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  1. Anyone buy from qweego before?
  2. SDM Little Book of Big Rewards?
  3. Bad Manager stories
  4. Has anybody bought the new MBP from Aden Camera?
  6. Dollarama - do they take coupons?
  7. Does Made in Canada/US matter to you????
  8. Ps3 1 year warranty and MC gold card +1 year warranty questions
  9. Future Shop slow shipping
  10. No Extended Warranty = No Laptop, Hiding Stock @ Office Depot + Other Stores
  11. Why don't stores post their advertised prices in store?
  12. can i return open-packaged screen cleaner to Future Shop for refund?
  13. Anyone ever order from (or
  14. Futureshop Return/PM Question
  15. Costco return policy on LCD monitors?
  16. What's a good deal to shop for when in the US?
  17. Reach Real Customer Service Faster With GetHuman's iPhone App/ Website
  18. Discounted gift card scams?
  19. bought an open box netbook and theres naked pics of the previous owner
  20. Bass Pro Shop - Calgary/Balzac - Crossiron Mills Mall
  21. redflagdeals europe?
  22. does staples have a open box discount
  23. Total incompetance experienced at Tim Hortons
  24. Staples not so "hassle free" return policy - Resolved.
  25. Office Depot vs Staples
  26. CanadaPost Expedited Parcels
  27. Recovering Import Taxes&Duties on Returned Merchandise
  28. Cheap Offers Ltd
  29. How have you changed your buying habits due to the recession?
  30. Finding old store flyers and catalogs?
  31. Poll:Grocers charge plastic bag for 5cents
  33. Canadian Tire
  34. How picky are you with flaws in clothing?
  35. Using Your Cellphone To Scan Product Bar Codes At Wal-Mart?
  36. Do all RCSS's carry the same tv's?
  37. NCIX troubles
  38. CPUsed/BeamEcho Computer store in Toronto dies
  39. Lenovo SL500
  40. Staples online coupon stacking?
  41. Magazine came in mail, but didn't pay and don't want it.
  42. Walmart Admatch
  43. Jewelry Central -
  44. Consumer Reports: Self-checkout, cut calories and costs by reducing impulse purchases
  45. FORWARDIT.US business closed.
  46. Problems getting lost BB gift card replaced
  47. advice on ordering from Lenovo
  48. Has anyone ordered from the United Kingdom? Any duties?
  49. Birk's Jewllery up tp 60% off on-line
  50. Oddest returns for refund
  51. Canada Express Inc. and Amazon France?
  52. American RFD sites?
  53. Do you trust Canadian Tire auto service?
  54. can u return any item from 1 SDM to another SDM???
  55. The VooDoo Knife Set
  56. What happened to Dell days of deals?
  57. Solutions gift certificate, scam or regular practice?
  58. Price Matching Procedures
  59. import fees??
  60. - Real or Fake Deal site?
  61. New PM Policy @Staples?
  62. Question about the "volutarily scanning system"
  63. Bad experience at Dave and Busters
  64. refuse package from NCIX
  65. Does best buy price match
  66. Do You Pay Tips On the Tax?
  67. Grand Cafe BBQs in Canada?
  68. Any Location Based Sales/Deals Alert Website?
  69. - look legit? Thoughts?
  70. RadioShack's incredible sales
  71. Another PM Question - additional % off?
  72. quick question
  73. The Brick & Price Matching
  74. RCSS: "We Match Costco!"
  75. Looking for review of a Phillips 47" tv...
  76. New to Paypal and Have a question
  77. Where did Customer Service Go?
  78. Will Office Depot Price Match US Sites Price?
  79. need help with a price match
  80. Stupid 3rd Party Bell Rep.
  81. Canada Computers Incident
  82. Bestbuy price match policy
  83. I Hate Purolator
  84. Cashback: how much have you saved?
  85. What did you buy with BB's $10 coupon?
  86. Sirius radio
  87. Is NCIX a GIGABYTE Authorized Channel Partner?
  88. When can I ask for a duplicate receipt?
  89. prescription drugs
  90. How much cdn tire money do you get for gas?
  91. WalMart @ Eglinton/Pharmacy Removed the Self-Scan Lanes
  92. Sunglass Hut - 50% off?
  93. Restrictions on Airmiles gift cards
  94. How do customer donations to retailers charity causes work?
  95. GTA: Grave/Cemetery Monuments/Tombstones
  96. I hate Bell but there PVR option seems better - hunting for digital cable service
  97. Yonge Highway 7 area - Loblaws, Winners, Home Depot etc.
  98. Can a FutureSop gift card be used at BestBuy?
  99. Apple back to school promotion
  100. costco return advice
  101. using regular canadian TD visa card for online shopping in US
  102. Pulling up recorded customer service calls
  103. FS reduced bin, open box gem.
  104. Future Shop Price protection
  105. Bending The Rules For Customers
  106. : are they all right?
  107. Eforcecity
  108. Return Policy at Rogers Plus (video)? anyone with experience? won't accept a return!
  109. Another BB PM thread, but different
  110. Hst
  111. question: Navigon 7200t
  112. Using to buy a tv from
  113. Use Toys R Us gift card to buy iTunes Gift Card?
  114. Winners Summer Clearance Sale?
  115. Price matching excuses: not the same color
  116. stores that won't be charging for bags
  117. Future Shop PSP Question
  118. Delivery is the biggest POS
  119. Credit Card Price Protection
  120. SDM Beauty Concept Stores
  121. Now Metro is going to start charging for plastic bags
  122. Expired gift card?
  123. Best buy charged me advanced recycling fee on computer pruchase
  124. x
  125. Futurlec Experience (?)
  126. Dell coupon codes
  127. YoBango - Amazing Service - Burlington Ontario Online Retailer
  128. How to forward parcels from the US
  129. [Merged] TSN2 - Someone That Is Brain Dead Works At Rogers!!
