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  1. TCL 40" tv reviews
  2. Best Buy site closed for scheduled maintenance on a weekday afternoon
  3. Murale by SDM sold expired skincare product
  4. Do you think Amazon Prime is worth getting?
  5. Indoor BBQ Recommendations?
  6. Rcss
  7. please Delete
  8. Good life fitness
  9. Baptism Gift
  10. Canada Post Leaving Amazon Parcels at Door
  11. DHL shipment - Is it stuck in customs?
  12. Best VPN currently?
  13. online pharmacies
  14. Gameflipp?
  15. $5 Walmart order handling fee
  16. Please close thread, bought what I needed... (QC) Need to buy a new mattress..
  17. Quilling supplies @ Toronto
  18. Dinner & A Movie Deals for Landmark Cinemas ?
  19. Anyone else use Visa Debit Card instead of Visa Credit Card by mistake & without PIN?
  20. - from dragon's den
  21. Nike outlet store
  22. No more Walmart cashback + 5$ gratuitous fee for orders below 25$!!
  23. used P.O. box on AliExpress
  24. Caddle Cash Back App
  25. Internet/home phone/cable
  26. Lowes to buy Rona for 3.2B
  27. Anyone notice eBay items from China taking 2 months to arrive?
  28. Ikea RIGGAD LED work lamp/wireless charging
  29. Why are most types of spray paint products so expensive in Canada? Can I buy from US?
  30. Aeroplan - Pay all with Cash vs Miles
  31. Getting a US credit card from Canada
  32. Filler Item Website
  33. Bestbuy "90 day returns ban" period, does it exist in Canada?
  34. Ryobi Lithium Ion battery 4.0 ah X 2 $120
  35. Sears Sneaky Sale Price - Dishwasher
  36. Canada Post showing Delivered but actually not.
  37. Amazon Returns
  38. Blendtec: Buy from Costco or Bed Bath and Beyond?
  39. Home Security Cameras
  40. Encorp Pacific rejected my deposit claim on Starbucks frappucino glass bottles
  41. What's the best Japanese electric water boiler for the price?
  42. What will Nordstrom Vancouver do with their markdown merchandise?
  43. Virgin mobile renewals
  44. Companies that make you pay return shipping on warranty exchanges are crooked
  45. Shaw or Telus for Home Internet and TV?
  46. Rogers Home Phone-Do you like it???
  47. Looking for a Projector and screen
  48. I want to create a website/blog. Where should I go?
  49. very large under-bed plastic boxes 50inch x36inch?
  50. Magic-TV Canada
  51. FIDO Dollars program ends - redemption deadline
  52. will Bestbuy Price match NCIX?
  53. Costco return question...(mattress)
  54. Burt's bees res-q ointment
  55. Gas price in Vaughan always lower?
  56. Smoker
  57. Cole Haan Email Coupon
  58. Be sure to check prices at Chapters/Indigo
  59. Don't shop at Altitude Sports! Very bad experiences.
  60. Laptop Recommendations
  61. "Sign and Drive" Roadside Assistance
  62. Buy gift card with gift card?
  63. Where to buy CPAP machine
  64. When is the BEST time to buy Quadcopter??
  65. Altitude Sports — Negative Experience
  66. Looking for Micro SD for Phantom 3 Pro
  67. Aeroplan rewards redemption?
  68. Canada VIN check?
  69. PC Plus point system totally BS
  70. Cheap Multivitamins
  71. Canadian Tire pays $7000 for false arrest
  72. Mattress shopping in the GTA?
  73. Issue with Website?
  74. Online clothing retailers that provide a pre-paid shipping label for returns?
  75. Can you buy prepaid (giftcard?) VISA/MC with giftcards from say Hudson Bay
  76. AliExpress Question
  77. Dell XPS 13 FHD/QHD+ not as advertised on the Microsoft Store webpage
  78. Dollarama downsizing drink sizes for same price
  79. South Keys S.C Best Buy Closing in Ottawa
  80. Bluebuds X2 from newegg reseller iMatrix Canada - legit?
  81. Walmart changes Free Shipping expected...
  82. import fees for order from
  83. Rona gift cards sold at grocery or drug stores?
  84. Save-On-Foods does NOT price match
  85. Bay registry - price match?
  86. Dealextreme ( used to be my go-to Chinese e-shop
  87. Gift card clearing remaining balance
  88. RONA Sat. April 9 15% Online Code
  89. Furniture buying tips? Want modern but cheap lol
  90. AliExpress Buyers Protection
  91. Wood Chunks for Smoker/BBQ?
  92. E-transfer question
  93. Costco And Amex - what happened?
  94. DJI Phantom 4 at Apple Store
  95. Canada Wonderland dining meal plan $75 for all season
  96. PayPal NO consumer protection - Seller always right.
  97. Sears backordered item date come and gone, no update
  98. World gym - London ontario and Bad customer service (review)
  99. Custom Framing Deals?
  100. CanadaPost Insurance - How does it work?
  101. Need recommendations on a higher quality Monopoly board game set
  102. Friends coming to visit me in Canada - where can I help get health/travel insurance?
  103. Shopping Malls - the problem with parents and their kids
  104. Samsung Refrigerator RF220NCTASR/AA - What does /AA mean??
  105. Shoppers Optimum Points Return/Redemption
  106. Amazon customer banned for returning 37 faulty products out of 343 purchases in 15 ye
  107. buying costco cash card online w/ Amex. possible?
