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  1. New Dishwasher arrived warped/damaged. Is it worth returning? Pics Included!
  2. BestBuy US price matching?
  3. Any Daiso-type places in Toronto?
  4. DHL - Duty invoice
  5. Amazon Sub and Save slower shipment?
  6. expensive car return policies and options?
  7. Loyalty point value list?
  8. E-transfer dispute
  9. SDM - Any way to redeem more than $170
  10. GoPro Hero5 Bundle vs YI 4K Action Camera + Gimbal bundle
  11. ******** or Geekbuying?
  12. Dyson V6
  13. "Gear Best" Data Compromised for 6 months
  14. RE : Express Pre-Paid Envelopes
  15. Seven New Costco Stores Opening in Canada in 2017
  16. Bestbuy open box and AppleCare
  17. Gas stations that give you points when buying 3rd party gift cards
  18. Bait and Switch - Need some help/advice
  19. UPS and Access Point - What is this crap?
  20. eBay ditching PayPal in 2020
  21. "Official" Shoppers Drug Mart Optimum Points discussion
  22. How do you buy shoes online?
  23. Competition Bureau slams Ticketmaster, Live Nation for deceptive pricing — says cost 20% to 60% higher than advertised
  24. PC Plus point system totally BS
  25. Flower gift in Toronto with cheap fee delivery?
  26. Smart home
  27. Final day to consolidate your Shoppers Optimum points to get higher conversion rate
  28. Charging Cubes + Cables
  29. WestJet or AirCanada deals?
  30. US Parcel receiving on east coast that ships to west coast?
  31. Best place to get cabinet hardware/handles
  32. 3rd Party Internet Providers
  33. Shoppers Optimum/PC Plus to merge into PC Optimum on Feb 2018
  34. TDot Performance Legit?
  35. PSA: grocery stores are adding extra weight with water
  36. Please delete - useless post
  37. Anyone have issues with Canada Post complaints?
  38. Car rental taxes and fees?
  39. How does Amazon make a profit by selling toilet papers?
  40. Paypal vs mastercard with 2.5% foreign transaction fees
  41. DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT Buy an Appliance at Home Depot!
  42. Sport Check Team Assist 2016 Redemption?
  43. Cheap waitress robot - AI say goodbye ===to your job
  44. Any good Tablet deal?
  45. I'm boycotting Campbell's soup
  46. is the website a legit website?
  47. Cheapest place to get rogaine?
  48. implying they won't fulfill my order because the price has gone up and I would get too good of a deal
  49. Cheapest Landline?
  50. Is is Illegal to get Replica Watches and sell it in Ontario?
  51. Any OLEDs under $1800?
  52. Praise for Chapters Indigo
  53. Koodo tab balance disappeared
  54. Coupon term "one coupon per purchase"
  55. Join the Class Action Lawsuit against Intel (Meltdown/Spectre)
  56. Pick Up from NewEgg Warehouse without Print Out.
  57. Cineplex - B1G1 FREE Codes - Any promotions ?
  58. Android tv box
  59. Where to do buy fresh produce online or in person - bulk order would be nice?
  60. Paytm rates and fees question
  61. Tim Hortons on not giving receipts
  62. Canada post or Customs?
  63. [eBay] Shoe (eqt 93/17) prices that seem too good to be true, but seller has 100% positive reviews? Have some questons
  64. Any way a Canadian (only) can sign up for a monthly cellphone plan with Sprint?
  65. Visa by Chase is closing. What are comparable options out there?
  66. Costco Executive Member Cash Back Question
  67. CBIUSA is moving from 2416 Military Road effective February 3rd, 2018
  68. Best Deal NOW on Unlocked Phone under $200???
  69. Textile Material Tag and Labelling
  70. Shoppers Drug Mart Seniors 20 % Thursday Discount ?
  71. Costco vs Amazon?
  72. Wi-Fi Range Extender
  73. Best way to spend CANADIAN TIRE MONEY?
  74. Only Half My PC Points Are Getting Added at the Gas Bar
  75. How much should I pay for interior paint?
  76. eBay customer contact #?
  77. Be careful with Best Buy furniture sales. Pictures and descriptions don't match orientation.
  78. Macbook Air Repair
  79. Is this normal? Aritzia made my mom insert her credit card when she didn't agree to buy the item.
  80. seeking advice buying on tmall and/or taobao
  81. New T&T Supermarkets to Open in Vancouver Area in 2018
  82. Cross Border Shopping on 1 Day Return Trip
  83. A Nice Surprise From My PC Plus Points Inquiry
  84. Lenovo Canada Refurb site
  85. Retailer collecting fee. Falsely claiming it is a tax
  86. January sale on high quality bath towels? Where?
  87. Do you think Amazon Prime is worth getting?
  88. NEWS: Sears Canada to close ALL remaining locations effective mid-October
  89. Any one buy flowers from Costco online?
  90. Can StarWars Battlefront II French version be switched to English?
  91. Walmart Canada Photocenter Security Breach
  92. Costco Oakrun Farm English Muffins
  93. Question about CBI, comments appreciated
  94. Anyone ever DIY Amazon warehouse returns?
  95. Does anyone know where I can buy an Apple IPod Classic?
  96. Rogers and Fido's new device protection plan provides one free screen break repair
  97. Double dipping? Raptors selling Sun Life patch on Real Sports website
  98. Refurb/Goods Return Resellers - AuctionMaxx, etc?
  100. Weed strains: Marijuana marketing - spin or science? (aired on CBC The National)
  101. Should we use or ?
  102. Did Amazon Canada relocate their customer service to North America?
  103. Returning Item Purchased w/ Coupon @ Wal-Mart
  104. recommended?