  130. Bell Tv Winback Offer
  131. Need help pricematching with Staples
  132. Food prices
  133. Ebates (cashback)
  134. Globalive says bye bye Rogers/Bell/Telus
  135. Central Direct Opinions
  136. What would you do?
  137. USPS only does airmail to Canada?
  138. Too good to be true?
  139. and rebates
  140. Does actually ship from the states?
  141. Marks Work Wearhouse Outlet
  142. American online businesses and sellers that state USPS shipping but then ship UPS
  143. Can I return sth purchased in a SDM store to another SDM store?
  144. Can I do this to avoid being taxed when enter Canada?
  145. Panago = Terrible Customer Service
  146. Am I going crazy, or is SEARS stupid?
  147. CT: 5$ off cupons?
  148. Friend shipping computer from the US. What's the best way to avoid duty and taxes?
  149. Don't order from - Fakes
  150. bad experience with The Brick
  151. any flea markets open on may 18th?
  152. Dell Mystery Coupons - Suppose to be today?
  153. Will TRU or Zellers PM online price?
  154. Morality of Price Match
  155. EB Games gutting policy on new games
  156. Buying stuff from DX without a CC
  157. Bestbuy Price Matching Policy - Your Thoughts?
  158. Why Does Amazon and Zappos Canada sell less stuff?
  159. How nice is Canada Computers with direct warranty?
  160. Shipping from DX/Artscow
  161. Lenovo Canada Online Shopping
  162. Shopping for Electronics in Buffallo NY and area
  163. Chinatown Night Market and Summer Night Market Opens May 15
  164. Swap shop locations in Toronto/Scarb.?
  165. NCIX PST advantage, are ONT retailers POd?
  166. BAD experience
  167. - YES Canadians Pay too Much!
  168. Question about SDM Tell a friend event
  169. Any bought from (UltimateArmWrestling)
  170. Misleading Stock Amounts at Home Depot
  171. Is trustworth/safe for purchasing cell phones?
  172. re: FIDO won't reverse the charges
  173. When will the TV Deals start?
  174. delete
  175. Futureshop Price Reduction Query
  176. Staples: Nestle Pure Life Water, 1.5L
  177. Best points system?
  178. Think I got burned on buying a gold bar (now with pics)
  179. Gap: New Return Policy
  180. Does Booster Juice still have that stamps program?
  181. Can someone explain to me how you earn Aeroplan miles from Air Canada?
  182. Lemon HP laptop, return at Costco?
  183. Customs fees. How do they work?
  184. How would you handle this
  185. Best places to shop in the states?
  186. Rogers Wireless - Customer Service Issue
  187. eservus member buildings
  188. How do I get re-imbursed for cancelling part of my NCIX order?
  189. Vancouver: cheap electronic stores?
  190. New Broil King - broken handle
  191. Scammed - my "new" bed is really a "repaired" floor model"
  192. SDM Yonge/Dundas - mint-like smell?
  193. Dell 75% off coupon
  194. HD - New BBQ not working properly, what can I do?
  195. Winners return item - no receipt...
  196. Bad experience with SCOP at Walmart
  197. Complaints to BBB
  198. Did FS change their PM policy..
  199. Future shop: asking for discount
  200. What will the Brick pricematch?
  201. Mac's Milk is the most useless convience store ever
  202. Looking for Sony E-Reader deal (PRS-505)
  203. Tiffany @ Yorkdale Mall (Toronto)
  204. Best Way to Cash in 225,000 SDM Optimum points?
  205. WM Ad Match Policy
  206. BestBuy return with re-print receipt
  207. Rogers/Fido - Now Requires Data Plan for IPhone?
  208. Duties on Metal detectors
  209. HTC Fuze going to rogers but when can we buy it?
  210. Staples online order tips: get FREE SHIPPING for order UNDER $50
  211. MDG computer company is scary.
  212. Can Sears coupons be stacked?
  213. Champs PRC Card?
  214. Sleep Country Warehouse Sale
  215. Costco home event flyer?
  216. Cashiers that you have dealt with....
  217. focalprice experience
  218. Adidas has been removed from
  219. Derma Wand
  220. The Bay: New Return Policy on Clearance Items????
  221. Question About Gift Cards...
  222. SportChek's Friends and Family Sale?
  223. returning a bought game at blockbuster
  224. How to Get Early Hardware Upgrade (Renewal) from Rogers?
  225. Stay away from Norcent products!
  226. Dell Return-pretty good service
  227. Focal Price 1st experience
  228. Bad experiences of fido customer service
  229. Ordering TV From
  230. Costco accepting coupons from June 1 - 14
  231. Where to buy Lenovo online? IBMEPP or Visaperks
  232. My first Mail-In-Rebate... Help?
  233. Redeem Shoppers Optimum points for a gift card?
  234. Climate Air Heating & air conditioning, Barrie
  235. D-Link DIR-615 PM Best Buy and Tiger Direct
  236. Bought a camera at thesource but there's a missing piece. Any suggestion?
  237. Getting RMA monitor from Dell... *What if* I don't send the old one back?
  238. money back?
  239. Overcharged at the pump?
  240. FS PSP - Re: Ipod Touch
  241. vs
  242. Another NCIX thread... re: taxes + shipping
  243. Website legit or not?
  244. Buying floor models at the Brick?
  245. Airmiles: how often do they hold 5x or 10x events?
  247. Winners Shopping Bags
  248. purchases from incur custom fees?
  249. Phantom Stock has anyone gotten their poduct by arguing?
  250. BestBuy, FutureShop and Staples Price Matching Costco
  251. Ordering from
  252. custom refund?
