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  1. Anyone tried/bought a mattress from Casper?
  2. Why is Rogers wireless service so much cheaper in QC?
  3. The Truth About Fido Retention.
  4. Pay canadiantire online exclusive item with giftcard
  5. Paypal's terrible FX rates are about to get even worse
  6. Does Rogers offer any promos if we bundle internet with our current TV package?
  7. U.S. President slams Amazon for hurting retailers and causing job losses.
  8. Telus Mobility unlock rant
  9. usb-c to 3.5mm adapter
  10. Where to find someone to sell my stuff on commission?
  11. Cross border shopping question
  12. iPhone Upgrade Question - Rogers
  13. Refuel -- Superstore Super Bucks...Changes Are Here !!!!
  14. New Car Loans
  15. Ebay fake product
  16. Items to Canada
  17. Quoted 300/100mbit Bell FTTH in Toronto for $65/mth (first year) - Has anyone seen better?
  18. CA-NB - Looking deals on pop
  19. HDMI extender with ARC AND 4K
  20. legit?
  21. [Costco] Free scorpion with purchase of bananas (Halifax only)
  22. roots anniversary sale
  23. self checkouts at grocery stores
  24. Koodo online deals until Aug 31
  25. Costco just charged "Enviro Fee" on pack of AA Batteries
  26. Duties at US Border
  27. What does loonie need to be for you to cross border shop?
  28. Where to use cineplex e gift cards
  29. Best Buy is no longer great, Amazon has taken over
  30. Where does everyone buy eyeglasses?
  31. Is there a method to Amazon's "Add-on Item"
  32. eciipse glasses, can they be bought retail, gta area
  33. Fun thread: Post stuff that you miss, that is now either discontinued or hard to get.
  34. bizfests - Anyone heard of this site?
  35. Aliexpress & DHL & Customs, Fees?
  36. 54" wide drywall
  37. PSA: If you shop and pick up across the border
  38. How to watch Leaf games w/ ability to pause + record?
  39. Cheap track able shipping for 4 tires/rims
  40. Picaridin bug spray in Canada
  41. PSA: If you buy from and pick up across the border
  42. Best internet options for Queen's Student
  43. Best pizza chains for the best deal?
  44. Creating a Grocery Meat Cheat Sheet
  45. Bulk meats
  46. Ebates Express anyone made it work?
  47. Tim Hortons price increase
  48. ******** or Geekbuying?
  49. declined order if ship to address is a freight forwarder
  50. Kenmore Central Vacuum power units
  51. Rogers $5 price increase on all existing TV customers?
  52. US Shopping
  53. best buy flyer next week
  54. Netflix Price Increase - Pay It/Downgrade/Leave?
  55. Haggling for a pizza box ...
  56. are the sales at sears actually any good or is it bs?
  57. National Class Action against Air Canada for Alleged Flight Pass Mispricing Incident (Court-Approved Notices)
  58. Bought $100 Home Depot Gift Card
  59. Amazon lightning deals question
  60. Amazon reviews
  61. walmart ac kit refund
  62. Where to buy a sofa and loveseat
  63. Wonderland Admission
  64. Apple Cider Vinegar pills? Good source to buy from?
  65. Buying two way Radio /walki talki set
  66. Breville the Dose Control Coffee-Grinder ?
  67. Walmart Price Matching to End May 15?
  68. Fortino's Best Before Matter Policy
  69. Cheap but reliable POE Camera?
  70. Recommended Chromebook?
  71. How does cross border shopping work?
  72. Vacuum with steamer?
  73. Which of these luggage bags is a good deal?
  74. Are 'Roll Up The Rim' tabs still accepted at Tim's?
  75. Looking for clarification on CBSA personal exemptions
  76. Pre-order PC game
  77. Does Canadian tire have gift receipts?
  78. Sylvania automotive lighting - class action settlement. Up to $ 24.00 returned to you
  79. Bell Internet + TV cable deal, Fair monthly rate???
  80. Costco Pharmacy - Denied entry even though you don't need a membership by law
  81. Arbiters of Justice: Costco Return - Reasonable or Unreasonable?
  82. sony playstation VR set at shoppers
  83. Problem with Scotiabank Amex Dispute with Amazon
  84. Costco Pharmacy - Denied entry even though you don't need a membership by law.
  85. Cogeco
  86. Roots Sweat Style giveaway
  87. Fakespot type of shopping websites, are they reliable?
  88. Amazon removed email us option ??
  89. Superstore "guaranteed" checkout lines open "promise"
  90. Beware Canadian Tire return policy
  91. Today At My Real Canadian Super Store...
  92. Facebook Marketplace
  93. SPC VIP card?
  94. Rogers cable and internet up for renewal - what should I expect?
  95. [KFC Delivery] Delivery tax on top of HST Tax?
  96. Lowes Price Match Denied Twice
  97. Where to buy beef brisket in Ottawa
  98. Selling on Amazon - tips?
  99. Dynamex for Could drunken monkeys do a better job?
  100. Amazon new return policy for 3rd party sellers
  101. goodlife fitness question ( ex employee would be great)
  102. Returning GPS device at Bestbuy
  103. Walmart kills $2.97 fee on grocery pickup
  104. 32 inch tv recommandation
  105. Walmart to start charging for plastic bags
  106. Loblaw, Super Store & Zehrs - Points for bringing in your own bags
  107. Mississauga to Vancouver expedited parcel?
  108. Best King Size Mattress and Deal?
  109. PC Plus -- 6,000 points on Aug. 1 for 2kg Bag of No Name Imperfect Frozen Fruit? Maybe...(East Only)
  110. Where to buy glass for picture frames?
  111. Puron (the new Freon) cost to refill if leaking from Air Conditioner
  112. Best site for mens cologne
  113. Heat Pump and Central AC Group Buy
  114. Macbook Air Repair
  115. Starbucks to shutter all Teavana stores as sales disappoint
  116. [TICKETZONE][] Denied Entry To Event, how to get refund?
