
  173. Possible to return 2 year old bike to Costco?
  174. UPDATED! - Things to Buy before the BC HST kicks in thread!
  175. Blank
  176. How many returns do you make?
  177. price match and extra discount - any retailers?
  178. Costco return policy help
  179. Good affordable computer speakers?
  180. Crossing The Border, which one is the best!
  181. vitacost.com anyone use them,how was shipping to canada?
  182. W3 Solutions
  183. Canada Post shipping on weekends
  184. Don't buy extended warranty from Future Shop. BIG SCAM!!!!!
  185. HBC Credit Scam - "Free" $25 Gift Card
  186. LOLS Futureshop.ca is on the Fritz!
  187. Meta Search for Computer/ Parts
  188. ipod Touch from Amazon.com
  189. Safeguarding a shipment from being damaged by Customs!! Help.
  190. MemoryHouse Order Mistake
  191. How my 1st Wind Mobile Bill was $300 - Rant
  192. SIG Electronics - "Special Order"
  193. I'm an experienced optimum pts collector, but help me with this...
  194. Anyone receive a Confiscation Document from the RCMP?
  195. Is this a good deal? Sony KDL-40Z5100 display model for $1199 @ FS?
  196. Cost to melt ring and make new one
  197. Ticketmaster - website fail
  198. PM excuses from FS
  199. When Is a Credit Not really a Credit??
  200. PC Cyber - Trustworthy?
  201. Sunglasses in Canada
  202. Never buy cologne/perfume from Dept stores like the Bay, unless you like overpaying
  203. My son's school trip to NYC, bringing back an Ipad.
  204. Dog Owners! Save on HEARTGARD
  205. How To: Cross-Border Shop
  206. Costco Novamform Mattress differences and opinions
  207. Did Dell changed the way they package their LCDs or they shipped me a refurbished LCD
  208. I would like to order a Tournament edition Fightstick from amazon.com : will fees bro
  209. Capo Phones Ltd is a SCAM!
  210. Samsung B600 series LCDs at Costco
  211. Buying a Mac at Retailer vs Online
  212. Ok deal? Costco.ca Samsung LN52B540 52 in. LCD HDTV $1330
  213. Is Futureshop allowed to reject PM because that item is "exclusive" to Futureshop?
  214. sales trend website help
  215. Walmart have hockey sticks?
  216. Swipebids.com
  217. Where do you buy groceries?
  218. Returning Defective Stuff
  219. PayPal Security Key
  220. What malls are open tomorrow?
  221. Sunoco / Shell Gas Station problems
  222. Woot
  223. How does Air Canada PM Westjet? Vice versa?
  224. Is Tigerdirect closed today?
  225. Fedex's 3 days ground shipping
  226. any lenscrafter-alike stores?
  227. Waiting for Dell Shipment
  228. Is it possible to get a FS GiftCard with Cell purchase when NOT new customer?
  229. Basilico Restaurant in Woodbridge - Bad Service
  230. Best buy and visa discount
  231. STAPLES: Can I bargain on clearance items?
  232. Any grocery stores open in the GTA on Good Friday???
  233. Estimated cost of UPS brokerage/taxes/other fees for $100 item? $200 item?
  234. Walmart now charging 5 cents for bags
  235. Game Trading Q&A and Strategies of How to get Hot Deals
  236. Got any April Fool's deals?
  237. Horrible experience with DHL
  238. Charged tax+"handling fee" for order from monoprice??!
  239. Kitchenaid Rebates Not Honoured If Items Purchased at Futureshop!
  240. Parcel forwarding from UK
  241. Is there a place where I can test out lenovo laptops?
  242. ikea area rug
  243. Question about FS warranty
  244. cardswap.ca
  245. Returning food you didn't like the taste...
  246. A
  247. Is www.beautymarkcorp.com legit for online mens and womens fragrances?
  248. Dell Cancellation Policy
  249. Best item(s) you ever got at a thrift store, garage/yard sale?
  250. italkbb
  251. Ebay's new seller fees!!
  252. Joined the Dark Side and bought a Costco membership!
  253. LCD monitors at Costco- full refund ANYTIME?
  254. I am FURIOUS with Futureshop
  255. Is Toronto -> New York considered a short-haul flight?
  256. The lowdown on extended warranty peddlers
  257. Anyone used www.rlimshop.com? - How to check legitimacy?
  258. Buying from ebay and American stores
  259. HP 60 ink timestamps
  260. Cancelling Rogers wireless without paying ECF
  261. Paypal linked to a credit card : What happens when recieving a payment from someone?
  262. Ordering wedding invitations online?
  263. Coupon lady at Zellers...
  264. SuntekStore Canada
  265. Anyone else still waiting for their Red Steel 2 pre-order from BB?
  266. Pricematching Multiple Items?
  267. Can you return an HD box a costco?
  268. Frustrating service from Goeman's Appliances
  269. Dell 15%/25%/50%/75% coupons
  270. Samsung UN55C7000 @ Golden Electronics
  271. Merchant Partners of Amazon.ca
  272. where to find packing tape?
