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  • Oct 12th, 2018 8:02 am
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Etabol wrote:
Oct 12th, 2018 12:27 am
HI bhrm

I am hoping for some advice and feedback on this. I am helping a family member get a job (basic minimum wage jobs). We applied for many jobs for a few weeks and got no response. Applied to an agency and then got something in a day or two.

Here is the situation:
-Went to agency for interview and was asked to fill out a bunch of forms. Turns out it was a bunch of registration forms to join them.
-The next day they said to come to the client job site for orientation. Job will begin the following monday.

1. That same next day, a bunch of job offers came in, 4 actually that were from NON-agency. So these jobs will be direct hire for full time. If we were to accept one of these and bail on the agency temp job, how does this work? We just email/call them and say bye?
2. The forms we signed with the agency and acceptance of the assignment, would we be in trouble should we bail 2 days before starting the temp job?
3. Talking about minimum wage jobs. What is the likely chance these employers would hire the temp within the 6 month contract period?

I hope you can give me insight on this. Also not trying to screw the agency over or anything. However we were searching more for something permanent, and closer to home then the one we were getting. FYI - we decided to stay with the temp offer and give it a chance, but I would still like to know what happens should we have taken the other path.

Thank you for your help
If it's ditching a temp job for a full time job, just explain and most recruiters would understand. Unless the temp job was something super special, full time position is better in every way. There would not be any legal risk, just the fact that the recruiter will probably not like you for a while. That's all. Just be honest and explain full time position came through.

However direct hire vs temp doesn't always mean better. Just because it's through an agency doesn't always mean agency jobs are worse. Do your homework and research on the employer. As for chance of going full time, there's no 'statistic' or probability and it could be as soon as 1 week or never.

Closer to home is a huge plus though, cuts down on costs and time.

Good luck to your family member!