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  1. Best Laptop Price/Performance wise?
  2. Staples Gold Dividend
  3. Future Shop Extended Warranties
  4. Scanning Code of Practice Question???
  6. EB Games Extended Service Argreement Terms?
  7. Steps to price match with Stooples
  8. Fake sale at "the source"
  9. Cannot get BB and FS newsletter on gmail
  10. Does Dell printer ink ever go on sale?
  11. What store (like walmart/BB/FS) has a refund counter for electronics? (easier refund)
  12. Beware the 'free car' deals
  13. I got a refund on Flintstones vitamins
  14. Expired Baby Food
  15. Clearance Search Disabled? End to Good Online Clearance Deals?
  16. Question about EB's Edge Card
  17. Curves gym membership for groceries?
  18. Does Shoppers drug price match or accept returns?
  19. Blockbuster changed their game rental policy
  20. does charge you right away?
  21. Gibby's Audio - Post Sale Customer Service
  22. Returning to Sears-GTA
  23. Do you keep the boxes?
  24. [Merged] Petro-Canada Mobility Changes
  25. Is legit?
  26. G and G Electronics
  27. Today's Sportswear
  28. Rogers Rocket Stick
  29. Haggling - Is Anyone Trying It?
  30. Tiger Direct ?
  31. Staples Rebates need to be resubmitted
  32. Yoocart ???
  33. Shoppers Optimum Points and SDM Gift Cards
  34. Future Shop in UK
  35. Sign of the current economic times
  36. Still worth it to go to Buffalo to shop?
  37. How do I get email coupons from Staples?
  38. What is your worst shopping experience?
  39. I can't downgrade from Rogers Extreme to Express.. have to wait another month
  40. Monoprice shipping via USPS
  41. What do I do about Shaw lying about deal they gave me to keep me!
  42. Question about refunds in McDonalds
  43. Price Match at Computer Stores
  44. Canadian Customs when shopping online
  45. Airmile Gold Collectors?
  46. The Bay refund policy?
  47. shipping is FAST!!
  48. Coupons?
  49. Who price matches ?
  50. Buffalo/Niagara USA Shopping
  51. Bad experience with Virgin Mobile online purchase
  53. Anyone still need to renew their Wonderland season pass?
  54. Does NCIX do price guarantee or anything because...
  55. Monoprice shipping UPS Worldwide Expedited?
  56. Best Buy Price Matching
  57. No Frills $1 Sale Ends Today
  58. WATERLOO/KITCHENER Movie rentals soon Games
  59. Where's the CT flyer?
  60. Returning TV i bought at Costco, used Visa credit card to get it, do i get money back
  61. In the USA
  62. Any brick & mortar store that will PM price?
  63. EB games return policy with receipt sealed game with promo
  64. SDM points redeem
  65. Postnet, quick query
  66. Winners REFUND/EXCHANGE/Price Adjustment Question
  67. HBC rewards for old purchases
  68. Can Rogers Increase price in Contract?
  69. Sam's club closing Ontario Stores
  70. Bell Mobility: Cancel my Monthly contract before activation
  71. Spence Diamonds- Engagement Ring
  72. Sam's Club Buffalo
  73. Teksavvy or 3web?
  74. What happens to returned HDTVs?
  75. Logitech MX Revolution RMA
  76. Question about Bestbuy's shipping to store option
  77. $0.01 items at the source = FREE
  78. Home and auto insurance review
  79. Receipt Checking
  80. Aurora Cable and FCI Broadband bought by Rogers
  81. TheSourceCC Purchased By Bell Canada
  82. What shipping method is least expensive
  83. How could you spend your $20 or more at SDM on March 2-4th?
  84. Exchanging items at Bestbuy/FS
  85. Bell Canada buys The Source
  86. Bell BCE buys Source by Circuit City
  87. Do I have a right to complain?
  88. It is worth Canceling your SIRIUS Radio
  89. Can someone explain how pre-orders work on
  90. Sam's Club - Check your receipts for right price
  91. Rogers/Sony Ericsson Phone Problem
  92. Does costco pricematch?
  93. BC: Winners charges PST on books automatically
  94. XS Cargo Return/Exchange Policy
  95. Prolbem buying RE5 Elite Console on
  96. Horrible service by the Geek Squad
  97. delivery problems
  98. FS/BB: Last Fiscal Day of the Year! Go find Deals...
  99. Anyone deal with J&M Coin & Jewellery in Vancouver?
  100. Past 14 Days Returning A Digital Camera at Future Shop-Should I bother?
  101. i never get my bonus airmiles at Safeway wtf?
  102. costco and browsing
  103. ..... any body use this ?
  104. [Merged] Sam's Club Closing Down
  105. 562$ For windows XP French @ Newegg?
  106. FS 4 year extended warranty
  107. [Merged] Costco or Sam's club??
  108. Cannot return unopened XBOX??
  109. I'm sick of carrying so many points cards! Is there a solution?
  110. Would Best Buy PM this?
  111. bestbuy owes me a refund ?? should I do a chargeback?
  112. Price protection at BB
  113. Finally a Shoppers drug mart bonus redemption
  114. Will WalMart return this?
  115. ripoff shipping
  116. Refurbished items selling as new (possiblity?)
  117. Who else thinks that dealextreme is overrated crap
  118. US electronics store that Price Matches?
  119. NCIX, DirectCanada, nxsource, memoryhouse
  120. Deeply saddened by the loss
  121. Food basics shoots themselves in foot
  122. Horton Hears a Who 12.99 SIG + Prob with info.
  123. who do i ask for a price match?
  124. Dell charges 15% restocking fee?
  125. Has anyone used Grocery Gateway?
  126. Metro Gift Certificate from Air Miles
  127. Canadapost problem :(
  128. Pacific Mall DVD Updates?
  129. Anyone know why the Food Basics in Markham, Ontario (McCowan / Highway 7) Closed?
  130. ebay notification of wanted items: how?