  273. Wii Shortage, what gives?!
  274. Canada Customs
  275. First time shippng thru canada post website
  276. [Merged] Group Buy websites.
  277. Where can I buy a cheap/good pop filter?
  278. Bell cancellation charge
  279. VisaPerks - Shop online US stores, ship to Canada
  280. Interesting Incident @ Subway (restaurant) yesterday..
  281. Why do people insist on holding up lines @ grocery stores for 5cents
  282. Cancelling my Costco membership.
  283. 100 HBC Rewards Points for Using a Reusable Bag at Bay and Zellers
  284. [ON]Direct Energy Sneaky Tatics At It's Best To Lock You In for 5 Years
  285. Can I order the Super Channel for 1 weekend and then cancel it?
  286. EB edge card, include tax or not?
  287. Lighter Leash - Where Can I Buy One?
  288. HDX - scam from China
  289. Shaw is charging me more than our initial agreement.
  290. Pawn shops? Cash converters etc? Pickering, Whitby, Oshawa or Scarborough?
  291. Does Costco still sell 2nd Generation Ipod Touch?
  292. Buy stuff from Toronto FS and exchange/return it in Alberta FS?
  293. Ezperience with XSCargo's extended warranty?
  294. Costco Duracell Battery Return
  295. Does Costco accept returns on jailbroken iPod Touch?
  296. Costco - no price listed for IPods
  297. Bestbuy - Missing items from packaging, what do I do?
  298. What to do if an item shipped by an Ebay seller does not arrive (USPS/Canada post)?
  299. teambuy.ca
  300. iPhone data overage with Rogers
  301. DealExtreme - Warning, replacement policy changed
  302. Where can I purchase a large print of a landscape photo I took?
  303. Could I put items on Hold at the Bay?
  304. Monoprice and UPS, a relationship in the making
  305. Camcorder from USA - Duties?
  306. Purchasing computer parts from Buffalo,NY?
  307. Glasses Adjustments
  308. GST and PST on top of shipping/handling/duty?
  309. HD Media Player buying help
  310. Greenlawn
  311. Are there a cheapest data plan for a very low volumn user?
  312. Poll: Getting paid for license plate frames installed by car dealerships
  313. Triggering Store Alarm
  314. The Brick Warranty Scam
  315. GTA: Marks Work Wearhouse clearance outlet
  316. charge on my credit card...element5info.com
  317. Can I use a gift card to buy another gift card?
  318. PayPal questions
  319. Have you ever had to pay taxes at the border?
  320. Bell home phone $2 increase May 3/10
  321. You returned a lot.
  322. Super Mailbox size
  323. US retailers that ship to Canada
  324. Returning item to SDM bought with points
  325. Product Recall Roundup: Mastercraft 18V Drill Charger, Nike Bauer Hockey Sticks
  326. Starbucks card in Canada
  327. CT: Phantom deals OOS
  328. Is this laptop a good deal?
  329. Wants to buy a new 19" LCD TV for my room SOME HELP PLEASE!
  330. Drunk employee at Sportcheck / Coast Mountain
  331. Negotiating furniture prices
  332. [Merged] Upper Room Home Furnishings - Ottawa
  333. UPS Shipping
  334. GTA Engagement Rings
  335. laptopsbuyer.ca SCAM!!!! BE AWARE of them!!!
  336. Question re Price Match @ FS
  337. Cross border shopping rules for U.S. citzens residing in Canada
  338. 3 Day sale @ FS: Am I getting a good deal for this LCD+Stand+psp?
  339. buying a laptop from Amazon.ca
  340. Barbeque advice
  341. Buying a watch - overstock.com or seek an alternative?
  342. Can I buy several headphones and return them for full refund after it being used?
  343. Holt Renfrew Private Sale Night?
  344. Can I return Xbox 360 Arcade to Zellers?
  345. Shoppers Drug Mart Points Redemption
  346. Markham tv and appliances
  347. Canada Express - Brokerage Fee?
  348. Your experiences with ebay (Hong Kong listings)
  349. how to use CC for rental car accident coverage
  350. What is the return policy at Tigerdirect.ca?
  351. Dell $15 off $50 coupon
  352. UPS Self-Clearing Package at Pearson
  353. Is it illegal to keep on buying electronics from retail store and return it?
  354. Small LCD tv as a digital Photo frame?
  355. FedEx Advancement Fee
  356. Bell Scam Or Not.
  357. Costco: Why no quick checkouts
  358. What is with all of the 72 Hour Sales?
  359. Costco -Very worried about non-cardholders?
  360. Buying Plasma/LCD TV from the US (Warranty In Canada)
  361. Sickest PM you've done?
  362. Buying a mattress from a Warehouse/Truckload sale at The Bay
  363. Simple question about buying a PS3 from Bestbuy or Futureshop
  364. buying laptop in US or Canada?