  253. Staples shopping help
  254. Does Costco take Regular Coupons?
  255. is charging $3 Handling Fee per order
  256. Professional Steam Cleaner
  257. Anyone know EBGames Return Policy
  258. Any customer reviews for teksavvy Montreal shouth shore ??
  260. How to get in contact with bigwigs at any company
  261. FS return policy help!
  263. Tax Exempt Status When Shopping in the USA
  264. PayPal nightmare: anything I can do?
  265. how can i get staples coupons???
  266. Delete/Lock. Saw it in another thread.
  267. staples B&M refused discount on a demo
  269. No good TV deals at Futureshop this week
  270. Sears Shopping in-store vs online
  271. Anyone know the # to Dell Executive office?
  272. Laurier Optical sells you demo frames off the shelf?
  273. SDM - quirky 30X promo event fiasco. The trolls have taken over. Thread-Crashed.
  274. ncix pricematch afterrebate prices?
  275. Futureshop PSP
  276. please delete
  277. Buying a PS3 question
  278. On-Demand Rogers SMS package
  279. removed
  280. Turn ct money into cash
  281. Canceled US orders because of canadian credit card
  283. Staples sales must have skyrocketed
  284. Shoppers Optimum PLUS
  285. Staples printer-environmental levy
  286. Rogers Billing
  287. Any golfers heard of this online site...?
  288. how can I order Time magazine in Canada?
  289. Staples ONLINE - Can you check out with PayPal?
  290. Save 97% of grocery bill using coupons?
  291. Top Three Favourite Deal Sites in Canada?
  292. Can you pm SDM clearance price at other SDM?
  293. Dell - Dead Pixel (return?)
  294. Tampered Products or not?
  295. Iphone - Refreshed - Refurbished - New?
  296. Bestbuy warrenty!
  297. Trading DVDs at Blockbuster
  298. best buy warranty
  299. booking refund (or price diff)
  300. RFD role model
  301. Cheap stuff on
  302. This is how to buy groceries
  303. Buyer Beware: Notebook Outlet @ Pacific mall
  304. The Brick Tent Sale - This Friday
  305. Today's Sportswear
  306. FocalPrice
  307. FYI - Sobeys gift card purchases - No Air Miles :(
  308. Buying Gift cards at Safeway for fuel discounts
  309. Buying from stores that only offer US shipping
  310. What would you buy with a $500 sears gift card?
  311. How do I cancel a Dell order?
  312. Superstore return policy...
  313. Staples - online clearance centre is not available for your area
  314. Future Shop price adjustment question
  315. Walmart Dollar Aisle
  316. Bell New Home Phone Package?
  317. Which company do you hate the most?
  318. Wow! STAPLES changed its website!
  319. Does Futureshop price match
  320. Waive Cancellation Cellphone contract fee?
  321. Good Food Festival and Market in Toronto
  322. [ TD visa holder] ShopMyAX program
  323. hmm what would you do if it happened to you?
  324. Cleared UPS package personally, but UPS bill in mail a month later??
  325. Em I too cheap or is clothing too expensive?
  326. BlockBuster going bankrupt?
  327. The Art of Pricematch (ALPHA version 0.1)
  328. Lexvon reviews?
  329. Rant: National Sports-Best Price Guarantee (what a hassle)
  330. [Merged] R.I.P Circuit City
  331. when did tiger direct start sucking so bad?
  332. President's Choice MC coupons are frauds?
  333. Glasses @ Costco - how long to wait?
  334. Will Henry's Pricematch a Sigma lens AND offer the 10% off student discount
  335. Returning Opened Toner to Staples?
  336. GVR 3.5 cents off at the pump gone?!
  337. Telus free phone offer - SCAM CALL
  338. Air Canada pulled a promotion and screwed me over
  339. Question about Dell's support/return/exchange policy
  340. Will Future Shop pricematch any of these retailers?
  341. Ordered Canon SX10IS from Dell in March for $299.99 Now Dell is not shipping it!!!
  342. Shipping
  343. DOA 1 out of 2 ram sticks from NCIX... what should I do?
  344. FutureShop Rep EXTREMELY Rude During Attempt To Pricematch! (Eglinton/Laird location)
  345. Costco going green? hmmm not sure...
  346. Ebay-Paypal Chargeback question.. help!
  347. Newegg - Return experiences?
  348. Samsung Warranty Service -- Just Baffles Me
  349. Fitness Source Stores
  350. Tiffany and Co - Girls Opinion or guys if you shop there, on pricing
  351. any stores that pricematch or
  352. Sayal - Not so good?
  353. can u return BB gift cards???
  354. what will happen with shaw basic after switchover to digital tv?
  355. Shopping in Buffalo
  356. ncix - just dropped price after delivery, what can i do?
  357. Canadian Tire Returns Policy w/o Packaging
  358. USA: Muji has an online store now
  359. Other World Computing
  360. Returning Staples Extende Warranty plan .
  361. Amazon.CA now selling computers?
  362. Dell Outlet 20% of Latitude Laptops and Tablets
  363. Walmart and Costco Returns on Consoles
  364. Staples Dividends program changes(sucks)
  365. Futureshop - False and misleading advertisement, what can I do?
  366. Hot Deals at Not so much
  367. All Sobeys in Ontario to charge 5 cents for bags eff May 1
  368. Long Wait Time at Shoppers - Unfair to Elderly
  369. Changes to Shopper's Optimum Program
  370. Kwality Furniture ...
  371. Home depot price matching QUESTION!
  372. Has anyone shopped at Overstalks ?
  373. Zellers Superstore A Reality!!!!!!!!!!!
  374. Wary of Dell Customer Service
  375. BEWARE of World Brands Electronics
  376. inetvideo - always poorly packed/damaged?
  377. How to recover customs fees?
  378. Shell Shocker my Arse
  379. Stay Away! Absolute Spa <GVR>
  380. What if i'm not there when NCIX delivers?
  381. ncix shipping is fast.