  105. Change of address for item already shipped
  106. Things to look out or know before crossing to pickup items
  107. Square one Insurance?
  108. Help with Home Theater upgrade
  109. Bestbuy telephone contact? WTF
  110. Costco - What's the Current price of Almonds over there ?
  111. Posh Promenade
  112. WARNING- Ebay's "Global Shipping" and Post Canada
  113. Full coverage case for GalaxyGalaxy Note 8
  114. Good life discount with visions
  115. New Costco Gift Card Policy - Non Members allowed only 2 separate purchases
  116. Canada post seasons delays
  117. Missing eBay Order from Nov 11 - how much longer to wait?
  118. CBSA import not paid?
  119. Generic coputers order canceled becase of phone number
  120. NCIX Bankruptcy FIling
  121. Buying something before No Tax event at RCSS
  122. The Source PSP - In Store?
  123. Refund issued to cancelled visa debit
  124. LOST Cash Back from DELL purchases?? SHOCKED!!
  125. gas range help me decide
  126. Best Buy Price Watch missing
  127. Amazon 2nd HQ
  128. Rogers Call Centre Employees Outright Lie and Cheat Customers
  129. Anyone travels to China? Need Xiaomi Product. Online?
  130. Kijiji selling wasting my time
  131. Quality of Costco Reclining furniture
  132. Price Increase on Canada Post US small packet
  133. Seller has to ship via DHL help me mitigate the damage of fees
  134. Can I Track A Price That's NOT On Amazon?
  135. RFD Classic - Woman returns Christmas tree in January because it's 'dead'
  136. Duvet deals
  137. Android Pay
  138. Check-out Express Lane Etiquette
  139. Walmart Canada accepts returns without a receipt(but you need a bank statement)
  140. Is worth it?
  141. CBSA Duty Adjustment
  142. Canada Post:right address wrong postal code
  143. Rewards Visa Card discontinued
  144. Help wanted ads for cashier positions
  145. How exactly does Canadian Tire Loan a tool work?
  146. Would you buy a Chinese-made car?
  147. Advice on finding Ed Sheeran (Toronto) concert tickets
  148. Buffalo Jeans says my return will be in 30 days
  149. Ebates cancelled my Dell CashBack - Help!!!
  150. Sears 20-50% Off Closeout Sale Starts Today
  151. What is the best deal for the latest ipad right now?
  152. Free 25 Dollar GC/ Gift Certificate In Canada But Quebec
  153. Save on foods offering $25 to match RCSS
  154. Return period for Order - (Resolved)
  155. Best seller of gift cards that accepts paypal?
  156. Cell phone 10 gig for $60 plan
  157. Bestbuy gift cards?
  158. [PSA] Alexa and Google Assistant are spying on you and using your data to send you targeted ads
  159. Swim shorts?
  160. LCD price-fixing class action settlement
  161. Does Costco restock oos items online?
  162. Unordered merchandise in Ontario? Obligated to return it or what?
  163. Esso gift Card annual promotion
  164. Fired Wal-Mart exec wins one of highest damage awards in Canada...
  165. Peoples Jewellers and Mappins Lifetime Jewellery Protection Plan, Worth it?
  166. Ordering from unknown website
  167. Hudsons Bay - Misleading Advertising
  168. what's your experience with ebates?
  169. Where to buy contact lenses online
  170. prescription drugs dispensing fees?
  171. Duty and Tax on Eyeglasses (Prescription)
  172. Pay or not to pay for shopping bags
  173. Costco exchange policy
  174. Do you think stores at Yorkdale customer service is getting worse?
  175. Rewards Visa Card from Chase Ends in March 2018
  176. Cancelled Bell: How to receive money back from Bell
  177. Worth it to buy a fridge from sears?
  178. Way to avoid outrageous UPS/FedEX brokerage fees !
  179. Any deals on GPS?
  180. Anyone return Amazon items without original packaging?
  181. Mailing my used phone to the US
  182. Newegg won't price match themselves
  183. Buytopia Scam?
  184. Caution when shopping at
  185. Which BestBuy locations sell prepaid MasterCard or VISA?
  186. Checkout Divider Etiquette
  187. Kijiji's face-to-face "policy" (real scams or scare tactic?)
  188. Costco OLED availability.
  189. Airmiles a Big Fail- Again and again and again !
  190. Return gift item to Costco without receipt?
  191. "Temporary" closing of a Salvation Army Toronto store?
  192. Missing packages supposedly delivered from Canada Post?
  193. Received delivery from Nordstrom after I already picked it up in store
  194. apple warranty and no receipt,,apple wants original receipt
  195. Ebay Bucks Canada is back
  196. Canpar - failed delivery attempt = return to shipper
  197. 2,000 7-Eleven Customers May Have Been Exposed to Hepatitis A in USA
  198. Simvoly thread
  199. Extra Customs Fees BS
  200. ***FREE**** $25 offer from Save-On-Foods
  201. Save-on-foods (More Rewards Members Only) - $25 rewards incentive for bread price fixing incentive
  202. Koodo Mobile - Cancel plan immediately?
  203. AppSumo thread archived from Hot Deals... just wondering why
  204. Western Union Scam Victims: All countries are covered in US govt settlement
  205. Amazon marked delivered
  206. retailers need to stop asking for donations at the cashier
  207. Amazon wayyy slower prime shipping?
  208. Cup of water at McDonald's now $.20 ?? (Edmonton)
  209. best mattress
  210. How is Xiaomi Mi Band 2 ( $20 )
  212. Purchasing from a zero feedback seller on Ebay
  213. *YMMV* - Warm - PC Insiders Pilot by email invite only - $99 per year or $10 a month