  365. Bell TV vs Rogers Cable
  366. Avoid Hardwood Flooring Center www.hardwoodflooringcenter.ca
  367. UPS Left Package on Doorstep
  368. Does Wal-Mart price match?
  369. Does NCIX pricematch out of stock items?
  370. Getting items delivered securely on the US side of the border for pickup?
  371. Redeeming Amazon GC from Aeroplan points?
  372. Ink and Toner Cartridge?
  373. Seeking opinions: TV advice + should I buy a Product Service Plan? (42" at FS)
  374. Warning for all retailers workers or whatnot...
  375. Anyone bought from "Beyond the Rack"?
  376. The Source Clearance Games - How to find?
  377. Is this just me or Canada post delivery just getting slow lately?
  378. hot Rogers HD package deals?
  379. The Source street date guarantee
  380. Price match (PM) no more, went with Dell
  381. Dell return
  382. Ahava product in GTA?
  383. Screwed by Winners?
  384. dell shipping - schedule for pick up?
  385. air Canada vs air Transat
  386. Alpinesportinggoods.com
  387. The Brick online store too good deal but not deliver
  388. BEWAWA.COM: Your experience?
  389. Costco - Canadian gift card for use is USA
  390. Import to Canada Company?
  391. costco tire purchase
  392. Furious with Forgali Furniture! What options do I have?
  393. Sears Return Policy on Electronics - Crap
  394. removed
  395. Staples PM policy?
  396. Pulse Showerspas - Bonzai - Costco
  397. Ruby/Sapphire/Spinel engagement ring
  398. Cheap Pepsi Products / Soft Drinks - Looking For in Winnipeg
  399. monoprice isn't accepting anymore orders...
  400. Canon Xsi w/18-50mm $560 after PM.Deal?
  401. focal price / dealextreme and other china retailers
  402. False Advertising on Futureshop.ca
  403. Is Direct Buy STILL a scam?
  404. Positive CT Experience
  405. Best Place to Buy a TV?
  406. Did my first SCOP today
  407. Ateco Plungers
  408. Dollars for Gold? Help me sell my gold!!
  409. Exchange at Futureshop
  410. Zellers will not Price Match (Xbox 360)
  411. Question on the legitimacy on a site, dyson DC25 animal for 285 USD
  412. Kitchen Renovation Contractor/Companies - recommendations?
  413. Are they going to close Futureshop?
  414. Cedar Springs Free Water...
  415. Please Remove
  416. eb games- good selection, bad store...
  417. eb games return policy and procedures?
  418. Home Depot online order rant !!!
  419. I got an awesome deal at FS - including free warranty
  420. Zellers now charging 5 cents for each plastic bags
  421. Roots product reviews are censored
  422. Some Useful Info For No Frills Shoppers
  423. Roots Warranty or Non-Warranty sucks
  424. Looking for a couple of external hardrives
  425. Costco Amex: No Signatures Under $100!
  426. ScotiaBank Scene Visa Offer?
  427. No more Console Game Trade In's in Winnipeg!?
  428. Monoprice got hacked
  429. How to cancel dealextreme order?
  430. EB Games return
  431. Does moneygram accept credit card?
  432. Dell CSRs
  433. Where to buy Final fantasy XIII online with payapl(And Q on dell shipping)
  434. Quick Q: EBG/GS Edge Card
  435. "new" games at EB
  436. Futureshop
  437. Forgot to use SPC card, can I go back with my receipt and get discount?
  438. Amazon.com wants to open distribution centre in Canada
  439. New FIDO SE T715 fell into lake ....
  440. Sears Portrait Studio @ Square One fraud
  441. Alternatives to monoprice?
  442. Buying a Camera at Henry's - 2 Part Question
  443. Lululemon return policy
  444. Monoprice hacked
  445. Can't cancel Future Shop online order?
  446. EB is Ripping Me Off On Pre-Order Extras!
  447. Staples Price is Not Less Than Competitors After Price Match !
  448. AVENT on Sale!
  449. how to cancel rogers internet with contract
  450. removed
  451. Really Free? Question to the tax savvy
  452. Kijiji ad for FS price matching?
  453. Anyone order from massagechairsource.ca
  454. Ebay and electronics?
  455. BestBuy.ca Digital Dollars how long code lasts?
  456. Do you think department stores overcharge for mens and womens fragrances?
  457. Mens and womens fragrances for a fraction of the cost @ fragrancex.com
  458. oO... NewEgg sells 300 counterfeit Core i7-920 CPUs
  459. Does Superstore gas stations accept superstore gift cards?
  460. Cancel Directbuy Membership - Vancouver
  461. Sporting Life Worst Shopping Experience!!
  462. Olg newsletters
  463. SDM Optimum Points No Longer Added to GC Purchases
  464. Clearly Contacts A+ Customer Service!!
  465. Petro-Canada on OLYMPIC coins...
  466. Floor Speakers & Surround - Online or B&M ??
  467. Blu Ray Movie not working, will RCSS take it back?
  468. Mcdonalds Mc Pizza....WE WANT IT BACKKK
  469. Inspired Home Decor Furniture - Caledonia (Hamilton)
  470. Zennioptical (Zenni optical) - Review
  471. best buy gift cards question plzzz!