  108. Looking to buy an exercise bike.....
  109. Anyone heard of
  110. Bed Bath and Beyond Coupons - Anything for Online purchases?
  111. Which Charcoal Grill do you recommend.
  112. Best option for getting US/JPN packages here?
  113. Anyone tried/bought a mattress from Casper?
  114. Wall decal for nursery, where to buy ?
  115. Protein Powder
  116. Marks Return Policy
  117. OpenMedia petition to protect ISP competition
  118. Lowes Buy more Save more
  119. Printable coupons - do grocery stores accept these?
  120. Adult Colouring Books... Fad or Longevity.
  121. 1.25 Litres of pop
  122. Selling on vs
  123. Stores that do cash back
  124. How to spot iPad Air 2 fake?
  125. Weber Spirit SP-330 or Genesis S-330
  126. Do you miss Futureshop?
  127. Dollarama to raise prices soon...
  128. Redeeming aeroplan for gift cards? Use in the US?
  129. Safety recall: asked to destroy a product before getting a replacement ?
  130. Chocolate Gift Boxes - Expiry Dates
  131. Anyone Own Stanley FatMax 179/229 Piece Socket Set?
  132. international shipping
  133. No more cashback at
  134. TV+Mobile+Internet bundle
  135. Scammed by UPS Driver - Just a Heads Up
  136. Loblaws Click & Collect ($60 Offer)
  137. Fasttech does not ship batteries to Canada?
  138. Looking for a double bed, boxspring and mattress
  139. Dedicated lines for coupons/price matching finally!
  140. Math, Logic & SDM question
  141. In GTA store like Active Surplus Downtown T.O.
  142. Anyone order from Ali Baba
  143. Where can I get CO2 refill for paintball tank (sodastream)
  144. Costco being investigated for drug kickback scheme in Canada
  145. kindle paperwhite question...
  146. How do you like your new Apple SE.
  147. CRTC Announces CCTS to Handle Complaints about Television Service Providers
  148. Sonos Prices Going Up April 5
  149. Has anyone walk out at the check-out?
  150. Is there a way to search for and display only add-on items in, thanks
  151. This Is How Incompetent Employees Will Bankrupt A Company (Henry's)
  152. Petro Canada points
  153. Playstation Gift Card taps "giver's" Credit Card for more than face value of GC
  154. Shipping on Kijiji
  155. Starbucks Rewards Program Changing
  156. Cheap Business Internet
  157. Amazon Prime not delivering within 2 days
  158. Aliexpress 6th anniversary sale special
  159. Cheap Drug Dispense Fees
  160. Paying with Paypal
  161. Costco - Callum Fabric Loveseat - Reviews?
  162. Price matching may not be so good in the long run. Some thoughts....
  163. Banks that take Coins
  164. RE: Webmaster
  165. Buyer beware: sold cracked screen no warranty
  166. YouLoox - Awesome Holographic Computer
  167. Home Insurance Shopping [VAN]
  168. Dollarama to allow credit cards?
  169. Easter chocolate clearance ?
  170. Bestbuy Xbox one deal - SAVE $100 WHEN YOU CHOOSE ONE OF THESE GAMES
  171. Anyone Buy "Organic" Products?
  172. Why are lights so expensive
  173. What kind of tablet pc would you perfer?
  174. Apple TV Version on
  175. Anyone bought visa or MasterCard gift card from store?
  176. MemoryExpress return of Hard Drives?
  177. Dell
  178. Ikea etobicoke
  179. Good price for trip to New Zealand/Australia?
  180. Avoid lifelabs (across from credit valley hospital)
  181. Another Best Buy sale with old products still on sale
  182. My Post Office Wants To Play, Let's Play (Flex Delivery)
  183. ..