  131. Bad experience with Goggles4u
  132. How to get a copy of a Futureshop receipt?
  133. Futureshop product replacement plan, a scam?
  134. New Bell Canada Customer (Internet + Television + Telephone)
  135. Anybody had dealings with
  136. plz delet !
  137. Will walmart let me return this?
  138. [Merged] Rogers Increase Prices
  139. Internet Dilemma
  140. Question about
  141. Pricematching policies for electronics
  142. VIRGIN: Activation refused
  143. To buy the PS3 for 4000 airmiles or better options?
  144. Should I Keep the Performance Service Plan
  145. Has anyone ever dealt with
  146. buyin from
  147. Advice on MC Extended Warranty process
  148. canadian tire clearance section in stores?
  149. the source price matching?
  150. DELL Mystery Coupon is misleading people. Is this legal?
  151. Koodo mobile and internet
  153. President's Choice Points redemption
  154. [Merged] Any thoughts/opinions on Direct Buy
  155. What has been your E-Outlet experience?
  156. RCSS Rant (Ottawa location)
  157. Store Stock
  158. RFD Newsletter & Dell Coupon-Raised Prices?
  159. Why do all laptop warranties seem so generally crappy
  160. Bought a chair from Staples
  161. Costco 90 day on Electronics
  162. what stores give you price match and 10% off on food?
  163. Do stores like BB of FS buyback used computers?
  164. SDM-same product different price?
  165. HBC online shopping
  166. Bare Necessities ~ anybody shop there?
  167. Bought service plan for my laptop at staples. Should I keep it?
  168. gave me airmiles for the Price error Dell that got canceled...
  169. Ethics re: Monster Cables at FutureShop
  170. Kailis Australian Pearls
  171. FS Flyer feb 20th - Possible to get today?
  172. Would this be Classed as Buyer Beware?
  173. Zellers Being cheap
  174. credit card questions
  175. STAPLES new return policy on software??
  176. FIDO Customers - 2 numbers on 1 cell phone?
  177. Staples refusing to price match
  178. The Brick For Electronics?
  179. Leons Troubles
  180. directcanada's website... ew
  181. Store Credit @ Carlton Card question
  182. question
  183. Fallsview Plaza Hotel Niagara - No More Walkway!
  184. Acomdata rebate - REBATE NOT RECEIVED - NEED HELP!
  185. Beaware from starz coffee machine business ambler drive mississauga
  186. Tiger Direct Misleading Advertising
  187. Zellers 70%
  188. Lack of professionalism at the Telus store in Royal Bank Plaza - Toronto
  189. Question
  190. discounts at IKEA
  191. Buy a CompuStar, Get $500 Gas Card, What's the Catch?
  192. Logan Movers and Storage - Horrible experience
  193. removed
  194. Problems at FS. Any suggestions?
  195. How bad is Factory Direct?
  196. Taxes on TigerDirect Online Order?
  197. Tried to return service plan to Staples. Manager refused. What recourse do I have?
  198. DDR3 1067 MHz Laptop Memory
  199. Which Shipping Company do you Perfer?
  200. Sony Style "Big Secret Event" Sale
  201. Case-Mate Cases Warning
  202. PayPal Fees?
  203. Help me - Having frustrations with UPS
  204. bargaining at Costco
  205. Big Als Aquarium Services
  206. Exchanging Video Games w/o Receipt
  207. Does Futureshop Price Match NCIX or any other e-tailer?
  208. Do You Care About The Box?
  209. Future Shop Price Guarantee
  210. why is PST not charged?
  211. how did the apple store get my email?
  212. LAVA HOT!!! XBox Live 12-Month $99,999.99
  213. FS or BB customer appreciation sale.
  214. Walmart Canada to cut prices up to 20% ...
  215. Nokia Warrenty
  216. Can I cancel a Dell order if it has not shipped yet?
  217. Alert FutureShop clerk flags fraud suspect
  218. Where to buy a good stainless steele microwave?
  219. Beware of Staples/Bureau en gros mail-in rebate trap!!
  220. store credit question
  221. Is this a Good Deal?
  222. Are Danier leather products made in Canada?
  223. FS PM Canada Computers?
  224. UPS Delivery, Left Package at Front Door, I don't have it.
  225. Rogers HDTV box w/ purchase of a TV at best buy?
  226. futureshop returning item with gift reciept ?
  227. Which store NCIX PM's with and how?
  228. ...anyone have experience with them??
  229. UPS Standard - Domestic (within Canada) Question
  230. What to do when your platinum ring breaks?
  231. Store employees wearing store clothes with tags on, then selling it after
  232. Newegg - SilverstoneTek LC02B only $122.....................k
  233. search results hell...
  234. The Source return policy on game consoles?
  235. online shopping
  236. anyone got Rogers Gas Giftcard yet?
  237. Is is normal to pay to return wrong item?
  238. **UPDATE**toy didn't come in marked cereal box -what recourse do i have?
  239. Beware Samsung Monitors & Warranty Service
  240. Is Future Shop ripping me off on a Warranty for a Panasonic 50' Plasma offering .....
  241. Weird Negative/Positive Experience @ Best Buy
  242. Future Shop canceled my purchase = breach of contract?
  243. A question about paypal
  244. No more DOLLARama! :O
  245. Tigerdirect
  246. Sears - Stupid Return Policy
  247. Shopping via vs
  248. Question: BB, PM + coupon
  249. Loblaws just lost all my business
  250. BestDirect
  251. Disgusted by Seen Optical at Yorkdale.
  252. Amazon Cheapest Item
  253. does anybody have experience with
  254. Stores accepting returns w/out receipt?
  255. and lenovo websites
  256. Question about Canadian customs and duties
  257. ---> How reliable is it in terms of quality?
  258. shipping to canada
  259. What's that website... with the daily deals?
  260. TD bumps up prices
  261. *sniff* when are my DX orders gonna arrive?