  214. Humidifiers & Installation Quotes (Thoughts)
  215. And so I returned my Iphone X
  216. Cheapest Phone/Internet/TV bundles
  217. National Bank will raise the min checking requirement in Mar to 3000
  218. Bread Price Fixing $25gc is now live!
  219. Shopping baskets at grocery store - stolen by customers?
  220. Costco membership - Is it really worth it for an one person household?
  221. Costco membership worth it?
  222. IKEA Return Policy
  223. Please help with dehumidifier
  224. Tax receipt donating clothing (Toronto)
  225. Looking for recommendations for this type of planter.
  226. Appliance warranty claim from Brick
  227. Shoppers Drug Mart Charges Dispensing Fee Multiple times?
  228. 7 piece dining set
  229. Tall guys clothes shopping
  230. Amazon- do items have tax in price?
  231. bstock..usa
  232. Is this a good deal: Complete Futurama Series from google at $59.99
  233. So they increased the price at a restaurant I visit today
  234. Best deals of 2017?
  235. Best place to purchase Laundry appliances?
  236. lowes product packaging - ridiculus
  237. BYOD Cell Plans - missed the boat?
  238. The end of PayTM; I think
  239. Costco just charged "Enviro Fee" on pack of AA Batteries
  240. Gaming Monitor
  241. Stay classy, Costco.
  242. Does Costco sell iPad in store?
  243. Looking for a portrait studio for holiday photos
  244. Beer prices in Montreal
  245. Warmest Winter Jacket for Women
  246. Are generic replacement shaver heads any good?
  247. Possible to get a refund on replacement credit card?
  248. Beware: Amazon may sell fake fragrances
  249. Walmart Keeps Charging my Debit Card and Reversing the Charges for the Past Month
  250. Is anyone else else not getting their packages from Canada Post?
  251. Deal for Canada goose jacket?
  252. Extended warranty for tv...
  253. Anyone had issues with this shipping company?
  254. Value Village New Points System Warning
  255. Maybe not such a great deal: Dell Boxing week still on...
  256. Where to buy individual moist butt wipes in or around the lower mainland?
  257. Zapals - Post your experience
  258. Is this website a scam ?
  259. Bought Coffee Maker Recently... Broke Coffee Pot. Any Return/Discount Options?
  260. No longer able to merge tim cards with Timmyme app.anybody know why
  261. Costco's Excellence Plus Warranty
  262. Bread fixing, Get your $24 coupon.
  263. Lenovo UPS shipping practices
  264. Used TV Purchase
  265. can't merge Tim Hortons gift card in store?
  266. DJI Spark Fly More Combo
  267. Anyway to be notified when an item goes on sale (At the bay)
  268. New law regarding resale tickets prices - a question
  269. Where to get cookware pot handles locally?
  270. Where does Valu mart grocery store compare with discount brands like nofrills and food basics?
  271. DID I just get scammed?!
  272. [Ontario] Holiday Shopping Bylaw [in force January 1, 2018]
  273. U.S. President slams Amazon for hurting retailers and causing job losses.
  274. Brick high pitch sound Boxing week TV ads.
  275. Extended Warranty Purchases for TV's
  276. Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands
  277. "Earn with Drop" New Loyalty App
  278. MasterPass by MasterCard & other online shopping security concerns
  279. Ridiculous experience crossing border to ship an item - charged "truck fee"?
  280. Website Runtime error
  281. Reviews?
  282. overear noise cancelling headphone deals?
  283. Black Market Cell (MB/SK/QC) Phone Plans SCAM on Kijiji: One to AVOID
  284. - any one else having issues?
  285. Sobeys at Rurtherford/Bathurst no longer 24/7
  286. Do costco still sell pack of itune/play cards at discount?
  287. - too good to be true?
  288. Amazon increases prices before deals?
  289. Let's start with your email address...
  290. How accurate are price tracking websites?
  291. Lowes return policy? without receipt
  292. Samsung scammed me and shipped out an empty Samsung Note 8 box
  293. Is shoppers drugmart open new years day?
  294. Walmart - no free shipping if any food items in cart? SOLVED
  295. What happens if I don’t pickup my Amazon order from the Post office?
  296. is this a good deal on appliances?
  297. Caddle Cash Back App
  298. Costs are going up as 2018 approaches?
  299. Why can't gift cards be returned?
  300. LED Fire Flame Light Bulbs
  301. PSA: please trash all NCIX branded (linke or ngear) products - safety hazard
  302. Need Hot Wheels Track Play Set for 30th today!
  303. Made an eBay Purchase - Realized it was likely a scam
  304. Pillow for side sleeper
  305. Presto card on kijiji, scam?
  306. How to see flyers early
  307. How to get flyers delivered to me - Toronto
  308. Silvercity Cineplex Popcorn Vouchers?
  309. [Merged] Upper Room Home Furnishings - Ottawa
  310. 43" tv - LG 4K vs Sharp 4K - comparison?
  311. The Source extended warranty. Is it worth it?
  312. Where to buy a large dry erase magnetic board?
  313. Walmart - sale item not in stock
  314. [Amazon] Anyone notice shipping charges to return items on
  315. Is swagbucks worth it?
  316. Package sent from CAN to US refused and returned to what?
  317. Sony 65" 4k Dilemma....850 or 900
  318. Air Miles Customer Service
  319. Canadian Tire price match policy
  320. H&M Does NOT accept H&M Gift Cards on Boxing Day
  321. OPTIMUM POINTS-cash em before Feb 1/18
  322. Ebay PRICE MATCH !
  323. Orthotics shoe
  324. Microsoft Fedex tracking problem. Should I be worried?
  325. When does shipping times start to normalize?
  326. Best Buy lowers price on some Star Wars merch. Price protection
  327. Letgo Users Have No Idea How To Use The App
  328. Home depot price match and $10 off coupon stackable?
  329. some questions about amazon S&S and coupons
  330. Best buy price match experience
  331. Fido internet reviews/help need make a decision
  332. How does the E-bates work?
  333. Costco return question...(mattress)
  334. Should I return these items to Costco?
  335. How industry players helped shape Ontario’s loyalty-points law
  336. When can you start returning/exchanging at Old Navy?
  337. How much or little did you buy this Boxing Day?
  338. Stop Using Self-Checkouts
  339. Clearly Contacts -- Insurance
  340. Looking for a new ISP! Has anyone had experience with..
  341. Eaton Centre Was Empty..
  342. is there any recourse for buying used items on
  343. Apple faces lawsuits after saying it slows down aging iPhones
  344. Does Costco do price adjustments?
  345. A question about PayPal:
  346. Appliance Price Fixing?
  347. Amazon ca refuses to refund a price difference post transaction (7 days-10 days after)
  348. Where to get iMac RAM?
  349. Question about Shopper's Optimum points and using my coupon
  350. Certified Preowned Car, wrong Fuel Economy ratings
  351. [Bestbuy] $60 10 GB BYOP Monthly Plan Transaction Fee?
  352. When is a sale not a sale? How to spot the signs
  353. Costco Pharmacy - Denied entry even though you don't need a membership by law
  354. What Dyson Canister Vacuum Should I Buy?
  355. Crossing the Border to Ship a Return
  356. bestbuy match costco?
  357. What's the easiest way to get the Google Home Max in Canada?
  358. Anyone going to a sears in the GTA today?
  359. Penguin Pick-Up : tried it yet?
  360. Would You Buy Furniture at A Place Called Budget Furniture and Mattress’..
  361. Stores with (free) shipping to the US?
  362. Have anyone bought iphone X thru Kijiji?
  363. I need your help
  364. Issue with Amazon Refund
  365. Wondering Where The Best Place To Buy SAXX Boxers
  366. Adult Colouring Books... Fad or Longevity.
  367. How do you guys keep track and not lose your receipts?
  368. Microsoft store online is awful
  369. koodo iphones on tab large vs Google Pixel 2xl, which one you would pick?