  184. Good website for Gift card buying/selling/trading?
  185. Where Can I Find a Cheap Prescription Glasses Store in Vancouver?
  186. I'm getting ripped off, what are my options here?
  187. Anyone else affected by Rogers increase in internet service rates?
  188. Does Costco do price adjustments?
  189. Cheapest Ratpors NBA Streaming of live games?
  190. Gas Pump Certifications - Should We Check These?
  191. Canadian Tire Service Centre - Will Never Use Them Again
  192. iPhone 5s used 170$ - advice needed
  193. best vacuum for a condo under $100
  194. Canada Post Pick ups - 9am, 2:30pm, 5pm
  195. Canada Post Good Friday
  196. Bought 20 TTC Tokens for $25
  197. Elizabeth Arden cream @ Costco
  198. Good deals on prescription drugs?
  199. Any Cross Border Pickup/Shipping in Vancouver?
  200. Brand name items @ WINNERS
  201. Looking for all new stainless steel Kitchen Appliances and stackable washer/dryer.
  202. Monoprice delivery time?
  203. Shipping FROM Mexico to Canada
  204. Have any one of you heard about gunner game glasses
  205. Pizza Pizza
  206. Closeout King on Vic Park / 401: what a joke!
  207. Dell 13% off offer CHEAP retailer CHEAP customer service NEVER BUY THERE
  208. Why do people go with the Big 3 and NOT their Sister brands - Fido,Koodo etc ?
  209. Anyone here ever bought a TV from
  210. Current best Gas Rewards program?
  211. Do not buy from Gearbest
  212. Air Miles redemption product warranty
  213. apple watch
  214. Aliant Fibreop moving accounts to Bell Fibe
  215. Eddie Bauer - Talk about a wicked warranty.
  216. How to stop UPS from charging ripoff brokerage fees?
  217. Problems regarding Magnetix (Mattel) recall
  218. UPDATED (still no luck): Items purchased from UK sent to customs broker
  219. Need help finding winter boots, no luck with Marks
  220. Cookware Canada ?
  221. Paypal - $5 off your next transaction 12/12/2015 - 28/11/2016
  222. Shoppers Drug Mart point offers. What will happen?
  223. outrageous toll administrative fee by Hertz car rental
  224. Petro Points
  225. Amazon Canada experience
  226. Anyone in Toronto experiencing Canada Post delays lately?
  227. Adidas: Buyer Beware (40% off sale now)
  228. Amazon "Bot" Gives Comment "High Priority" :)
  229. Do minimum orders for Free Shipping influence your shopping?
  230. Wahl Hair clipper repair or buy new...
  231. Superstore price fluctuations - How much is normal?
  232. What happens to SDM coupons?
  233. Mike Holmes Inspections - BEWARE
  234. Price match to buy groceries
  235. Kijiji Phone Deals
  236. How to sell on Craigslist and Kijiji
  237. Mailing items in Canada with Foreign shipping labels? [discussion]
  238. Cineplex Scene Redemption on Night Out Packages
  239. So toys r us sent me a USED car seat.
  240. Lenovo laptop dea from How good is it?
  241. Essentia vs Plasmabed
  242. Does Real Canadian SuperStore carry any decent 4K TVs? Esp w/ HDR?
  243. Avoid Buying Running Shoes at Costco
  244. Anybody shopped at Vancouver Electronic Depot?
  245. Any GREAT deals on laptops lately?
  246. Milwaukee PM at Home Depot in GTA
  247. Little known Shopping Tips & Tricks
  248. Online Shopping with a Samsumg Tablet
  249. Any nerds still want a Legacy Thunder Megazord?
  250. Walmart return policy without receipt.... Now to deter this practice!!
  251. Broil Chef BBQ's - any good?
  252. Returning a Christmas gift that now doesn't work (Praising Hamilton Beach - UPDATE)
  253. What's the best PRE-PAID mobile data plan in GTA with longish expiry ?
  254. Cashier scanning PC points card
  255. Cheapest prepaid phone for teen cousin
  256. Beware Canadian Tire return policy
  257. How long for Gearbest to ship something out?
  258. Any point in using USPS Priority Shipping?
  259. Question about Ebates + Dell Advantage Gift card
  260. The power of marketing.
  261. Esso stations to be sold in deals worth $2.8B
  262. Looking for cheap unlimited talk phone plan
  263. Are Chinese manufacture legit to made the K-Cup Coffee maker
  264. How come same area different locations McDonald's special coffee have different price
  265. Buying on Aliexpress (Alipay)
  266. - I appear to have been scammed
  267. At what time do you start self-clearing your packages with UPS?
  268. New Costco location in Toronto Planning Stage
  269. "Attempted delivery" on an Amazon return?
  270. RBC Avion 35000 points Offer: Can it be used for say... Cuba Vacation?
  271. Do you think Walmart is Evil?
  272. TaoBao: what to buy! Going to China
  273. What is the best deal on Internet right now?
  274. How reliable is Wind mobile?
  275. Questions on Bluetooth earbuds
  276. I paid my mobilicity bill, but I'm still owing?
  277. Least shipping charge
  278. Buying a new sofa brick vs leon's, need help/advive
  279. Where in GTA to buy American Lock padlocks?
  280. ebay questions
  281. Same credit card for returns policy?
  282. Barbeque for daily use for family of 4
  283. Go with UPS or USPS??
  284. Broderick Glass Desk on Sale- Can it be taken apart?
  285. Costco warehouse - PlayStation Plus 12-month-membership
  286. Purolator refund delay?
  287. Sears - Order Assist Fee of $1.33 per order
  288. Solid wood doors
  289. Can anyone beat Costco?
  290. need advice on television
  291. Cheapest creatine?
  292. Where to buy phones outright, in the USA?
  293. When will RCSS have the next tax free weekend?
  294. Sally Beauty Supply Coupon Question
  295. Re NCIX CC refund times
  296. which dollarama still carries/in stock the 2x for $3 bankers boxes in the gta? thx
  297. LA Fitness Costs (Mississauga)?
  298. Chevrolet Cruze[37$/mth USD) Lease
  299. Prepaid Credit Cards & Ebay Questions
  300. Jeweler made hollow necklace
  301. Banana Republic
  302. Where to buy hori c 4 fighting pad in gta?
  303. False advertising at Superstore - should I report?
  304. Sears- Trampoline_Price errors..Delete plz
  305. Rebate Sites Comparison
  306. The Virgin Mobile SuperTab is Misleading
  307. Monitor - which places have no restocking fee ?
  308. Single-DIN deals?
  309. More leniency on time limits is associated with a reduction not an increase in return
  310. Will I lose Spotify Premium if I leave FIDO?
  311. Red Bull Class Action Settlement ($10 cash back or $15 in Red Bull products)
  312. I'm paying $100 in cable, internet and phone.
  313. Incomplete pizza toppings labeling...why? The horror!
  314. Lowes Price Matching with
  315. Anyone switched from Shaw to Telus recently (all or some services) ?
  316. Craig's List and Scammers
  317. Under $30 cellphone plan?
  318. Trying again - I want to watch soocer - can I still do this if I cut the cord?
  319. Now Telus is on my Hate List
  320. Fightstick "Temporarily out of stock"
  321. Anyone here had a bad experience with FastTech?
  322. Custom dog collars
  323. DHL Brokerage: accurate information
  324. Review club for ?
  325. RMA product to USA cheapest method?
  326. Does ToysRUs USA ship items to ToysRUS Canada stores?
  327. Which shipping weight should I use?
  328. CBC Marketplace discusses the "compare at" prices in tonight's episode "Outlet Sales"
  329. weber spirit or charbroil commercial series or....
  330. Teksavvy - Incoming changes (Price increase, traffic policies, ZtC being phased out)
  331. Canada Post getting lazier and lazier?
  332. Canada Post sending packages directly to post office?
  333. Return a used Induction Cooker
  334. is there such a thing as a can opener that doesn't suck
  335. CRTC Launches New Online Tool to Compare Phone, Mobile, Internet and TV Services
  336. Which provider should I go with? Shaw or Telus?
  337. Tangerine's email list compromised? (Targeted phishing attack)
  338. order store delivery delayed, still no refund
  339. Electric Shavers for close shave
  340. Tuxedo Shirt
  341. HMV Closing - Wicksteed and Laird 30% off everything in store
  342. Uber returning to Vancouver?
  343. Do You Take Test Drives For The Free Offers?
  344. Getting Macbook Checked!
  345. Where to buy perfume atomizer?
  346. CRTC Ruling Slams Door on New Affordable Wireless Options: OpenMedia
  347. speakout charges 911 monthly fee even though there is no time and unused
  348. Rexall Sold to US Health Firm for $3 Billion
  349. The Best deals for everyday life
  350. I've Moved & Need Internet For Just A Few Months - Options?
  351. Is $68 for my Cell Phone Plan too expensive
  352. Paypass at Costco: finally. YMMV?
  353. Thrifty's Vancouver Island Knife promo ends 3 March 2016
  354. Cost of Milk?
  355. Paribus: Automatic Cash Back When Prices Drop (US only)?
  356. Seeking the name of a chocolate bar!
  357. Leon's Furniture in BC
  358. Uber stupid expensive on surge hours!
  359. Watch assessment
  360. Target online now shipping to Canada!
  361. Apple Updates its Iconic ‘Think Different’ Trademark used since 1997
  362. Telus Lite TV, $25/month
  363. JIFFY Services on Demand
  364. Dropped my Samsung phone from the 30-day trial program... am I in serious trouble?
  365. Disney Parks Is Adopting Surge Pricing, Thanks Uber!
  366. Can You Buy Gift Cards with Gift Cards
  367. Dell US Warranty Valid in Canada?
  368. Custom clearance fees
  369. The ridiculous Canadian Duty-Free limit - 40 times lower than US
  370. Cheapest home landline?
  371. Best value most efficient courier from europe to Canada??
  372. Cineplex Store stopped selling physical media
  373. Best Place to buy work pants? Winners, Walmart, Goodwill, The Thrift Store?
  374. Vancouver's Mountain View Cemetery has opened up some spaces
  375. Has anyone been to US for shopping recently?
  376. aeroplan points - will credit before my aeroplan points expire?
