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  1. Aliexpress and opening disputes
  2. Lowes $200 Coupon- Order Cancelled
  3. Dryer
  4. Good humidifier and air purifier for a condo
  5. Harry Rosen Sale
  6. Canada Post FlexDelivery
  7. USA
  8. why no midgrade or diesel at Costco?
  9. Back Friday surprise
  10. recommendation for jewelers that customize engagement ring in GTA?
  11. Monster isport On ear headphones
  12. YMMV Rona 20% not applied on sale items? Try in store.
  13. Complete Best Buy Online Product Listing - good for finding filler items
  14. Samsung Galaxy S2 question at bestbuy
  15. Hudson Bay 50 Cent Item
  16. Amazon charging Ontario Enviro Fee on Video Games (Error)
  17. How fast does Amazon ship your non-Prime orders?
  18. Best 60' TV For Under $1k?
  19. TV and Internet - Lock in now or wait
  20. Mi Box "International Version"?
  21. omega juicer
  22. Looking for a Cricut Cutting Machine deal
  23. Post-Black Friday Poll: How much money did you spend Black Friday 2016?
  24. Canada Post delivery on Sunday?
  25. Paypal conversion options
  26. (Scarborough) Annual Tire Sale @ Quick Lane
  27. dell refeb deals this year
  28. [Upvote] How about some credit to BedBath&Beyond for honouring Nest screwups?
  29. Hacked on AirBnB :(
  30. BF Laptop Deal for $500?
  31. The Metro $9.xx/KG deal for Top Sirloin angus last week was amazing.
  32. how do i get staples 10% off coupons?