  370. Cineplex Night Out/Great Escape Ticket Packages Returns To Air Miles
  371. Best stemless wine glasses
  372. Walmart Wrong Item Description - says French but is English
  373. [Rogers PayAsYouGo] Changes on existing account
  374. Best Cell Phone PAYG SIM for UK/Europe?
  375. Alexa vs Google home
  376. Major Amazon fail for the holidays but somewhat funny
  377. PC Insiders Program Pilot
  378. Searching for a SDM that carries the Nintendo Switch
  379. LOBLAW CARD PROGRAM - Free 25$ Loblaw Card
  380. Gift Wrapping Sq1
  381. 33FT 100LED String Lights with Power Adapter Copper Wire Decor Starry Lights -$10 credit
  382. Coverage
  383. has anyone who took advantage of the deal, receive the kit yet?
  384. Lost gift card options.
  385. Bread price fixing. Get your free $25 coupon too.
  386. [Microsoft Store] laptop/MR bundle cancellation.
  387. Warning: Price tag on boxed CK & Tommy Hilfiger ties from The Bay
  388. $25 off for purchase $100 or more
  389. Costco vs grocers vs butcher shops for meat
  390. Audible - Check your credit card
  391. Amazon shipping by Carrier: AMZCA
  392. How Does Shaw Open Work?
  393. Home Automation Opinions
  394. Laptop warranties from Microsoft Store
  395. Recommendations for purchases on (not
  396. Best deal on PS4 console??
  397. Unlocked iPhone deals for black friday?
  398. Guide to the NCIX Rewards System
  399. Does Leon’s negotiate?
  400. Winter boots with good traction
  401. Lowes discriminatory promotion
  402. Best Home and Auto insurance companies??
  403. Kellogg's gas card promotion
  404. Amazon Dash Button..usa members
  405. Any tips on how to avoid the BC enviro fee on AA/AAA/etc batteries?
  406. Wedding at Country Clubs Negotiable?
  407. Air Miles shop the block
  408. Canada Post lost my package...plz help
  409. LG Electronics /Appliances Customer Service- Thoughts ?
  410. How to pricematch grocery ads where only price per pound is shown?
  411. Does send checks to Canada?
  412. Dyson eBay - “Free Upgrade”
  413. Least friendly store for overall shopping experience?
  414. Best place to buy Appliances?
  415. Kijiji question re: multiple account on 1 IP address
  416. ebay Global Shipping Program - are you a victim?
  417. Telcoms in Canada
  418. GoPro Hero 5 vs Hero 6
  419. UPS Delivery
  420. If you have $3500 to spend on a TV what would you buy???
  421. Best place to buy Snow crab legs?
  422. Anyone Get Their Free Amazon Prime Code From Telus?
  423. bestbuy tech techliquidators
  424. Shoppers Points for Gift Card Purchases
  425. Anyone had any trouble ordering from
  426. Same store: In store vs online pricing
  427. Using Gift Cards At Shoppers Drug Mart, New Policy
  428. Atari getting into the hardware and software business - YAHOO!
  429. Whats the Shoppers Drug Mart return policy on unopened Electronics?
  430. Prime Rib Roast prices leading up to Christmas
  431. Kitchenaid Professional Stand Mixers
  432. Do fairy lights have a long shelf life, or do they malfunction easily?
  433. where to get Lego for a decent price?
  434. Greeting Cards
  435. Can Canadians buy warranty from squaretrade or do you have to go through costco ST?
  436. Pissed off at Best Buy...
  437. Looking for go pro knockoff
  438. Camel camel camel wishlist settings question
  439. Disputing CBSA Duties
  440. very nice cross border deals listings at this site
  441. Experience with MyMallBox
  442. Christmas Shopping..
  443. Amazon now has "Prime Members Only" items?
  444. Why are Amazon's charging practices so wacky(charged then reversed then charged)
  445. Visions Electronics Return Policy?
  446. now offering free returns thru mail
  447. [Petition] Sears to refund extended warranty
  448. Store Refusing to Refund/Exchange Inactivated Gift Card
  449. Finding a Google Home Mini
  450. Gift Ideas for Girlfriend
  451. Help! Not receiving refund from Hudson the Bay online order!
  452. So sick of Mymallbox
  453. Walmart grocery team holiday gift box delivery
  454. Is Canada Post Super Slow Now?
  455. So I got selected for amazon vine
  456. Has anyone dealt with Telus Web Store customer service?
  457. can't process delivery
  458. Where to buy Ovation chocolate mint sticks?
  459. Problems with Purolator
  460. Will bestbuy pricematch sears liquidation sales?
  461. Shopping for baby products? CBC's Marketplace compares the prices between Canada and the U.S. and recalls (Video)
  462. going downhill? Mostly third party sellers
  463. phone deal?
  464. Package being held at Canada Border Services. Is it done or still being held?
  465. Ebay Global Shipping Program
  466. Store-bought eggnog recommendations?
  467. Need a new fridge
  468. Can I use multiple gift cards in one transaction at Hudson's Bay?
  469. Walmart - item hasn't shipped yet - 12 days
  470. Shoplifting in the US is not taken lightly
  471. Will Best Buy apply price protection on Boxing Day week?
  472. Wasaga Beach - Internet Providers
  473. Ikea Return Policy - After 45 days, will they take it back?
  474. EB Games Online Ordering
  475. Nintendo Switch at Walmart
  476. Kijiji/Craigslist/VarageSale/Letgo Sellers What’s Your Experience
  477. When to buy on amazon when price is falling
  478. Amazon's dominance
  479. Let's discuss Experience and reviews of purchased items.
  480. Are Canadian Stores desperately trying to go bankrupt?
  481. Getting Sears to drop price
  482. Cheapest mobile data plan
  483. Bestbuy/Mike Computer Shop Return Policy
  484. Sandisk Warranty Service? Good or bad?
  485. Cheapest mobile data plan
  486. where I can buy these boots in Toronto.
