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  1. Esso and petro car washes question
  2. Places to Repair Zippers in Toronto?
  3. AEI internet prices after promotion expiry, anyone can confirm?
  4. Boxing Day - Ho Hum
  5. Why Don't New Digital Cameras Come In Sealed Boxes?
  6. Is it Ebates or Airmiles or is it Ebates and Airmiles?
  7. does pc plus have new terms of use?
  8. Starbucks website is down
  9. Looking for the best car snow brush
  10. Memory Express vs Canada Computers vs Acer Store
  11. Anyone ever heard of "Sildent Bidders"? Online Auction site...
  12. DXRacer Chairs from Boxing Day
  13. Is this TV cheap?
  14. A&F Returns
  15. Canpar Delivery Hours
  16. TV from future shop
  17. how to find out paypal.com's current server time? thanks
  18. Vitamix blender - black particle issue... and how to detect it
  19. Has anyone returned a game to EB Games under their "satisfaction returns guarantee"?
  20. LG Nexus 5 - Volume button rattle
  21. FedEx Import Fees?
  22. Why Vancouver gas so stinkin High????
  23. When will I get my stuff? (Future Shop)
  24. paypal christmas shopping cash back
  25. Has anyone had success changing Walmart.ca payment method in store?
  26. Where can I buy a cheap 10.1 Tablet that plays games?
  27. Is buying a TV through Ebates.ca/Shop.ca safe?
  28. ebay listing, need feedback for iphone6 plus 64 GB for $400. potential group buy
  29. return reciever and get refund or exchange
  30. Towels that do not fuzz- where to buy
  31. Are plasmas extinct?
  32. http://www.avgearshop.com/? Legit?
  33. Issue with Bell Mobility
  34. Ebates.com
  35. Right Postal Code Wrong Address, what will CP do?
  36. Anyone has a Intex air bed before? Are they of good quality?
  37. Memory Express Selling MY returned Item as NEW? Watch OUt
  38. Discolored hinge on new ASUS T200
  39. Parcel Receiving Services in Blaine WA
  40. AliExpress - Alibaba.com
  41. Beware of Contact.net ISP dishonoring contracts and raising prices
  42. Bell has outright scammed us and I don't know what we can do
  43. Buying Bullet-Proof Vest Online From U.S.
  44. data brokers 60 minutes youtube
  45. The Brick Price Match Issue
  46. International EMS and "custom/duty"?
  47. Kijiji Corporate Brokers
  48. problem with Amazon.ca order
  49. Walmart.ca store instock locator
  50. AIM COURIER....URGENT!!!....Has anyone in Toronto used this company?
  51. Fake Kijiji Items?
  52. Air Miles dream rewards
  53. My EBAY item has not arrived for a month now...Can i ask a for a refund?
  54. Target Christmas % off???
  55. Bestbuy Price Match Question
  56. Canada Post can't do the only thing it exists to do
  57. Rogers is limiting my Internet Services for the month because I cancelled.
  58. RedFlagDeals type forum in the US
  59. Amazon Same ASIN numbers but $1800 price difference between .ca and .com
  60. CDN website that tracks price history
  61. Air Miles Innovation Lab
  62. shop.ca and delivery of big items (furniture, appliances)
  63. Wedding experience: Liberty Grand vs Arcadian Court?
  64. Canada customs questions for a leather bag
  65. Where to buy apple cider vinegar and unscented kitty litter in Toronto?
  66. BB: Refuse Shipment from Canada Post
  67. Is this laptop specs a good deal?
  68. Is Shoppers Drug Mart open today?
  69. gift card uses question
  70. Best and Worst return policies
  71. Amazon return policy requires you to pay for shipping?
  72. Quality of Spring/Aldo shoes...?
  73. Shoppers Optimum and home health care
  74. SCENE promotion.
  75. shop.ca what does the question mark mean after the tv size?
  76. amazon/ups no packing slip or invoice
  77. Memory Express demanding driver's license and utility bill before shipping
  78. Blindly running head first into CBSA wall
  79. Scammed by Gocellular.ca
  80. Help! Need to earn 450 Aeroplan miles TODAY to get Distinction
  81. Misleading SCENE promotional e-mail
  82. Costco return without receipt?
  83. Tim Card Holders - Do tim card purchases get rounded?
  84. Is this a good deal for a Bench?
  85. Sears - WORST SERVICE
  86. Terrible Experience with Xiomi Piston Headphones
  87. GRIPE! eBay Problem Items from China
  88. apple store gift cards to purchase itunes?