  33. Smart bulbs or smart switches?
  34. Futureshop order no longer accessible?
  35. Buying A Vaporizer from the US
  36. Terrible Customer Service with Amazon
  37. Shoppers points on 2 exclusive deals
  38. Airmiles
  39. Problem with and Ebates/GCR?
  40. Black Friday vs Boxing Day in Canada
  41. Stacksocial Shipping
  42. for those that got the ncix points
  43. Need help in buying a good mattress set . Opinions needed .
  44. Marks and Spencers has a Canadian site (no food)
  45. eBay doesn't let you choose payment method with Paypal
  46. Gift for college/high school classmates? Ideas?
  47. Help need about ashford websit
  48. SportsCheck - Join email 10% coupon not working.
  49. Vizio D48n-E0 48-in. 1080p
  50. Poor Web Design
  51. Why does refund without product return?
  52. Mastercard - applying for price protection?
  53. Lowes Promo code 250 off 600... removed?
  54. Black Friday? Really?...
  55. Scammed by
  56. Sears charged wrong amount to credit card
  57. Looking for Asus Zen book 306UA
  58. OBIhai 200 or 202?
  59. Amazon Error - Do They Have to Honour?
  60. Best Buy price match HELP!
  61. Quebec price policy?
  62. Best Buy - reward zone - PSN cards?
  63. Order online with a price match Bestbuy?
  64. Does anyone know whether ShoppersDrugMart sells Fitbit?
  65. Can I earn Airmiles when redeeming my Airmiles?
  66. Best bang for buck 50"+ TV on Black Friday Sales?
  67. Got scammed over an IPTV box online. Should I go to Police?
  68. China deals tracker site?
  69. Costco refund policy
  70. How does ******** handle paypal disputes?
  71. POLL: Do you SPEND more money on BLACK FRIDAY purchases than on other sales events
  72. Any good deals on cameras ?
  73. Where to buy coconut oil?
  74. Loyalty program? What are some good points/rewards system?
  75. Deal Sniffer notifies you of cashback reward incentives (Chrome Extension)
  76. Refurbished Samsung Galaxy S5
  77. Dishwasher Recommendation
  78. Can you use Ebates along side Amazon's Subscribe & Save?
  79. Pokémon Sun and Moon Download Cards Now Available!
  80. Returning unused passes bought on
  81. Air Optix Fake or Real?
  82. Does Freedom Mobile (Wind) have better reception now?
  83. This Is How Incompetent Employees Will Bankrupt A Company (Henry's)
  84. Costco being investigated for drug kickback scheme in Canada
  85. charged me $30 extra
  86. Tsawwassen Mills Mall Opens In Greater Vancouver Area
  87. Disputing Canadian Customs? Or why am I playing extra?
  88. Treadmill for home usage
  89. Best places to buy slippers..?
  90. Parks Furniture Membership?
  91. ON Black Friday sales better than current 40% off?
  92. Suggestions: 4K 65" TV
  93. Did I miss out on Public Mobile's offer?
  94. Shopper's Optimum and other loyalty cards
  95. Bookoutlet free shipping?
  96. Need a new clothes washing machine, which brand & retailer?
  97. How many Public Mobile $40/4gb referral did you get?
  98. Products that can only bought in the US or much cheaper in the US
  99. Oversized queen duvet covers
  100. LG 49UH6100 49" or 43" request
  101. Grocery store near/on TTC subway
  102. Sabra Hummus Recall - Claim for Reimbursement
  103. Who here actually buys stuff from Rexall ?
  104. Disappointment at Price Matching Policy at Canada Computers Store
  105. Canadian Tire - Private Label Brands List - help
  106. Optimum Pts Question
  107. Where to buy Jansport bag?
  108. Cell phone upgrades - Black Friday or Boxing Day?
  109. Best place to gets stuff shipped - buffalo border?
  110. Help? I am not sure about a tech gadget I am looking for?
  111. Windows store black Friday deals?
  112. Oakville ISPs and promos
  113. Best hair dryer with a diffuser
  114. Jewelry Repair
  115. Google Stores set to up at select Best Buys in Canada
  116. Recommendation for Under Counter radio
  117. Where to get Redoxon Vitamin C for a good price? Costco near me no longer has it.
  118. Why are warranties always only extended to the original purchaser of the product?
  119. Looking for a Roku 4
  120. Best Place to Buy Dental Floss Threaders
  121. What's the BEST deal you have found on RFD?
  122. Ogdensburg Parcel-Package & Shipping Center- New option for Ottawa area US pick-ups
  123. New sdm redemption policy ? No coupons allowed when redeeming ?
  124. Donate or consign unfitting designer suits?
  125. New sdm redemption policy ? No coupons allowed when redeeming ?
  126. Amazon prime video *possibly* coming to Canada.
  127. Koodo $48 monthly plan for Manitoba
  128. Ridiculous/hilarious experience with price matching
  129. Use American Express Points at
  130. A pretty stupid question regarding Amazon Prime Trials
  131. How to retailers deal with blackmail scam artists?
  132. Do you buy full-size products after trying a free sample?
  133. tvs at
  134. Best place to buy winter tires?
  135. Are companies legally have the right to refuse price protection on BF?
  136. What is on your wish list for Black Friday and Holidays / Boxing Day?
  137. Your Big Box Store Appliance Purchase Experiences?
  138. Niagara Tourism Fee not voluntary?
  139. Which of these laptops should I buy?
  140. Can I cross the U.S. border using only the Canadian citizenship card (i.e. w/o passport)?
  141. How can I use PC Points to buy iPhone?
  142. Smart Door Bells
  143. Does Best Buy sell Amazon gift cards?
  144. IKEA Duvet's - Are they Breathable?
  145. condo insurance
  146. Razors
  147. Grill Combo(Grill, Waffle Maker, Sandwich Maker)
  148. where else to buy (bluray) dvd movies?
  149. This is another reason why Sears is dying
  150. Chase Canada Won't Add a US Billing Address onto my Credit Card
  151. Best way to buy visa gift cards?
  152. Astro zer0%
  153. Screwed by Future Shop / Best Buy this holiday? File a complaint with the gov't here
  154. TV HDR or not HDR that is the question
  155. Black Friday weekend in Buffalo
  156. Where should I buy laptop replacement battery?
  157. Is there such a thing as a light that plugs directly into the wall socket like a nightlight but uses a 200+ lumen bulb?
  158. Question! What are some problems you've encountered through online shopping?
  159. [Rogers Wireless] Should I take this offer?
  160. Anyone noticed that Danier Leather is reopening stores?
  161. Gelatin free candy that comes in large volumes (e.g., 100+)
  162. Bread bags to buy.
  163. Is there any real bargain hunters here? (Value Village, Thrift stores)
  164. Does anyone use Twitter to follow RFD or other forum deal news?
  165. Looking for a barber to shave my head baled and trim my beard
  166. Absurd DHL customs clearance fees?
  167. Team Assist Coupons at Atmosphere
  168. Buying chinese phone, what to know?
  169. sunday delivery?
  170. eBates PayPal Payment
  171. [Merged] The Brick Furniture Nightmare!!!
  172. Costco Nutella 5kg?
  173. Canadian Tire Online September Promo
  174. GVR - Bellingham, Wa is building a new Costco across from Fred Meyer
  175. Need help with the iRobot 870
  176. SSD's going on sale
  177. What is cheaper in Canada than in the U.S.?
  178. Canada Computers Return Policy?
  179. tiger balm - best price?
  180. Canadian Tire Price Drop Policy?
  181. Sub $200 Windows 10 laptop for streaming only
  182. buying a tv in USA bring to canada will manuf. plus extended (square trade) warranty be honored anyone???
  183. de Longhi price italy-canada
  184. Experiences with buying from Tiffany online?
  185. PSA: Beware, iPhone Users: Fake Retail Apps Are Surging Before Holidays
  186. What is the best deal you've ever gotten thanks to RFD?
  187. Nobis cartel
  188. Question about Home Depot 10% off?
  189. Purolator over charge and customer service
  190. Xbox One S battlefield 1 + CoD:infinite warfare bundle $379
  191. McDonald's Canada Accepts Competitor Coupons (YMMV?)
  192. SDM redemption combo question
  193. Can anyone explain to me the detailed process of custom clearance @rainbow/Lewiston bridge
  194. Kitchener, Waterloo first cities to get full Beer Store online ordering
  195. Process for Propane Refills at Costco?
  196. ******** shipping options
  197. Black Friday Section - Anytime now Tom.......
  198. Using Price Protection this Black Friday/Cyber Monday
  199. Best place to buy a dryer?
  200. Status of risk in buying used iOS devices?
  201. New Le Chateau no-return policy for the holidays?
  202. Canada Post International Shipping Questions
  203. Returning a best buy external hard drive.
  204. Canadian Tire gift cards no longer accepted at gas bar?
  205. Dji Phantom BF Deals?
  206. List of retailers offering cash discounts
  207. Is there a Black Friday 2016 forum or specific thread this year?
  208. iphone discounts on BF historically?
  209. SDM with best electronic department
  210. Got slapped with a CAD 25 while ordering from ******** !!
  211. Gym Membership in Hamilton area
  212. Any word on SDM Spend Your Points Event?
  213. Fun thread: Predictions for Black Friday phone discounts
  214. Walmart stopped issuing rain checks March 1, 2016
  215. geoblocking us?
  216. Sodastream Deals
  217. Is this a scam?
  218. UPS Outrageous Brokerage fees!!!?
  219. - Experiences?
  220. Costco Tire rebates
  221. Loyalty programs best bang for buck- gift cards?
  222. To finance or not to finance... (Apple Financing)
  223. Canadian Tire Raincheck Policy
  224. Great Canadian Rebates via Mobile?
  225. LCBO online store and home delivery launched
  226. So I got selected for amazon vine
  227. Any Daiso-type places in Toronto?
  228. Do Walmart still accept returns without receipt?
  229. Which Zotac HTPC is better?
  230. Why can't I receive Staples coupons?
  231. Sectional Set - Wholesale Furniture Brokers??
  232. Spotify discount?
  233. Good quality curling iron? Help!
  234. McDonald's kiosks can't add/subtract
  235. Ikea Canada prices much higher than in US
  236. Paypal refunded returns question
  237. Being SCREWED by Weedman
  238. How to ship to US Address using Canadian Credit Card
  239. Anyone ever had a Subscribe & Save delivery delayed? [Amazon]
  240. Tinydeal Huge Problem
  241. ripley aquarium coupons?