  487. Which store(s) you do not like, and why?
  488. Issue for gift card purchase at Petro Canada
  489. Tipping "movers"?
  490. Credit Card Price Protection Usage
  491. Nespresso Help
  492. Costco gift card use by non-members - only twice per year?
  493. expiration dates on milk
  494. returns shipping cost
  495. Scammed by by Amazon store
  496. Sephora 2017 Reward
  497. Rogers broke promise on credit check, lawsuit claims
  498. Buying bedroom furniture
  499. Paying with Credit Card via Paypal vs. Direct
  500. Toys r us bonus card and coupon
  501. Experience of using Canadian Costco Cash card on USA website
  502. Staples is amazing. Shop there
  503. Purolator, the worst courier company!!!!!
  504. Canadian Tire price match?
  505. Will Bestbuy add the shipping fee if you return an item and order total < $35 after refund?
  506. Apple product exchange
  507. Paid for one, got two Synology RackStation in the mail
  508. Buying a phone thru Kijiji?
  509. (cash rewards when you shop in-mall/ in-stores)
  510. Digital TV Adapter for basic cable
  511. and raising prices?
  512. Does SuperStore price match it's online shopping site?
  513. Staples order is still 'processing'
  514. DOWN?
  515. Busted TV exchange at Costco
  516. Toronto Raptors Clothing
  517. Shopping for Canadian cannabis stocks.
  518. Does anyone else get short changed by Cash back missing.
  519. - delay in cashback. Is it normal now?
  520. UPS late shipping. How late can they be?
  521. A PC Points Faux Pas
  522. Costco ring price adjustment
  523. Book Depository now using DHL express so large brokerage fees incurred
  524. GTA: McDonald's Holiday Express Happy Meal Toy (which location has which toy?)
  525. Which Dyson Stick Vacuum?
  526. Help me decide between 2 power banks
  527. Does Grandma Need This ???
  528. Has anyone shopped from
  529. SDM in Toronto that carry Nintendo Switch?
  530. Milwaukee Fuel M18 Combo 2897-22
  531. H&M return fee bypass.
  532. NCIX is now Bankrupt! DO NOT ORDER THERE!
  533. Cross Border Shopping - Some Stores May Be Doing The Conversion On The Spot
  534. The Book Depository (Canada) [Shipping service review]
  535. Mymallbox
  536. Duties on items made in Honduras bought in an American store, imported via border re-shipper?
  537. Amazon carrier sucks big time.
  538. NCIX is bankrupt
  539. Donate it to Charity?
  540. Sandisk Ultra Memory Card FYI
  541. airmiles cineplex eVouchers
  542. DHL ecommerce shipping
  543. Best cross boarder shipping/pickup option
  544. FedEx sent me an invoice for duties and sent it to collections
  545. [Canadian tire] CHANGED price match guarantee. Now without 10% canadian tire dollar
  546. Costco Coffee - Any good?
  547. What is Shopify?
  548. Shipping question
  549. Black Friday in the USA
  550. What kind of appliance sales can I expect on Boxing Day?
  551. Canada post problem! please help
  552. Changing More Than My Summer Tires
  553. Packaging Sucks
  554. Carrytel shoddy internet service
  555. Google Play Question - Coupon
  556. Rainchecks and best buy
  557. disappointing
  558. Why don’t people post deals on tobacco?
  559. Do all Superstores carry consoles?
  560. and - Be Watchful - Thought to share this..
  561. GU10 coloured LED or Hue
  562. Amazon Prime, order today, arrives in 8 days?!
  563. Canada Post CyberSurf Class Action Settlement QC
  564. Class action over Internet for life - $175 settlement per subscriber [QC only]
  565. Shoppers Drug Mart 20x Points
  566. not charge taxes using G/C?? Weird.
  567. Value Village discontinuing points system Dec 31, 2017
  568. Prepaid cineplex tickets
  569. Quicksilver - refund issues
  570. Costco Charging PST on eShop Gift Cards
  571. [Reminder] The Source Echo Plus deal does not have a free Philips Hue bulb
  572. [The Source] Terrible shopping experience
  573. black friday deal - charge scam from
  574. Canada Customs - Help
  575. Now Access - Discounted restaurants/beauty services from Now Magazine (GTA)
  576. Anyone has experience buying diamond ring from Costco?
  577. Canada Post Tracking says Item Accepted at the Post Office for 3 days. Should I be worried?
  578. Did Amazon change Shipping Courier?
  579. Anybody notice Staples doing really low in-store pricing on certain products?
  580. 2017-2018 roadside assistance programs
  581. Staples Online Price Matching
  582. *** WARNING - RANT POST *** Purolator: Address correction - no entry code
  583. Best Buy won't do price match - Dyson
  584. the source shipping slow?
  585. Essilor (parent company of and Luxottica (parent company of most brick and mortar glasses shops) to merge!
  586. Has anyone recently purchased from B&H Photo Video?
  587. Telus online store order
  588. Delivery in someone else's name but address is correct
  589. anyone know where ships from?
  590. [ Amazon ] - Their gross policies and practices
  591. Has anyone had their Seiko watch repaired at Odyssey Time Inc. in Toronto?
  592. US Shopping with Canadian Billing/Bank info
  593. Waiting for Parts? How long from MemoryExpress?
  594. How to cancel order from bestbuy
  595. Order from Top Shop - email from Aramex
  596. Sending gift to USA - Buy from Amazon.COM or .CA ?
  597. Successful replacement of old non-pin SDM GCs
  598. internet dollar store
  599. Best way to sell stuff? Letgo, Kijiji, fb or ebay
  600. I hate intelcom (rant)
  601. Legit?
  602. CC holds getting posted
  603. How to handle a Dell order screw-up
  604. Boxing Day sales vs Black Friday
  605. On kijiji advanced search available?
  606. Rejecting package - UPS
  607. Exposing price discrimination in online shopping (Marketplace)
  608. Retail now embracing the system it killed off
  609. buying an iphone 6 on
  610. Russian website for accessing tracking numbers?
  611. Canada Post Delivery on Sunday
  612. Boycott Zara?
  613. NVIDIA Shield TV with remote and controller new - $139 - trying my luck
  614. Ikea Malm Dresser Recall - Refund or Exchange.
  615. Using e-transfers to pay on Kijiji
  616. Which one is better??
  617. Can't login, Canadian Tire
  618. shopping on Alibaba
  619. NCIX closing down (most locations) for now and going virtual only?
  620. eBay seller - freeshippercanada. Legit??