  89. List of Good Paid Apps to buy for using up Google Credit that's Expiring soon
  90. TV Purchasing Advice from a noob
  91. Anyone ever buy a major appliance from Best Buy? Experience?
  92. Lenovo Flex2 14 - Need advice
  93. Off
  94. Got Klipsch R6i gift, exchange possible without receipt?
  95. Have you bought Costco furniture online?
  96. Canadian customs Overcharged
  97. Across the border shopping, worth it still?
  98. Paypal 2014 Holiday Promo (5% Cashback)
  99. Hallmark warehouse sale - Scarborough Dec 30
  100. CDW.ca Experiences
  101. Don't buy hardware from EB Games.
  102. Price match policy (Target)
  103. Urban Barn Quality/Price/Warranty?
  104. Canada Post's online customs form and eBay - how am I affected?
  105. Can you return a pair of skate shoes to Canadian Tire?
  106. USPS Order still stuck since December 5th???
  107. need opinion on this Lenovo Flex 2 15 Touchscreen 2-in-1
  108. evercraft floor jack and stands@NAPA
  109. Toronto - sell your books to the library. $5 each
  110. ThinkGeek Type Online Canadian Merchants
  111. Amazon UK sells thousands of items for 1p in huge pricing error.
  112. Costco executive coupons? Anyone have them?
  113. What is the best travel Credit card?
  114. Nicole Benisti Similar To Canada Goose Winter Coat Real Or Fake?
  115. Kuraidori Vac N Store
  116. Which site for checking lowest price?
  117. Avoid Vanilla PrePaid Giftcards from Shoppers Drug Mart!
  118. Walmart Price match problem
  119. USPS Customs and Tracking Inquiry
  120. Buytopia - free stuff but have to pay for shipping
  121. "UPS" no commercial invoice With Warranty Return
  122. Where to get Butane Flamethrower
  123. Question about something I bought that recently lowered in price
  124. Futureshop credit card for online orders
  125. using amazon.com gift card balance In canada
  126. US Parcel Pickup Port Huron MI
  127. Cell Phone Help
  128. about amazon prime
  129. Can you return items on boxing day at Walmart?
  130. Hudson Bay: Warranty on Jewllery?
  131. In for a PS4 - Seems like 20X at SDM is the best offer?
  132. DHL vs EMS for a package from China?
  133. Car Rental question
  134. NCIX website vs mobile website
  135. Anyone else noticed that everything you buy from Canadian Tire breaks in few months?
  136. Boxing Day Lineups
  137. Headphone Bar (Vancouver - in store) Dec 27th
  138. Android smartphones
  139. Shopping in the States ( USA, Buffalo, New York)
  140. Aliexpress - Cannot Open Dispute!
  141. Apple store gift cards?
  142. Costco sell gopro 4?
  143. Best sound bar on sale for boxing week
  144. Freaking Staples
  145. Which Laptop Should I buy
  146. Bought new item from Best Buy - Bait and Switch (Scam)?
  147. DHL Global Express Shipping
  148. Amazon Import Fees - Tax included?
  149. Walmart USA: Your Unwanted Gift Cards can be converted to Walmart GC
  150. How often do you buy a new TV?
  151. Is Tim Hortons open for business on Christmas day?
  152. NCIX smooth fulfillment
  153. Buying more because of RFD
  154. Dell return policy
  155. where do they sell those travel liquor bottles?
  156. Recall on MINI Plus brewer - Keurig products
  157. Watchit.ca customs and dutys?
  158. I ordered 2 Apple TVs and the UPS guy just left them sitting at my apartment door...
  159. Any deal on cell phone plans??
  160. Keurig K10/B31 MINI Plus Brewer Safety Recall
  161. Deals in Canada are rubbish and I'm sick of it.
  162. Has anyone used Shipllama? (E-forwarding service from US to Canada)
  163. External drive 1T or 2T for computer or xbox one
  164. Fedex from China to Canada
  165. GCR Canceled Cash Back Rebate
  166. Best But Return question with repurchase as boxing day special
  167. Transporting wholesale products from US to Canada - question
  168. Ordering online from indigo
  169. Cash Back for Buying Online From Futureshop & Best Buy?
  170. Monoprice Free Shipping?
  171. What are some good places online to buy Contact lenses?
  172. How can I order something from the states and get it delivered to my house?
  173. best energy provider in edmonton
  174. Rogers Increasing Internet Rates again On January 24/2015
  175. Does futureshop/bestbuy pricematch Amazon.ca
  176. Ebay purchase gone wrong because of Canada Post : help?
  177. LG 39/42' LED TV LB5600 ($200 off)
  178. Costco Dishwasher
  179. Price Matching
  180. Buying expensive ring ftom costco
  181. Question about import/customs fees when buying something used from the USA
  182. bosch and samsung washing machine SALE! which brand to go for?
  183. Risk Buying Fitness Band on Kijiji?
  184. shoppers flyers??
  185. Sharp Aquos 80" 1080p - Good for gaming? Bang for buck?
  186. Walmart cancelling orders
  187. Say thanks to the retail workers for the holidays...
  188. Any one has problem with ebates when it was 20% cash back?
  189. Home Depot Terrible CS
  190. Egg Nog Review/Recommendations
  191. Costco and Coupons
  192. What's a good dashcam to buy ?
  193. Quebec January 2...
  194. Toys-r-us customer service told to lie
  195. Are you going to the mall this weekend?
  196. Google Play Refunds for unauthorised in-app purchases
  197. Sears Canada Rant Thread
  198. why are people lining up at Sherway Gardens mall?
  199. Stand Mixer - Which brand to buy?
  200. Amazon.ca now selling giftcards in stores
  201. Banggood.com discount coupons
  202. Best/Good/Favorite rewards points program.
  203. amazon.ca down?
  204. Just bullied by Staples (Yonge and Steeles)
  205. DUTY FREE Canadian cigarettes ??
  206. Mastercard online purchase protection?
  207. Amazon Shipping Categories
  208. US to Canada: Fedex Ground shipping brokerage fee?
  209. EMS vs FEDEX vs UPS
  210. Boxing day strategies
  211. I'm done with the Royal Canadian Mint
  212. Shipping status for web order
  213. What should I do now? Online MS Store problem
  214. PC Financial Prepaid Mastercard Question
  215. Anyone with experience exchanging items on Shop.ca?
  216. Laptops on Boxing Day
  217. Fiverr?
  218. Are companies allowed to ask you to remove negative reviews?
  219. Is Shopping Frenzy Low This X'Mas Season ? Or is it just me
  220. ebates check on the way!
  221. Shop.ca with ebate and paypal offer?
  222. Abercrombie down jacket
  223. Bestbuy free shipping returns
  224. Toronto Shopping This Weekend
  225. Is this a good table saw/deal
  226. CDN Paypal - Not able to add US address?
  227. Person say's it's for a gift, then whispers to sale person he wants 20 of them.
  228. Does credit card extended warranty work on Mobile devices that where purchased out ri
  229. Canada Post Only Delivers Mail 2-3 days a week?!
  230. docking alarm clock for galaxy S4
  231. Credit card - extra warranty
  232. Don't order from Indigo if you want your order before Christmas...
  233. Roku Box vs Stick?
  234. Best Xmas Gift Ideas <$20 on Amazon
  235. post your hd deal
  236. Best buy extended warranty worth it?
  237. Who contact for purchase problems. Elaine?
  238. Rogers internet modem / router
  239. Wanted: Router (Non-Wireless)
  240. Royal Mail to Canada
  241. Opinion on Foam Mattress from Costco
  242. Looking to find a 300w Soundbar for cheap
  243. SPORTCHEK is irritating
  244. shoppers optimum points
  245. FS - Geeksquad
  246. Lids.ca
  247. How did we miss this price error at Amazon UK??
  248. any warehouse stores selling discounted xmas toys/gifts?
  249. petro gc
  250. Worst Online Shopping Experience - Shop.ca
  251. Walmart.ca online exchanges
  252. Gaming Laptop need help for xmas present
  253. Wal-Mart’s New Tool Gives Competitors Prices
  254. How to link new Extra Privileges card with ESSO Account?
  255. Website Name
  256. Costco: is it too onerous to be worth it?
  257. buying gift card
  258. canada goose parka; is the hood normally like this?