  262. do u need ID for lenovo EPP sale?
  263. Telus Internet - AB. Best deal ATM?
  264. Gift Card Question
  265. Future Shop and Best Buy Pricematching
  266. SCOP Question
  267. treadmillfactory affiliates
  268. Beware of Yahoo domains renamwal charge $34.95
  269. What is the best intermediary company to ship from the US to Canada?
  270. Purolator delivered to wrong address and won't do anything
  271. Canadian Tire Flyer problems
  272. Columbia House needs credit check??
  273. Best Buy Rewards program, point discrepancy
  274. Playstation 3 with bonus game at sony store, but what game?
  275. removed
  276. DELL Computers Run-around (Resolved!!!)
  277. safeway gift card
  278. Canadapost Expedited Shipping to US?
  279. Best places to buy online?
  280. Apple Store (Ottawa)
  281. Has anyone gone through DirectCanada RMA before?
  282. Price compare
  283. HBC and Zellers online shopping shut down?
  284. Rogers Cable Programs Fee
  285. Does allow exchanges?
  286. close
  287. Memoryhouse shipping
  288. Will Future Shop price match TigerDirect?
  289. Dell bargaining?
  290. is BlockBuster Video part of the Scanning Code of Practice?
  291. Fastest Shipping Ever? Rogers?
  292. Viewsonic Sucks!
  293. Videotron 100GB limit
  294. FS...past 30 day return?
  295. Canadian Tire Didn't Honour Their Price Match Policy!!!
  296. What to do?
  297. BBV - No late fees ending on games
  298. Winners - Ladies fitting room (kicked out waiting for gf at neutral employee area)
  299. Shure Warranty and FS
  300. UPS Tracking - what gives?
  301. How Long Does Monoprice Take?
  302. close
  303. Gift Cert transfer
  304. exchange item in different provinces
  305. My first and last time i ever buy anything from Canada Computers!!!!
  306. Dollarama to be renamed Dollar and up.
  307. $10 off on a $3800 TV at FS....
  308. Circuit City's Last TV Commercial
  309. Red Flag Sale
  310. Winners - Where the heck is the end of year Final Clearance?
  311. HP customer service and support is suprisingly decent
  312. question about filing a chargeback on a credit card
  313. Need Help On Ordering Issue... HELPPPP
  314. Do I need to buy a plan with a 40''+ LCD?
  315. Sharp 65" bought BD at FS - Out of Stock Still!!
  317. winners final clearence?
  318. CanadaPost, what are they doing?
  319. Driver's License and Signing up for Services
  320. Won an Xbox 360, can I exchange it?
  321. Rcss scop
  322. canadian Tire hot buys for Jan 30-feb 5 -are they hot?
  323. need help 400+ fee for shipping by ups-ibuypower
  324. "Canadian Tire takes it offline" !!!
  325. The SCOP Opp Thread
  326. Costco: Computers?
  327. Beware of Bell Mobility!
  328. UPS Clearance Question
  329. TigerDirect return policy
  330. How to Find Staples Clearance Items
  331. WestJet - Unethical "Seat Sale"?
  332. NCIX mail in rebate question
  333. Question on Canadian Custom duties on electronic items
  334. The GST and PST will it ever go away?
  335. Factorydirect: Is this a good deal
  336. Kitchen Stuff Plus coupon?
  337. Moen Customer Service
  338. Are all new games gonna be $69.99 now?
  339. staples return question
  340. buying from dealextreme
  341. How much patience does canada post get?
  342. Staples Return Policy
  343. Two good stores for Blu-ray and Video Games
  344. Canadian Tire @ Markham/14
  345. answered
  346. Future Shop Gift Card with purchase at Shoppers Drug Mart
  347. Which gas station has the best promotion?
  348. return: Do they check the product throughly?
  349. costco return policy....
  350. Esrow services in Canada
  351. Canadian Tire to close online store as of January 29th
  352. Rogers
  353. Necessary to weigh your pre-packaged meat? Water-injected meat?
  354. 1cick2Computers or are these places?
  355. ToysRus' PM s*cks
  356. [Merged] Infestation at Loblaws
  357. Price Choppers
  358. DX Rma broken?
  359. METRO AKA DOMINION - french takeover?
  360. Registering at
  361. Will Best buy reprint receipt?
  362. 1 cent filler for
  363. Be careful when shopping at PriceChopper
  364. Ikea (Ottawa)
  365. How to operate a self checkout without getting a request for assistance
  366. *ATTN* Chapters/Indigo - JACKING UP PRICES ONLINE +10/20%
  367. help with PS3 !! hdmi cables and other stuff.
  368. Some troubles with Copy center(in montreal)
  369. asking for help‏:Some troubles with Copy center(in montreal),
  370. Who is still waiting for their Boxing Day sale items?
  371. canada computers - mississauga posting wrong prices
  372. Returning shoes at Footlocker,
  373. 10 Big Secrets of Online Retailers
  374. Canada Computers in London
  375. Staples Kamloops Does Not Honor Price Match Policy!!!!
  376. Is today the last day to make a return for purchases made on BD?
  377. Bell Mobility = Horrible Expereince
  378. Help With Rogers Wireless Phone !!!
  379. Know anything about oceansno.1 ?
  380. Bestbuy rewardzone certifiates
  381. PriceSmart and Save On Foods
  382. Blockbuster charges $6.95 for blu-ray rentals?
  383. SonyStyle Free Express Shipping
  384. duty?
  385. buy liqour in CDN duty free shop
  386. Canada Post Priority Courier
  387. PM at Best Buy with a Canadian Web Site?
  388. Rebate depends on wording!
  389. outlet shop...How to pay from Canada?