  377. Is it expensive to import a laptop into Canada?
  378. shoppers drug mart Oshawa ,Ontario selling expired condoms
  379. Oneplus one worth it?
  380. genuine leather computer chair
  381. Wine taxes are on the way up in Ontario
  382. Water Heater Blanket
  383. Where can i complain on an SDM store/employee (shoppers drug mart)
  384. Walmart Pickup service
  385. UPS Delivery: no signature required anymore?
  386. Parking Ticket Guys - (Paralegal Firm)
  387. Bestbuy/Futureshop Private Marketplace
  388. Tap and then sign?
  389. Saffron strands
  390. Address match problem
  391. Bait-and-Switch tactic, BB?
  392. Bauli Croissants
  393. increased free shipping from $35 USD to $49 USD, Canada next?
  394. [Merged] Stay away from
  395. Lorex Poor customer service
  396. Rexall & Shell promotion?
  397. EBGames Trade 3, Get $70 - Any deals to be had?
  398. E. coli Class Action
  399. Cheap printer and ink?
  400. Home Outfitters- Guelph Store Closing
  401. Saks Fifth Avenue on Queen Street
  402. Nordstrom opening it's fifth flagship store at CF Toronto Eaton Centre on Sept 16
  403. Bell finally increase my 3 years price guaranty for $99.85 in just half a year
  404. How is London Drugs cameras/electronics departments still in business?
  405. eBay item return issue
  406. Subway $6.00 classic subs - valid in Canada?
  407. Nordstrom coming to Rideau Centre, Sherway Gardens, Chinook Centre, Pacific Centre
  408. Where to buy Ovation chocolate mint sticks?
  409. Rogers cable plan equivalent
  410. Canadian Tire, e-commerce giant?
  411. Toys r us Cheques in the mail
  412. Anyone try CrossBorderPickup?
  413. Issue With Ordering
  414. Purchased a new couch from The Brick....
  415. Retrieve Best Buy purchase history discover identity theft
  416. Price of Baked Goods More Expensive at Costco than at Superstore
  417. Vaughn Mills Parking Lot **WARNING**
  418. HELP! Finding a powerful PC !
  419. Check Rogers bill for Texture/Next Issue double billing
  420. Buying giftcards with PC points?
  421. Home Depot pricematching? what a joke...
  422. Costco TV's - In store stock
  423. closed
  424. Parcel from Buffalo USA to Toronto ??
  425. free saver shipping slow
  426. UPS Delivers directly to UPS Store
  427. Furniture Delivery ppl scratch wall & ceiling, compensation??
  428. Looking for Toysrus coupons
  429. Retail stores requesting driver's licence or passport
  430. [Shopping advice needed] Queen sized mattress
  431. Costco Membership Refund?
  432. Has anyone ever been banned from returning items?
  433. Taxes when buying online from another province
  434. Toronto to Europe: What happened to flight prices!?
  435. how to get discount at coach store in premium outlet
  436. government discounts for personal use?
  437. Online store that ships cases of water and pop for cheap?
  438. Ingram Micro was acquired by Chinese company HNA group
  439. Who is AppleExpress?
  440. Inexpensive sand hourglass in Toronto?
  441. Phone Number Not Working
  442. Canada Post has a time machine
  443. Staples delivery services really bad
  444. Spaberry hot tub issue - DO NOT BUY
  445. eBay Global Shipping
  446. Pacific Mall eyeglasses
  447., good place to order from?
  448. Has Cineplex done a good job replacing Famous Players?
  449. Kijiji BNIB Video Cards safe?
  450. Price matching
  451. On Koodo $55 SASK plan now. What should I do when tab paid off?
  452. Bestbuy no longer shipping to
  453. .
  454. Looking for a power inverter cable
  455. Hi does Air miles cash expire ?. Thx
  456. Multiple Amazon accounts
  457. What Grocery Stores Price Match in the GTA?
  458. Ever heard of Revera Retirement Living?
  459. credit card fraud issue
  460. Puralator and Hold for Pick Up
  461. Ever take something from the Best Buy recycling bin?
  462. Walmart's new customer service initiative
  463. Blendtec - reviews
  464. Gears bike shop
  465. Prescription Glasses Lens Types
  466. IBM Thinkcentre M82 Intel Core i5 3.3 GHz - 6gb Ram
  467. AMEX - Test Drive BMW, Get $100 Gift Card
  468. Giant Tiger Online
  469. Ripleys aquarium deals?
  470. A fascinating look at the fall of Target in Canada.
  471. Buying from Staples USA with Canadian credit card?
  472. How do we know that those Canada Post service tickets get read?
  473. Update: Goodwill HQ pulls closed Toronto branch membership over "egregious" actions
  474. Best Mattress deal - double/full size in Ottawa?
  475. shipping back to China?
  476. What's the best thing I can get for 550 Dream Miles?
  477. Is Haier a good TV brand?
  478. [] Buying products from international third party sellers- Taxes and Fees?
  479. Kirkland branding. Thanks for the warning Costco!
  480. Canada Post -- Signature Required
  481. Can paypal cancel a payment once it is made?
  482. When do the Zalman microphones go on sale?
  483. irish spring deodorant in the gta?
  484. credit stolen by coupon extension Honey
  485. LF: Staples home made calendar of promotions
  486. What happened to staples 10% off customer appreciation coupons?
  487. Frank and Oak Warehouse Sale in Toronto
  488. ebates big fat payment has arrived!
  489. Movie posters from states
  490. Which heat gun is better on amazon?
  491. Got someone else's package (RMA)
  492. going from wind to chatr in Calgary
  493. TD Visa Infinite Holders: $100 off Hotels booked via Expedia for TD (Targetted offer)
  494. Staples: Chair Arm Replacement?
  495. Beach Bag
  496. Any stores offer a deal on buying 2 laptops at once?
  497. Emergency flights
  498. HP ENVY Phoenix 860-019 versus Dell XPS 8900 which one to buy
  499. Buying on ebay
  500. How to register Canadian goods to go to Buffalo?
  501. Donny Deutsch Explains How Ads Work
  502. [Merged] Ever bought @ "Computers Canada"?