  259. Walmart Website Screw Up
  260. Does Lululemon ever go on sale?
  261. Where the heck do I get a deal on a 13" Chromebook?
  262. 20x points event of Shoppers Drug Mart: on base points only?
  263. Walmart photocenter fail
  264. Mailing address mistake, will it arrive?
  265. UPS mystery delay
  266. Goodyear Ultra grip Winter 102T : is this a good deal?
  267. Frugal versus Cheap
  268. Amazon Chase Visa Card - Dispute?
  269. Slingboxish solution?
  270. How do I figure out Fedex charges?
  271. Canada post better online package tracking?
  272. It is getting worst in earning Optimum points ...
  273. Shoppers Optimum Being Devalued Quietly ???
  274. Post x-mas cross border shopping worth it with ~86 cent dollar?
  275. Nexus 6 Back In Stock on Google Play
  276. Huge Teddy Bear - Where to buy them?
  277. Costco to Stop Selling PAR30 LED Bulbs
  278. Sears.ca Out-of-stock on promo, then back in stock.
  279. MyFlowerTree Coupons
  280. Looking for a filet knife <$90.
  281. Tattoo Artist Issue
  282. Looking for information on GI Joes Collectibles
  283. Need to buy a new goggle
  284. Future shop
  285. tax on before coupon or after?
  286. [RESOLVED- eBates is not a scam]: I think ebates is a scam.
  287. Is it possible to price match/adjust your orders with Amazon.ca?
  288. Amazon - How to Avoid UPS and ALWAYS Auto-Pick Canada Post
  289. Duty on parka shipped from USA to Canada?
  290. FedEx Ground Issues
  291. Canada, Arrghhh
  292. Amazon Pre-Order
  293. purolator is no good.
  294. BestBuy.ca online PM - possible without first buying?
  295. ATTN: Beachdown or anyone who knows about renting P.O Boxs...
  296. Ottawa targets ‘intentional’ higher prices in Canada
  297. Futureshop wouldnt accept a brand new DVD return
  298. Canada Post "item delivered"..
  299. Amazon.ca Refunded My Money Before They Received The Return???
  300. Something maybe you don't know about Green Monday
  301. Buying american
  302. Canada Post, ARGHHH!
  303. Warning: Canadian Tire Return Policy with Opened Goods
  304. When was Ebates - Shop.ca 20% event active for?
  305. Staples Shipping
  306. Staples - Direct Mail List Addition?
  307. Sports check discounts ?
  308. Hit with outrageous customs fees, if I return to sender, can I receive a refund?
  309. How do you pay Canada Post import tax/duties/etc?
  310. Bodybuilding.com Customs charges
  311. Furniture: Looking for Sectional
  312. Is there any good insulated stainless steel hot water bottle?
  313. Bridgestone Ecopia EP422 VS Potenza RE97AS
  314. Question about Walmart return policy
  315. kijiji responses, opinions please.
  316. Bose Blue Tooth Speaker Opinions
  317. Costco - Can't You access their pharmacy without membership for prescription ?
  318. Deceptive practices at Hudson's Bay: how long can I get away with this
  319. Another courier busted yet again for carelessly throwing customers parcels
  320. RCSS 50% Clearance now 30%
  321. Has anyone used Amazon Pickup Points?
  322. Request: Lounge Access at Lester B Pearson
  323. December Shuttle Bus Schedule Toronto to Outlet Collection Niagara
  324. The Source - ipad mini 2 16gb for $0.00 with Bell Mobility 3 year plan
  325. GTA Store Closings
  326. Purolator worst company ever
  327. Amazon.ca - shipping info practically fraudulent
  328. PS Plus yearly subscription and SDM 20x points
  329. Going to USA with Canadian items in trunk
  330. Looking for a $15 Amazon.ca gift card/certificate
  331. My son wants 4x4 Rubiks Cube from "Santa"
  332. Bought carseat from shop.ca? Check you weren't charged 13% tax (should be 5%)! (Ont.)
  333. Mexx..... Another one bites the dust
  334. canada post email scam.
  335. Smart thing Home Automation z-wave
  336. H&M in GTA with lingerie section?
  337. Amazon.ca 3rd-party sellers
  338. [HomeDepot.ca] Tool Event
  339. Shipping to US border
  340. Does anyone has applied the financing service on applestore?
  341. WIND mobile cancelled my nexus 5 order
  342. Purolator you done goofed!
  343. A4C.com US do I have to pay for customs?
  344. best buy and futureshop paypal
  345. Does Microsoft.ca store provide shipping number?
  346. Bringing an item worth over $800 from the US
  347. Am I screwed? Shipping/Delivery related
  348. Walmart.ca crazy shipping logic
  349. Which deal is the real deal?
  350. Multiple threads about Shop.ca Paypal Deals
  351. AliExpress Cancellation
  352. Buying a PS Vita. Who does 30 Day Returns? or Price Match?
  353. New Carseat actually 13 months old?!
  354. ~ Cannot Reserve Gold Iphone 6 at Futureshop or Bestbuy?!
  355. Argh Canadian Tire!
  356. HELP: PS4+GTA v Bundle in Shoppersdrugmart (SDM)
  357. SDM Video Games
  358. Camera Deals
  359. Trading in XBOX 360 for $100 towards Wii U, anywhere?
  360. Keepa and other price trackers
  361. Target Canada receipt/return question on Black Friday iPad
  362. The Source Online - Partially Shipped / Backorder
  363. What do you think of these TVs?
  364. Does Costco sell any iPad model WITH cellular?
  365. Looking for Futons
  366. Annual reminder of no tax for mailing cards abroad if >$5
  367. Marks Work Wearhouse return
  368. Post Pictures or Videos of your Parcel/shipping box damaged
  369. I've been getting Canada Post packages for the past 2 weeks on saturday & sunday
  370. M&S not putting sale price on customs form
  371. Has any1 received their sandisk extreme plus card from sig electronics?
  372. Which computer stores have the most permissive return policies?
  373. Looking for a reputable place to buy a necklace for Girlfriend. Budget Up to $400
  374. Does Sears sell second-hand mattress? Anyone knows?
  375. Sig electronics bad customer service?
  376. Clearance combined with sale price? SD Thoughts?
  377. Best buy in-store pickup accuracy?
  378. TSB or P2P
  379. Question re Internet based TV : free channels, VPN, Roku, Hulu?? etc
  380. Walmart return policy interpretation
  381. ikea chrismas tree sale
  382. Paypal Pending
  383. Prada on Shop.ca
  384. ~ Urgent - Exchange Iphone w/o receipt question! ~
  385. Am I missing any discounts for buying this roku at shop.ca
  386. Moto 360 Back in stock BB/FS
  387. Why does Ikea have such a crappy black friday sale (4 items only)?
  388. Fullfilled by Amazon.ca but 3rd party store
  389. Hudson's bay and Canada post - possibly lost package?
  390. Should we use ebates.com or ebates.ca ?
  391. Banana Republic Canada 25% off email signup
  392. shipping from 6pm.com
  393. when do staples coupons expire? on the day or after?