  621. Blue Mountain Jamaican curry powder
  622. Costco Business Centre - Review - FYI>> PIC HEAVY.
  623. Virgin fidelity offer. Would like the community input.
  624. Costo USA TV Warranty for Canadians
  625. Bestbuy/Walmart Iphone gift card scam
  626. Amazon Prime bit of a ripoff
  627. Canadian tire Price match policy is nothing but a big SCAM.
  628. Can I back off from a car deal that I signed up
  629. PC Plus DEDUCTED Points for Shopping on Black Friday!
  630. Best retailer for Nikon or Zeiss progressive lenses
  631. Where do you buy your custom made flags and banners?
  632. Amazon Prime Shipping
  633. Different prices when using desktop/laptop browsers, mobile devices, and incognito mode (CBC Marketplace)
  634. Question about Ps4 to Ps4 Pro trade in
  635. Fido Live chat show me a $33 plan, then said it's not correct
  636. Shopping for headphones...returns?
  637. Is there a Canadian Version of Oriental Trading Co.?
  638. Vizio SB3621N-E8 Soundbar
  639. Dyson store coming soon? (Yorkdale)
  640. -----
  641. Returning the same product to a different store?
  642. Shoppers Drugmart with best electronics section-Toronto
  643. Flyer price doesn't match store price
  644. Package stuck?( canada post)
  645. Headphones: can't price match because sale is on different color?
  646. Old Navy website error?
  647. Deal: Google Home Mini & Google Home At $29/$79 + $25 Coupon – 11/24/17
  648. Anyone went to or going to visions electronics in Brampton?
  649. What’s the deal with Google Home Mini
  650. Capital one credit limit increase by transfering balance?
  651. bluedio is this a price error or deal
  652. Buying on
  653. Costco Concerige review?
  654. Ford F-150 Black Friday $6500 Rebate
  655. Competition Bureau wants answers from Sears liquidators on alleged price mark-ups, says report
  656. Using USA Cell Phone Plans (AT&T, T-Mobile) in Canada
  657. Oil heater to reduce hydro bill
  658. DO we need to post in hot deals AND Black Friday?
  659. TV extended warranty - Costco vs. Best Buy
  660. Any sale on smart switches
  661. Food Processors - any good deals?
  662. What is the best Scotch NOT available at the LCBO?
  663. Why isn't walmart NOT 24/7 in Canada?
  664. Does Best Buy offer the Fallout voucher with a Vive purchase?
  665. Bell Alt Tv
  666. Which TV bang for buck to buy on BF?
  667. Any good laser printer deals for black friday?
  668. Walmart Scan & Go
  669. Walmart Rolls out "Scan and Go"
  670. what is the best site to use to send a package to buffalo
  671. [GTA] Bobby's Liquidation Outlet @ Steeles Avenue and the 404 (25 former sears suppliers merchandise)
  672. Hey Mods, where is the Black Friday forum?
  673. Canadian Tire - don't you dare open
  674. 2017 and 2018 Outdoor Race Shopping Guide - Before Boxing Day Edition
  675. Does the Dell Inspiron 13 2 in 1 have expandable RAM
  676. Mid Range Receivers on BF?
  677. Air Conditioner for a House?
  678. Kijiji alternatives?
  679. Weirdness with Tape, the metric system, and cross border shopping
  680. Amazon Listing Glitches - Share your stories?
  681. Missed the UPS Delivery Driver...Now What?
  682. Should I get the Kindle now or wait till Black Friday?
  684. Plans4Canada - experience/reviews?
  685. Grocery store flyer deals - OOS on day 1 !!
  686. Has anyone here actually ever won anything from a receipt survey?
  687. iHerb vs VitaCost (shippig methods)
  688. Cross border shopping and returned items - how to claim back duties & taxes
  689. Rexall Pharma Plus Bonus Air Miles
  690. Best Black Friday TV Deals
  691. This is how Carrytel cheat customers on Yelp
  692. Best deal on a sound bar?
  693. Uniqlo does not do Price Adjustments
  694. Costco Tires - Free rebalance/rotate for life
  695. Help With Extending Wifi to Garage
  696. The Source return policy?
  697. Airmiles has no more staples redemption?
  698. Help with Dell coupon code for sony A6500
  699. Xbox One S 500gb Or PS4 1tb
  700. Best Buy Price Protection?
  701. Anyone know where i can get cheaper Air Monarch Sneakers
  702. Weirdest experience with Walmart grocery pickup
  703. Best time to buy tv
  704. Smart light bulb question ?
  705. Is it worth lineup for Ikea BF? Anyone has experience?
  706. Costco question
  707. 55 inch 4k HDR Smart TV..Samsung or Sony or LG
  708. Gear best checkout asking for passport
  709. Any stores that will price match shoppers 2 day sale
  710. Any hacks to get a student email address for Amazon Prime?
  711. Xbox Live Gold
  712. Nvidia Shield TV - Black Friday deals?
  713. Xbox One S 500G purchase options
  714. Is Comerco extended Warranty any good?
  715. Amazon Echo shipping in Canada
  716. Loblaws/T&T/RCSS to deliver in Toronto in December and Vancouver in January
  717. Unlimited mobile data
  718. What to do with invoice from vendor that I don't agree with?
  719. Cash for Starbucks Gift Cards?
  720. What cheap ali express/baba product should I get to flip on Amazon?
  721. Costco finally has Nintendo switches
  722. How to pay eBay fees?
  723. Black Friday vs Boxing Day in Canada
  724. Lenovo warranty?
  725. Shopping for a ladies100% wool sweater
  726. Where in the world (Canada) can I buy denatured alcohol?
  727. YRT Paper Tickets Expire in Dec and No refund!
  728. Shoppers Drug Marts in Windsor that sell electronics?
  729. Does offer release day shipping for video game preorders?
  730. What's Costco's policy on multiple receipts?
  731. Samsung 65KS8000 (Openbox) VS LG OLED65B7
  732. Skadi Electronics
  733. Q: Are prepaid mobile phones unlocked starting 1st December 2017?
  734. Bestbuy Price Match .. limited quantity trick
  735. NCIX going bankrupt?
  736. Where can I purchase a Patagonia 16 L Linked pack in GTA
  737. Purolator refuses to scan/provide recipt for dropped off prepaid package?
  738. Costco Christmas Trees
  739. Saskatoon Midtown Parking
  740. Manufactured spending
  741. Is this a good deal on a Kitchenaid Mixer (USA)?
  742. Everything you wanted to know about diamond trade
  743. 3G vs 4G?