  117. Rogers student deals?
  118. Best place to buy faucets online ?
  119. Swiss Watches at Winners
  120. retailers need to stop asking for donations at the cashier
  121. fitness bench from
  122. Would you pay for instant delivery in GTA
  123. Best time of year to buy a used car?
  124. Can I sign for a package that isn't in my name? (Canada Post)
  125. Places to buy color match paint for cars in Halifax?
  126. Is this a good deal for a VR gaming pc?
  127. DHL - Duty invoice
  128. What do you if someone on RFD sells you a blacklisted phone.
  129. Received-Airmiles 1250 MegaMiles
  130. ? on Amazon Warehouse
  131. Beware of online perfume scam
  132. ASUS rebate: 4 phone calls and 5 months
  133. Pop-up shops have taken centre stage in Toronto
  134. Would This Influence You to Purchase?
  135. Costco NW Vaughan Grand Opening (Ontario)
  136. Bentley warehouse outlet Hawkesbury
  137. Philips Hue Bridge and Par16 bulbs. Rarely on sale, best place to purchase?
  138. AirMiles: Cash or Dreams?
  139. Individual HK phone line in ONT
  140. staples online/telephone order - I can't use my gift card/merchandise card?
  141. Import/customs charges for eBay laptop from US
  142. Costco: African Lion Safari passes?
  143. Tim Hortons to launch order and pay in advance app July 27th (accoding to a franchise owner)
  144. Walmart -- What Would You Do???
  145. (Prime Only) Ottawa-Gatineau FREE One-Day Shipping
  146. Is Comerco extended Warranty any good?
  147. Going forward, TTC Metropass v. Presto Card
  148. Double dipping when buying online at Costco?
  149. Amazon Prime Canada for US site orders?
  150. Amazon jacked prices up for Prime Day
  151. Getting a big amount of bus tickets- how to have the best deal?
  152. Bestbuy charged me twice?
  153. Does Home Depot have 10% off anything sales anymore?
  154. ACER Zest Unlocked Cell phone $198 - Costco
  155. Best Buy USA shipping to Parcel Receiving locations again
  156. Costco vs grocers vs butcher shops for meat
  157. Eyeglasses online, any listing of stores???
  158. Apple Back to School Deals
  159. MacBook pro
  160. Moving houses - Rogers/Bell question
  161. return policy is terrible: BEWARE
  162. FedEx closing all retail office stores in Canada...
  163. Good place to buy Jade jewelry
  164. Cat6 Cable in bulk
  165. Staples rejecting price match stating because OEM (i don't agree)
  166. Shoppers Drug Mart Seniors 20 % Thursday Discount ?
  167. Recent delivery experiences
  168. Return gift item to Costco without receipt?
  169. Gift Card Not being accepted
  170. List of stores with no return policy
  171. Canada Post forwarding service
  172. The Brick Card is a scam
  173. Best reshipper from USA to Canada?
  174. AliExpress Shipping experience for Canadians
  175. Kijiji "black market" Cell Phone Plan Advice
  176. CanaBee Baby - STAY AWAY
  177. Cheapest place/website to buy DIffuser oil? GTA
  178. Any promo code on
  179. - Other order waiting for subscription shippment
  180. [GTA] Sold eBay Item to US Buyer - Now Buyer Wants to Return - How/Who Pays Return Shipping?
  181. Scanning Code of Practice Question
  182. Cheap moving boxes?
  183. Refund on Paypal to my old credit card number
  184. Best pillow for side sleepers?
  185. How much does DHL charge for duties/brokerage?
  186. VRBO Still Legit?
  187. Have you noticed any product packages getting smaller at the grocery store?
  189. telus mobile plan advice requested
  190. Does Costco Still Sell Camera Bag?
  191. Regarding Best Buy Financing
  192. No reply from myMallBox support?
  193. My Sun life app basically destroyed my family life
  194. Shipping options from B&H - Advice needed
  195. Novosbed any sale?
  196. US cell phone plans for 2 month US stay
  197. Legit looking Amazon email phishing scam...
  198. package stuck at Canada customs for 3 weeks
  199. Back to school laptop sales?
  200. Smartphone Gimbals...when do they normally go on sale?
  201. Data focused wireless
  202. rate of receiving eBay items going downhill
  203. US Shopping - products not avail in Canada
  204. New Costco Business format store launching in Scarborough
  205. Visa charge back for McDonald's error, help please
  206. Back to school sign already at Walmart
  207. Why is Daiso so much better than Dollarama?
  208. Anyport
  209. Kijiji Requires Registration to Post Ads
  210. Prime Day July 11, 2017...
  211. Who was the idiot who started these 49.99 or 37.95 prices?
  212. NAFTA Talks - U.S. wants to see Ottawa increase the amount Canadians can buy from the U.S. w/out paying duties to $800
  213. Sears mower extended warranty
  214. Ebay Bucks Canada is back
  215. WANTED: Costco Artika Outdoor Tile
  216. sears nearing the end
  217. Rogers offering $100 for 150u Internet, Cable, Home Phone
  218. Subway Testing Mobile Pre-Orders, In-Store Kiosks With Apple Pay in Canada and Beyond
  219. Sheng Nuo / Taipan Tours
  220. who wants some mice with your pastry?
  221. will plants go on sale near the end of summer?
  222. Looking for an iPad mini 4
  223. Used Game Spots -- Toronto -- What Would You Recommend
  224. I need to find a tool chest workbench
  225. Master Chef 4-Burner Turismo BBQ
  226. Pita Pit More points
  227. What's worse ? Amazon Prime Day or Best buy Vip Day
  228. U.S. wedding dress chain bankrupt
  229. My Aliexpress order list
  230. Krispy Kreme Doughnut Light
  231. sunday delivery?
  232. Using a Vanilla Visa Card in Stores
  233. Fisher Price Class Action Lawsuit Settlement
  234. how to use coupons for walmart.cs online shopping
  235. Duty and taxes - requesting a reassessment
  236. Canada Post Expedited Parcel delivery estimate from Toronto to Toronto: 1-11 days
  237. Sodastream CO2 cylinder leaking
  238. Where to buy Fitbit / returns policy?
  239. Layrite Hair Wax/Clay/Pomade - Where to find a good deal?
  240. Telus mobile data plans
  241. Loblaws - Can you still return something with the 50% off price sticker?
  242. Costco deal thread for the gta?
  243. Free Canadian DID/Phone number with capability to forward call to VIBER
  244. Man buys new laptop but it missing HDD. Denied refund
  245. worst loblaws in toronto
  246. Charged HST twice by CBSA on imported items
  247. NES Classic best place to buy
  248. Product advice : GooBang Doo 4K Action Camera, Bopower B1W
  249. Staples "Still Looking For..." SPAM
  250. Fragrencex
  251. Cheapest Airport limo service?
  252. How do you reach a higher up at Amazon customer service?
  253. Looking to replace my windows, any recommendations?
  254. [SCAM] BE WARN of Just Energy, Energy Savings, Elecricity and Gas Retailer !!!!