  394. Anyone here work at McDonalds?
  395. how is ebates cashback calculated?
  396. Spends RBC Rewards points
  397. Best Buy $15 off Viva sign up still working?
  398. Cheap Sodastream Syrups?
  399. Sig Electronics - Still Opened?
  400. Best shopping mall in Buffalo? Near the bills stadium?
  401. Anyone have trouble checking out at thinkgeek?
  402. any gift card on sale?
  403. AMEX - Test Drive BMW, Get $100 Gift Card
  404. ebgames.ca no longer showing store stock levels?
  405. Find best price for genuine Android TV streaming box MX3
  406. What did you buy for Black Friday?
  407. [Videos] Crazy Black Friday Shoppers 2014
  408. Best Buy shipping ipads in thin plastic bubblewrap envelope
  409. From $298 to $168 - Sony 5.1-Ch. 3D Smart Blu-ray Home Theater System
  410. WARMEST jacket under $100?
  411. Return to B&H Photo
  412. Purchased some food that might be contaminated.
  413. Buying appliances from Best Buy Canada (online)
  414. ebates.ca + $25 bonus "Good things come to those who shop"
  415. costco.com return questions
  416. Anyone go to Mayfair Mall in Victoria BC? What's the secret code for the 25k contest?
  417. Is Black Friday a gimmick ?
  418. Amazon.ca Price Drop protection - within 7 days of delivery (YMMV)
  419. @alienware.ca
  420. BB iPhone 6 ad with Telus 2 Yr Plan
  421. Best smartphone plan currently being offered
  422. Walmart grab and go lockers come to Canada
  423. Sears.ca substituting items?
  424. Buying Sofa At The Brick
  425. NESPRESSO Price Increase (+10¢ per capsule), Starting Dec 1st 2014
  426. Sears Kenmore Oven's Front Door Just Exploded - Advice?
  427. ebates cashback when buying gift cards shop.ca
  428. Where to buy new/good Authentic high end brand purse?
  429. Return item bought from different store with receipt
  430. Can I price match Amazon.ca / Amazon.com at FS or BB or Walmart Canada? Kindle deals
  431. Anyone know which Shoppers has a Senior age of 55 in the GTA?
  432. Need a filler item for shop.ca
  433. Buy Amazon.ca giftcards with PayPal?
  434. Amazon and others, save 10-25% on top of black-friday deals (using bitcoin)
  435. Taxes Charged Pre-Discounts?
  436. I want one winter outerwear,please give me some advices.
  437. vitacost.com any extra dutties/taxes etc?
  438. Furniture won't go through door - Retailer refuses full refund
  439. Question for users who know GearBest.com
  440. Shop.ca Direct - good experiences?
  441. amazon.ca gift card / gift card exchange
  442. customs return policy
  443. With 20% Rebate at GCR / Ebates, Which is the best TV Deal at Shop.ca?
  444. newbie question - sorry
  445. brotechstore.com - legit??
  446. Reputable Jeweler for repairs?
  447. Hi,I want to buy a suit on Black Friday.But now I have two choices,so please advise.
  448. Television deals on dealnews? Why so cheap?
  449. Shopper's Optimum Points Question
  450. Shop.ca took out more money from my paypal than shown at checkout, what do I do?
  451. Smart Set closing soon
  452. How does marks work wearhouse survive?
  453. Question for Canada Post carriers
  454. returning and repurchasing a sealed item on black friday?
  455. Canada Post, what possible excuse can this be? Like is this even possible?
  456. extended warranty purchase from costco canada on tv purchase from Costco US
  457. Black Friday At Target -Lineup Procedures?
  458. bad canadian tire commercial
  459. Rogers - signed a 2 yr contract
  460. Every Canadian should have one of these to get those tires changed
  461. Walmart.com (for Canada)
  462. Nexus entering Canada by road - do they know the date/time of exit?
  463. How does DHL/CBSA calculate Duties & Taxes?
  464. Size 15 CSA-Approved Work SHOES? (not boots)
  465. Question on Walmart price match policy.
  466. Purchasing Apple Care for iPad - Can you get it if you bought iPad from Staples?
  467. Lying customer caught, and still filed a further complaint.
  468. Snowboards
  469. Microsoft Store not honoring preorder GC bonus
  470. Footy/Footed Pajamas
  471. Have you become more aggressive because of RFD and Hoarders?
  472. Black Friday vs Boxing Day price
  473. Shipping
  474. Cdn Post: Attempted delivery. Notice card left indicating where item can be picked up
  475. Duty at custom?
  476. My Canadian Tire Money Card.
  477. Professional hair cutting shears set - where to buy?
  478. Mattress that are bendable to 90 degrees
  479. SDM- Points question
  480. UPS World Ease?
  481. Price of magic kit at Costco (east)
  482. Which retailer(s) sell outdoor multi outlet extension cords with spaced plugs?
  483. Airfare price alerts
  484. Please recommend a shopping site for me!
  485. Stores closed on Thanksgiving Day (Not Black Friday)
  486. It Is Law That I Have To Tell CBSA Agents My Cellphone & Laptop Password?
  487. Pre-Black Friday Vs. Black Friday Sales
  488. Will retailers restock inventory before Black Friday?
  489. Ebates.COM - experiences getting cashback
  490. THE TAB - Worst decision ever (when it comes to cell phones)
  491. Shop.ca Preorder Shipping
  492. Best place to buy Mackage?
  493. Videotron mobile - Ottawa - unlimited calling and 2gb data
  494. How to buy goods off eBay.com (USA) that won't ship to Canada?
  495. Shipping to Blaine (Cross border shopping from Vancouver)
  496. best deal for pre-lit fake christmas tree (approx 6ft)?