  242. How to tell if second-hand product is refurbished?
  243. Canadian Tire. No longer accepting old batteries.
  244. Best place to buy furniture
  245. TP-Link in Staples' stores
  246. Extremely slow customs processing right now?
  247. Leapfrog LeapTV
  248. Canada Post paid for signature confirmation
  249. PS4 Slim - Black Friday/Cyber Mondays
  250. London Drugs - LD Extras (New Loyalty Program)
  251. Costco with gift card
  252. Amazon One day deliver is a big lie
  253. Red Bull Class Action Settlement ($10 cash back or $15 in Red Bull products)
  254. Print Coupon Denied
  255. What's your most disappointing advertised vs actual product bought?
  256. Price match rejected in NCIX (BELOW COST) but accepted in Memory Express
  257. HomeDepot/Rona/Lowes Gift Cards on Sale?
  258. memory express sucks!!!!! actually is a great store that needs a new manger
  259. Winter Tire Question
  260. Stores that sell iTunes card's below face value?
  261. Good quality and cheap tires exchange shop in Yorkdale Mall area?
  262. Online Contact Forms
  263. Annoyed with SportChek
  264. Home Depot is no longer matching competitors' no tax events
  265. Whirlpool Partner VIP warehouse sale?
  266. Environmental Handling Fee Difference
  267. Low Dollar: Any Arbitrage opportunities?
  268. free shipping getting slower and slower
  269. Length of time between iPhone 6S launch and availability on Aeroplan?
  270. Is it worth buying goods abroad while in Asia?
  271. Buying japanese pens in Canada?
  272. Duct Cleaning Service
  273. What Credit Card Should I Get?
  274. BBQ Wood Chunks? Hickory, Applewood etc. any1 selling them cheap??
  275. Need Opinion on Ultra Cheap Amazon Electric Tooth Brush Heads
  276. Black Friday Fido promos
  277. How do you find great deals on Amazon .ca?
  278. Best 17" laptop with i7 cpu under $1000?
  279. Lush Customer Experience Shoppers Needed!
  280. Cibc: Send money worldwide with no fees*
  281. Need to spend $40 at Dell
  282. Anyone know when Costco will bring back eggnog?
  283. Buying gtx 1070, looking for advice
  284. Ebay Global Shipping Program... LOL look at this FAIL tracking
  285. Looking for gift ideas, something that say "Canadian"
  286. Yet Another Warning About Rogers
  287. Bought a phone that is extremely overheating; NCIX might not refund.
  288. Black Friday sale or Refurbished by Apple
  289. Electrolux Central Vac at Costco
  290. Network Supply Canada - Ottawa?
  291. How to STOP generic addressed Junk mail from Bell, Rogers ?
  292. Golf Town Stores Closing
  293. Moving boxes and supplies
  294. Ridiculous experience crossing border to ship an item - charged "truck fee"?
  295. myMallBox US reshipper problem
  296. BestBuy Changes Free Shipping Minimum to $35
  297. Costco USA v/s Costco Canada - Is there a big difference ?
  298. Question about BestBuy 'price check'
  299. eBay Seller Fee Notices
  300. shopping rebate?