  472. WDTV Live - any Costco location in GTA ?
  473. Picking up package without address on ID
  474. Return Policy - Bestbuy
  475. advise in getting a deal with toyota
  476. Noob Question
  477. How to Contact THE SOURCE CC Canada CEO
  478. Reviews? Suzuki digital pianos at Costco
  479. No Wii systems at zellers?
  480. Overcharge for a few pennies?
  481. Ontario internet pricing error and policies?
  482. monster cable surge protector
  483. Are purchases from Best Buy allowed to be returned to Future Shop
  484. $US to $Canadian Exchange Rate
  485. FutureShop Order DB down!
  486. Canadian Tire - Kingsway
  487. Pacific Mall - cell phone stores and canadacomputers = scam ?
  488. I cannot believe this WOW
  489. Newegg.ca Trusted Website| Got my answer.Thanks!
  490. Does Dell Offer Price Guarantee/ Protection
  491. Best Buy - In-store Pickup Policies
  492. bikebandit.com
  493. FYI: Starbucks card exchange rate
  494. Trade in that satellite receiver and get a FREE Rogers HD box?
  495. What happens when you cancel an order at an optical store?
  496. Dell Problem
  497. Futureshop extended warranty replacing my Canon camera
  498. Small claim court question?
  499. Buying Gas in the US
  500. In which SDM store in GTA can I get Saturday Promotion on Friday?
  501. Looking for Discount Olympic Merchandise other than Vancouver
  502. Mystery shopping
  503. FedEx Air VS. Purolator Express VS Gr
  504. Question About Restocking at Costco.ca
  505. delete please
  506. Shipping laptop to Canada - UPS
  507. Quick Stitch Tailor Shoppe at Scarobourgh Town Centre Review?
  508. Dell - Looking For New System
  509. Why does USPS cost so much more
  510. Futureshop Gift Card at BestBuy.ca?
  511. 647-724-8790 bell scam!!
  512. Way to buy stuff that only ships to U.S. if I live in Canada?
  513. What'z up with the Futureshop site?
  514. Futureshop accept pricematch then decline after...
  515. Extended warranty on washer
  516. I may have to eat my words about Sears sucking
  517. Pizza Hut unethical (possibly illegal?) practice
  518. Will my Brick furniture technician replace my couch (sofa/chesterfield)?
  519. people suck please delete my life is ruined 4ever
  520. Beware of Markham East Vision Center
  521. Grove City-Erir or Birch Run-Auburn Hills
  523. Motomaster Air Compressor - What to do with it?
  524. Money comes and go but time - could never be replaced
  525. Futureshop Website Not Working?
  526. Olympic store next delivery in BC?
  527. Entertainment Book - Sears Stars on Ice Coupon
  528. is there a site like dealextreme for clothing and equipment
  529. LCDarms.com
  530. Is http://eyeglasses123.com/ legit?
  531. Beer Store at Heartland
  533. Gamestop.ca Standard Shipping ang good?
  534. steepandcheap.com tax/duty question
  535. can staples coupons still be stacked?
  536. Will Futureshop pricematch..
  537. infonec - price matching online form
  538. Go-shop.ca
  539. Wal-Mart to expand Canadian supercentres
  540. Buying Major Appliances from US, save 40%!!!
  541. Experience from a store called eve & zoe in Montreal
  542. Telus web store - calling in to confirm CC #?
  543. Faulty Electronic Goods After Warranty Expired
  544. Can you recommend a site similar to Dealxtreme.com?
  545. Buying from the App store $1? not 99c
  546. Dell mystery coupons does not work on already discounted products?
  547. Futureshop warranty and XBox 360
  548. Insuring an engagement ring
  549. H&M jeans question
  550. Subway Canada versus Subway US
  551. Antec Warranty: Customer Pay Shipping?
  552. Roger's Bundle Discount is Fraudulent!
  553. Men's wedding bands
  554. Consumer Protection Act - Wedding Studio
  555. Visions Electronics Experience
  556. Shipito Mail Forwarding
  557. Xbox 360 return to Best Buy?
  558. Newegg.ca and Paypal Non-recognizable Character Error
  559. Distributel Homephone+ Internet- 39.99
  560. Direct Buy
  561. Avoid CIK Telecom's internet. They're LIARS!
  562. SPONSORED: Canon eStore – comment
  563. buying purses from US websites
  564. Logitech's customer service.
  565. Costco us laptop
  566. CoolerMaster RMA Experience/ Rant
  567. Tech Source Beware
  568. CanadianTire Yellow VS Red price tags
  569. Does Airmiles Gold Program worth it?
  570. Buy from US Dell.com with CDN Credit card and ship to US?
  571. Who does Bewawa ship outside Toronto with?
  572. Is this hot?
  573. How to deal with Customer Service Centers
  574. GO Transit Raises Fares 5% Again in 2010, Petition Against the Increase
  575. Home Depot Negotiable?
  576. My HORRIBLE expereince with Samsung (advise needed)
  577. Minimum amount to put on a bestbuy gift card
  578. I bought my laptop on Feb 3rd - can I return it today? or is it too late?
  579. Sony LCD's no longer being sold in many stores?
  580. options mastercard rewards rate
  581. Costco Sofa Lounger
  582. best buy laptop policy?