  497. This is What Happens When You Hire Incompetent Staff
  498. Walmart delivered wrong product due to an error on THEIR site
  499. Samsung Fridge Comparison (Rh22h9010sr vs RF24FSEDBSR)
  500. Fido's migration fee from standard plan to prepaid
  501. Espacejeux - which credit cards consider it a cash advance?
  502. Is skullcandy earphone reliable?
  503. Charmin - Poor Naming
  504. Instore in aisle mobile checkout manipulation
  505. Help - Sdm doesn't carry Xbox 1 games
  506. Deals on Major Appliances?
  507. $60 for $100 shell gift card
  508. Rogers is billing me extra 30 days after cancelling and returning all equipment !
  509. Best Android TV box within $50?
  510. People scamming/exploiting Walmart USA's price matching for cheap PS4s
  511. Return Dell.com purcase to Dell Canada?
  512. Do Walmart stores have to honor their online price?
  513. Has anyone tried exchanging a b2g1 games from Target?
  514. Best price on board games?
  515. Anyone heard of "www.mackagesale.ca"?
  516. theBay.ca Cancelled Order - Resolution?
  517. tax & duty collected for gifts ?
  518. Staples.ca: charges tax on Staples giftcard - this is wrong
  519. Computer store in buffalo?
  520. Air Miles Dream Rewards
  521. Canada Goose Warranty Nightmare. Please help!
  522. Boxing Day: Location choices?
  523. Anybody ever use stayhometires.com ?
  524. Alterations to winter jacket
  525. AMAZON.CA ruined my E3 Sales order
  526. Is this accurate (about best times to buy)?
  527. 1inch 25lbs plates for dumbbells
  528. Whats considered snacks at Shoppers Drug Mart? just junkfood, how about Frozen Pizza
  529. shopping for gold bracelets and necklaces
  530. Facebook advertisement fail - counterfeit Canada Goose jackets
  531. engagement ring issue
  532. Mini Pre-lit Christmas Trees?
  533. Black Friday in Canada will suck
  534. Costco Obusforme Mattresses any good?
  535. Try to PriceMatch BB, but rejected, any idea?
  536. Credit Card Warranty extension question
  537. add fund from royal bank account to my paypal account?
  538. Buy game online and in store and return game bought online as game bought in store?
  539. Toronto - Annual Swatch sample sale
  540. Is Telus Now Charging Bandwidth Overages?
  541. Canadian Tire Price Match
  542. What to do when a bus that never shows costs you money?
  543. Christmas shopping for children...
  544. Anyone Used Wayfair.com?
  545. Border wait times, experiences shopping on Black Friday in US.
  546. US Post Office Box
  547. Where To Buy Craft Beer and a Chromebook In Niagara Falls, NY?
  548. sj4000 5000 6000 Cam (gopro style)
  549. canadagoose-stores.com cheap price but is this legit?
  550. Cherry Coke, #1 Target Request?
  551. Canadian equivalent of Hot UK Deals (www.hotukdeals.com)
  552. English Only Retail Sites Blocked in Quebec
  553. One Day Only! $200 off Dyson DC23
  554. (US) It's On: Wal-Mart Throws Down the Gauntlet With Amazon
  555. Don't you love getting ripped off by petrol stations?
  556. Will HD match Rona 15% off after the fact?
  557. The Book Depository - Customs
  558. Are Gift Cards Allowed Activation Fees in Ontario? Canadian Tire $1
  559. Best Headphones at SDM
  560. if your wondering what best buy does with its eco fees and trade in programs
  561. Canadian Tire Mastercraft Maximum 174-Piece
  562. Requesting for a return? Please help me!
  563. Engagement Ring
  564. Best visa/mc gift card?
  565. This Is What It Looks Like When A Company Sells $9.3 Billion In Merchandise In A Day
  566. Sears "customer service" complaint
  567. Holt Renfrew - Christmas Comes Early/Gift Card Event
  568. What is the Best Calling Card to Call India?
  569. BB Price Matching
  570. Question About Shopping in the US!
  571. First time ordered a mattress
  572. Coach Outlet - Halton Hills prices
  573. BATTMED - Prevent The Top Cause Of Car Breakdown.. ??? TRUE??
  574. Best Buy - Combining e-gift cards
  575. Delete
  576. Corporate plan and thinking of leaving Rogers
  577. Looking For "Puppy Surprise Kittens"
  578. Likelihood of Nexus 9 @ SDM
  579. Looking for a place that sells nuts, bolts, screws, etc.
  580. Tim Hortons Pro's - this one's for you.
  581. Chocolate Class Actin Suit Payout
  582. Shopping for furniture online
  583. Aliexpress - Great items for dirt cheap
  584. Display shoe
  585. amazon.ca delivery service is so fast
  586. Cancelling Costco Membership
  587. Best buy return policy for bundles game consoles?
  588. Anyone uses barcode apps to substitute for loyalty/membership cards?
  589. imac or macbook pro?
  590. Sliding door inserts?
  591. Costco Black Friday/Boxing Day?
  592. The Bay Vitamix Price Error
  593. Sport chek: Store prices vs online prices
  594. Could I exchange an unopened game for another without a receipt at Walmart?
  595. Looking for a good Online Pharmacy -- Toronto
  596. How canada post ruined my xmas by delivering on sunday.
  597. Black Friday Sales on Apple iMacs?
  598. Cashmere sweater or cardigan under uniform? Please advise.
  599. Ordering from Topman UK Website
  600. Cookstown Tanger Outlet
  601. Cheapest Internet deal
  602. Bath and Body Works US Coupons in Canadian Stores
  603. How much would you pay for a signed Seattle Sounders jersey?
  604. Mattress shopping...best advice please?
  605. apple store boxing day/week sale?
  606. Chocolate Products Price-Fixing Class Action - Approval Notice
  607. is worth to buy this on sale SONY TV today ??