  744. Any suggestion on cross border shipping service that ships to Canadian address?
  745. Trouble Finding: $29.99 Warcraft 60day Subscription Card
  746. Princess Auto 10 Tray Dehydrator $249.99
  747. Looking for a trench coat in toronto
  748. Appliances Purchase black Friday, delivery 6 months later?
  749. Will NoFrills price match RCSS?
  750. What happens when you refuse a package from UPS?
  751. Now Featured on Wal-Mart’s Website: Higher Prices Than Stores
  752. Connecting extra TV's to Bell Fibe PVR
  753. Amazon: Returned to "originating postal facility" but I got it?
  754. Pre-lit pure/bright white lights Christmas Tree
  755. Consumer protection advice
  756. Canada Post phasing out controversial shipping discount for Chinese goods
  757. No more cheap ebay/Aliexpres items anymore!
  758. WWYD? Question about an Amazon order
  759. Tipping at Grocery Stores (Groceries On Line)
  760. Amazon charging for one day/same day delivery (Prime members)
  761. Champion Socks @ Costco
  762. FedEx Advancement Fee
  763. Anyone shop before?
  764. best computer warranty?
  765. Shoppers Drugmart - Will not abide by their Money Back Guarantee
  766. Anyone waiting for Black Friday and holding off purchases?
  767. Get $20 to leave a positive Google review for Carrytel (target?)
  768. Canada goose "dealer" - confirmed scam site
  769. Anyone with Alexa and Harmony Hub
  770. Comwave doesn't want to cancel my account - [please merge with Comwave threads]
  771. Is this Fido plan good?
  772. Best app for live bar code price comparison in Canada
  774. Scene - Top up
  775. Does Best Buy price guarentee(or match) bundles withiin a period?
  776. What Not To Buy This Holiday Season
  777. Mattress advice - for kids
  778. [Best Buy] Open-box Samsung UN65KS8000 + 2-year warranty
  779. Samsung UN65MU8000 for $1,899 ?
  780. Do you earn eBates/GCR cash back on purchases made *with* gift cards?
  781. Amazon Return Limitations ...?
  782. Advice on mattress and folding bed?
  783. no longer allowing you to cancel single items from an order?
  784. Atlantic Superstore Tablets
  785. Refusing Canada Post parcels
  786. Best 4K tv this black friday 2017 ?
  787. What's your opinion on Toy ride on car Mercedes SLS amg?
  788. Shop The Block Is Back (Nov 14 to Dec 14, 2017)
  789. Buying office chair mechanism replacement part
  790. LED Light Bulb Sizing
  791. Is it worth fixing an Ipad 2 ?
  792. canadian tire roadside assistance 50% off code, late november 2017
  793. Question for people on Koodo QC plan
  794. BestBuy PM Policy and Site Changes (for the next few months)
  795. Black Friday "deals"
  796. JYSK Black Friday Flyer
  797. Better options than clearly contacts?
  798. Porting Out from Rogers - Last Day of Billing for Services
  799. Please delete
  800. Flyer app with deal notifications?
  801. Black Friday 2017 forums
  802. Budget Furniture Stores (sofa)
  803. Controller for steam link?
  804. 4K hdmi switch?
  805. [Costco] Danby premiere dehumidifier 199.99
  806. AlieExpress 11.11 Global Shopping Festival
  807. Best Place to buy blinds
  808. Canada post notification card left for flex delivery
  809. SSENSE Black Friday sales?
  810. Amazon pricing
  811. Beware of paying with Paypal with Toys R Us (TRU)
  812. Best way to use Esso Points?
  813. Best electric snow blower
  814. Free Shipping from US retailers?
  815. What kinds of Televisions do some Shoppers Drug Mart stores carry?
  816. Have u heard of Backpage? (it's like Craigslist)
  817. Freedom Mobile LTE
  818. Black Friday Section?
  819. Amazon Prime Trial
  820. Low Risk Gift Cards
  821. Amazon UK - Now Shipping via UPS :(
  822. How do you select free pickup option for Walmart item?
  823. Best affordable bean to cup coffee machine
  824. Real Christmas Trees Price
  825. Anyone else manage to get one?
  826. T&T supermarket- If you find a expired product in store, you get a new fresh product of the same one for free
  827. PC Plus - Does anyone know if phones count as electronics?
  828. Variable-Rate Mortgage Loophole?
  829. Is this a good deal for laptop? Lenovo IdeaPad 510S for 624.99 CAD
  830. Viper Remote Start at Visions
  831. Marriott flight and hotel package no longer honours bonus points for Aeroplan transfers
  832. Buying from Costco & Living in a Condo
  833. Quebecers vs Lenovo
  834. Import Fees Deposit
  835. No update from Canada Post tracking for more than 2 weeks. Anyone has similar issue before?
  836. where does the clearance holiday candy go so fast?!
  837. Need help choosing delonghi super automatic espresso machine
  838. Shoppers optimum card activation promo?
  839. Online grocery delivery in Hamilton
  840. Best Buy holiday return policy now in effect?
  841. The Most Racist Store I've Been To
  842. STAY AWAY FROM GTA Bathtub & Tile Reglazing 647-783-3430 on Kijiji - Craigslist
  843. First Canadian Winter Driving - Acura Tsx- winter tires suggestion
  844. Best price for usb Mfi cable iphone
  845. best price for tarps
  846. Paypal question
  847. Resellers - What are your tips
  848. Xbox one x trade in?
  849. Best/Worst Courier when Importing to Canada
  850. where can I buy true Egyptian Cotton sheets? the Bay? Home sense?