  301. Question about buying a TV in USA then crossing border
  302. Stouffers Rewards (started March 2012)
  303. Do you think online shopping in Canada will be big this season?
  304. Amazon Canada Prime FREE Same Day Shipping
  305. COSTCO numbers that end in 7
  306. Air Miles
  307. - Cheap shipping to Canada
  308. Fido GIFT2020 mystery shopper spams
  309. Looking for a decent Bluetooth alarm clock
  310. Flavacol flowing too fast from salt shaker
  311. Ontario Consumers Home Services
  312. Shopping online in the US
  313. Another reason why Walmart is losing the online shopping battle
  314. now requires $35 for free shipping
  315. Newegg will be sold to Chinese company
  316. Black Friday/Boxing Day - Deals on engagement rings?
  317. Dumb PriceMatching policy in Walmart USA
  318. Online Shopping in Vietnam Suggestions
  319. Amazon game Pre-order - Reception after release day
  320. When does Scotiabank give you the Scene bonus points?
  321. Canadian Tire Website - WHY BOTHER!
  322. What happened to Canadian Tire softener salt sale?
  323. Getting packages in Champlain, NY
  324. Extended TV Warranties
  325. Amazon recommendations email lying about previous original price
  326. Help: Received wrong size Fitbit as a gift
  327. How does Coupgon Work?
  328. Dishonest Midas mechanic
  329. Where can i complain on an SDM store/employee (shoppers drug mart)
  330. Buying from BULK BARN isnt cheaper!
  331. Netflix paid thru iTunes charges HST, Netflix direct doesn't - WTF?
  332. Looking for shipping agency to deliver in Canada, from USA
  333. Chapters-Indigo Fraud & Deception
  334. Walmart Home Delivery
  335. Dishonest ebay seller
  336. Walmart does not want to return the money. What I should do?
  337. Purchase a Mouth Guard
  338. I Feel Guilty for Using Coupons at Subway
  339. When's the next Ikea sale?
  340. Survey: Is it cheaper to buy groceries at the Chinese supermarket compared to Food Basics/No Frills?
  341. Canada Post tracking down since October 12th
  342. Ebates Express Cash Back (No click through needed - seems to be a browser extension)
  343. $5 Walmart order handling fee
  344. Paypal offers to cover the cost of returns for free.
  345. K Mobile - anyone heard of them?
  346. Apple says many ‘genuine’ Apple products on AMAZON are FAKE !
  347. Phone Lock/Unlock Details
  348. Shoppers Optimum Credit Card - What's Going On??
  349. Second hand ski equipment set for Kids
  350. Mattress Encasement
  351. Anyone got any insider info on the Yorkdale expansion?
  352. Japanese retailer Uniqlo planning to open at Toronto’s Yorkdale
  353. When does Microsoft Store ship preorders?
  354. {FREE} Covers up to $30 shipping fee
  355. Bell *free* 2 months TV movie package - beware!
  356. Vizio M-60 for $1289. Good?
  357. Long vacation, solution to mail/packages (CP,UPS,Fedex,etc) ?
  358. Surprising items sold at "regular" stores
  359. Walmart Rewards Error? Subtracting Money? Confused...
  360. looking for cheap in price and good Bluetooth headset
  361. How many active Costco member's does Costco really have ?
  362. EMT - e-mail address
  363. Custom Engagement ring settings
  364. Disputing a fraudulent credit card claim that was rejected?
  365. Taking Air Miles to Small Claims Court
  366. Anyone ever gotten hooked up with those craigslist/kijiji Rogers plans?
  367. Monthly Costco Canada coupons booklet ?
  368. Rogers Pixel Phone by Google 32GB In Stock Now
  369. Best place to buy heat transfer vinyl and self adhesive vinyl?
  370. sends out used items
  371. Survey: Have you ever won anything by filling out the satisfaction survey on the store receipt
  372. Does reporting a lost or stolen credit card hurt your credit score?
  373. Turkish Bath Towels
  374. Costco Maistos replica toy car line
  375. Sites like in Canada
  376. Air Miles *rant*
  377. Lenovo "consumer" laptop repairing for 2+ months and still waiting
  378. Filler Item Website
  379. Caddle Cash Back App
  380. CIK 100M/10M cable internet+VOIP Phone+TV
  381. H & M changed their return policy
  382. Looking for a TV 'price checker'
  383. exchange/refund at apple store
  384. Best Credit card for travel points?
  385. PM
  386. Is this Yardworks 24-in 208cc 2-Stage Snowblower a good deal?
  387. Merchant of Tennis Warehouse Sale
  388. Let's discuss Experience and reviews of purchased items.
  389. Is Costco canada the same as Costco usa?
  390. Rogers customer appreciation - no more?
  391. Stay away from
  392. Mailing stuff from the USA
  393. Home Depot stores your credit card information, is this a default?
  394. Bed from Brick ?
  395. RBC Rewards doesn't allow buying 32gb iPad Air 2
  396. What if I cannot pick up the package held at Purolator
  397. How much is a home's consumables worth (groceries, cleaning, etc)?
  398. Amazon shipping by Carrier: AMZCA
  399. Is there a Canadian Version of Oriental Trading Co.?
  400. How US/Canadian customs officers react to purchased items with no bill/proof of purchase?
  401. Discussion: [eBay] Adobe Photoshop CS6 - 14.99GBP, 25CAD
  402. PostClubUSA?
  403. Organic Mattress
  404. JIFFY Services on Demand
  405. Aliexpress dispute
  406. Preorder Bonus
  407. Wine!
  408. Need a comfortable swivel chair
  409. and Prime, worth to subscribe both?
  410. Any deals from the UK now the pound has tanked?
  411. Dell Refund - a joke?
  412. Amazon Bans Incentivized Reviews for Free or Discounted Products
  413. Should I keep this TV? UN55KU6490FXZC
  414. Deals on turkey
  415. Cleared cheque no guarantee it's legit (Learning something new every day)
  416. Frequency of RCSS no-tax events
  417. Elsa Costume at Costco?
  418. Shipping Question..
  419. LCBO Placing Steel Locks On Caps/Corks Of All Bottles
  420. Is it just me or are the deals now pretty bad?
  421. Some tip for using Amazon visa
  422. Is "" a legit website?
  423. Relaible Shipping Method From Amazon US to Canada
  424. Vitacost
  425. Bell increases prices for all their handsets
  426. Walmart Toy Return Policy
  427. Hatchimals
  428. PS4 Anniversary Sale - ends today
  429. Telus door 2 door scam?
  430. The Bay code $40 off $100
  431. Smartphone with no data plan
  432. Lowe's: Absolute NIGHTMARE Experiences
  433. Any experience with Newegg returns?
  434. Cheap smartphone
  435. CBSA handling fee on books?
  436. Lowes Canada confirming Cyber Monday for US Thanksgiving
  437. Asus Cube - only $160 in 2016! What a steal.
  438. How much do you have to spend at Canadian Tire to get the $2 bill?
  439. Sales tax increase PEI - price adjusted post-sale
  440. Does Best Buy price match cancels environment fees?
  441. GTA / Ontario : Which Walmart store locationsstill accept VISA?
  442. Casio g-shock mudmaster gwg-1000-1a3jf
  443. Rona upto 150% off in store - scam?
  444. Tipping at Oil Changers?
  445. BYOD cellphone plan cheapest with at least 5GB data on robelus network
  446. Staples Canada denies price match on a video card!
  447. Go Organique in Kirkland (Montreal)
  448. The best place to buy appliances w/ negotiating?
  449. Where Can I Buy Night-Vision Goggles In GTA?
  450. $10 OFF $40/Targeted/Check Your Spam Folder
  451. Is samsung un55j6520 curved tv for $700 good deal?
  452. Costco Taglio leather recliners - quality ?
  453. Cheapest way to have minimal cellphone service?
  454. Buy one Get one Free plus Buy one Get one Free coupon
  455. Microsoft Store return policy?
  456. Best place to buy a vacuum?
  457. Ks8000 or vizio p 55
  458. Prepaid MasterCards
  459. Save on Energy Coupon not honoured on $4 Philips LED Bulbs at Dollarama
  460., good place to order from?
  461. Cineplex Box Office Price Increase
  462. Any experience with
  463. All the hot deals are pre-release cellphones at regular price
  464. Men's fashion on a budget?
  465. RBC and Shoppers Drug Mart latest to break up credit card marriage
  466. Wave mSATA SSD from eBay
  467. Ebay sell a phone for $200 or more and get a $40 ebay coupon
  468. Reasonable Cost UK Mail Forwarding
  469. Marc Martin New York suits in Costco any good ?
  470. "Earn with Drop" New Loyalty App
  471. Need to buy 3+ suits - how to save?
  472. Air Miles Fiasco
  473. LENOVO: when do u think the next sale would be?
  474. - Can I book a flight for someone else?
  475. Hawke&Co down packable jacket & vest at Costco
  476. Amazon Return pickup?
  477. Another big product just shrunk. Nescafe instant coffee.
  478. What is usual time for a refund on AliExpress?
  479. Canadian Tire Mastercard, any discount on your 1st purchase?
  480. Outlook now charging $19.95 U.S./year for ad-free
  481. Microsoft Store EDU discount
  482. Hyper X Cloud 2
  483. Pick up items in the US
  484. International bank wire question
  485. Air Miles sending used products as rewards?
  486. Sears Canada is trying a new store format, smaller stores and lower priced items
  487. Phone Suggestion
  488. How Do You Sign Out of PayPal on the eBay App?
  489. Shoppers Drug Mart Optimum points question.
  490. buying from customs
  491. Presto Card Refund
  492. Question regarding charging damage deposit at hotel
  493. Being billed by Fedex 3 months after delivery?
  494. I may got scammed at Bestbuy
  495. Canada Post delivers an item to wrong Province!
  496. Paypal payment differ from ebay receipt
  497. Costco fast food pizza & fries - Good for a kid's birthday party?
  498. Spotted a fight at No frills yesterday
  499. Costco cineplex passes?!!
  500. illegal money!!!!