  583. where to buy first day cover of Vancouver Olympic?
  584. Please Delete
  585. Costco AMEX
  586. Has anyone been able to get in touch with HiTechTattoos?
  587. Credit card extended warranty and gift cards?
  588. Buying shoes online?
  589. Canada Post Taxes
  590. Has anyone won anything from those FS surveys?
  591. Ordering ISPU and then pricematching? (Future Shop)
  592. Futureshop not refunding money...
  593. Purchasing sunglasses in the GTA
  594. B&H Photo and Video
  595. Dust and little crack on new Iphone 3gs
  596. Acanac Refund. What are the steps?
  597. Returing Electronics to Sears
  598. Free cell phone from Bell? Legit call?
  599. Bestbuy & Futureshop Warranty Protection Plan Question...
  600. Rogers got sued for false ad AGAIN
  601. [Merged] Http://software-shopping.net/ website legit?
  602. Getting a Rogers deal - Best time to call?
  603. Am I able to return a laptop if I uninstalled some programs that came with it?
  604. Studies? Which computer company has the best customer service?
  605. Does everybody bargain for phone/cable?
  606. would fs or bb price match this item?
  607. Best alcohol deals at US > Canada Border Crossing Duty Free
  608. BestBuy.ca Trade in cell phone?
  609. Has anyone purchased anything from Beyond the Rack?
  610. Thoughts on "Open Box" Deals at FS
  611. Innergolf = MAJOR FAIL
  612. Levi's outlet at Dixie outlet mall
  613. irewards
  614. COSTCO refused to honor their Store Policy!!
  615. Canadian Tire is a joke
  616. I LOVE McDonald's
  617. CANCEL ORDER now Futershop Polk Audio R300
  618. Amazon.ca shipment delayed
  619. Credit Cards: Putting "Check ID" as your signature
  620. AVOID HATCHER FLORIST [5455 Yonge St. - Yonge/Finch] see photos
  621. Where should I purchase my product warranty in Canada?
  622. Using Prepaid Credit Cards
  623. Tax receipt donating clothing (Toronto)
  624. Canadapost again...
  625. Staples Refund Fee
  626. Any Duty OR/& brokerage fees if you buy from amazon.co.uk OR amazon.com
  627. Best Buy Online LCD TV purchase?
  628. WTF Air Canada!
  629. Kaidomain sucks!
  630. compu2000 online only or do they have a location in ontario province?
  631. SCOP and SDM question
  632. Buy a Macbook in the US? Warranty.
  633. Bell retention- $78 tax inc. for Performance pk + long distance
  634. Paypal chargeback dispute
  635. FedEx/NBC Online Store Brokerage Fee!
  636. TD bank payments and purchases taking awfully long time to process
  637. LF: red cupcake papers?
  638. Tap Phong: Japanese brand knives?
  639. Amazon.ca - Home and Garden department?
  640. NCIX.com Open boxed items?
  641. Gas prices Wednesday-Thursday fluctuations (montreal)
  642. Is there really a $50 activation fee for Rogers 4250 box?
  643. Stooles! 20 days and no refund!
  644. price matching adencamera @ Best buy
  645. Where to ship US parcels, within driving distance of Montreal?
  646. Rogers Prorated charges?
  647. How to best use my Shoppers Drug Mart Optinium points
  648. Help!
  649. Carpetdeals.ca
  650. Sony XBR8 from Futureshop - problems?
  651. Who processes debit/credit transactions for SDM?
  652. Shipping from Fry's online to Toronto?
  653. Stupid the Source by Circuit City Warranty Ripoff.
  654. White macbooks - free repair for known cracks?
  655. Beaumark Professional Kitchen Machine. Review!
  656. Blu-ray "combo packs" *with* DVDs. N/A in Canada?
  657. Walmart flat panel mounts/brackets
  658. Toyota $1000 Loyalty program - bait and switch?
  659. Complain too much and get banned for life
  660. Negotiating with Best Buy/Futureshop
  661. focal price: review
  662. Eyewear (Prescription) Retailers. Reviews/Opinions wanted.
  663. monoprice alternative?
  664. Aritzia discount
  665. Unitedkicks.com
  666. Good Gas fireplace dealers in GTA?
  667. Sales tax refund for Canadians shopping in NY?
  668. Is Acer screwing me or is this fair?
  669. Shopping in the US - Windsor Border
  670. Are there any beauty galas at The Bay next weekend?
  671. How to recall shipment back to original place???? URGENT
  672. Futureshop.ca & BestBuy.ca New website SUCKS!
  673. Can I still return a laptop if I ripped off those stickers?
  674. Viper Computers background check
  675. Love You Canada Post...
  676. Plasma-LCD TV's prices compared to US
  677. Anywhere in the GTA that buys jewellery for more than peanuts?
  678. staples advertising
  679. Terrible Customer Service at The Bay Scarborough
  680. $10 off coupon code of flightnetwork.com on this forum's travel coupon section, but..
