Assuming you could afford tuition, which US undergrad programs do you think are worth the price?

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Nov 22, 2017
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No one can properly answer your question without assuming what the end goal is. You did not state what your child's preference is? Answer varies because no school specializes or is known for being at the top in all subject matters. If the goal is to obtain employment at a top company in US. Then you need to start your research backwards. Find out where the company's headquarters or major branches are. Find out what major universities are located near the headquarters. Figure out what schools their employees went to. This will tell you where they recruit from. You go to big name schools to rub elbows with other elite or well connected students, not that their academic or teaching methods are necessarily better. But first you need to worry about even getting into these big name schools. Then you worry about the rest after. Having worked in academia, I would still end up sending my child to a school that provides the best ROI and the best ROI for canadians are when going to an established canadian university and doing well academically while getting involved in extra curricular activities.