  501. Airmiles EXTREME poor service - A Warning of what to expect
  502. Esso stations to be sold in deals worth $2.8B
  503. Save On Foods - Online Shopping (Pick Up or Delivery)
  504. Hudson bay locations with furniture
  505. Best Way/How to get iPhone 6 unlocked.
  506. Need advice - Samsung Soundbar HW-H450/ZC vs. HW-H430/ZC
  507. KROWN
  508. Dyson V8 Absolute Vacuum and discounts etc?
  509. Review of the site or J.Sonic
  510. Which B&m store in gta sells "cig-out" cube ? Thx
  511. Where can I buy modest swimsuits?
  512. Looking for a US to Canada forwarding service?
  513. Beware: Starbucks "Team PSL" ceramic tumbler is smaller than the paper cup equivalent
  514. Shoppers in downtown Toronto that carry new release video games?
  515. Beef Jerky
  516. 28 days old phone. Where to buy insurance
  517. Costco novabed sale?
  518. Where in Toronto can I buy a 130 watt adapter for my dell?
  519. Visions Electronics retail store Now Open in Ontario (Scarborough)
  520. Aveda shampoo or similar - where to get the best deal?
  521. Best Buy screw up
  522. Using Gift cards and credit cards to pay at Staples online?
  523. Amazon Prime [Free Same Day Delivery] 7 Days A Week!
  524. Air Canada, WestJet 'colluded' to charge checked bag fee, proposed class action alleges
  525. PSA: Avoid Amazon biased reviews!
  526. IKEA Klippan Sofa - Your Thoughts?!
  527. Costco - Receiving Payment from a Member Only
  528. Dell Delivery Date Delayed to November
  529. ifixit - import fees/duties
  530. The North Face Sample Sale Toronto
  531. Exchange HK$ to CAD$
  532. T-mobile enter Canada market?
  533. Warning: HBC Gift Card Empty Balance
  534. Home phone options
  535. Any reviews on the Sealy Posturepedic Cassiopeia mattress?
  536. Unordered merchandise in Ontario? Obligated to return it or what?
  537. - Beta Website and Pricing? Legal?
  538. Telescope
  539. If any item is on the shelf before release date, would you insist on buying it?
  540. Kijiji now charging for ads - free limit depending on category
  541. How to find cheapest Amazon price in range?
  542. Another reason to be mad at Air Miles
  543. Costco membership - when is a renewal considered not a renewal?
  544. Looking for Lightning Cables
  545. Ikea Shipping
  546. No Wind home on phonescreen
  547. Umbra factory sale is not happening in 2015
  548. Fido Internet?
  549. Bestbuy Price Match .. limited quantity trick
  550. Looking to buy a monitor arm mount from
  551. IKEA Online Delivery - box was open and busted up
  552. Deleting AliExpress account?
  553. Shopping for an LG G5 on eBay
  554. Which is best cleaner for Zojirushi Water Boiler?
  555. Geek squad elite service for TV?
  556. + AliExpress (new store 3.5% and $4 off $20)
  557. Marks Sale
  558. Sportchek and other merchants unable to understand "average income" people?
  559. Amazon delivery
  560. Costco negative option autorenew on memberships
  561. best website to get knockoff sports jerseys?
  562. Bed Bath and Beyond 20% off coupon?
  563. Recommendation for finding a stylish bag?
  564. Keep getting "Mystery shopper text messages" - Make it stop please!
  565. Weken Toy Warehouse
  566. Rogers lied to me
  567. Best way to use 2,000 dream AirMiles
  568. Cat Litter - What's the best buy?
  569. feedback?,,,
  570. Cashing in 63,000 TD Reward Points Most Efficiently
  571. Fruit Flies?
  572. How Does Rogers Roaming & LD Charges Work?
  573. Luxury watches at Costco
  574. Lowe's coming to Centerpoint Mall in Toronto
  575. MUJI is Open in Toronto!
  576. 2015 Macbook pro vs Dell XPS 13
  577. Any promo codes likely coming up for thebay site?
  578. I have $25 USD for, what can I get? no shipping/duties
  579. Anybody used Canadian Tire's financing?
  580. Ontario ministry wireless plans
  581. Samtack warehouse refurbed Dyson vacuums?
  582. Best 4K TV for PS4 Pro
  583. Macbook Air Under Warranty
  584. Where to buy Coloured Contact Lenses ?
  585. Being treated like dirt at Royal Canadian Mint when Im a Platinum Lifetime VIP
  586. Air Miles Expiry - Class Action Lawsuit about to be launched.
  587. Anyone still using Nyaddress?
  588. Price matching may not be so good in the long run. Some thoughts....
  589. mint coins on ebay
  590. Ordering from (Orders Automatically Cancelled)
  591. Nordstrom opening it's fifth flagship store at CF Toronto Eaton Centre on Sept 16
  592. Order from Amazon/Ebay US and pick up at the Border Mailbox - max value
  593. Printed page for price-match - But website just raised their price!
  594. Looking for cheapest xbox live
  595. Sirius XM scam
  596. What happens if you have to get a refund, but your old credit card was replaced with a new number
  597. Walmart Anniversary Sale 2016?
  598. Unlocking older phones
  599. Is there such thing as a filterless vacuum?
  600. Farm Boy opening in Pickering September 29
  601. payment option if ur td green visa card expired
  602. Splitting a Newegg Premier
  603. Does IKEA has a price protection?
  604. Walmart Anniversary Sale?
  605. Be careful: MDG FREE!!! 24" Toshiba LED TV
  606. Karma downtown Toronto condo doesn't have Rogers line
  607. Xbox One S vs regular controller...
  608. How does double the GST at Superstore works?
  609. mail/parcel forwarding service
  610. Is paypal Safe?
  611. Same washer model, different size?
  612. Roots Sample Sale - Markham Fairgrounds This Weekend (question)
  613. Same washer model, different size?
  614. DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT Buy an Appliance at Home Depot!
  615. Windows phone keeps rebooting
  616. New costco store in Waterloo, ON opening in October
  617. Reviews?
  618. When will they start to clear out lawnmowers?
  619. PayPal issue - anyone ever received a payment but not have it add to your balance?
  620. Retailers = Liars
  621. Kenmore Appliances?
  622. E. coli Class Action
  623. Sport Chek Price Matching
  624. Roger demanding payment, but he didn't send me the bill
  625. Shoeme?
  626. Prescription medicine price
  627. Acer Warranty Problems
  628. Swiffer Refills at Costco
  629. Buying boots in canada
  630. Entertainment Coupon Book
  631. 2016 BBQ thread!