  382. Costco now charges $6 per tire for winter/summer mounting
  383. Pizza Pizza Blows Goats.
  384. Wal-Mart rounds prices down
  385. BriteSmile Med Spa (US & Canada)
  386. Sony Style Canada Notebook Trade-In Program Review
  387. Changed home phone provider, Bell CSR tried to pull a fast one...
  388. Netbook return policies from the major electronic shops?
  389. [SOLVED] I Need Some Help Tracking DealExtreme Shipments
  390. Apple Protection Plan
  391. Brick warranty on broken TV - can't find receipt
  392. [Merged] Deal's Impressive, are there any others
  393. Blockbuster almost blockduster?
  394. Will Futureshop Re-Honor a Price Protection
  395. Futureshop extended warranty on used LCD TV?
  396. People can not stay Home. GoodLife is Open Not the Mall!
  397. JC Penney Employee/Family pricing Apr 19 coupon
  398. Pioneer warranty service. (Car audio)
  399. Anyone dealt with Pennylane Trading International ?
  400. Shipping from USA to Canada question
  401. Bargaining at Futureshop - Advice Please
  402. Scratch and Save at SEARS Dilemma
  403. Amazon $10off Coupon NOT WORKING
  404. What is winners return or change of payment policy
  405. Sears Honour a Different Price
  406. Retailer gift cards
  407. No refund from Acanac
  408. BEWARE of Bell Billing
  409. gift cards on
  410. livenation issue
  411. ncix-night owl special
  412. J-Town
  413. HDTV Price difference on release/MSRP compared to end of year?
  414. HBC Card vs Mastercard
  415. Megacomputer?
  416. Bestbuy/Futureshop Friends and Family/Customer Appreciation?
  417. NCIX Item no longer available
  418. NCIX.Com Price match approval?
  419. xbox360 hd dvd player
  420. Have to pay two taxes when shopping e-stores in Quebec?
  421. Family and Friend (footlocker or champs)
  422. Dell Hell
  423. FS & BB opening soon in Lachenaie.
  424. flightcenter not accepting visa card discount
  425. FS or Best Buy Discount on Nikon D90
  426. 123inkcartilages
  427. Dell charges ground shipping?
  428. Customs / Duties question for trip to Buffalo for less than 24 hours
  429. Mix and Match Mattress/Boxspring at Sears?
  430. Winners/HomeSense (TJX) Class Action Settlement Information
  431. cancelling an order at ncix after shipment
  432. Shopping in the US: Duties for albertan in ONT / Shipping back to Canada
  433. rebate question
  434. .com retailers in the usa that allows cdns to ship to usa address
  435. The value of gift cards...
  436. Close
  437. Who pays shipping for replacement unit?
  438. Appliance Repair Service Fee Even Though Nothing Repaired
  439. Problem - Can't Add Items to my Shopping Cart
  440. How to pricematch online on futureshop?
  441. Bad experience at Millenium 3000
  442. online purchases without refund/return policy
  443. Epson Mail in Rebate sent to the wrong address
  444. NCIX - RMA ---> Shipping charges?
  445. H700 Bluetooth Headset @
  446. Major Appliance Warranty
  447. Staples Gift Cards Available Online
  448. Sirius RAISING prices!!!
  449. Future Shop mis-prints, any other people having issues?
  450. Beware of Parking Fees @ Empress Walk Garage
  451. Value Village Ottawa no more coupon cards
  452. !!! Camstick canada is a bad combat outfitter !!!
  453. CT flyer server down! I need my Fri AM fix, I'm dying!!
  454. NOTE: Shell Air Miles Offer has been modified.
  455. How to negotiate at FS and BB
  456. Best Buy sued for Anti-Price Matching
  457. Costco Executive Membership??
  458. SDM GIft Cards
  459. Rogers Customer Retention Phone #
  460. Need input for : Buying new from a guy @, or from
  461. FutureShop open box item return policy..
  462. What does the price ending such as .97, .93, .95, .94 .96, .90 at Staples mean?
  463. [Merged] XXI -- Forever 21 -- Fairview Mall location?
  464. LN55B650 for 2497.50 at DirectBuy!
  465. legit?
  466. Best Buy - Price Match LAWSUIT
  467. Ordering from and pricematching
  468. Props to Viewsonic, great service..
  469. BestBuy Prefer Customer Sale coming soon?
  470. Shoppers Drug Mart SDM - phoning in my credit card information???
  471. is there any link for shopping GUCCI in Canada
  472. price-matching at NCIX
  473. DO NOT buy from CANADA!
  474. Does Shoppers Drug Mart sell Visa Gift cards?
  475. Want to cancel DirectBuy membership
  476. Ink Cartridge Price Matching
  477. Town Shoes Sales?
  478. Fruad site going on right now is
  479. Problem with Monoprice/Only Best Rated Speaker Stands
  480. HELP! How do i find how much duty, custom tax and brokage fees for item?
  481. 460,000 PC points...what to buy?
  482. EFADs Now Raising Prices
  483. Dell Complete Care
  484. Best Buy class action suit for price matching policies
  485. Can i possibly PM bb/FS/Staples against this computer store?
  486. Free Items Due to Wrong Scanning Price
  487. Any hagglers in Ottawa that want to be interviewed?
  488. Raincheck policy at Superstore
  489. New Gen IShuffle is even cheaper on Apple than BB/FS
  490. Check before buying expired Voortman cookies from Food basics (Kingston)
  491. How does this scam work? Could it potentially be worth it? "free" resort in Cancun?
  492. Buying a Mac (avoid this store)
  493. NCIX: Gift Cards do not show up on online invoice...
  494. Loblaws Revokes Rain Check Policy!
  495. Do you bargain @ furniture stores?
  496. "Canadians should not sign phone contracts "
  497. -- Scam Site?