  255. PC Greenbox Program/Loblaws stores reusable bag credit
  256. No more discount on Amazon Basics items with Prime?
  257. How to avoid customs when ordering from the US?
  258. HOT!! Ebay Price Match Guarantee (Amazon Prime day)
  259. LF: Cheap pre-paid wireless for elderly parents
  260. Which PC retailers in the GTA still have an electronics section? Loblaws, Superstore?
  261. to offer price match (Amazon, Walmart, +)...US only?
  262. Where can i buy open bottom sweatpants?
  263. Outdoor kitchen. Any recommendations?
  264. Apartment/Condo Vacuum recommendation
  265. Sears refundable warranty?
  266. Windows 10 chinese phone...
  267. Lenscrafters canada - good or bad??
  268. Where to buy a real men's swimsuit?
  269. Cheapest flight from Montreal to Austin?
  270. Experience with ModemOutlet?
  271. ***SCAM ALERT***
  272. Clever Pet
  273. Returning 'Reservation' to a flea market (Quebec)
  274. Would this USD Amex Gift card work for a transaction in CAD?
  275. What's the strangest thing purchased on your compromised credit card?
  276. Canada post lost Amazon return order?
  277. Duty and taxes for item bought from amazon?
  278. Appliances and Curtains
  279. Washrooms for customers only!
  280. July 5th, is re-launching the eBay Bucks program!
  281. A question regarding the $15 off $30 on eBay last June 20th
  282. Anyone ordered from AliExpress before?
  283. Aeroplan
  284. The Source PSP Users Can't Use Newsletter Code?
  285. Home Phone for conference calls mainly
  286. Scop and Loblaws
  287. Ebucks is back to
  288. ADHSales
  289. Shipping letter: Ontario to Texas
  290. Anyone works for UPS Canada? Lost package - how to search for it
  291. What is something like this called
  292. Looking to buy a new phone + new carrier
  293. looking for -African lion safari deal
  294. Credit Card Extended Warranty - Only valid if still currently active?
  295. Can't return an item delayed for 3 months?
  296. teliPhone to offer cellphone plans for $10 a month (using cellular & WiFi networks)
  297. should I return an item to get "price protection"?
  298. Paypal and NSF Charges from your bank FYI
  299. Kjiji/eBay: Safe way to get funds
  300. Fedex Scam/Phishing?
  301. Item from not arriving? Will it ever show up?
  302. not charging tax on Fullfilled by Amazon orders?
  303. Car leather custom seat covers for Nissan
  304. Cheapest PC to Plug into a TV?
  305. FREE 416 Toronto Area Code numbers on FIDO website
  306. How To Track Sales In Offline Retail Stores ?
  307. Are there no more good deals on RFD?
  308. London Drugs Free Shipping
  309. - Very odd order / Shipment
  310. Tony Robbins event in Vancouver July 27
  311. Shoppers Drug Mart Gift Card Question - Any Purchase Restrictions?
  312. Sony Cyber-Shot DSCW800B
  313. Best way to send documents to Europe?
  314. How long does ePacket take?
  315. How do people get tickets on ticketmaster for shows that are in high demand?
  316. Light in the Box - Real experiences/reviews??
  317. Using ebates
  318. Best Buy Return Policy Canada Day
  319. Solar Panel for RV
  320. Shopping for new car, all the extra fees are crazy
  321. Affordable waterproof Camera
  322. Shipping books to USA
  323. [Merged] eBay Bucks Rewards Program in Canada to be Retired‏
  324. Gold shopping @ Dubai
  325. UPS Brokerage Fees on incorrectly declared item
  326. Best Controller For PC Gaming
  327. Deals of Sperry Boat Shoes?
  328. **PRIME DAY JULY 10/11** NEW PRIME EXCLUSIVE PHONES - Nokia 6 $180, Alcatel Idol 5s $200, Moto E4 $100, more...
  329. Apple Products
  330. Credit card purchase protection conflicts with home insurance coverage--help
  331. Costco Return/exchange policy
  332. More mobile competition soon, new rules would let "Wi-Fi-first" mobile providers roam on big telcos' wireless networks
  333. Debating between two laptops
  334. Walmart Canada Photocenter Security Breach
  335. Buying from from Canada
  336. Bestbuy HDMI Cable scam
  337. Canada 150 Roll Up the Rim
  338. Can't open a chequing account without bank doing a "hard" credit check?
  339. Rogers bait and switch?
  340. [Ontario] The Beer Store to launches home delivery pilot in Ottawa and Scarborough
  341. BBQ Meat Probes
  342. Sit/stand desk
  343. Clothing sugggestion to survive winter of Manitoba
  344. Is Amazon getting too large?
  345. Elvoline Hotel Booking Through Trivago (
  346. customs duty on phones from China?
  347. Where do you buy kitchen appliances?
  348. Are $50 rayban frames plausible?
  349. Brand new phone stolen, Aeroplan + Fido Insurance claim advice needed
  350. Shipping/forward Service from Japan
  351. Anyone used ?
  352. Purchase at Hudson Bay via an internal employee
  353. UPS package from US
  354. Mail address change
  355. New unlocked iPhone
  356. Lululemon return policy
  357. Cheap Android Tablet
  358. Credit/debit shaming?
  359. Does accept Canadian credit cards for online purchases?
  360. Amazon -Your review could not be posted.
  361. Costco Mattress or The bay?
  362. Amazon and Taxes
  363. RESOLVED: If item is stolen from front door who is responsible ?
  364. What site do you use to book hotels?
  365. Canadian Tire's crappy customer service.
  366. Canada Post Eff's Up Big Time
  367. Aware me on forging signature
  368. Xiaomi phones in Toronto Chinatown??
  369. Under armour 20% off your next purchase code up for grabs
  370. What happens to your warranty if a company goes out of business?
  371. Dell shipped part of my order to the wrong address. Now what?
  372. Kijiji now charging for ads - free limit depending on category
  373. Has anyone used SmartSource?
  374. is Canada luggage depot legit?