  632. Notice of Class Action Settlement (monetary payment) (US ONLY) [YMMV]
  633. Warranty question
  634. Cervical pillow in Toronto?
  635. Apple earpods alternative?
  636. Stay away from Canadian Appliance Source
  637. Cheapest filler item to reach $25 minimum on Amazon?
  638. Fibrestream or any other internet deals for downtown high rise condo
  639. Auto Safety
  640. Steve from Rogers
  641. Cheap Soccer Jersey from China? (replica)
  642. Has anyone bought anything from Stylo furniture and mattress in mississauga?
  643. iPhone 6/iPhone 6 Plus Price Drops?
  644. Suggestion for an Iphone Unlocking Service?
  645. Best Buy denied price match - model # scam
  646. Should I get a Costco membership?
  647. Chicago indie bookstores furious that Amazon is opening a bookstore in city
  648. Laptop hunting! $1000 Budget
  649. Need winter jacket recommendation
  650. Heritage The Rock Ceramic Cookset Reviews?
  651. Buying from Bath Depot - Lots of stuff made by 'Kioo'
  652. Vacation mobile plans?
  653. Where can I photocopy a university diploma?
  654. usa online shopping exemption
  655. The Bay coupon code?
  656. Bargain beyond 50% off for a sofa set?
  657. Best buy online monitor return question.
  658. Amazon new seller: Too good to be true ?
  659. Has anyone ever seen a charge by "COOJO Vancouver" on their credit card statement?
  660. iPhone 7/7 Plus Discussion + 6S price cuts
  661. How can I get the most out of a cell phone plan?
  662. DHL - Fees?
  663. Costco Pharmacy Home Delivery
  664. ps4 slim at sdm?
  665. Basmati rice opinions requested.
  666. Washing machine top load what to buy?
  667. Rogers switching me to online billing without notice?
  668. ******** sent a package to a wrong address
  669. Major appliance shopping in Canada.
  670. Air Canada's new website
  671. Ordering online at
  672. Rudsak male jackets at costco
  673. Alberta taxes, is it okay to send something to alberta?
  674. Bell Aliant charging $25 NSF for declined CC payment
  675. Mobilicity to chatr
  676. Which Drone
  677. Ordering from in Canada
  678. Has Anyone ever bought from
  679. is legit or just a scam
  680. - I appear to have been scammed
  681. Enercare - tankless water heater
  682. Why would a restaurant be cash / credit only?
  683. U.S. FDA bans antibacterial soaps; “No scientific evidence” they’re safe, effective
  684. Canada post tracking?
  685. Walmart Online Purchase
  686. Do you find managing/tracking your online orders difficult?
  687. reshipping service recommendations?
  688. Fraud / Scam / Bad Business Practices (filing a complaint)
  689. PC financial Mastercard extended warranty issue
  690. Canadapost COD how does it work?
  691. is a rip off site?
  692. Where to buy Guess Watch?
  693. Duties on TV purchased in US and shipped to Canada using CrossBorder Pickups?
  694. Square trade warranty service in canada?
  695. Ebates bonus cashback
  696. Mississauga - are these open today !
  697. Superstore raincheck policy
  698. CRTC confirms Canadians pay more than everyone else in international telecom price study
  699. Amazon Subscribe and Save
  700. Qwick Wick Fire Starters
  701. Rakuten Global Marketplace
  702. Why do stores sell gift cards for different companies but not all of them?
  703. Pratt & Lambert Mail in Rebate- ends Sept 18th
  704. Don't buy chocolate from Walmart online in the summer
  705. Rogers never sent an email bill this month, payment now late.
  706. Moissanite - Forever Brilliant vs Forever Classic Difference
  707. Please recommend some brands for me - mountain bike, kayak and treadmill
  708. Saks Fifth Avenue on Queen Street
  709. Amazon Shipping through Purolator -- anyone else delayed?
  710. Anyone on Fido experiencing connectivity issues?
  711. I lost 18K Shoppers Optimum Points - Keep an eye on your account
  712. Anyone seen Sherpa blankets at Costco?
  713. Good yet affordable coffee for the office.
  714. Ann Taylor Promotions and Sales Inquiry
  715. CIBC canceling Mastercard?
  716. Anyone see this product in Costco ? (GTA) Organic granola bars (soy free)
  717. Will Microsoft Store do an actual Labour Day sale?
  718. any one have business with them recently?
  719. Did Amazon switch shipping couriers?
  720. Princess auto sales
  721. Latex Mattress Ikea
  722. eye glasses so expensive
  723. Use aeroplan points for renew Costco membership
  724. Vanilla Prepaid Visa on
  725. Bell Fibe + TV package offered in our building today
  726. Is legit? Safe to purchase ticket from them?
  727. Ontario: Why don't we pay a deposit on non alcoholic bottles & cans?
  728. Card Swap - getting harder to buy
  729. Home Depot Price Match + 10% off Credit Card Offer
  730. Sunwing lack of customer support
  731. The Bay overcharges on credit card and then "pretends" to give a refund.
  732. Best Buy Gift Cards
  733. Reviews on NCIX taking months to post?
  734. Canada Post is useless
  735. After Service Questionnaire?
  736. carpet cleaning toronto
  737. Buying monoprice from
  738. Canada post STRIKE???
  739. Gillette Fusion blades. Do they ever go on sale?
  740. Anyone everused
  741. [Birks] September Financing and Gift Card
  742. Walmart re-installing self checkouts again
  743. The source PSP code validation code.
  744. Canadiantire tire sales, 4 for 3.
  745. online health store like iherb but Canadian?