  498. Problem with Website - Order Status
  499. Outback steakhouse closes Ontario restaurants
  500. Ordering refurb. from eCanon
  501. BEWARE Sony Ericsson (Warranty) Support!
  502. RCSS *undercover* security guard assaulted suspected female shoplifter.
  504. Trying to return a computer to futureshop but receipt marked as final sale
  505. Lawsuit: Best Buy has "anti-price matching policy"
  506. How do I PM Canada Computers for a Sandisk memory stick at BB?
  507. Purchasing / RMA'ing on
  508. Avoid LEONs Scarborough!
  509. Best Buy return policy question
  510. PC Mastercard, do you really get $20 free grocery as they claim?
  511. Beware of cancelling a Telus Contract
  512. Product Review Scam
  513. BB dirty tricks Also in Canada?
  514. No More Rogers Home Phone for New Customers in Quebec!
  515. Dell Deals GBC shredder is not as advertised
  516. Does FS require the physical Gift Card when doing "in-store pickup"
  517. - Canada's free flyers, deals and coupons site
  518. Class Action Law suit alleges Best Buy conspiracy to avoid price matching: US
  519. Is it me or peoples are getting to be an...
  520. I need to switch ISPS from Rogers in Brampton/GTA area
  521. Shaw Billing changes
  522. Canadian tire returns without original receipt?
  523. Does Costco Price Protect Food?
  524. Beware Shell 4530 Steeles Ave E - Gold grade fuel gouging
  525. close
  526. Extended Warranty Scam
  527. price matching ikean item in Canadian Tire
  528. Looking For Twilight? Try Shoppers Drug Mart, 2-Disc Special Is $14.97
  529. Coupons saying free product, but product ends up not being free
  530. correction notices - BB and FS
  531. What's up with TV pricing lately?
  532. Zellers - Buying milk? Check the dates!
  533. How to PM multiple items?
  534. Price matching, wait for sale to be over at higher-placed place, right?
  535. Extended warranty on Furniture from the Brick
  536. Super cheap Orlando vacations (does this look legit?)
  537. Costco Overcharged PST in Error on Child Booster Seat - Should be Exempt!
  538. Canada Post
  539. Does Future Shop price match the Apple Store?
  540. Bought Disappointing Ear Buds @ SDM: Any Chance of Refund?
  541. crazy cbsa officers
  542. Getting aTV BB or FS...Does it matter?
  543. Bluenotes
  544. will staples pricematch tigerdirect?
  545. Deal extreme
  546. Have you bought a game that came empty?
  547. When does the new FS or BB flyer become available?
  548. Tiger Direct shipping question
  549. Washing Machine Turns itself on!
  550. Lies The Future Shop Staff Told Me...
  551. Does anyone have experience buying at ChronoShark?
  552. Vivienne Westwood - Hervia
  553. Preorder on re5 free shipping upgrade
  554. Can i tell a story of what happened with shaw Internet 2 years ago?
  555. Where to find high-quality kids-size/junior sunglasses in Toronto?
  556. How Long Does It Take For DEALEXTREME to ship?
  557. Does EB Games PM BB/FS?
  558. SF4 (PS3) @ HMV Yonge and Dundas (4:07pm)
  559. SDM ABM bonus point offers
  560. Rogers Star Rewards
  561. Ontarians ordering from NCIX, B.C.
  562. Best Buy Rewards + Gift Certificates
  563. FShop and Best Buy in Financial Trouble?
  564. Second Cup and SPC Card
  565. woodbury commons and waterloo premium outlet malls in the states
  566. Anyone ordered stuff from ?
  567. Macy's International Shopper Discount
  568. Best Buy Geek Squad - the worst!
  569. Lf: Shopping outlets!!
  570. Do you think will bring back that $10 of $40?
  571. Price Matching: Shenanigans and Strategies
  572. Epson Lawsuit: Maybe a Windfall for some Owners !
  573. GO transit fare hike on Mar 14 [Stock up alert!]
  574. Paypal problems
  575. Staples Canada Easy Rebate: now in Visa card?
  576. Genius Bar - What do you think?
  577. Buffalo Shopping Trip
  578. is it legit?
  579. Canadian Tire Etobicoke
  580. Price matching in the recession
  581. What are your thoughts of Sam's Club closing in Ontario?
  582. Is the price of everything going up or wa!
  583. Lf: Outlets & hotel
  584. Shopping wishlist... GO WILD!
  585. Online Cellphone Shop: / Compu2000 ~ SAFE?
  586. Shopping for some online hosting.. JustHost?
  587. No Frills 'locked and lowered' not!
  588. Anyone Dealt with Xpress Canada Before?
  589. HMV warranties???
  590. Mail-in-Rebates for 2 Identical Items
  591. is a FRAUD. DON'T buy from them
  592. Can I return a product without receipt at walmart?
  593. SDM 50,000 Bonus Points Groups Q/A.
  594. SDM Pts earned when redeeming pts on a purchase
  595. [Merged] No Frills Secret sale...What is it?
  596. Init LCD wall mount
  597. Are there $10 off $100 and $25 off $250 coupons @ BB this weekend?
  598. Who gets in trouble?
  599. Can I Return an opened xbox back to Wal-Mart
  600. Quick Question about Canadian Tire flyer
  601. A Gripe and a Rant With Staples
  602. [Merged] Bell buys The Source
  603. Eve-Online Linux scam
  604. Payment Processor Breach May Be Largest Ever
  605. This is why I love COSTCO
  606. The Shopping Channel/Dell
  607. Future Shop - no refund on opened laptops?
  608. Gianttiger giving money to Charities (read if you run a charity or work for one..)
  609. Is this a Sale or Rip off?
  610. Best Laptop Price/Performance wise?
  611. Staples Gold Dividend
  612. Future Shop Extended Warranties
  613. Scanning Code of Practice Question???
  615. EB Games Extended Service Argreement Terms?
  616. Steps to price match with Stooples
  617. Fake sale at "the source"
  618. Cannot get BB and FS newsletter on gmail
  619. Does Dell printer ink ever go on sale?
  620. What store (like walmart/BB/FS) has a refund counter for electronics? (easier refund)
  621. Beware the 'free car' deals
  622. I got a refund on Flintstones vitamins
  623. Expired Baby Food
  624. Clearance Search Disabled? End to Good Online Clearance Deals?
  625. Question about EB's Edge Card
  626. Curves gym membership for groceries?
  627. Does Shoppers drug price match or accept returns?
  628. Blockbuster changed their game rental policy
  629. does charge you right away?