  390. Airline- Quality of Service
  392. Switching a payment on a purchase at Sears
  393. Experience with Interested in Samsung NC10
  394. Where to get the Staples coupons?
  395. ACANAC : No $24 2 yr. Promo/retention?
  396. Lost Receipt
  397. I ordered a LCD on but later CSR canceled it
  398. Do I contact VIsa or the store for lost receipt?
  399. Why the high prices for TV service?
  400. Wedding Photographers in Winnipeg
  401. Does Futureshop/bestbuy Price Match SIG?
  402. canadian Tire hot buys for next week -are they hot?
  403. Sleep Country Refund
  404. How fast have you had an online order processed?
  405. Refurbished iPods from Apple, good to buy?
  406. Weird (shockingly positive) Experience at Futureshop
  407. Used plasma sold as new
  408. "" are they legit?
  409. Dell Preferred Account on
  410. Best Buy Gift Card
  411. ...
  413. Qweego?
  414. Future Shop - expiring soon?
  415. Buy furniture from
  416. Does Walmart still Take things back without a reciept ?
  417. DELL.CA disappearing order?
  418. Anyone bought anything from
  419. MOD- Please delete this thread.....
  420. Staples Rebate gone wrong, giving out bad cheques to their customers.
  421. [Organization] How do you guys keep track of different benefits from different cards?
  422. The Ethics of Bargain Hunting
  423. DealExtreme is down.. Possible that they might be scammers?
  424. new walmart super centre opening in vancouver jan 21st
  425. $2.99 shipping doesn't apply to my postal code
  426. Safeway Gas - Power Pump
  427. Telus home phone plan - GVR
  428. OCZ rebate question
  429. apple store
  430. What would you do if a major retailer sent you 5k in GC, goods, etc
  431. Besy Buy STILL "OUt of Stock" on NEW Lord of the Rings Conquest game for Xbox 360!!!
  432. BEWARE: Esso (Kennedy/Finch) FALSE ADVERTISING!!
  433. Maximize Roger's Discounts - Help!!
  434. Opinions or experience with SIG Electronics?
  435. Lyryx accessPINL: Is it cheaper to buy it from BookStore or Online
  436. Phone Card Ripping Pin
  437. UK deputy buying service?
  438. Restocking fee?
  439. UPS Worldwide Shipping
  440. The Gong Show - Starring Dell
  441. importing tobacco into canada
  442. delivery question
  443. Rogers Air Miles Card - 100 extra minutes a month?
  444. returning merch story on the radio NOW
  445. online shopping experience with Dell
  446. Used HD box from Best Buy boxing day sale!?!?
  447. Ottawa - Algonquin Apple Repair - Waste of time
  448. Anyone used
  449. Lowe price match
  450. Future Shop PSP vs Sony Care
  451. No Frills - Skinless drums/thighs 1.49/lb Jan16-22?
  452. Beware when placing Sears phone order
  453. Warning on Grand And Toy Returns
  454. Interesting experience at Future Shop
  455. FS: Possible to Exhange Open Box?
  457. racy DVD from DD "detained" by post office?
  458. Do RCSS/Loblaws no longer bag items?
  459. Loblaws 5-cent bag charge starts tomorrow (Jan 12)
  460. replica watches
  461. will they be updaing there site?
  462. Anyone use Mountaincable for HDTV/internet/phone?
  463. When is the next Bonus Redemption Day at SDM
  464. Adding US shipping address to Paypal Acct?
  465. No title --------
  466. TicketMaster Refusing to give me Tickets
  467. Got free Rogers rental HD Box: What's the chance of getting the free rental extended?
  468. Brampton Esso: #10/Bovaird - incorrect "luxury wash" price scan
  469. My story with Applecare and my Apple Store
  470. Got the Nokia 2680 , anyone knows how to unlock it
  471. Question about SCOP and Loblaws and their possible avoidance.
  472. shipping delay
  473. Futureshop Order Major Delay
  474. Did anyone else get this e-mail from Dell? [ignore bad eyes lol]
  475. Quick Question!!!!
  476. Circuit City...
  477. Futureshop Boxing Day 16GB Kingston USB Key
  478. FS refused to price match the source
  479. Have you ever wanted to step in and give real advice to lack of knowledge strangers
  480. More rediculious Bestbuy PM avoidance tactics
  481. Superstore no name 255 gram spaghetti frozen dinners price?
  482. NEWEGG --- Off the Air?
  483. Dell Price adjust?
  484. please delete
  485. Shipping to Buffalo?
  486. Bought HDTV from FS any freebies?
  487. Dell Direct Mailer Offer - 25%, 50% or 75%
  488. Worst cashier@Zellers I met today
  489. Best Buy price matching thread?
  490. FS HDTV never arrived as scheduled
  491. Any solution to getting around items to Canada?
  492. *** Warning VISIONS - Exchanged me BACK my First defective TV Pretending it was new
  493. Best Buy Online Boxing Day Runaround
  494. LG Plasma TV $599 warranty disputes :(
  495. Dell replacement warranty procedure? (monitor)
  496. Question on Sears Returns
  497. How long does it take for gift cards to arrive from
  498. BEstbuy return policy, really true?(Not True) Myth Busted
  499. If you do buy a TV, DO NOT! DO NOT! Buy the cables from FS/BB/Retailers!
  500. Sam's Club Membership Salesman--Legit?
  501. Price Increases on Nintendo Wii Products @ Bestbuy?
  502. WTF! HBC (Zellers/The Bay) allied with MDG!...
  503. Why does tack on $15 shipping for pricematch with Dell? order is over $50
  504. Popeye's Supplements New Years sale
  505. BAIT & SWITCH FRAUD TheSource by Circuit City Way!
  506. Problem with Itunes gift card (bought at best buy)
  507. Sneaky people and sloppy tailoring at Stitch-It at Markville Mall
  508. Shopping on US Websites
  509. SPC No longer offered at The Source CC after January 31st
  510. Extended Warranty Coverage if only part of the purchase were made by credit card
  511. bestbuy cancelled my order twice and raised price each time
  512. Retail worker arrogance
  513. FS: PSP now only refundable at purchase location
  514. RCSS return policy on electronics
  515. warranty : buy from US
  516. How do I get my money back from TELUS? Waiting 4 months!
  517. ConsoleSource not picking up package for RMA..
  518. Out of Stock: Will Ship When Available (FS/BB)
  519. Bell Canada is a rip off company!!!
  520. BestBuy headoffice calling for CC's CVV number
  521. FS & BB Sales this coming week SUCK
  522. Futureshop forcefully cancelled my Boxing Day Deals... :mad:
  523. BABW US Gift cards usable in Canada...
  524. FutureShop Shipping RipoFF DEAL BREAKER
  525. Futureshop Boxing Day Rainchecks
  526. stores not taking coupons printed
  527. Scarborough Town Centre renovation
  528. anyone shop there?