  746. Petro Canada Fuel Savings PLUS card ending
  747. When do you stop returning items to Costco?
  748. costco or best buy
  749. Best Driving School in Guelph?
  750. $20 Wonderland pass?
  751. Has anyone had any experiences with China post epacket service?
  752. Returning an item to Amazon
  753. Anyone notice china mail isn't showing up?
  754. Canadian Tire now has people checking Receipts at the door
  755. Fast and cheap place for prescription glasses?
  756. Unlocked phones from
  757. Keeping the old phone after replacement is shipped?
  758. Loblaws Price trickery
  759. Philips Sonicare Toothbrush
  760. Lazymeal discount?
  761. Staples is delaying to approve a price match request.
  762. files for bankruptcy
  763. Buying on Aliexpress (Alipay)
  764. What? Nobody wants a Nike golf ball?
  765. Amazon prime
  766. Where can I redeem Air Miles (Dream Miles) other than
  767. Noob need Advice on getting glasses
  768. Super Bucks Gone September 19th
  769. Wooden deck or Patio Stones?
  770. Best alarm clocks
  771. Any Optical stores in Toronto that can directly order from LV?
  772. Where can I get new glass for a floor lamp?
  773. Enercare vs. Reliance Home Comfort Protection Plan
  774. Home Depot in Buffalo -- which bridge to take?
  775. USA to Canada shipping - Can insured amount be higher than decalred value?
  776. How much does UBER rider referral pay you nowadays in GTA?
  777. Amazon 3rd party purchase shows delivered...but I haven't received!
  778. Laptop Battery From eBay
  779. Getting a land line
  780. Which courier to use to avoid brokerage charge from China? From FedEx, UPS, EMS
  781. Tokyo Treat
  782. Quan TV Appliances - immoral sales tactics and terrible attitude from the owner
  783. Fido - bad customer service?
  784. Metro Get $10 when buying $20 General Mills Products, ONT ONLY?
  785. Border Crossing, declare higher item during longer stay and cross the item later?
  787. Lawn Mower Sales
  788. will give price protection in the form of amazon credit (but you need to talk to a manager)
  789. Walmart terrible customer service
  790. Well it's official..we pay more taxes than food, shelter and clothing combined
  791. Walmart budget tvs
  792. My driving license is suspended but I only have one speeding ticket on my record
  793. Free Samsung Level On Headphones w S7 purchase
  794. Best time to buy I pad Air 2?
  795. Shopping for furniture
  796. do you guys think a costco membership is worth it or should i keep going food basics/nofrills
  797. shipping and returns experience?
  798. Samsung 58" on sale at Walmart-Is this a good deal?
  799. eye glasses at walmart
  800. Microwaves with Sound Off Option
  801. [GTA] PADI Open Water Dive Course Recommendations?
  802. Sharp LC 75 N8000U vs Vizio P 75 C1
  803. S'well Water Bottles
  804. Android TV Box
  805. Boycotting Gas Station Convenience Stores
  806. Buying CAD $
  807. Can't find or .ca LIVE CHAT link. Help please.
  808. Do you open boxes in store before purchasing?
  809. What would you do in this situation (family budding)
  810. Building a computer noob
  811. Lego Exclusive found at cheaper
  812. Best computer repair store for light repair/maintenance
  813. Cineplex tickets at costco
  814. Is Canada Post on strike early?
  815. Milk nut bag
  816. Shipping DVDs to the US via Canada Post
  817. ShoppersDrugMart Redemption of Points
  818. Why Oh Why Does Dental Floss Cost So Much??
  819. Canadian Tire falsely imprisoned U of T prof, but didn't threaten him, judge rules
  820. Department Stores Face Challenge From The Resale Market, Luxury And Otherwise
  821. Was verbally and racially abused by a drifter in the WM express checkout
  822. Paypal chargeback question
  823. China Post not shipping to Canada right now?
  824. accidently shipping to an old address
  825. I need some ductwork done in my Scarborough home, any suggestions?
  826. consolidated package - as few as possible
  827. What kinds of gift cards does RCSS have?
  828. Third-party warranties
  829. Bell Plan with 15gb Shareable Data
  830. buyer in India for my ebay cell phone sale
  831. How much duty/customs should I expect?
  832. [Reitmans] $25 off $75 coupon code redeeming period now
  833. Weber Spirit E-330 BBQ @ $799.99 a good deal?
  834. Canadian startup 'EVEN Electric' looking to sell electric cars in a completely different way
  835. Amazon "Just Launched" sellers
  836. no tracking from Purolator/Newegg Ebay
  837. AC Heating Furnace Protection plans
  838. Bellingham Costco Deals?
  839. Solution/Bags for clothes storage and Suggestions for Laundry Bag/Hamper
  840. Stubby car antenna?
  841. Anyone try using an Amazon.CA giftcard on Amazon.COM
  842. Where can I find woman's latin/salsa/tango dance dress?
  843. Risk on buying an Air Canada Gift Card?
  844. Protein Bars
  845. How to find best hotel deals?
  846. Brand new Telus Galaxy S6 for 650 directly from Telus - too good to be true?
  847. Is there a phone company that allows users to roam in Canada?
  848. NPR's On Point: The rise of online retail and the decline of the mall
  849. Omega Watch Deals
  850. How to prove Id at work if courier/canada post drop off pickup slip at workplace for parcel delivery (no work id)
  851. Spam text msg, pay to unsubscribe? is this scam?
  852. Costco secret discount
  853. Does Dyson go on sale - specifically their cordless vacs
  854. Took a chance with an Amazon third party seller
  855. Roots Anniversary Sale Question
  856. Anyone shops in Cayne's ?
  857. Hearing Tests and Hearing Aids
  858. Store Card?
  859. Moto X Play Unlocked in Toronto?
  860. First time Buyer Coupon? Promo?
  861. Sports event tickets from Groupon experiences
  862. sealed box: do you open it up before paying the kijiji seller?
