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Jan 9, 2007
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Hi all - any recommendations for lunch/dinner spots in Manhattan? ... food trucks or BBQ places. Was thinking Dinosaur but that's in Harlem or Brooklyn, maybe a bit far.
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Jun 7, 2009
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Park Avenue and E 46th / 47th Sts. Lotsa food trucks around there.

6th Avenue from W 42nd up to W 57th.

If they still have the outdoor popup shops, Broadway from 42nd to 34th Sts.
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May 9, 2009
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What are some baby-friendly activities and restaurants to check out in NYC?

My wife and I regularly used to visit NYC during American Thanksgiving. We're going back this year with our one year old daughter in tow. She's not walking on her own yet and she's very easygoing (not worried about her throwing a fit somewhere).

We'll be going to the Macy's parade and having a Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday. Other than check out the Central Park Zoo, we don't have much else planned. Any suggestions?
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Jan 4, 2007
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We're planning to take the Amtrak Acela train from NYP to Washington DC in September after we finish our NYC to Halifax to NYC cruise. Just wondering what would be better: Buy the tickets online in advance or buy in person at Penn Station?
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Feb 7, 2017
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Eastern Ontario
Trains are like planes... as the seats fill the prices go up
Buy in advance (further the better) for best selection / prices
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Mar 24, 2015
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Ottawa, ON
We'll be travelling to NYC during the summer with two other families, total 6 adults and 7 kids (4 to 18 yrs old). We are driving so need a place with parking for three cars. Would an Airbnb in New Jersey (Jersey City, Union City) be our best option? Looking for a location and a place with easy access to public transportation and still close to Manhattan. I also read that Airbnb in New York City is illegal is staying less than 30 days.
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Feb 7, 2017
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Eastern Ontario
Ya AirBnB is illegal in NYCity for stays under 30 Days... and a complete zoo for those who go against the law
(Owners & Travellers)
Best info... just skip that option entirely if you are only making a short visit ... 6KO1L97PqK

This news story from the last 24 hours ... -1.3773043
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Jul 5, 2004
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Going with 8-9 other guys to the Giants/Eagles game in New York in October. Going to stay in NJ. Looking for stuff to do for guys who have no interest in typical tourist stuff. Also, where exactly in NJ should we stay that has plenty of nearby pubs/sports bars?
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Mar 10, 2005
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Hi folks,

So i'm taking the wife to NYC for our anniversary, Aug 2 - Aug 7. Booked the flight, and booked a hotel in Soho. I'm fairly sure we got everything figured out about what we are going to do there, but i'm looking for any tips or tricks on how to have a great trip without completely breaking the bank.

One real concern of mine is what do you suggest i use, credit card which will hit me with fees + exchange rate, or cash? I was thinking cash, but i'm concerned about taking out too much then i'm just giving money back to the bank once i switch it back to Canadian funds.

I was looking at a few premium credit cards, and while my credit rating is good (800+) our household income is only around 91K, so i did his the mandatory 100K requirement. (only put this in in case anyone has a suggestion for a good travel card)

I believe we are going to get a "metropass" or something along those lines as we plan on using the subway for pretty much everything.

We also plan on going on a bunch of "pay what you want" tours that are offered, apparently they are pretty good.

Any other suggestions or things that i should be aware of? This is my wife's first time to the USA and i haven't been there since i was a teenager and it wasn't to a city like NYC.
Jan 8, 2012
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Williams Lake
Central Park is free, and it's beautiful, particularly first thing in the morning.

The Staten Island Ferry is also free, and it gives you a spectacular view of lower Manhattan, coming and going, and a decent view of the Statue of Liberty, as well. Go just at dusk, as the view is particularly good after dark.

If you're interested in museums, most of them have free evenings, and some have "pay-what-you-want" entrance fees. Check the web sites.