  681. Recently Recalled Products: Belkin Car iPod Dock, IKEA High Chair & More
  682. Costco Furniture Quality
  683. Click here if you work for canada post (or know anything about mail)
  684. magicjack
  685. Thifty Foods vs. Wal-Mart Super Center
  686. Getting a "Gift" for US
  687. Bell mobility upgrade error -- they want phone back
  688. Nothern Sports - Football(Soccer) jerseys
  689. Anyone had any experience with these clearance centers? (North Toronto)
  690. Shoppers Drug Mart Question..
  691. Why is there a price difference in warranty plans for the same t.v between bb and fs?
  692. Buying cigarettes from the states
  693. Any way to get video games shipped to Canada from amazon.com ?
  694. Popbuying question?
  695. FS online Price matching
  696. Buy now in BC, PM later in Alberta to save tax?
  697. AceKards/Etc missing from dealextreme
  698. Thinking about signing up with Acanac? Read this first!
  699. Mobilicity: formerly DAVE Wireless
  700. BuyNextGen is no more...
  701. Need advice on multiple tires shipped to Point Roberts
  702. Why Can't newegg sell everything to .CA?
  703. Primus Experience/Feeback?
  704. Z-5500 Speaker System Warranty Trade In
  705. Impared hearing, TVEars
  706. Chapters Indigo.ca online shopping question.
  707. Vbuzzer Changes
  708. Acanac Cancelation
  709. Any tips on reducing the price of Rogers Hi-speed internet?
  710. DealXtreme-Never again
  711. Staples charged me for canceled order.
  712. Staples charged me for canceled order.
  713. Is it good to buy things from DealExtreme?
  714. James Allen Diamonds Experiences
  715. Futureshop web order in store pick up-no stock
  716. How many times have you fell for the BB/Fs Extended warranty BS?
  717. Worn out Nike Shoes
  718. Sectional Set - Wholesale Furniture Brokers??
  719. SDM Digital Cameras
  720. POSSIBLE:- Keurig B60 $129 free shipping
  721. Reasonably priced Drycleaning in North York?
  722. Dell is ridiculous, never buying from them
  723. COD safety?
  724. Looking for Deal for Montreal Gazette Subscription
  725. Cross Boarder Buffalo/Niagara Falls Stores.
  726. Bell...are they serious?
  727. recommendation for personalized valentine's gift website?
  728. Customs fees?
  730. removed
  731. 2001 Audio/Video (Newmarket)
  732. Activia Fat-Free Strawberry Yogurt 650g
  733. Bringing new laptop back through CDN customs...
  734. Walmart (Owen Sound)
  735. New trade in video game rules?
  736. Will Best Buy pricematch Cendirect or Directdial?
  737. FYI - Canada Post - shoppers vs. corporate post office
  738. futureshop accepts returns on used laptops?
  739. Is this site legit??
  740. Get back deposit after Toyota recall
  741. Money mart not so convenient after all
  742. Newegg.ca product return question
  743. .
  744. electronicsforless.ca - Great customer service!
  745. Shipping to relative in U.S.?
  746. Sears Club Points changes Feb 1
  747. Does newegg.ca / amazon.com ship via USPS to Canada?
  748. Corsair rebates are a scam!
  749. Expedia.com Customer Service
  750. Beatles stereo boxset 55.99 $ US shipped
  751. NBC Olympics Store - Anyone else having problems?
  752. Moving toronto to Vancouver: Mover suggestions
  753. many computer stores under "NCIX"
  754. My FS repair experience
  755. TigerDirect's support isn't great!
  756. SDM optimum points card question
  757. All Around Staples Fail
  758. Canadapost - Item being returned to sender. Incomplete address.
  759. Can BB GC be used at FS (OVER THE PHONE)?
  760. Canadian Springs 18.5L jug
  761. Check your magazine renewal prices!
  762. bewawa.com
  763. Lenovo
  764. Apple iPhone 3GS 32GB Unlocked $257 USD
  765. Where can I buy Sugar free almond roca candies?
  766. Futureshop K-Cup GST Refund + Coupon
  767. Where can I buy a Computer storage cabinet?
  768. Rogers - Excess Bandwidth Billing Question
  769. HP problem and staples warranty - do not buy laptop from hp -
  770. Duty Charges Online Clothing
  771. Best place online to order office supplies (small orders)?
  772. How I got Telus to stop calling
  773. Best Buy sells Solid State Drives ?
  774. bestbuy.ca Order verification process is a fraudster's dream!!!
  775. SDM & blu ray players
  776. I hate outlet stores
  777. Best Buy Return Question (Gift Receipt)
  778. eBay/PayPal/Visa protection
  779. Warning: BuyNextGen/Carbonfrost Systems is a scam
  780. AMazing auction site, everyone check it out - ex. $15.92 for 46'' Samsung LCD
  781. returning xbox to walmart
  782. Sell extended warranties or you're fired !!!
  783. China Wholesalers???
  784. Air China : Good Company Practice
  785. FutureShop deals
  786. returns on a replacement card?