  529. Costco's Executive Membership
  530. Will Staples PM a printed Raincheck receipt?
  531. canada computers kennedy location
  532. [pls delete]
  533. Winter Season Clean-Up Sale - When?
  534. Difference b/w 47LG55 and 47LG50.
  535. When did airmiles add sears?
  536. Direct Canada - SLOW!
  537. Zellers furniture sucks!
  538. What happened to Western Digital? They use to have great customer service.
  539. anyone ever buy @ ???
  540. FS In-Store Experience
  541. La Senza---False advertising???
  542. Does Costco charge restocking fees?
  543. Costco PC returns?
  544. Making a return to future shop without a receipt
  545. DX: Is customs going to confiscate lasers?
  546. currency for Deal Extreme?
  547. Flatpanel Wall Mounts
  548. Best PS3 deal for Boxing Day?
  549. those "booths" that sell hand creams/hair straighteners - ANNOYING
  550. Returning a PSU to Canada Computers after allready submitting Rebate
  551. "Haggling" @ FutureShop?
  552. Price are going up?
  553. Anyone running their Samsung 1080p A530 as a PC monitor?
  554. RMA Experience with Diamond MultiMedia?
  555. Sirens/Urban Planet Return or Exchange Policy
  556. I don't think I'll shop at the Circuit City again
  557. Any Blu-Ray Players on Sale?
  558. Best Value Visa Gift Card
  559. Screwed Me, Any Advice?
  560. Who is still waiting on their x61 tablet from December?
  561. What is the hell with SDM?
  562. Canadian Tire returns question
  563. Best Buy won't honour my online order
  564. ALERT!!! DO NOT buy any LCD\BR's at the Brick
  565. compu2000 vs
  566. iPod Classic Case or Skin Recommendation and Store
  567. Safeway Gas Discount Has Changed for the Worse
  568. 32" Prive LCD question
  569. does BB or FS price match amazon?
  570. ASUS warranty coverage for graphic cards
  571. Will NCIX pm DirectCanada's free shipping promo?
  572. Q about NCIX order taking and shipping
  573. Lost Receipt - Best Buy
  574. Did I get a free plane ticket or what?
  575. Be wary of Fido Billing
  576. Boxing Day: Sears Warranty for TV's
  577. Sandisk Ultra II 8GB SDHC - now Class 2???
  578. What did you buy on boxing week 2008?
  579. Can I get a gps that gives me traffic updates for $200 or less?
  580. Shopping experience at Walmart
  581. Price comparison websites
  582. Mail-in Rebates Woes Being Reported
  583. RFDers: Have you go Blu Ray yet?
  584. When will it be shipped from Futureshop?
  585. Printing out flyers to pricematch
  586. Any Boxing day deals on Panasonic TH42PX80 ??
  587. Mini DV tapes on sale
  588. Rogers and extra charges for extra tvs?
  589. Furniture wont fit: Brick
  590. Starbucks: Ordered 1 personalized $100 GC and got 3 in mail - UPDATED!
  591. does BBV give full refunds on video games???
  592. Iris eye exams - Prescription release?
  593. outrageous fees at the Canadian border
  594. Problem with Infonec Computers
  595. I need help finding a cheaper 37inch LCD TV.
  596.'s return policy?
  597. Which 52" Incher To get?!?
  598. LF: Deals on Insulated Windproof Gloves (-20
  599. want to use SPC card in zellers, was asked to show student id.
  600. Should I buy the Pioneer VSX-1018 now?
  601. return policy to Canadian stores?
  602. Recommendation for a Home Theater System
  603. Buy tv wall mount
  604. Bestbuy error on samsung 37" LCD TV LN37A530
  605. NCIX boxing day order
  606. Sears Clearance Return Policy
  607. Apple ITouch Now Available at Best Buy
  608. Problem with order....
  609. Chapters Pointe Claire - Open New Year's Day?
  610. Will The Source accept returns bought in States?
  611. Returning a merchandise to BB
  612. How much money did you make on boxing day? (for salespeople)
  613. Future Shop Special Delivery Question
  614. Laptop / Notebook Thread
  615. RFDers who bought a TV on or close to Boxing Day, what'd you get?
  616. can you return items from one zellers to a different zellers?
  617. Canada Post: What is your opinion?
  618. Cogeco HD box
  619. Zeller's PM: Do Web Print Out Work? *HMV doesn't have a Flyer*
  620. ever bought from before? please share your experiences.
  621. vtech 3 handset dect 6.0 for 69.98
  622. SONY PSP-3000 deals?
  623. Best Buy still hasn't debited my account for my purchase
  624. Install TV Above Fire Place
  625. Anyone Seen a Blu-Ray Writer on sale? Why not?
  626. I never seen a more commited RFDer until now
  627. Yamaha YHTB 4630B (RX-V463)
  628. zellers 20% restocking fee electronics
  629. what stores open on jan 1st?
  630. mail in rebate 8800GS from DirectCanada
  631. Return Policy for bestbuy
  632. any good deals on protein?