  630. Gibby's Audio - Post Sale Customer Service
  631. Returning to Sears-GTA
  632. Do you keep the boxes?
  633. [Merged] Petro-Canada Mobility Changes
  634. Is legit?
  635. G and G Electronics
  636. Today's Sportswear
  637. Rogers Rocket Stick
  638. Haggling - Is Anyone Trying It?
  639. Tiger Direct ?
  640. Staples Rebates need to be resubmitted
  641. Yoocart ???
  642. Shoppers Optimum Points and SDM Gift Cards
  643. Future Shop in UK
  644. Sign of the current economic times
  645. Still worth it to go to Buffalo to shop?
  646. How do I get email coupons from Staples?
  647. What is your worst shopping experience?
  648. I can't downgrade from Rogers Extreme to Express.. have to wait another month
  649. Monoprice shipping via USPS
  650. What do I do about Shaw lying about deal they gave me to keep me!
  651. Question about refunds in McDonalds
  652. Price Match at Computer Stores
  653. Canadian Customs when shopping online
  654. Airmile Gold Collectors?
  655. The Bay refund policy?
  656. shipping is FAST!!
  657. Coupons?
  658. Who price matches ?
  659. Buffalo/Niagara USA Shopping
  660. Bad experience with Virgin Mobile online purchase
  662. Anyone still need to renew their Wonderland season pass?
  663. Does NCIX do price guarantee or anything because...
  664. Monoprice shipping UPS Worldwide Expedited?
  665. Best Buy Price Matching
  666. No Frills $1 Sale Ends Today
  667. WATERLOO/KITCHENER Movie rentals soon Games
  668. Where's the CT flyer?
  669. Returning TV i bought at Costco, used Visa credit card to get it, do i get money back
  670. In the USA
  671. Any brick & mortar store that will PM price?
  672. EB games return policy with receipt sealed game with promo
  673. SDM points redeem
  674. Postnet, quick query
  675. Winners REFUND/EXCHANGE/Price Adjustment Question
  676. HBC rewards for old purchases
  677. Can Rogers Increase price in Contract?
  678. Sam's club closing Ontario Stores
  679. Bell Mobility: Cancel my Monthly contract before activation
  680. Spence Diamonds- Engagement Ring
  681. Sam's Club Buffalo
  682. Teksavvy or 3web?
  683. What happens to returned HDTVs?
  684. Logitech MX Revolution RMA
  685. Question about Bestbuy's shipping to store option
  686. $0.01 items at the source = FREE
  687. Home and auto insurance review
  688. Receipt Checking
  689. Aurora Cable and FCI Broadband bought by Rogers
  690. TheSourceCC Purchased By Bell Canada
  691. What shipping method is least expensive
  692. How could you spend your $20 or more at SDM on March 2-4th?
  693. Exchanging items at Bestbuy/FS
  694. Bell Canada buys The Source
  695. Bell BCE buys Source by Circuit City
  696. Do I have a right to complain?
  697. It is worth Canceling your SIRIUS Radio
  698. Can someone explain how pre-orders work on
  699. Sam's Club - Check your receipts for right price
  700. Rogers/Sony Ericsson Phone Problem
  701. Does costco pricematch?
  702. BC: Winners charges PST on books automatically
  703. XS Cargo Return/Exchange Policy
  704. Prolbem buying RE5 Elite Console on
  705. Horrible service by the Geek Squad
  706. delivery problems
  707. FS/BB: Last Fiscal Day of the Year! Go find Deals...
  708. Anyone deal with J&M Coin & Jewellery in Vancouver?
  709. Past 14 Days Returning A Digital Camera at Future Shop-Should I bother?
  710. i never get my bonus airmiles at Safeway wtf?
  711. costco and browsing
  712. ..... any body use this ?
  713. [Merged] Sam's Club Closing Down
  714. 562$ For windows XP French @ Newegg?
  715. FS 4 year extended warranty
  716. [Merged] Costco or Sam's club??
  717. Cannot return unopened XBOX??
  718. I'm sick of carrying so many points cards! Is there a solution?
  719. Would Best Buy PM this?
  720. bestbuy owes me a refund ?? should I do a chargeback?
  721. Price protection at BB
  722. Finally a Shoppers drug mart bonus redemption
  723. Will WalMart return this?
  724. ripoff shipping
  725. Refurbished items selling as new (possiblity?)
  726. Who else thinks that dealextreme is overrated crap
  727. US electronics store that Price Matches?
  728. NCIX, DirectCanada, nxsource, memoryhouse
  729. Deeply saddened by the loss
  730. Food basics shoots themselves in foot
  731. Horton Hears a Who 12.99 SIG + Prob with info.
  732. who do i ask for a price match?
  733. Dell charges 15% restocking fee?
  734. Has anyone used Grocery Gateway?
  735. Metro Gift Certificate from Air Miles
  736. Canadapost problem :(
  737. Pacific Mall DVD Updates?
  738. Anyone know why the Food Basics in Markham, Ontario (McCowan / Highway 7) Closed?
  739. ebay notification of wanted items: how?