  608. Co-Op Gas vs. Esso Aeroplan troubleshooting. (or maybe wife troubleshooting lol)
  609. Amazon.ca returns shipping cost
  610. CHEAP BULK GLUE STICKS? $20 paypal for source
  611. Worst price structure ever? At Target of course.
  612. TigerDirect.ca on CBC Marketplace
  613. Sears Points?
  614. Exprience with Canada Post sucking at delivering package?
  615. Interesting rogers wireless addon
  616. Sears Desperate New Ad w/Mike Myers
  617. RECALL: [Lowes] Briggs & Stratton 205cc 24-in Dual Stage Snow Blower ******
  618. Home Depot has Holiday Lights?
  619. Bye Bye Hailo
  620. Amazon... so slow to ship
  621. $53 Fees+Taxes for Jawbone UP24 Warranty Exchange
  622. Metal composition for cutlery
  623. Target clearance on which days?
  624. *PAID* UPS bill now with collections agency
  625. Appliances Suggestion
  626. Zalman Bankruptcy MIR
  627. Numerous issues with Asus laptop warranty
  628. Aupel weekly planner: where to buy?
  629. linen warehouse
  630. amazon.ca -- Minix newo x8-h with FREE air mouse, $159.99 with $5.98 shipping
  631. Where to buy a model train kit (Online)?
  632. Should I pay if I am not happy with the haircut?
  633. Amazon.ca same day delivery (Toronto/Vancouver only)
  634. People who shop around Bellingham for liquor, need help
  635. Urgent - How to Cancel NBA League Pass?
  636. DHL charged $127.31 for duty on a $272 order
  637. Walmart Grocery PM
  638. Sportchek - $30 instant rebate toward any other item
  639. shop.ca return process?
  640. Is there a price watch/history for more Canadian stores?
  641. Do you get offended when companies post sales for Remembrance/Veteran's Day?
  642. SDM: Points redemption coming..
  643. AirMilesShops and online Apple Store
  644. Multiple walmart orders not being delivered due to "verifying address..."
  645. 2014 holiday extended return period
  646. TD's Switch now to online monthly statements — get $5‏ campaign
  647. amazon.ca free saver shipping slow
  648. Can someone explain HD online pricematch procedure.
  649. LED Strip Lighting - Best Deals - Quality - Installation Advice???
  650. Does Future Shop have an HDTV In Stock Guarantee?
  651. Travelling to Asia; shopping discussion/deals
  652. How Do Websites Like Trip Advisor Determine Rankings?
  653. Shipping to Quebec only 5% tax?
  654. Compare Old Navy $5 T vs Walmart's $10 George Tees
  655. Where could I purchase a authentic Xiaomi Powerbank in gold?
  656. Diaper return?
  657. amazon canada price mistake
  658. ~ Futureshop Receipt Weird?! ~
  659. Where to get a duvet cover only?
  660. How to filter out unrelated Amazon.ca results
  661. buying a used laptop from USA and bringing it back in?
  662. Another great reason to dislike Point Zero
  663. Where can I buy a table headphone holder in Canada?
  664. Next Dell Days of Deals?
  665. Amazon Pre-Order Fail
  666. Target Canada B2G1 Free sale Nov 7-14th
  667. Closed
  668. Canadian Tire Money Card
  669. Cheapest place to order duplicate personal cheques?
  670. Where to buy these sports gear?
  671. rona clearance dealz
  672. Where can I sell old textbooks for $$?
  673. Wifi LED Lightbulbs
  674. I will not get my shipment on time from CostumeExpress... Can I request a chargeback
  675. touch screen laptop
  676. Christmas Music Season
  677. where can i buy Orange Lightbulbs? or anyone try orange felt pen on light bulb?
  678. Airline Kms Expired, misleading information from the airline, what to do?
  679. Buying Furniture
  680. Any feedback on auctionmaxx.com??
  681. Earning points and miles for Apple Store purchases
  682. Are you embarrassed to count change?
  683. Where to buy hydrocortisone cream? NEED
  684. Some noob questions about Black Friday
  685. cancelling costco membership & warranty
  686. How much did you save on redflagdeals in the last week?
  687. Staples.ca website: everything out of stock?
  688. Canon 5d mk III body $2600 legit?
  689. Premium Outlets in Montreal?
  690. Great Canadian Rebate 'missing' transaction = SCAM?
  691. I wish I had known about this site before making my purchase from leons
  692. Shipping Policy of Amazon.com
  693. Why is my parcel vacationing in Mississauga?
  694. So what's with the crazy vendors on amazon?
  695. Hammacher.com
  696. Anyone here buying a Moto 360?
  697. Staples.ca 7% - 8% Extra Discount?
  698. Where can one buy escargot, whale eyes and/or other similar shells?
  699. Futureshop price matching policy?
  700. Paypal, withdraw free for CA under 150$?
  701. Black Friday Shopping Trip
  702. How do reviews like Yelp, UrbanSpoon, etc influence you?
  703. Formula for finding the cheapest whey protein per kg.
  704. [AliExpress] Toronto Raptors replica OLDSCHOOL jerseys - $16.02 - FREE Shipping
  705. Best value 15 inch laptop with 1080p screen???
  706. Square One Mississauga
  707. Scan Code Of Practice Dispute
  708. Beware of grocery scammers
  709. Need iTunes Gift Cards. Sale?
  710. 4K UHD prices
  711. The declining value of Aeroplan loyalty
  712. will costco blizzaks go on sale?