  633. Anyone find any real good deals on wii stuff?
  634. Samsung LN 52A530 settings Tips.
  635. Are Staples stores Open New Year's Day?
  636. Can i get refund for this?
  637. Price Matching and Returns at BB ??
  638. Where to buy Power Surge Protector...?
  639. BEWARE The Source CC (Kennedy/Shepphard): Bait and Switch!!
  640. Just bought a HDTV from
  641. Best blank DVD-R/+R media?
  642. Rogers - Data Usage Credit Expiration Date?
  643. Best bang for your buck 42inch LCD??
  644. Shipping from the US??
  645. Getting shipping charges refunded from Future Shop on return items
  646. Amika Hair Straightener - The Booth @ Eaton Centre
  647. SPC card and Greyhound exactly what is the discount? price issues with latest ticket
  648. RESOLVED: McBain Camera "Price Gurarantee"
  649. Eb games sucks!!!!
  650. Futureshop Refuses to price adjust
  651. 42LG55 $799.00 worth it?
  652. CHEAP MP3 Players ?
  653. one dead pixel
  654. FS $199.99 eMachines AMD Athlon 2650e 1.6GHz Desktop Computer (EL1200-01H)
  655. Best Deal on 52-60" 120Hz LCD TVs
  656. Has anyone seen the Bosch Tassimo Brewer for cheap?
  657. How to get a deal at Best Buy or Future Shop when spending lots of money
  658. Incident at BestBuy Markville (Riot?)?!?
  659. Futureshop/Bestbyt laptop repair services?
  660. Samsung Washer and Dryer Combo at Future Shop came in
  661. Samsung LN-52A750 or Sony KDL-52W4100 Bravia?
  662. How does FS ship their speakers?
  663. Samsung 46" LN46A650
  664. Samsung vs LG-washer and dryer
  665. Strangest Deal
  666. NewEgg Open Box Items
  667. NCIX "Customer Support"
  668. How to Return without a Receipt?
  669. Best Printer Deals?
  670. L&M Boxing Day (for us musicians)
  671. Delete
  672. Wallmount Thread
  673. Staples Netbook- $299 - Good deal?
  674. Rogers Retentions
  675. I need help finding Sumsung 7' and 8' photo frame
  676. [BestBuy] LG W2252TG - Worth the price?
  677. Any 1TB HDD deals around?
  678. takes forever to "process" order?
  679. LF Deals on 4 port KVM w/ DVI & VGA, wireless remote or 10ft cables
  680. Staples return policy...
  681. Sony 40XBR6
  682. Notebook Laptop 2.5" SATA hard drive deals ANYWHERE???
  683. pc points and gift cards
  684. When will it be shipped (best buy) ?
  685. Anyone do any buisness with NIGMO ELECTRONICS ?
  686. How many times have you taken advantage of the $10 Mark's Work Wearhouse Opportunity?
  687. Terrible experience with
  688. Beware: online shooping.
  689. Navi Navi GPS Software Upgrade
  690. Cordless phone advice
  691. Wireless N routers?
  692. staples - return policy?
  693. Best Buy PS3 Product Service Plan
  694. Request for cheap pedestal x 2 for the Samsung washer/dryer from FS
  695. Looking for iPod Touch - Best Deal?
  696. Sony - Boxing week deal on ES receivers.
  697. Deals on Brita Replacement Filters for $3-$5/ea.
  698. EDIT : Failed PM attempt at Superstore ....
  699. Portable DVD player?
  700. staples $149 for Acer X213WBD?
  701. What did you buy after Boxing Day?
  702. Sears Price Match Guarantee
  703. Which 32" LCD to get?
  704. Dell : Logitech Cordless Keyboard & Mouse EX 110
  705. Special Delivery - bestbuy
  706. Jewellery International (Upper Canada Mall)
  707. Can't find PS3 on
  708. Internal DVD Drive?
  709. Buy Blu-Ray Player now or later?
  710. receipt for ps3 40gig anyone have one i could have
  711. Walmart on Boxing Day
  712. best buy price match boxing week sale
  713. Sony 32" KDL-32VL140 = Sony 32" KDL-32XBR6
  714. Best Buy does not Price Match Boxing WEEK sales?!?!
  715. Is it Worth it to go Cross Border Shopping this Week?
  716. HTIB recommendations
  717. SuperStore no freebie this week?
  718. LF: Ipod nano or Ipod touch
  719. - free shipping isn't completely free
  720. Ipods
  721. Anymore 16GB Kingston SDHC at GVRD FS?
  722. Case Logic Tripod-Is it a good Deal
  723. Very tempting pc kit....
  724. Best TV for <350
  725. Samsung LN32A330 or Sony KDL32L4000
  726. Bait and Switch at The Bay
  727. Suggestions on Home Theatre speakers?
  728. SDHC's Thread
  729. Futureshop/Others delivery : Tip or not?
  730. Walmart Sucks
  731. Any deals on Camcorders?
  732. Best Buy warranty? worth it?
  733. Beware of This Place - [Mega Electronics]
  734. Will Futureshop & Bestbuy web sites hold up on boxing day?
  735. Changing rooms closed on boxing day??
  736. Hot DVD/Blu-ray Deals
  737. Stores worth going ON Boxing Day?
  738. IPhone at BB or FS?
  739. Best deal on a Harmony one?
  740. beauty product stores at fairview mall?
  741. The Bay Online, bad service
  742. DVD Player Deals?
  743. Best Buy Cannot Process Order
  744. Any laptop deals in Buffalo, NY?
  745. ZARA: Anyone know if they had any big boxing week sales?
  746. Ebgames EDGE Membership [canada]
  747. Panasonic TH50PX80 vs 50PX75
  748. Sharp 46" 64U - Possible banding issues.
  749. Point & Shoot Camera Recommendations?
  750. Yamaha 7.1 6190B for $699
  751. has anyone seen these cheaper
  752. Staples - no price match during Boxing Week?
  753. Please Help with my search with best deal on 52" LCD
  754. Golden Electronics
  755. Photo Scanner, Any deals?
  756. Blue Ray with MP3???
  757. TV stands on sale at Sears... any opinions??
  758. ebay shipping help!