  740. Bad experience with Goggles4u
  741. How to get a copy of a Futureshop receipt?
  742. Futureshop product replacement plan, a scam?
  743. New Bell Canada Customer (Internet + Television + Telephone)
  744. Anybody had dealings with
  745. plz delet !
  746. Will walmart let me return this?
  747. [Merged] Rogers Increase Prices
  748. Internet Dilemma
  749. Question about
  750. Pricematching policies for electronics
  751. VIRGIN: Activation refused
  752. To buy the PS3 for 4000 airmiles or better options?
  753. Should I Keep the Performance Service Plan
  754. Has anyone ever dealt with
  755. buyin from
  756. Advice on MC Extended Warranty process
  757. canadian tire clearance section in stores?
  758. the source price matching?
  759. DELL Mystery Coupon is misleading people. Is this legal?
  760. Koodo mobile and internet
  762. President's Choice Points redemption
  763. [Merged] Any thoughts/opinions on Direct Buy
  764. What has been your E-Outlet experience?
  765. RCSS Rant (Ottawa location)
  766. Store Stock
  767. RFD Newsletter & Dell Coupon-Raised Prices?
  768. Why do all laptop warranties seem so generally crappy
  769. Bought a chair from Staples
  770. Costco 90 day on Electronics
  771. what stores give you price match and 10% off on food?
  772. Do stores like BB of FS buyback used computers?
  773. SDM-same product different price?
  774. HBC online shopping
  775. Bare Necessities ~ anybody shop there?
  776. Bought service plan for my laptop at staples. Should I keep it?
  777. gave me airmiles for the Price error Dell that got canceled...
  778. Ethics re: Monster Cables at FutureShop
  779. Kailis Australian Pearls
  780. FS Flyer feb 20th - Possible to get today?
  781. Would this be Classed as Buyer Beware?
  782. Zellers Being cheap
  783. credit card questions
  784. STAPLES new return policy on software??
  785. FIDO Customers - 2 numbers on 1 cell phone?
  786. Staples refusing to price match
  787. The Brick For Electronics?
  788. Leons Troubles
  789. directcanada's website... ew
  790. Store Credit @ Carlton Card question
  791. question
  792. Fallsview Plaza Hotel Niagara - No More Walkway!
  793. Acomdata rebate - REBATE NOT RECEIVED - NEED HELP!
  794. Beaware from starz coffee machine business ambler drive mississauga
  795. Tiger Direct Misleading Advertising
  796. Zellers 70%
  797. Lack of professionalism at the Telus store in Royal Bank Plaza - Toronto
  798. Question
  799. discounts at IKEA
  800. Buy a CompuStar, Get $500 Gas Card, What's the Catch?
  801. Logan Movers and Storage - Horrible experience
  802. removed
  803. Problems at FS. Any suggestions?
  804. How bad is Factory Direct?
  805. Taxes on TigerDirect Online Order?
  806. Tried to return service plan to Staples. Manager refused. What recourse do I have?
  807. DDR3 1067 MHz Laptop Memory
  808. Which Shipping Company do you Perfer?
  809. Sony Style "Big Secret Event" Sale
  810. Case-Mate Cases Warning
  811. PayPal Fees?
  812. Help me - Having frustrations with UPS
  813. bargaining at Costco
  814. Big Als Aquarium Services
  815. Exchanging Video Games w/o Receipt
  816. Does Futureshop Price Match NCIX or any other e-tailer?
  817. Do You Care About The Box?
  818. Future Shop Price Guarantee
  819. why is PST not charged?
  820. how did the apple store get my email?
  821. LAVA HOT!!! XBox Live 12-Month $99,999.99
  822. FS or BB customer appreciation sale.
  823. Walmart Canada to cut prices up to 20% ...
  824. Nokia Warrenty
  825. Can I cancel a Dell order if it has not shipped yet?
  826. Alert FutureShop clerk flags fraud suspect
  827. Where to buy a good stainless steele microwave?
  828. Beware of Staples/Bureau en gros mail-in rebate trap!!
  829. store credit question
  830. Is this a Good Deal?
  831. Are Danier leather products made in Canada?
  832. FS PM Canada Computers?
  833. UPS Delivery, Left Package at Front Door, I don't have it.
  834. Rogers HDTV box w/ purchase of a TV at best buy?
  835. futureshop returning item with gift reciept ?
  836. Which store NCIX PM's with and how?
  837. ...anyone have experience with them??
  838. UPS Standard - Domestic (within Canada) Question
  839. What to do when your platinum ring breaks?
  840. Store employees wearing store clothes with tags on, then selling it after
  841. Newegg - SilverstoneTek LC02B only $122.....................k
  842. search results hell...
  843. The Source return policy on game consoles?
  844. online shopping
  845. anyone got Rogers Gas Giftcard yet?
  846. Is is normal to pay to return wrong item?
  847. **UPDATE**toy didn't come in marked cereal box -what recourse do i have?
  848. Beware Samsung Monitors & Warranty Service
  849. Is Future Shop ripping me off on a Warranty for a Panasonic 50' Plasma offering .....
  850. Weird Negative/Positive Experience @ Best Buy
  851. Future Shop canceled my purchase = breach of contract?
  852. A question about paypal
  853. No more DOLLARama! :O
  854. Tigerdirect
  855. Sears - Stupid Return Policy
  856. Shopping via vs
  857. Question: BB, PM + coupon
  858. Loblaws just lost all my business
  859. BestDirect
  860. Disgusted by Seen Optical at Yorkdale.
  861. Amazon Cheapest Item
  862. does anybody have experience with
  863. Stores accepting returns w/out receipt?
  864. and lenovo websites
  865. Question about Canadian customs and duties
  866. ---> How reliable is it in terms of quality?