  375. McEwan (Toronto) expansion
  376. Rogers just added 75c to wireless for 9-1-1 Emergency Access Fee
  377. So many mitre saws to choose from.. please help!
  378. Mattress buying tips
  379. Travel Trailer Negotiation
  380. Rayban Sunglasses On Sale
  381. cockroaches
  382. Car rental services
  383. Country Styles closing down?
  384. BestBuy returns
  385. Amazon tracks purchases or cart?
  386. Amazon Canada Prime Day?
  387. No more InPost locker shipping from newegg?
  388. Are there any sites that keep track of cheap flight deals (specifically out of YVR)?
  389. Question regarding contract with home phone provider
  390. Decent deal? I7-7700 with GTX 1050 2gb
  391. The Bay Order Status Question
  392. Home Depot scammed with simple label swap
  393. New Nintendo Switch Games $99.99 in Canada... Why Nintendo?
  394. Suspended
  395. Transfering to RBC USD Account dead?
  396. What to value something to avoid customs/fees when shipping from US to Canada?
  397. Canon CS100 connect.. Does anyone know about this Device.. Info etc.. Currently on sale for 100.0??
  398. *****
  399. Nintendo Switch
  400. How often are there Air Miles Shop 20x promotions?
  401. Bringing external lithium batteries across the border
  402. SDM Gift Card Security
  403. Is the Vancouver Lookout Groupon deal legit?
  404. Sears Canada Delivery Process
  405. Ebay cashback on coin purchases
  406. Canadian Tire Price Match Policy
  407. Walmart grocery free delivery?
  408. now offering free returns thru mail
  409. - Ships and Sold By (someone else)
  410. Petro-Canada in Toronto/Markham/Richmond Hill with Bestbuy Gift card? [solved]
  411. Ikea Mattress Warranty
  412. Mag Media Item Tax - Walmart BC
  413. Good Deals on Hybrid and Mountain Bikes in Quebec?
  414. Where can I find a cheap king sized box spring?
  415. Refunded for purchase, but they sent item?
  416. Avoid UPS brokerage fee with self clear for US shipping
  417. Tassimo Selection changing at Shoppers Drug Mart?
  418. Gift idea for english teacher?
  419. Walmart Photo Settlement Class Action Lawsuit - Credit Breach
  420. Why is shipping in the USA MUCH cheaper, and often comes with free Saturday delivery?
  421. Chinese parcels taking 1.5-2 months to arrive lately?
  422. Are Video Game Prices going up to $99.99? Yikes
  423. Goodbye Cellphone Unlocking Fees!
  424. Bose sales?
  425. Too many returns banned from costco
  426. Polk Audio RTIA7 $399.99 Best price?
  427. Gymboree files for bankruptcy -anybody hear about upcoming sales?
  428. How to cancel GoodLife membership for free?
  429. We’re sorry, your flight is not open for check-in.
  430. Air Miles Cash Question
  431. Independent Grocery: "I Promise You Low Prices"
  432. Canada post never attempts parcel delivery
  433. Too good to be true?
  434. How many of an item can you price match at Bestbuy?
  435. Where to get Sony a6000 deal
  436. Prime members no longer get 20% off amazonbasics?
  437. Air Miles Coupons
  438. janes chicken strips
  439. Looking for a deal on a GPS
  440. When is the next customer appreciation sale at Staples
  441. Where to buy cheese
  442. How to tell if a parcel shipped by Canada Post will be delivered to your door or your mail box?
  443. Good Dollarama with lots of variety so I can shop Canada themed items
  444. Looking for firm, hard twinXL mattress for myself. I'd prefer to sleep on the floor but will go for a bed, suggestions?
  445. Return Policy on Lawn Mowers
  446. Are there any other credit cards out there with a 0% foreign transaction fee?
  447. Express leaving Canada
  448. toys for girl
  449. Lucky Elephant Pink Candy Popcorn
  450. Paying for Canadian Netflix using foreign iTunes gift card?
  451. Appraisal value vs actual value for jewelry?
  452. Kijiji text message, scam?
  453. Auctionmaxx - Warning!
  454. Spotify will not do long-term discounts in Quebec
  455. Shoppers flyer de-emphasizing food specials
  456. Is there a Canadian equivalent of
  457. Hudson's Bay Still Losing Money
  458. MyMallBox issues?
  459. Buying a laptop battery from China
  460. Tangerine gets ready to roll out their redesigned banking website
  461. Where do you get your glasses?
  462. Ebay Coupons
  463. Hidden defect in Breville coffee grinders: Dose Control & Smart Grinder
  464. 36-37inch Televisions?
  465. Gym still taking fees after cancellation
  466. Costco Cellphones
  467. Dr. Bronner's Peppermint wash @ Costco
  468. Gas lineups at Costco
  469. Good dentist in Brampton
  470. New Home Owner - Advice On Security Systems?
  471. Larger bottle cup holders problems
  472. Great shopping experience at Visions
  473. More items consider as "add-on" item from Amazon, Bad news for Prime
  474. Amazon's "Free 2 Day Shipping" for Prime members is now 3 days?
  475. Are NCIX online orders usually dead-slow to deliver?
  476. Magic-TV Canada
  477. Volkswagen - Fair Price for car
  478. Are there staples coupons for 20$ spending?
  479. I can not figure out the reason
  480. Ruth's Chris gift card promo 2017 - UPDATED with link
  481. Schiit FedEx vs USPS
  482. Structube?
  483. Value Village colour coded tags/shoe codes
  484. Best place to buy guitars online
  485. Cira. $1 domain registered. Who is better? What's next?
  486. Bed Bath & Beyond 20% coupon?
  487. [Help needed] Dyson V6 Stick Vacuum Cleaner
  488. Dell pricing history
  489. Price comparison Sites?
  490. Amazon locker in USA
  491. lysol really clean stuff?
