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Asian restaurant washrooms

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  • Nov 28th, 2004 1:05 pm
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Sep 3, 2002
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Roninvancouver wrote:boy, your style of posting subtly racist postings is really similar to that banned unbanned guy cummer. I wonder if the mods will agree with me.
I disagree with your thoughts about the posting being racist.

I, being someone from HK, totally agree with the general trend of dirty washrooms at Chinese restaurants.

However, if you think those washrooms are bad, you haven't seen the public washrooms in HK. It's like entering a whole new dimension when you step through the doors of a public washroom in HK; the weather is usually hot in HK and so you have flies/mosquitoes festering everywhere in the washroom... I'm grossed-out already just thinking about it.
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Jul 2, 2004
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There is a little chinese buffet near Humber College where the sink in the bathroom does not have a drain. IT HAS A BUCKET UNDER THE SINK!!!! Someone has to go and empty in the toilet every once and a while. If I was a real @ss I would have left the water running when I left
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Mar 17, 2004
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drdar wrote:Most puplic washrooms are nasty.
Thing is restaurants aren't "public" they are private. Public bathrooms are even worse, omg those bathrooms at national parks or beaches are NASTY, and people go in barefoot
Jun 22, 2004
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Roninvancouver wrote:boy, your style of posting subtly racist postings is really similar to that banned unbanned guy cummer. I wonder if the mods will agree with me.
lol the infamous troll Roninvanoucver is back. Anyway how the heck is his post racist? He is merely stating the obvious. ANyone that has been in any of the aforementioned restaurants knows that the restaurants are not sparkling clean.

Well that's the surprise of the century!!

hey ron don't you have other things to do than to provoke trouble? oh wait, you don't. lol
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Aug 3, 2004
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nx2k wrote:which washroom are u talking about at metro? i find the basement one to be very respectable, hardly anyone uses it. and everytime i go, it's clean.
market village has more than one washroom, the one at the front is also decent, i woudln't say clean but a lot better than pacific.
pacific...all 3 are horrible
FMP does smell but on occasion, it's also respectable
At Metro, the one upstairs by the elevator (I only to to Metro to play Jitz, and when i go for a break, thats the closest one and it STINKS)

Market... the one behind the Viet/Korean&Jap/Beauty Spa store. I use the one beside the frozen buns/dumpling store & Sogo usually. Dunno how the one by the aquarium is though... will need to look into it.

FMP's SO smelly, everytime i go it its so gross. Maybe its from everyone taking a dump...

ALSO, ever see shoeprints on the toilet seats on either side? Some ppl (Big Green's) don't know how to use or just prefer not to use a toilet seat and go retro in squatting. Kinda funny/sad/gross.

Also, I don't find his post to be racist. No point of starting a flame war blah blah
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Jun 9, 2003
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Markham, ON

Lai-Wah Hin at Downtown Toronto: 10/10
City-Inn at Market Village: 9/10
The Ambassador at Hwy7-Lesile: 9/10
Ding-Tai-Fong at First Markham Place: 7/10
Ruby Restaurant Finch and McCowen: 1/10
Albalone Restaurant at Hwy7-Lesile:5/10
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Nov 2, 2003
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in general, that is tru. but if just for peeing, then u don't haf to worri too much but if pooing, put some toilet paper on the seat.
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Aug 15, 2003
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frig.......public washrooms are NAAAAAAAAASTY

forget asian ones yo....TTC is a biohazard !

frig...all restaurants are dutty....mandarin was decent tho
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Sep 20, 2004
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You know what has to be worse than a dirty chinese restaurant washroom? It would be the dirty chinese restaurant washrooms that also serve as a storage room for their vegetables. That has got to be illegal!
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Jan 11, 2004
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netspec wrote:well, the condition of the washrooms are also dependent on the patrons lack of manners...for example - spitting gum into the urinals, not flushing the urinals...ditto for the toilet...urinating on the floor/walls. I used to work in restaurants, asian, italian, french and when I talked to the cleaners/kitchen help, they simply told me that if the patrons show a lack of respect, then they deserve to use a nasty washroom. In a high class restaurant, you won't see this sort of thing because the patrons are more respectfull of the environment they are in.

this response is going to generate plenty of heat, but I am just telling how it is...
I'd agree..

people do alot of nasty things there.. since it is not their bathroom thinking someone else will clean up their mess they left behind.
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Dec 15, 2001
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I'm a clean freak myself and you won't find a single dirty washroom/bathroom in my house. But even when I go over to my friends house and check out their bathrooms/washrooms... oh the black grimes on the bathtub walls and calcium build-ups around the handles etc... ew.

If your friend/family can't even keep a clean bathroom themselves... just imagine their respect for a public one.

So glad I'm a guy where I just have to stand up most of the time.
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Mar 12, 2004
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i agree PMall is nasty while viet restaurants are actually nicer! so suprising
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Feb 3, 2004
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there are actually 5 washrooms located inside the market village.
nearby the food court,
second floor where the clinics at
beside sogo
beside the supermarket(the one with the yellow sign suppermarket)
nearby the korean restuarnt.
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Nov 11, 2004
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most asian restaurants have disgusting washrooms. but i'm a guy so it doesn't mean much, unless the floors are really dirty, because it'll get my nice shoes all dirty. i notice the mandarin restaurant has pretty clean washrooms though. it's probably okay for guys since most just go and take a leak and leave. the girls though...they have to take off their pants, sit and then do their buisness, lol, feel bad for them at dirty restaurants.