  503. Fedex duty fees
  504. LCD price-fixing class action settlement
  505. []Rosewill Fuzzy Logic Rice Cooker $70
  506. Antec MIR denied: What next?
  507. Danger of selling digital codes on Ebay?
  508. Joe fresh clothes seem expensive
  509. DHL Customs and Brokerage
  510. What happened to all the coupons?
  511. Cashier refused me to pay a small amount by credit card
  512. Canada Computers Unionville Sold Open Box Drive as New!!
  513. Which b&m store in the gta carries the theracane? Thx
  514. Another Canadian company Danier Leather going?
  515. BestBuy - Delivery Damage to Kitchen Floor
  516. don't actually price match?
  517. Horrible customer service from
  518. Recommendations for pant alterations in Calgary?
  519. Samsung Note 4 Stylus P (S -pen ) replacement ?
  520. Delayed Kijiji Replies
  521. beware: - misleading shipping info = brokerage and taxes
  522. Some recent, great customer service experiences (Samsung, Irish Spring, Kryptonite)
  523. What dash cam should I buy?
  524. Amazon Sold Expired Item?!
  525. Primus Canada purchased by Birch Communications (USA company)
  526. Has anyone bought anything from Stylo furniture and mattress in mississauga?
  527. Enbridge Charges in Commercial Units
  528. SonyCard - Redemption?
  529. Bell Programming Promo - Not honouring
  530. Vitamix blender - black particle issue... and how to detect it
  531. Legit or Scam?
  532. Looking to buy a new mattress - would like opinions on the different stores
  533. Beware of Tiger Direct Deals
  534. Dishwasher installation recommendation?
  535. Shell Gas - what's that smell?
  536. AAA Striploin grilling steak $6.88/lb - YMMV
  537. Anyone going to the USA and coming back to Toronto anytime soon?
  538. [Update]Bubblegum thief who stole from SDM in Markham, ON, is identified
  539. Discussion of Steam return policy
  540. Costco in store rebates
  541. NCIX pricematch is broken?
  542. Please reccomend a fridge, any on sale would be great (in GTA)
  543. Red Robin Gift card
  544. Dell Advantage Newsletter
  545. Dell RMA process frustration
  546. RFD leads me to spend more
  547. Can you recommend a hairdryer
  548. .
  549. How susceptible to "brands" are you?
  550. Buying computer peripherals (video card) from Kijiji
  551. Is it possible to get paypal my cash cards in Canada?
  552. Need to pay brokerage fee when purchase from
  553. Office Chairs (Aeron) Best Price?
  554. Does anyone know how long it takes for to send out check?
  555. Is it possible to earn both airmiles and cashback on the same purchase?
  556. Return at Staples - Standard Practice?
  557. HBC Rewards Issue
  558. Have you ever been called out or argued with from a company you reviewed?
  559. bathrobe for a tall girl?
  560. Buy/Ship Kijiji
  561. Black printer ink bottle?
  562. Printer question
  563. air canada ticket transaction-suggestions?
  564. Are there any prepaid sim cards which don't expire in one month?
  565. BB reward date question
  566. is there a good deal about Mackage
  567. Les Metales Lapensee - Ottawa
  568. Cheapest Place for Passport sized photos?
  569. Shoppers Optimum Credit Card - What's Going On??
  570. Best place to rent tuxedo/suits in Toronto?
  571. Price match question
  572. Sears refundable warranty?
  573. Pacific mall screen repair help?
  574. Should I upgrade to iphone 6 now?
  575. does ship from Canada?
  576. Visions Black Friday 30x Bonus airmiles taken back
  577. Costco vs other average prices chart [French]
  578. M&S - free delivery over $50 plus all duties/taxes included
  579. Prepaid Credit Cards?
  580. The Source Business Account
  581. need help:store refuse to give money back when they don't have the mattress I ordered
  582. Mattress recommendation: Is this a good one at The Bay?
  583. Are You a Harbinger of Failure?
  584. Looking for cheap lte phone (Rogers)
  585. Extra foods
  586. Purolator...lazy? Don't have GPS?
  587. Why are computers so expensive in Canada? Is it a good idea to wait?
  588. Store loyalty/reward programs: which ones are worth it?
  589. Redeeming airmiles.
  590. More Sears Store Closures [current: 20-40% off everything*]
  591. Electric toothbrush
  592. How to shop on Amazon
  593. CT does not refund tax on the auto part core return
  594. Heelys
  595. Any Truly Flushable Wet Wipes for Sale?
  596. Is this a scam?
  597. Places to buy real gemstones?
  598. OnePlus service
  599. Amazon Exchange Policy?!
  600. Anyone know contact info to send Bell complaints to?
  601. Canadian Tire price match Walmart online?
  602. Charged for a cancelled order and Staples refuses to refund
  603. [delete]
  604. BEWARE of and
  605. Oral-b replacement heads
  606. Another Thrift Store Rant (Goodwill)
  607. aliexpress order
  608. Emergency preparedness kits?
  609. Where can I buy Unlocked Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge 128GB in Canada?
  610. My A&W Coupon Experience
  611. Any local stores in Toronto that sells 3M Peltor earmuffs?
  612. fulfillment center ship to Canada
  613. Airmile coupons, specifically for Iris Eyewear
  614. Let's discuss Experience and reviews of purchased items.
  615. IKEA: Why is there no tax charged when paying with GC
  616. A Warning about DC Shoes Do not Wear them !!
  617. Pucrchasing DVDs or Blu-ray on
  618. GearBest or Everbuying
  619. Is it possible to get refund on recurring credit card payment?
  620. Pillow deals anywhere?
  621. Anyone buying stuff from the US/in USD?
  622. Best Current Deal on PS3 HD? - MS STORE - 1TB WD $59
  623. Redeeming Optimum Points?
  624. [iTunes App Store] 72 hours until price increase on ALL paid apps! ($1.19 to $1.39)