  713. Shoppers Optimum Points coupons
  714. Any other SEARS store closing?
  715. Need Suggestion
  716. Ottawa Internet options
  717. Bell is a winner.
  718. Hudson's Bay
  719. ipad air case
  720. about TD MIR
  721. Microsoft Surface Pro 2 Has Been Discontinued (and related warranties)
  722. Has anyone buy Herbicide recently from US?
  723. DHL import fee
  724. Canadian Tire: Xterra XT980T Treadmill
  725. Office chair warranty issue
  726. metromile car insurance by the mile in the united states
  727. Toysrus video game dept?
  728. Admin - please delete
  729. Optimum point question
  730. Other than Nike, Adidas, Reebok
  731. Staples - $89.96 - Samsung SL-M3320ND Multifunction Laser printe
  732. How do malls make money?
  733. UPS still doesn't get it
  734. How are clothes in Tip Top Tailors
  735. Shop.ca disgusting customer service!
  736. Shipping to USA from Canada
  737. Branded Products does not have that quality any more
  738. Canada Computers (online ship out orders)
  739. Nespresso capsules?
  740. Costco Return - 30 Days?
  741. Next Club Monaco 30% off sale?
  742. How do PC Green Points work?
  743. Delete
  744. Hookbag.ca
  745. BEWARE !!! FS/BESTBUY iPAD Mini SCAM !!!!
  746. Amazon global shipping charges me no tax. But ups charge me tax?
  747. How winners can sell for less
  748. FITBIT Flex Wireless Activity + Sleep Wristband
  749. Cancelling thestar subscription proving painful
  750. More consumers are ditching online shopping for physical retailers
  751. Hey, does anyone know where to get high quality sticker paper for cheap?
  752. Is Videogameplus.ca safe?
  753. Home Depot price match?
  754. Buyer beware shopping at the Bay online at hbc.com
  755. Looking for deals on ipod shuffle
  756. LF: a bright, LED (or CFL) office desk lamps
  757. UPS Return to Sender
  758. What's the longest time by shipping after you bought something online?
  759. Cashmere Sweater
  760. Accessories4Less warranties in Canada
  761. Where to find Original Sunchips?
  762. bell fibe feedback
  763. Electric / Hybrid vehicle provincial rebate workaround for non-residents
  764. Online reviews requested taken down by legal action.
  765. BB "Price Beat Promise" ... against regular price items only!
  766. Digital TV Adapter for basic cable
  767. Where to buy blue roses (GTA)
  768. Best shopping in Buffalo & Fort Lauderdale/Miami?
  769. Internet TV
  770. CIBC $400 deal for opening an acct/visa card with some requirements
  771. What's on your Black Friday shopping list?
  772. ~ Purolator Re-Delivery to Another Depot?! ~
  773. Tax Rounding?
  774. Battle field 4
  775. HDMI switch, 5+ in and 2 out
  776. cheapest place to buy pumpkins?
  777. problems with MC (PC-MC) at costco gas/stores?
  778. Age Restriction/Under Age Fee Car Rental
  779. Can uber work with no cell data?
  780. Ebates cash back check question?
  781. Shipping from US Costco
  782. Best time to buy a TV?
  783. What the hell is going on with MBNA??!!
  784. RFD tapatalk
  785. Rexall dropping Aeroplan as of Oct 31/14.
  786. Using REXALL gift card at store to buy AMEX/visa gift cards?
  787. FS - Nexus 9 LTE price error on preorder
  788. [GooglePlay] Nexus Player Available for Pre-order
  789. Anyone had experience with not getting the cashback?
  790. [GooglePlay] Nexus 9 Available for Pre-Order
  791. LA Fitness presale = rip off you ahead
  792. Should I start to avoid FedEx from now?
  793. --
  794. How often does ikea have free shipping?
  795. Home Phone for conference calls mainly
  796. HELP! Shop.ca order for Logitech MK750
  797. Amazon.ca dominates Canadian e-commerce with 7% share
  798. Stay away from Uhaul/Budget, go with Penske?
  799. This is why I shop online...
  800. Tire Xperts Surrey - Alignment
  801. Registered mail REALLY SLOW
  802. I'd like to share my experience with The Brick tonight
  803. Does Google play store price charge tax?
  804. Anyone else had bad experience dealing with Distributel?
  805. What TV would you recommend for $1000 before tax?
  806. Nexus 6, Nexus 9 and Nexus Player Pre-order starting Oct 17th
  807. Best Canadian mobile carrier? - for One Plus One..but any smartphone / voice n data
  808. Mcdonald Monopoly Bonus Code
  809. Costco.com (USA) won't ship to UPS store
  810. Camera Canada is a reliable?
  811. Best Android cell? Nexus 5? One Plus One?
  812. Where's the best place to buy glasses and frames?
  813. Garmin lifetime maps
  814. Bestbuy Greeters question
  815. $40 off $99 at SHOP.CA with Paypal
  816. Game Console Decision and Buying
  817. Possible black friday deals at best buy and futureshop?
  818. Database of largest price differential items (CA v.s. US)
  819. Ordering from FRYS and shipping to Toronto (What method do they ship by?)
  820. Is digital printing is same as offset printing?
  821. Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire 3DS
  822. Is there real authentic olive oil in any top grocery stores?
  823. Are Best Buy and Future Shop dying?
  824. Where to find semolina flour?
  825. What happened to deal guild?
  826. Why do so many retailers put Black Friday in their flyers?
  827. Does Costco still sell Belmont cigarettes?
  828. So How Did Someone End My Buy It Now eBay Listing Without Paying
  829. The bay return process
  830. How often does the Aeroplan eStore offer bonus miles during the year?
  831. Advance Auto Parts buy online and pickup in store anyone do this in Buffalo?
  832. RFDealing too hard?
  833. Cheapest Express shipping to china?
  834. Sportchek TA Online/Return/Rebuy
  835. Walmart. ca and Ebates. ca no more?
  836. All-in-one Inkjet vs. All-in-one Laser (color)
  837. Anybody else had bad experience with shipping through Walmart.ca?
  838. Recommend an ENT (ear nose throat) specialist please
  839. Markham Gas Price - Consistently 2 cents more than rest of GTA
  840. Purolator shipping?
  841. Where to sell brand new books?
  842. TheBay shopping issue
  843. Earn/redeem Scene points at Sport Chek
  844. What do you think of Uber? Legality aspects. Safety aspects.
  845. Does Shoppers Drug Mart typically get video games on release day?
  846. SDM Locations that sell electronics
  847. Where to buy classroom chalkboard/blackboard?
  848. Toronto Pan Am Games - How Much $$$ Was Your Order? What Games Did You Request?
  849. Optimum Points Question
  850. Lots of things are now cheaper in Canada thanks to the exchange rate
  851. OBOX LIVE Membership Cheaper than $59.99?
  852. Is it "safe" to give original receipt to buyer for warranty?
  853. returning BBQ at CT?
  854. EasyCap Window 7 Driver
  855. SEARS does NOT service appliances anymore (unless they are under warranty)
  856. Walmart furniture
  857. Black Friday with a kid in tow, good idea?
  858. AuctionMaxx Online Liquidators? Familiar?
  859. how to monitor when an item at amazon will be back in stock? thx
  860. Looking for a particular Halloween costume..Gecko/Lizard
  861. UPS account to save UPS fees when importing
  862. Why are Obusforme backrests so expensive?
  863. ShopoMania.io startup Cloud Deals Platform
  864. Red Bull Class Action Settlement ($10 cash back or $15 in Red Bull products)
  865. Soda Stream Opinions
  866. US Rebate Cards and Canada address?
  867. how to edit cc info in the new paypal interface?
  868. Anyone familiar with "Video Games Plus"
  869. Public Mobile Data Plans from $29
  870. pawn shop for broken tablet
  871. CEVA Delivery from Amazon? Ever heard of these guys?
  872. Best place to buy calorie free energy drinks in bulk?
  873. Extreme Couponing
  874. Quality photo copying in Waterloo, Ont?
  875. Canada post stolen packages from sub contractor
  876. Walmart cancels with ebates.ca?
  877. Paying in US Funds with Canadian Paypal Account
  878. What is the cheapest way to ship heavy and bulky items from china?
  879. Skylanders Trap Force
  880. 15 Staples Stores Closing
  881. Sears Canada Going BYE BYE
  882. Amazon.ca "Not so" Hot Deals
  883. daymak self charging bi and tri wheel.