  492. Itune Gift Card Taiwan
  493. Is there any regulation on grocery stores selling expired food?
  494. IKEA - Furniture installers
  495. LG vs GE Fridge
  496. Looking for a Switch
  497. Cheapest store for New Balance shoes?
  498. Toronto's Largest Yard Sale is on Danforth East - Blog To
  499. powerful portable power
  500. Lexmark vs Impression - you now own the things you purchased
  501. Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Link - Exclusive New Color!
  502. ebay advice
  503. Clear shampoo no longer found in stores
  504. [Koodo] Beware of hit to Credit Score!
  505. Costco membership due before Nov. 1? Renew before June 1st - Avoid Increase
  506. Question regarding upgrading phone with Freedom Mobile
  507. Esso reward card?
  508. Cross Border Shopping?
  509. Google’s Android Pay launches in Canada
  510. Canadian Tire Complaints
  511. Bar Fridge
  512. Looking for laser printer
  513. Amazon's "Being Shipped Today" - doesn't actually ship that day?
  514. How to Become to Ultimate RFDer
  515. Good/Bad experiences with store mobile apps
  516. Experiences with jewellers for engagement rings?
  517. Ogdensburg US Parcel Pick Up
  518. Zenfone 2 laser hacks
  519. Looking for that hard to find ceiling fan GU24 cfl bulb?
  520. Gauss meters
  521. Where can I buy a wireless SD card for cameras in Toronto?
  522. New Canadian Class Action: Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra Diesel Emissions Defeat Device
  523. Where to buy pandora gift cards? (other than pandora)
  524. Quicker way to browse Kijiji items?
  525. Best time to buy from
  526. Entry DSLR deals?
  527. 1 month since Razer received my laptop RMA for refund and I have yet to receive a refund.
  528. any one who know where to but raw food for pets
  529. Beware of Staples incorrect Environment Fees
  530. Costco Executive membership upgrade - no longer risk free?
  531. Kobo eReader
  532. Contact number for Telecon - Bell contractor??
  533. Roughly How Much Can I Expect To Pay In Import Fees/Taxes
  534. Vision Electronics?
  535. Cancle Costco membership
  536. Any coupon codes for Bay
  537. up and running?
  538. Wish App Scam?
  539. Steam Mop
  540. Shopper's Drug Mart Gift Card purchase warning
  541. BEST BUY ASUS VivoBook X541 15.6" Laptop -- Deal??
  542. Generators for Dummies :O
  543. Canada XPress Delivery
  544. Reusable Cloth or Canvas Shopping Bags
  545. Free Samsung Level On Headphones w S7 purchase
  546. Old Navy/Gap/Banana Republic now offer free no minimum shipping
  547. Entry Level Bike for Casual Rider¿
  548. Foody World flyer for Richmond, B.C.
  549. Marshall acton wireless speaker
  550. Adidas Corporate Store (Woodbridge, GTA) Worth it?
  551. Deceptive Weight in Frozen Chicken Products
  552. s
  553. Banggood (Question about something that has been bothering me lately)
  554. Foodora restaurant delivery service? others?
  555. Rogers Increase of 13%!
  556. Anyone ordered from Blooms N Roses?
  558. HD Radio
  559. Aurora, Newmarket area - looking for best meat for the money
  560. Food for Thought for all those shopping with a Credit and/or Debit Cards
  561. Southern Ontario's best deal for premium BEER--delivered
  562. What I should do? Don't buy canadian tire gift card anymore.
  563. best place to buy converse shoes, i am looking for the white canvas pair
  564. MTD Gold Push lawn mower $300 Home Depot
  565. Replacement Sunglass Lenses?
  566. Girlfriend Birthday Present Recommendations
  567. Odwalla Protein Beverage Substitute in Canada
  568. Where can i report a store for surcharging for debit card use?
  569. Is this a good laptop deal?
  570. Flower gift in Toronto with cheap fee delivery?
  571. Searching for Coronita Qc
  572. Lowes "No Tax Sale"
  573. Indian traditional men's footwear
  574. Pro-Form Treadmills
  575. Rogers Flour 10 KG Bag Sold @ Costco in B.C. - E. coli
  576. Toronto CityPass question
  577. Fido sucks. Any recourse?
  578. Seven New Costco Stores Opening in Canada in 2017
  579. Looking for a reliable dry cleaner Oshawa area
  580. Appliance Canada - looking for your experiences?
  581. Wegmans tops Trader Joe's as America's favourite market for second year. Would YOU like Wegmans here?
  582. do you guys think a costco membership is worth it or should i keep going food basics/nofrills
  583. Insane pricing on
  584. Staples, Online price vs In-store price?
  585. Ebates May Payment
  586. Air miles 25x event.
  587. TheBay - cancelling orders, is this normal?
  588. Portable Air Conditioner
  589. Air Canada is Leaving Aeroplan by 2020
  590. Vaughan 2nd costco
  591. Loblaws no tax adjustment?
  592. Freedom Mobile $200 off tab?
  593. receiving address without provinces
  594. Amazon Prime arriving date question
  595. Custom Leather Sofa GTA
  596. Canadian Tire Website - WHY BOTHER!
  597. Post Canada: Wrong civil number!
  598. Movado Junior Sport Blue Dial Stainless Steel Mens Watch 0606116
  599. Aliexpress Finds
  600. Amazon Prime, not a member but last two packages had Prime tape/stickers.
  601. Romphim?
  602. Mobility Retention Offers
  603. Costco membership fee increase in June - $60 and $120
  604. Princess Auto
  605. Computer Advice
  606. Ebates on cancelled orders?
  607. Refund Slow?
  608. No frills - price matching policy?
  609. Any recommendations for a good travel rewards card
  610. Cheap Flights to India
  611. VMedia Internet Price Adjustment (YMMV)
  612. costco canada's wonderland price?