  625. Wal Mart To Close 269 Stores! 154 In The States.
  626. I would like to delete this since I don't like arguing with nosense
  627. Ebates and Amazon (other than Canada)
  628. Internet Service Provider in Hamilton
  629. Mattress in Toronto
  630. Save-On-Foods Water Refill Machine Problem
  631. Why do people outbid themselves on ebay?
  632. Customs declaration Question (From GVRD)
  633. Vancouver Area Costcos
  634. SDM Spend your points
  635. Shoppers Optimum Program Expiring in 2016
  636. Shoppers Optimum Pts Fraud
  637. DOLLARAMA's No Exchange Policy
  638. Has the plummeting dollar curtailed your spending?
  639. Should I stockpile stuff because of the falling loonie?
  640. Fitbit being sued for faulty heart rate monitors; how accurate is yours?
  641. Stores that sell Costco's returned items?
  642. Canada Post Incompetence
  643. Anything worth buying in the U.S ?
  644. Where have the deals gone
  645. What happened to line etiquette?
  646. Best mid-range android phone for the $ as of now
  647. Has Rogers/Bell ever made a billing error in your favor?
  648. Best value prepaid reloadable credit card for PayPal
  649. Returning item to US - commercial value?
  650. rant: USA vs CAD shopping Canada is messed!
  651. Can I return an LCBO giftcard I bought at the LCBO?
  652. New home depot website and app
  653. Can you buy other gift cards with a Shopper's Gift Card?
  654. Is it okay to buy a Television from MDG Computers? Or is MDG a scam?
  655. Lowe has new led sale jan 14th, can we use any coupon?
  656. Amazon looks set to take on its delivery partners (Good riddance to UPS, CPC et al?)
  657. My order was messed up. Do I have any recourse? (with pictures)
  658. Should I take this Alienware back or no?
  659. Do Costco bathroom vanities ever go on sale?
  660. What happens to returns of online purchases
  661. (SportChek) Gotham jacket buyers!
  662. BestBuy Shipped to Wrong Address
  663. Best Toronto Shoppers Drug Mart for Electronics
  664. where can i buy i5 broadwell chip?
  665. Unable to shop at - Anyone else?
  666. Costco Cell Phone purchase
  667. Costco Houston Gift Card is Empty
  668. Microsoft Store Canada
  669. Best time of the year for open box/returns?
  670. Best site to buy legitimate Xiaomi products?
  671. Never ever use UPS for any International shipping
  672. Timely Order
  673. What's the BEST deal you have found on RFD?
  674. Walmart omitting price per KG, or how to avoid being PMed on meat
  675. Toronto Regift Event Jan 20 , 7PM
  676. Wayfair comes to Canada....finally!
  677. Best stores for Price Matching
  678. Trouble with Bestbuy - what to do?
  679. Has Anyone ever bought from
  680. Walmart Free pick up, no minimum @ Canada Post
  681. Canadian Tire - Stanley FatMax 1/2-in Drive Torque Wrench
  682. Real Canadian Superstore student discount??
  683. Intercept CS and Jenex Corporation
  684. Organic Mattress, worth and where in GTA ?
  685. Banana Republic
  686. Denied return with my printed receipt at Sportchek...
  687. Dollarama: What are your favorite/regular buys?
  688. Poor experience at Sleep Country... Any Advice?
  689. UPS replacement battery suppliers?
  690. Wind Mobile: Pay Before - Have they stopped the 1/3,2/3,3/3 - 10 day, 20 day payments
  691. Are there retailers that offer debit cashback with no fees?
  692. Picking up package without address on ID
  693. What do shops do with all their extra hangers?
  694. returns
  695. Leaving ISP, no need for notice?
  696. Don't use Friendly Mover in Toronto
  697. Fido - after 3 months phone doesn't work
  698. return laws ontario
  699. Bose QuietComfort 25
  700. Faded Soul
  701. Ebates refund question?
  702. Can someone recommend a TV antenna for me?
  703. Recommendations on cable/sat TV?
  704. Costco return policy on prescriptions?
  705. Should I pre-order Xiaomi Yi car dvr for the price
  706. [] FREE shipping to Canada Post - No minimum purchase required
  707. Can I get price difference for Sander that I bought for $50 but has a $30 price tag?
  708. --legit?
  709. - legit ?
  710. Walmart online purchase one case but send me one can
  711. Best Buy: 2 games for $40.. Doesn't apply to Xbox One (BF4+MINECRAFT) ??
  712. My experence dealing with The Source
  713. Anyone have trouble ordering stuff from Gearbest. com
  714. Costco online purchase
  715. Looking for Internet phone TV package
  716. How often should I replace iphone to save the most money ?
  717. President's Choice dutch ovens...anyone tried before?
  718. Aliexpress price based on USD?
  719. MIA?
  720. Sim card connectors on Smartphone broken. Reapairs ? Fix ?
  721. Dentist Fees - ODA Suggested Fee Guide
  722. Does Besy Buy have to honour their sale price if temporarily out of stock?
  723. legit?
  724. staples return policy
  725. Suggestions for an Android clock/dock/radio?
  726. Golden electronics Richmond hill
  727. ProForm 6.0ET Elliptical $799 costco
  728. Buying food on
  729. Costo & Gillette Sensor Excel blades ?!??
  730. Differences between two elliptical sold by Sears and CT
  731. Will I be hit with customs duty if I buy something on Aliexpress?
  732. HP Omni 5600 (10" Windows tablet) Refurb at The Source - Thoughts?
  733. Rogers Sketchy Sales Practices
  734. So was UPS closed today or something?
  735. How long will Staples hold your online order at store?
  736. Some good prices at 2ND TURN Canada (Auction)
  737. Toys R US refused to take back recalled toys !!!
  738. Round-up - 6 Ogdesnburg, NY options for picking up US shipments
  739. Any internet Cable or DSL deal?
  740. Best seller of gift cards that accepts paypal?
  741. Not happy with the Buffalo Smart Rice Cooker
  742. Refund on Recalled Product - Current Selling Price or Full Price?
  743. Problems ordering from on Boxing Day
  744. How to get the Starbucks free coffee in Jan?
  745. Snowblower recommendation
  746. 100% discount on snow shovel!
  747. Is there any tool for tracking product Price History in Canada?
  748. You Can't cancel an Order at NCIX!!!!
  749. Dell return drop off
  750. Canadapost delivers parcels Sunday?
  751. PC+ offer - 40% off all natural value department
  752. The Source - Super Lame Price Match Policy
  753. 2015 Xmas cake/bread | Italian Panettone deals
  754. Intuit Quicken Sunset Policy
  755. Free Shipping limit back down to $25
  756. Expired Wagjag In NS
  757. 2015 Extended holiday return policy ending soon - What will you be returning?