There is a discount ticket booth in Times Square which offers deals on Broadway tickets. Not cheap, but cheaper. (Some of the more popular shows--eg. Hamilton--have same-day ticket lotteries, as well. Chances are slim, but all it takes is a internet connection to register.)

It's a great city for just wandering the streets. Always something to see, wherever you go.

Have a great time.
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Feb 7, 2011
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We just came back from NYC (First time) and had a great time. We stayed in Manhatan for two days. A few lessons learned that may help you and I agree with wudtsilake comments above!

- The TKTS booth for Broadway shows opens @ 15:00. Basically you line up and whatever seats are available they can be purchased at a discount. We saw School of Rock and Jersey Boys both were around 60$ US per seat. Monday and Sunday there are limited shows playing as it's considered off day's for Broadway.

- Take the Subway to Brooklyn (Line C I think ?) and walk the Brooklyn bridge back into Manhatan, nice views / pathway and it's free....

- You can't purchase day passes for the subway anymore. Week passes can be purchased but I'd say you would have to be there for min. of 3 days to make it worth while. One way passes are $3.00.

- I would say carry minimal cash... There are quite a few people that approach you trying to sell things and asking for donations. Credit card is acceptable everywhere including subways...

- We would probably do one of the bus tours if we go back right away so you can learn more about the city quickly then just re visit the points of interests... The prices vary from $29 - $19 as you move further away from lower town.
Nov 26, 2012
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Congratulations on your anniversary. I go to NYC 1-2x a year for fun so these are my tips:

- Unless you have a USD bank account at a major bank or some FX account online, you get the cash exchange rate when you purchase USD at the teller/ATM. The cash rate is basically market rate+some fee (varies by bank and amount purchased). The credit card exchange rate is the best possible rate at the time of the transaction and then they tack on the 2.5%-3% fee. As a result, the difference between the cash exchange and the credit card exchange is probably small to negligible. If you are buying like $10k+ USD, this may not hold true.

- Personally for a week long trip, I'd take $1-200 USD for miscellaneous purchases like snacks (Morgensterns ice cream, Levain cookies, random pizza slices) or taxis (although I mostly use Uber now). I don't think I have ever used up my cash but you won't have a lot left over.

- Note that a lot of newer, trendier restaurants and coffee shops are now cashless.

- Don't buy the 7 day unlimited ride pass unless you are doing a jam-pocked schedule visiting every tourist site on the island and criss-crossing back and forth. Just load a MTA card. It costs a $1 for the card but if you load more than $5.50, you get 5% bonus and $2.75 fare vs $3 cash fare. Manhattan is very walkable. For example, you could easily spend 1+ days in Soho/LES without taking any transit. I walked from Rockefeller to Soho once - it was a bit much but i stopped along the way shopping, visiting the NYC Public Library (free!), eating in Koreatown, etc. So you should do the math on how much transit you will take - if its close to even then buy the unlimited 7 day ride pass but I would skip it.

- Continuing from the previous point, the subway stations are disgustingly hot and humid in summer. I actually would do anything to avoid the train in July/August even if the trains themselves are nicely air conditioned. Sometimes you must to get where you want to go but also check the bus schedules - e.g. its the best way to get to the Met.

- Go to the High Line. It's a free, elevated park.

- Ditto everyone else on TKTS, Brooklyn Bridge and Central Park.
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Sep 1, 2005
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August is hot and sticky in NYC. Not sure what your stamina level is like but perhaps consider walking in the evenings right now to build up your stamina before your trip. Bring good walking shoes (not new ones preferably, something that is already tried and true and broken in).

Taking transit is ok at the beginning or end of day but that's about it IMO so as others have said you don't need the unlimited ride package. Plan on walking a lot if you want to see and discover things.

I would plan your days perhaps around areas. Have a list of things to see/do/eat in each area.

As it's your anniversary, consider buying tickets to a show now so you can reserve the day vs lining up at Tkts. At the same time perhaps make a reservation at a nice restaurant. This way you have a complete dinner and a show anniversary date planned.
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