  787. Directbuy
  788. Anyway to get another receipt from Future Shop?
  789. How to Price match FutureShop / BestBuy
  790. Picture printed for framing
  791. Can Rogers change my internet package???
  792. Returning (slightly worn) boots? Alternatives?
  793. Best Buy Has no number to complain about store
  794. staples coupon (online or phone)
  795. About satellite radio antenna's
  796. Futureshop.com order refund without original credit card
  797. Renew fx anyone?
  798. Staples clearance markdowns
  799. Solid Pine at JYSK.CA is it really solid?
  800. Bonnie Brooks Bay radio commercials?
  801. Crazy magazine subscription rates US v Canada!!
  802. Gamestop.ca Pre-Orders
  803. Receiving refurbished products
  804. Newegg.ca positive c/s experience
  805. Problem with Steam's service, looking for opinions
  806. Superbowl Sale??
  807. Staples doesn't sell 64gb ipod touch?
  808. Future Shop's Price Match Policy = Just for Laughs
  809. amazon.com returns?
  810. Primus screwing me of 15,000 aeroplan miles?
  811. Senior discounts?
  812. How to get flyers to my door.
  813. What is going on with Dell shipping?
  814. Bottle Returns at the Beer Store - Do the bottles have to be cleaned?
  815. Le chateau - ripoff artists
  816. www.wynntrading.com
  817. The Source (tscc) now accepting price match?
  818. What are my rights?
  819. Credit Card Warranties - Actual Experiences?
  820. iphone water damaged repair cost??
  821. How much is a LOT of HBC Points? What do you do with them??
  822. CC: Do they charge restock fee on returning refurbished desktop?
  823. Think twice about ordering from Toshiba.ca! Advice needed....
  824. Pricing Irregularity HELP Please
  825. Columbia house unwanted shipments
  826. Pick up packages at Purolator depot center
  827. Chapter's strict on return date?
  828. Would you return something just for spite? (Seinfeld)
  829. transfer visa credit to bank account?
  830. Another glasses site -- lensway
  831. Air Miles Question
  832. Are these sites trustworthy?
  833. Refuse Best Buy shipment?
  834. What's the cheapest way to mail back to FS?
  835. When is Bestbuy's Environmental Or Tradein Event?
  836. McBrine Luggage Set or suggestions for a better brand
  837. UPS and brokerage, customs, duties Question
  838. Lexicon Charges $3500 For a Repackaged $500 Oppo Blu-ray Player
  839. Buying Local vs Best Online Price
  840. My experience at Sears...
  841. Using SPC card at Zellers
  842. Future Shop Price Matching - what to bring and how they check
  843. Where does Oakley.ca ship from?
  844. Winners/HomeSense return policy changing in BC/AB/SK
  845. www.vankle.com ?
  846. Laptopsbuyer.ca for real or scam?
  847. The North Face Trailhead 6 Tent
  848. Donating Shopper's Optimum Points for Haiti
  849. canada computers return policy
  850. I can PM this to staples right?
  851. Returning TV at Futureshop
  852. Terrible customer service at Sears
  853. Fallout 3 -GOTY Edition - Future Shop Problem
  854. Futureshop Cancelled Order - How long till I get credit back?
  855. Anywhere to see Costco sales flyers?
  856. New Yorker magazine subscription?
  857. 4MyRebate Question
  858. indochino.com - fraud website?
  859. OCZ rebate schemes!
  860. Does anyone know Market America?
  861. Gift Cards,,, Can they Expire???
  862. No deals after boxing week
  863. Staples price adjustment policy?
  864. Returning Items at Coach Question
  865. Promotions for purchasing Rogers HD terminal
  866. New Rogers Programing Guide - WTF!
  867. Getting pissed off about shrinking sizes in food without price reduction in Canada
  868. Good Saving Tips
  869. [Reminder] Restaurants - Keep Track of your Bill/Tip
  870. future shop warehouse?
  871. Price Protection Policy at Toys R Us???
  872. Good Saving Tips
  873. Clearing Customs for Returned Item Originally from Canada to US and Back to Canada
  874. Can you return a gift to the Bay without a receipt?
  875. Best Buy Exchange without a receipt?
  876. Yellow monoprice HDMI cable (boxing day forums)
  877. Never shop appliance fm FS, pm somewhere (update Jan21).
  878. cross border forwarder from Montreal to US Border
  879. Does Costco QC pricematch Costco BC?
  880. Small Question about DirectCanada
  881. Slow shipping with The Source?
  882. Buying from online drug store
  883. Futureshop Return laptop Online
  884. DirectCanada reselling pulled hard drives?
  885. Buying in the US
  886. costco.com won't ship to free mail forwarding address?