  758. How to get a MasterCard Debit in Canada?
  759. bought something at a higher price, request a refund on the difference?
  760. Why do people think it's ok to return underwear?
  761. Rudsak Vaughan Mills Buyer Beware
  762. Can you get blacklisted from making too many returns from genuine buyer's remorse?
  763. Jabra Move better sounding than the Sony MDR-10RBT?
  764. LOREX HD1080 Cameras set of 6 - Costco in store $399 YMMV
  765. Anyone familiar with The Bay price match policy?
  766. Some sellers on Kijiji are really clueless or dumb
  767. Will I be able to return all of this Zara stuff?
  768. Newegg Issues
  769. Tv wall mounts - Best place to shop online?
  770. - how does their pricing work?
  771. What is in LG G4 box?
  772. Room / space heaters - parabolic
  773. Sears Censorship of Reviews
  774. When ordering from (without Prime), what is faster?
  775. Microsoft Store $10 promo code
  776. is it scam or fake for tickets
  777. What happened to Restaurantica?
  778. Sears MasterCard foreign currency conversion question
  779. Whats the deal with Checkout 51
  780. 3 years plan with Rogers and Device balance zero
  781. Staples not matching Boxing Week deals?
  782. Walmart mastercard refusing to dispute fredaulant charges and hanging up the call
  783. Keep GH4 for $1300? Wait for GH5 instead and/or price drop on GH4?
  784. Travel (airfare) kickbacks
  785. Is there any review of the everstik pad from elders (dollar store $1.25 to $1.5)? thx
  786. How did you get your Big Screen TV home?
  787. The Source Extended Warranty - bought refurbished tablet...
  788. Gaming Monitor Help! x2
  789. Best portable laptop under 300?
  790. PC Mobile - Bonus PC Points Upon Activation Question
  791. Do not buy vanilla pre-paid visa gift cards!!!!!!
  792. Leons Pricing - Cheaper price w/ Toronto posta code ?
  793. cheapest mailbox service for 1 month usage?
  794. Unlocking Rogers Iphone 4 cheap options
  795. RCSS Click and Collect
  796. About Videotron Unlimited Super Package and their initial discount (79,90$/month)...
  797. Koodo tab CANCELLATION
  798. Best Buy not shipping things in boxes...?
  799. Would you consider this a successful venture?
  800. Tiger Direct: all purchases final now
  801. Deleted my BBID, now my BB is Locked and Bricked- Forever !
  802. The Brick & extra Incentives/Goodies
  803. Alternatives to Videotron or Bell Fiber
  804. Tempered glass screen protectors?
  805. Canada Post: Item re-routed due to processing error; Possible delay
  806. RCA 48" TV 1080p : RLDED4897A vs RLDED4897A-B
  807. Cheap speakers
  808. Price fixing or honest mistake on NCIX
  809. restocking fee
  810. Best Prepaid Phone deal?
  811. How come no one posted this deal?
  812. Costco Cash Card
  813. Anyone else miss Future Shop this X-Mas?
  814. Roku - Not Honouring $25 e-GC for Cineplex
  815. 2DS For an Adult
  816. How long for cash back credit to show up on ebates?
  817. Mark's Work Wearhouse - No Winter 2015 Debacle .... yet?
  818. Canada Post asking neighbour to sign for packages?
  819. Where else to buy binders besides Staples?
  820. Good Deals on Warm Mist Humidifiers?
  821. Anyone experience being harassed as customer?
  822. Will I loose cash back if I do an exchange on the order?
  823. Best streaming box for playing random file formats?
  824. Men's Blazers Boxing Day?
  825. Canadian Tire adds 33 types of Christmas lights to safety recall
  826. Will this phone work with telus?
  827. Last minute shopping
  828. Buying Gift Cards and Collecting Points for it?
  829. tiger direct bad
  830. How do YOU browse RFD?
  831. Price matching a price beat ?
  832. When does Walmart clear out their Christmas stuff?
  833. Nespresso virtuoline or the cuisineart espresso machine
  834. What store did you shop most this year?
  835. Prime rib at costco
  836. Thesource: buy now and price adjust later?
  837. 24hr store openings this holiday season?
  838. Best Value Vacuum
  839. MEC clothing quality
  840. RibBolast
  841. TV Wall Mounts
  842. Recommend Barber in GTA
  843. Moto X Play
  844. are tech gadgets cheaper in HK or China?
  845. In Memoriam - What stores that left us in 2015 will you miss?
  846. Computer Monitor - Best Deals?
  847. Citizen Watch - free additional year of warranty
  848. HELP RFDrs!! Costco Diamond Bracelet question
  849. Lorex Security Cameras - 10% off
  850. U.S. Best Buy exchange in Canada
  851. Buy a Banana Republic gift card and use in the U.S.
  852. No Frills : the end of price matching?
  853. What is the cheapest way to get home phone, internet, TV for my older parents?
  854. Nexicom Bell login compatibility with Gigabit plan? No
  855. Looking for Voltron-like toy
  856. Groupon Scam USD cost refund Cdn credit
  857. costco LG G3 $19.99(250gc) vs BestBuy LG G3 $0(200gc)
  858. Why are some shoppers so indecisive and dump items in random spots or at the cash?
  859. Any auto insurance companies allow vacation holds on policy?
  860. Method of Parking: Drive around or Sit still?
  861. Quebecers vs Lenovo
  862. Whats with tomato price this week?
  863. Best Buy Shipping times - generally accurate?
  864. Buying a phone and cancelling right away, what has to be taken into consideration?
  865. Seat cover for cars, where to by in GTA
  866. Book Sales (Technical)
  867. DELL: Best Discount you Negotiated?
  868. MEC Membership?
  869. QUEBEC: EPIC Store hours fail!!!
  870. Panasonic battery question?
  871. Loblaws / Superstore Click & Collect
  872. Gearbest shipping and customs
  873. Best Buy Price Match
  874. [Heads up] CT return policy
  875. $200 VISA Gift Card Limit at Rexall?
  876. How does someone make money selling on ebay?
  877. Best drone under 100$
  878. can i PM futureshop/walmart/bestbuy for ?