  884. Canon EOS Rebel T5i With 18-55mm/55-250mm Lenses, Tripod, & Bag
  885. Where to buy Naruto manga anime cosplay costume - GTA
  886. Whole Foods
  887. Where to buy cheap cardboard boxes for shipping?
  888. Walmart and Ebates
  889. Lawnmower discussion
  890. Need a MTM suit with a quick turnaround.
  891. How do you price match home depot before buying and without going to the store?
  892. [GVRD] Slim fitting suits - quality - budget
  893. Which retailers tend to break the street date for video games?
  894. GREAT DEALS: LouLou Shops Event at Sherway Gardens
  895. Topparkas
  896. Is there a UK equivalent of RFD/SlickDeals?
  897. Amazon "fillers"
  898. US -> Ogdensburg (Ottawa area) shipping options
  899. Costco introducing new Capital One MasterCard Jan 2015
  900. How to forward mail from Australia to Canada?
  901. Are Canadian consumers taken in like a suckers by Big Retailer or are we all stupid?
  902. Loblaws. Overpriced Customer pays the extra.
  903. Netflix - Gift Cards Coming to Retailers
  904. Paying in Paypal CAD as an American with American Paypal Account?
  905. XS CARGO Begins Liquidation
  906. "Luxury" SUV Rental in Calgary
  907. US Mail-In-Rebates...
  908. Grocery Rewards app
  909. Donation season is coming...
  910. Uber returning to Vancouver?
  911. Fortune Cookie Store / Factory near Montreal?
  912. Buying a used iPhone
  913. Returning Products to NCIX
  914. The Source: Bluetooth Gloves ?! WTF?!
  915. Anyone ordered from Taobao recently?
  916. Does Loblaws and Provigo have the same flyer?
  917. Quebec Residents. Is Apple Care or Apple Care + useless for us due to the laws?
  918. Selling some rediscovered G1 Transformers Advice
  919. Costco Presto Head Dishes?
  920. AIC vs iTalkBB
  921. Buying from Home Depot US Store Online
  922. Rogers bills on my credit card - I'm not even subscribed to Rogers?
  923. ca.sale-fire.com - Any RFDers feedback about this website?
  924. What happened to aliexpress's shipping?
  925. dealfind.com, Teambuy coupons not being honored, as sites face bankruptcy
  926. Lots of Down Duvets on sale at the bay! Any good oneS?
  927. Pl delete
  928. Recommended products for a sore throat?
  929. Pc points now accepted at no frills
  930. Costco + iPhone 6 Warranty?
  931. Spaberry hot tub issue - trying to fight back
  932. How to save up to 25% shopping on Amazon.
  933. McDonald's Monopoly is back! (Sept 30-Nov 3, 2014)
  934. Credit Cards?
  935. Bestbuy error in product description
  936. Can I get screwed accepting payment via email money transfer?
  937. scam or not ??? $59 for a TEFL Learning Course and Placement Assistance
  938. canadian customs?
  939. Aliexpress shipping time?
  940. Paypal promo Not for all (only for those who received email)
  941. Futureshop pay online and pick up in store, is it possible?
  942. Can you purchase ' Support our Troops ' bumper sticker at retail level?
  943. Rookie question: What's a SKU number for?
  944. WTB Bitcoins with a MC/Visa. HOW?!
  945. UPS Cannot Staff a 24/7 Call Centre?
  946. Deliver to a post office?How?
  947. WTB Ski Socks
  948. Any info on Hook Bag
  949. Customer service experiences
  950. Amazon.ca - tracking shows item is from USA?
  951. CIPA certified pharmacies
  952. Where to buy a good fountain pen in Richmond Hill/Markham/Mississauga? (today!)
  953. Costco Cash Card
  954. LG 55LB6100 55IN Smart TV - What Would You do?
  955. British Food Shopping for Expats-Delivered WorldWide
  956. Amazon.ca Pre-order Shipping/Delivery time?
  957. LCD price-fixing class action settlement
  958. price trends / history
  959. Please help with dealing with Rogers wrongfully charging extra on my bill!!
  960. wtf is wrong with rogers monopoly why arent these joke prices capped
  961. airbnb $25 first reservation coupon - any luck?
  962. Cheapest place to bing multiple books (between 50-100 sheets thick)
  963. Direct Canada NOT shipping my order even though I paid
  964. Amazon Import Fee - too high?
  965. Where to get tampered glass table top in Montreal?
  966. Someone else picked up my Canada Post parcel
  967. is Canada luggage depot legit?
  968. Returning to Amazon.com when shipped to the US
  969. New Canadian Tire program?
  970. I was sold a recalled product...be aware!
  971. Can you price match an exchanged item at Canadian Tire?
  972. Does Hollister Merchandise Credit have expiry date?
  973. Shipping import fees? - USP charging "import fee" on item from USA.
  974. US sales tax
  975. Unlimited driving on 407 ETR for 4 months - $79.99/month
  976. Best deal on an iPad?
  977. Pacific Mall refund for a defective item?
  978. No Frills is Now Part of the PC Plus Points Program!
  979. why is TekSavvy so frequently recommended?
  980. Please help me decipher this address in china
  981. Anyone bought from Softwarecity.ca?
  982. Where to get this eye drop product in Montreal?
  983. APC recalls 15 million surge protectors (from 1993 - 2003)
  984. Bob's Towing & Recovery, 29 Wells St., Guelph, Ontario
  985. DHL CoD on an eBay Item
  986. Why are electronics and food so expensive in Canada compared to the USA?
  987. Birch wood Mall Port Huron Feedback
  988. Canada Post Questions
  989. IKEA - Stupid Clerk or Stupid Store Policy?
  990. Accidental Refund. An unusual situation. Costco wont take my money
  991. Hot food @ Save-On-Foods
  992. Did Puma just rob me blind?
  993. Clarification on this coupon
  994. repost...delete
  995. quick question about Pacific mall
  996. Red green memorabilia auction-TV show
  997. Which internet providers do you guys use?
  998. Ooma
  999. union gas credit.will refund overpayment in 30 days
  1000. GREAT !! With pictures !