  851. 2017 Stuffed Bear Shopping Guide
  852. SDM over-the-counter drug returns
  853. Does Costco keep your propane tank if it is passed its date?
  854. Do you buy Wal-Mart's Equate or Costco's Kirkland over the Brand Name?
  855. Canada Post Package missing from community mailbox
  856. Gear!best Shipping Options
  857. Does RFD have a collection of American black Friday flyers?
  858. Hudson Bay Small Appliance Returns
  859. re: Black Friday
  860. Safe way to trade giftcards
  861. How do I find out where an Amazon 3rd party seller is located?
  862. searching for wide fish turner
  863. Halloween decorations
  864. best place to get a wedding photobook made
  865. Player Unknowns Battlegrounds
  866. Costco underwear return
  867. Penguin Random House Book Sale invite?
  868. GB: Lower price after 1 week
  869. Using air miles at toysrus
  870. Here is my UPS driver story
  871. Garmin - Really hot or fake site?
  872. Any idea what happened to Wet Ones - Antibacterial Hand Wipes ??
  873. Cookware Canada ?
  874. NCIX Extended Warranty Issues
  875. Watchdog probes grocery sector over alleged bread price fixing
  876. Shopping apps for mobile phones
  877. Costco Laminate Flooring
  878. Good Quality Bamboo Sheets for Twin Mattress
  879. How Does Ebates differentiate between BR/Gap/old navy?
  880. When do prelit Christmas trees go on sale
  881. Weigh Your own foods coming to Superstore
  882. Buying a used car
  883. New COD PS4 but need XBO
  884. Tank Tops/Wife Beaters
  885. Contact lenses online
  886. Costco LED bulb warranty
  887. Home monitoring suggestion (own the equipment)
  888. Hershey's 90 halloween count
  889. Help me buy DSLR
  890. which shop has the best membership in terms of cashback or points? (assuming same price)
  891. What is everybody using for internet phones these days?
  892. Amazon Prime - Preorder release date delivery
  893. Anyone use a top-loading washing machine without agitator?
  894. Gas vs. Electric Dryer
  895. Acuvue Moist best price?
  896. Canada Post / CBSA (Canadian Customs) ramping up tax enforcement?
  897. Brick-and-mortar vs Online Shopping
  898. car2go pricing?
  899. The shopping channel
  900. Can I return this at Costco?
  901. I need to rent a 8 passenger van
  902. Tassimo T12 now replacing the T20
  903. What is the cheapest way to mail a small item to US with tracking # ?
  904. Customers of aware - they don't price match!!
  905. Purchasing Lottery Tickets with Credit Cards
  906. Customs Paper for sending to the USA for warranty repair?
  907. Help Canceling new vehicle addon
  908. Best places for all-seasons tires
  909. Sony XBR65X750D 65” 4K TV
  910. Whirlpool Partner VIP warehouse sale?
  911. DELL Order Issues
  912. What stores/brands have Black Friday sales on laptops, and how big are the sales?
  913. US Mailbox for online shopping
  914. Uniqlo Canada/Toronto - when to watch out for sales.
  915. KitchenAid Mixer
  916. sneaky canadian tire !!!
  917. - Can't change Shipping Address
  918. Former Sears brand Craftsman tools coming to Rona, Lowe’s in 2018
  919. Used HDD from Amazon
  920. Someone convince me to buy a food saver from Costco using the master pass promo
  921. Shopping for leather jacket?
  922. Where can I buy a decent Fidget Spinner
  923. BHPhotoVideo
  924. wireless headpones at Winners
  925. Best store to shop pc parts?
  926. Maximum Socket Set
  927. Anyone noticed that Walmart is now open until midnight?
  928. Funko pop question
  929. Complaints and Rants on Sears' online presence
  930. SDM Optimum - Captcha login
  931. Mastermind Toys 2017 Gift Guide
  932. Pictures of Costco Alloy Wheels on your vehicle
  933. Bulk gift wrapping paper?
  934. costco membership signup and use online?
  935. Internet options for country address?
  936. shipping my Prime "Ships from and sold by" order from the US?
  937. US Post Box
  938. Best Western rewards - 4800 pts for $25 Amazon GC
  939. Refund for Canadian Tire item Without Receipt?
  940. When will SEARS Canada liquidate/sell head office assets such as furniture, computers etc?
  941. Toilet Replacement
  942. Warning: HBC Gift Card Empty Balance
  943. Costco floor registers/vent covers
  944. Costco tire order headache
  945. Any remaining sears outlet stores in the GTA?
  946. Canada Post To Start Delivering Marijuana
  947. Is Telus the only 4K TV provider in the Vancouver area?
  948. Purchasing Westjet Dollars from friend?
  949. So my sears extended warranty is voided
  950. Shipping a repaired phone from US to Canada
  951. Anyone else have trouble printing coupons from
  952. Amazon undue taxes class action launched
  953. Canada-wide class action lawsuit against Amazon over collecting sales tax on Zero-Rated (Tax Free) Supplies
  954. Not Satisfied with EB games/Gamestop Price Match Policy
  955. Any way to avoid provincial sales tax on
  956. Are there actually any good sales at Sears or is it pointless to even go?
  957. Importing Wine (Accompanied) into Ontario
  958. vs
  959. When you cant buy a product in Canada!?!?
  960. Transat holidays
  961. Winter Coat opinion? CG VS Northface
  962. SLEEP country exchange
  963. What can I do? FedEx customs bill is a whopping 67% of my item price :(
  964. How does BBB work?
  965. Question about signing up for ebates
  966. Presto resellers on Kijiji
  967. Canadian tire gift card question
  968. Best place in the Vancouver area to get a custom PC built?
  969. Alternative Refrigerator Filters
  970. Canada Computers - Terrible Online Store
  971. Amazon.COM gift card balance uses?
  972. Why DHL?
  973. Funny Shaw Experience
  974. Does DHL ALWAYS get you?
  975. Canada Post XpressPost delivery
  976. Amazon Pre-Order Payment Method Change
  977. Cbi usa?
  978. Insane international shipping fees; which carrier to go with?
  979. Shoppers Optimum and home health care
  980. Seeking the name of a chocolate bar!
  981. Costco West Deal -> POINTER <- Thread
  982. Are Costco Tires sub par???
  983. Where can I get a good deal on Burberry scarf?
  984. Halloween pop-up shop in Toronto
  985. Nexus Interview, translator allowed?
  986. Where to buy colour contacts (halloween) in Vancouver?
  987. Latest No Frills commercials, WTF?
  988. Mystery Shopper Canada a scam
  989. problem
  990. How do business give cash discounts of 10% or more?
  991. What is the oldest or weirdest thing you have returned to Costco?
  992. Does Canada Post deliver items ordered online on Sat & Sun ?
  993. RFD help me out - Order from USA or Canada Amazon?
  994. Wantboard? Canadian company doing cross border shopping for you!
  995. Telus Lite TV, $25/month
  996. Where can I find good quality binders?
  997. When will SEARS management realize their products are overpriced?
  998. Amazon Prime 20% off new games - not given any more?
  999. Help with US Cross Border shipping service
  1000. Amazon sent the wrong product - Serious privacy concern