  759. Earphone and Cellphone
  760. Looking for a few things. could you assist me in finding tem for cheap? thanks
  761. Anyone dealt with this site before?
  762. I need to find some Glow-in-the-dark Pajamas !!
  763. Did I do well?
  764. Home Depot Price Match Online vs. In Store
  765. FS: 16GB SDHC, $20 @ FS West Edm
  766. Netbook 10" for U$165
  767. Centre HI FI - it is a joke?
  768. BEST BUY $500 gift card
  769. BB Apple 20" iMac for $1499, Good Deal?
  770. did you get any boxing day flyers delivered to you?
  771. will walmart pm a game? HELP
  772. DDR2 desktop memory?
  773. Future Shop / Best Buy WILL NOT PRICEMATCH Dec 26/27!!!
  774. Post your boxing day experience
  775. Extended warranty for notebook (Staples)
  776. Best buy online
  777. I got Metroid Prime 3 for Christmas...but it was an open copy from EB Games...
  778. Xbox 360 console, accessories and games deal on boxing day!
  779. Should I buy this HDTV?
  780. horrible experince at Visions
  781. Loblaws Superstore PS2 black console $51.94
  782. FS/BB price matching question
  783. Deals on office chairs?
  784. Sony Brava 32" LCD 720p $499
  785. Sometimes when i order online from the US, i have to pay at the door. Sometimes i don
  786. Looking for Mouse Pad deals
  787. Best PSP deal on the boxing week?
  788. Ambercrombie & Fitch -- Online?
  789. Rogers Explorer 4250 High-Definition
  790. Tele City Electronics - how are they?
  791. Seeking Advice: Washer & Dryer set from
  792. Zara (Boxing Day Final Sale?)
  793. any dvd burners on sale B&M stores in Toronto
  794. Staples PM on Boxing Day
  795. Archive for Boxing Day flyer images?
  796. Your Hottest Deal (Savings) of 2008
  797. Watches?
  798. Who got the best PS3 deal on boxing day?
  799. Cancelling a Futureshop Online Order
  800. "Deal of the Day" Aluratek 404?
  801. Any deals for The North Face?
  802. ROGERS service credits taken away- BEWARE
  803. Obsessing Over TV Contrast ratios
  804. Need advice: Acer PC at BestBuy
  805. Opinions on Anitec?
  806. Canadian dollar hurting boxing day wows?
  807. LF: Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamps
  808. Logitech Digital Precision PC Gaming Headset -$29 at BB - SUUUUUCKS
  809. need a deal on a voice recorder
  810. Home Theatre
  811. Can I return a gift card with receipt
  812. Panasonic th50px75 vs samsung pn50a450
  813. Did nobody go to a Nike Factory Store on Boxing Day?
  814. Samsung A500 or A530
  815. Bestbuy to PM Futureshop Sale?
  816. portable voice recorder wanted
  817. Tivo boxing week sale?
  818. FS manufacturer warranty
  819. Playstation 3 (PS3) Zellers exchange policy
  820. Any Nintendo DS deals?
  821. Best deal for PC Thread
  822. Samsung LN40A550 good deal?
  823. Best Boxing Day/Week Stores!
  824. Ordering from FS online - can choose the shipping date?
  825. HOW was abercrombie boxing sales??
  826. MicroSD Card/Reader or USB Key
  827. Best ironman/batman dvd combo deals..?
  828. Question about exchanging an item at Bay store
  829. LG 42LG30 Open Box, is this a good deal?
  830. Anyway to get a refund on shipping from FS?
  831. DVD+R DL Deals around around? HP 20 pack $15 at FS. Good?
  832. Rogers hd pvr deal
  833. Walmart Returns, without receipt?
  834. Where to buy George Foreman grill and flavour wave turbo cheap on boxing week?
  835. Post Boxing Week Sales?
  836. Is IKEA having any Boxing Day sale?
  837. FS pm BB?
  838. High end headphones or earbuds?
  839. 360 accessories?
  840. Shaw HD PVRs
  841. Hockey Gear
  842. Panasonic TH46PZ80 998 @ sears
  843. Sansa E270 6gb expandable memory mp3 player @ future shop for $60
  844. Calgary - Northland FS - Samsung 21.6" 2253LW Monitor - 159.99
  845. Returning a product to Dell instead of shipping
  846. December 27, 2008 in stores FS/BB
  847. HDRSR11 Sony 60GB Camcorder
  848. Zehrs & RCSS - All stores carry same TV's?
  849. Best Deal on a N Router?
  850. $74.99 - Freeway Car Stereo Remote/USB/SD/MP3/WMA
  851. Looking for Nikkor Lens
  852. Official BB / FS Chat
  853. Worthwild PS3 Or 360 Games on sale.....
  854. FS:sharp blue ray dvd reinstock~
  855. any boxing day deals on these ps3 games? (old and new)
  856. Boxing Week @ Holt Renfrew?
  857. Nikon d60 with kit 18-55mm vr
  858. Is it just me, or is down?
  859. Any good deals on leather chair?
  860. Looking for a prepaid/no-contract phone on boxing day
  861. Rogers cancellation charge
  862. Harman Kardon system
  863. removed
  864. Panasonic 46PZ800 ?
  865. - Gift Return Question
  866. Repost. Please delete this thread.
  867. BB & FS deals suck and do you know what is going to be worse.........
  868. Champs Sports
  869. QUALITY mouse/kb combo & DVD/CD deals? CHEAP printer deal?
  870. SoundsAround Boxing Day flyer?
  871. Boxing Day 2008 Was Over before it even Started...
  872. Verbatim 25 pack DVD+-R deal
  873. can i get a price difference at futureshop
  874. Flatpanel Wall Mounts
  875. FShop's Pre Set Ups
  876. Looking for the best deal on a mid-range Gaming PC ($1200->$1700)
  877. MicroSD deals?
  878. LCD TV Stand Deals?
  879. 40" - Sony KDL40S4100 or Samsung LN40A530?