  613. Anyone has experience with Maxxmar shades/blinds?
  614. where to buy washer?(need help)
  615. Samsung S8 @ Costco?
  616. Any good furniture stores uptown (GTA)?
  617. KJ Distribution?
  618. Is Buying Glasses Online Illegal In Ontario?
  619. Seagate 4TB 5900 rpm vs 3TB 7200 rpm
  620. Sobeys coupon viral FB post
  621. Awful experience with GE dishwasher
  622. Samsung Galaxy Tab E 9.6 in. Wi-Fi Tablet | Quad Core | Lollipop
  623. Mississauga Hyundai
  624. Whalen Shelving Rack at Costco
  625. Ingledew's Shoes: Bankruptcy Liquidation
  626. Any good grocery store birthday cakes?
  627. Using Air Miles for Shell Gas
  628. Awful experience with GE appliances
  629. Does Costco still carry Ivory bar soap?
  630. - Concerns
  631. Advice for kitchen renovation
  632. Anyone order from
  633. In 2020, Air Canada will launch its own frequent flyer program.
  634. Dollarama --- > Credit Cards
  635. Customized memorabilia/collectables
  636. Eye exam in Walmart Vision Center
  637. Is this seller on ebay a scammer(selling a PS4 Pro refurbished 381$ free shipping) and other good items
  638. Staples price-match in store?
  639. MEC Kitchener is now "soft" open. Hard opening on Sat13May and Grand opening on Sat27May.
  640. Denied Price Match at Walmart
  641. lowers free shipping minimum to $25
  642. Best Buy Clearplex Screen Protector Weird Charge
  643. Coach buys Kate Spade *rolls eyes*
  644. Price of Beer in Quebec (May 2017)?
  645. "How Online Shopping Makes Suckers of Us All - The Atlantic"
  646. Canadian Tire Price Match by 10% - Does it still exist
  647. Warning - Groupon just deactivated my account without notice - keep track of your Groupons/etc
  648. Island Ink-Jet & Laser Toners
  649. How Online Shopping Makes Suckers of Us All.
  650. Cheapest PS4 deal now?
  651. The Bay Return Policy....
  652. Vitamix
  653. Duties/taxes on books from U.K.?
  654. getting contact lenses from costco? (ontario)
  655. grocery stores price war canada is savage, must end
  656. Best before date?
  657. Is this price and seller worth trust?
  658. coupons
  659. What happened to Walmart in Surrey City Central mall? (BC)
  660. Ikea Moving Coupon?
  661. Samsung (appliance) - disappointing client experience
  662. Hi, does anyone know where can I buy the pipettes and pipettet rubber bulb in Toronto?
  663. Food Basics now chargest 1cent HST on a 5cent plastic bag???!!
  664. ikea warehouse at Gordon Baker in Toronto
  665. Taco Bell to Start Serving Beer at Select Locations
  666. Staples return policy
  667. Need help with weber s330 NG
  668. Is it bad to return a almost 2 years old mattress ?
  669. Best price for a Samsung Galaxy A5 and a 24 months plan
  670. Tax receipt donating clothing (Toronto)
  671. Big Mac Sauce in Etobicoke/Mississauga
  672. Lowes Price Adjustment???
  673. Best place to get suits for shorter guys
  674. Dairy vodka?
  675. Newegg marketplace
  676. NCIX rewards gift card redemption?
  677. Jewelry repair
  678. RCSS comb price dispute
  679. mods please delete
  680. (possibly td) new credit card
  681. login fail with Firefox??
  682. TIPS to save money
  683. Going to US, sites/forums like RFD?
  684. Walmart return?
  685. Is this a Scam?
  686. Dollar drink days McDonald's
  687. Headphones that wirelessly connect to TV
  688. REFURBIO = Trash
  689. Instant Pot "Ultra" - new instant pot coming out?
  690. Ikea Bedroom Event Frequency
  691. Refund Cineplex tickets redeemed with SCENE points?
  692. It Is Law That I Have To Tell CBSA Agents My Cellphone & Laptop Password?
  693. Stores that sell Costco's returned items?
  694. Marks clothing sales
  695. Nielsen Homescan
  696. Loblaws Doesn't Allow use of Apple Pay!?
  697. now offers free one day Prime shipping to Edmonton and Calgary
  698. When is the best time to buy Pre-built or Custom-built PC's?
  699. Canadian Tire and Lowe's Price Matching
  700. - free pick up in GTA, no minimums
  701. Esso Extra site down
  702. Morezo Trading Company Scam or Not?
  703. Anyone bought from
  704. LA Fitness Costs (Mississauga)?
  705. SDM computer crash means no debit transactions or points at some stores today
  706. Gift Card Expiration
  707. Buying used vehicle that was a rental?
  708. Please ignore - accidental double post - Gift Card Expiration
  709. Walmart is doing bait and switch
  710. [WALMART] - Wrong TV Specs - false advertisment
  711. Nordstrom "dirty" jeans
  712. Canada post tracking : Item marked delivery but nothing in mail box.
  713. Which laptop to buy ? ( 1000 - 1600$)
  714. Question about Kijiji's Tv seller(which has good price)
  715. ECOLI Alert! Robin Hood Flour Canada Wide Recall/Return 10kg bags. US and Caribbean next? Smuckers owned.
  716. Scammed hard by Fedex
  717. Any new bank deals promos?
  718. Best place to buy an iphone
  719. Shipping error in my favour
  720. Avocado's in a 4 count bag instead of 5?
  721. Post Canada sent to wrong city...
  722. Need to Install Gas Range
  723. Amazon Student (Amazon Prime) 6 Months FREE then 50% OFF Afterwards
  724. Dollarama to allow credit cards? (now confirmed, starting July)
  725. Markup on Canadian Goods
  726. Is this some kind of SCAM by UPS?
  727. Purchasing problem for scooter, what would you do?
  728. SEARS Gift Cards not to be used online !
  729. Buying gift card, with a gift card
  730. Best option to get a new phone, but keep current plan?
  731. So which store to get APPLIANCES from?
  732. Can I bring filled gas can back from US?
  733. How do you get things from the US to Canada?
  734. Canada Post delegating deliveries?
  735. Bricks & Mortar vs. Online
  736. LF: Gaming/Streaming rig
  737. need help on how to choose a US package forwarder?
