Auto insurance need help

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Dec 26, 2017
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Auto insurance need help

Can someone please advice me on following situation:

My wife had at fault accident in 2016. she is ocational driver on policy. Our car was not much damages therefore we did not made claim. Other party did made claim. My insurance company called me after few month ,they determine 100% our fault. Week later I received final lost claim form did not needed to fill up.
On renewal of policy ,my insurance did not go up it's been three year. This month I recieved renewal policy. I noticed on policy that there is no chargeable accident on policy in past 6year in driver information but my wife did have fault accident.
Should I leave as it is and keep getting low premium benefit
or should I call broker and inform them..
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Sep 1, 2009
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Are you changing your provider ?

If you are not charging your provider then you don’t have to.
Let the insurance back office take care of your accident forgiveness whichever way they could.
If they ask you,don’t lie. If they don’t then don’t disclose.

I was at fault accident (fender bender ) once with Quebec driver and it never showed up in my policy. When I shopped around, my new provider had no clue about this incident because it was covered by insurance back office under accident forgiveness. I wasn’t even told what happened or anything.

I only disclosed it because I was asked by new provider when I switched and they didn’t care because it wasn’t there. I also ended up cheaper insurance from my new provider.

If you are high Risk driver you might be dinged for it by new provider when they give you a quote but so far so good.

I know what I am saying looks shoddy but it’s not - they do eat up some cost to keep their loyal customers/ low Risk drivers happy and not leave them for someone else on a whim.
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