  879. Carey Price Canadians hockey shirt
  880. Zwilling J.A. Henckels Good Price Question??
  881. Won latest apple TV. Kijiji or can I return to store for credit no receipt.?
  882. Rogers bs again?
  883. Jimmy Choo Pop-Up Shop at Toronto Premium Outlets
  884. Advice on buying an XBOX from
  885. Price adjustments: when do you have to bring the product in?
  886. Pillow Recommendation
  887. is a joke
  888. Do not buy dell, they will not deliver
  889. A year-long conversation with NCIX to replace faulty item
  890. Kirkland tri-ply clad cookware
  891. 2 Quartz Clock Movement Mechanism DIY Kits for $4.18 total shipped from Germany
  892. Costco incorrectly charging PST on Food Gift Baskets shipped to BC
  893. How to contact Shopper about missing Optimum points?
  894. Will HD beat lowes by 10% plus save the tax promotion?
  895. Warning: Starbucks use Purolator
  896. Best "luxury" watch under $100?
  897. Amazon shipping times.. why are we paying for prime??
  898. Broken tv from NCIX
  899. Anyone order from
  900. UPS asking for proof of identification at door
  901. Canada Post Delivery Hours?
  902. Purchasing gift cards from Hollister
  903. iTunes Gift Cards Sale?
  904. Canadian Tire won't price match
  905. any third party windows phones around?
  906. Is this a scam? (Brand-new Asus GTX 970 for $320??)
  907. Video Card promo on Boxing Day (GTX 970)?
  908. Rogers Ignite Gigabit
  909. Craigslist: wisetech DOT ca
  910. Changing Shipping Address After Package Has Shipped - CanadaPost
  911. Buying contact lense from Costco
  912. Shoppers Drug Mart ordered to pay $8,000 in racial profiling case
  913. Unlocked iPhone on sale?
  914. Paypal Currency Conversion scam/bug.
  915. Nespresso Virtuoline with Milk frother from the bay for 179.99
  916. Flower gift in Toronto with cheap fee delivery?
  917. Cheap children NHL jerseys
  918. Falsely accused if shoplifting. Embarrassed
  919. A question about Roger Magazine Service
  920. Deal of the century? 99% off $10 Duragold 14k Yellow Gold Engraved Bangle Bracelet
  921. What is your most recent online purchase?
  922. Buy from Costco USA : USA + Canada taxes?
  923. Best Promotion on Macbook during Christmas
  924. LED Light Bulb from China
  925. Staples -- in-store price match of product sold online
  926. Did anybody buy from ThinkGeek delivered by Mercury?
  927. BEWARE: ships through Purolator.
  928. Bad service by purolator
  929. Need help regarding my Fido Account (Phone & Fido)
  930. [Resolved] Canada Computers Cancelled My Order Unreasonably
  931. Returning a broken 55" LCD to Costco.
  932. Paying for Starbucks Gift Card with another Starbucks Gift Card
  933. Open letters for all you Christmas shoppers...
  934. Using from Canada?
  935. HR Gift Card @ LV Store?
  936. sunday delivery?
  937. Refusing the delivery of a order VS Shipping Charge?
  938. Esso "Price Privilege Fuel Saving Card" at 5 cents per litre - Bad Deal
  939. Scam? TTC Tokens on Internet
  940. Contact Walmart head office?
  941. Tiger Direct => UPS Worldease shipping & tracking?
  942. Receipts that fade after a few months
  943. Buy a TV now or wait for boxing day ?
  944. Receipts with ambiguous dates
  945. Groupon/Storing Credit Cards On Sites
  946. Protein Class Action Settlement (MuscleTech, Six Star,etc) USA ($50 MONEY MAKER)
  947. Amazon Shipments to CBI USA Customers - Major Issue
  948. Safe to buy open box items from NCIX?
  949. Best Canadian Price Comparison Site today???
  950. Credit card company will reverse a purchase due to seller's mis-representations?
  951. import and customs fees
  952. UPS Overloaded For Holidays & Rents U-Haul Trucks
  953. Canadian buying on
  954. Internet Service Provider Deals ?
  955. Why is Costco checking the ID of those who use a third party MasterCard?
  956. Refusing Package due to Brokerage Fees - What's next?
  957. Quick & Simple NCIX complaint
  958. Experience shopping on gmarket?
  959. Buying a mattress help
  960. Chromecast audio
  961. UPS MyChoice service now available in Canada
  962. where in GTA to find Teenage Mutant Turtles figures?
  963. Microsoft reducing OneDrive free storage
  964. Oliver's chain?
  965. anyone know a good deal for a portable media player for video / music playback?
  966. is it possible to apply GC to
  967. Gift ideas for "new friends"
  968. Who handles complaints regarding satellite TV, CCTS says they only handle home phone?
  969. best place to purchase set of washer/dryer?
  970. Shopkins mystery box
  971. Memory Express: incorrect or false advertising?
  972. Does Costco automatically renew your membership??
  973. Question re shopping at Lenovo's online shop
  974. Indigo offer
  975. What are you buying your parents for Xmas?
  976. Anyone used
  977. Sale Price
  978. guitar accessories
  979. Can you use Ebates along side Amazon's Subscribe & Save?
  980. BB GC purchased at Shoppers...BB says not activated. help?
  981. video game pre-order warning
  982. Does accept Canadian credit cards for online purchases?
  983. best garment steamer?
  984. Amazon: "product temporarily out of stock"
  985. Apple refurbished? iPad Air 2
  986. - 15% coupon email sign up not working?
  987. Couch leather protection
  988. home depot coupons / sales for shelving unit
  989. Walmart - Console return policy ?
  990. McDonalds 2015 Snoopy Peanuts Movie Happy Meal Toys
  991. *** WARNING - RANT POST *** Purolator: Address correction - no entry code
  992. Warning!! Groupon Quik Oil Change Oakville
  993. Do not trust cc
  994. Greenlife Water Products- Aggressive Salesman
  995. Coupon users: Beware possible scam
  996. Amazon.CA and collectors / special editions
  997. CBC Marketplace: #flyerfail
  998. RANT: Toys R Us - PayPal and in-store refunds
  999. - Anyone use it? Experience?
  1000. Cineplex Store does not offer 5x Scene points with Scene Visa credit card?