  738. Bed spread
  739. Zakuson, anyone been here?
  740. Why don't stores let you PICK which courier you want to use?
  741. seller return policy
  742. Bestbuy on Ebates
  743. LF: Cheapest Shipping to China ... Annnnd Go!
  744. EB Games how often is their double trade in value day?
  745. Loblaws Sells Its Gas Bars...Finally...
  746. Bestbuy Available thru Ebates Now!
  747. Splenda No Calorie Sweetener 1000 packets.
  748. ??Subway Closed 359 US Locations in 2016
  749. Sale price higher at Loblaws
  750. Wonder why you got banned in stores? The Retail Equation
  751. PM question Lowes, Rona
  752. Hackers stole credit card data from more than 1,000 Holiday Inn locations and other hotels
  753. LG oneprice flat fee repair for out of warranty appliances and TV
  754. Bell Fibe TV as a standalone service now available
  755. The Shopping Channel slow processing
  756. Recommendation for UK parcel forwarding companies
  757. Fido BYOD Pulse plans: Crazy Bad Prices?
  758. Does Safeway Have a Return Policy?
  759. BAD experience at
  760. PC Mobile FLEX data
  761. Bargain Barrel down?
  763. Cogeco Cable Complaint NEVER TRUST THESE GUYS, Collection Practices on a consumer
  764. 2017 Canada Coin Collection for 150th Anniversary
  765. Peanut Butter stirrers. vs Regular prices.
  766. 123 cartridge (mustache)
  767. Google Home in Ontario
  768. Anyone with Canada Post experience: Mississauga to Vancouver
  769. T&T Supermarket Rewards Program
  770. Actifry deal?
  771. Liquid detergent?
  772. Any reviews
  773. Duty and taxes for purchases oversea
  774. GTA ISP - fiber to the home
  775. Costco 100% Supima Bed Sheet Set
  776. Sears bed price error: They're coming through? Who knew
  777. Will Canada Post Deliver My package On The Estimated Delivery Date?
  778. Cell Phone Rentals??
  779. please delete
  780. Netflix advice needed
  781. A bag of frozen shrimps filled with disgusting HUMAN HAIRS from Sobeys
  782. Item I bought at Bestbuy is 50 dollars less, 4 days after. Can I get a price match to new price?
  783. Sport Check Team Assist 2016 Redemption?
  784. Costco led lighting
  785. Canadapost delivers parcels Sunday?
  786. Samtack sale!
  787. Do not buy anything from the Worldbond Inc. on the
  788. Best Generic Bluetooth tracker?
  789. Trying to figure out if this is a scam
  790. Prime Canada Shipping is a Joke
  791. *Ebay question* importing generic drugs into canada
  792. How do you tip bellhops? With coins? twonie?
  793. Shopping in Europe
  794. Ipad pro 12 inch in costco Calgary?
  795. Kijiji low ball sellers (as opposed to buyers)
  796. just randomly taxing grocery items
  797. 60" Vizio M 4K TV Costco
  798. Best deals on Pyrex glass containers?
  799. Shopping around for phone plans... help?
  800. Price Range to Fix Sternum in Adult Cat
  801. US address - Across the border in Sumas or Blaine for BC people
  802. Should I get a Costco membership?
  803. Has anyone ordered blinds online?
  804. Organic garden soil
  805. Physically buying something in the US and shipping home
  806. Non Member Extended Warranty?
  807. McDonalds refusing to redeem their phone app coupon
  808. What non-stick pan would you recommend?
  809. Tens Machine Advice
  810. No more Petro points for Gift card purchase
  811. Reviews?
  812. any way to get unbanned from
  813. Does Costco have turkey's for easter? (GTA)
  814. Are these real Ray Ban Sunglasses?
  815. Is this tim horton gift card legit?
  816. What's the best cheap data only plan for ~500mb-1GB ?
  817. Optometrist Damaged Lens
  818. Where to get decent tuxedo for Asian size with reasonable price?
  819. Border Customs on used item??
  820. Canada Post Flex Delivery Disaster
  821. The Source - price correction (gift)
  822. Need help deciding which portable blower to buy for car/computer
  823. Decent (and cheap) Android TV
  824. Anyone used NCIX's UPS pick up points?
  825. Package forwarding advice
  826. chicken strips found black object
  827. Does Amazon charge full price for preorders and then adjust afterwards?
  828. Men's underwear - what's consider good deal?
  829. Shoes: where to try and buy
  830. McDonald does not accept reuseable coffee mug?
  831. Review of
  832. Best Buy - Sells Returned/Used Items with Missing Components/Damage as New
  833. Costco membership?
  834. Seller from Kijiji; what would you do?
  835. Cdn Tire staff giving out "refund cards" for returns on purchases paid with gift cards
  836. And the next retailer to go -- Payless
  837. Do those cheap $2 bluetooth tracker devices work well?
  838. Has anyone here purchased non-OEM toner for their printer?
  839. Bay day in March
  840. Banned from Best Buy due to Customer Service
  841. Non CC multiple use point card
  842. Dollarama set to accept credit cards. Open more locations
  843. Customs/duties - what's the process for post-delivered items?
  844. PS4 Console internet requirement
  845. Harbor Freight class action lawsuit settlement - August 7th deadline
  846. Marks warehouse is absolute crap!
  847. Which BBQ?
  848. walmart online shopping price difference
  850. New Air Miles Cash Rewards redemption policy (in store): Max 50$, no gift cards
  851. need advice on a postal matter...
  852. Paying tax at Can/US border?
  853. Looking for pneumatic workshop stool
  854. eBay shpping prices difference in listing vs in description?
  855. Asus PA238QR - best buy
  856. Class Action - Compressors - $20 minimum compensation
  857. Xpresspost delivery method
  858. Mattresses from "Comfort Canada" ?
  859. Starbucks at Petro-Canada
  860. Shipito Mail Forwarding
  861. Canadian Cooling Compressors Class Action Claim - If Eligible You Get $20 (Or More)
  862. Sending money to Australia
  863. Petro Canada more ethanol less mileage ???
  864. Laws when selling open box items
  865. Canada Computers Markham / Unionville (Highway 7 & Warden): still in business?
  866. Coupgon free item - tax included ?
  867. Best cashback tracker extensions for privacy?
  868. SpeedQueen (Huebsch) Washer/Dryer Experience?
  869. Where to buy PC gift cards in Vancouver?
  870. shipping large packages across canada
  871. Reliable pen that use common parker refills
  872. Declaring unaccompanied goods, returning to get them later
  873. Cheap Internet and TV offerings? (ON)
  874. Fibe 50 vs 150
  875. order
  876. when buy new TV, do people often open box to check on-site?