  867. shipping to canada
  868. What's that website... with the daily deals?
  869. TD bumps up prices
  870. *sniff* when are my DX orders gonna arrive?
  871. do u need ID for lenovo EPP sale?
  872. Telus Internet - AB. Best deal ATM?
  873. Gift Card Question
  874. Future Shop and Best Buy Pricematching
  875. SCOP Question
  876. treadmillfactory affiliates
  877. Beware of Yahoo domains renamwal charge $34.95
  878. What is the best intermediary company to ship from the US to Canada?
  879. Purolator delivered to wrong address and won't do anything
  880. Canadian Tire Flyer problems
  881. Columbia House needs credit check??
  882. Best Buy Rewards program, point discrepancy
  883. Playstation 3 with bonus game at sony store, but what game?
  884. removed
  885. DELL Computers Run-around (Resolved!!!)
  886. safeway gift card
  887. Canadapost Expedited Shipping to US?
  888. Best places to buy online?
  889. Apple Store (Ottawa)
  890. Has anyone gone through DirectCanada RMA before?
  891. Price compare
  892. HBC and Zellers online shopping shut down?
  893. Rogers Cable Programs Fee
  894. Does allow exchanges?
  895. close
  896. Memoryhouse shipping
  897. Will Future Shop price match TigerDirect?
  898. Dell bargaining?
  899. is BlockBuster Video part of the Scanning Code of Practice?
  900. Fastest Shipping Ever? Rogers?
  901. Viewsonic Sucks!
  902. Videotron 100GB limit
  903. FS...past 30 day return?
  904. Canadian Tire Didn't Honour Their Price Match Policy!!!
  905. What to do?
  906. BBV - No late fees ending on games
  907. Winners - Ladies fitting room (kicked out waiting for gf at neutral employee area)
  908. Shure Warranty and FS
  909. UPS Tracking - what gives?
  910. How Long Does Monoprice Take?
  911. close
  912. Gift Cert transfer
  913. exchange item in different provinces
  914. My first and last time i ever buy anything from Canada Computers!!!!
  915. Dollarama to be renamed Dollar and up.
  916. $10 off on a $3800 TV at FS....
  917. Circuit City's Last TV Commercial
  918. Red Flag Sale
  919. Winners - Where the heck is the end of year Final Clearance?
  920. HP customer service and support is suprisingly decent
  921. question about filing a chargeback on a credit card
  922. Need Help On Ordering Issue... HELPPPP
  923. Do I need to buy a plan with a 40''+ LCD?
  924. Sharp 65" bought BD at FS - Out of Stock Still!!
  926. winners final clearence?
  927. CanadaPost, what are they doing?
  928. Driver's License and Signing up for Services
  929. Won an Xbox 360, can I exchange it?
  930. Rcss scop
  931. canadian Tire hot buys for Jan 30-feb 5 -are they hot?
  932. need help 400+ fee for shipping by ups-ibuypower
  933. "Canadian Tire takes it offline" !!!
  934. The SCOP Opp Thread
  935. Costco: Computers?
  936. Beware of Bell Mobility!
  937. UPS Clearance Question
  938. TigerDirect return policy
  939. How to Find Staples Clearance Items
  940. WestJet - Unethical "Seat Sale"?
  941. NCIX mail in rebate question
  942. Question on Canadian Custom duties on electronic items
  943. The GST and PST will it ever go away?
  944. Factorydirect: Is this a good deal
  945. Kitchen Stuff Plus coupon?
  946. Moen Customer Service
  947. Are all new games gonna be $69.99 now?
  948. staples return question
  949. buying from dealextreme
  950. How much patience does canada post get?
  951. Staples Return Policy
  952. Two good stores for Blu-ray and Video Games
  953. Canadian Tire @ Markham/14
  954. answered
  955. Future Shop Gift Card with purchase at Shoppers Drug Mart
  956. Which gas station has the best promotion?
  957. return: Do they check the product throughly?
  958. costco return policy....
  959. Esrow services in Canada
  960. Canadian Tire to close online store as of January 29th
  961. Rogers
  962. Necessary to weigh your pre-packaged meat? Water-injected meat?
  963. 1cick2Computers or are these places?
  964. ToysRus' PM s*cks
  965. [Merged] Infestation at Loblaws
  966. Price Choppers
  967. DX Rma broken?
  968. METRO AKA DOMINION - french takeover?
  969. Registering at
  970. Will Best buy reprint receipt?
  971. 1 cent filler for
  972. Be careful when shopping at PriceChopper
  973. Ikea (Ottawa)
  974. How to operate a self checkout without getting a request for assistance
  975. *ATTN* Chapters/Indigo - JACKING UP PRICES ONLINE +10/20%
  976. help with PS3 !! hdmi cables and other stuff.
  977. Some troubles with Copy center(in montreal)
  978. asking for help‏:Some troubles with Copy center(in montreal),
  979. Who is still waiting for their Boxing Day sale items?
  980. canada computers - mississauga posting wrong prices
  981. Returning shoes at Footlocker,
  982. 10 Big Secrets of Online Retailers
  983. Canada Computers in London
  984. Staples Kamloops Does Not Honor Price Match Policy!!!!
  985. Is today the last day to make a return for purchases made on BD?
  986. Bell Mobility = Horrible Expereince
  987. Help With Rogers Wireless Phone !!!
  988. Know anything about oceansno.1 ?
  989. Bestbuy rewardzone certifiates
  990. PriceSmart and Save On Foods
  991. Blockbuster charges $6.95 for blu-ray rentals?
  992. SonyStyle Free Express Shipping
  993. duty?
  994. buy liqour in CDN duty free shop
  995. Canada Post Priority Courier
  996. PM at Best Buy with a Canadian Web Site?
  997. Rebate depends on wording!
  998. outlet shop...How to pay from Canada?
  999. Airline- Quality of Service