  880. NCIX order payment processing and Rebate timing question
  881. GVRD: Richmond or Surrey BB for boxing day?
  882. Boxing Day 2008 SUCKS
  883. Superstore 37 inch sony
  884. Need help: LG 32LG20 V.S Sony KDL32L4000?
  885. Cordless Dect Phone Deals thread
  886. I need help choosing an LCD TV
  887. Places that offer boxing WEEK sales,
  888. Microsoft Office for $49.99 EVERYWHERE on Boxing Day...
  889. NCIX charge $1 for credit card transactions?
  890. Canon SD1100 Case
  891. Free Shoes Worth $400 from footlocker at eaton center
  892. Looking for Best deal on 32" LCD TV
  893. Refrigerators?
  894. Cancelling orders & fees
  895. International Clothing Boxing Day Sale??
  896. Any thoughts on this Home Theater in a box?
  897. London Drugs Bell TV deal?
  898. Shaw HDPVR
  899. Deals - iPod Touch 8GB (2nd Generation)?
  900. Rechargable Battery Deals?
  901. Official Campers/Line Up Thread
  902. Canada Computers stock info?
  903. Is this a good deal for an LCD Monitor?
  904. 50 plasma, LG 50PG10 vs Samsung pn50a450
  905. Quick Futureshop Question
  906. Anyone see any good deals for men's dress shoes
  907. Is the LCBO open on Boxing Day?
  908. I can't believe I'm buying a 32" based on Headphone! (Samsung)
  909. Washing mashine.
  910. Rogers HD Box: What Channels?
  911. Best deal on iPhone 3G car charger/fm transmitter in store (BC) or online?
  912. out of action
  913. Rogers any deals.. and some questions about switching to HD.
  914. LF: The best deal on a webcam
  915. CAR STARTER - Where's the best deal?
  916. TV advice, best deal on a 47-52 inch 1080p 120 Hz TV??
  917. Anyone else got an e-mail from BB saying they're going to call to confirm?
  918. Look for deals beyond the Doorcrashers and FS/BB Homepage
  919. Crazy deals on health products
  920. BestBuy pricematching boxing box price - buy now wait
  921. Is WD 500GB MyBook Hard Drive Good
  922. LF: MP3 Player - Plug and Play
  923. Which notebooks deal better for you?
  924. Best deal on a tablet
  925. Best deal on Micro SD cards?
  926. Looking for NiMH AA Rechargeables
  927. Store Opening Times
  928. Question about exchanging an item
  929. Samsung 37" 1080p good price?
  930. What exactly is a "good deal" to you?
  931. What do you plan on getting on Boxing day?
  932. Boxing Day Coming Soon...
  933. WHERE? PC game sales
  934. Where to buy a Canon sd1100is?
  935. Any1 PC SPEAKERS
  936. FS freebies that came with purchase
  937. Best Buy at STC? You're too late...
  938. No Deal(s) - Mainly Electronix
  939. BestBuy - Eglinton Town Center
  940. When will tigerdirect online deals come up??
  941. Need blu ray with USB,....
  942. What time are you lining up and what store?
  943. Any free shipping at FS or BB this year
  944. Deals on 22" - 26" LCD computer monitors?
  945. Any decent video card for PC?
  946. MEC Boxing day
  947. Best Flash Drive deals?
  948. Futureshop speakers
  949. Best deal for a pc
  950. SPC Card use?
  951. Any Boxing Day Deals on PC Speakers?
  952. When to get to the store on Boxing day?
  953. When does Heartland Town Center open tomorrow?
  954. MEC returns?
  955. ...
  956. store hours for boxing day
  957. What is Bell Mobile's Boxing Day Deal?
  958. best canon xs deal for boxing day
  959. When does Sears open on Boxing Day?
  960. Futureshop Return Policy
  961. Proof of our economy going down the toilet?
  962. Lf:good winter jacket deal!!!
  963. Looking for the Linksys WRT54GL for under $39.99
  964. online stores boxing day sales (on dec 26)
  965. Any deals for DDR3 laptop memory?
  966. What time does thesource open?
  967. FS PM to Sams Club For GPS?
  968. Just went to futureshop and get LG 42LG70 and mount kit
  969. LG 42LG70 VS SAMSUNG LN40A500,which one you guys gonna choose from FS?
  970. Where for menswear?
  971. Anyone ended up getting Toshiba 52RV535U at FS?
  972. Guys help me decide on which 46' LCD
  973. Is FS or BB going to restock items
  974. GPS advice?
  975. Amazon?
  976. Anyone else not get their boxing day flyers?
  977. West:Superstore Flyer?
  978. Kitchenaid Stand Mixer?
  979. Treadmill
  980. Please Help - External HDD Options
  981. Blu-ray burner wanted.
  982. Good Deal or Bad Deal?
  983. Need help!!! Plasma tv noobie...
  984. ...
  985. GAP Boxing Day Sale - Other Clothigns Sales
  986. Need Wireless Keyboard/Mouse help!
  987. Atlantic Deals on Rogers HD Box?
  988. Sears 30% off?
  989. No Office Depot Boxing day flyers?
  990. Best deal on BFG GeForce GTX 260 OC MAXCORE?
  991. Does BB and FS Price match on Boxing day?
  992. Cancelling Order on FS
  993. BB High-Definition Cable Box
  994. Trail Appliances- Flyer/Deals
  995. Are grocery stores open on Boxing Day?
  996. FS 46' TVs
  997. 5.1 Surround Sound System
  998. Rogers Video Boxing Day Sched?
  999. Urban Oufitters
  1000. Toshiba satelitte purchase