  887. Cable television in Toronto
  888. PS3 slim through sony style stores..still waiting
  889. CHCanada vs Columbia House
  890. Fraud at Future shop * Heartland Mavis Mississauga Location **
  891. Good computer stores downtown to shop at?
  892. Do I have a case to file for a charge back/reverse the charges?
  893. Does anyone have an iRewards number I can use for an online Indigo order?
  894. Why did this thread get locked?
  895. USPS Question: Class vs. Service
  896. Sears Bargining
  897. Bell Super cheap TV subscription phone scam?
  898. Purchasing Harmony Remote off ebay
  899. Crutchfield
  900. Dell Canada's warranty replacement/exchange policy on LCD monitors
  901. BestBuy.ca Online Order Issues
  902. PS3 120GB not available on Staples.ca?
  903. Superbowl - TV Sales?
  904. Futureshop wont let my mom cancel the monthly service plan?
  905. removed
  906. International Package Delivery Customs Taxes
  907. Bidfun, Scam Site
  908. CBSA Question / Customs
  909. Primus is #!#!@@!$!
  910. Amazon.com - extremely slow shipping?
  911. Best CDW (Collision) Policy? 2% Amex, MBNA SC, SDM MBNA
  912. Sexual Harrasment @ The Source- Poor Customer Service
  913. New Hard Drive Package
  914. Bestbuy Return policy - 1 Day after Day 30 am i SOL? (Apparently not! w00t!)
  915. Buffalo Jeans David Bitton Online Store Review 1/5 stars
  916. Futureshop online boxing returning.
  917. Need Help Verifying Online Pharmacy
  918. PMing at Best Buy vs Futureshop
  919. Futureshop/Bestbuy forcing computer monitors on buyers now?
  920. buying a ct gift card with ct money on the card points
  921. Best Buy Canada vs. USA
  922. RCSS! Any RCSS's out there carry any DSLR cameras!?
  923. Emergeny money, how much do you carry? what bill denomination
  924. Can't be a 'Noob' to go Shopping in Canada
  925. Importation of Goods from US - Duties - WTO / NAFTA rates?
  926. Overstock.com
  927. FS: Monitor Exchange?
  928. Winners - Returns
  929. Discount on Olympic clothing after olympics is over?
  930. Boxing day online shopping in FS
  931. Doc Martens! Where is a good selection in toronto?
  932. removed
  933. Does Walmart pricematch CC
  934. Gamestop Guelph
  935. Major Appliances Extended Warranties
  936. Futureshop WILL Price Match www.Amazon.ca [OFFICIAL]
  937. UPS delivery fail
  938. Is this company a scam? (hitechwireless)
  939. I want to submit a NCIX customer service feedback
  940. Mass Effect 2 Preorder Bonus @ BB/FS ?
  941. canada computers suck
  942. Looking for input on braigo.com
  943. Allposters.com
  944. NCIX LCD MONITORS AND Express Coverage
  945. Do Canada Computers sell fake Sennheisers?
  946. How to cancel netfirms automatic renewal?
  947. Amazon.co.uk marketplace dvds
  948. Prepaid visa/master card
  949. UPS/Fedex Shipping
  950. The source meadowale t.s beware from there
  951. One reason not to shop at Canada Computers
  952. Any one has dealt with "Research Electronics"
  953. So easy even a cave-man could do it.
  954. Samsung LN52B610
  955. does NCIX have store in Toronto?
  956. Projector Lamp Experts reputable?
  957. Bell Deal - Is this any good???
  958. Wal-Mart and H&M destroy and dump unsold clothing instead of donating in New York!
  959. Gift-Video game software without receipt
  960. Quick Question about Sears Canada
  961. Airmiles Gold Free Movie Pass - Extraordinary measure, anyone got it?
  962. Use SPC card for NDSL at TSCC?
  963. SPONSORED: Scarlett Lounge: Saving is in Style!
  964. anyone got the 15% newegg.ca paypal rebate yet?
  965. Videogamingplus.ca Shipping
  966. Maximizing Rewards - Stacking Strategies through Double-Dip, Triple etc.
  967. sherlock holmes from amazon uk
  968. HMV Return to Different Location
  969. No more "won't be beat" pricing at No Frills & RCSS
  970. Returning an unopened VG without a receipt
  971. This forum is closing today!
  972. Bestbuy Rewards Membership
  973. Rubber Overshoes
  974. Visions Electronics questions
  975. Bluenile.ca - review
  976. Comwave Phone Service
  977. Wal-Mart's Auto Parts: Swapped Premium Fram Filters
  978. Air Miles - Use coupons shop at 3 participating retailers, get GC. Anyone remember?
  979. redeemincentives.com scam?
  980. Garmin Nuvi 1390T
  981. Where to buy cellphone batteries in vancouver?
  982. Futureshop Online Sales Question
  983. SDM: Now need 15000 points for Optimum PLUS
  984. Paypal payment on hold
  985. Good Cell Phone Plan Deal??
  986. Need some help calculating border taxes for baby items
  987. Amazing Best Buy incompetence
  988. Question about Bestbuy.ca return policy
  989. Price match at Sears - no inventory check
  990. HP Pavilion Elite e9227cb (Costco)
  991. Does anyone else absolutely hate the Future Shop sales guys?
  992. Zagg Shipping Opinions Needed!
  993. Cheap Receiver that can do HDMI up conversion
  994. UPS driver too lazy to actually deliver package?
  995. What is the shipping rate for Sears.ca?
  996. Interesting infographic on gift cards (US Source)
  997. I paid full retail price for open item digital camera at BestBuy?!
  998. Have I been dinged by customs on a order?
  999. The Palm Wallet
  1000. www.newoemtoners.com (Free shipping to major CDN cities)