  863. Buying Bitcoin Online in Canada
  864. Betting on US election
  865. UPS repackaging my shipment - New update: I have 2 PCs now?
  866. Need Drone Suggestion
  867. Next Shoppers Drug Mart or Murale Bonus Redemption Weekend?
  868. The Source promo code?
  869. has free international shipping to Mexico
  871. Canadian Tire Money - Earn with Credit Card?
  872. Ikea Poang Chairs break break break?
  873. Best value dehumidifier?
  874. SDM PS4 availability
  875. Cruise deals
  876. Tangerine Mastercard and Walmart/categories
  877. High end blender - new to me option
  878. Bell Bundle Deal, Good?
  879. mp3 players less than $50
  880. registration
  881. ssds
  882. Costco printer paper
  883. price keeps falling when to purchase ?
  884. Microsoft Canada ground shipping
  885. Is it legal to sell unused sim cards on kijiji or craigslist ?
  886. Where will $50,000 get me the highest return in a few months?
  887. Back to school laptop deals
  888. SDM: Best options for electronics / games in GTA?
  889. Item I sold on eBay, damaged during delivery
  890. Vancouver - cost and labour for front and rear brake pads
  891. Ebay Global Shipping Program
  892. Air Miles Redemption - Calgary Zoo Admission
  893. Best Buy tv return policy
  894. Wal-Mart to buy Amazon competitor for more than $3B
  895. Item Price Tracking/History?
  896. Does charge brokerage if shipped from the states?
  897. Cordless electric lawn mower
  898. Does anyone work in Coach store or Coach outlet Store?
  899. shopping the US: import tax vs sales tax
  900. Toilet paper at Walmart
  901. Anyone dealt with Comwave and cancelling their services?
  902. Anyone shop on Ioffer?
  903. Do Starbucks rewards count towards meeting challenges?
  904. [ON] Licence Plate Sticker Renewal Fees Going Up Sept 1
  905. Returning online order to the store from Victoria's secret?
  906. Costco price increases within days?!
  907. PSA: - Correction: Nabnscam
  908. Roger iPhone se on Fido network
  909. Air Miles Redemption - Calgary Zoo Admission
  910. Missing packages supposedly delivered from Canada Post?
  911. Leon's Delivery Manipulation
  912. Costco return -lost receipt
  913. Canadian tire maximum gift cards used per order
  914. Getting charged $1 to use a Visa Card
  915. Leon's Scratch And Save
  916. Another Idiot CS Rep
  917. What ipad deals where there for black friday last year?
  918. $4 Mat At Dollarama
  919. Don't buy any Casio products
  920. Amazon Promotion policy - cancelled orders
  921. Staples price match "guarantee"
  922. Good price on S7 Edge?
  923. Beginner Drone/Quadcopter
  924. Staples price ending in $0.83 = discontinued?
  925. Can anyone tell the difference between these two beds?
  926. Can't buy a swimsuit in the summer
  927. Anybody use a buyer agent for Chinese websites?
  928. Best buy price match policy - Re:
  929. Shipping duties & taxes
  930. US Border Shopping Same Day Exemption
  931. How to order from to USA proxy as a Canadian?
  932. Can I return this? I got the refund
  933. Costco online - less taxes if I input Alberta?
  934. It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas 2016 at Costco
  935. Best price for Sodastream canisters?
  936. Interac Flash: security and fraud issues?
  937. They printed way too much copies of COD Ghost.
  938. Quick decent photo printing? Walmart/Jean Coutu/Uniprix/Bur. en gros/etc? (Quebec)
  939. Need help contacting Sony Canada mgmt
  940. Island Ink-Jet & Laser Toners
  941. Shoppers Drug Mart enters grocery wars, targeting the convenience store shoppers
  942. Beware of online perfume scam
  943. [Costco] Danby premiere dehumidifier 199.99
  944. Paypal - Request Return Shipping Refunds
  945. On the Chopping Block: Retailers to see their last breath in 2016
  946. epacket from china?
  947. Nexus pass and declaring goods at border
  948. CIBC rewards Aventura program
  949. Infuriating experience with pre-ordering at geekbuying
  950. Costco Cash Cards
  951. Costco Wireless Warranty Problem
  952. what are you getting with your Dream Miles?
  953. Buying power tools from ihlcanada - IHL Canada - your experiencee
  954. -------
  955. Best way to get this deal in Canada? (off of Ebay)
  956. Can i get kicked out of costco
  957. down for 8 hours
  958. Has anybody been to Vaughan Mills Outlet Mall?
  959. How to price match NCIX & Amazon with Walmart/Best Buy??
  960. Purchase at Hudson Bay via an internal employee
  961. SDM Won't Post Contest Winners
  962. What do you buy at dollar store?
  963. Best AirBnB New Host Deals?
  964. Buying Cellphones on ebay
  965. AirMiles Screwing With Us
  966. [SDM 20xOPoints for 25$ and over
  967. Anyone know where to buy tech deck finger board?
  968. When is Lowes at Yonge & Steeles opening?
  969. Canada Post Frustration - delayed delivery or maybe stolen item?
  970. Deleted
  971. Anyone use a price comparison addon?
  972. Discount on kindle for students?
  973. When/where to buy garden shed
  974. Can PM/promotion be combined at Rona?
  975. The Bay, the worst customer service representative ever!
  976. Any way to receive notifications when an item in costco drops in price?
  977. Question about credit card travel insurance
  978. Am I getting scammed by Chase Amazon Visa?
  979. Help- What to do with 3500 Air Miles?
  980. Any advice regarding a starter smartphone for seniors with limited funds?
  981. Expedia for TD Issues
  982. Amazon Logistics failed deliveries + cashback / ebates?
  983. Liquor, better price in duty free stores?
  984. Staples online - Confusing Shipping to Store
  985. Comparison tools that compare credit cards' travel insurance?
  986. Price-match at Best Buy, partial success, your opinion needed
  987. Costco Pharmacy and optical store
  988. TTC Won't Mail Metropasses This Month
  989. Can I exchange at Dollarama?
  990. USA grocery flyers?
  991. Using Vanilla Mastercard
  992. Sod Toronto
  993. Sperry Top Sider's for Men
  994. Princess Auto Retun policy
  995. Nvidia Shield TV 16GB - where to buy in person
  996. Solved*
  997. Your Dollorama Gems.
  998. Tips for buying off Kijiji via post?