  877. EBAY, how long till you open claim for non-shipped item ?
  878. PAYPAL: Is there a way around currency conversion fee
  879. Trying to find the Xbox Live ongoing deal discussion thread
  880. How to price match at HD Online??
  881. Shoppers Drug Mart Gift Cards - Esso - Have You Been Defrauded / Balance Removed
  882. Does Walmart store Price match
  883. Lawnmowers at Costco in Store? Anyone seen them in ON?
  884. Lowes delivery fee, price match free delivery
  885. Best Buy Koodo deal on S5
  886. Canceling Telus internet/tv after they changed pricing?
  887. Groupon 100% coupon ?!
  888. Grocery Home Delivery now with select Walmarts
  889. Anyone else having trouble with orders?
  890. Selling dell voucher
  891. The Nordstrom Warehouse Sale is in Toronto again!
  892. Does Anyone Price Match Bulk Barn??
  893. Where's the cheapest place to get dog food?
  894. Am i paying too much for my Roger's Bundle?
  895. Costco - Gift Cards (for non members shopping)
  896. Ad Matches - Walmart Grocery
  897. Price Matching Meat at Walmart
  898. Purolator not accepting shipments
  899. ebay - item not received - seller asks to close case first before he can refund me??
  900. Ebay Global Shipping Program... LOL look at this FAIL tracking
  901. Sobey's now redeeming Air miles for GCs?
  902. Any led light bulb deal?
  903. Ignored by Canada Computers, what can I do??
  904. Home Internet
  905. Tangerine Bank on the slippery ...
  906. Shoppers Drug Mart Optimum points coming up wrong today.
  907. Buying/getting into E-Books!
  908. Checkout
  909. Amazon - Online chat disabled?
  910. MUJI opening soon@Markville Mall!
  911. I am an RFDer!!!
  912. Changes to Your Tangerine Money-Back Credit Card
  913. Regular Toothpaste vs Premium Toothpaste
  914. Bang good package tracking doesn't work??
  915. ---
  916. Costco Unlocked iPhones?
  917. Bluebuds X2 from newegg reseller iMatrix Canada - legit?
  918. Air Miles Cash Miles Thefts
  919. suitcase luggage set deals
  920. Android box questions and help.
  921. How to avoid getting scammed buying used iPhone?
  922. Buying a TV in the U.S. and importing to Canada...
  923. Canada suspends meat imports from 2 Brazil companies
  924. How is Sears still getting customers?
  925. Sears MasterCard foreign currency conversion question
  926. Are you SOL if you used uninsured and untracked shipping and the package goes missing?
  927. RFD Cash Back is ending!
  928. Shopping in the States
  929. Ubereats Toronto free delivery in March? (targeted offer)
  930. PS3 Buying Advice
  931. Advice? Bought a car in person from a dealer only to find out later dealer had it listed at lower price on autotrader
  932. Help deciding to get 2 sunglasses OR
  933. Sears gone by Christmas?
  934. Paypal buyer protection question
  935. Environmental Fee
  936. Verifying recipient's address; Possible delay
  937. BEST mail forwarding from USA to Canada for OVERSIZED items?
  938. FedEx ground shipping delivery time
  939. No more Fitbit at Costco?
  940. Where is the cheapest place to buy Sonicare brush heads?
  941. Old Navy return policy & free shipping
  942. Purolator - Delayed due to Weather
  943. No Optimum @ Shoppers
  944. cell phone rental toronto
  945. Price matching cell-phone contracts and phone subsidies (i.e. tabs) at BestBuy
  946. is there smell in meat?
  947. Canada Post Flex Delivery: can address be changed?
  948. Do you price match groceries?
  949. BBQ grill topper?
  950. Do you ever get cashiers erroneously rounding up and refusing to correct the mistake?
  951. Leon's Delivery Question - Furniture
  952. HMV Canada bankrupt
  953. We-Vibe sex toy lawsuit settlement (up to $10000 compensation)
  954. Petro-Points/CIBC is coming to end, what is good there?
  955. New Costco business store
  956. Sears return in store for online order - refund right away or have to wait?
  957. Looking for a good password app for ios and android,
  958. Fitbit vs Polar fitness watches?
  959. Require help with Canada Post mailing please
  960. now importing reviews from manufacture's site?
  961. Looking to buy a whole lot of crap for a birthday...
  962. Second hand Herman Miller Aeron chairs
  963. Shoppers Drug Mart flyer Mar 18-25
  964. Can't Use PC Points to Buy Gift Cards
  965. SSD advice (Sandisk Ultra Plus vs Samsung EVO 850)
  966. How to spot fake hard raptor tickets
  967. Anyone Try Lysol Foam Magic Refillable Pump
  968. UPS Mail Innovations Priority brokerage fee?
  969. Amazon < 1 per Customer >
  970. When do my items from ship?
  971. Costco online orders
  972. So is legit?
  973. Buyer wants to pay with eTransfer
  974. Inpost Locker Service for receiving packages but also sending packages between lockers...
  975. Has anybody been getting their Airmiles from airmilesshops recently?
  976. Ridiculous Costco Returns
  977. Prescription drug prices vary
  978. Best Laptop from
  979. Amazon referral code in the url?
  980. Question about gaming laptop
  981. How long does it take for an interac e-transfer?
  982. Shoeme gone
  983. Amazon Price Changes
  984. Rant: Costco Grey Fabric King size bed and bad slat supports
  985. "Just launched" amazon sellers
  986. Buying Backpack on, But Ships From U.S.
  987. Anyone using Carry Tel for Internet?
  988. Beyond The Rack - changed ownership. Credits are all gone.
  989. Save On Foods To Start Charging For Plastic Bags Mar 5, 2017
  990. Canada Post Expedited Service?
  991. Can I redeem my pcplus at self-serve checkout machine?
  992. Vancouver Nordstrom Warehouse Sale - up to 80% off
  993. Shipping internationally for the first time. Questions
  994. Air Miles Special Employee Meeting
  995. Nmicrovip vs
  996. Found plastic pellets in a water bottle ...
  997. Best provider for small business telephony (land line / VOIP)?
  998. Checkout 51 quirks
  999. Shoppers Drug Mart Charges Dispensing Fee Multiple times?